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'^< - 




Printed imder direction of 

Secretaiyof the Cominonweallh, 

?dited by 

E.K.Meyers. State Frintci 









With the Foreign Arrivals, 1780-1808. 









The following list of foreig^ners who took the oath of allegi- 
ance to the CI own of (ireat Britain and the Province of Penn- 
sylvania, from the year 1727 to 1775, with those to the State 
from the close of the Revolution, have been in part printed. 
The originals in the }K)68e88ion of the Coiniuonwealth having 
been badly mutilated by searchers for untold fortunes, it has 
been deemed advisable to publish the entire record under the 
authority of the State and the lists have been carefully com- 
pared and collated. To make the same of permanent value a 
complete index of surnames is given. In some few cases, the 
entire list of ship's passengers is preserved with the ages of all. 
Orginally these were furnished the proper authorities, but un- 
fortunately one by one they have been abstracted. 

Owing to the large influx of foreginers, especially German and 
Swi8s,it was deemed advisable to compel all to take the oath of 
allegance, which was at the first as follows : 

1, A B, dosolemnly & sincerly promise & declare that I will be 
true& faithful! to King George the Second and do solemnly, 
sincerly and truly Profess Testifie and Declare, that I do from 
my Heart abhor, detest & renounce as impious & heretical that 
wicked Doctrine & Position .that Princes Excommunicated or 
<leprived by the Pope or any aifklidtity of the See of Rome may 
be deposed or murthered by their subjects or any other what- 
late, State, or Potentate hath or ought to have any power, 
soever. And I do declare that no foreign Prince, Person, Pre- 
Jurisdiction, Superiority, Pre-eminence, or Authority Ecclesi- 
astical or Spiritual within the Realm of Great Britain or the 
Dominions thereunto belonging. 

1. A. B. , do solemnly sincerly and truly acknowledge profess 
testify & declare that King George the Second is lawful & 
rightful King of the Realm of Great Britain & of all others his 
J>ominions& Countries thereunto belonging, and I do solemnly 
& sincerly declare that I do believe the Person pretending to be 
Prince of Wales during the Life of the late King James, & 
since his Decease pretending to be taken upon himself the Stile 
and Title of King of England by the Name of James the Third, 
or of Scotland by the Name of James the Eighth or the Stile 
and title of King of Great Britain hath not any right or title 
wjiatsoever to the Crown of the Realm of Great Britain, nor any 



■ m 

^^^ii^- '* 







A List of yk Palatine Passengers Imported in yk Ship 
William AND Sarah, Will'm Hill,Mast'r, prom Rotter- 
dam. Phlid'a ye 18 Sept'bre, 1727. 

Han8 Jerrick Swaess, 
Benedice Stroine, 
Hans Jerrick Shoomaker, 
Hans Martain Shooniak% 
Han8 Mich'* Pag^man, 
Johan Ilabaraker, 
Hieronimus Milder, 
Henericus Bell, 
Hans Seri Seigler, 
Hans Mich'* Siell, 
Jacob Josi, 
Daniel Levan, 
Andr" Siiuuierman, 
Hans Jerrick Wigler, 
Johan Wester, 
Hans Adam Milder, 
Henrick Mayer, 
Jacob Gons, 
Sebastian Vink, 
Jacob S wicker, 
Hans Bernard Wolf, 
Ann Floren, 
Hans Jacob Bkinan, 
Hendrick Wittier, 
Jacob Panse, 
Hans Jerrick Wolf. 
Hans Jerrick Bowman, 
Hans Jerig Anspafc* 
Christe' Milder, 
Patrick Spriijler. 
Joh Tob* Serveas, 
.Tohannes Eckman, 
rhrlstof Laybengyger, 
Andrew Halts pan. 

Hans Mart" Jjerlsbeyn, 
Jan Hend** Scaub, 
Abraham Beni, 
Fredrick Heiligas, 
Sebastian Creek, 
Alex. Diebenderf, 
Johan Will™ May, 
Caspar Springier, 
Michael Peitley, 
J no. Barne Lerinstey, 
Johannes J Ion, 
Hans Mch'« Welder, 
Leonard Seltenrick, 
Will" Turgens, 
Will'" Tleer. 
Anspel Anspay, 
Adam Henrick, 
Ulrich Sieere, 
Junicufe Meyer, 
Hans Jor« Gleryelf, 
Steren Fredrick, 
Philip Feruser, 
Hans FilkcyKinger, 
Hans Jerrick Hov, 
And" Saltsgerrer, 
Jacob Milder, 
Johannis Stromf, 
Philip Swyger, 
Elias Meyer, 
Martin Prill, 
Peter Leyts, 
Johanes Hend"* Gyger, 
Johanes Berret, 
Jacob Swartz, 


Hmw JurriPk HHianb. 
OhrlBtiau Bnyilt-r. 
Jol)ane» Kartclenie, 
JohaiieH Tiebendert, 
JoijHph Aeibrafft. 
Jacob Meyer, 
Johanen Halt, 
Christopher Walter, 
HiinHAtlain StoII, 
Hans Martin Wilder, 
Hans JeriK Arlilnold, 
Hans Jerig Reter, 
Heixlrick «onger, 
HaiiH Jtirig Boedebas. 
Ohristopher Wittiner, 
Clement Eirn. 
Johanert Mich" Peepell, 
Phillip Selgler, 
Rudolph Wllktw, 
Abcaliain Fani. 

Hans Uicti' I'haute, 
Bastiaen Smith, 
TohiOB Frye, 
Jacob Most, 
NiobolaH AdainH. 
Juhaneit Leyb, 
Conrad Miller, 
Ulrioh Hertttell, 
Hans Jeriek Guyger, 
Hani) Jprig Vlegle, 
Hana JeriK Cram en, 
Allwrt Swoap, 
Dieilerlck Koe<le, 
Hiai Adam Reinder, 
HeiKlrick Hart man. 
Philip Jacob Reylender, 
ErneHt Roede, 
Phillip Roedeall, 
Hanfl Jerlg Milder, 
Uldrtck StaftoQ, 

A List of Forki«nbr8 Impurtkd in thk Ship Jamrx «ooi>- 


Portsmouth. f^VAUViKuSei). 30. 1787. 

Michael Taiiiier, 

Michael SigrlHt, 
Jorteph Bchiirgh, 
Jiirtfen Miller, 
Hanx Longeiieker, 
Ruyiiard Yiiiitc. 
Wm. Wygart, 
HaiiH Michael Kunto, 
Ulrich Sloupher, 
Peter Ziik. 
Abraham Abersolt, 
Ailaiti Kienfr, 
HanH Kieiier, 
Chrjslian Webbtr, 
HntiH Michael Fiedler 
Hen<lrick Wolfe, 
Joseph Clnp. 
JiirKh Clap, 
Christian Miller. 

HaiiH Haggy. 
HaiiH Leaman, 
Heodriok Aberlee, 
Jacob Wygart, 
Dewalt Leatherman, 
Jiin^ Michael Kunts, 
Ulrich Ziig, 
Btirthol SigriHt, 
Jaci)b Frit 7,, 
Wm. Kiener. 
HaiiH ToBter, 
Margaret Heist ern, 
Philip Schal>erger, 
Jiirgh Steiniger, 
John Adam Philple. 
Ludowigh Clap, 
Jurg Coch, 



Jacob Wacter, Seni', 
Christopher Kirchhofe, 
Jacob Ga88, Sen% 
Pretlerich Gass, 
Joseph Miller, 
Jacob A met, 
Hans Hein, 
Michael Lybert, 
Jacob Gangfwyer, 

Jacob Wacter, Jun% 
Jacob Siegel, 
Jacob Gass, Jiin', 
John Miller, . 
Hans Miller, 
Paul Hein, 
Bastian Merree, 
Jurgh Zeugh, 
Hendrich Schultz. 

List OF the forbiqnbrs Imported in thk Ship Molley^ 
John Hodgkson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Deal. Qualified Sept. 80, 1727. 

Hans Erick Oner, 

Hanse Stuber, 

Michael Spowner, 

Hans Erick Herriger, 

Hans Ouer Parrent, 

Hans Adam Soulder, 

Johannes Snider, 

Porchas HolTinan, 

Johannas Crouse, 

Michale Sabastin, ' 

Agusten Weder, 

Hans Teyger, 

Henrick Penhort, 

Hans Erick Tetner, 

Stephannas Raper, 

Samuel Bare, 

Hans Erick Shillingbarg, 

Henerick Hoffman, 

Ober Ulrick Shilenbergen, 

Christane Walltone, 

Hans Yow, 

Hans Erick Crabie, 

Michell Crai>le, 

Fellone Younge, 

Hans CJooble, 

Hans Funck, 

Petter Good, 

Jacob Horrester 

Jacob Hoaer, 

Frances Stonpe, 
Hans Jacob Bender, 
Hans Erick Keell, 
Luterich Vetterey, 
Luterich Peetter, 
Hans Michael Smith, 
Andres Elick, 
Felix Good, 
Weyan Teale, 
Hans Ubruk Shaneaker, 
Hans Leonard Hoffman, 
Marten Hofner, 
Henrick Fults, 
Merix Foux, 
Erick Lutwick Zell, 
Hans Rinch, 
David Marten, 
Jost Moser, 
Michell Schenck, 
Hans Moser, 
Jacob Shir, 
Henerick Meyer, 
Samuel Ouer Houlster, 
Jacob Roust, 
Jacob Baer, 
Michell Frances, 
Christane Solderman, 
Samuell Goo<l, 
Ro<lulf Landish, 



David Martin. 
ChriHlian MoHer. 
Rodiilf Baini-, 
Jucoh Wanner, . 
Chribtane Willanil, 
Martintt Keareleuter, 
Johaiiiiiis Pealnr. 

Martinu Kimlugu, 

OHck Leep, 

Janiea Miller, 

JohuiiaaB Matthnr Byger, 

Hans Miller, 

Hane Erick Feilter. 

HniiH Uiokell, 

List of Forrigmrbs Iuportkd in tur Ship ADVRifTrttKR, 
John Davirs, M&btrr, from Rottekuau. (jvalikiku 
Oct. 3. 11^7. 

Mich' Miller. 
Jasper Mi n Kale, 
J ohannas Layman, 
ChriHto Miller, 
TaguH Ly 111 one, 
Johaunos Ulrlch, 
Peter Sliillini;, 
Uathias KIsling, 
Peter Rule. 
Mich' Kern. 
ChriHto Bxell, 
Fran 8 BasBer FranB, 
Peter Wiser. 
Nich- Coin, 
Adaiti I'isker, 
Falser Lyme, 
Jacob Hoof lunn, 
Ulrich Riser, 
Leonard Roderniill, 
Hendrick Horlogh, 
Alexd' Pritley. 
Christian Frier, 
Hans Peter H us, 
Jacb Fillery. 
Christ o Ulriok. 
Evan Posterhave, 
Joanes Yirk Herlger, 
Anna Barbara Fiseling, 

Ulrick Pitcha, 
Jon. Rail leer, 
Josiier Neys, 
Jacob Sydle, 
Mich' Ykar, 
Hans Adam Oser, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Jacob Powman, 
Jacob Binith, 
John Scyliam. 
Derrick Koni shower, 
Joanet) ('ortes, 
J II" Sower, 
Hans Martater, 
JooBt Coope, 
Jacob Wellheimey, 
Jacob Fisher. 
KatheHne Rowland, 
Carolo Horlogh, 
Jacob Riser, 
Peter Boorliiiger, 
Benetick Null. 
Scipilo HotTinanliig, 
Hans H old e man, 
Hans Hisly, 
Christian Piger, 
Henery Smith, 



List op Passengers Imported in the Ship Friendship of 
Bristol, john Daviks, Master, prom Rotterdam. Quai<i- 
FiED Oct.- Ifl, 1727. 

Peter Hag^man, 
Johannes Leniser, 
Adam Liebhart, 
Hans Rubs, 
Nicholas Piee^ 
Peter Picksler, 
Jeramia Miller, 
Matheis Schweit'/er, 
Jolian Vincens Mayer, 
Johannes Forrer, 
Henrich Lahr, 
Nicaius Bacher, 
Peter Melde, 
Philip Reenier, 
Johann Georg HofTmann, 
Henrich Strickler, 
Christian Kriebiel, 
Heinrich Schnable, 
Abraham Schwartz, 

Jacob Heistand, 
Martin Shaftner, 
Valentin Kratz, 
Michel Eberhart, 
Christian Mayer, 
Hans Jerig Lehman, 
Johann Georg Muller, 
Jacob Sneppeley, 
Johannes Kassel, 
Peter Led man, 
Peter Possel, 
Nicklas Grossman, 
Peter Eberhardc, 
Johannes Schonholtzer, 
Andreas Schwartz, 
Johannes Hiestand, 
Albrecht Hauman, 
Michel Miller, 
Johann Philip Wiess, 

[The original 

Peter Hack man, 
Andrew Urmi, 
Andrew Roarts, 
Henry Strickler, 
Jacob Hist ant, 
Abr" Swarts, 
J n" Tegley, 
Jacob Snyder, 
Hans Reser, 
Jerimiah Lowman, 
Nicholas Chasrood, 
Ulrick Seheren, 
Henry Leer, 
Adam Lepert, 
Jn** Overholsor, 
Albert Bowman, 
Nicholas Bogert, 
Hans Jeri Hatman, 
Mat hew Switer, 

list is herewith given,'\ 

J no. Forrer, 
Michal Eberam, 
Joseph Eberam, 
Jacob Trycler, 
J no. Histant, 
Christian Mayer, 
Peter Pinkslear, 
Peter Hansberger, 
Peter Leman, 
Christian Cry bile, 
Henrv Croo, 
Martin Scheleren, 
Jn" Crybile, 
Hillis Castle, 
Abraham Miller, 
Hans Jeri Miller, 
Mathias Andres, 
Nicholas Chresman, 
Peter Welde, 


Jacob Snepply, 
t'eter Polook, 
I'hillip Beed, 
Hfiiry Sneppley, 
Ht-Tiry Sdienliolt, 
Joliuntlex CaHtlu, 
Fiilkert AduHt, 

Phillip Bemur. 
Christian Fide, 
ChalatiDe tirak, 
VlaeBnt Mnyer, 
Uldrtok Leeiner. 
Peter Fenniiiia, 
Lodowick HtjQte, 



ttforge Bechtt'll, 
JolianueH Bar, 
AiKlres Ente, 
Johannen Roth, 
Frederick Lider, 
Valentin Sehnrch, 
JhcoI) Jo8t, 
Vincent Stouter. 
Pran» Latshow. 
Johann Dit^trich Hengst, 
Christ NuBsnian|{«r, 
JohanneH Holla. 
Bernerd Hcniwel. 
Michael ffuitw], 
Johan (itiorg Doderer, 
John Jacob Hoch. 
Johan Ohrietoph Meng, 
JolianiieM Huber. 
Jolian Stock, 
Johan Johannes, 
Abraham WoltT. 
Derick Oordt, 
Jacob Brulasher, 
HHnH Fritz. 
.lnnol> MiHHel, 
Rudolph Heiwler, 
Jncoh KoKer, 
JoiiaH K oh leer, 
.lai^ob Briinner, 
I'Ih. Schiirch, 
Hiinx Wolf l>ielinK«r. 

Philip Noldt. 
Baltas Uerringer, 
Steph. Haltsbuller. 
Jacob Storm, 
Johannes Diemer, 
Johan Scharch, 
Peter Denckelberg. 
JohanniB Christ, 
Henrich Willi. DieliiiKei 
Peter MittelkaofT, 
BnnH Wetdgrau, 
Jacob Handachiit, 
Hani* Michel Detmer. 
Johannt-H Weygandt, 
Johan Oeorg Roth. 
Johann Michael Rand, 
OhriBtoffel Benoker, 
Michael Kohler. 
Johann Rorr, 
Philip Eiigert, 
Hans Erdt. 
Valthi Knhle, 
Johaniieo Bar. 
Hann KaufT. 
Han« Philip, 
Conrad Hohr, 
Mart In Schanb, 
Johan Kerr, 
Oforff Schnihit, 
John Henry Ron, 
Johannes Morgenstern, 



Henrich EBohelmaun, 
Johannes Kitsiniller, 
Kasper Heisdruker, 
Martin Wagbuhler« 
Johannes Naycommet, 
Hans Leonard Miller, 
Frederick Denckelberg, 
Gottfried Henke, 
Christopher Sullenger, 

Johannes Lfigerhahn, 
Johan Jost Schmidt, 
Johannes Franckhauser, 
ilaus Martin Miller, 
Denius Dunckelberg, 
Johan Peter Molich, 
Johan Albrecht Kohler, 
Hans Jacob Miller. 

[The original 

Dirck Bewail, 
Philip Snoh, 
Peter Middelcalf, 
Abraham Wolf, 
Valten Kenler, 
Hans Tail 8. 
Johan Herer, 
Mich' Keiler, 
Johannes Bair, 
Hans Benlie, 
Jacob Heytshoe, 
Welhelm Dillinger, 
Baltes Gerinf)^, 
Andries Evie, 
Bernerd Hensell, 
Michiel Seybells, 
Johannes Morf^^enstern, 
Stephen Haltsbielder, 
Johannes Boot, 
Christopher SiiUenger, 
Hans Dirk Doddere, 
Hans Martin Miller, 
Hans Leondert Miller, 
Dirk Pordt, 
Hans Dirk Haak, 
Jonas Keeler, 
Marten Shoup, 
Jacob Brunner, 
Pieter Socts. 
Frederick Leder, 
Johan E<1esman, 
Uldrick Shark, 
Johan Shnrk, 

lint is herewith giveji.] 

Johannes Roar, 
Jacob Brulasher, 
Xtpohel Benker, 
Xtophel Men^i 
Hans Meyer, 
Xtian Newswanger, 
Velde Glae, 
Johannes Wehlslen, 
Frans Ijatshow, 
Jacob Wit sell, 
Johannes Coopman, 
Hans Wolf Dillinger, 
Roidolp Heller, 
Hend*^ Raan, 
Hend'' WhelmaiS, 
Johannes Track tehenfirst, 
Johannes Frankhuvser, 
Philip Ergert, 
Johannes Naycommet, 
Jacob Kegenhower, 
Johannes Ketsmiller. 
Hans Jacob Miller, 
Coenraad Keer. 
Jacob Hoogh, 
Hans Dirk Rf>ot, 
Mich' Detemer, 
Jacob Storm. 
Mich'. Ranck, 
John liagerom. 
Casper Heydering, 
Johan Stock, 
ridrick Shurk. 
Dirk Smith, 



Jacob JooHt, 
Cluini'Dtit Tonkelb«rf{, 
Frederick Tonkelhori;, 
Jolinn I'elter Melch. 
Mich' Honest. 
Jolitinnett 4'hriBt, 
Marten Vogelhove. 

Clements Tonkt^lberK, 
Peiter TonkeUwrg, 
Johan Jooat Bmlt. 
--Vincent Stowfer, 
(ioilfrey Henk, 
Jotiaii Blbrent Keeler. 
Johan Matthyti P«iter. 

ListofFoiikioskrs Importkd in thb Ship Albany, Laza- 
utTi< UXMAN, Master, from Rhtthrdam. gnAU^iKD Brpt. 

4, 1728. 

Sit II I in Sc holer. 

Jacob WelsB, 

LorentK Belit/, 

Conrad I>iiboti', 

HanH GeorK Mot^- 

Hanti Miller, 

Andrew Ablin. 

Hurtiti Kalb, 

Prid ChrlBtf. von Steygplati. 

Hcinrich Stellfeldl. 

HanH Jacob Doiilmcl), 


Philip Thomiin. 

Alexander Zarthniann. 

Hans Jerick Kiei;er, 

Casper Riedt, 

Matheie Kaplini;, 

Casper Hoth, 

Michel Keiin, 

(leorR (lertner, 

Johan (^arl Keil, 

Jan Blonien, 

Heorg Frill V. BerbisdorfT, 

Johann Philip OlasBtr, 

Priederioh EiohelbeTger, 

(ieorg Wendel Biehel. 

Johan Daniel Bengel, 

Hans Jacob Biehel. 

Hans Ueorg Buoh, 

Jerig Fred. Bfirf[enBtott. 

[ Tlic oritjinat 7i 
Mr. Striskem, 
Danniel Bengel, 
Philip Bhomnn, 
HanKAdaiu Mire, 
Henry Stelf^it. 
Priderich EgeUKrtfer, 
Jacob Danltach. 
Hans Jerick Bcigel, 
Kasper KefllUt, 
Jacob WelH, 
.lerlk Booy. 
.Terik Gertner. 
Hanw Miller, 

I is A,-ri-wilh ffivm.] 
Mr. Chaplin, 
Simon Sbalter, 
Philip Qlaser, 
Ltiraiice Bellto, 
Caliper Oot, 
Conradt Teboy, 
Jacob Beige I. 
Michel Keim, 
Elexander Zaartinan, 
Joannes Belieiiefelt, 
Jerik Mootn. 
Amlrew Abien, 
John Bluoii), 



List of Forbignbrs Imported in tub Ship Jambs Good- 
will, David Crockbt, Mastbr, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
FiKD Sep. 11, 1728. 

Ullerig Engelar, 

George Graff, ^ 

Michael Hest, 

Matthias Firrumsler, 

Johannes Gurts, 

Isaac Orison, 

Thomas Koppenheffer, 

Martin Balk, 

Martin Moeser, 

Frederik Sholl, 

Mich' Korr, 

Loerens Durr, 

Bartel Eberle, 

Hans Adam Moesser, 

Jacob Kims, 

Johan Casi)er Steffer, Sen^ 

Jacob Mekeling, 

Hans George Seyler, 

Hans Jeery Bants, 

Hans Jacob Slauir, 

Hans George Met tier. 

Andries KralTt, 
Jan Seend. Holstender, 
Jacob Fucks, 
Egidius Grim, 
.Johan Seend. Keller, 
Jacob Herman, 
Christoff Graaff, 
Hans Mich' Ruiter, 
Henderick Philip Seller, 
Jacob Beyer, 
Adam Engeler, 
Sel>astian Durr, 
Sebastian Eberle, 
George Shoemaker, 
Leond' Hieker, 
.Tohan Casper Steffer, Jun', 
Teobald Mekeling, 
Jacob Sint, 
Andries Stickeler, 
Johannes Ruspag, 
Adam Summer. 

Llst of Passengers Imported in the Ship Mortonhouse, 
James Coultas, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Aug. 19, 1720. 

Dielmaii Kolb, 
Carl Ernst Musselbach, 
Konradt Worntz, 
Heinrich Dubs, 
Christ. Brown, 
Jacob Obere, 
Conrad Kelner, 
Simon Rohl. 
George Threhr, 
Casper Dorst, 
Nicholas PefTel. 

Michael Borst, 
Johan Philip Rank, 
H enrich Schlengebuss, 
Heinrich Blimm, 
Andres Meys, 
ITIrich Kroil, 
Michel Walder, 
Baltzar Rohr, 
Hans Muller, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Ultimer Schnebler, 



Christ. Krult. 
PetBF Wechur, 
Johamtfis Kolf, 
Nicholas Cftrver, 
Johannes Onl, 
Riplnl. Fetter, 
Peter Weger, 
Jacol) Seltser, 
Andrew Baxtian, 
Ulric Roth. 
Mor^I Cn-eter. 
Johan Niclas Princeohler, 
Vftlnntine Jung, 
Johan Stephen Riminer, 
Abraham Kensinger, 
Hans Jacob Kudles, 
Geriiardt MuJler, 
Jaooh Bowman, 
David Montaiidon, 
ChriHtoph Hchambach, 
Reynard Haider, 
Frederich MarHteller, 
Johan n Mitt el, 
Henry Daniel Back, 
ChriHtian Longmaire, 
Philip Jacob Back, 
Jacob Reif, 

Jacob Krebiel, 
Ailaiii Orth. 
Micliel Weber, 
Valthi Reiser, 
Wondeel Wyant, 
Jacob Heyer, 
Friderioh Marsh, 
Kudoli>li Moor. 
Jacob Fetter, 
■i-Hana Ulrich Frel, 
John Daniel Worley, 
HatiH Michel Meideii, 
Jacob Eachehtiann, 
Hans Michel FrohHch, 
HoiiH Ulrich Hecker, 
Heinrioh Gurtner, 
Johannes Muller, 
George Adam Wed del, 
Henrlch Killliauer, 
Chrittt. Bumgamer, 
Johann Peti*r Moll, 
Adam Bastlaii, 
Johann Georg Grc 
Georg Grossman, 
Martin Alstadt. 
Hendrick Hneevele, 
Jacob Sellers. 

[ Thf original (i 
Dirick Truer, 
John Philip Rank, 
Jno. Miller, 
Eli/'. Erynstein, 
Katheriiie Werness, 
Dllman Colb, 
Michael Urullok, 
Mich' Boarxt, 
Rudolph Moore, 
Ulderv Roat, 
Nick' PefTel. 
Hendrick Doabs, 
Hendrick Plini, 
Alee ITbera. 
John Furra, 

Juliana Truer. 

Anna Barbara Rank, 

Marg* Miller. 

Oonnard Wern-WH, 

Casper l>ore8t, 

Judith Coll). 

Anna Maria Urelick. 

John Haake. 

Hans Jacob Roatslie, 

Sney Roat. 

Bnrbar I'effel, 


Hauce Hendrlch Ubera. 

Christopher Brown, 

.In" Christ" Croli. 



Mary Canninf^ham, 

8a rah Warner, 

Eliz*. Miller, 

Andrew Mayes, 

Katharine Hyder, 

Peter Weegar, 

Anna Christian Sligloff, 

Hendrick Sootera, 

Christopher Pry, 

Jacob Bowman, 

Betslia Bowman, 

Apalone Sneeveler, 

John Miller, 

Anna Mary Over, 

Jacob Rooit, 

Valentine Pikus, 

Preenick Reeif, 

Katherine Rice, 

Dirick Adam Weedle, 

Adam Sham back. 

Coon rod Killinor, 

Moret Creetor, 

Eliz* Keyser, 

Rich** Petter, 

Philip Jacob Back, 

Mich. Wever, 

Wendel Wyant, 

Adam Bastian. 

Anna Judith Alstadt, 

Hanna Barbary Walder, 

Simon Reel, 

Jacob Seller jun'r, 

Jacob Eshelman, 

Agnis Keyser, 

Anna Barbara Kensinger, 

Rich. Haider, 

Katherine Ramerin, 

Ursley Bumgarner, 

Johannes Orde, 

Johannes Dirick Greesman, 

Christian Longinacre, 

Marya Greesman, 

Anna Barbary Longinacre, 

Anna Margaret t Mooselback, 

Elis* Shamback, 

a- Vol. XVII. 

H end rich Warner, 

Gerrard Miller, 

Anna Maria Massin, 

Hance Mich' Hyder, 

Jacob Creeple, 

Hendrick Sligloff, 

Apalis Sligloff, 
-Hance Uldrick Pry, 

Medelin Reymene, 

Anna Bowman, 

Anna Bowman, Jan% 

Jn*" Casper Inkleree, 

Jacob Over, 

David Mantandon, 

Jn*. Dan. Worley, 

Jno. Adam Moor, 

John Rice, 

John Steven Regensberger, 

Ulderick Croll, 

Anna Dorothy Shamback, 

Johannes Binklee, 

Jacob Keyser, 

Jacob Petter, 

Anna Margarett Petter 

George Dan. Back, 

Phillis Wever, 

Andrew Bastian, 

Martin Alstadt, 

Rudoph Walder, 

Hendrick Killhaver, 

Eliz* Seller. 

Nicholas Carver, 

Welder Keyser, 

Abraham Kensinger, 

Prenee Kensenger. 
. Baltzar Roer. 

Christopher Bumgarner, 

Anna Marya Abarant, 

Johanna Beagleson. 

Frederick Marsh, 

Dirick Greesman, 

Corrole A rant Mooselback, 

Mary Eliz* Mooselback, 

Peter Moll, 

Johannes Middle. 



Maria AgDis Matten, 
Maria Kalklieser, 
Phillipiua Maokin 
Caterina Slaughter, 
Macta Lina Pettickhofer, 
Auna Kipping, 
Anna Catrina Cogh, 
Magdelina Ackhorden, 
Eve Possart, 
Caterina Iller, 

Elizabeth Lisley, 

Christina Lipkipp, 

Anna Marg^ Mackin, 

Rosina Cropp, 

Anna Lis bet Pettickhofer, 

Ketruid Pettickhofer, 

Sivilla Kipping, 

Anna Maria Ackhorden, 

Christina Lisley, 

Johanna Kipping, 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Thistle of 
Glasgow, Calvin Dunlap, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Aug. 29, 1780. 

Loud wick Has, 
Hans Jacob Teil, 
Christopher Bader, 
Leonard Grass, 
Pete Grisimer, 
Casper Feman. 
Rudolph Draugh, 
Willera Heim, 
Johan Hendrick Smith, 
Cristoph Angubrant, 
Michel Thomas Seek, 
Mathias Thais, 
Irik Reiraer, 
Jacob Nagoll, 
Geo. Sumger, 
Philip Groscost, 
Pauhis Fitenhaver, 
Justice Sherer, 
George H of man, 
Philip Hants, 
Abraham Fransu, 
Thos. Hammon, 
Jacob Sterfell. 
Fredrick Peifer, 
Johannes Caplinger, 
Tilde Bydleman, 
Ellias Bydleman, 

Bernard Sighmond, 
Johannes Dunkell, 
Peter Oler, 
Jerrimias Hess, 
Cristian Leman, 
Steven Remer, 
Johannes Hun, 
Loud wick Ditman, 
Gerard Zin, 
Hendrick Fortne, 
Hans Minigh, 
Peter Biswanger, 
Nickel 1 Fiser, 
Jan Casper Smith, 
Ulrick Shever, 
Casper Bittner, 
Johannes Sherer, 
Nickel Kinser, 
Johannes Hofman, 
Laurence Hoft, 
Casper Hartman, 
Cristian Shram, 
Rudolph Andres, 
Leonard Caplinger, 
Wolfer Sperger, 
Tetrick Bydleman, 
Jacob Ammon, 



Ulrjck Styner, 
Hendriok Hess, 
Hendrick Gutt. 
Peter Wavinger, 
Bernard Ren, 
Load wick Hurtzell, 
Peter Tederolph, 
Peter Moller, 
Valantine MioheU, 
Geo. Undertenerd, 
James Moree, 

Thos. Hess, 

Johan Ekel Luckenbill, 
Casper Criger, 
Loud wick Moler, 
Tetrick Cover, 
Geo. Hurtzell, 
Jjeonard Hoogenunk, 
Fedrick Lenkenberger, 
Crist oph Hendrick, 
Cristian Thomas. 
Hendrick Luckenbill, 

List of Forbignbrs Imported in the Ship Alexander 
Ann, William Cltmbr, Master, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Sept. 5, 1790. 

Anthony Miller, 
Adam Tillipott, 
Johan Fredrick Lauseness, 
Johan Adam A tier, 
Johan Peter Waller, 
Jacob Miller, 
Waldes Laughaer, 
Michael Bleper, 
Adam Shuler, 
David Suffoltz, 
Rudolph Mastersnndt, 
Fredrick Meyer, 
Hans Ulrick Crinston, 
Hans Mussel Burger, 
Martin Burger, 
Johan Fredrick Waller, 
George Mich' Brinfuss, 
Leopold Hi Hi gas, 
Johannes Cleyker, 
Hans Jerick Ham, 
Johanes Wold man, 
Johan Sebastian Braft, 
Hans Bartel Heinberger, 

Daniel Crist mau, 
Hans Lensenns, 
Johannes Herler, 
Martin Muller, 
Frans Plum, 
Martin Creiner, 
Martin Yonger, 
Peter Tilraan, 
Johannes Ditner, 
Michael Hark man, 
Conrad Yongman, 
Charles C. Kallar, 
Bernhard Myher, 
Jacob Myher, 
Hans Jacob Oberholts, 
Henrick Marte, 
Johan Philip Curnert, 
Henrick Cleimer, 
Mathias Selker, 
Johan Nuol Brecker, 
Christian Princeland. 
Hans Michael Verdiis, 
Johan Carl Homberger, 


List op Porkiqurrs Ihportbd in the Ship Joyce, Wil- 
liam FoRU, Mastrr, from Rotterdam. Qualivibd Nov. 
80. 1730. 

Christ ian Miller, 
D&niol Swort, 
Joseph DoiBiui, 
Leonhnrt Kolb, 
Egram Hale, 
Marol{ NiUen, 
Johao Ludwig Heints, 
Friederioh Elbersoheidt, 
Andreas HofTiiiaan, 
Leoohardt Pfuditre. 
Henrich Kllian. 
Zacharias Barth. 

Nicolas Swort, 
Hans Wlohel, 
John Baer, 
Henry Shever, 
Johanneg Cuntz, 
A. e. SohulU, 
Hans Jacob Baer, 
Johann Adam HolT, 
Hans Ulrioh Mayer, 
Johan Michael Fischer, 
Johannes Oberbaok, 

[The original litt ia hereteith given. J 
Names. Age. 

Christian Miller, — 60 

Hickell Shever 50 

Hans Leonard Shever, 12 

Nicholas Swort, 88 

Daniel Swort 81 

Hans Whiokel 35 

Lodnick Whickel. 87 

Joseph Tom, 85 

John Bear, 40 

HanE .Tacob Bear. 17 

A ndrew Miller, . 13 

Leonard Coale, 32 

Frederick Elverslte. 84 

Henry Shever 2-1 

Egram Hale, 84 

Johannes Coones 84 

Mark Minger 84 

John Hoaf, 87 

Matthew Moyal , , 13 

Lareunce Moyal, 18 

A ndrew Hofman, 88 

Hans Jnrick Moyal 27 

Leonard Fodry, 23 

Hans Michell Fisher 80 

Henry Kilon 30 


Names. Age. 

Hans Oberbaok, 30 

Leok. Park« 15 

Godfrey Skoall, 24 

Christiau Swort, 11 

Jacob Swort, 10 

Jacob Swort, 8 

Haius Swort, 7 

Lewis Whickel, 3 

Hendrick Bear, 6 

ADDa Maria Shever, 45 

Barbara Shever, 15 

Maudlin Shever, 10* 

Beves Swort, 1 

Margaret Whickel, 20 

Margret Whickel, 1 

Anna Barbra Tom, 34 

Christiana Tom, 2 

Anna Maria Bear, 43 

Anna Margaret Miller, 50 

Anlis Miller, 18 

Anna Barbra Miller, 11 

Maria Barbra Bear, 16 

Anna Coal, 33 

Margret Elversite, 23 

Anna Margret Shever, 26 

Sophia Hale, 30 

Elizabeth Aplin, 26 

Kathrine Shemock, 4 

Barbra Moyal, 37 

Margret Holston, 22 

Maria Barbra, 21 

List op Forbignbrs Importrd in thk Ship Samuel, Hugh 
Pbrct, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 17. 

Joh. Georg Kirschner, John Fisher, 

Conrad Eckert, Ludwig Han, 

Johannes Metzger, Jacob Wenst, 

Conrad Moller, Christo Ritter, 

Johannes Diterichs, Andreas Erlewjme, 

Johan Millbarger, Hans Ritter. 


Joh. Georg Koch, 
JohanneB Hpengler, 
Huns Oeorg Pluger, 
Bnfielberd Bchraidt, 
Uiutper HolUliausen, 
Johann Jacob Kraiiss, 
Johann Heorich Hatninel, 
Hans Weorg Bender, 
Hans Qeorg LohrmaD. 
JohaiiD ChrJHtoph Bauer, 
LudwiK Sauuriiiildi, 
Hana Adam Warthmao, 

Barent Tiseii. 
Georg Balser Wentt, 
Joh an n Michael Glelm. 
Phllipp Knopp, 
Johan Henrlck Knopp, 
Johann Jacob Suhelbe, 
Frederick Babenmeyer, 
Georg Bebald Madrlger. 
Philip Freiderich Vogel, 
Johann BtuoU, 
George Henderlch, 
Hane Oeorg Lohrman. 
Lodwvlck Good brood. 

{The original l\ 
George Crjsner, 
Michiel Clime, 
Henry Knop, 
Casper Haiiihausen, 
Jacob G roust, 
Johan Helndrlck Hermel, 
Ijudewig Faan, 
Joest Wenat, 
Conrnd Muller, 
GhrlBtopher Ritter, 
George Setiald Uadinger, 
Johannis Dlderlck, 
Phillip Vogel. 
.Tohanis Milburger, 
Ludwick Heck, 
Ludwlg Sourmilg, 
Joh an Is Phengler, 
Joiian Gorge Kaugh, 
Barent TjBen, 
George Lure man, 

t ii hereioiih given.] 
John Fleher. 
En gel herd Shroud, 
Phillip Knop, 
Conrad Kerdt, 
Jacob Schelve, 
Fredk. Babeineyer, 
Johanis Midsker, 
Christopher Rhik, 
George Bender, 
George liOreman, 
Andries Erlenyn. 
Hans Retter, 
ChriBtophei- Bour.* 
Johanis Kaunt>, 
Hans Adam Wartman, 
Jurgeck Hendricks, 
George Wenst, 
Hans George Fleger, 

Names of Women. 

A nn Crisner, 
Barbary Milburger, 
Hannah Bhroud, 
Ann Knop, 
Barbary Oven. 
Anna Sourmilg, 
Ann Wenst, 

Ann Fisher, 
Bitsean Clime, 
Katrena Knop, 
Dorathy Brellng, 
Eli/Abeth Babumeyer, 
Bartwiry Han, 
Motley Muller, 




Ann Dederiok, 
Mag^aret Madinger, 
Magreta Camping, 
Elizabeth Hofmining, 
Elizabeth Loreman, 
Barbary Loreman, 
Catrena Vogell, 
Mary Ritter, 
Easter Mil burger, 
Mary Smithing, 
Elizabeth Crisner, 
Pleny Fisher, 
John Shroud. 
Peter Knop, 
Mary Sourmilg, 
Neals Sourmilg, 
Michiel Hans, 
Charlis Muller, 
John Dedariok, 
Mary Wart man, 
Katrena Hofmining, 
Katrena Loreman, 
Paser Vogell, 
Motley Ritter, 
Mary Pleager, 
Hendrick Mulberger, 
George Goodbrod, 
George Goodbroad, 

Elizabeth Wartman, 
Elizabeth Merdinger, 
Barbary Predrakin, 
Mary Heck, 
Elizabeth Loreman, 
Eve Bender, 
Ann Erlenyn, 
Eve Plegar, 
Barbary Goodbrod, 
Mertin (^^risner, 
Barbary Crisner, 
Elizabeth Clime, 
George Knop, 
Menea Knop, 
Catrena Sourmilg, 
George Hans, 
Hanis Hans, 
Elizabeth Muller, 
Abraham Wartman, 
Jacob Hofmining, 
Elizabeth Heck, 
Mary Loreman, 
Crates Ritter, 
Hans Ritter, 
Katrena Pleager, 
John Mealbury, 
Ann Mealbury, 
Anthony Smithing. 

List of Poreiqnbrs Imported in the Ship Pennsylva- 
nia Merchant, John Stbdman. Master, from Rotter- 
dam. Qualified Sep. 11, 1731. 

Michael Geberth, 
Peter Smit, 
Johan Niclas Weiss, 
Georg Heinrich, 
Christian Weiser, 
Abram Preeman, 
Priedrich Strubel, 
Prantz Kruck, 
Baltzer Seyler, 
Johannes Schenkel, 

Michael Peder, 
Abraham Sahler, 
Martin Boger, 
Jacob Steiner, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Priedrich Geberth, 
Valentin Schults, 
Heinrich Kramer, 
Christ oph Berer, 
Conrad Sybert, 



Nicklaus Fuss, 
Conrad Hoogh, 
Adam Sauer, 
Johannes Ryraert, 
Hans Adam Kremer, 
Jacob Lanius, 
Martin Hunsecker, 
Hans Georg Kelchner, 
Johann Georg Mayer, 
Johan H enrich Schmidt, 
Christophel Moll, 
Joh. Nlclaus Steinmetz, 
Joh. Jacob Woltzhoffer, 
Johann Philip Beyer, 
Rudolph Gasman, 
Joh. Engelbert Lack, 
Burckharc Kullmer, 
Johannes Shaak, 
Hans Micliael Horlacher, 

Laurence Roodt, 
Jacob Mumma, 
Michael Geyger, 
Johann Bartel Gncker, 
Ludwig Wulheit, 
Johann Michael Moll, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Christian Schmidt, 
Joh. Georg Bergstrosser, 
Johan Bernhardt Amdt, 
Johan Jacob Kruok, 
Hans Adam Echelen, 
Valentein Schneider, 
Hans Martin Schultz, 
Johannes Rynert, 
Johan Georg Schmidt, 
Johannes Bischoff, 
Andres Beyer, 
Melohior Wistholtz. 

[The original 

Michail Gybert, 

Michail Moll, 

Fredrick Wilsheyi, 

Bartel Kooper, 

Pieter Smit, 

Nicholas Reymeh, 

Gerick Heindrick, 

Hans Jerck Kelyerow«, 

Christian Wiyser, 

Abraham Freeman, 

Frederick Stroubul, 

Jerick Meyer, 

Johan Heindrick Smit, 

Christophel Moll, 

Hans Kryhe, 

Hendrich Kremer, 

John Nicholas Heymestch, 

Christophel Beyer, 

Johan SchlhRel, 

Philip Beyer, 

Han Martin Schult-s, 

Johannes Reymert, 

Laurence Rod, 

list i8 herewith given,] 

Michail Feter, 
Adam Kremer, 
Hartman Huntseker, 
Jacob Lavins, 
Abraham Saler, 
Martin Bogber, 
Christian Smit, 
Jacob Steenar, 
Johannes Diel, 
Frederick Gybert, 
Christian Smit, 
Jerich Bergstreser, 
Barent A rent, 
Valentine Shults, 
Jacob Kryhe, 
Balser Seler, 
John Adam Egling, 
Jacob Jilsover, 
Valentine Snyder, 
Conrad Suyvert, 
Roslo Kusman, 
Nicholas Fuys, 
Conrad Koogh, 



Jacob Mumma, 
Adam fciower, 
JohanneB Shaak, 
Johannes Jerick Smith, 
Borket Kihuiere, 
Andreas Mey^r, 

Milchier Wilsteyts, 
Michael Gi^er, 
Engelbert Lak, 
Hans Michael Horloger, 
Johannes Bischof, 

Women's names above sixteen. 

Barbel Bischof, 
Margarite Shilling^. 
Anna Bmit, 
Jalian Larensen, 
Catherina Kar, 
Magdalina Wildheydt, 
Barbara Egling, 
Margaret K asm an, 
Katrina Kosker, 
Eliz. Kreemer, 
Marilis Bybert, 
Oatrina Gybert, 
Eliz. Rod, 
Katrines Vilsiver, 
Katrina Feter, 
Katrina Feter, 
Eliz. Porkholderen, 
Maria A rent, 
Anna Hnntseker, 
Eliz. Huntseker, 
Christina Kreemer. 
Annabeiert Hoog 
Eliz. 8hult«one, 
Magdalina Evelman, 
Catherina Steynuiutch, 
Margarite Moll, 
Maria Beyeren, 
Catherina Stouden, 
Leona Islewood, 

Anna Maria Rygen, 
Barbel Selerein, 
Margarite Smit, 
Clove Stroublen, 
Creeto Oas, 
Lucretia Wildheydt, 
Barbara Wildheydt, 
Anganias Reymert, 
Barbara Snyder, 
Eliz. Kreemer, 
Aulius Sybert, 
Sabina Gybert, 
Eliz. Gybert, 
Eliz. liak, 
Charlote Radleven, 
Helen Feter, 
Crete. A. Kelgenar, 
Maria Kortson, 
Anna Sniit, 
Frena Huiitseker, 
Freiieeh Horloger, 
Margarite Beyer, 
Cathrine Shultsone, 
Kutarina Siiiit, 
Maria Fobsengareii, 
Rosina Moll, 
Aulya8 Moll. 
Magdalena Stouden, 
Joanna Fetter, 

Children under sixteen. 

Hendrick Beyer, 
Catrina Beyer, 
Len^ard Steynmutch, 
Catrina Beyer, 
Julian Koog, 
Maria Melderen, 

Christina Kreemer, 
Jerick Heyer, 
Johannes Steynmutch, 
Jacob SchultH, 
Johannes Koog, 
Maria Horloger, 


UrKHe Hiiatxeker, 
Mtiyer Hiiiitseker, 
Abraham Arunt, 
Michael Feter, 
Con rot] Moll, 
Mnria Btiulletvn, 
Anna Vcliioner, 
Mai^lalena Fuyn, 
Margartte Kooil, 
tianiot Oybprt, 
MathiaH (iyttert, 
Cathrinn. Syhert, 
Eva Kreemer, 
Adam Kr«emer, 
Laurence Kooker, 
Heiiirick Kar. 
Gerich Heinrich Kar, 
Freilericb Wiltheydt, 
MarnniTet Mumma, 
RoHina bmit, 
MarKarite Zeeler, 
Catrina A rent, 
Maria Fuys, 

Anna Hantseker. 
HuiineD HuntHeker, 
Frederick Kelg«nar, 
Katrina Feter, 
Margarite Moll. 
Cutrina Stadler^, 
M&gilaleiia Lak, 
Catrine Rood, 
Jalian Oybert, 
Sabina Gybert, 
Godlieb Gybert, 
Gerich Sybert, 
Christian Kreemer, 
Maria Kreemer, 
C^hrfstJan Kooker, 
Christian Kar, 
Eliz. Wiltheydt. 
Jacob Mnmma, 
Frederiuh Mumiua, 
Johanna Zeeler, 
Jacoli Arent, 
David Arent, 
Aniierti Bybert. 

List of Forkionkrs Importko in tbk Ship Brittania of 
LosnoN, Michael Franklin, Mastkb, fhom Rottrrdam. 
QiTALiKiRD Sbpt. 31, 1731. 

Hlnberttiti Barsch, 
Henrioh Geljer, 
Johannes Ueber, 
Lacas Vetler, 
Leon»r<l Bock, 
Joliannex ^gender, 
Joseph Beyer, 
Hans G-amer, 
Hen. Herberts, 
Gelert Gelehren, 
Johannes Albert, 
John H enrich Bahu, 
Veith Bruninglier. 
Johan Adam Beyer, 
Huns Michel Bbert. 

Johannes Barsoh. 
Hans Henrich Geber, 
Jacoi) Kasch, 
Henry Blicher, 
Hans BoBchung, 
Joliannes Frey, 
Jacob Ount, 
Rndol))h Holsinger, 
Jacob Hachmani, 
Johan Heisl and, 
Jacob Sevenkol, 
Abraham Halshans, 
Hans Michael Blattner, 
Johan .Tacoli Beyer. 
Hans OeorK Ebert, 



Hans Michel DebilbisseiL 
Hans Michel Wilhelm, 
John .Tacob Weynandt, 
Haus Georg Gant, 
Hans Lenhard Holtzapfei 
Mich. Stocker, 
Hans Vogler, 
Oswald Wald, 
Jacob Wirtz, 
Johann Adam Rapper t, 
Hans Georg Moller, 
Michel Horsh, 
Christian Hubert, 
Ulrich Keyser, 
Jacob Kobel, 
Abraham Kern, 
Valentin Kleim, 
Michel Meyer, 
Jacob Mier, 

Johannes Eschelman, 
Hans Georg Debilbissen, 
Hans Georg: Friedle, 
Hans Michel Henning^, 
Erasmus Holtzapfei, 
Christophel Drube, 
Lenhart Fieohr, 
Casper Weis, 
Jacob Nehs, 
Leonhart Stening^er, 
Job. Leonhart Bihlmeier, 
Daniel Hubert, 
Jacob Carl, 
Henrich Kram, 
Nicholas Kanele, 
Gotfried Kraft, 
Wilhelm Kerkes, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Michel Mothes, 

Johannes Batholommay Rieger, Louis Timothee, 

Johannes Kirschner. 
Wilhelm Lautermilch, 
Johann Philip Lntz, 
Hans Jacob Mautz, 
Hans Henrich Martin, 
Christian Miller, 
John Nehs, 
Hans Georg Noss, 
Gab. Bosher, 
Jacob Rohr, 

Joh. Christian Sackreider, 
Georg Willem Schwartz, 
Johann Adam Schroter, 
Jacob Schumacher, 
Hans Martin Wetzell, 
Michael Nese, 

Georg Dietrich Kohl, 
Christian Lehman, 
Hans Peter Lederraan 
Johan Thomas Meyer, 
Johan Casper Muntz, 
Herman Miller, 
Mathias Nehs, jr. , 
George Passage, 
Johannes Roth, 
Matheis Smeisser, 
Joh. Mich*l Schrotner, 
Henrich Ludwig Schwartz, 
Valentine Siegmund, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Georg Wannmacher. 

[The original list w herewith given,'\ 

Names, Age. 

Johanas Bathelmus Rieger, — 

Louis Timothee, — 

Giles Gilesz, 50 

Gysbert Boeso, 22 

Johannis Boeso, 20 


Namea. Agt. 

Jaoob Savttlhoel 18 

Henrick Gelwr. Sen. , 00 

Heiidrik Oelier, Jiin. , 18 

Johaimla 0«l)er, 20 

Jdcob "Hbli 89 

Liwkn. Vet er, 66 

Dftvid Vuller. 31 

Johant)8 A Itxirt. 8S 

Abraham AltliaiiH, 24 

Hi'iirk-h llabii 8S 

Mic-h^l HIiKlm-r 88 

Veith BruniiiKur. 86 

Jiihaii Jacob Beyir, 8S 

H.UI,- A.luiu Iteyer, SO 

Hanrlcli Blicher, 86 

Luoiianl Hock, S8 

Hane BuHhimK. !9 

Hans (iifOTK Eii«rt, 80 

Hand Michel Ebert, 86 

Johan EHhi'biian, 10 

Johan BlKont*T 88 

JohantD Frey, 80 

HanxMichHl I>ehen>«ein, S9 

Hanq nelrallMM«in 16 

Hanti GHCtrii IMiell^xin, 16 

Hans Michel Wilhehu, 83 

JoHeph Beyer, Ifl 

HauH Oeorg FrPidlo, 26 

Hann Georg OunI 40 

Jacob liunt 16 

HanaPHt^l-Oa-tner 28 

Hans Michell Hwiminger, 82 

Rudolph Hoi«[iiKer W 

Hanfl Leonard HoltHftpfei, « 

BraiatniiH Holl/.apful, iO 

Henrbh Herberm. 40 

Jacob Hackinan. SO 

Johan Helrttand, 19 

Michel Hori-h, .18 

Daniel HiilxTt. 20 

Chrinllan Hubert 80 

Jacob Kabald, 35 

Veieh Keyfier, 70 

Henrich Kaaiii 84 

NichulaH Kennel, 42 


Names. Age, 

Jacob Kobel, 29 

Abraham KerD, 23 

Georg Dietrich Kehl. 46 

Johan Kerkes, 26 

Gottfried Kaaff, 68 

Valentine Klein, 20 

Wilhelin Kerkes, 28 

Georg^e William Lautprmilch, 27 

Christoph Lehman, 42 

Philip Lutz, 24 

Hans Peter Lederman, 18 

Eizabeth Timothee, — 

Oestrowte Gilesz, 40 

Helina Gilesz, 20 

Elizabeth Gilesz, 17 

Catherina Geber 48 

Sarah Geber 16 

Margerita Vetter, 18 

Johaneva Frey 33 

Katherina Albert, 80 

Katherina Rish, 83 

Maria Katherina Blatner, 27 

Barbaria Benuinger, 40 

Katherina Bladner, 36 

Anna Hosioa Beyer, 20 

Anna Maria Bladnerin 20 

Katherina Biskin, 23 

Elizabeth Buck, 36 

Barbera Bashung, 37 

Magdelena Debelbesin 18 

Elizabeth Margerita, 18 

Margerita Eigenter, — 

Solomia Fridley, 24 

Anna Maria Gunt, 40 

Margerita Gartner, 26 

Anna Maria Henniger, 26 

A nna Meyering, 60 

Elizabeth Meyering, 30 

Magdelina Holsinger, 26 

Anna Barbera HoUsapel, 57 

Anna Barbara Katermenan, 23 

Barbara Horsh, 40 

Maria Magdelina Karol, 35 

Paita Hirt 45 

Maria Elizabeth Hirt, 28 


Namen. Age_ 

Anna Maria Hirt 84 

Maria Barbara Hirt, SO 

Peronieu Keyser, , . . , 66 

Maifdeleiia Keyeer, 3S 

AniHi Mtilia Keyser, , 19 

Cora Kaaiii. 89 

Katherina Elizabeth Kenel, 00 

Maria Kobel 80 

Katherina Kem S3 

Blisabeth Kern, 55 

Haria Ve§ela Kehl 40 

Katlierina Margerita Kehl , 16 

Maria Epha Kaaffn, 40 

ChriHtiana KerlceB, 28 

Maj^delena Lauterrailch, — 39 

Feronica Leyman K 

Kathnrina Meyer 28 

Sophia Meyer, 35 

Katherina Meyer, 31 

Anna Martin, 83 

A nna Maria Moths, 22 

Katherina Multer. SO 

Maricereta Muller, 83 

Veronioa Martin. SS 

Peter Timothee, | 
Louis Timothee, ; 

Charles Timothee, | from 6 to 1 

Mary Timothee, j 

Kathrina Oeber. 18 

Maria Gober, 9 

Daniel Geber , S 

Sophia Votter. 18 

Magdelena Risli, -t 

Peter Rish, from B lo 8 

Henrik Riah. ) 

Nicholas Frey, 8 

Christiana Barbara Albert, 9 

Anna Katherina Albert, fi 

Sophia Katherina A Ibert fl 

(ieorg Micliel Blatner 3 

Hans Adam Bruninger, 5 

Hans Ailam Bruninger. 1 

AnnaMeliaBrunlDKcr, 7 

Dorothia Beyer, I9 

Elizabeth Beyer, 10 

■■ii ^>l 


Names, Aye. 

Jacob Beyer S 

Chrisl. Selin. Beyer 5 

Maria Katherlna Bock, 10 

Maria Palma Bock, 8 

Leonard Bock, Jj 

Maria Elizabeth Bock, 2^ 

Hans Michel Bock, 1 

Magdelen BuHhung, U 

Haus Philip Bushung, 9 

Anna Barbara Bashung, 6 

Christiana Bushung, 3 

David Bucht, . . . 13 

Casper Debelbesin, 10 

Katherina Eigenter, 13 

Anna Kreta Eigenter, 5 

Henrik Eigenter, 10 

Ludwig Eigenter, 3 

Magdalena Eigenter, 2 

Dorathia Eigenter, 

Lawrence Freidle 2 

Hans Georg Freidle, 15 days 

Hans Georg Gunt, 12 

Johanis Gunt 8 

Maria Elizabeth Gunt 

Joseph Horsh, 8 

Peter Horsh 2 

Elizabeth Karroll 7 

Conrad Karroll. 2^ 

(tertrowte Kaani 8 

Johannes Kaam 3 

Philip Christoph Kehl, 11 

Hans Georg Kehl 7. 

Barbara Lehman, 10 

Kathrina Lehman, 3 

Johanis Lehman IJ 

Elizabeth Martin, C 

Anegau Martin, 3^ 

Rudolph Martin, 7 

Barbara Martin 2 

Michel Meyer, . 29 

Jacob Mantz 24 

Jacob Meyer 2<) 

Stoffel Meyer, 23 

Thomas Meyer 32 

3~VoL. XVIL 


Namt». Age. 

HoiiH Heiiricli Martin. 30 

3wnh Mover, 28 

Michel Moth 24 

Julian ('aHjMT Miiiit/. 16 

ChriHtiaii MhIIbf, 60 

HeriHiui Miillvr. aS 

MathiiiH Noho, Sen. , . . 58 

Johttii Nehs. ■ 36 

Uewalii NehH, 24 

Hiiiis«ie..rn Neha. 31 

Matliiiu. NhIis Jmi 27 

Oeorjr t*af«aiic, 20 

(Gabriel RiiHher, . 39 

Johaiin Kohl. 44 

Jociili Ktihr. 38 

Joliati Ailain Rupert, . 26 

Joliaii Leonard Btelninger, . 85 

Mathiax Umeiuer, , . 16 

Hmis(i.".rh- Mull..r 35 

Li-onai-. l(<-yliii,»yer ^ 35 

Johiiii Martin Sakreltcr. ' 20 

Johnn Michi-I Bhantnei- 36 

Mielifl Stoker. 31 

Qeor([ Wilhehu Schwarlti, 33 

Heitrich Liulwig Schwartit, 42 

Julian Adairi Shrother, 80 

Valentine UiKniiiml. ^ 23 

JiK'oh Khuniaktr, 22 

JohaniH Smltll , 24 

ChristophevTeuber , 80 

Hnna Vogler . 82 

Leonard Vieior, ,24 

Ohswald Wald. 41 

Hans Mjirtin WetJiell, 81 

Weurg Wananiker, .30 

Johaii .lofiob Wynaiid. ... .10 

Casper Wys, 88 

Jacob WirtK, 30 

Mirh. Nehc ., , . 30 

JtLOiib Nehp, 81 

Maria tlarltara Nebf>, 60 

AnnaKatlierina Neh 3^ 

Durothfa Neaha. , , 37 

Maria MngdelBiia Olierkuhan, JH 

SiiHun Mariferite Kouber, 33 




Maria Margerite Roht. 

'^^'*** Barbara Rupert, . .. . 
Anna Barl>i»w Heinninger, 
Barbara Sineibser, . . 

Margerite Sineisser, 

Hotter Margerite Shastner, 

Margerite Btocker, 

Maria Elizabeth Schwarts, . . 
Anna Katherina Slauchin, . 
Anna Maria Shrother, ... . 

Katherin Smidt, 

Maria Katherin Teuber, 

Katherin Vogeler, 

Anna Barbara WaUlt, 

Maria Barbara Wetzell, . 
Margerite Wananiacher, 

Bicilia Wys, 

Maria Barbara Wetzelerin, 

Magdelena Nehs, 

Han8 Jacob Nehs, 

Katherina Nehs, 

Michel Nehs, 

Elizabeth Margerite Rosher, 

Anna Margerite Roht, 

Hanft Jacob Roht, 

Maria Margerite Roht, 

Anna Catherina Roht, 

Georg Btniesser, 

Justus Rupert us Schwartz, 

Johanis Bohwartz, 

Johan Michel Bhrother, 

Hans Georg Shrother, 

Rosolva Waldt, 

Hans Henrich Waldt, 

Hans Martin Wetzell, 

Nicholans Wetzell, 

Katherina Wetzell, 

Johannes Moll, 

Conrat Henninger, 





^ 24 









."> weekF 

















List ok Fokkiunkhs Impor 


Oct. 14, 17»I. 
GIiriHtian Ijt^inati. 
Jacob Mif^liuel, 
Jiihn Vemliil Kertf-" 

Jno. Peter VJMinant, 
Philip Eekor.1. 
Jacob HoitxiiiKer, 
Melclier Heyiion. 
Dort Hosle. 
Antlioiiy Bimkaulf. 
JohanneH Ulrick, 
Jacob SiifVBly, 
PhiHp Uirick. 

('liriHtlan Ernst HaKeninlller, 
C^roHper Bowman. 
GeorKt< Bhoults, 

Jlll> '^■■''St'U'll 1'>'"'AII, 

jaeob K«rzey, 
Jacob Hrooner, 
Jdo. Matthias Kramer, 
l>hl]ip Petur Visanant, 
Hcnrick Howervosae, 
Ulriuk Michael, 
ChriMtolp Honiborn, 
Philip Kitchin. 
J oh annex K«ech. 
Nicholas Bmith. 
JohanneH Conrad Frank, 
ChriBtoplicr Nuuljert, 
Christopher Knowen, 
Oaaper Peter, 
Daniel Vetwinger, 

John Otodfrv Leuian, 
Anne Barbara Kerzey, 
Connvd Kemey, 
Cattiarina Ker/.ey, 
Jeremiali Brnoner, 
Wolf Henrick Broonnr, 
Margaret Brooner. 
Eli/Abeth Slierrt- n. 
Margaret! a Kramer. 
Amaryllis Eliza Hamriok. 
Uar^aretta Hitnirick, 
Uaria Katharina Mcroliant, 
Jno. Ludwick Merchant, 
Juu. Adam Vioanant. 
Uargaretta Howervass, 
Philippena Howervasa, 
MargarttttR Eeknrii, 
Maria Eliza. Forraln, 
Maria Mattulina Flngareen, 
Catiinrina Michael. 
Karliara HoltNfnger, 
Barbara HoltHniffer. Juii.. 

Margret Michael, 

David Keraey, 

Ulrick Kerxey, 

So phi II Brooner. 

Jeremiali Michael Brooner, 

Appollina Brooner, 

Margreeden Brooner. 

John Albrfglit. 

liwabella Agnea Kramer, 

PanI Hamrick. 

Clara Humrlck, 

Jno. Verke Merchant, 

Allena Visanant. 

Anna Maria Spotson, 

Margaretta Howervaes, Jim. 

Anna Barbura Howervam, 

Susanna Eokord. 

Johanne Stroap. 

Maria Margaretta Michael, 

Philip Lawrence Michael. 

.Tacob Holtalnger. 

Two infante not )>aptlxed. 



List of Forkignrrs Imported in thk Ship Nohris, 
Thomas Lloyd, Master, from Boston. Qualified May 
15, 1732. 

Casper Schirch, 
Mathias Weber, 
Johan Mancher, 
Michael Andreas, 
Joh. Dietrich Jungmann, 
.Tohannes Herman, 
Joh. Georg Liebenstein, 

Martin Gasner, 
John Phil. Weber, 
JohanneH Behn, 
Johan Michael Siegmond, 
Christian Kenninger, 
Valentine Westheber. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Samuel, of 
London,* Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam. Qual- 
ified Aug. 11, 1732. 

Martin Gerhard, 
Nicklas Korper, 
Mattheas Bockle, 
Samuel Brandt, 
Michael Dirstein, 
Gotfried Stahl. 
Johann George Nungesser, 
Hans Jacob Beclie, 
Johan Jacob Behlerdt, 
Jacob Oberhaltzer, 
Christ. Frantz, Sen., 
Leonhart Dobler, 
Hans Muselman. 
Friedrich Kieflfer, 
Jacob Fleiser, 
Georg Bender, 
Martin WeigelK 
Hans Georg Godeke, 
Frederich Malchslager, 
Henrich Ramsauer. 
Johan Sel^alt Krenier. 
Hans Wendel Holl, 
Andreas Slantzeberger. 
Johan Peter Heylmann, 
Joh. Freiderich Schutz, 
Johan Jacob Erdman, 
Christian Beudler, 

John Bendler, 
Laurent'/ Knockel, 
Ulrich Bockle, 
John Heneberger, 
Henrich Ebby, 
Michel Georg, 
Georg Philip Windemuth, 
Christoph Bockle. 
Hans Georg Klinginann, 
Johau Adam Andress, 
Samuel Scherer, 
Oswald Hostetter, 
Christ. Frantz, Jun., 
Jacob Crist, 
Georg Dobler, 
-^acob Stauffer, 
Johan Nickel Straws, 
Joh. Leonhardt KiefTer, 
Michael Kreider. 
Johan Georg Glassbrenner, 
Wendel Brechbuhll, 
Johan George Kleinhauss, 
Wilhelm Bergheimer, 
Johannes Uhrich, 
Joh. Leonhart Ziegler, 
Joh. Phillip Schutz, 
Johannes Miller, 



Julius Delir, 
Andreas Muller, 
Benedict (iernian, 
Jacob Knechell, 
Jacob Kieffer, 
Jacob Gut, 
Johannes Zie^er, 
Peter Stey, 
Jacob Albrecht, 
Wendel Gerlach, 
Jacob Weyes, 
Jacob Gochnauer, 
Andreas Shetler, 
Philip Wendel, 
Johannes Lentz, 
Georg Ludwig Horning, 
Georg Klinginan, 
Hans Michel Bahner, 
Ferdericli Aldorffer, 
Hans Jerg Steger, 
John Bernheisel, 
Hein Ulrich Fischer, 
Hans Georg Queichel. 
Augustus Wendel, 
Adam Hillegas, 

Hans Adam Neidig, 
Christian Biry, 
Christian German, 
Peter Balsbach, 
Martin Giller, 
Ulrich Burkhalter, 
Hans Pauhis Boger, 
Georg Heyl, 
John Bumgardner, 
J. H. Hartmanu, 
John Helford, 
Henrich Berret, 
Peter Frit, 
Carl Seyl, 
Eliseus Mayer, 
Johannes Brechbil, 
Caspar Wartman, 
Johan Philip Boger,, 
Christian Balmer, 
Anastasius Uhler, 
Wendel Bernheisel, 
Hans Mich. Baumgertner, 
Peter Schellenberger, 
Wendel Worbel, 
Peter Schneider. 

A List op Passexgbrs, Namks and AGhBS, ox Board the 
Ship Samukl, Hugh Pkrcy, Commandkr, prom Rotter- 

Names. Ages, 

Merdin Gerhard 27 

John Bendler, 84 

Johan George Nungeser, 25 

Nicklas Corber 22 

George Philip Windermuth, 25 

Lorents Knochel iJO 

Hans Jacob Breckly, 46 

Christopher Noffel Bockly 20 

Mathias Bockly 17 

Ullrik Bockly, 19 

Samuel Brand, 24 

John Heneberger, 19 

Michael Sierlein 20 

Heniick Ebby 80 


Names. Age. 

Jacob Beelerth, 24 

aottfret Staal, 30 

Hans George Klingman, 24 

Michiel Georg 60 

Jacob Oberholtzer, 28 

John Mosiman, 23 

Petter Wettstein, 26 

Adam Andras, 16 

Chrititian Frantz, Sen. , 47 

Christian Frantz, J un. , 26 

Feridrick Heffer 49 

Jacob Crist, 22 

Samuel Scheer 21 

Jacob Flesser, 23 

Lionhard Deebler, 43 

George Deebler, 21 

Oswald Hosteetter, 30 

George Bender, 33 

John Lents 24 

John Brechbiel, 19 

Jacob Stauflfer, 19 

Nicolas Strass, 19 

Georg Goedake, 24 

Leonhard Keflfer, 27 

Merdin Weiggell, 24 

Frederik Mulschlegel, 30 

Micliiel Kreiter, 20 

John Miller 21 

Christian Bendler, ... * ^. ..... . 24 

Henrick Ramsar, 30 

A.dam Neidig, 29 

Jtnlis Door, 33 

Ge^rg Glassbrenner, 21 

Seb^ld Kramer, 32 

Wenlell Breckbiel, 24 

GeorfeKlien Hans, 22 

WendOl Heell :|4 

Wihelii Bergheimer, 26 

CristianBiry, 20 

Andreas Milter, 22 

Andreas Stan tsenberger, 25 

John UUrich, . . ; 20 

PetttrHailman 20 

Christian Geeman, 24 

Bentdigt Geeman, : . . . 20 


liitonharcl Ziegler, 31 

Fmlaripk Shits 33 

Jolm ShitK 31 

I'etterBaltBl>aoli, 98 

Jacob Ktiockell, 38 

Uartiii Jckr, 33 

Jacob Eriliiian. 19 

QiHtTg UoriiiK, aO 

Jftooh Kiftur, 27 

C«Jil>ei-War<liiiaii. 36 

(i»org KlJiiKinaii, 37 

Jacob Oiitli 30 

Ulerich Burckliolter, 33 

Paulhitt Boger, 40 

Plilllp Boger, 18 

Oarl Baliiier, 30 

Ohrietian Halmer, 34 

Freil«rick AUlorffer 25 

AnnaitasiuB Ulltr, 28 

Johaiiex Ziegor 41 

UeorK Stftmet, 80 

Ueorg Hsyl, 81 

Fetter Btey 80 

Wendell Berndheifk)!!, 33 

Jolm Beniaheisoll, 30 

Micliiol Baunigertner 31 

JdIiii Baiimgertner 20 

Jacob Alibreolit, 87 

Friilerick Uartinan, 83 

Wendell (ierlach. 33 

Jolm Helffiirt. 83 

Ullt^ricli Fiuclier, 'i> 

Jacob Weiwt W 

Heiiricb Beerett, . . 34 

PettPi" Boliejienbnrger, 83 

Jacob Uochiiaiiar, 30 

ChrlHtiun Ooclmam^r 17 

Fetter Fritl 18 

Amlras Bhittler. 30 

«eorK Qilickell 80 

Uarl Seyl, 87 

Wendell Werlw-ll .83 

Philip Werhell. »4 

AuKiiHtinim Weiwlell, 18 

Fetter Bohnoider 37 


Names. Age. 

Elias Meyer. 42 

Adam HeUigass. 34 

Names of Women. 

Kathrina aerhart, 45 

Mergreed «erliart, 80 

iJarhara Bockly, 43 

Rosilillu Brand, 20 

Elizabet Evy 38 

Maria Seltrth 18 

Kathrina Staal 32 

Veronica Ebberlio, 17 

Thorodea Ooorgin, 45 

ChriBtlnaGeorgin, 20 

ThoredeaKiiiiKinan 35 

Anna Mociman, 20 

Elisabeth Wettsteln 33 

Margareth Augeii 80 

Elisabeth Augen 1 83 

Kathrina Teekii. 33 

AunaFrantsln, 87 

Barbara Franlsiii 30 

EvaFrarilf-in '6 

MaiiKtaleiiariaiilsin 15 

Maria Kiffenii 40 

Ellsabe li Killt-Tin 18 

Prents Sili-nahtiffln 33 

Anna Christin 49 

Veronica She^r, . 40 

Oretha Fle«serln, 30 

Maria Hoatettin, 38 

Sibila Nortin, 33 

Ka1briiuiBri..lerin 83 

Maria O-asnianIn, 30 

Oretha Meratelin. 18 

Gretha Wirbelln. 18 

Uaria Lentsln 35 

ChriBtluA LentBin ^8 

Maria Kilterin, 38 

ItorotheaWeigRell 30 

Susanna Beadlfriti 33 

EliBal»eth Bendlerin 33 

Anna RaiuRanrin 32 

Mfti^reth Neldigin, 38 


Names. Age. 

Anna Brachbielln 80 

Thoroiiea Klinhanin 19 

Bui'Imra Uellin, 83 

Salome Berghetinerin, 33 

WBrtniuth Biriu, 33 

Anna MiUerin. 93 

BiliKu Stall tsenbargertn, 84 

Annii, Geemauin 38 

Maria KifTerin, 85 

Oreda Wanliuanin. 84 

Kathriiia Klliigiuan 24 

Suaaiiiia Gutli. 80 

Ester Burckholter. 30 

Eva Bogerlii 85 

Chri^tiiin Ziegeriii 40 

Maricretha Zie»;eriD 16 

KaClirina Steptiterin, 88 

Barliara Heylin 80 

MaT((r«tliii. Steyiii 25 

Kiitrina Heelliii 34 

Magilalena Albrucht, 80 

Ko^ina Hartinanin 27 

Maria HilfiUin. 80 

Susanna Berjtlielinenn. ... 17 

Maria Fistierin . 38 

Dorotliea WeiHuln . , 40 

Barl)ara Woissin 19 

Anna Berethin 28 

Murla 8helenber(*erin, SO 

Anifaneas Frith , . 17 

Katlirina Ooclinouerin 18 

Marftretha Kreinerln 87 

SoHa Kreinerin 16 

Mar|{retIiA Sliehlttlern 87 

Maria Qiiickelin 37 

Margretlta KrtiHjnenin, 30 

Katlirina Seyl, SO 

Sara Werberlin 85 

Kathrina Meyerin 87 

Siimnua Meyerin, ]G 

Names oj Children. 

Maria Qerliart 3 

Henrick Beckly 13 

Barbara Bockly, 11 


Names., Age. 

Kathrina Bockly, 8 

Lishetha Evy, 8 

Kathrina Evy 6 

John Evy, 4 

Margretha Evy, 8 

Georg Staal, 12 

Barbara Eberly, 12 

Henrick Eberly, 11 

Elisabeth Oberholtster 6 

Sainl Oberholtster, 3 

Margretha Wettstin 6 

Judith Prantsin 12 

John Frants, 7 

Michiel Frants, 6 

Veronick Frants, 8 

Elisabeth Frants 8 

Barbara Hostetin, 10 

John Hostetin, 10 

Anna Hostetin, . 6 

Veronica Hostetin, 3 

Maria Benderin 8 

Katrina Benderin, 3 

Valendin Wungesser. 12 

John Lents 3 

Abrah. Wulshleg, 8 

Christian Wulshleg, 5 

John Ramsaur, 9 

Ann Neidigin, 7 

Philip Neidig, 6 

Barbara Hellen. 12 

Anna Hellen ^ 11 

Gottlib Hell '. 9 

Kathrina Hellen, 5 

Maria Hellin, 4 

Rosina Hellin, 3 

Leonard Bergheimer, 8 

Vellin Bergheimer, 6 

Maria Millerin . . 4 

Soloine Stoutseril G 

Jacob Keffer, ... 8 

Lena Kefferin, 4 

Petter Klingman, 8 

Kathrina Wertzin, 9 

Mathias Boger 13 

Michiel Boger 12 


Naintt. Age. 

JuHtlna Kofcerin, 5 

Janol) 'Lutger, 12 

Huiuuiiiu Zerf;erin, 9 

(ifiort; Katir^^er, 13 

KvH Htvtffierin, 9 

Mttrgretha Steyin. 9 

Evii Htnylii. S 

Michf.-! AltjreHi, 18 

Eva Alhretbin 9 

Marlii Alhrethin 8 

UliriHtutia Albrethln, 8 

Utioric Hartiuaii, 8 

MarKmlh Ht'lfurtlD 10 

Katliraiia Fiuherlii, 4 

KusHiiia WtilBtin. IS 

Katbrliia WeiHtlii. 8 

Kllxana Wdtitin 10 

Jolm HeireUi, 8 

Ht'iiry BerBtli 8 

CrhIht Btreth, 8 

(ixorif Mliellt-nbarnnr. 9 

Mmculiita HhellenlMrg, 10 

Burliarn Hutfln, 11 

Hiimiiiiiii. HiitHJn, ... ti 

Marfa Sohtttlerin 8 

Oi'orjfe Kramer 1* 

Frlitcrltli Kramer, » 

(idttfrJtli Kramer, 7 

Maria (jiiii'kf liii 8 

(IliriKllaii H.!llHr, 8 

JohaiiOH Werlitil) , J8 

Katliritm H<:lm«l(lerii 7 

KllHiiljelh Hi!hn('i<ler, 6 

Mi<-lii.«l Mayer. 18 

Atlaiii Mover 8 

Kalhrliia Mfyerii), S 



List of Passbnqbrs Imported in the Ship Pennsylvania, 
John Stbdman, Master, prom Rotterdam, last from 
Plymouth. Qualified Sept. 11, 1732. 

Adam Klinf^en, 

Jacob Giss, 

Michael Rein, 

Michael Wull, 

Philip Frank, 

Simon Carle, 

Hart man Lauer, 

Wendel Fiser, 

Cornelius Kram, 

Johannes Weber, 

Daniel MuUer, 

Paul us Ryter, 

Ditrick Gauff, 

Michael Schnag^er, 

Michael Capp, 

Carl Oblige r, 

Friedrich Eray, 

Matthias Zollerkoffer, V. D. 

Leonard Immel. 

Geo Michael Hohlstein, 

Hans Georg Smit, 

Christofelt Stedler. 

Mat betas Ha user, 

Hans Michel Much, 

Johann Peter S track, 

Michael Witmer. 

Hans Michael Krumrein, 

Michael Copenhaer, 

Johan Georg Amend, 

Albrecht Wolffgang, 

Hans Jacob Meyer, 

Bernhart Wolfflnger, 

Georg Friedrich Capp, 

William Chriesmerg, 

Wendel Weinheimer, 

Joseph Caspering, 

Conrad Frick, 
John Jacob Bus, 
Johan Seleberger, 
Jaoob Rod, 
Adam Louer, 
Jacob Ha us, 
Philip Kebelbe, 
Hans Rootelee, 
Conrad Schonig, 
Johannes Hoorle, 
Henrick Ryter, 
Georg Mertz, 
Johannes Faas, 
Jacob Schaad, 
Gabrial Konigh, 
Adam Zeyler, 
Mathias Shaub, 
M. , Hendrick Christian, 
' Michael Immel, 
Hans Georg Graflf, 
Hans Georg Cuntz, 
Johan Georg Kauger, 
Simon Peter Holsteiner, 
Hans Niclaus Muller, 
Benedict Eiselman, 
Geo. Michel Schweinhart, 
Wolf Copenhaer, 
Mattheis Menchen, 
Christian Steinbach, 
Paulus Linsenbigler, 
Johann Georg Batz. 
^Bastian Wagner, t 
Georg Palsgraflf, 
Hans Leond Conrad, 
Hans Georg Minhard, 

ITf'ie orif/inal list is herewith given.] 

Cuspurd Wooldrich, Mathias Zulkover, 

Jacob Gypen, Conrad Frick, 

Michael Revn, Hendrick Christen, 



Jiin Jocol) (iiiiui, 
Johan Celcberger, 
Michael Ein«lot. 
HiinH UnitT, 
Hans Jt^riok Siiiit, 
Hans Jarinh Conel, 
Clirl8t<ij>ht<I Hteillnr. 
Billion Cftrlf-e, 
A<lain Louer, 
Htupiivfn Hook, 
n'ai-nh HftiiH, 
Viri.liiel Fiseir. 
Jnii Pitler struck, 
Miolin<-l Witiiier. 
HniiH Mic)in<il Croineryn, 
Cornell lis Kraiiin, 
W<M)lf (^openhaver, 
JoliaimeH Weaver, 
Con rail Hliene^h, 
Daniel Ulllt'r, 
<;iirltitia>i Steinl>aok, 
Pcttjr Lyntemi Uelfifen, 
Paul RuygliT, 
Juricli Beatii, 
Jurieh Mirta, 
Pieter Hum. 
Ailuiii liouer, 
^uutian Wageneir, 
JuHch PaliigraVf, 
Michael ('a|i|>. 
tiabriel Honii|{h. 


> Oiin< 

Adam Zetyier, 

Michael Will. 

Pbiliji Strunk. 

Leoiianl Einelot, 

Jerlch Michael Holsteyner, 

Jauoh Roodt, 

Mhiix Coun. 

Hans J e rich Cou^er, 

Matliias Heyser, 

Hartitian Louer, 

Simon Pictur HolHteymer, 

Han.s Michael Mogg, 

NioholaH Miliar, 

Beneitii^k Bselniea. 

Jcrich Michael Swynhart, 

Philip Cavel, 

Hand Hudler, 

Michael Oop^inhaver, 

Mat hi as Minegen, 

.leriain Elh, 

Johaniia Hottle, 

Woolf CunktootB, 

Hanx Jacoli Meyer. 

Hendrick Ruygter. 

William Crinuymerr, 

Michal Hinageir, 

Barent Wolflnger, 

CaniMsr I.odwich, 

JohanneH Faase, 

Jaoiili Bhaad. 

Fraiit-rich Capp, 

Leonaril Gonraetl. 

Winilnttl Wynheymer, 

Jerich Mynhanl. 

Fred e rich Ernigh, 

Womeji and ChilUrti 

Eva Ehrish. 
Philip A Idrich, 
SiiHanna AUIrloh, 
Margaret Sweeren. 
ttertroni Frick. 
Maurice Roger, 
Margaret Christen, 
.lerick ChrlNtoii. 
Bva ChristoD. 
Saloiiiui Christ on, 

Margaret h Linennons, 
Pieter Aldrioh, 
Anna Potirhel, 
Lena Brown, 
Benedick Bart holoin lis, 
Anna Christonn, 
Magdalen Clirixton, 
H enrich Christ on. 
Catharine Christen, 
Maria ChriKtoo, 



Anna Saso, 
Anna Frank, 
Hans Conce, 
Cathrina Conoe, 
Maria Burbel, 
Elisabeth Lower, 
Maria Hoisteeyter, 
Susanna Fisar. 
Eva Snynhart, 
Barbara Swynhart, 
Barbara Mack, 
Maria Cave), 
Elizabeth Cram, 
Cathrina Lotsharing, 
Maria Copenhaver, 
Rosina Copenhaver, 
Maria Mincham, 
Christian Miller, 
Margaret Hottel, 
Curia Hottel, 
Hendrick Hottel, 
Dorothy Henbach, 
Margaret Meyer, 
Head rich H. Meyer, 
Elizabeth Ruytor, 
Anna Ruytor, 
Caspar Ruytor, 
Maria Beats, 
Magdalena Beats, 
Margaret Marts, 
Elizabeth Marts, 
Maria Hynegar, 
Margaret Gouf, 
Odel Woolfinger, 
Pieter Woolfinger, 
Elizabeth Kerkenor, 
Jacob Hack, 
Barbara Bower, 
Frederich Ernich, 

Catharine Suss, 
Catharine Conce, 
Eva Conce, 
Margaret Trickier, 
Elisabeth Lower, 
Efree Houk, 
Sophia Engelhardt, 
Magdalena Swynhart, 
Andreas Swynhart, 
Johnn Swynhart, 
Anna Mack, 
Bart)ara Cubal, 
Maria Lotsharing, 
Maria Lotsharing, 
Barbara Copenhaver, 
Catharina Copenhaver, 
Cathrina Eier, 
Michael Miller, 
Anna Hottel, 
Jerick Hotte), 
Johannes Hottel, 
Barbara Meyer, 
Susanna Meyer, 
Casparias Meyer, 
Martin Ruytor, 
Paul Ruytor, 
Barbel Ruytor, 
Adam Beats, 
Cathrina Beats, 
Dorothy Marts, 
Susan Beyeren, 
Michael Hynegar, 
Peter Gouf, 
Bastian Woolfinger, 
Johannas Woolfinger, 
Barbara Hack, 
Frederick Hack, 
Maria Ernich, 
Anna Ernich. 



liht ok fokkiunbrs luportkd ik thb huip jouhson, of 
London, David Ckocket, Master, from Rotterdam. 
(JriALiFiED Sept. 19, 1732. 

Han St^iinmanii, Laurent Hurtmau, 

John Harwich, 
Vallin Beei. 
Oonratl Behn, 
TlioiiiuH Mat em, 
Jucub Cruiz, 
Dunit;) Sfiliew, 
Buruliurl I'affpr, 
Andri^as Lohr. 
TobloH Hegelle, 
Priderieli RisB, 
Johan JttColi Uower. 
J oil an Jacob Kuntz, 
Joh. Conratir Beheinier, 
HaikH Martin BuUinger, 
Johan Michel Deeter, 
Johannes Butitian, 
Job. BaltliaearBott, 
Joh. Adam Werner, 
Joh. (ieorg Bolt/., 
Joh. Martin Baner, 
JolinnnoH Albreoht, 
Joliun Ailani Leberger, 
Jolian GhriBtoph Beyer, 
Lorentx Kuntz, 
ChnwtotT Englert, 
Leonard Weyer. 
Riidolpli Bonner, 
MicolaH Ewiok, 
Joh. Hi'nrich Banin. 
Anthorn Gilbert. 
Nicolas Weil. 
Fredrich MlUfr. 
Thomais Sandler, 
Job. Georg Steinmann, 
.fohan Georg Meller, 
Hans Henrich Jegner, 
Joli. Martin Schilling, 
MathiaH Brownwart. 
Pieter Dt;rber, 
Peter Seylor. 
Con rath Seller, 

PauUio Wegerlin, 
Henrioti Sien. 
Jacob Muller, 
AndreaH Ovurbaok, 
Jacob RouBe, 
Ivae Cuschuah, 
Conratli Bollen, 
Lorentz Weber, 
Clirintoph Rise, 
Adam Hiniler, 
Christ of Ehrenhart, 
Joh. Wilhelin KoUln, 
Joh. Martin Bulllager. 
Hani Phil. Zimmerman, 
PautuH Weinheimttr, 
Lorent/ Biiatlan, 
Joh- Phllipp Gorlch. 
Job. Valtln Umstadt, 
NIcolaM Evelandt, 
Johannex Ebermann, 
Johan Henrfch JiinK, 
Bart))oloineu8 Morth, 
Lenbart Mnmiiin, 
Ludwig Leeman, 
Henry Oswald, 
I^iimnt/ Bawder, 
Aodreas Hemler, 
Johan Ewlck, 
LuiIwIb Predle, 
Valentin Wield, 
Adam Huiuinel. 
Jolianni^H Dieter, 
Johan ned SofTrens, 
Hans Jacob Meller, 
John Michel Ixwhtner. 
Valentine Renner, 
Johannes Mos!<ini;rf>r, 
Henrich Ap|>el. 
Peter Galwle, 
Philip Sinit, 
Jacob Tray, 



Jobu Shullineyer, 
ThoinaH Cryle, 
Joh. Georg Sehm, 
JohanueB Schmitt, 
Job. H enrich Miller, 
Joh. Jacob Neihaltzer, 
Michael Sohulmeyer, 
oob. Hen. Messerschmidt, 
Haas Wiihelm Brant, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Joh. Peter Genther, 
Joh. Paulus Lederer, 
J oil. Adam Kreil, 

Johannes Frey, 
Frederieb Mayer, 
Johannes Kreuel, 
Joh. Frid. Baunigardtner, 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
Hans Georg Tray, 
Johannes Hannar, 
Martin Caplinger, 
Christian Shneyder, 
Joh. Leonhardt Herman, 
Johan Frantz Russ, 
Joh. Georg Gunipp, 
Joh. Georg Oberkagler. 

{The original list is herewith given.] 

Johan oes Steyman, 
Lawrence Hartman, 
Agnes SteymaD, 
Barbara Steytuan, 
Elizabeth Steyman, 
Pau'as Hai'wick, 
Nicollus Hnrwiok, 
Paul Wegerllne, 
Jacob Wegerline, 
Otella Wegerline, 
Jacob Miller, 
Johannes Georg Miller, 
Maria MiOer, 
Katharina Miller, 
Katharina Bayer, 
Henrick Saen, 
Anna Saen, 
Elizabeth Hartman, 
Katharina Behen, 
Jacob Miller. 
Johan Jacob Miller, 
Johannes Michal Lochtner, 
Johannes Yegener, 
Tomas Matern. 
A nna Matern, 
Snsanna Feghtem, 
Elizabeth Overbeck. 
Matalina Overbeck, 
4 -Vol. XVII. 

Johannes Yerrick Steyman, 
Elizabeth Steyman, 
Katharine Hartman, 
Katharina Steyman, 
Johannes Harwick, 
Jacob Harwick, 
Anna Maria Harwick, 
Oteliea Wegerline, 
Katharine "Wegerline, 
Anna Clara Wegerline, 
Margaretta MiJJer, 
Elizabeth Miller, 
Anna Miller, 
Valentine Bayer, 
A nna Baver, 
Katharina Saen, 
Maria Hartman. 
Coneradt Behen, 
Maria Christiana Behen. 
Charlotta Miller, 
Barbara Miller. 
Maria Lochtner, 
Katharina Yegener, 
Marge ret a Matern, 
Elizabeth Matern, 
Andreas Overbeck, 
Joliannes Overbeck, 
Philips Overbeck, 



Jacob Cniiz. 
.Jtwol> KoLl^f, 
Val«iiliiie Rt-iiitt-r. 
Kaiharitiu Keiiiiur, 
Uui-ia IScliwe, 
Murgeretta Bdiwe, 
iHau Oualnia. 
Eli/^bctli MiKHiiiKiir, 
Pauiu UiiwinKt^i'. 
Jacob HisHinfit^i'. 
Juliana Pitfer. 
Uurgcrettu Pltter. 
Mathias Browii Wart. 
Anna Hruwn Waart. 
Uurgfri-lta Hower, 
Clii'lHtophui; Eriiliardt, 
UaHa Kriihanlt. 
Eli/ut>eth BowlonB, 

Joliaiirii's J^wer, 
Eli/altfl.l) Lower, 
UBrilriult Webtrn, 
ToliirtM lioglf. 
Eli/abptli HokU', 
Anna Hogl*-. 
Maria Kontx. 
BarlMira Konte, . 
Mm'ia Katharine KiiM, 
Martin Riff. 
Margfi'ilta UiKe, 
Mart^erltta Kellif. 
Anilreaa Hcnibler, 
CiinraiU Schyiner. 
Kiimbi-th Bulintter, 
Eli«ilit^tl) Biiliuger. 
Bar).arH Tlnnnerinan. 
Maria 'riinniornian, 
Eli/abt^th 1)ee<lei'. 
C'Htliarlna Dteilfr, 
fliiHaiia Deetier, 
JithaiineH Kwick, 
Adam Ewirk, 
Unlberina Wynhainer, 
H<>url<'.k Wynhauier, 
Johaiini!'' Bastiaii, 

Clara Rouho. 
Margerela Reiuicr, 
Uaniiile Schwe, 
Lnilawlck Sell we. 
Jolianni^D Schell. 
JohaniieM Miiwinger, 
Uichalu MittHingtr, 
Uarla Mlselnaer. 
Bernharil Pitfer. 
Karbara Pitfer. 
Anna CockabeliTin, 
Julian Brown Waart, 
Jacol> Rower. 
Joliannt^H Rower. 
Katliarina ErnhiLrilt. 
»'onra<U Bowlong. 
Anna Bowlong. 
CtiriHtlanna Lower, 
Johannes Herman Lower, 
Lawrence Weberu. 
Henrick Weliern, 
Ai>olonia Hoijle, 
A<]ain HoKle. 
Jacob KoniM. 
Joliaiinea KontH, 
CliriHtopber Ritie, 
Friderick RIhc, 
Elizabeth KlHe. 
William Kellie. 
Adam Heniler. 
Barbara Heiiibler. 
Maria Schynier, 
Martin Bnlinser, 
Martin lIulinK^r, 
Plillip Tim 


II Til 

Micliaele Deeiler. 
.lolianneM Deeder, 
NicolaH Ewick. 
HansJurey Ewick, 
Pftiil Wvnhammcr. 
Philip Wynhanier. 
Jacoli Wynhanier. 
Maria Bai>tian, 
Uatilina Baxtian. 



Lawrence BctHtian, 
Johannes Bastian, Jan., 
Anna Bastian, 
Elizabeth Bastian, 
Julian ShoUing, 
Anna Maria Friddile, 
Maria Friddell, 
Anthony (Gilbert , 
Ursilla Bott, 
Philip Yerich, 
Anna Millia Frankin, 
Valentine Vield, 
Nicolhi8 Vield, 
Mart^t Vield, 
Frederick Miller, 
Adam Humele, 
Marge ret ta Bonder, 
Hans Adam Verner, 
Katharina Vernet", 
Valentine Umniadt, 
Johannes Suf ranee, 
Conrad t Stock, 
Lawrence Konce, 
Gerdrudt Konce, 
Maria Konce, 
Eva Luman, 
Joh. Yirich Paulse, 
Nicolas Evelandt, 
Margeretta Mosen, 
Jacob Evelandt, 
Martin Bower. 
Helena Bower, 
Johannes Everman, 
Maria Everman, 
Anna Albright. 
Barbara Albright, 
Jacob Albright, 
Henrick Young, 
Anna Young, 
Matelina Sadler, 
Alex. Sadler, 
Hen rich Sadler, 
Katharina Sadler, 
Barl>ara Lochbergher. 
Maria Englandt, 
Anna Bayer, 

Hermane Bastian, 
Elizabeth Bastian, 
Henry Bowman, 
Lodawick Fridele, 
Jacob Friddile, 
Maria Francisios Friddile, 
Johan Balser Bott, 
Henrick Bott, 
Margeretta Yerich. 
Luisa Francisco Knapping, 
Elizabeth Vield, 
Paula Vield, 
Elizabeth Vield, 
Chrystian Snyder, 
Tomas Souder, 
Margeretta Souder, 
Katharina Verner, 
Adam Verner, 
Jacob Umstadt, 
Maria Sufrance, 
Bartholomy Moorhead, 
Maria Konce, 
Margt. Konce, 
Loilawick Luman, 
Maria Lughman, 
Katharina Paulse, 
Regina Eyelandt, 
Martine Evelandt, 
Maria Evelandt, 
Susanna Bower, 
Johannes Everman, 
Elizabetha Everman, 
Johannes Albright, 
Matelina Albright, 
Christiana Albright, 
Lodawick Albright, 
Elizabeth Young, 
Johan Y'^oung, 
Conrad Sadler, 
Maria Loobacker, 
Catharina Sadler, 
Johannes Sadler, 
Adam Lochbergher, 
Christopher Englandt, 
Christopher Bayer, 
Leonard Momma, 



Juliun Mmiiiiia, 

Uavi.1 Hoiniiia. 

Jiilimi Uo mil 111, 

Hmiry OswaMt. 

Marg;'. Waycr, 

Eli/.''. Waynr, 

l.awroiice BuwiIbf, 

Henry Aplu, 

Henrick Millur. 

Elizabeth Mlllur. 

Engelo Dorber, 

Maleliiiti Huyler, 

Hateliria Svyler, 

I'eter CialMtle. 

Phllii) Huiitli, 

Juiuib Nuythel/«r, 

Maria BuHanna Nythalxer, 

Uonraiit Heyver, 

Eli/iibeth Seyvur, 

Coiiru^lt Buyver, 

BiiHaiina Tray. 

Joliau ttluilliiiyfr. 

Mluhttle Hbullmyer, 

Mariferet ta Tray. 

Julitiiiitfti Haiintir, 

Eli/abetb HdiirickUeHuerxinitt, 

ToiiiiiH Cryle, , 

Clirixtian Sueydar, 

Jobati I.conil Henuer, 

Joliaii FraiiH Rornw, 

Frti'irioh Meyer. 

HimH Jorifc Bam 111. 

Tli(»iiaH('ryillt<, Hen., 

Anthony Moiiinia, 
Clirintiati Homiiia, 
Katharina Uomiiia, 
J.eonardt Wayer. 
Auiia Wayer, 
Juliaaner) Stnttli, 
Kiiiloliih Bonner. 
Frederick Baunigartliitir, 
niarg'. Miller, 
Peter Derber, 
Peter Beyler, 
Mlchalti Seyler, 
Valentine Beyler 
Martha Beyler, 
Maria Qabele, 
Joiiuii Peter Smith. 
Slvile Nythelier, 
Harg' Nythalzer. 
Matelinq Seyver, 
LawrenoH Seyver, 
Httn8 Yerlok Tray, 
Jacob Tray. 
Katiiarina BhuUmyer. 
Joliaane8 Tray, 
Johan Conradt Tray, 
Jolian Henriok MeSHerxmitt, 
Mai-tlD Oaplinger, 
Hans Wilheiin Brant, 
Uonradt Bneyder, 
Peter Kynter. 
Paulue Leyderer, 
Hans Joreg (J-ump, 
Johan Adam Cryle, 
Johan Jnrig OvercoKlnr. 

List oKPoRRi«NKRfl Importkd in thk Bhip Pibk Plais- 


KiKR 8kpt. si, iTaa. 

(feorB Bftft, Joh. Cliiie. 

Melcher Feler, HaHtian Rudi, 

(Ihrictian Huher, Samuel Majer, 

Marlin Mayer, Jacob Schfr". 


PaulDH Hert£el, 
Felix Fidsler, 
Ifalheit MuUer, 
Job »ii lies Muller, 
Daoiel HtaufTer, 
Hams (ieorg Wagner, " 
CbrUtiau Bcsicker, 
Johaii JacM^b Kocli. 
Johan Frajitz Fuchs, 
Halthias Kramer, 
Ulrich ZimmeriiiaD, 
Andreas Pfluckiii^^er, 
Joh. Wilheliu Straiip, 
Joh. Philip Kletner, 
Baltlianar Schotiberijer, 
Jolian Pulker, 
J&cob Kutx, 
Cbriwian Sirom, 
Peii"r Bicker, 
Ulrich StaJley. 
Hkiih Danler, 
Jncoli 8wi»>er, 

SicklauH Peni, 

Jftcoti Staudftr, 

Hani! Geitell, 

PUlip Ott, 

H nil Ft Iit'Chtenl, 

lifiirifh Hfrlzell. 

NicolauH Cam, 

H«nrich Harstlich, 

Andreas Cramer, 

Johan Wolff Berlett, 

Hans Hubei-, 
Rnilolph Reiflhert, 
■lohaa Philip Muller, 
Conrath BrharfT, 


Oeorg Pyter Knecht, 
ChrlHtian Mart in, 
Johannes HiitHiner, 
Hans Jacob Keyser, 
Nicol Zi miner man, 
Baniel Harnlach, 
ChriHioff Allirooht Laujif, 
tieorg Barnliarr Mahr, 
Joh. Adain Ziiu merman, 
Tobiftft Pechtluf. 
Carl Wagner, j-_ 
Stephen Iiong, 
RadoItT Christen, 
Hans Btompty, 
Pftuliit^ Keywr, 
Jacob Blixim, 
FrantK Btiulel, 
AniireaH Wolff, 
Johaii LandiH, 
Elias WagiiBr, i-'^~ 
Ulrich Reeser, 
Hana Alhrecht Bucher, 
HatiH M^I<-hi,>r Wi-r(Tei, 
HanH IJIrieh Wagner, (_ ^ 
Hans Leonhart HertzeU, 
Hiehael Scharer. 

[The original list u herewith given.] 
Names. Ages. 

John Pilip Muller, 88 

Johanes Muller, 88 

JnriftBast, 46 

Johanis Cline, 44 

CoDfad Shirff, 84 

Daniel Stiffer, 21 

BaeBton Rudey, 24 

Christ" Huffer, 34 

Ifelker Feeler, .,.-...,. 48 

Hans Zimberman 30 


Namex. Age. 

Sain' Myptir, fW 

Mftrtiii My.'tth, 87 

Jiiii..l> Hi'h^re 95 

PaiilliiH lliirtKliKlt. 00 

l^\ir\\; Wiifiiier, BO 

HiiUM HiilH-r. M 

.lurid IVter Kiilglil, 81 

ChrlNt" Murtiii 63 

•liinult HoHHHkt^r, ... .... 46 

F.-lix FiMl^r 50 

Kiiiioir Uicrhunl, 46 

MiiHilii«Miill»r. afl 

Jiiiiii Jiutoh Kook, S9 

JiihiiiiH Hiiiiitiiiiir, . 93 

Joluvnix Friiiis Fox, . . 'i'i 

Tolijtui I'fkliiff, .43 

JohtiulH FiilkiT, 58 

^ Curl Wtiitoniir 33 ' 

BollNtir Buli<>iiliarK«r, 42 

Jaciili KooiK. S8 

8te|M»u LoiiK. 47 

OhriHtiiiii Htroti SU 

Kiuloliih Chrtdtoii, 4.1 

IVt«r Hik.'r, 83 

HiinB Bt^uiphloy. 47 

I'lrii'li St^llfv, S3 

Hhiik LolKht, ,60 

Hhus Jafoli KHVwr, .84 

PikiihiH KHvwMr, . . . . 2T 

WIlv Hiuilfi-, 38 

Uttiis VnxnU'T 35 

Mml.iiu* rmmer, 40 

Ni«kli>K Ziiiil>Hriiiun. 50 

Ulri..liKiml>eriuiiu. 27 

8»tii' HariiiN. 28 

Aii.lrls Fli"'k!iiK*T, 
.Iwoh BwiBBt-r, . . . 
<'hriH All>rit lioiig, . 
Johu W"'. 8toi>P, . , 
JiiriK IliiiihKrtmtiti, 

Niolos Ixh 

Frans Stailei, 


Namns. Age. 

Philip Eisner 88 

Adam Zimbennan, . 28 

UlriKh' Hoiielier 45 

Henrick HiirtsliKh, 50 

NicholiB Peni 2S 

AmirlaWooK, 86 

Nipholas Cnrn, 8ti 

Haiw Melker Werfle, 80 

Jacob Stofar, 20 

Joliaiiih Lftmlisi, 

Hjiii^ K(-S9h1 17 

i-'llillriB Waginar, 80 

Heiidrix Hartslifch, 40 

HendrU Hartsligh, Jun., !7 

John Jacob Felker, 17 

Irfjnanl Hartsell S4 

Urigg Harteeil, 18 

ylSAiwi Waginar 19 

Fillip Utt 40 

A ndriM Cramer, . 20 

Hans Wool! Barlet, 25 

Women's Namex. 

Anna Eve Conacten. 34 

Catarrina Hartsell, •)] 

Magdileii Ciarnin, 45 

Aaoa Fellar. 50 

Eiza b«Bh 75 

ShIoihi- Zimarman, 84 

Barharny Bogareii 85 

HusUr Rlgari], 43 

Biia Pectlof, ^ 

Anna Barlit, ... 34 

Mtiri Muriin Wagner, QO 

Annie UiOwtwine, 80 

Barbr HaHsell 50 

Anna.Boidn Clin, 40 

Anna Margrit Man, . ...... 87 

Snean Eiser, 89 

Eatrin Man, ... 87 

Maria CrlHSt, 36 

Maria Collar, 10 

Anna Dority Woolf, . . 30 

Grany Augmon, .... 3o 

Anna Suck, -32 


Names. Ag«. 

AnnaHtapan, 18 

Aiiiiu Maree Bowt, 44 

Kathariiia Koott), 68 

Anna Maree Bliunburg, 87 

Anna MarKretU Fox, . , ... 88 

ApliiDHy SImpen, 69 

Catarin Litfht 50 

Sharlot Stfc<iel, . . I »8 

CliriMtan Muller. . 85 

Ann Mare Mnler, 86 

BUM Knckren . 80 

Barvil Fidler. 40 

Granlti Uiear, 80 

Orsfll Wanner. .; : 48 

Madt^l«n Bear, '. . 20 

Frena fear 18 

Frena Bulgren 38 

Bliz Craniir 68 

Anna Mire Miar 83 

Baeba Stephen. 20 

Catarin Bcrivem, ... .30 

Maria Catrin Swiaar, 50 

Matlina Stamplin, 43 

ChriMtan BrJcker. 38 

Anna Harnla 80 

Hestar Brollar 57 

OITs-1 I*ng. 43 

Klls Marly, 60 

Anna Cratsar, 30 

Barbil Kiiiiarman. 37 

AnnaStftUey 37 

Anna Mare BJaitacor 80 

Eli/.Ziniflrnian 30 

Eliza Be7.engre«n, .34 

MatelJn Bliarin .^. 30 

(ieravin Martin, . . ■ 16 

Annal.iKht. 13 

Barhary Hiirarin, 18 

(ilraney Hufar 30 

Mart-y (irist- 80 

Criutan Hartsel, 87 

Eli/. Burn 18 

Maria OriHst, ' 18 

Maria Uiitllven RiCMrten 17 

Orrla Fi'Hlarln, . . 30 

MagtiMlIn Thpr*'n 38 



HanH Zimberman, 
Bastian Zimberinan, 
Jacob Man, 
Jacob H 11 bar, 
Jacob Miar, 
Christen Miar, 
HanH Peter Steley, 
John Man veil Bra! lion, 
Ba8tian Roots, 
Konyard Richarts, 
Jacob Foglear, 
Hans Urii^ Mulir, 
Jacob Bizanor, 
Mat bias Cline, 
Maria Zimberinan, 
"Magrett Wagenor, 
Anna Barba Brickrer, 
Anna Barbra St el in, 
Franck Martin, 
Jacob Benia Hatslin, 
Margaret Karn, 
Eliz. Hezelarin, 
Michael Share. 


Christian Zimberman, 
Johanas Bast, 
Hans Martin Hubar, 
Jacob Burn, 
Martin Miar, 
Hans Pickleather, 
Martin Marta, 
Kangiir Pact oil, 
Andaris Steedet, 
Urik Will" Karn, 
Christopher Muler, 
Filip Mulir, 
John Barnats Strop, 
Hendriok Cline, 
Magritt Kisaron, 
Anna Miar, 
Elz Brickerin, 
Maria Zimberman, 
Soffia Catarina Picktlen, 
Margrit Bugerin, 
Margaret Kerharten. 
Ulrich Reyser, 

List of Foreigners Importkd in thk Ship Adventurer, 
Robert Carson, Master, prom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 23 1732. 

Michael Brandt, 
Johannes Artz, 
Balthas Stuber, 
Andreas Horn, 
Hieronymus Giant z, 
Michael Moser, 
Georg Unruh, 
Michel Potts, 
John Wingleplech, 
Malteis Riegel, 
Michael Koogh, 
Andreas Wise, 
Conrad Clewer, 
Tobias Moser, 

Michael Gross, 
Georg Moser, 
Andreas Kilian, 
David Holtzeder, 
David Fischer, 
Simon Meyer, 
Con rath Lang, 
Johannes Schott, 
H enrich Steger, 
H enrich Lips, 
Simon Gillinger, 
Georg Riegel, 
Nicolaus Bartle, 
Andreas Schaiip, 



L(]<>iiliard MiMK>r, 
Primiricli Tt'iidflBiJUch, 
HiLiiH Uartin RimKer, 
Hans ficoiiart Uuiii, 
BalWar Hortner. 
JolinTin*'N H«l>erliini, 
I>antt>l Koliner, 
Hans Ulrlch Ht>y. 
JoliaiinoH Hecker, 
Jeati Le Gene, 
KlcholoH Bogenlt, 
Hans (itmTff Lehiier, 
HaiiH Mloliael HakKi 
Hanit Veter Stoyger, 

MathiuN Waltlor, 
Juhaii (Jforjt Prauner, 
HauH (ieoru Able, 
Hans PaulUK ZautsinKt^r 
IjoruiiU Zwirner. 
Hant IjeoiiUanl Nydj-, 
HaiiH Jacob Uaiidbr, 
MatttieoH Warner, /-■■ 
Bpmhart BltttrtlK. 
Paul Le Cene. 
ValliKntln Boheib, 
JohanncK Orawiiis, 
Hann Meloht-r Steelier, 
Heorg Michael Maok, 
LtMinard Aarn. 

[Thf original ti$t it herewith fiivr.n.\ 
Names. Ages. 

Mlchell Millier 30 

Micliull Brand, . 23 

Mioli'«roM, 38 

Georgf Hriner, 31) 

Priderink Tpnrtell/ek, 30 

Hana JeriK Able, 35 

Martine Ronger, 3fl 

Paul BonftlinKer, 20 

Tavid OlUeller 4fl 

Jii°. ArtH, 85 

(isoTf^f. Moser, 4H 

Balkar Hteever, 38 

AiidreuHH Killiaeii, 30 

Jcriiny Glance, 30 

AndreiiKH Home 33 

Matt Wallder. ■iTi 

])avicl Feaslwr, 40 

Mich MosBher, 88 

Biin Mielre 40 

Lawri^iice Swlner 45 

Yerapk Onr ;» 

Ciniratt ].i>iik, 38 

Midi PotB 40 

Pantey Porterner 84 

HaiiB Liniianl Niiiy, 38 

Joo. HftbliDg. 93 


Names. Ayt. 

Jno. Shoule 48 

Juo. Wincleplank, 36 

Jendrick Steiger, r»^ 

Mathias Richall 23 

Jacob Canter 38 

Hendrich Lifts, 25 

Dan* Collmore, 25 

Matt Wagner, 23 

Oellrigt Hour, 26 

Bernaerd Shirtle, 23 

Mich' Kogh, 23 

Sim Gillanger, 20 

Jn". Baker 23 

Paule Lissen, 44 

Jn^ Lissen, 46 

Andrews Wise, 22 

George Regalle '^4 

Pellting Shyp, 23 

Nick. Bocker, ... 23 

Jno. Cfrairfeus, 39 

Conrod Clever 28 

Nick. Bortle, 24 

Tobias Mosner, 30 

Andreas Schanp, 

Leouart Moser, 

Paulus Moser, 

Hans Jorig Luhtner, — 

Hans Melcher Stecher, 

Hans Michal Haagh, ~ 

Oeorge Michal Meek, 

Hans Pieter Styger, 

Leonard Aain, 

Names of Women. 

Even Miller, 30 

Anna Margrett Branden, 28 

Ossell Trumpin 40 

Marrea Medl Glance, 30 

Hannah Corabin, do 30 

Marrea Kinn, do 23 

Marrea Barber, do 30 

Marrea Margretet, 35 

Appalona OUseller, v ... 45 

Margeratt Walton, 25 


Namm. ^8*- 

Margeratt Ollseller. W 

EvHii MoHiwr, ** 

Even liArl>er MoBser M 

('hriHtlnii MuHHur, 24 

Mattluna Mower, . 38 

Kv.-iL I'hri^tiun Btlgeii 23 

Marrea Barh Stiver 80 

Bvfi Crijwuer Stiver, 48 

Antia Uarrea FlHsher, M 

SuMiiiali Harbttr UoBaer, *0 

Even Meil *lf », ii<i 03 

Harrf^a ].HK«iter, do 33 

Marrm Mlr«ue, <lo ... 88 

Haiiah 8tiK»r, 46 

Owlle Btitier 57 

MarKrct PottH 33 

HarKi^t Orone, 35 

Haiiuah Holile Lung 36 

Hannah UiinilUf 36 

A(>iH>lona AITerliiH- Wl 

AllzabeatI) Wliikleplankin, 36 

Mattelniia Colemerrine, 86 

Uelly Hannah ijipyslittt, 24 

Marn-iw RiKlino 23 

KaUereiia fihoiilfii 3.". 

Martft-rall^ Olever, 44 

Katterreun Kantereii, 38 

Mttrreleiw I'orterren, 37 

UarKrealn Nyi en , 85 

Katti-rrenaPnii terflii, S."> 

Liiina Liiweii 3» 

Siixannah Orttnine 8ft 

Cr^dlnldHH Bennfch 58 

QirW Names. 

M*irrel<?»« Henneith, 7 

Johanna JjiitfH LisniuH, 3 

Marina Kalleriiif IJKxine. 8 

Jolianf Maria l.iHt<hit> 11 

Marr«a Marline Kanten. 4 

HannaM«laI'ortHrr..ii 9 

Hanna Slirw 8hoiil.-ii 6 

Katttrri-naHhonlfn 4 

CcpillflfKK Winkleplanken 13 


Names. Age. 

Hanna Boble Winkleplanken ♦. 7 

Margerate PottBwn, , . o 

Margerate Stigeren, — 

Appalona Mirenen, 11 

Kattereua Fisher, \<^ 

Uandle88 Fisher, 11 

Hannainela Cripeizer, •. 14 

Hahna Margrett Cripsizer, 12 

Hannah Boble Cripsizer, 10 

Even Boble Cripsizer, 8 

Hanna Marg^'^tt Mosser, 12 

Anna Marea Mosser, 10 

Anna Margreatte Mosser, 8 

AUena Marger Ollseller, 11 

Marrea Boble, 9 

Anna Margreate Glance, 9 

Susanna Ossell Trumpt, 12 

Anna Barberer Trumpt, 8 

Boj/s' Names. 

Han ce Adam Trumpt, 10 

Hanoe Micalle Glance, 4 

Hance Peter Ollseller, 13 

Basion Mosser, 6 

Simon Mosser, 11 

Hans Jerick Mosser, H 

Hance Jerick Miere, 9 

Hance Lennord Miere, 

Jerick Adam Stiger, \) 

Hance Micall Potes, 11 

Hance Pelter Haverlene, 8 

Passion Shoule, 9 

Hance Felter Winkleplanken, 10 

Larrance Lessen 

Jn«>. Jacob Cahter, 13 

Jno. Jerack Cahter, y 

Jacob Porttemer, 10 

Simon Bennites, 13 

Johanas Artes, '> 


l)K liOri'DO.N. ROItKRT TrHPIN. Mastkh, kuom Kottkrdam. 
liirAl,lKIKl> HkIT. 35, 1788. 

AiKlreuN Uiuir, 
MalthttH BivurstHyii, 
PeltT Kreitur, ■ 
Jucoh Miller, 
John Aiitfrlmch, 
Uichiit^l Pent/., 
Joh. Christian Shnlt^ 
Jolian Mii'lme] Blifrt, 
Jolinnn Janol) Abel, 
Hnii.'H Philip 8|>iti>Hail^r 
Hiiiih Bnri;hurt, 
Frl.1erj[-h Kiihllur. 
HiLiiK UeoTK IVIiiiun, 
JoliAiin f'arl Reyer, 
Jacob I.iBhire, 
Conrnil Fey, 
Letinhurt Hi-gell, 
He.irich Acker, 
Hiinx Kitnt/., 
GroiiomuH Miller, 
Petwr Siiuiit^r, 
Martin Hellniaii, 
Johnu (it'o. Friilerlcli, 
Joliaiiii Veit. Jnr({fr. 
Jacob Buhlniayer, 
(Tf<)rg Peter SchulteK. 
Job. Georgi> Na<l<leriiiai 
Job. PHcilrieh H-^sser. 
Marih<!M Hchinlilt, 
Jacob Hikanxaler, 
Mi<-hikel Emuiert, 
rtco. Mich. Rev, 
Johannes V<)Kei, 
Jonas Wolf, 
Miin-ns JnnK, 
Joliiin Hecker, 
JolniUen, Fnrkill. 
Hunf CxeoFK Kaiih, 
Oeort; Mitller. 
Prie<liich SchalTer, 
Hasiier Kramer, 

Jacob Hteli, 
RiKlolph Hrown. 
Johamieis Krflter. 
Henricli Uobell, 
Peter Rauoh, 
Jacob Kiintn-1, 
Joliaiin Adati) Oaar, 
Johann Adam Abel, 
Johan <ieorg Hchinldt, 
HaiiK Peter Kcliafcr, 
Hniiri (JeorK Noll. 
HaiiH (ieorjf Wagner, ,-.--' 
John Michael Royer, 
FHdrieh Ehley, 
Liiilwi); Happel, 
I'liillp Raiip, 
Kornanl Walter, 
Wllhflin Berne, 

Paiiliis Muller. 
Han^ Weldtli, 
tSauniel OrifTe, 
Jolian (ieorg HonniK, 
(ieo. Michai'l 8chnii<lt, 
Job. Mliihiu'l HofTacker, 
Juliann Peter Kiicher, 
HansJacoli 8taml>ach, 
Job. Fried BiirKliart, 
Hen rich Pa)»<t, 
(.'hristian Reep, 
Phil. Rnist Kriiber. 
HunsdFeori; Abli>, 
Jolmniies Bent/, 
Leidiart Lot/. 
Henricli Iieiliaclier, 
Johannes Kintnai^l. 
Johan Slillinaji, 
<:bristian Oiini, 
Johainies Keep, 
(■onrad Waltber, 
Joh. C+eo. F. Eniniert, 



Job. Martin Reier, 
Matthaus Schultz, 
Hans (ieorg Riser, 
Philip Jacob Acker, 
Hans Mich* Cri^er, 
Hans David Lentz, 
Job. Georg HofTman, 
Maftin Weybrecbt, 
Georg Christopb Lay, 
Hans A ntoni Gasser. 
Joban Nicklas Ramer, 
Hans Martin Bau, 
Johanes Scbmeltzer, 
Hans Martin Weybrecbt. 

Hans David Elv, 
Pbilip Liidwig Gufi, 
Georg Adam Riser, 
Jobann Georg Ruck, 
Hans Georg Kuntz, 
Job. Pbibp Saiiter, 
Joban nes Heihnan. 
Job. Geo. Oberniiiller, 
Andreas Cocbenderflf, 
Hans Henricb Eckler, 
Jobannes Zusser, 
Hans Georg Tran, 
Jobannes Rebnian, 
Hans Georg Birstler. 

[The original list is herewith giveii,] 

Names. Ages. 

Andreas Gbars, 47 

Adam Cbar, 20 

Jn** Micbell Emort, 39 

Jacob Stealy 25 

Jobn Adam Able, 44 

Hans Jacob Able 16 

Mattbew Barstayn 30 

Roland Brown 30 

Matbias Smitb, 40 

Hendrick Papts, 35 

Jobn Jurigb Smitb 21 

Jobn Jurigb Brotbell 32 

Pbillip Spincbire 45 

Jacob Spincbire, 48 

Peater Scbeaver, 24 

Christian Reap, 24 

Piter Kitter 45 

Jacobb Miller, 52 

Hendrick Gaabell, 65 

Jobnas Oterpack, 27 

,Jurgb Burgbart, 56 

Jobn Jurgb Noll, 36 

Petter Roucb, 35 

Fredrick Killer, 30 

Jobn Jurge Waganer 52 ^ 

Mickell Pentes 27 

Jobn Jacob Rinpell, 36 

Jobn Jurgb Pelman, 40 


Jfamet. Age- 
John Uiokell Rayui-. 45 

HantBCarll Reaver . 23 

HuiitH Martin Rayer 16 

Christien Ely, 49 

Hants David Blly 20 

Jaoob LiHhire 87 

Jacob LlHhi re '80 

Ladwick Happell 36 

Mathews Shitz 84 

Coneard Pity. 53 

Phill|> Lendea Oeavy, 86 

Hans Jurge Heuer, M 

Jurifh Adam Reuer, 38 

Phillip Roui», ni 

Miehell Roup, 83 

Lenord Keglll. 48 

Barnard Walter 5« 

Conrad Millear 17 

Hendrick Aoker 8S 

Phillip Jacob Acker, 86 

John JiirKli Rick . 88 

HantH Mlckeil Ktasin, 31 

Jurigh Kilter, 37 

W" Bearne 88 

Jurgli HanUt Kunts, . 55 

Hants Jnrgii Kunte 19 

John David I.ince 80 

Ravlin Miller 58 

CronoinuB Miller 38 

Hants Wattlee, 50 

Petter Sowder, 48 

Hant8 Phllipp Bowder , 17 

Sanmell Oriffe 45 

Johaneti Jerig Houfman. . 45 

Martien Heylinan 28 

Juhaniiex Huyliiian 16 

Martin Waybrlck. 43 

Jnrlgh Harknian 88 

Hants Jurig Oi)rerailHr ... 84 

Ohristopher Lay 87 

Johan Jurig Predrik 30 

Hants Jiirigh Honick 20 

John Heyl Juriglier 48 

And rpaB Shank ' 83 

Mickell Smith 25 


Names. Age. 

Jacob Billmayer, 18 

Mickell Emert, 42 

Phillip Gripper 29 

John Miokell Houpacker, 32 

Petter Shulter 20 

Petter Cooker, 20 

Jurigh Mick*' Rey 22 

John Cristian Shults, V. D. M 30 

John Jurgb Hotreman 32 

Jacob Stambagh, 28 

John Fridrick Hayster, 25 

Hants Jurgh Able, •. 63 

Jacob Krech, 22 

John Fradrick Burghart, 30 

Johanes Vogall, 32 

Johannes Pens, 23 

Hants Andreas Cochenderfer, 

Hants Adam Gasser, 32 

Johan Hendrick Eckler 21 

Jonas Wolf 40 

Lenard Lofts, 25 

MarcousJong 23 

Mathew Jong, 21 

Hendrick Laybagger, 46 

Johan Nicolas Reymer 30 

Joseph Baker, 2S 

Baltser Conkell 20 

Valentayn Rocpert, '28 

Jn» Jurgh Turkill 28 

Hants Bintneagle, 31 

Hants Jurgh Roup, 27 

Hans Shooman, 32 

Johanes Ester, 25 

Hans Martan Ruer, 30 

Jurigh Miller, 23 

Hants Jurgh Strian, 21 

Johannes Smeltrer, 26 

Johannes Repman 10 

Johann Michell Albert, 20 

Christian Rym 32 

Fredrick Sheaver, 10 

Hans Martin Waybright, . . 17 

Johannes Reep, — 

Casper Creamer — 

5-Voi*. XVII. 




Conraad Walter 

John Jorig Fretlrich Emorl, 

Jacob Rats 

List of Foiirioxers Imported in thk Ship Mart, of Lom- 
UON, John Grav, Mabtkh, from Kottbruam. Qualipibd 
Bkpt. 38. 1733. 

NioolaH 8 taller, 
Con rath Milli^r, 
CUHstlnn Klini;, 
Nioolaa St em pie, 
Christoph KiHer, 
Cornelius Teele, 
Albrecht Strauss, 
Casper Mi ere, 
fj-eorg 8e,h ussier, 
aeorg Phillip Pier, 
Conrad Abennan, 
HanH Michel Waick, 
Btephea Ken nam er. 
Henry Oheesler. 
Joh, F. Ranschenberger, 
Christian Minler, 
Jacob Walder, 
Simon Muller, 
Albrecht Hass. 
Georg Kling. 
Miohael Dorr, 
Martin Brnst, 
Hans rjeoTg Froschaiier, 
Hans Jacob Eb«rman. 
Hans Adam Miller, 
Hans Henrioh Teny, 
Jean Louis Avier, 
Hans (ieorg Emhrlght, 
rteorg Felte Pick el, 
Johannes SchalTner, 
Christopher Pickel, 

Jacob Reitlershan, 
Dewald Kase, 
Jacob Stempel, 
Jacob Haul). 
Reiiiholt V.t\n, 
Daniel Billiger, 
Andreas Moser, 
Jacob Wurth, 
Hen rich Chefler, 
Joh. Jacob DreibelbleiB, 
Hans OeorgEbenno. 
Hans Jacob Wurth, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Hans Jacob Cheesler, 
Jacob Marcus Imler, 
Jacob Walter, 
Herman Sin, 
Winnale Cattler, 
Tftrl Lisa, 
Johannes Werth, 
Pierre Fleury, 
NicolauB KInt, 
Michael Eberman, 
J oil an n Landermtlcb, 
Hans (ieorg Minier, 
Hans Adam Rol>ertB, 
Johaua Heorg Kohl, 
Hans Peter Verloy, 
HauK Michel Mentz, 


[The oriffinal list is herewith ffiven.] 
Names. Ages, 

Nicola« Taller, 45 

Hanco Froshorn 82 

Michal Abreinan, 56 

Jacob Abreinan, 19 

Arnold Treetershan, 42 

Conerat Miller 40 

Fable Kees 20 

rhristen Clinger, 26 

Jacob Stemple 40 

Nicolas Stemple, 70 

Johan Loudmilch, 28 

Hannad Miller, 23 

Jacob Hoak, 25 

Christopher Kozer, 36 

Cornehis Teele, 25 

Jerick Philip Pear 27 

Daniel Pelijj^er, 30 

Albright Strows, 20 

Jacob Triolpare, 22 

Conrade Abraman, 23 

Anders MoHer , 24 

Casper Maire, 20 

Hance Jerick Ebener 34 

Hance Halwalop, 25 

Hance Jacob Wartt, 56 

Hance Jacob Wartt, 17 

HatTa Kenaina, 00 

Jacob KenaTna, 16 

Johanes Mozer, 23 

Henery Chissler 52 

Hance Jacob C^hissler, 22 

Jerick Chissler, 18 

Henery Chissler 16 

John Frederick Roasenburg, 19 

Jacob Walter, 48 

Jacob Walter, 19 

Herman Sin, 25 

Simon Miller, . . ; 25 

Wennell Kettle. 43 

Rhineholt Ysel, 32 

Albright Hawse 33 

Erreck Mens Emier 27 

Carle Lissey, ....... 20 

Michal Mans, 88 



Ifatnes. Age. 

Hance Brick CMng. 1« 

Jacob HatHiian 40 

Johaaineii Went. B7 

Mlchal DttviM ^. . . 87 

Hance Jerioke Deave 16 

CliriHtan Mincer, S9 

Maiicc Jerok Mincer, 2I( 

Henrlck Tersey 10 

Hanct) AOam Rohertx tH 

Juliu L«w DellvaHuiiK 18 

Pecu FlewteH, 88 

Lcoutiart Bable, 40 

Hance Jareck Cole, 2(1 

Hance Martin ErreDHt SU 

Hauce Jergenbright, 4.1 

Juhanea Hoover, 57 

Haiico Peter Verly 87 

Hance BrHck Sinitl 44 

Cuneith Ever, 30 

Jerriokti FeMer Pickle, 82 

Jeneck Hennick Right. 17 

NicolftH Rente, 58 

BaWoe Click S3 

CliriBtopiier Pickle, 48 

Johan Phiiop Plckie, lU 


VK, Mastrr, from Rottkrdam. Qualifird Brpt. 

Petpr Mat em. 
Cliriot. HoRiiimiii. 
Hans Laabonr, 
Leo nil aril Blowser, 
Peter RniKlenhUBcli, 
JohaniifH Witnian, 
Peter Hcliloiwer, 
HanH«eni-|; Hejii, 
AnilreaH 8clilaiich, 
JohaiiiieH (Jeiger, 
.Toll, Dletricli Ureiner, 
JohaiineB Sohreyiackh, 

Hanu Oeorg Sol tinier. 
Michel Dirr, 
Jacob IiCii>erKi>iirger, 
Oeorge Boail. 
Leonhnril Miller, 
H enrich (i ruber, 
Jacob Klein, 
ChrlBtiaii Hiiber, 
Simon Kelfoer, 
Henrich Dattler, 
Johan (ietirg Oreiner, 
Han Wilhelni Zlegler, 



Johan Phil. Hoffmann, 
Hans Michel Reisner, 
Michael Graff, 
GeorsT Fantz, 
Georg Hayle, 
Ludwig Sype, 
Heurich Klein« 
Hans Georg Dirr, 
Hans A dam Bender, 
Joh. Wilhehn Franck, 
Hans Peter Wolff, 
Hans Rudolph Illig, 
George Ludwig Schuti:, 
Johann Jacob Beyerle, 
Hans Georg Heill, 


Joh. Nicklaus Muller, 
Johan Philip Schlauch, 
Lenhart Bentz, 
Tobias Ball, 
Georg Seib, 
Frantz Seib, 
Joh. Fried rich Roraich, 
Martin Weidknecht, 
Johan Adam Romich, 
Hans Jacob Schrock, 
Johan Heerburger, 
Hans Martin Kappler, 
Christophel Beser, 
Hans Ulrich Bear, 
Felix Brunner. 

[The original list 

Andreaij Beetel, 
(ireorg Dirr, 
Martin Wytknecht, 
Jacob Lypersberger, 
Wendel Laaber, 
Adam Romich, 
Leonhard Schlosser, 
William Franck. 
Henry Rowdenbosh, 
H enrich Groober, 
Johannes Hearburger 
Jacob Klein, 
Johann Kyjer, 
Hans Georg Kronc^r, 
Peter Schlosser, 
Johannes Shryok, 
Christian Hoober, 
Philip Hoffmann, 
Jacob Hayea, 
Simon Peltzner, 
Andreas Shlowch, 
Rudolph Illick, 
Henrich Baasler, 
Leonhard Pence, 
Tobias Paul, 
Georg T. Sober, 

ii herewith given.'\ 

Peter Matem, 
Michael Dirr, 
Christoph Hoffman, 
Georg Adam Bender, 
Georg Roodt, 
Frederich Romich, 
Leonhard Muller, 
l^eter Rowdenbosh, 
Jacob Shark, 
Peter Wolff. 
Johan Wiltman, 
Henrich Klein, 
Wilhelm Kyjer, 
Dietrich Kraner, 
William T. Siegler, 
Nicolaus Muller, 
Daniel Steinmetz, 
Johan Hayea, 
Gorg Hayea, 
Philip Shlowch, 
Michael Rysner, 
Martin Kopler, 
Ludwig Schitz> 
Michael Graaf, 
Georg Fawntz, 
Jacob Byerle, 



Cliritttopli HH8H«riT. 
Ulrlh 1tAr», 
aeorg Hayl, 
OeorK 8y|>, 
PruiiH 8vi>, 
Ldiirttiioe BtMihtlf , 
Mluhiwl NiiKlucli. 
Jacob Tups, 
HauH Georg Solilnn' 

Billion Batuwrer, 

Georg Bare, 

Qeorg Adam Uayl, 

Ludwlok 8yp, 

Httnrlcti Zowok, 

Felix Bronner, 

Dietrich liooelier, 

Wolfgang Birlc. 

Fridericli Kng]«hart Uhlmann. 

V List (iv FoitKiexRRS Importkd i: 

11, 1733. 

TiiK Ship PLRxaAKT. 

^M. (jllAI^IVIBD Vtn: 

UHQrich Spengler. 
Priodrloli Baaslnr, 
Johunn U-eorg Senck, 
Jacob Friederlob Klein, 
Ulriob Petera, 
Ueorg 8p<^Dgler, 
H enrich Roib, 
Henrloh Bckerl, 
Felix Miller, 
Frioilf rich Notz, 
Ulrich Basler, 
Valentin M tiller, 
Georg Michel Fnviau; 
Mattliiaa Juriaii, 
Phillip Schillhig, 
Jafiih Honiberger, 
Mathles AiiibroBM, 
Job. OttSjM'r Wi»nteroti, 
H«n MiclH'l Bclinatteriy, 
JolianiiL'S TalT^hneyer, 

Goorge Bar, 
Ulrioh Badner, Bpengkr, 
Johan Jacob Tiiiianiih. 
Ueorg Hans Fed, 
Oeorg Keller. 
Jacob Paduin, 
Conrath Kolli, 
Johannes Gainl>er, 
Johanoes Moak, 
Georg MesH, 
Conrad Rowp, 
Isiuic RaiideubuMTb. 
Hans Georg Flack, 
Conrad Glasbrenner, 
Hans Peter Slegmund, 
HanH Philip Kresl^r, 
Hauit Adam Schilling, 
Geo. Philip Bfthnatterly. 
Hans Miclu'l HofTman. 

Palster Spingler, . . 
Heiirey BpinglfT, , , 
Johaiinea Keller, . 
Jar rick Senet, . . . 


Names. Aye. 

Jarrick Bare, 21 

Lennard Lutes, 24 

Ulrey Betterman, 25 

Ulrick Pettera, 24 

Jarrick Henrick Pettere, 19 

Jarrick Spingler, ". . 81 

Jarrick KeUer, . / 20 

Jacob Fridrick Clim, 17 

Henrey Roch, 20 

Jacob Podom 18 

Johanna Jacob Tiinmaner, 20 

Isick Rouddebus, 27 

Marthiy Jargon, 30 

Henrey Akers, 40 

Jar ick FoHick, 30 

Jarrick Pisell, 23 

Phillip Shillin, 30 

Connard Colp, 34 

Connard Claspanner, 30 

Connard Ralfure, 29 

Petter Ralfure, 25 

Jacob Hornbarger, 33 

Hance Petter Sigmount, . .* 22 

Bamet Counts, 35 

FelicksMeller 40 

Connard Hellabran, 34 

Philip Crasler 20 

MaVthies Ambrose, 37 

Johannes Cambord, ... 32 

Fridrick Nots, 32 

David Menner, .20 

Adam Shillin 24 

Micharl Coch, 33 

Johannes Moke, . . 34 

Androw Swiser, * 3i^ 

Jacob Frock, .10 

Fridrich Pasler, ... 27 

Olrey Pasler, 3(5 

Micharl Favon, 30 

Gasper Winterout, 28 

Jarrick Phillip Snattherly, 28 

Jarrick Carne, ... 25 

Hance Micharl Snatherly, 25 

Jarrick Mess, 50 

Vallintine Miller, 32 



Namts. Aff«. 

Hanc« Mlchr' Hofman, 84 

Johannes Tableiuier, 28 

OriBtofoiii- Spraler, 38 

Jarrick Midi' Pavon 28 

I)avi<l Meitf ir, — 

J. (Jt^ortfe Passage, — 

Oonuar Roupe, . 33 

List of FoRRioKRtta Imported in thk Ship Pisk, Johh 
AsD William, of Suhdkrlahd. Constablk Tvuprrtos, 


Moretz Lorcntz, 
Heorg AlbrJKht, 
Jacob Brakehjll, 
BartuI Mail), 
JotianneH Ja|{i, 
Christian Lau, 
Nicholati Paschon, 
Be ru hard Weyiner, 
Feltun Schyileoker, 
Pieter HayvJKh, 
Friilrich Wvbbc), 
Joh. Philip Keinhardt, 
HaiiH O«org Rohbacli, 
HiMiH Philip »l«Is. 
Joliaii ft[artiii SchoDer, 
Heneilict Kr«chl>i]l, 
Miohal Bloiiihauur, 
Cunra<l Ix>w, 
Jacob Wi-lier, 
Abraham Diibo, 
Aiitoiii Alhrecht, 
NicklaiiH Koger. 
Cliilt'On HolTcr, 
Ueiirich deck, 
Jacub Heiiricli, 
Han Georfi Spreeher, 
Joh. NicklauH BoKtihung, 
Johan Paul Derst, 
Philip Melchior Meyer, 
Johaii I'eter Apf«l, 

C. Vielgar, 
Laurens KlefTer, 
Btephttn Mattes, 
Mans Emicb, 
Johannes Nagel, ' 

Battzer Qiirlaoh, 
Stephan Mat7. 
Manx (reorg Martin, 
Hkaa Ehr. Voaselmann, 
Joliannes Deyman, 
Michfti WeioHel, 
Liidwig Johan Herr, 
(ieorg Adam Stis, 
Joh. Nicklaiis Schmid, 
SebaHtian Truck inn tier, 
Hans Peter Breohbill, 
Hans Breohhlll, 
Casper Willauer, 
Lndwig Hugel, 
Johnniifs Bchuok, 
Ailani Wilt, 
Conrad (ietts. 
Mat hens Manser, 
Hans Riehl. 
Johannex Vogle, 
Oeorge Veibert, 
Joh. MifihaHl HoiTman, 
Hans Jacob Reyel, 
Mat bias Rublchon, 
Joh. «eorg Wahnsidel, 
Johaii Jacob Bcherr. 



[The original list is herewith given,] 

Hans Earhart Vosselman, 

Hans Emich, 

Laurence Rosier, 

Stephven Matts, 

Pieter Huvij^h, 

Fridrich Wisel, 

Philip Melchionar, 

Johannes Yege, 

Philip Reynhart, 

Benedick Britbill, 

Hans Britbill, 

Hans Jerick Spreaker, 

Pieter Sraidt, 

Johan Michael Hufman, 

Bernard Weymer, 

Christian Low, 

Ludwick Hugel, 

Morris Lorrence, 

Hans Jacob Keyl, 

Philip Jacob Proope, 

Abraham Dubo, 

Hans Jerick Roenbach, 

Adam Wilt, 

Antonia Albreoht, 

Joseph Houbly, 

Conrad Gets, 

Jacob Kooyer, 

Bastian Trookmiller, 

Hans Key], 

Hans Jerich Martin, 

Paul Derst, 

Mat bias Rubichon, 

Jacob Hendrick, 

Johan Jerich Vansettel, 

Jerich Vybert, 

Michael Proops, 

Pieter Harbyn, 
Helflick Shedeicher, 
Johannes Deynen, 
Fridrich Cooler, 
Michael Wysel, 
Laurence Kelyfer, 
Ludwick Melchionar, 
Bartel Moll, 
Hans Pieter Britbill, 
Jacob Brit bill, 
Johan Vintenhelver, 
Johannes NageK 
Johannes Hunsam, 
Nicholus Parishon, 
Balsar Gerloch, 
Conrad Low, 
Jacob Weyber, 
Johannes Shook, 
Jerig AdaTu Stis, 
Michael Miller, 
Philip Dubo, 
Johan Michael Bmit, 
Gerich Albrecht, 
Hans Woolf Doopel, 
Hans Philip Glais, 
Nicholaus Kooyer, 
Mat bias Menser, 
Johan Martin Stropfield, 
Ca8i)errias Vielard, 
Hendrick Gek, 
Johannes Vigilie, 
Philip Melchior Meyer, 
P»eter Apfel, 
Jacob Sheare, 

Women and Children. 

Margaret Harbyn, 
Nicholus Emich, 
•^Jacob Emich, 
Cathrina Matts, 
Dorothy Kooler, 
Barbara Hyvigh, 

Elisabetha Margaret a, 
Dorothy Emich, - 
Johannes Emich, -^ 
Marilas Shyndech, 
Dorothy Bosar, 
Elisabeth Kooler, 



Ablonla Wysel. 
Barbara Kuyer, 
Johan David Kuyer, 
Anna Fugo Melchionar, 
Pftliana Yege, 
Maria Brit hi I). 
Maria Helferen, 
Cathrina Spreakering, 
Cathrena Shaliel, 
Maria Haufman, 
Maifdalena Panohsoti, 
Hendrich Panoheon, 
Evu Panchxon, 
Johannes Veymert, 
Anna Qluf Lowan, 
Clirlstian Lowan, 
Margaret Lowan, 
Christina Bever, 
Dorotliy Reser, 
Uaria Bhooken, 
Maria Sliooken, 
Jacob Lorrence, 
Jeriok Reylen, 
Catharin Spia, 
Susanna 8 pie. 
F elder Proopn, 
Cathrina Miller, 
Caspar Miller, 
Michael Miller, 
Anna Dubo, 
Barbara Aibrecht, 
Hans Aibrecht, 
Bernard Huwlich, 
Maria Olastien, 
Cathrina Trookmiller, 
Michael Reyl, 
Anna Martin. 
Michael Martin. 
Charl. Be Meyeren, 
Johan Revenooch, 
Sophia Rynhart, 
Anna Wy her ton, 
Maria Vybertoii, 

Susanna Wysel, 
Barbara Wyeel, 
Mana Savina Kuyer, 
Luodwiok Melchionar, 
Maria Katrlna Melchionar, 
Katrina Moll, 
Anna Brithlll. 
Christophel Helferen, 
Maria Nagelin, 
Maria Smit, 
Eva Haurinan, 
Andreas Panchson, 
Maria Panoheon, 
Barbara Veymert, 
Maria Gerloch, 
Philip Lowan, 
Barbara Lowan, 
Anna Hagel Reyn, 
Jacob Bever. 
Barbara Lorrence. 
Mans Shooken, 
Cathrina Shooken, 
Eve Reylen, 
Jacob Vorg, 
Michael Proops, 
Cathrina Miller, 
Christophbena Mille 
Hans Miller. 
Cathrina Proops, 
Anna Smit. 
Peter Aibrecht, 
Susan Husslich. 
Michael Husslioh, 
Maria Oetson, 
Cathrina Reyl, 
Maria Reyt. 
Marin Martin, 
Maffdal<!na Vielard, 
Catlirina Vansette 1. 
Apalonin A pel. 
Gertruy Smiden, 
Buean Vyberton. 



List op Forrignbrs Imported in the Ship Samuel, op 
London, Hugh Percy, Master, prom Rotterdam. Qual- 
iPiBD Aug. 17, 1733. 

Han Bernhardt Troetell. 

-Hans Peter Frey, 
Abraham Kuhn, 
Jacob Rausher, 
Henrich Bischof, 
Andreas Frey, 
Michael Schmidt, 
Friederich AlldorlTer, 
Hans Leonard Wolff, 
Hans Wolf Eiseman, 
Hans Werfel. 
Solomon Miller, 
Kilian Schmid, 
Melchor Wagner, ^ 
Andreas Wigner, ^ 
Caspar Mill house, 
Jacob Fegely, 
Johan Lorig, 
Lorentz Schnepp, 
Henrich Beter, 
Peter Cornelius, 
Marx Gleim, 
Henrich Haller, 
Mattheis Ley, 
Michael Sturtzebach, 
Johan Lechtenwallner, 
Hans Georg Ruch, 
Hans Jacob Ruch, 
Hans Leonhart Leher, 
Henry Meder, 
Hans Jacob Mathis, 
Joh. Jacob Griesinger, 
Hans Kaspar Eysseman, 
Han Jacob Kammerlin, 
Han Michael Probst, 
Joh. Casper Korber, 
Joh. Henrich Adam, 
HanCasper Brenner, 
Joh. Conrad KampfT, 
Christian KampfT, 
Jacob Gerkenhauser, 
Joh. Peter Knobell, 
Ulrich Flickiner, 

Elias Theiler, 
Fried rich Kuhn, 
Christian Krobs, 
Peter Cuntz, 
Friederich Leiby, 
Hans Georg Peck, 
Hans Georg Wervel, 
Hans Casper Jost, 
Hans Fries, 
Martin Scheib, 
Hans Jacob Hoflf, 
Christian Loffel, 
Michael Probsc, 
Joliann KaufTman, 
Andreas Weltz, 
Jacob Wenger,^ 
Johannes Schnepp, 
Martin Wanner, 
Henrich Roth, 
I^icolaus Kan, 
Elias Hasele, 
Jacob K rater, 
Hans Peter Beissel, 
Han Georg Stroliauer, 
Johan Jacob Zimmer, 
Johan Georg Ruch, 
Johannes .facob Ritt, 
Peter Drachsel, 
Lorentz Seyboot, 
Johan Lenhart Weiss, 
Johan Philip Hotzer, 
Justus Simon Wagner,^ 
Hans Adam Lang, 
Han Georg Zoller, 
Joh. Henrich Fischer, 
Joh. Wilhelm Fischer, 
Peter Ensminger, 
Gilbert Kampff, 
Han Lehnard Eimiger, 
Joh. Caspar Schaffner, 
Hah Adam Stuckroth, 


[The original list ia hereinUh //iven,] 
If a men. Ages. 

Hriih Peter Fry 44 

LiMteii Walter, 83 

Hans Jerick 8trohiiver, 83 

OttBlwr ISiiaH Ciiij-lei- 37 

Aliruhain Koon 50 

Prt-tlf rick Koon, 33 

Haiia Jai-.ol) UyitiiiiiT, 34 

Jaitob KiiHlior, 52 

CbriHtlaii KraptK, 88 

Hendrlck Biwliop, SO 

Jerick Roiik, Hen 48 

Jerjck Rouk, Jiiii. 34 

Hantt Jacob Roiik 17 

IVterUoontB 47 

HaiiH Jacol) Ht^pIl 43 

Lt^onurd LiKlitiifr, 86 

HaiiM JiTick Peck 80 

HanH Jaaob Oatuooronti, SO 

An<lrewt< Fry, 85 

Frederick Leydiiy 88 

Prpderiuk Alterf*-r 18 

Miebail Bmith, 84 

Httttliew Ley 38 

Peter Pywell, 44 

Mkliul SterHebaKli. . . • 48 

Meliker Freys, 83 

Hans Wprvf 11, M 

HaiiM Jerick Weivf II, 18 

Martin Jibe. 47 

Bernanl Wtilf, 30 

Ua8i>er Toiist. .. ... 31 

8olomi>ii Miller, 83 

Hani-Wolf IneiiMiti 33 

Hans JaRobHciir. 38 

Jacob Sriittbewa, 39 

Leonard Wine, 39 

Jobiiniien OreBiner, 33 

Philip Hettoer, 18 

Gillian Smith 40 


Names. Age. 

Christian Lafell, 22 

Gasper Isemaa, 53 

Meliker Wagner, 48 

Auij^Qstus Wagner, 19, 

Jacob Kimmerling 24 

Hans Adam Long, 30 

Michael Bropts, 54 

Johan Miohal Bropts, 21 

Jerick Soller, 52 

Gasper Kervell, 40 

Hendrick Fisher, 38 

Andrews Wegener, 45 

Hans Koafman, 43 

Hendrick Adam, 28 

William Fisher, 26 

Gasper Millhouse, 28 

Andrews Welts, 44 

Gasper Brander, 44 

Jacob Fegely, 32 

Johanes Lerick, 26 

Johannes Snapp, 37 

Lawrence Bnapp, 21 

Martin Wonner, 36 

Hendrick Peter 26 

Peter Hansminger, 39 

Conrade Kempf 48 

Christian Kempf 18 

Gilbert Kempf, 16 

Hendrick Roodt, — 45 

Peter Cornelius, 48 

Jacob Kerkehouser, 29 

Nicholas Kaun, 41 

Leonard Tyminger, 39 

Marks Clyne 45 

Peter Knoble, 43 

Elias Hesly, 35 

Hendrick Holler, 44 

Peter Holler, 18 

Gasper Schoffner 21 

Jacob Creder, 21 

Peter Troksell 42 

Olerick Flyckinner, 26 

Hans Adam Fokerall 48 

Hendrick Feseler, . 50 

Lawrence Siber, 53 


Names. Age. 

Rernfird TroMHcll, 88 

Hendrick Heder. 63 

ClirlHtian (iiuiii«r, 31 

HaHiter Martin. 30 

Hans Peter Mock, 35 

Valentine Snyder 33 

Women's Names. 

Barbella Fry, 87 

Barliara Walter, 24 

Maria Crete Myring, 26 

Maria Oathariiia Btrobaver, . . 30 

Anna Karbara Tayler, 80 

EvB Koon SO 

Cathrina Koon, 24 

Anna Maria KuHher 42 

('atlirina Jrtnaher, 17 

Christina Knsiier, , , , 16 

CliristinaKraptB, 24 

CathrinaHonk 46 

Maria Barbella Coouts. 45 

Maria Barbflla Coontu, , 10 

Anna Maria Reed, 65 

Saltina Lightner, 43 

Anna Karl)ara Tainoroon 87 

Catlirina Karliura Fry, . 80 

Ap|>ellOnin Fry 58 

Maria Valma Fry, 14 

Maria MettlinaLeyday, 87 

Anna Urania Smith, 81 

Anna Maria Ley 34 

Bntmnnah I'yBeli 83 

Crete SterwelMigh 34 

Ursnla Snyding . 25 

Maria Lj'dia Wervell 53 

Maria LydiaWervell, . .. 90 

EliHil>eth W«r\-ell, 17 

Anna Ciitiirina Jibe. 44 

Anna Muria Jibe 16 

AnnaBarlMiraHofT. 83 

Maria Crete Wise 88 

Catlirina Sinitli 46 

Maria Crete Smith 14' 

Maria Crete lBeiDa:> 53 

Maria Crete Itteiuun 24 


Names, Age, 

Cathrina Lonfl^, 33 

Maria Crete Matthews, 24 

Martha Wagner, 38^ 

Barbara Brofpts, 58 

Anna Kervell, 39 

Maria Kervell, 10 

Anna Eve Kervell, 15 

Anna Lydia Fisher 36 

Cathrina Adam 26 

Cathrina Faugen, 34 

Maria Crete Fry, 17 

Anna Maria Welts, 27 

Appellonia Brander 42 

Eve Maria Fegely, 27 

Anna Maria Lerick, 28 

Barbara Snapp 34 

Elizabeth Wonner, 33 

Cathrina Peter, 32 

Cathrina Hansminger. 33 

Cathrina Trootinenyn, 62 

Anna Maria Kempf, 38 

Cathrina Roed, 40 

Anna Eve Roed, 13 

Elizabeth Cornelius, 47 

Elizabeth Cornelius, 20 

Susanah Kerkehouser, 28 

Maria Crete Kerkehouser, 50 

Cathrina Kaun, 40 

Maria Crete Tyminger, 40 

Elizabeth Clyne, 42 

Juliana Clyne 13 

Ursula Knoble 43 

Anna Maria K noble 16 

Susanah Hesley. .^ 31 

Elizabeth Bittern 20 

Cathrina Holler 40 

Christ ina Holler 16 

Elizabeth Kollren, 50 

Cathrina Troksell, 30 

Luodicea Flykinner 25 

Juliana Fokerall, 43 

Maria Fokerall, 16 

Maria Feseler 48 

Maria Crete Feseler 22 

Catharina Wagner, 19 /> 


Names. Age. 

Maria Crete Siber, 53 

Maria Crete Siber. 14 

Anna Maria TrOBsel 38 

Anna f*ertroud Meder, 82 

Catherine Meder. 18 

Child re ii' It Nameii. _, 

Valentine Fry, 13 

Eve Pry 10 

Anna Maria Fry S 

Hans Peter Pry. 4 

ChriBtian Pry. S 

Barbara Strohaver 8 

Cal hrina Strohft ver. ... 4 

Hane Peter Stroliaver, , , , 1 

Philip Adam Tayler, 10 

Hann Martin Tayler, 8 

Rosina Tayler, 4 

ChriBtiiia Tayler. a 

HanH Jerick Koon, IS 

Anna Crete Koon, II 

Anna Crete Rueber. 10 

Anna Barball Rusher, 8 

Metellna Rusher, 7 

Maria Psalina Rusher, B 

Maria Crete Krapts, 4 

Anna Percy Krapts. | 

Michael Rouk, 10 ■ 

Maria Eve Rouk, , 8 

Michael Coonls, 18 

Hanu Jerick Coonts, 8 

Maria f^rete Coonts, 7 

Maria Catharina Coonts, 6 

Jerick Reed 1.1 

AnnaLydiaReed H 

Uaria Dorothea Reed. 8 

Hana Jacob Reed, 4 

Hans Jerick Lightner, . . , 8 

Hans Mlchall Taiuooroon, 3 

Elizabeth Pry B 

Mettellna Pry 8 

Christopher Fry 8 

Jacob Leydny, IS 

Michall Leyday, 10 

Wolriok Leyday. 4 


Name^, Age. 

Catharina Leyday, 1 

Hans Peter Pysell, 8 

Hans Jacob Pysell, 3 

Barbella Pysell, 1 

Leonard Wervell, 8 

Catharina Jibe, 10 

Martin Jibe, 14 

Hans Jacob Jibe 7 

Hans Jerick Jibe, 4 

Christina Hoff, 2 

Anna Maria Smith, 11 

Agnes Smith, 4 

Cathrina Iseman, 11 

Barbella Iseman, 8 

Christian Long, 6 

Appellonia Long, 4 

Ursula Long, 1 

Bar>>ara Brof pts, 8 

Barbara Kervell, 10 

Elizabeth Kervell, 6 

Eve Kervell, 4 

Anna Maria Fisher, 11 

Sosanah Fisher, 3 

Hans Jacob Fisher, 2 

Catharina Adam, 2 

Barbara Brander, 8 

Charlotte Brander, 1 

Christina Fegely, 4 

Jacob Fegely, 1 

Hans Jerick Lerick, 3 

Johannes Snapp, 12 

Lawrence Snapp, 10 

Barbara Snapp, 3 

Maria Crete Wonner, 10 

Anna Maria Wonner, 6 

Christian Wonner, 1 

Henry Peter, 1 

Hendrick Hansminger, 10 

<>atharina Hansminger, 8 

Hans Philip Hansminger, 6 

Nicolas Hansminger, I 

Frederick Kempf 8 

Hans Peter Kempf, 6 

Catharina Kempf 2 

6- Vol. XVI L 


Jftimm. Age. 

WllUuin ItiM^il 13 

('litliiu-liiu UiHid, S 

LnwroiKio t;<>ni4tll(iii, IJ 

Vrotiloku CoriinlliiH B 

M«t ti'lliin KurkehoiiHer, 1 

Mlolml Kmiiii, 19 

lloii-lrtpk Kiiim. 8 

JoliHiiiii'M Kuiiii, 8 

Diirnthttn Kami. ^ 

IIhiih Adnm Tyiiifii|{t-r, II 

IturliKruTymluK^r, » 

('ntliiirliM Tymliiip'r, i 

Kilt riyite II 

('KtliArliiK<'lyiip 10 

DiirMltiiMit'lyiiti, 8 

MHrkdl'lyn*, 4 

KvA Hmhuh Uwly. 8 

U«rt»<'rwt» Hwly. 1 

HoiMlrli-k l!<»llfr, 18 

rutlmrliiA Hollw, . 7 

l>(>r(U)u>» HulW, 8 

l*linii> KiikwnUI IB 

ElpHMiir t\ikorKll, . . , 

Jwrtek b\ik»riUI, 

Jttoih Fuk<i>iHlt. 

(*«irrt«y Piikpmll 

lVit»r TiMk«»>U 

lt»iiW Twik»«n 

HouwHft aiWr, 

i*«ihMrht» RtHwcl, . 

J*tlok Ri>«^l 

M»ri« CivIp Ri«»>H. 

ttiMTHw MmIvf .... , 


JolMUinM* Kiraphnvr. Joluuiu<>0 Uuhn. 

Job. MMwM*) UnMwl, J<4Hut tt«ori( Pvtn-. 

MIehMt KMlk 0«H HMri«li 



Henrioh Blent/, 
Ulrich Schuh, 
Johannes Loatx, 
Simeon Linder, 
Michael Faber, 
Stephan Lauiiian, 
Jacob Mailer, 
Jacob Kobbler, 
Johan Debalt Traadt, 
Johannes Herrgeroder, 
Joh. Philip Schmidt, 
Frantz Weiss, 
Johannes Ohr, 
Jacob Serber, Jr. , 
Jacob Zettle, 
Henry Strieker, 
Joh. H enrich Schotte, 
Jolian Philip Faust, 
Han Peter Hoffman, 
Johan Philip Faast, 
MaHhias Weidman, 
Hans Georg Perger, 
Simon Schermann, 
Andreas Klebsattel, 
Johann Ulrick Gaul, 
Michael Reinhard. 

Johannes Jung, 
Jaro Schuh, 
Henrich Still, 
Simon Linder, Jr., 
Aron Doganer, 
Jaques Bonet, 
Johannes Knoll, 
Georg Scherman, 
Hans Martin Traudt, 
Joh. Henrich Dewess, 
Hans Jacob Metz, 
Georg Ohr, 
Jacob Serber, 
Jacob Hanrich, 
Jacob Dellinger, 
Balser Met/, 
Johann Philip Faust, 
Joh. Henrich Danig, 
Johan Peter Faust, 
Jacob Michael Eyb, 
Geo. Friederich Anselt, 
Wolfgang MuUer. 
Hans Georg Nordt, 
Georg Henrich Mertz, 
Joannes Vogelin, 

[The original list is herewith given.] 
Names Ages, 

Johannes Kernoser, 40 

Philip Sover 23 

Joannes Moon 33 

Mich». Frowell, . 32 

Johan Joseph Faller 23 

Johan Jurg Peitry, 27 

John Hendrick Shot t, 22 

Conrad Shott 50 

Philip Foust, 30 

Mich. Rutt 56 

Joan Hendric Finick, 33 

Coblin Hetrick, 40 

Hendrick Stence, 39 

Hans Peter Honfman, 28 

Johannes Long, 20 

Johan Peter Foust, 44 

Philip Foust, 20 


Name*. Age. 

Jacob Bilw 84 

Ulrich Shu^. 48 

Joint Jacob Shot), 30 

Johauni»H Lutis SS 

Mathias Whit^maii, M 

Math** Whiteman M 

Hfuricb Still 60 

Sitnoti Liailar, 53 

Siiiiuu Liiidar, Jun.. 1ft 

Prwlerick Onself. «1 

Uinb««') Faliar, 85 

AiMlrvoH Pogu*r, 84 

Sti^plien Luwmao 81 

Jacob Bounrt 89 

Wolfron Uill«r, 4] 

Jacob Miller 17 

Sliuun ShvamtRD 48 

JurigbSheM-maD 17 

Joliannw Noll 89 

Jacob Houbler. 80 

Francis Wit*. . 87 

TaballTroud. ST 

Haas Martiu Troad X 

Haus Juri([h L«v. 98 

Jurigh Oiv. 51 

Joluuiiit« Or* . 19 

Jacob 8*rver, .. S> 

Jacob Server, Jun. 88 

Rodolph Server « 

Jacob HouHwelt 84 

Jacob Uendrich. . 88 

Johan Hendrich IVIms. 98 

Nicholas Sly M 

Jacob Shiiile. 88 

Philip Smith. SI 

Hans Jurigh Nori. <5 

Jacob Tilliaer. 88 

Andreas Cliiwadle. 89 

Jnri^ Ueiorich March. 98 

J 4>an Lirich Cool 80 

Johao Faglc-y 88 

HeniT Striker. 99 

lOM. Bainard. «8 

MalMn-Mixt. M 

llMwJMob Mlxt. 98 



List op Forbiqnbrs Imported in the Ship Hope, of Lon- 
don, Daniel Reed, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Aug. 28, 1733. 

Ulrich Wissler, 
Peter Bteinuian. 
Hans Rot, 
Hans Grnmbacher, 
Nicholas Timberuian, 
Radolph Brock, 
Barnard Keller, 
Qeorg Richter, 
Daniel Roth, 
Andreas Lauch, 
Peter Schmuck, 
Pet6r Sayler, 
Georg Kreisseman, 
Abraham Miller, 
Henrich Tace, 
Michael Ably, 
Henrich Fegly, 
Steven Slonacker, 
Peter Eschelman, 
Hans Georg Weittne. 
Joseph Flu re. 
Christian Kerr, 
Ulrich Whitiner, 
Jacob Burki, 
Hans Georg Brimmer, 
Jacob Lachbaum. 
Hans Georg Schreyack, 
Johan Adam Reistel. 
Joh. Leonahart Stein, 
Hans Georg Hoffner, 
Johan Jacob Mackli, 
Ba%tian Tryster. 
Georg Michael Treitter, 
Hans Jacob Gerber, 
Joh. Ad. Simon Cumra, 
Han Adam Spittlemire, 
Han Michael Steinbren, 
Hans Jacob Schreiber, 
Jacob Schreyack, 
Hans Steinman, 

Hans Steinman, 
Ulrich Reinhardt, 
Christian Stouder, 
Friderick Becker, 
Christian Reblet, 
Conrad Rauf, 
Peter Aarond, 
Frantz Klebsattel, 
Herman A rand, 
Heinrich Umberger, 
Christian Johnle, 
Andreas Besiuger, 
Jacob Bart, 
Benedict Wise, 
Jacob Rubman, 
Barnard Fegely. 
Radolph Schnebele, 
Christian Eschelman, 
Ulrich Loninacre, jr., 
Hans Timber man, 
Johannes Flure, 
Michael Whitmer, 
Peter Whitmer, 
Hans Snabley, 
Christian Blank, 
Heinrich Schmidt, 
Joh. Heinrich Vonreth, 
Han Geo. Eichelberger, 
Hans Georg Kohler, 
Johan David Deschler, 
Johan Carl Gramp, 
Han Leonhart Umberger, 
Hans Georg Gobel, 
Joh. Christopf Cumm, 
Martin Spitelmayer, 
Wilhelm Krauss, 
Abraham Kreutter, 
Daniel Haselman, 
Han Michael Schreyack. 



\Tht orijnnol lUt U hetvwiih give^\ 
t/ame». Agn. 

UlrigWiBlaer. 86 

UIHb Bajenhart 9» 

Uaos Croinbaeker, M 

Uane Stem&n, 49 

Pett*r Steuan, M 

U«its Sieuian, ■*! 

Cristian Btoder, 45 

Hans Rood » 

Uani Timenaan, 68 

Haos Timemuui, 16 

CriatitHi Timerman, I* 

Joeaph Floriey, fll 

Joeaph Floriey, 19 

Johaoes Floriey, IS 

Cristian Keer, t7 

Hiifiel Wi'mao, «S 

ririge Witman. 81 

Fitter Witman. SI 

Uaiu Witman, 90 

Fitter Edman, SO 

Crietian Edman. IV 

Alrige I^ngtipk«r, ■>_ 

drig LangneekM-. tt 

Ja«kop LAiigiie«ker, ]9 

Jacket Beoke, 89 

Hans tinebliey. 87 

Cruiian Blanek, 84 

Jerick Wiednar. 41 

Haof Jorig BriD«r. 17 

Fr«lri«k Beekor. 48 

Ja«kop Lnchboo^ 84 

Bodo^ Bmdc «T 

Crinian Biblec. t7 

Barnard Kdden. 87 

CoDiad Raafl. flD 

J«-nck BiKtan. 4S 

HHiTMk Sail. n 

Piti«r Jlmt, tl 

AndnH Srek. 4S 

HarauJIrat, 81 

ItaHdBm, 81 

AahHMrick, •• 

A*w BV**^ ... M 


Jfames. ^0^- 

HsDs Lenar Bten 21 

Ha08 Jurick KoUer, 33 

Uiekel Hut* 86 

HmiM JuriPkHofnar, 32 

Fitter Smock 20 

Daffld BBhen, 20 

John Jaokop Hikle, 22 

Kwl Gramp. 30 

Baatian Scyster 23 

HsnrickHiaiiiberger *> 

HaiisL^nart UmiibWKer, 18 

Ifiogel Hiimberger, I'*! 

Fitter Selan, 81 

Crifltian Jonlley 20 

AndriaH BoBena 21 

Jurick KrayBiQan 82 

■igel Drayten 20 

Hum Jerick Gobi W 

JacobeB Kmiwan *0 

Cristoilel Kown 48 

Adam Simon Kown IB ' 

Francis Keeklipeger 82 

AhmlLim Millur 22 

JaoobcB Bart 2« 

Henriek Feess, 24 

Beiietlick WeesH. 30 

Martin Spitelmayer, 54 

Hans Ailain Spitelmayer, 18 

HIgeel Ibeliey *j 

Jaoobes RodleiDan, 85 

■William Grous. 27 

Hmiji Tleiiriclv Fuglie 50 

Mafayes Figflie 23 

Hans Lennart Figlie 31 

Migel Steabraud, 27 

StifanLnnnuker, . .^1lf^ **r-t*f^ ' »3 

JjwmbM Llnek, 5iJ 

Abraham GmtBan 1» 

Haaa Jackoji Skrii({»^ller, 84 

Daniel HIelar. 20 

Rnlloff Bneblley, 25 

Hana Jarlok SarayMk, 81 

HanaSenrMk, 28 

Jacdcop SorayatdE. II) 


IVijineH'* Namtii. 
Names. Age. 

Anna Bwter, 25 

Barbra Ben);tal 2« 

Margret CopRralo 611 

Barbra Raynliart. . . 38 

Anna Beugtold 26 

Maria Bcotesen, 29 

AnnaBcuteeen, 30 

Hwlelin Steman 18 

Anna Stofer, 19 

Anna Werobel 48 

EliHbat Snebhey. H 

Anna Rood. 19 

Anna Oialenin, 39 

Barbra Tiinerman, 20 

AnnaTiinerman 18 

Anna Bonghart 39 

Anna Maria Bugb, 40 

Maria Ploriey, 81 

Hanlley Flortey. 17 

Anna Letlttninan, 34 

EllHabet Bentold, 50 

Anna Bengtold, 26 

Anna Witman, 16 

Catrina R«ben, 83 

HaiUena Ledenmaii, . . 26 

Barbra Enlman, . . , 16 

AnnaBlufinln, 71 

Anna Menokel, 38 

Anna FiKliey 83 

Madlena FigHey. 86 

Modlena Rubelie, 70 

Barbra Rittee, 38 

Anna Katrina Rlttex, 83 

Anna Klara RitteH, 50 

AnnaBarlwl Bek , 28 

Anna Katrina Bek, ■ . 17 

CrtHtina Lngtbom, 88 

Anna Brack 86 

(.'atrina KeUlri«o 48 

Margrlta Kelerln 1« 

Matilena Ruff. 84 

Anna Rigter. 4» 

Anna Rt^ter, U 

AnnaSmit, II 


Names. Age. 

AgniH Smiten, 27 

Sibela Stenbrauder, 37 

Ana Madlena Liiick, 40 

Ana Katrina Arnt, 27 

Seiitik Luck 87 

Ana Margrit Arnt, 48 

Kargrita Root, 30 

Ana Scraybrin, 80 

Barbra Snebliey, 24 

Barbra Scrayack, 28 

Sabina Rayfel, 20 

Barbra Rayfel 20 

Jalian Ayselberger, 29 

Maria Kolirin, 24 

Maria Marieng, 24 

fiieffa Busing, 88 

Orstel Hoffnar, 29 

Jalian Huiiiberger, 47 

Eva Senering, 20 

Froneck Junliey, 40 

Elisbat Junliey, 19 

Catrina Krayseman, 88 

Barbra (iobel 88 

Maria Barbra Kenwan, 30 

MargritaKon, 48 

Risina Klipsege) 84 

Maria Madleria Miliar 26 

Barbra Weesen, 8(5 

Maria Spiteimayer, 50 

Anna Maria Spitelinayer, 24 

Anna Madlena Spitehnayer, 21 

Elizabetlbliey, 30 

Aplon Roliman, 86 

Madlena Grows, 29 

Anna Maria Figlien, 46 

Catrina FiglJen, 19 

Anna Maria Figlien, 16 

Children's Names. 

Maria Greta Wees, 5^ 

HanB Fitter Ibliey, 12 

Hans Adam Ibliey, 11 

BlBbu Ibliey 8 

Hans Migel Ibliey, 6 

HanB Jon Rollman, 9 


Ifames. Age. 

Maria Ralliiian, T 

Maria Figlien 13 

Hans Jurick Figliey. 7 

Barbra titl^nbrander, 8 

Bibla StienbraDiler. . B 

Hans Adam Linck, II 

Risina Llnok 7 

MigonI Arnt, 18 

Atia Maria Arnt 8 

Busaiia Berayack, 7 

Crlstian 8tod«n, 9 

Jackup Eslinan, 11 

Fitter Eslinan 9 

Hanes Bitebliey 11 

Kasper Bnehlley 9 

Katriiia Snel>lley « 

Anna Katrlna Bn«blfey, 12 

Anna Barbra Snebliey, 10 

AnnaBekrin 12 

Midler Becker 10 

Aniia Ijiigetbom, 10 

Fridrick Brack 14 

Cri§tina Brack, 11 

Hadltina Brank, 8 

Barbra Keldrin. 10 

Calrina Ruff, IS 

EleBl>at Ruffln, 19 

Hans Ruffln 10 

HaTis Rnifln 7 

Henricli Hinit, 8 

Jatnea Brnit, 4 

Jurig Adam Baeys, , , 18 

Lodnick Bub8 11 

Maria Margrita Bum, 9 

JaniH Buss, 7 

ilulian Hum1>erger, 14 

Jans Humherger 10 

I^ifltiat Huinberger, 8 

Anna Beliridg, S 

JolianttB Junlley, 14 . 

Hann Raynart JnDlfey, • 

Jerick Hunfllmaa, 11 

Margrita Hanilman, IS 

Antoniejr Oobel, U 

Anna Maria Oobe] IS 



Names. Ages. 

Madl^na Gobel, 8 

Jurig Adam Gobel, 5 

HaD8 J urig^ Gobel, 4^ 

Jaokob8 Kenwan, 10 

Hans Jerick Kenwan, 9 

Jan Kenwan, 7 

Efa Barbra Kon 13 

Anna Maria Kon, .... 9 

Migel Klipeeti^el, 9 

Hans Jeriok Klipseg^el, 7 

List op Forriqnrrs Imported ix the Briqatinb Penn- 
sylvania Merchant of London, John Strdman, Master, 
FROM Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 18, 1783. 

Johann Klemm, 
Georg Schultz, 
Johannes Naas, 
Andreas Kleim, 
Georg Schait, 
Johannes Riegel, jr., 
Georg Knop, 
Lad wig Ewalt, 
Daniel Lndwig, 
Peter Ruth, 
Mattheis <ii8ch, 
Lndowick Evaldt, 
Johannes Mihni, 
Paul us BchafTer, 
Bernhart Mauss, 
Hans Georg Grondt, 
Justus Osterrath, 
Johannes Gordner, 
Andreas Mosemann, 
Hans Barehard, 
Johann Sehonfeldt, 
Joh. Valentin Pressel; 
Johan Michael Ott, 
Joh. Michael Btaadt, 
Philip Angelberger, 
Johan Daniel Endt, 
Hans Georg Winter, 

Gotlob Klemm, 
David Bchultz, 
Pierre Marot, 
Georg Kleim, 
Johannes Riegle, 
Michael Walter, 
Jacob Ott, 
Michael Ludwig, 
Philip Schinyer, 
Hans Lauer, 
Adam Vollmer, 
Fredereck Gotz, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Andreas Frey, 
Andreas Bauer, 
Peter Straub, 
Georg Adam Koch, 
Friederich Glass, 
Mattheus Buchler, 
Christian Mosemann, 
David Burchard, 
Johan Anllenbacher, 
CarolUs Burokhard, 
Joh. Philip Weynandt, 
Alexander Gasser, 
Joh. Jost Ohlwein, 
Michael Seydenbender, 



Joii.i:,:i A'l.i i:i 1 5»-. »r. 
M .'•}i;i' 1 K ••! '•:);;■ '■. 
J' 'IiJi l^il'l A i;^ >••.•-. 

.Johaijii JhooIj Kursr, 
Christian H^Kjk, 
Johann (reor^ Oriiniii, 
Heiirich Schinich. 

.f « '\i:i II \*;ti«-/if i.'i l\h<ll . 
f ' >:\<i :. 1 '••* '■;■ iirj;. 
H.iIj- M;in 111 S;iiiT«-r. 

.Toll, riiri-xttoph l^^lnVia^h, 
(ntorjf Haritiol. Hchafffr, 
HariH <reor^ Haiiic, 

[ r/ns oriffinnl list 

Johan K ley III, 
Jerick Shiilts, 
Andreas Mr>snian, 
Hans Horklianl, 
Johan Sho#Mivelett, 
•lohanneH Naase, 
Henc]ri<rh Rut, 
HanH J^riok Klyn, 
Johannes Ri^el, 
Daniel Rigel, 
Valentine Prej*el, 
f'arohiH Horkhard, 
PauIuH Borkhard, 
Jacob Oat, 
Liidwick Evahlt, 
Daniel Liidwick, 
Alexander Cai-ser, 
Christian Loner, . 
Johan Michael Stout, 
Philip AnjfeU>erKer, 
Daniel Kndt, 
Pieter Halini;^, 
Jerick Vinter, 
Fredrick Gets, 
Pieter Sniit, 
Jacob I'ni^er, 
(■hristophel Ylsliach, 
Jerick Bartel Hhever, 
AndreaH Vry, 
Johan liUdwick Heyn^ 
Hans Jerick Houk, 
Jac.'>b Kaars, 
Hans Jerick Grondt 
Friedrick Clans, 
Mat hi as Beighler, 
Hantt Jerick Grim, 

14 herrM'it/i f/ir,r,n.] 

rf<ietlw>p Kleym, 
David Shults, 
^'hristian Mosrnan, 
David Borkhard, 
Melchior Grousaani, 
Pieter Marrot, 
Andreas Klevn, 
Jerick Sheytt, 
Johannes Rifi^e], jun. . 
Andreas Oulerdjacher, 
Michael Walter, 
Johan Wynant, 
Jacob KruKip, 
Michael Oat, 
Michael Liidwick, 
Philip Sineyer, 
Pieter Rrxnlt, 
Mat bias Kish, 
Johan Jf>>t Olwvn, 
Michael SeydeV>ender, 
Valentine Endt, 
Adam Volunier, 
Hans Martin Souter, 
Johannes Mieui, 
Hendrick 8mit, 
Adam Beyer, 
Michael Keylechner, 
PauliiH Hhever, 
Parent Maus, 
AndreaH Bour, 
Pieter 8tranb, 
Christian Hook, 
Jerick Adam Bonk, 
Johannes C'crdiner, 
Justus Oflteroodt. 



Women* s Names. 

Elizabeth Shoenvehlen, 
Maria Jacolln, 
Susana Kraiisaiu, 
Anna Krausam, 
Elizabeth Nae8, 
Ann I edit Marrot, 
Anlies Sheyett, 
Gertrouy Rigel, 
Anlies Oulabachren 
Margaret Spany, 
C^athrina Borkharc 
Gertrouy Out, 
Maria Sniyeren, 
Sophia Roodt, 
Catharina Endt, 
Maria Salinn^, 
Matj^delena Klym 
Anna Stoloyn, 
Mari^ft Smit, 
Sarah Islnbach, 
Elizabeth Shever. 
Cathrina Mau8, 
Cathrina Bourin, 
Maria Straub, 
Barlmra Houf^en, 
Eva Claasin^:, 
Maria Hooghen, 
Maria Bigler, 

Anna Shulsen, 
Anna Krausam, 
Maria Krausani, 
Margaret Nae8, 
Marian Marrot, 
Fraunek Kleynen, 
Julian Sheyett, 
Sarah Rigel. 
I>orothy Vnllerin, 
Anna Borkard, 
A nna Knop, 


gnes Evaldt, 

Magdalena Caseren, 
Endick Endt, 
Christina Bartholemew, 
Margaret Speting, 
Christina Kets, 
Elizabeth Smit, 
Ainia Shever, 
Anlius Shever, 
Susan Fry, 
Maria Bourin, 
Caritas Vishering, 
Margaret Caars, 
Hanna Grondt. 
Margarit Coulerin, 
Maria Cordinar, 
Anna Bigler. 

Child ren\*i Names. 

Hendrich Souchvrett, 
Guiliam Marrot, 
Benjamin Marrot, 
Marian Marrot, 
Sarah Marrot, 
Hendrick Kleym, 
Maria Oulbachren, 
Elizabeth Borkhard, 
Maria Evaldt, 
Elizabeth Smyer, 
Mat bias Cassar, 
Magdalena Caaseren, 
Jacob Roodt, 
Piter Roodt, 
eiixbeth Saling, 

Philip Marrot, 
Jean Marrot, 
Daniel Marrot, 
Susan Marrot, 
Hans Jerick Riet, 
Caspar Kleym. 
Abraham Rigel, 
Johannes Evaldt, 
Johan Smyer, 
Johan Cassar, 
Anna Casseren, 
Johan Roodt, 
Christina Roodt, 
Catrina Saling, 
Jerick Vinter, 



MniiN VIntvr, 
.Innoh HhuUKun, 
Kllmlietli Ketti, 
Joliai) Kiiyler, 
jHnoli Frlak, 
Jt>rl«k Shever, 
<;hrlHtlu:i Btrel)ack, 
MnrKArct Htitiver, 
MarKHrct Itourlii. 
Hoplilu VlMlierinit, 
KIlMvlxith VlHherlDg, 
I'ltttur Straiib, 
I'niiliiH <'oriiar, 
A 111 in Blglur, 

Anilreaa Bt«)oyn, 
Joban Stoloyn, 
Johan Keti, 
Bernard Kate, 
Pieter Ingold, 
Paulufl Bhever, 
J a rick St rebeck, 
Johan Hhever. 
CbriBtophel Pry, 
Anna Boutin, 
Christian ViBheiing, 
Jacob Straub, 
Jerick Houk. 
Roaina Clasing. 
Sal u ml Cornar, 
Eli7abeth' Bigler, 
Andreas Bigler. 

Kl'TTKRPAM- m-AUPIKD Skpt. 28, 1733. 
Ja<K>b (rreib, 
GM>rg Lipp, 
Matbeis Banaaer. jr.. 

l-Vant' Sohuilpr, 
|)arl.l MtTtr, 
Mat I hf MS BaUM»r, 
t^hriellan Haumer. 
David Eil>-lu)an. 
Jaov>l> HiMinel, 
JwttU I.elw^Mid. 
Iltuis J»«>l» Vu. 
Ha»!i lVt*r Sttme-y 
Haus IVi^r Soiut^y 
Jt^»c|ih Si?huiuarh«r. 
Drh-h Bunfhaltvr. 
Hat):* Sohuivr. 
Man-US Ohri«. 
Jt4>anu«« Wi*Wr. 
Haivs Utobavt Mmii. 
FhUip Ja..-*.^ BUirl^ 



PhUip Uire. 
Adam Spohn, 
Mithael Wiee, 
Jacob Herman. 
Han:» Geofg Fti. 
Hand Jacob 8oiii«y. 
Otto Fredrirfc Somej, 
Jobann XinJas Seegvr, 
Matt beet Be«k. 
Jarob Chrin, 
Marx Bigier. 


[The original list is herewith piven,] 

Names of Men. 

Names, Ages. 

Francis Schuler 44 

Jacob Gripe, 21 

David MertT., 44 

Johan Nicholas Mertz, 18 

George Leap, 56 

Johan Conrad Leap, 30 

Philip Jacob Edelman, 25 

Matthes Bouser, 63 

Matthes Bewser 22 

Christian Bewser, 18 

Philip Mire. 86 

David Edelman, 49 

Adam Spoon, 84 

Jacob Hainel 20 

Ludwig^ Rigerd, 28 

Michael Wise, 29 

George Shustard, 44 

Yoost Heck, 85 

Jacob Hunsinger, 80 

Hance Jacob Liebeg^ood, 89 

Jacob Harmon, 40 

Hans Jacob Uts, 27 

Hans Georg Uts, 50 

Hance Peter Sowmy, 59 

Hance Jacob Sowmy, 22 

Hance Peter Sowmy," 20 

Otto Frederick Sowmy 15 

Joseph Shamaker, 25 

Ulrich Barghalter, 40 

Johan Nicholas Sager, 89 

Georg Schenemansgruber 85 

Matthes Peck 89 

Johannes WoUet, 88 

Henry Winterberger, 26 

Hans Sherer, 80 

Jacob Christ 54 

Marcus Christ 17 

George Angsted, 87 

Marcus Beegler, 28 

Philip Tadigman 86 

Johannes Weaver, 22 

Johannes Rosensteel, 19 


Names. Agt. 

Abraham Wootring, 88 

Matthias RebBh 8» 

Names of Women. 

Haria Sohuler 47 

Veronica MerW 40 

Cnthorina Leap 80 

Aiiiiu Uhri»itina Leap 34 

M&rgaretha Edelman 96 

Esther Boui^er 49 

AoDa Margaretlia Uire, 40 

Anna Barbara StaiimiiD 80 

Anna JUarla Edeliuan S4 

Auna Elisaljeth JJeweer . . .- 80 

Anna MarKaretlia 8|>oon S3 

OiTtruda Shustard 88 

Sophia «la8e 28 

Eva Maria Heck. 85 

Slargaretha Liebegood, % 40 

Catherina iiarlnon 88 

Maria ratherinaPti, U 

Barl>ara Holler T, 

Maria Hagdalena Holler, 58 

Harla Shopniacher 84 

Barbara Biirgltaltcr 84 

Anna Barbara Sager S8 

Margart^tha SflifneiiianBgriilM^r, 88 

KiiB<«liiiH Pi^pk 87 

AnnallargantliH WoUet, 84 

Uaria Hagdalena Winterberger, 94 

Maria Magdalen a Sherer 38 

M«gila!ena PhriM 44 

Eva Catherlna Chrixt 81 

Maria Barbara Tadigstnan, 86 

Anna Maria Tadigsnian 99 

Man^retlia Wt-av^r 17 

Anna Margar^tlia Wootring. 38 

Magilalena Wisrn 8H 

Barbara Koenely 8fi 

Nanus of Boy$. 

Joban Peter Hertx, Uf 

Baltaflar Bdetman. 4 

DMilel Bewaer, llj 


Names, Age. 

Jacob Bewser, 9J 

Johau Henrioh Spoon, 4 

Johauues Shostard, 10 

Johan Jacob Heck, <> 

Johan Jacob Liebegood, 10 

Dewald Harmon, 13 

Jacob Harmon, « 

Hance Harmon, 3J 

Hance Peter Harmon, 9 months. 

Hance Michael Sowmy, 10 

Johannes Sowmy, 5 

Hance Peter Burghalter, U 

Johau Henrlch Sager, 8 

Samuel Sager, 6 

Johan Christian Sager, 3 

Anthony Peck, 12 

Johan Heurich Peck, 7 

George Angsted, 6 

Johannes Angsted 1 

Philip Tarrisman, 6 

Hance Peter Wool ring, . . . ". 9 

Names of Girls, 

Christina Mertz, 3J 

Anna Maria Leap, 14 

Anna Margaretha Leap, 12 

Maria Esther Edelman 14 

Magdalena Bewser, 7^ 

Anna Maria Bewser, 4 

Anna Catherina Bewser, IJ 

Anna Elisabetha Bewser, 7 

Anna Maria Bewser, 17 weeks. 

Anna Catherina Heck, .... 10 

Anna Gretha Liebegood 10 

Anna (Catherina Liebegood, 3^ 

Catherina Harmon, II 

Barbara Harmon, 8 

Catherina Barbara Harmon, (j months. 

Anna Barbara Haltin 50 

Maria Magdalena Sowmy, 24 

Elisabeth Burghalter 14 

Anna Catherina Burghalter, 12 

Anna Magdalena Burghalter, 8 

Anna Barbara Burghalter 4 

7-VoL. XVIL 


Namen. Age, 

Uurga'-etha Burtchalter, 2} 

Anna Marlii 8aK*!r, l4 

Aiiitii Barbara Bager, 10 

Maria Louisa Stiger 8^ 

ChrlBlina Harbara Saner, .Omonths. 

Anna Cathtriua Peck, lOJ 

Veronica Slierer, .4 months. 

Eva Cathurfna Serer, . , , 4 

UiiHaCatheriuaTadlgamaii. 9 

Anna Mnria Tadi|{8iQan ^ 

Marin HnrtMira Tadl|{Binan, 6 months. 

AnnaMargaretha Wootrlng 7 

Maria Magdalena Wootrlnt;, 4^ 

Anna Loiilga Wootring 3 


Bktst, Johx Bull, Master, prom Loxdon. Qualipifd 
Oirr. 13. 1733. 

Johaii Ketluer, 
Samuel Ludl. 
Adam BiKig, 
Johnn Ltebegood. 
Peter Stockf r, 
Johannea l.^nit. jr., 
HatiH Peter Grulier, 
Nicholas Hetrel, 

Henrloh Mock lei, 
UlHcli Leibegoo;!. 
Christian Anderlch, 
Nicholas Burger, 
JohanncH Lang. 
Geo. Michael Kettner, 
Hans Paul Vogt. 

[ Tht arUiiiMf) list i» herewith ffirett. ] 
Names of Men. 
A'.nH.v Age. 

Johnn Kalner. 40 

George Kalner. 18 

Henry Menklf. »4 

Peter Gruber, 34 

Samuel Lotnly, . 18 

rhrisllan Andereck. ... 88 

Ulrich Lebeicool 45 

Johan Pieter Leel>eg<Kii, Ifl 

Adam Siwig 80 


Names. Age. 

Nicholas Burger, 20 

Wilhelin Imler 55 

Peter Stocker 53 

Johan Vogt, 58 

Johan Long, 45 

Johan Long, Jun., . 15 

Nicolas Heltsell, — 

Names of Women. 

Feronica Katner, 34 

Susanna Meckle, 35 

Anna Gruber, 24 

Maria Loody, 46 

Susanna Leebegoot, 36 

Margaretha Burger, 50 

Anna Burger, 25 

Anna Imler, 20 

Anna Blocker, 51 

Maria Vogt, 46 

Anna Long, 36 

Maria Dorothea Heltzel, 30 


Names of Boys. 

Johan Henrich Katner, g 

Henrich Adam Katner, 3 

Martin Gruber, ji 

Adam Leebegoot, 13 

Jacob Leebegoot, 10 

Adam Spag, 12 

Philip Burg«^r, ]2 

George Breitengross, 13 

Ludwig Imler, H 

Johan Imler, 7 

Andreas Vogt, 12 

Caspar Vogt q 

Johan Georg Long, 1 

ChristolTel Heltsel, 41 

Hans Jacob Heltsel, \i 

Names of Girls. 

Maria Katner, H 

Maria Meckle, 31 

Catherina Meckle, 6months. 

Dorothea Loody, ^ 


A'omM. Agt. 

EliHnWth LiHMly, & 

Mitriii Loody. 3j 

AnuH Leebfgoot, , . 8 

Mnria Lt^ebegCMil, 5 

Mnrgnretha BurKi-r. 10 

UarKAr^ltiK Biirfcer. 6 months. 

t'dthfriiift tml<>r, 80 

Stibjua liiiler, 

Muria Stockfr ... .... 

Barbara Stocktr. , . 

Oatlicriiia Vo([l, . 

Maria Vngt, 

Maria Long 

Cattit-rina liOiig, . .■ 

B.irbaru l.oug, ..... 

Eva Cath^rina Ueli8el, . . 

Ll.-iT OF PoitKlOXRRa 
• >V Dl'BLI.S'. J.WKS 

Davit! Ka roller, 
Haim«< V..r<le. 
ComeliKs Itriw, 
Ja<'ob S[M>n|{l«r, 
Ellas Stickler, 
,lohuni) Adam l>rif«, 
Philip Thomas Truiiim 
Ot^rg PfafTfnlMirgrr, 
Animus Rainhach. 
Nii^laiiH Uoretr, 
Joltantie> Ia|i. 
Johati Martin Bmiin. 
Johannes Rothroek. 
Johannes Winin'rtmann, 
Johann Pfter Theucler, 
Johanu Arnold Billig, 
Hen rich Sauvr, 
Jncoh Pranck, 
Hirhael Friedl.v, 


BKS'S, Uastrr, krom Rottkrbax. 

Gottfried Reich. 
Andreas Dries. 
Peter Drieei, 
Peter Hite, 

Hann tieorg Harlacher. 
Johan Michael Noll, 
Chrlatlau Sooter, 
Oeorjt PfaffenberBer, jr., 
Jaoob H (ilTnian, 
Jacob B^rkel, 
Peter Apple. 
Johnnnefi Reichenhtteh, 
Philip Jacob Rothroek, 
Johannef Holtz, 
Johannes TeniMcher, 
Jotmnn fieorg Rie1>ell, 
Johannei< Stickler, 
t'hri^tian Blamrr, 
Friederich Punck, 
Nicola IIS Soder, 



Audrea.^ Ney, 
Johan Michael Dill, 
Priederich Dorfflinger, 
Hans Jacob Berkel, 
Johan Adam Warner, 
Johan Peter Gottel, 
Johannes Slabach, 
Joh. Henry Slabach. 

Hans Michael Hammer. 
Christian Retelsberger, 
Hans Michael Keller, 
Baltzer Breaninger, 
Geo. FriedeWch Koliler, 
Johan Jacob Gottel, 
Jacob Loscher, 

[ The original list is herewith giveiu ] 

Names of Boys. 

Names. Age. 

David Korker, 12 

Hans George Yorden, 12 

Johannes Yorden, t> 

Baltasar Reich, -i 

Stophel Spengler, i:{ 

Philip Strieker i> 

Adam Strieker, 7 

Henry Strieker, 4J 

Johan Philip Wengerman, 18 

Johan Adam Blaser, 18^ 

Hans Matz Blaser, 6i 

Nicolaus Blaser, ^ 

Christophel Deitscher, 4 

Jacob Deitscher, 2 

One boy of Funk not yet baptize.!. 7 week>*. 

Hans Henry Souter, .... 7 

John Jacob Brown, 1 

Hans Michel Nay, 8J 

Adam Pappenberger, 4 

David Hoffman, 8 

David Rambaeh, 8 

Hans Jacob Rambaeh, 2 

Hans Michel Roller, . . • ^ 

Hans .Facoh Berkley, 9 months. 

Hans Jacob Breuninger, 13J 

Peter Kettle, 10 

Rudolph Lap, 11 

Tewald Slabach, 13 

Henry Slabach. 10 

Hans Georg Loscher, 14 

JVamen of Oirlx. 

Anna t'utlirinn Knrk«r, . . . 
Aiiiiii KliuilM-th Vonleii, . . 
Utirjii Dorollieii R<>iclk, , . . 
Mftria Dnrlmra l)ri«s, . . . 
Harlitini Kliaatx^tli I>ri<4<. 

Aiimi Maria Driet^ 

Maria Kliiuil>t^tli 8(H-tii;lcr, . . 
Anna HliB^lM-tli HIte, 

Kil«.lH-llL Sower 

Maria lUagiJaleua Wing^nnui. 
HaAua F«liHa WinKsriiinD. . 
AiiiiK Miu-K»rptliA Wliierrtnan, 

Catlit^riiiA Blaner, 

Maria UagitHleiiu Bhuer, 

Aunn Uargarettia Bl>u»er, . . . . . 
Siisnuna Klis^ilmlli TJeilscher, . 
Jolianna liiirlinra ]Vi1«ch<!r, 

Miiria li'irUim Kihbl«, 

One girl -if I' link uoi yet Implizetl, 

Eii!4il>t>th FriAtlly 

Catlieriua Rfit- hnnlHkch 

Maria Harliara Reicht>iil>ach. . . 
Autin Unrin ttvii'livnbach, . 
Aiiim Hargarelha Smiler, . . 
Maria Christ n& Bniwii, . , 
Anna Mai^pirvl ha Brown, . . 

Catli«rin« Hiuwn 

Aniut KkriNU^ Nay 

Mkria UargkreihaSoutrr. . . . 
Christina Happen l>erKer, .. . . 
l£liMalH>t)i Papi>enl»r|(«''"- - ■ - 

Anna Varia HiilTniaii, 

MarU Mith'.lnt-nn Hoffman 

B.rivi-.. i' :'.r;,.,-:. 

jiuiia E ..-t). 

SibyllA Kaiiihach 

Claris ^; ■-: ; i i Berkl)*y. 
CalhrrJIiit It.rkl-y. . . , . 

Barhitni B«ri(l<'> 

Anna Uaria Brvuninger. . 

Mar^nr^tlin Kettle 

Chriatina Kettle. 

Johaon* Maniarviha Kettle, 
Anna Uuia LaiK 



Nam€6. Age. 

Anna Catherina Lap, 8 

Dorothea Slabach, o 

Catherina Losoher, 17^ 

Barbara Loscher, 16 

Margaretha Loscher, 9 

[The following list being tiled among the qualiiieaiioas and 
arrivals for the year 1783, \h here placed. See p. 83. ] 

Navies. Age. 

Henrick Stance, 39 

Mara Stance, 31 

Anna Mara Stance, 11 

Mara Catrana Stance, 7 

Mara Doritea Stance, 4 

Hance Jacob Stance, 1^ 

Hance Peter Hoffman, 28 

Johenes Jong, 20 

Chon Peter Foust, 40 

Ann Eliz Foust, 40 

Philop Foust. 20 

Micoll Foust. 13 

Cohannes Foust, 11 

Cohan C. Peter Foust, 9 

Ann Eliz Foust, 5 

Matelina Foust. 3 

Cohen Hendrick Foust 2 

Jacob Gibe, 34 

Cateriua Gibe, 34 

Andries Gibe. 12 

Micoll Gibe, 9 

Marllna Gibe, 4J 

Elizabeth Gibe, 2 

Olrich Shaigh, 4H 

Ann Eliz Shaigh. 48 

John Jacob Shaigh, 20 

Ever Eliz Shaigh, 17 

Anna Eliz Shaigh, 13 

Johanes Lutts. 35 

Margarett Lutts, 38 

Hance Martin Lutts. 11 

Catrana Lutts, 9 

Elizb Lutts, 2 


Naiiitx. Age. 

Mureruilell Lntte J 

Mathit'M Whitman M 

Mara <.'atrana Wliltiiiiiii, 89 

Johaues Whitman Hi 

Kli/'' Whitinau. 3i 

Mathew Whiteiiian 34 

Margrett Whiteiuai 90 

CriMtofes Whilemaii 8 

Mathien W]iit«niaii 8 

Wendell Whiteiiian 3^ 

Eli/'' Whiteiiian, 9 

Henrich Still, 60 

Simon Linilor, . , 58 

Mar^rett Linilor. 3B 

Catriiift Lindor, 17 

Simon Ijiiiilor, 16 

Eii/abeth Lindor U 

Laranire Liudoi-, 8 

Haiii;e Jercck Lindiir 8J 

Frt>drip,h Onexelr, 84 

Uiclial Falior, 3.1 

Sarah Falwr, S?. 

Pabor Faljor, 4J 

MicliaJ Fabor, a 

Andniw Pogener, 34 

Catrana Pogener. 37 

Juhen Tobiew Pogener 8 

Steven Lowman 8i 

Hanoe .reriolt Porter, 29 

Jacob Bunett, 89 

Mftry fiiinett, 33 

SuHanna Huiiett 4 

Crixtana Bunett 3 

Margrett Uniiett, * . 8 

Jolien Simon Bimett 3 

Wolfeon Milor, 41 

Margrett Milor. 58 

Jacob Milor 17 

Siiaanna Stoning, 27 

Sim" Sherman, *t 

Catrina Sherman, 40 

Marilis ShermaD 99 

Maria Sherman. 1» 

Jerick Shei-man 17 

Gatrlnes Sbertnan, 18 





AuimBarbarti Hubler. 

Anna Hubler, . . 



BftrUim Wi,.^ 

Ttibell Trinul 


Uura Aiwll Trolld, 





MaraHoutfWBlt, . . 


Crndell Houswelt, . . 




Jacob Hendriok, 

NlcklOB Slav 

Klizb Shittfl), 


Namen. Ai/e. 

Philop Smith, 83 

n.irit^y Smith 80 

Philop Smith, , H iiiontba. 

Httiice JerlckNort , , . 48 

Mara Barbara Nort, .48 

MaraKret Nort. 18 

TobiaKNort, 11 

Havana Nort 10 

Jacob Tilllngor, S8 

Mara BarbraTillingor , 38 

Johan Fredrick TUlingor 8 

AndriettClipBadell M 

Jerlck Hendrick Marcli 30 

Johan Olrlok Coal! 80 

Solmey Coall. 80 

MathieaCoal), & 

Mara Coall, 7 

John Fftgly. 38 

Anna Barbara Fagly, 36 

Hitirich Btiner, 8H 

Mickell Rinehed 28 

Catrana Rinehed 22 

Mickell Mikt, H 

AnnaMikt, . . 46 

Hance Jaooli Mikt, 20 

Jolianee KesnoBer 40 

Kertrourt Kesnoflfr, 50 

Conrect Keitnotier, H 

Johun Yerck Keenoaer, 12 

MarlloB Honing SO 

Anna Oatrana Honing, 35 

PliHop Sever, 38 

Joheues Moon, 96 

Margret Moon. 44 

Marioa Moon, 10 

Matiiee Moon, . 8 

Vernor Moon, 6 

Conun IiUtwIck Moon 8^ 

Muol Cowel], 82 

Ann Eli/" Cowell 38 

Ann Gatranna Cowell, .... SJ 

Conrect Cowell ^ 

Sftvena Cowell, 34 

Johen JoBep Fuler, 38 

John Jereok Petery, . . . 97 



Names. Aye. 

John Henriok Shirt. 22 

Conret Shott, .50 

Anna Catrana Shott 49 

Anna Clara Shott, 16 

Conhenas Shott, ... 9 

Philop Foust, 30 

Ann Catrina Foust, 24 

John Jacob Foust, 4 

John Addem Foust, 2 

John Headrick Foust, 6 months. 

MicoH Rut, 56 

Ann Margret Rut, .... o6 

John Henrick Tinick, 33 

Anna Marg it Tinick, 36 

Anna Barbara Tinick, b 

Mice!! Tinick, T) 

Anna Margritt Tinick, U 

Goblin Hetrick, 40 

KHzabetl) Hetrick, 35 

John Houst Hetrick, 17 

William Hetrick, 10 

Catrina Hetrick ^ 

Colian Henrich Hetrick, 2 

Anna Margrett Hetrick 3 

List of Forkionkrs Importkd in thk Ship St. Andrkw, 
John Stbdman, Mastrr, from Rotterdam. Qitalified 
Sept. 12 1734. 

Christopher Wiegner, 
Georg Kribel, 
Georg Jackel, 
Georg Ander, 
Georg Reinwald, jr., 
Georg Wiegner, 
Hans Henrich Jackel, 
Georg Mentzel, 
Gaspare Heydrich, 
Christoph Wiegner, 
David Seibb, 
Georg Heydricli, 

Georg Hubner. 
Baltzer Jackel. 
Caspar Kribel, 
Abraham Jackel, 
Hans Wiegner, 
Baltzer Jackel, jr., 
Melchior Mentzel, 
Georg Weiss, 
Georg Scholtz, 
Georg Anders, 
Christoph Seibb, 
Georg Drescher, 



Melohiur MeiDhtur. 
iieorge Scholtze, 
Fri^durlch SchopK, 
David Schubert. 
l)>>Kfnhart Pott, 
NlnolaH Dek. 
Ulrkh Spies, 
Pct»?r TreWel, 
Vivl^iitin Dilil, 
Mttluliior Uubiiar, 
Melchlor Krilitj], mm.. 
Uelchior Krtjiel, jr., 
Btiltxer HofTiimii, Jr., 
C)iriHto|ili Jakule, 
Christiiph Ruiiiwuld, 
Melohior Neuinaii, 
Balthaaur Heyilrlo, 
MattliiaH Jackel, 
rfregoriiiM Soholt/Ji, 
Christoph Drenchor, jr., 
Christopher Soholt/e. 
Bt'rnhard Stelnliach. 
HanH Habeoer, 
Johannes Van nnhkt>ii. 
Joltaiin Oeorg Rut/. 
Jai^ob Rutiipfellt, 
Jacol> Wllhelml, 
Jolwitnes Sanger, 
Helnrlch Riiinpfeld, 
David Hubnttr (nics). 
David -Tackle (stok), 
Hana Martin Tryatev (Hlnh 

Baltier Aiidere. 

(Jaipur John, 

ChriBtoph Pauen, 

WilhelinuH Pott, 

Peter bchainker, 
^ NicolaN Winder, 

Peter Jager, 
^ Conrad Frey, 

tJatipar Juckel. 

Christ oph Sohuliert, 

Balthaaer HofTinan. 

Georg HoRinun. xeii. . 

.Terciiiiiui Jaokel, 

Ort^gciridH Ueiethnr, 

AbrHham Dilil, 

Tobiati Hertteranfft, 

Olstopli Neuinan, 

ChriHtoplier Jackel, 

David Uescliler, 

Ueluhior Bcholtr.e, 

Hein. Tjudwig UrickhiLiiB. 

Geurg BanHche, 

Wilhdm Wit7.en. 

Jacob Friederick Rivger, 

Valentin Veriich, 

Johnntieit Wildf&ng, 

Johtui Caspar Storller, 

Matthias Maroker, 

ChrJBtopher Kriel)el (aick), 

(l-eorg Reynold (MJok), 

Andreas Warner (tiick). 

Uniifr Sixteen. 

David Neumau, 
Georg Wiegnor, O 
AndreaH Heyilricli. 
Melohior Hiibiicr, 
Peter Lat>aoh, 
JohiinneM Pott. 
.Tacol) Fre£, 
Johannes Deck, 
.TohanneM Wolfgang, 
Valentin Wtlhelnil, 
Priiierich Drosoher, 
Johann NIcalaiis SleliK 

Christopher Heydricli, 
Abraham Wiegner, o^ 
('astiar Seibb, 
Georg Andere, 
Daviii Bcliubert, 
Jnlmiin Wiihelm Pott. 
Geoi^ Heiiiricb Ruth, 
Johann Henrinh Deck, 
.lohann Micliael Wolfgang, 
Japob Wilhelmi, 
Wiihehn HertteranfTt. 
Johann Jacob Splev. 



Philip Freidel, 
Johaun Jacob Hildebrand, 
Christopher Kribel, 
Christopher Hubner, 
Georg Kribel, 
Christopher Reinhold, 
Christopher Meister, 
George Hertterauft, 

Johann Jacob Steiner, 
Hans Georg Volker, 
Clement Dubach, 
David Schubert, 
Christopher HofTman, 
Melchior Wigner, 
Balthasar Jackel, 
Melchior Hertteranft. 

List ok Forrignrrs Importkd in tkk Ship Hopr, Dax- 
iKL Rkid, Mastrr, prom Rotthrdam. Qualifird Srpt. 
23, 1734. 

Jacob Baa mail, 
Michael Gerber, 
Michael Fickel. 
Bemhart Richer, 
Han Jacob Fischbach, 
Johan Albert Langerfeld, 
Philip Esping. 
Peter Stam, 
Henrich Stettz, 
Johannes Jung, 
Johannes Noh, 
Johannes Artger, 
Simon Beil, 
Antony Nobel, 
Johannes Richter, 
Johannes Heinsman, 
Johan Peter Gross, 
Aug. Henrich Kunstman, 
Joh. Philip Doldt, 
Job. Wilhelm Ahlbach, 
Han Henrich Otteri>arh.. 
Joh. Arnold Reisch, 
Joh. Geo. Antony Muller, 
Christian Otto Schultz, 

Jacob H offer. 
Christian Houser, 
Ulrich Buhler, 
Han Henrich Hoffman, 
Johann Wilhelm Graff, 
Gottfride Schierwager, 
Johannes Keiser, 
Christoph Rabe. 
Zacharias Ahlbach, 
Jost Smith, 
Georg Lubcken, 
Simon Kinbacli, 
Joh. Henrich Otter, 
Antony Nobel, jr.. 
Christian Farnie, 
Johan Adam Schroff, 
Joh. Henrich Klockner, 
Joh. Henrich Heinsman, 
Zacharias Flamerfeld, 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
Joh. Herbert. Weberd. 
Joh. Hen. Weschenbach, 
Joh. Andreas Muller, 
Cornelius Parat. 


[Thf ori^nal li»l if AereiciCA givnt.] 
Hert't Names. 
Name. Afft. 

Jucot^uri Bowman. 98 

BernhartUB Ricbant . U 

Fmlrick Kafer, ,68 

Jacob K(ji*er .2$ 

HaiiH Hundrick Hofuian, 99 

Hum Ja^ob Fwhbach. ... .80 

Julin WilheliD Kras, .48 

Michal Oerber, . . 87 

ChHHtian UontHir, ... .SO 

Pf tttr Gortner, . . . . 80 

Mlchal Fikle, M 

Ulrlch Buler. SO 

JiiuniN Richter, , . , M 

PlilUiiJ Esping. , . 98 

ChriMtiaii Famie. . 27 

Joaiiix Kiiysep. •, . . 50 

Jnrgeti Heynsman, 4S 

Joanis HeynMuan, lA 

Jolian Adam Shroof. 95 

Johaii Peter tiroofie, 80 

Jolian Hendrlck Klakmir 40 

Pt^tei-Btam, 90 

Au^uKt Henrich KunBtman, 93 

Jolian Henrich Heinsman, 80 

OhriBtopher Rabfe, 97 

Johtin Phillip Duldt 10 

HiMiriuh SteldtH 81 

Kacharlas Ohibach 80 

Kachtirias Flomnrfleid, 91 

Johan Wlllhelm Ohibacli 88 

JolianiH Jnng, 40 

Jost Smith. 40 

Peter Smith 17 

Joiiania Nohe , . . 40 

Jolian Henrioh Otterbacli. , . . , , , ... 80 

Jolian Herbert Weber, 23 

f+eorge Lnbcken 95 

JoanU Peter Apgard, 20 

Simon Kierbach. 38 

Johan Arent Kiesh, 28 

SIt-inonis Benell. ... 10 

Johan Henrich Weshlwch, 24 


Namt, Age. 

Johan H enrich Otterbach, 21 

Johan Jurg Anthony Miller, 25 

Joahin Andreas Miller 21 

Anthony Noble, 53 

Anthony Noble, Jun% l^ 

Johan Alberts Longerfield, 30 

Oodtfrid Bheerwagen. 49 

Christian Otta Shultz, . . 22 

Carl Fiilker, 23 

John Robeson, 30 

Willhelm Haer, 54 

Cornelius Paraed, 28 

Francis Dasons 21 

John Delmer, 23 

Patrick Camell, 20 

Darbie Silvin 24 

John Gamel 20 

Daniel Cainmeron, 21 

William Pursell, 30 

Oyn Doniwand, 26 

Bernhard Caniell, 27 

Mark Fey, * 20 

Bernhard Megie, 26 

Dorbie Carie, 21 

Nathaniel Morrin, 30 

John Nouland, 24 

Joseph Lameer 24 

Harnabie Franchie, 22 

John Grun, 40 

John Cainerson 40 

William Carter. 23 

Patrick Heney, 21 

Women's Names. 

Anna Margret Hofman 20 

Cathrina Fishbtich 28 

Sophia Margret Krazs, 36 

Eliza Cathrlne Jongen, 32 

Anna Cathrine Jongen 20 

Eliz* Maria Holdinghousen 30 

Anna Gerber, 22 

Maria Leshrin, 17 

Barbera Heglerin 52 

Anna Housrin 50 

Johanna Honsrin, 16 



Name. Age. 

AiLiiaMttrgrlttaClundin, 80 

Aima Miigdt'leuaBechtlerhi, . .99 

Anna Eli?.' Panii^ 98 

Catl)rin« Faraie, 89 

Maria Cattirlne Kwyserin 48 

Jobaiina KeyBrIn, . , , . 30 

Anna Maria Beuler, .88 

Cathrine HeyiiBiuan, 43 

Susanna HeyuBman, SO 

Uaria Catliriue Shroof, 98 

Anna Cathrioe GrooU, 96 

Clara Klackiierin, 37 

Anna ]>uinat OI>ll>ach, 87 

Anna Catlirine Pock, 80 

Oenlttrutli Plomorfleld , 91 

Anna Ellit' Ohlbaoli, 96 

Anna Uaria Jongen, 33 

Eli/*Bechtleriii d7 

Haria Barbara Bechtlerin. lit 

Anna Maria Bechtlerin. 90 

Anna Christina Smith, 4(1 

EVw.' Magdelen Smith, 90 

Maria Clara Wohe. , . . . , 40 

Gerdruth Nohe , 16 

Anna Maria Kierbach, 36 

Vreyja Cathrine Klerbach, 21 

Maria Reish 38 

Maria Margrut Wefthbaoh, . .,...., 19 

Anna Maria Be utit, 17 

Maria Eli/* Boinerin, 18 

<;athrine Noble 43 

CliriNtian' EHx* LonKArAeld. 86 

Ki^ginaBarberaSpedin 40 

('hildrfn'a Names. 

Jitlian Caeper Krazs 11 

Johait PliiHip Kra/Ji, 8J ' 

Anna Gerber, niontbG. 

Boetian Leithftr, 11 

Nlclaus Houser. II 

Hans MiRlial Keysor 8 

Juliana Keysor, 4 

Anthony Heinxman 11 

Maria Magdelena HninFiinan, 9 


Name. Age. 

Marg^eta Susanna Shroof , 2 

Jolian Henry Groos, 2 

Preysa Cathrine Groos, 4 

Joanis Gerard Klakner, 4 

Maria Eliz* Klakner, 11 

<>athrina Klaknor, 7 

Ma^^elina Klaknor, 3 

Joanis Willhelm Ohlbach 11 

Joanis Gerard Ohlbach, T 6 

Anna Margret Ohlhaoh, 8 

Gerdernth Margreta Ohlbach, 2 

Joanis Peter Ohlbach, 2 

Harmon Jung 4 

Maria Gerderuth Jung, 5 

Eliz» Jung, 1 

John Jacob Nohe, 2^ 

Maria Clara Nohe, ^ 

Cathrine Noble, 5 

Joanis Lesher, 15 

Joseph Heinsman, 15 

Henrich Willhelm Riesh 15 

Anna Cathrine Nohe, 10 

List op Forbiqnrrs Imported in the Ship Mercury, Wil- 
liam Wilson, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
May 29, 1785. 

Conrad Wurtz. 
Jacob Schenckel, 
Jacob Neff, 
Johann Weiss, 
Hans Meier, 
Jacob Frey, 
Hans Huber, 
Hans Muller, 
Johannes Heit, 
Abraham Weidman, 
Hans Jacob Radtgab, 
Baltzer Bossert, 
Henrich Oswald, 
8— Vol. XVII. 

Jacob Beshar, 
Heinrich Huber, 
Jacob Tantzler, 
Henrich Merk, 
Caspar Netzli, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Conrad Naffe, 
Hans Ott, 
Henry Surber, 
Rudolph Weidman, 
Johan Ulrich Aner, 
Caspar Schweitzer, 
Jacob Perdschinger, 



Henry Brnnaer, 
Hans Conrad Kaller, 
H«nrloh Bohrelber, 
Jacob Maurer, 
Jacob ShtitlenborK. 
Jacob WieBt, 
Rudolph Walter, 
Conrad Meyer, 
Caspar Gut, 
PhOip EleiD, 
Rudolph Aburly, 
Caai)ar Plauler, 
Conrad RutBchi, 
Johannee Uolich, 

Jacob Weidinan, 
Jacob Madler, 
Martin Sheilberg, 
Henrich Bch«uchzer, 
Henry Mosook, 
Rudolph EgK, 
Jacob Bchmlt, 
Jacob HalT, 
Jacob Matz, 
Hans Ulrieh A moo, 
Jacob Conrad Naffe, 
Abraham Weckerly, 
OhriBtoph Neumelster, 
Hen rich Fomt. 

[The original litt it hertuiiih ffiven."] 
Name. Age. 

Heiidryk Gotsohy 17 

Conrad Woertz 30 

Abraliam Weldman 35 

Rudolph Weidman, 90 

Jacob Rathgep, 84 

Jacob PoBsart 40 

Jacob Bchenekell, 87 

Hendryk Huber, 70 

Jacob Naf 89 

Jacob Dent zler, 40 

Ha Ulrlc Aner 48 

Johannes Weies, 48 

B&lthasar Poesart, SO 

Hendryk Merck 19 

Killian Merck 16 

Jobannee Meyer, 39 

Caspar Notily, 4S 

Caspar Schweitzer, M 

Hendryk Oswald 80 

Jacob Prey, SO 

Jacob Honiberger, 18 

Jacob Meyer, 3B 

Jacob BertBChlnger, 19 

Hendryk Bruner, ]7 

HanaKubler, --. 4S 

Jacob Weidniann. 40 

Conrad Keller, 88 

Gourad Naf, 83 



Names. Age. 

Jaeob Bacher, 89 

Jaeob Metier, 17 

H& Mutler, 98 

Hendryk Muller, 81 

JohanneeOtt, 19 

Johannes Held, 24 

Hendryk Sohreyber, 88 

Esther Gotsehy, 44 

Barbara Ootsohy, 18 

Esther Gotschy IQ 

Anna Gdtschy, 84 

Magdalena Bteiuinger, 80 

Marie Weber, 80 

Barbara Haller, 88 

Oleovea Schenckel, 80 

Elijcabeth Possart, 17 

Ursula Grendelmeyer, 87 

AnnaNaf 19 

Ma^aJena Phister, 87 

Verena Krebser, 80 

Verena Kern, 80 

Verena Eberhar 87 

Elizabeth Winchla, 81 

Barbara Weiss, 18 

Elisabeth Weiss 16 

Bosanna Blndscheder 80 

Elizabeth WettBtein, 89 

Elizabeth Peter 21 

Kegula Appell, 89 

Bar\)ara Weidman 80 

Anna Isler, 43 

Barbara Meyer, 89 

Barbara Eberhard 30 

Regula Stotz, 37 

Barbara Glaiir 31 

Catherine Isler 34 

Barbara Albrecht, 40 

fiegula Maarer, 23 

Catherine Ruegg^ 20 

R<xlolpb GotHchy, 12 

MauritzGutachy 10 

BeatOotschy 8 

Magdalena Gotschy, 6 

Judith Weidmann. 2 

Barbara Weidmann, 3 


Name. Age. 

Rodolph Possart, 10 

Anna PoHaart 6 

BcHlolph Hueber, 

Iiiaabeth Hueber, 11 

Elisabeth Kaf, 4 

Jacob Dentzler, 9 

Rodolph DentJiler. S 

Abraliatn Dentsler 3 

Margaretb Dentzlep. i 

Abraham Dubenilorffer 9 

Anna Brunner 11 

Hs. Ulrlo Brunner, 

Verena Aner, 8 

Felix Aner, 7 

Kb. Ulric Aner, S 

Uargareth Aner, 4 

Catherine WuiBH 9 

Busanna Weiss, S 

Anna Weiss 6 

Caspar Possart, 10 

Hendryh Possart 8 

Rodolph Possart . 3 

Hans Merck 6 

Hs. Conrad Merck, S 

Leonard Meyer, 14 

Jacob Meyer, 

Barbara Meyer 4 

Anna Barbara Prey, 10 

Elisabeth Fruy 8 

Hendryk Frey, 6 

Hs. Jacob Meyer, 8 

Magilalena Meyer, 6 

Jacob Kubler 3 

Elinabeth Kubler, 5 

Rodolph DubendorfTer, S 

Martin Sahellenberg, aO 

Conrad Zuppinger 86 

Jacob Maurer, 48 

Johan Hend Maurer, 19 

Hendryk Scheuchier, 48 

Jacob 8chellenl>erg 49 

Hi^ndrykMiischque, 98 

Hendryk Burher, -.BO 

Hendryk Snrber. 15 

Ulric Anuui, 94 


Name. Age, 

Rodolph Aberly, 22 

Jacob WeiBt, 24 

Rodolph Egg, 1^ 

Rodolph Walder, 39 

Conrad Naf, 52 

Jacob Schmid 32 

Jacob Schmid, 15 

Conrad Meyer, 51 

Melchior Meyer, 15 

Jacob Naf 24 

Caspar Gut 19 

Caspar Blaeler, 47 

Jacob Matsinirer. 37 

Abraham Wackerly, 30 

Conrad Rutschy, 27 

Christian Erhard Neumeister, — 

Johannes Moelig;, 40 

Phillipp Willem Kleyn, 23 

Hendryk Forst, 19 

Verena Bentz, 19 

Ursula Schelleberg, 17 

Rec^ala Eberhard, 19 

Mai^nrit Zupinger, 19 

Margueret Maurer, 42 

Elisabeth Maurer, 19 

Anna Stnz, 30 

Barbara Dappeller, 52 

Mag^elen Krebser, 49 

Barbara Schmid, 15 

Magdalene Weidman, 49 

Elisabeth Haller, 20 

Anna Naf, 19 

Magdel Mantz, 29 

Catherin Meyly 29 

Barbara Lips, 30 

Saliane Catherine Barlin, — 

Marie Cather Kirberger, 39 

Marg^rit Kentling^, 29 

Children's Names, 

Anna Dubendorffer, C 

Jacob Weidman, 5 

Mathias Keller, . . \ 

Jacob Bucher, 10 

Hendryk Bucher, 8 


Name. '*ff«- 

Harle Muller 6 

Anna Cleophe Sclireik. * 

Hb. Ulrio Zupinger, W 

Hendryk Zapplnger, 6 

Anna Marg. Mauer, ' 

Verena Barber. 1 

Jacob Walder * 

Hana Jacob Naf 

Jacob Naf, 7 

Felix Bchmid 18 

BarbSchmii] 6 

Hh. Hend Bleuler W 

Catherine Bleuler 8 

Hs. Jacob Bleuler 8 

Felix Hatiinger, 8 

Verena Waokerly. 2 

Jacob Rutsflhy, 10 

Hendryk Rutaohy 7 

Hb. Jacob Ruteohy, .2 wMuka 

Erenreich Moelig, 7 

Veronica Oertrat Moelig, IS 

Andreas Moelig, 4 

Marie Cath. Moelig H 

GottMd HoeUg, '. 10 


Philadblpua. Jahbs Marshall, Master, prou Lokdoh, 

qualifikd juitb 28, 17sg. 

Melchior Scholtze, Henrich BoBhart. 

Peter 8ohwaab, Andreas Brinker, 

Wilhelm Qesel, Andreas Widiuer. 

Zaoharlaa Frledrloh, Henrich Wurehiiian. 

Johannes Wurohman, Jacob Weidnm, 

Solomon Ruokstul, sen., Solomon RnokstuI, jr. 

[Tht (triginal liat it herewith j^ven.] 
Men's If a men. 
Melchior Shults, Zacbariiifl Fridrich, 

Hyndrick Possart, Pleter Swab, 

Andreas Brinker, Nioolaa Botikofer, 



Hyndrick Woerman, 
Jacob Widmer, 
Willein Gissel, 
Solomon Rackstoll, 

Women and 

Anna Possart, 
Hyndrick Possart, 
Hyndrick Brinker, 
Hans Brinker, 
Ma^dalena Woerman, 
Barbara Woerman, 
Hyndrick Woerman, 
Anna Woerman, 
Marget Widmer, 
Anna Widmer, 
Elisabeth Widmer, 
Clive Rookstol, 
Hyndrick Rookstol, 

Johannes Woerman, 
Andreas Widmer, 
Solomon Ruckstoll. 

Children's Names. 

Caspar Possart, 
Regula Brinker, 
Conrad Brinker, 
Jacob Brinker, 
Rede Woerman. 
OrsaJa Woerman, 
Elizabeth Woerman, 
Elizabeth Woerman, 
Jacob Widmer, 
Marget Widmer, 
Susannah Widmer, 
Barbara Rookstol, 
Barbara Rookstol. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Billander 
OiiiYER, Samuel Merchant, Master, prom South Caro- 
lina. QuALiPiED Aug. 25, 1735. 

Hans Bucher, 
Hans Koller, 
Johannes Marti, 
Ulrich Yilia, 
Peter Henckels, 
Hans Michael Pingley, 
Abraham Mausslin, 
Christian Weber, 
Hans Leyenberger, 

Lazarus Wenger, 
Christian Zwaller, 
Jacob S telly, 
Johannes Etter, 
Christian Brenholtz, 
Hans Ludenborg, 
Ulrich Mischler, 
Jacob Wilhelm Naath, 
Hans Bucher, jr. 

[The original list is hereirith given.} 

Men* 8 Names. 

Name. Age. 

Hans Booker, 54 

John Booker, 20 

Lazerus Winger 19 

Hans Koller, 40 


Name. Age. 

Chrietan Brenholts, Uft 

Hans Pinkley 08 

ChriDtan Swatlor, 24 

Hanti Lyinhurger, BO 

Hane Lyinburger, 25 

Aliram Meeaeley, 48 

HanaMartey, 44 

Uldriok Meder, SO 

Jaoob Starley 90 

CriBtan Wewer, 88 

Ulerick Velln. 87 

Johannes Atterley 40 

William Nawa 30 

Peter Hankler, 81 

Women's Names. 

Crlstana Booker 85 

Ann Winjfer, 58 

Ann Winger 18 

Suitannah KoUer 85 

Ann BwnholtB 40 

Lizarberth Lyinburgor, 45 

Lizarberth Lyinbnrger, M 

Barberry Lyinburger 14 

Lizarberth Healer, 8S 

Ann Wewer, 85 

Ann Wewer, 80 

Barbry Yelln 85 

Barbry Yelin 45 

(Mxtan Yelin 90 

Mar<lling Spring. 88 

Miirgat Otlernin 4 

Apploney Greeno 60 

Marry Nawe, 88 

Children's Names. 

Benjenman Booker 18 

Criatan Booker, lO 

Jacob CoUer, g 

I'eter Lyinbnrger 8 

Hannah Lyinbnrger 8 

Ann Mesler, 18 

Hans Wewer. 7 

Criatan Wewet, 8 



List op FoRBiaxBRS Imported in the Ship Harle, of 
London, Ralph Harlb, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 1, 173d. 

Frantz Heckert, 
Johannes Lorentz, 
Johannes Hannewald, 
Jacob Gemling, 
Wilhelm Hetterling, 
Nicklaus Trewer, 
Karl Kern, 
Jacob Amandus, 
Matthias Speck, 
Andreas Grimm, 
Heinrich Dubs, 
Joh. Peter Van Laschet, 
Joh. Philip Wageman, 
Johan Valentin Voigt, 
Johan Daniel Braan, 
Geo. Nicolas Zysloff, 
Johan Peter Nargang, 
Johann Georg Jaky, 
Rudolph Hackmann, 
Cornelius Weygandt, 
Andrias Nargang, 
Clemens Slottenbecker, 
Joh. Wilhelm Speck, 
Johannes Willems. 
Heinrich Gerhart, 
Andreas Haillman. 
Johan Peter Feglin, 
Johannes Rothrock, 
Johannes Zacharias, 
Joh. Ludwig Weicker, 
Johan Georg Btisel, 
Joh. Michael Weygell, 
Johannes Rissmann, 
Johann Georg Warn bolt, 
Andreas Joohim. 
Jacob Hostedler, 
Hans Ruppele, 
Jacob Jayser, 
Frederic Memart, 
Adam Seider, 
Adam Boher, 
Christian £rb. 

Johannes Kruck, 
Abraham Tiegarden, sen., 
Abraham Tiegarden, 
Georg Zeisloff, 
Daniel Nargang, 
Michael Jochim, 
Nicklas Rebell, 
Peter Rentsch, 
Dietrich Martin, 
Nicolas Post, 
Joh. Van Laschet, 
Christian Van Laschet, 
Johan Philip Wick, 
Johan Mathias Voigt, 
Johan Michael Graul, 
Johan Baltzer ZeislofT, 
Joh. Christophel Treber, 
Leonhardt Cronbach, 
Jacob Fell man, 
Hans Melchior Beyer, 
Johannes Butler, 
Johan Jacob Weyl, 
Peter Slottenbecker, 
Heinrich Slottenbecker, 
Joh. Jacob Daubenspeck, 
Johan Mathias Bruch, 
Johan Georg Mein, 
Joh n Jacob Barth, 
Balthaser Stephanns, 
Joh. Henrich Bruner, 
Joh. Ludwig Kammerer, 
Lal>orius Merschrath, 
Joh. Christoph Windemuth, 
Johann Georg Suheidler, 
Vincent Schackie, 
Jacob Evsen. 
Frederick Beegel, 
Andreas Kurtz, 
Jacob Sontag, 
Nilaus Lang, 
Ludwig Lay, 
John Jacob Zyderman, 



Andreas Cratz, 
Valentin Neu, 
Eberhart Ebel«r, 
Conrad Fran ken berger, 
Daniel Meyer, 
Paul us Brunoer, 
Andreas (itoas, 
Peter Rupp, 
Johannes Meyer, 
CaHpar Myer, 
Caspar Stelling, 
Johtu) Brand, 
CbriBtian Buder, 
Jonathan Heger, 
Jacob Cuntz, 
Jacob Koehenauei 
Adatn Warn bolt, 
GottfriU Grull. 
Christoph Rudolpf, 
Thomas Hummel, 
Johann Jacob Num, 
Heinrlch Wohlgemuth, 
Oeorg Adam Werner, 
Joseph Wohlgemuth, 
Johan Philip Muntz, 
Caspar Kuprersohmldt, 
Han Oeorg Handtwerch, 
Johann Adam Schauaa, 
Johan Valentin Soherer, 
Johan Jacob Christler. 
Joh. Adam Hohenechilt, 
Oeorg Michael Friedrloh, 
Johan Qeorg Lebnert. 

Jacob Libbert, 
Nicolaue Meloher, 
Christian Sohryaek, 
Johannes Rossi nger, 
Johannes Hess, 
Christian Landes, 
Leonhart Jager, 
Michael Noll, 
Nicolas Mnffoei, 
Lud^lg Mauerer, 
Dewalt Beyer. 
Mathias Deck, 
Johannes Oerber, 
Mattheus Roser, 
Jacob Hollinger, 
Andreas Francli, 
Johannes Fuohs, 
Michael Linder, 
Peter Hironimns. 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johan Conrad Bab, 
Abraham Wohlgemuth, 
Jacob I>adtermaun, 
Henrlch Weydebacb. 
Johannes Franckebergtr, 
Johann Conrad Grimm, • 
Zoch arias Setzler, 
Isaac Adolphus D«lb, 
<;hristian Stockly. 
Johan Peter Waralwld, 
Johan Peter Marsteller, 
Joh. Georg Windeinutb, 

[I%« original UH ia lierewilh ffiven.] 
Men's Names. 
Name. Aoe. 

Prans Hecker S4 

Johan Von J^asohe, 80 

Hans Peter Von Lasohe 26 

Chrlutian Von La8che 18 

Johan Krik 29 

Phillip Wick. 36 

Phillip Weygwnnnt B$ 


Name, Age. 

Abraham Tegart« 48 

Abraham Teg^art, 18 

Johannis Hannavalt, 23 

Johanni8 Laurents, 40 

Jacob Kemmerling, 23 

John Valentin Pokt, 33 

Matthias Fokt 19 

Dan* Boon, 16 

Michael Crowel, 53 

Geo. Nickel Seyloflf, 30 

Baltazar Seyloff, 29 

Georf^ Seyloff, 27 

WUlem Heederlin, 27 

Daniel Nergan, 20 

Peter Nergan, 33 

Nicholas Traver, 44 

Christ" Traver, 17 

Michael Yokem, 33 

Andreas Yokem, 40 

Carl Kern 30 

Nicholas Rebell 23 

George Shaky 36 

Jacob Amandis, 30 

Leonard Croonback, 29 

Vincent Shaky, 34 

Jacob Hofstedler, 32 

Jacob Eyser, 54 

Jacob Eyser 21 

Johannes Ruppel, 35 

Fredrick Beckel, 21 

Jacob Jeyser, 23 

Aron Cortz, 29 

Frederick Meindart, 24 

Rudplf Hackman, 20 

Jacob Felman, 55 

Jacob Sondag, 32 

Cornells Wiegant, 22 

Abraham Sayler, 30 

Adam Seyter, 38 

Nickel Lang, 34 

Adam Bone, 27 

Ludwick Loy, 25 

Christian Erb, 46 

Peter Rhensh, 37 

Hans Melchior Pyer, 21 


Name. Age. 

Andreas Nergan, 37 

John Biitler, » 

Clement Stoutebeoker, 80 

Matthias Speck 68 

DiTick. Murt « 

.Iuf.,1. W.-yl 89 

Will'Mii Siiopk 88 

Peter Stoutebecker 89 

Johan WilleiDB « 

HeikUrlck Stoutebecker, W 

Hendrick Ge»et, « 

Amine* Grim 18 

Jacob To veapeok, M 

AndrfeB Heelman 99 

Mntcfaiae Bouch, 88 

Jii' Peter Pegelin IS 

Jn'<ii-c>Mei(i 1» 

Johan Rootroko 00 

Jacob Salt Pate, » 

Jacob Ledennan IT 

Nitfliol,»*Pos., 18 

Heiidritik Dup» M 

Am reas CriiltB 28 

Jacob Libbart. 36 

Vjilentlne Jtey 84 

John Snuyder 28 

Johan Ziiclinriax, r SS 

Nicliolaa Melchior 88 

Baltozar Stebanun, 40 

Ludwlok Wyker •!» 

Hendriok Pruniier, 24 

Abraham Appier 20 

J Oeo. Ba^ell 20 

liudwiikKfiiiinfrick, 21 

Michael Wykel 44 

Ulohael Holeacker, — 

LiiliorioiiH Merschrotf, 10 

€hriwtlau Sphriciik 18 

Conraat Priink burger, 90 

JobniiniB BroHliiger, 9S 

Daniel Moyer B8 

Johan Relsman, 97 

John Heep 48 

CbrlBt Wlndeinoot M 

Paul Broiin«r 28 


Name, Age, 

Johan Geo. Vanbolt, 28 

Jn*Geo. Sheitler, 22 

Conraat Kriin, 20 

Christian Landes, 26 

Andries Gross, 25 

Adam Shous, 32 

Lieonard Yayer, 26 

Zacbarias Setsler, '45 

Valentine Schere, .» 19 

Peter Roope, 30 

MichalNoU 17 

Isaac Le Poltis Telp 25 

Jacob Christler 42 

Johannis Moyer, 48 

I^ickel Anganie, 47 

Caspar Moyer, 32 

Joseph Lyng, 25 

liUdwick Meyer, 29 

Christian Steckle, 25 

Casper Stelling, 38 

Jacob Nnss, 20 

Devalt Pyer i. 21 

Conraat Paap, 27 

Johannis Brant, 16 

Mathias Steck, 37 

fiendrick WulKemuth, 24 

Abraham Wulgemiith, 22 

Joseph Wulgemuth, 20 

Geo. Adam Varner, 26 

Ciiristian Suder, 23 

Hans Gerber, 32 

Jonathan Heeger, 22 

Matthias Reeser, , 26 

Jacob Cunts, 23 

Jacob Hollinger, 30 

Jacob Leederman, 21 

Jacob Kochenaur, 21 

Herman Prott, 32 

Phillip Mentz 38 

Hendrick Wyedeback, 49 

Casper Coppersmith, 50 

Johannis Frankberger, 18 

AndrieH Frank, 19 

Adam Vampult, 36 

Hans George Hantwerg 32 



If a me. Age. 

Johan Pookes, IB 

Johan Nleolas Perning;er, 40 

Gotfrid Cryl, 84 

Johan Adam HowaDBchilt, 80 

Johan Peter Vnnpult. ■ 88 

Geo. MiohiFrldriuk, 88 

John Albreoht Ziegler, 96 

Peter Cheaver 18 

John Peter Meratill. 80 

John George Leonardt, 81 

John Geo. Winterinojit, 83 

Mich' Lindart. 8« 

Christopher Rudolf, 18 

Pieter Hieronlmus, 81 

Tomas Hummel, SB 

List OP Foreioners Ihportrdin thk Sbip Priscbss Ao- 


QuALiPiRD Sept. 18, 1788. 

Georg Nfayer, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Rudolph Essig, 
Jacob MuUer, 
Jacob Fruh, 
Leonhart Stein, 
Joseph Kratzer, 
Rudolph Ranch, 
Hand Splteler, 
Jacob Baire, 
Stephen Jacob. 
Christian Bnohty, 
Jean Comer, 
NicoloH Jewdie, 
Joh. Georg Banmgsrtnt 
Johan Georft Ritter, 
Hans David Bilman, 
HanB Michael Carl, 
Philipp Outtman, 
Georg Abraham Esaig, 
Han Nicolas Schmidt, 

Stephen Sohuet, 
Georg Meyer, 
Wllhelm Hnber, 
Simon Carl, 
Lorentz Frah, 
Lorentx Simon, 
Jacob Keee, 
Hans Splteler. sen., 
NicolaUB Tenne, 
HaiiB Jacob. 
Henry Books, 
Abraham Jacke, 
Hans Flseter. 
Joh. Gabriel Lammie, 
Han Philip Fleckaer, 
Johan JoBt Duba, 
Hans Thomas Keer. 
Oottrrld I<antermilch, 
Hans Michael Eulg, 
Johan Jacob BuBch. 
Han Georg Tnutmao, 



Hans Georg Graff, 
Han Jacob Beitert, 
Christian Schenblein, jr. 
Han Heg^ndorn, jr., 
Thielman Hirnschall, 
Christian Simon, 
Hen rich Meyer, 
Daniel Hekendorn, 
Priederich Greir, 
Darst Thomme, 
Hans Jacob, 
Hans Geor(j^ Gerster, 
Sebastian Caquelin, 
Jean Caquelin, 
Dieterich Werlie, 
Hans Jacob Keller, 
Christian Dappen, 
Hans Rudolph Erb, 
Jonas Joner, 
Hans Siber, 
Hans Stockie, 
Francois Oriths, 
Eneas Noel, 
Jacob A It land t. 
Christian Schlachten, 
Jean Francois Chrestien, 
Johannes Keller, sen., 
Michael Haalling;, 
Hans David Merky, 
Johan Conrad Ganger, 

John Adolph Wenssel, 
Cristian Schenblein, sen., 
Han Hegendorn, sen., 
Han Jacob Greider, 
Hans Jacob Dups, 
Friederich Gardner, 
Sebastian Graff, 
Bastian St ler, 
Martin Greider, 
Martin Domey, 
Durst Thomme, 
David Lowenstein, 
Dieterich Caquelin, 
Daniel Kommer, 
Hans Imberman, 
Benedict Yuhli. 
Waltes Baumai^n, 
Melchior Detweiler, 
Jacob Joner, 
Hans Zwalle, 
Peter BiDckly, 
Hans Binckly, 
Nicholas Orich, 
Joseph Noel, 
Peter Weyer, 
Rudolph Baumgardner, 
Collas Drasbart, 
Jacob Christman, 
Marcus Merky, 
Nicklaus Mesling, 
Georg Nicolas Ganger. 

[ The original list is herewith given,] 
Names of Men, 

Name, Age. 

Gabril Lamle, 26 

Hance Georgfe Bumgartner, 26 

Hance Philip Flexer, 31 

George Meyer, 27 

George Ritter 17 

Johanniost Tupps, 18 

Stephen Shnst, 22 

Jacob Meyer, 45 


Name. Age. 

David Blelman 81 

Hance Michall Carle 98 

Hance Ttioiiias Kurr, 19 

Qottfried Louder milch, 28 

Philip OutchmBD, 29 

(ieorge Meyer, SS 

Hauce Miohall Esslch 80 

George Eaeich, 40 

Rudolph Eaaieh 70 

Joliaa Jacob Bueh, 28 

WllUttin Huber, . . - 29 

Jacob Muller, 88 

Simoik Carel, 80 

Jacob Free, 28 

Lorancc Pree, 24 

NichloB Pree 48 

Hendrick Free, 17 

Leenliard Styen, 40 

Hance Nicklos Sohmldtt, 28 

Loraiice Simon 80 

ChriHtian Simon ... 80 

Friederiok Gartner, 85 

Hanoe George Drautman, 27 

George Meyer, 03 

George Mouerer, 29 

Hendrick Meyer 26 

BoBtian Graff, 2iJ 

George Graff 84 

Adolph Weiigel 86 

Hanoe Jacob Biedert 80 

Chrlatian Shelbly, 88 

ChriatUn Bheibly, 17 

Hance Heckeodon SO 

Hance Heckendon, SO 

Vannlll Heckendon, 10 

Bastain Stoler 42 

Hance Jacob Grieter, 55 

Fredrick Grieter 21 

Martain Grieter. 19 

Tielman Hirosohael, 55 

DuFBt Thoine 57 

Martain Thome, 82 

Hance Jacob Thome 99 

Durst Thome, 94 

Jacob Stubee, 95 


Name. Ayt. 

Joseph Criteer, 24 

Jacob Kese, . 28 

Rudulph Hugh, 35 

Hiiiu^e Spietteler, 45 

Hance Spietteler, 17% 

Jacob Domine, 39 

Hance George Gerster, 26 

Nichohis Teniie, 24 

David Ijewesteyn, 40 

Jacob Paire, 34 

Hance Jacobe, 28 

Htafen Jacobe, 23 

John Books, 23 

Christian Ruchdy, 74 

Abraham Jacke, 20 

Didericli Marschall, 20 

Sebastian OackeHe, . 50 

Sebastian Cackelie, 22 

J)iderick Cackelie 20 

Hance Cackelie, 17 

Hance Comnier, . 40 

Dannill Conimer, 19 

Diederich Werlie, 41 

Mance Tiseler 23 

Hance Iral)erinarle, 40 

Hance Jacob Keller, 30 

Nichlos Schudie 23 

Hance Joner, 50 

Jonius Joner, 20 

Hance Jacob Joner, 10 

Benedict us Jochlie, 27 

Christian Teppe, 30 

Petter Brinhartt, '. . 31) 

Walter Baunmn, 32 

Hanct- Ebber 31 

Hance Zwalle, 80 

Hance Stockie, 26 

Hance Goerge Knaap, 4Ji 

Hance Rudolph Erb, .. 2() 

Jacob Bruderle, 42 

Petter Pinkley 28 

Melchior Dedwyler, 37 

Christian Schlechter, ... 39 

Petter Delo, 40 

9-VoL. XVII. 



Bu<|r>]j>h Bdi 

Co Itui l>r(i-liart. 

Ni'rhuU IrtfiTHni. 
Pttter Pii.keti.r. 
Httiicv I'iukbUR, 
Hmucr i'ink>-Ue, 

FntiiciH Oiv*. 

Euuiiui Newell. . , . . 
Jo»>*-|ih Newell, 
IVtter Newell, 
JifKil> ClirthtaiiiBii. 
Miclftill HalitiK. 
MafiiM Markey. 
Hanir^ Itavi.l Murkey. 
Ja^ol. Altlaiul. 
Nk'liluH Mehliut;. . . 
(.'oneranl (inuijer. . . 
NicliltM Uaiigf r. . . 
I'etler Weeger, 

Praiii^iH Ortt a wit« 3 

Nic'.litH Mr^. 


Nic'ilfui Tnuthart a wiff an<l D «l)iliJr«n. 

I'ierre I>ilrin a wEfu awl 4 children. 

NleolaM (terani a trlfe auil no cliili!. 

J«aii FrancriiK <,'br«tieii a wife and one chilcl. 

EneaM Nftwell a wife anc] one nhitd. 

Joxepli Newell a wife and children of whom Pierre I 


IKIKU Oct. 10, I7»J. 

Abraham Beer. 
JobADiMw Segei. 
Cagpmr Struwel, 


Jolmii Frantz, 
Jacol) Heller, 
C;at>par Ijaiiiliert. 
PaiiluH Andiinl. 
Johannes tichler. 


Peter Koltl. 
jA«ob Stei^r, 
Johaniies H«rr, 
Uirk Schutti^n, 
Pierre DeVeaii, 
Joh. Georg Wicklein, 
Lu.lwig WallKtelI«r. 
Johwi Peler Prieti, 
FraiK^m JoKepii Honiiff. 
FrJHderiuh Bleilitrcu, 
Johau JoRt Mohr, 
Joh. Chrjnliitn Ihringer, 
.JLhrahaiii Iluinhaldt. 
Sottfritia Eburhanl, 

Pul<>r Hits, 
i-teobahl Veil. 
NicoloH Stovp. 
Petdr (juaxenjaum, 
Johan lindwig Sell), 
Johaii Pliillp(jiiick<;l. 
Jul). Michaijl t^niiikrl, 
.|[>1i. CiLspar Bohmidl, 
Ji>lian Acla.iu Raasch, 
JiiliHii fieorB Quick el, 
Joh, Meinrich Scliinjdl., 
Krust Fri!-.!. I)iim1)a}.l(, 


Abniham Fumi. 
Christian Muller. 
Jacob Schober. 
NiiHilBa Uarret. 
BeneiUi^t Tonias. 

FriH<lHri(Th From, 

Philip Becker, 

Weyrii^li Kntisieli, 

JdbaiiDes Riea. 

WilheliiiiiK H.-yer. 

Henrieb Out hard, 

William Btrub, 

I»renti Becker, 

Simon Mineehr, 

Paul Fraiit/. 

Jotepli 6i!«:hoff, 

Elrich BiekelJ, 

Coufad Sclmtz, 

PraneiB Fordeue, 

Johan Oeorg Wichel, 

Jowines DrachHell. 

Peter Hugett, 

JMob Wolff, 

Peter Bier, 

Henridi W«-rIl^. 
Heiiricb Miiller, 
Petsr Yont, 
Jacob Kuittr,, 
Hanii Eliler, 
Darius Ruff, 
l.udwin Botliner, 
Jacob Volck. 
Jai^cih (HTBnl)ai:her, 
JobariL.M* Knlii'. 
Daniel Filbert, 
Johannes Lang, 
LorenU Schraiber, 
Peter Mlnich, 
Friederich Eb«rhart, 
Peter Biidinger, 
Leiiliart O laser. 
Nioolas Meyer, 
Michael Fortineh, 
Johannett Schoffler, 
fleorg Weyrich, 
Jacob Lang. 
Peter Wolff, 
Johannes Hauet, 




LuiIwIk Klein, 
<;iirlMtlau Riitli, 
Pliilip Fi-iiHtKniuaflhiir, 
Jolmii I'tittcr DraoliHoll, 
Aiiilrt'UH Aul«iitM(\lier, 
HuiiH Ouorg Hnttrier, 
JiiliHiiti (fiiorK iSi<itCl*<r, 
Jdlmu PriwiKrkh Kmfft, 
H<-tiirliOi Hteliiiiiut/. 
Uliiiou Hoiiiifiiger, 
HmtH CfporK Laid, 
Jnlitiii (Jhrlxtoph Mmki<l 
Jolimi Paul <Jt>lg»ir. 
Ji)lmii P»tiT Sti'tiibnll, 

JdlKillllt-M CJoMllIlttl/, 

HniiH AtlHin KlfdlnKtT, 
Juhiiii l-fitorK SniixrlilKr, 
Jolian l.t>n)iarl Vnlck, 
Jotmu NInoltUi FJniik, 
JiiliAU Coiinul Miillcr, 
Johati l^hriMlInu Doll. 
Jai'uIi HniiiH, 
fdlmiinKM Bainu, 
Mii-liael TjOWit. 
.folmii Wllhflin 
MIHiAel Holimi 
Willitilm R»li.< 
Johaii Jacob Kriitu>r. 
hi)ilH'l)t HfOker, 
Jolmii JhcuI) maiiill, 

II WwlMih, 

JiiliaiiiiuB Standi, 
Jnlmii ChrlHtinD DaMtiur, 
Miohiutl 8i>fii){ler, 
ChrJHtlau Brongel, 
HaiiH Adam Stuut. 
Hans Michael Ht-t^ier. 
Julian Jacob Kolh, 
Johaii Jaool> Nudh, 
Joliaii Tlionia» Kern, 
Micliaet Pfiii|{Htag, 
Joliann G-eorg Rofh, 
I.nilwig Kornmann. 
Jdhau Vali^ntin Lang, 
Jolian Jacob Eichholtz, 
tiuiis Jacdii Oiwtnitz, 
Jnliati Atlaiu Sclineidtr, 
JohitH Jacob Maag. 
Jolian Hulnricli Kloiii. 
Julian Adam Drunim, 
Bernhnrt Womcr, 
Melolilor FordHne. 
Andreaf Mnller. 
Jncoli I.ciwf r, 
JoliaiiiifS Peter DoH, 
Julian Jacob Welttoli, 
Johaiin Peter Lidht, 
Jobaii Henrich Moll. 
Joliaiii) (j-eorg (jeisi<, 
Joliann Adaiii Loffler. 

Fiifinnl lial i, 

Abmh" Fniifiimfv, 
Heiir" WirlfV. . . . 
Chris" Miller, . , . . 
Henr« Miller. , . . 
Geo- Weise). . . , 
JaiHib Scliolier. . . 

Pelw Yo*.l 

>*lch* Marret, . 
JoMD* SchrlHvr. . . 


Name. Age. 

John Peter Tracksel 19 

Chrisf* Bringel 20 

Andr* Aulebaker, 27 

Jacob Oounse 23 

Bened. Toinas, 27 

Hans Adam Stout, 19 

Han8 Geo*^ Huttner, 81 

Hans Eppler, 89 

Predr*' Fruom, 29 

Hans Mech' Hetzer, 58 

Darius Ruff, 21 

Hans Geo* Zeigler, 19 

Jno Jacob Kolp 28 

Freiir'' Krafft 21 

Jacob Nuss, 86 

Fredr*' Stemetts, 24 

Philip Backers, 54 

Hans Mich' Backer, , 28 

Ludwick Bothner, 82 

Wirich Rutisilia 40 

Tho' Kern, 86 

Biuion Hennin^i^er 26 

Mich' Phinstaag, -82 

Hans Geo* Lale, 84 

Jacob Falck 69 

Joann' Ries, 21 

Jacob Offenbacher 26 

Albert Biers, 28 

Joann' Roohr 20 

John Geo« Roth, 24 

Henr'^ Guthart, 37 

8am' Filbert 27 

W" Strubb 87 

Chris" Mickel, 27 

Ludw"* Kornman, 24 

Paul (xier 28 

Joann" Lang, 46 

Joan Valant' Lang, 16 

John Peter Steniijel, ... 40 

Lorens Becker, 57 

Lorens Schril>er 26 

Simon Minick, 85 

Peter Minick 89 

Jo° Jacol) Echoltz, 25 

/c>ann* Kashnetz, 43 


Name. Age. 

Hans Geo'' Kashnetz, 19 

Paul FrantK 50 

Hiiria Ad"' BeWinKwr, SB 

JoH()|>h Biitliurp, S« 

Fred' Eli«rhardt, 40 

^'eter Bcjiilingur 84 

John Ad'" Bnider 41 

Ulurick Rickell 48 

Jn'tieo' Sowurbier, . 88 

Lunhurd iiiaxtsr, 40 

Jn" Jacol) MtuiK 80 

Ooiiradi- Sohut/. ' 30 

Jn° Burglmrt Fokk, - 36 

Jn° Henr' Klieii, SS 

Nichol Finck 88 

Niohol Meyer, 82 

.A<laiii ]>ruin, 81 

Frail' Fordene 26 

Mich' Fonlene 22 

Malickii Fordene, . . 10 

Jacob Banin, . 45 

Andreau Miller, 80 

Oonrade Miller M 

Joann' Bauin, 18 

Jacob Lower, W 

Mich' Lower, 20 

Mich' Hpangler, 26 

Baruard Wooiiier .... 80 

Christ- Poll . - 35 

Peter I>oll , 94 

Christ" Oaaher, . ... 23 

(*eo' Weyrigg ... 34 

Peter Hugget 35 

I'hili' Fflnsttennake:- 20 

Juco)> LattK, ... 87 

Jacol) Wolf 43 

Jn- Peter WoK 17 

Jii" Will» Welch, 85 

Jacob Welch, . . . r 31 

Peter Bier. 31 

Midi' Shoemaker 22 

Joanii" Foust, ■■ 23 

Peter Lei(tht, 31 

Ludw' Kein, 40 

W- RaboiiholtB, 85 


Name. ^9^. 

Jii-* Henrich Mull, 22 

Joannes Stout, 30 

Jn" Jacob Kinser, 28 

Jn» Geo* Uibe, . . . . ' 30 

Ludw* Becker, -8 

Adam Lifner, . '-•'> 

Jacob Stout, 20 

lierman Hartman, 24 

CJhrist" Ruth "»i 

List ok Forbignrrs Importkd in thk Ship Snow Molly, 
John Howell, Mastkr, from Amsterdam. Qualipiki> 
Sept. 10, 1737. 

Valentine Stober, , 
Jacob Stober, 
Frederick Rvffel, 
John Albert Shaller, 
George Shaller, 
Nicholas Cochelrise, 
Hans Michael Hartlyn, 
Micael Hartlvn, 
Philip Oodfriet Munk, 
John Jacob Kayer, 
Valentine Rolevere, 
Hans Goinmer, 
John Rytzman, 
Jacop Shaft, 
Fredarick Horn, 
John Martin Frelich. 

Valentine Stober, jun. , 
Hans Jonas RyiTel, 
Christiper Grooman, 
John George Albert, 
John Lenoard Willfort, 
George Simon Christ, 
George Fredarick Wollenweber, 
-^ John Winter, 
Jacob Meyer, 
John Philip Kratzer, 
Christiper Gommer, 
Philip Adam Endler, 
Christiper Shakey. 
Philip Jacop Shaft, 
Peter Hane. 

List ok Forkionkrs Imported in thk Ship ViRTroirs 
Grace, John Bull, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Sept. 24, 1737. 

Antoni Ruger, sen., 
Isaac KoiTman, 
Christoph Stauffer. 
Ruilolph Lutzler, 

Antoni Ruger, jr., 
Jacob Schaub, 
Hans Koffman. 
Leonhart Heier, 



Jacob Schwartz, 
Jacob Oraflf, 
Ludwifj^ Boni, 
Simon Stokee, 
Pf ter Kinder, 
Atlaiu Weiss, 
Michael U I rich, 
Adam Dill, 
Ohristiau Toll, 
David Bruch, 
Haiis Wei8, 
Johannes Tasker, 
Chrititiaii Pincr, 
Michael Carle, 
Biirckliart Ruger, 
Martin UegeDdorii, 
Hans Jacob Crroller, 
Hans Oeorg Schwartz, 
Albre«ht Oraff, 
Fretierick Cromer, 
Henrich Jacob Dillmann, 
Christian Bullinger. 
Rudolph DuckwelK 
Andrew Snnwald. 
Fnederick Kiester. 
Jacob BuUinfcer. 
Henrich Shamberijer, 
Hans Oeonj Meyer. 
Henrich Wideabach. 
Henrich EngeL 
Michael Ransch. 
Christian Baoer, 
Simon Hiinsecker. 

Bernard Haiip, 
Jacob Remei, 
Jacob Rimy, 
Jacob Stokee, 
Jeremiah Stnitt, 
Peter Staut, 
Abraham Wize, 
Jacob Wolff. 
Baltzer Hartsoc, 
Jacob Croyter, 
Georg Heck, 
Jacob Springer. 
Jacob Hubler, 
Henrich Qrimm, 
Albert Lebolt. 
Isaac Koffmau, jr., 
Johannes Staaffer, 
Hans Jacol> Kobler, 
Hans (ieorg ReimmeK 
Simon Shunck, 
Hans Oeorg Dillmana, 
Hans Michael Ulrtch, 
Hans Georg Kon«ler, 
Jacob Hoi linger, 
Hacs (veorg Friederick, 
Henrich Schwerdt. 
Wilhelm Fischer, 
Henrich Cro^man. 
Johan Jacob Connult, 
Johannes Weiss. 
Johannes Hnn>eck*'r. 
Hans Jacob Inhof. 

r T^f ••«n«7t«^7 7wrf M ^^r^trtik <7»r#^»- 

Ant* Reigtrl. 
Am* Reigel, 
Borip. Reig«>i. 
Jacob Shoah. 

Q«Qr ^Ltm 



Name. A(/e. 

Jacob Remel, 19 

Martin Hackaclorf 4o 

ChriK" Stoiipher .28 

Hans Stoupher, 20 

Jacob Kooler, 50 

HauH Jacob Kooler 18 

Lenhart Hier, 40 

Rudolph Litzor, 60 

Barn** Houp. 45 

Barn"* Houp, 17 

Hans Geo'' Swartz, 24 

•Jacob Swartz, 17 

•Jacob Grove, 48 

Albrake Grove 18 

Battel Reiniic 54 

8iinon Shunk, *. 24 

Jacob Reniie, 18 

Lu<lwick Borne 32 

Fredr** Cromer, 21 

Jacob Stokee, 27 

Simon Stokee, 18 

Hans Geo* Deleman, 50 

Hans Jac** l>elenian, 20 

Hans Midi' Ulerich, . 30 

Jerome Smitt, 18 

Christ" Hullinger 44 

Hans Geo' Konder. 31 

Peter Konder, 20 

Rudolph Duckweela. . 47 

Jacob Hollinf^er, 40 

Peter Stout, 2<J 

Ancireas Sumwald. 30 

Adam Wize <K) 

Abra"' Wize, . 2<J 

Geo*" Fredrick, 45 

Fred" Keefa . ;W 

Mich» Ulerich, 37 

Henr*» Swaiirt 41 

Jacob Wolf, . :M) 

JacP Bullinger, ?yH 

Adam Teel, 28 

W" Fisher 28 

Poltser HartscH' 24 

Christ" Toll, 24 

Henr'' Shamberj^e .... . . .35 



lleiir* (.'riiM'iiiaii. 
Jacob Croiter, 
David Brook, . . 
Hans Jurif^ Meyer, 
Juriij^en Haug^, . . 
Jacob Conratie, 
Heiii^ Widealiack, 
Hans Batee, . . . 
Joan' Weiss, . 
JacP Springer, . . 
Heur* En^i^el, . . . 
Ji>an' Honsacre, . 
Mich' Roush. . . 
Joan* Tasher, . . 
Chris" Bower, . . 
Jacob Howl>elare. 
Hans Jae^ Inhoft. 
Chris" Finer, . . . 
Simon Honsacre, . 
Henr* i^rini, . . . 
Mich' Carlo, 
An>ert LeelK>h, 


■ 1 






List ok FoRKiaxKRs Importkd ix thk Ship St. Asdrkw 
Uallky, John Strdman, Mastkr, from RivrrKRDAM. 
QrALiKiKD, Skpt. 34. 1737. 

Joi). Diteriok Kels4»h. 

Jacob Khitzer, 

Ijengart Gerling. 

Philip He«8t, 

Christian Burner, 

JacH>b Prist, 

Peter Rab, 

Frist Wanil>olt, 

Caspar Huter, 

Job. Askhemus Geroult, 

Oeorg Schisler, 

Job. Stoer, 

Philip 8toer« 

0tM>rg He8St« 

"^ ^^'^•ulier. 

Jacob Keini, 
Michel Neihart, 
Jacob Nis, 
Philip Ijeil>eugm, 
Wilhni Schetler, 
Philip Frist, 
Michel Kortz, 
Con rail Jost, 
Valtin SteinmertJ., 
iTei^rjf Kern, 

Job. Jacob Schindelbeker, 
Hen rich Stoer. 
lieorg Test. 
Jaci>b Tiintz, 
Ciet>r>f Klupinger, 



Tobias Pekel, 

Job. Meyer, 

Andreas Scbiuid, 

Job. Meyer, 

Job. Meyer, 

Nicolaus Schyre, 

Couratb Reich. 

Micbel Hrann, 

Georg Scbneider, 
•Fob. Spycker. 
Job. Spycker. 
Jacob Lingel, 
Job. Mev^ius. 

Fredericb Heim. 

Pbilip Segfer, 

Couratb Rahn, 

Philip Scbinid, 

Jacob Roseniann, 

Georg Neihart. 

Georg Kintz, 

Matthvs Lederiuanii, 

Lorentz Keyser. 

Job. Erdiuau, 

Peter Drast, 

Jacob Werry, 

Peter lAng, 

Nicolaus Scbarer. 

Fredericb Scbinid. 

Wilbin Oiler. 

Henri cb Wisler, 

Laus Kocber, 

(yeorg Kocber, 

Job. Streigeler, 

Peter Weinland, 

Pbilip Streiter, 

Caspar Zeigener, 

Georg Conratb, 

Danif'l Zab. 

Jacob Wilier. 

ChriritotTel Scbwenck, 

Ulricb Zolberger, 

Christian Est, 

Caspar Heyser, 

Henricb Mertz, 

Caspar Rep, 

Conratb Delb, 

Jacob Kuster, 
Nicolaus Koch. 
Jacob Neyscbwanger, 
Christian Meyer, 
Martin Amweg, 
Nicolaus Bietel, 
Micbet Anders, 
Georg Wambolt. 
Elias Riigent, 
Job. Peter Soycker, 
Gernard Hipscbman, 
David Biler, 
Pbilip Wisniann, 
Ludowig Kolb, 
Georg Rahn, 
Bernard DickbotT, 
Balser Deil, 
Fredericb Neihart, 
Job. Scbotter, 
Christian Tron, 
Valtin Baunigartner, 
Job. Altenberger, 
Joli. Justus Erdinan, 
Conratli Wald, 
Henricb Kreyter, 
Adolf Henricb, 
Henricb Scbinid, 
Nicolaus Colber, 
Paul us Lingel, 
Christ off el Schaub, 
Martin Kocber, 
Albrecb Feid, 
Ulricb Horn, 
Job. Appel, 
Martin (^ron, 
Ludowig Wildangel. 
Jacob (Jonratb, 
Georg Gist, 
Daniel Zacbery, 
Diterich Helt, 
Mattbys Weber, 
Philip Steffen. 
Hermann Weber, 
Valtin Dufel, 
Henricb Scbefler, 
Job. Funck, 



Peter Kn<>pper. 
Ludowig Df iiier, 
Josep iiolberger, 
AndreaK Httlt, 
Ptiiiip Bdi Offer, 
Nicola uH Reist, 
Jottt Hiister, 
Joli. Keier, 
Ernst Seidel. 
CtiristolTel Hobener, 

NicolauH Kiigeul, 
Joli. Kelbaoh. 
Heiirich Frant«, 
Adtiiu Straueh, 
Daoiel Relat, 
Daiiifl HSeter, 
OeorK (iernaud. 
F rede rich Schonf elder, 
Alirabain Wagenup, 
riirlxtufTel Kraatteo. 

List ok FnRici»>-ERS Importrd in thk Bilakdkr Town 
HKAU. TK01IA3 Thompson. Mastkr. from Axbtrrdai 
guAUPiKD Oct. 5. 173T. 

Trifflon Ewig, 
<leorf( Bngel. 
Ouiiraed Lnuterbach. 
Johan Oeorg J()h«?, 
Joan tteorg Heck p. 
Johan Oeorg Eyler. 
Johan Car bo. 
Eberhart Oeswlnl, 
Valentin HenoeberKer, 
Anthony High ley, 
Manx Geo. KrauH, 
Balthasar Sies. 
Peter RauBch, 
Oeorge Bpengel. 
Andreas Kainmener, 
Petttt Marsteller. 
Anthony Himberler. 
Andrew Apple, 
Huu Uatthiae Pheyl. 


B Fruileriok Aniulfl, 

Johan Deterwilt. 
Conraeil Hoi her. 
Peter Lauterliach. 
Johan Casper Hayn. 
Peter Shaad, 
Jftcol* VoRel, 
J. CaxiMT Bremaiir. 
Johan Adam Filtxneyui 
Simon Eraame. 
Hanti Georg Frederlk, 
Jacob Weeeer, 
HanH Ulchel FInter, 
Vallentin KiefTer. 
Johannes Kiatler. 
Vincent KafTer. 
Hanti Georg Ehenian, 
Hans Geo. Mayntxer, 
Wend el Zwekeseer, 
Georg Schutz, 
John Jaco)> Sower. 
Georg Arnold, 
Johanis Slegel, 
Martin Phalillclien. 
Bgilla« HofTman, 
Ellas Gbelhart, 
Peter Graaw, 



Ludwifif Frant/, 
Huns (ieo, Brey, 
Michael Pabner, 
Mattias Gebbert, 
Fmnt/ Wllhelin, 
Vallentin Hemmelberj^er, 
John Peter Bonnet, 
Johannes Gefeller, 
Jon. Peter Yflow. 
Johan Adam Divanhach, 
Johan Georg Seyger, 
Bastian Besh, 
Silvester Holvert, 

Geo. Casper Fensler, 

Casi>er Wendal, 

Hans Mell^or Heneberger, 

John Mich. Kirber, 

Johan Bart hold, 

Peter Wagner, l^ 

John Slyger, 

Conrad Rip[)er, 

Peter (iordner, 

Johannes Lowra, 

Jacob 8hank, 

John Henry Sleyger, 

George Casper Fernoler. 

List ok Forrignbrs Importkd ix thk Ship Charming 
Nancy ok London, Chas. Stkdman, Master, krom Kot- 
tkkdam. qualikibd oct. 8, 1737. 

Johannes Beit/e), 
Michael Soiner, 
Jacob Hnbele, 
Henrich Voltz. 
Jacob Son tag. jr., 
Jacob Schiiiiiacher, 
Jacob Baumann, 
Christian Habeger, 
Henrich Karli, 
Jacob Schantz, 
Hans Gerber, 
Hans Holl, 
Isaac Holl. 
Hans Wenger, ^^ 
Jacob Miller, 
Valentin Jung, 
Jacob Heiler, 
Johann Jost Knnz. 
Daniel Zacharias, 
Blichael Ziirger, 
Nicolans Schrelber, 
Jacob Wilhelm Weis.*^, 
John Jacob Wetzel, 
Frederick Hoffman, 
Johan Georg Ilgenfritz, 

Hans (ieorg Got/, 
Andreas Ziegler, 
Gottlieb Reisinger. 
Jacob Hon tag, 
Johannes Krauth, 
Christian Geiger, 
Martin Funck, 
Joseph Habeger, 
Georg Mannt/, 
Hans Schant/, 
Hans <Terl>er, sen.. 
Hans Koffel, 
Wendel Holl, 
Christian Kurt/, 
Christian Muller. 
Benedict Lehman, 
Abraham Muller. 
Hans ZhniiiMrman, 
Jacob UntlerkolTer. 
Christian Hert/berger. 
Christian Burcki. 
Johan Jeremias Jiinghea, 
Johan Valentin Hann. 
.Johan Jacob Dester, 
.Vndreas Hagenbucb, 



Abraham Hann, 

Hans (ieorj^ Kubler, 

Peter Lohrinuiiii, 

Jacob Mast. 

Eliaft Sohreiber, 

Claus Erb. 

Johannes Erb, 

Jacob Dester, 

Ja(*ob Raisch, 

Johan Martin Becher, 

Hans Peter Bernhart, 

Hans Georg Heiss, 

Johan Stephan Conra<l, 

Hans Peter Kuder. 

Hieronimus Eberle, 

Johan Philip Botzer, 

Hans Jacob Hobbecher, 

TliielinanuH Weschenl>ach, 

CUiristian Lichte, 

Hans Michael Punch, 

Wendel Heinrich, 

Andreas Weber. 

Peter Preydinger, 

Jacob SchopfT, 

Thomas Shiri, 

(ieorg Ludwig Waj^ner,^^ 

Balthasar Huber, 

Johan Matthias Al)>re<*ht. 

Johannes Kohler. 

Georg Philip Fuhnnann. 

Johan Dietrich Hranntr, 
Christian Gross, 
Ulrich Spiker, 
Peter Brucker, 
("laus Erb, jr., 
Adaui Pfeller, 
Matthias Riechart. 
Georg Gross, 
Han« Peter Schipp. 
Johan fjudwig Heger, 
Johan Heinrich Heiss, 
Hans (reorg Heiss, 
Hans Martin Reisinger. 
Hans Jacob Fachler. 
Hans Jacob KauiTmafin, 
Hermanns OrendoHT, 
Mattheis HofTmann, 
Peter Eschbacher, 
Lorentz Nolff, 
Dietrich Uhler, 
Christoph Kranth. 
ririch Strickler, 
Christopher Ecker, 
Johannes Bowman, 
Valentin Uhler, 
Georg H enrich Erns|M'rger« 
Georg Titus Cap. 
Hans Jacob Rtrikler. 
Georg Michael Duntz. 

[Th*' orif/inal fist is heretrith ffiren.] 
Meu\s Xamts. 

Hans Georg Getts, 
Hans Pieter Schip, 
Johannes IdAXuer. 
Johan Lad wig Heger. 
Hans Georg Dannahawer. 
Hans Stephen Conra4lt, 
Leonard Besnor, 
if enrieli H ais, 
liam Pieter Conder. 
laeob Hoolieiy, 

Martin Bak**r, 
Hans Pieter Bergant, 
Michael Sommer. 
Abraham Dannahawer, 
Andreas Siegler. 
Georg Michl. Wol linger 
Hans Georg Hais, 
Hans Georg Hais. jr.. 
Hans Jacob Shoeroake 
Hans Martin Rislger, 



Godlieb Risiger, 
Heronimus Kberlie, 
Georg Mentz, 
Jacob Sontae:, jr., 
Philip Pertzer, 
Hans Jacob Bowman, 
Hans Jacob KauiTman, 
Christian Habbecker, 
Hanv Jacob Habbecker, 
Han8 Schantz, 
Hans Orarber, jr., 
Hans KaufQer, 
Isaac Holl, 
Heriuanus Orendoflf, 
Mat bias Hoffman, 
Hans Wengar,£ 
Christian Kortz, 
Jacob Miller, 
Christian Miller, 
Johan Hendk. Grim, 
Hans Georg Baker, 
Hans Timmennnn, 
Jacob UnderkaufFer, 
Jacob Masht, 
Ulrigh Spigher, 
Nicholas Schriver, 
Christian Burkie, 
Glaus Erbe, 
Glaus Erbe, jr.. 
Herman Toiinkham, 
Valantine Haan, 
Fredrick Hoffman, 
Jacob Dester, 
Abraham Haan, 
Mathias Riger, 
Johan Peter Bran<ler, 
Jacob Rys, 
Johan Grop, 
Vindle Henrich, 
Titrich Ouier, 
Baltzar Huber, 
Christophel Grant, 
Hans Philip Kyser, 
Georg Pyt Cap, 
Peter Prydinger, 
Ulrich Streckler, 

Hendrick Polt/, 

Hans Jacob Packler, 

Jacob Sontag, 

Johannes Gront, 

Christian Geyger, 

Martin Prank, 

H end rich Carlo, 

Joseph Habbecker, 

Jacob Schantz, 

Hans Garber, 

Johannes Holl, 

Henrich KaufQer, 

Vindle Holl, 

Tielman Wesimch, 

Christian Lichtie, 

Peter Espacher, 

Hans Michl. Pointz, 

Abraham Miller, 

Valantine Young, 

Johan Joost Konst, 

Benedict Lenian, 

Daniel Zacherias, 

Jacob Biler, 

Michael Zurchen, 

Christian Hersberge, 

Elias Schriver, 

Peter Bruiker, 

Hans Erbe. 

Jacob Wilhelm 'Sice, 

Johan Jacob Wetzel, 

Adam Peller, 

Hans Georg Jiligafritz, 

Jacob Dester, jr., 

Andreas Hagabuk, 

Hans Georg Keebler, 

Peter Lorman, 

Christian Gros, 

Lawrentz Nolf, 

Georg Lodwick Waganer, 

Predrick Ouler, 

Andreas Weber, 

Georg Hendrick Ans|>arger, 

Johan Mathias Albricht, 

Johannes Keler, 

Hans Jacob Streckler, 

Jacob Philip Porman, 


Janub Schop. 
T humus Pearj-, 
Huliit Miahl. Duuts, 

MariiL Magtialona BeltEuttr, 
Urf^illa UtiiiiHiliowttr, 
Anna Maria Daiinahowxr. 
A mm llarljra Shtjilleric, 
Barbara HaiN, 
Anna MuHa StiuHiitaker, 
CtuorK Shoemaker, 
Catriiia Uotibttly, 
Maria KiHJ^r, 
Mim<luJt;iia Fncklvr, 
BarbiLra Fackler, 
Maria Margareta Muiitr, 
Catrina Sonlai;. 
Wlllielii) CiaVKiir, 
MaKilaleiia Backer, 
BarlMra KaufTiuati, 
Ji>B*'I>h Carlo, 
AiiTia Hahbticknr. 
Curr<iia Habbuokt-r, 
Maria Habbticker, 
BaH)ara tjchantz, 
B)i/jU>»tli SHiantz, 
(UirlMtiaii Snliai)!/., 
Auiia Klii'41. Kauffler, 
Hail" IieoTiinn. 
Aiiiiii. Marga. 4 )r(iii(lnfr, 
Joliaiiua W.4t8hit«r, 
Juseiib WungLT, 
(UirlHtophel lilHpacbcr, 
EliuilHitha Zny(l«riiiK< 
Barbara Lemaii, 
I'atrbia Leiiinn. 
Anna Tii inner man, 
Barlmra Biler. 
CliriHtoiiher Biltir, 
Eii/abi-th Bller, 
Catrlnii Ll<;htle. 
Maria Bpigher, 
Barbara H>irel>«rgf, 
Peter HeraberK«. 
Henoretta Sohriver, 

kildren'a Namea. 
Uatriua Kli/a Bomer, 
Abrabam Daiinabower, 
Maria Dorotbca Kannabowwr, 
Dorulhea Mais. 
Carriiia Huis, 
Pan! Uliiiumaker, 
Anna Maria ti1io«makt>r, 
Eva Houbely. 
Murtin Ulsiger, 
Ailaiii Fiiokler, 
Eva Margareta Mentz, 
Kva Margareta Meiit/. 
Joban Iioclwlg SoiiroK. 
Barbara tiaygor, 
Oatrbiu Blawamj. 
Anna Maria KaufTnian. 
Maria HauHurin. 
Frena Smiterln. 
Ml^;■btl(■lla BaiilxH^ker, 
Calrlna Hcliantf, 
Catrina Snbanti!. 
F»-roiia Schant/. 
Magtlal(<iia Scbantz, 
Bar1>ara Boll. 
Ahralnuii Hull. 
VM-Ui.. HoHWtrt, 
Anna Sualla, 
ViVv/A. Ki*i»cber, 
Karliara Miller, 
Femnn Lt^raan, 
Beneiiiet Leinan, 


I Tim 

Feroiia Ellei 


I Bilei 

Barbara Maeht, 
Barbara 8n)t<1, 
.Instina Znrfihun, " 
Anna Hemberge, 
Maria Klimi. Behrlver, 
Jolian Oeorg tichriver. 



Philip Sohriver, 
Anna Braiicer, 
Barbara Braiker, 
Oatrina Erbe, 
Jacob Erbe, 
Ohristophel Erbe, 
Anna Barbara Nice, 
Elizabeth Hoffman, 
Appellonia Jiligafritz, 
Magdalena Hag^abuck, 
Eva Margareta Higher, 
Eva Dorothea Kievler, 
Margareta Lorman, 
Margareta Lorman, 
Agnes Reys, 
Elizabeth Nolf, 
Diana Henrich, 
Maria Magdaiena Albrioht, 
Georg Martin Capp, 
Eva Maria Keler, 
Barbara Striekler, 
Juliana Forman, 
Anna Margareta Bowman, 
Hans Jacob Bowman, 
Anna Massellmanna, 

Catrina Burkie, 
Hans Bruiker, 
Anna Bruiker, 
Anna Erbe, 
Catrina Erb, 
Christian Erbe, 
Barbara Nice, 
Barbara Feller, 
Fredrick Hoffman, 
Hans Georg Jiligafritz, 
Barbara Riger, 
Wilhelm Righer, 
Maria Eve Kievler, 
Catrina Lorman, 
Maria Hannah Lorman, 
Anna Maria Nolf, 
Margareta Nolf, 
Margareta Waganer, 
Maria Margareta Albricht, 
Urdow Leren. 
Anna Catrina Strickler, 
Anna Strickler, 
Catrina Schop, 
Christina Bowman, 
Elizabetha Bowman. 

List op FoRRiaNBRS Ibcportkd in the Ship William, John 
Carter, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 31, 

Mekell Riter, 
Jocb Pritell, 
Wen tell Bon, 
Johannes Madlong, 
Casper Sorber, 
Hendreek Rhodt, 
Danell Rodt, 
Hanees Dietreth Uhl, 
Johannes Mowrer, 
Hanees George Menser, 
Hans Miehll Hower, 
10-VOL. XVII. 

Johans Wendell bower, 
Gerhart Brener, 
Phill Joel Riter, 
Hance Adam Kitle, 
Johannes Shane, 
Petter Shefer, 
Jossent Gett, 
Hendreek Rodt, 
Fredrick Dietrich Uhl, 
Mathew Swizer, 
Gosper Rigger, 



JivhaiiK Hlehll Hower, 

JoHliaiiM Kuhlr, * 
JoHharirtTibaM HhaJt. 
Jiili&nn Meklau Fi»her, 
F«(ter FikuH, 
Ne«klowK Huttly. 
Auilrow CttKinitUT, 
Meorge Pythyin, 
Hiini'ti Hh«tle. 
JiwhanH Hekell Palk, 
JoHtuinB Balhar Botgaver. 
J'MilianH Mlchell Bpf^ll, 
Julians ITreydreek Halnhol) 
JoMhatiH QaMper Zatift, 
Hance Joob Faver, 
C.*oiira«t Brouii, 
JoAhap Keyter, 
UiethowH Smith, 
Te[>olt Lonn, 
J<>cl> Hendreeh Whoelma 
JohariH Krok Bour, 
JohanH Miller, 
Johans Ventel RenHt, 
Julians Hendreeh Lektler, 

JoMhatM Fri«k Hatha rt, 

Jacob Hower, 

JtMhaon Ul«hell Oaiell. 

UotM l'tttt«r Moir«k, 

CrtwteD Ulller, 

Jo«p. Ftkuti, 

Hatic« (ittorge Beeholt, 

C rent K II Yaki, 

HanRH duorg Casingar, 

Joel) ('rum, 

Tho. Poaer, 

Jotthans Carol Hafley, 

Uictiell Bower. 

JoHhaiis Fetter Bnmgartnar, 

Bmk Hendreeh Vallat«ii Henka 

Hafic« Adam Faver, 

Erek Jocb BeiiU, 

Jocb Kriiuafl, 

JiMhans Uiehetl Neyw, 

JoHhaiu Fetter WUlnmB, 

Johftnt Wheettman, 

Joharm Bvlng, 

Johani Coamtt Knut, 

Erek Adam Hame. 


BiNR, Jacob Phimph, Hahtkr, from Lokdon. Quamfibd 

July 27, 1788. 
Hans fioaeh, Jacob Zuch. 

Hans Seller, Ulrich Seller, jr.. 

Christian Zug, Hans Bchueider, iwn., 

Hans Ludvig Falbeystan. 

List of PORKmsERS Importrd ixthk Ship WijrTKa Oai<- 
LBT. Edward Patntbr, Mahtrr, fhoh Rottbbdam. 


Kioholas Elie, 
SlmoD Heller, 
Henry Weiabart, 
Hutto Beier, 

Chrtstoph Heller, 
JohaDiiea Roth, 
Andreas Beier, 
Johannes Light, 



John Sauvafi^e, 
Albrecht Eberhart, 
Wendel Drauth, 
Ludwig Meyer, 
Adam Mayer, 
Johan Peter Mailer, 
Abraham Korper, 
Hans Adam iSchreiner, 
Joh. Michael Sohreiner, 
Johan Michael Romer, 
Johan Martin Mayer, 
Augustus Ponsy, 
Philip Harlas, 
Wilhelm Best, 
Conrad Dust, 
Geor(; Seiberth, 
Jalius Rubell, 
Jacob Runck, 
Laz. Pal in, 
Jacob Bach, 

Hans Mich. Hochlander, 
Georg HofTtnan, 
Nicholas Walter, 
Johan Michael Knab, 
Henrich LandgrafT, 
Johan Michael Rusler, 
Paulus Kirchner, 
Johan Michael Preis, 
Daniel Butt^rfass, 
Johan Adam Schaffer, 
Johan Jacob Hust, 
Johan Wilhelm Mayer, 
Johannes Wagner, ^ 
Johan Philip Sebolt, 
Rudolph Schler, 
Conrad Shmit, 
Philip Weber, 
Henry Teich, 
Andreas Bin, 
Fried erich Haas, 
Henrich Becker, 
Friederich Krafft, 
Henrv Feelt, 
Henry Klengler, 
Simon Deck, 
Jacob Hee, 

Lorentz Heim, 
Gottlieb Eberhart, 
Johannes Berntz, 
Peter Wagner, ^x' 
Johan Jacob @tahl, 
Frantz Ludwig Barth, 
Johan Philip Bayer, 
Joh. Henrich Eschbach, 
Johan Wendel Laschett, 
Johan Friedericb Hase, 
Peter Bucher, 
Jacob Thebelt, 
Andreas Hoock, 
Casper Berger, 
Andreas Seim, 
Adam Wall, 
Jacob Venig, 
Christian Jani, 
Jacob Saddler, 
Stephan Lang. 
Johan Peter Hoflfman, 
Jacob Barthelme, 
Hans Geo. Gerth. 
Mattlieus Ulrich, (dumb. ) 
Johannes Jager, 
Johan Martin Schrein^r, 
Joh. Daniel Trolich, 
Johan Christ oph Wagner, ^ 
Johan Jacob Krafft, 
Georg Ernst Lintell, 
Wilh. Zacharias Andich, 
Johan Philip Wagner,^^ 
Sebastian Zettlemeier, 
Johan Nehs, 
Johan Miller, 
Philip Beyer, 
Wilhelm Janss, 
Jacob Bin, 
Markes Miller, 
Frantz Seel, 
Samuel Moch, 
Melchior Stall, 
Adam Stoop, 
Georg Joughein, 
Conrad Zimmerman, 
Johan Melchior Weiss, 



Htrnit Jacob TutweiW, 
Han NicolAH PreU, 
HanH Adaii) Heiader, 
Geo. Martin Lohmulltr. 
Hani) Pliilip Koliler, 
Jotian Philip Faaen, 
Joh. Balthas Bartorius, 
Daniel Druiuberg, 
Frieclerich Fahrion, 
Char I e CfiDion, 
Isaac Vial, 
Conrad Ettinger, 
Ludwig Fillinger, 
Paul Praok, 
Jotian (ieoTg Hayd, 
0«org Philip Doningpr, 
Johaa Michael Matt»>H, 
Johannes Craiieater, 
Wilhelm GelHendorf, 
Plillip Beer, jr.. 

Chrlxtophel Atnbrusler, 
Andreas Fredttriok, 
Cleorg Andreas Stupii, 
Johan Jacob Muller, 
Johau Philip Weioker, 
Johau QeoTg Faaas, 
Juhan Valentin Stooker, 
Joh. Valentin Lemerd, 
JobaD Jacob Beyer, 
Adam Hoflinaan, 
Claude Charle. 
Matthias Oensle, 
Henry Sturf, 
Johannes Ewert, 
Heniiati Bullinger, 
Johannetj Bechtolt, 
Frid. Ambrose Tranberg, 
Oeorg Michael Hyltel, 
Hans Oeorg Schmidt, 
Johannes Lingenfeldter 

[TAc uriifinal lilt is hereu'ilh ffivsH.] 
Hen's JVnmes. 
Narae. Age. 

Jacob Stall SO 

Kiehell Elie 27 

Stofell Heller, BO 

Simon Heller 17 

JohaniH Peter Miller, 49 

Johanis Rore S9 

Henrich Weyshart 80 

Frans Ludwig Parrott, 89 

Abraham Eirper, 84 

Andres Beyer, IJ7 

Martin Beyer, 18 

Hannis Light, 5S 

Johan Sauvage, 40 

Iiorance Henn, 56 

Albreght Eborard 90 

Godlief Bberard 18 

Hans Adam Sohreyner, 59 

Miohell Bchreyner 98 

Henrich B«hbay 89 

Jobn WiDt«Il LoMch«t, 80 


John Miohell Reraer, 23 

Jacob Deeahuse, 18 

Wintell Draat, 49 

Johanis Barntz, 42 

Ludwick Meyer, 20 

Martin Meyer, 18 

Willm Meyer, 16 

Philip Wagener 20 

Johan Wftgener, 16 

Peter Wagener, 16 

Sebasting Sedelmeyer, 60 

Adam Mager, 80 

Adam Nesh 60 

Johan Philip Seebolt, 26 

RudolDh Shier, 31 

Hans Miohell Hollander, 32 

Johan Miller 32 

Oonrade Smith, 44 

Philip Bayer, 29 

Philip Waber 20 

Wilhelm Jans 24 

Jan Peter Hoffman, 27 

Jorg Hoffman, 37 

Henrich Tiech, 29 

Jacob Bing, 50 

Andres Blng, 24 

Markes Miller, 38 

Jacob Bartelme 40 

Nicholas Walter, 41 

Fredrick Haas, . . . ' 21 

Frans Seele, 17 

Hans Jnrg Gerth, ... 43 

Henrich Backer, 20 

Samuell Mooke, 20 

Michael Knnap, 20 

Matehys Ulrick, 28 

Fredrick Kraft, 52 

Henrick Landgraaf, 20 

Melchior Stall, 21 

Henrick Pehle, 27 

Jan Adam Stupe, 21 

Johanis Jager, . . . . ^ .... 36 

John Henrick K1ingler« 50 

Hans Michell Rushell, 26 

JurgJoghim, 27 

Simon Deck 85 


2fitmex. Age. 

Philip Beyer, 20 

Jacob Han 91 

Peter Burchart. 88 

Martin Shriner, SO 

Paul Kurgner. 40 

Johan Danl. Frej-ligh, W 

Michel BruBb .... 1« 

Aagusteen BruBh, 14 

Jacob Dwbeii. 9S 

CriBtorell AnnliroHt 88 

Philip Harlash 2B 

l^Jao. Christofl., 40 

Andreas Hook, >S 

Wilhn Bett, M 

Caeper Berger 90 

Daniell ButerfaM, 19 

Jacob Kraft 38 

Jan Adam Shef«r, 24 

Jurig Ernitt Linthell, 97 

Frvd rick Haas, 34 

WilWmZacbarU«Andich 18 

Conrail DuBt 88 

Conrad Zimmerman, 99 

StofTell t'rick 98 

AndrcB Balm, . .' » 

Juriu Slbert 95 

Hamt Jacob Dooilwiler 38 

Melchior Weig, M 

UanB Adam Kinder 34 

Adam Wall 91 

Andres Fredrick, 2t 

JuHk Loekmill^r, 34 

Nicholas Repel, 88 

Andres Stoop, S4 

Jacob MiUer. 33 

Johan Philip Welker, 90 

Jacob Wenigh » 

Jacob Ronk 89 

Hans Philip Koohler, 91 

Jarlit Faaa, 88 

Philip Paa^ 80 

Valontine Btaeker, 10 

BalthaMT Bardorious, 87 

Cbristlan JanlKh, 48 

ValMttina Lein«rd SO 



Names. Age, 

Loranoe Balien, ^ 

Jan Daniel Droonberg, 21 

Jacob Zadler 20 

Jaoob Back, ' 20 

Fredrick Farion, 36 

Stephen Lang, 35 

Adam Hofman, 23 

Jan GarlegiUon, 45 

Charley Garlegillon, 19 

Hack Viall, 29 

Georg Ide, 30 

Johanis Begthold, 22 

Jan Jacob Beyer, 32 

Hathias Gentslen, 20 

Hennck Bullinger, 28 

Fredrick Thronberg, 29 

Conrad Estlinger, 21 

Henrick Storff, 2 

Hans Michell Matthys, 22 

Jurg Michl. Hittel, 23 

Johanis Kranister, 30 

Hans Jurig Smith 21 

Wilm Kelsendorf, 17 

Johanis Lingeredler, 20 

Ladwick FiUinger, . 27 

Johanis Ebert 19 

Jarg Philip Follinger 20 

Paul Brack, 21 

List op Forbionbrs Imported in the Ship Guksaow, 
Walter Stbrlino, Master, from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Sept. 9, 1738. 

Valentin Krantz, 
Ehrhard Kless, 
Philip Jacobs, 
Johannes Huppel, 
Nicolas Kleh, 
Philip Drumm, 
Peter Stand t, 
Conrad Wolflf, 
Daniel Corell, 

Melchior Clos, 
Johannes Zinn, 
Nicolcus Mock, 
Adam Albert, 
Debalt Gnth, 
Daniel Standt, 
Theobald Klee, 
Jacob Bernhard, 
Gottfried Zerfass, 


JohauDes MiUer, 
JohanuttH ]> ruber, 
Henry Lowrence, 
Peter Koch, 
Wilhelm Daub, 
Tbomax Schneider, sen.. 
Johnn Adam Sclineidei', 
Matheia FenBteniiuober, 
Johan David Dlel, 
Miobael Luteioger, 
Peter Daub, 
Albertiaa Koch, 
Martlu Wall, 
Georg Stohler, sen., 
Hern hart Stohler, 
Philip Bartholoiny, 
Jobao Henricb Koller, 
Joban Wilbelm Qerbart, 
Johannes Bobenheiser, 
Johan Philip Heintz, 
Johannes Battel m, 
Johan Bernbard Bauch, 
William Mom ban r. 
Joban Nlcklas Bower, 
Oonrad Rebman, 
Johan Geurg Mill, 
Hen rich Radebau(;li, 
Heinrich Boinmer, 
Johannes Jost, 
Wilhelm Die!. 
Georg Klein, 
Philip Cunius, 
Jacob TrieHS, 
P«ler Bngell, 
Anthony Ertord. 
JobanneK Berger, 
■Foban Adam Hubert, 
Joban Nickel Emrich, 
Joban Frid. Michael, 
Johaa Dieter Frey, 
Frantz Cftri Huyet, 
Christopher Bernhart, 
Thomas Oarniger, 
Henricb Bernbard, 
Bernhart Dalilheiiner, 
Mathias Stohler. 

Daniel Bclmeider, 
Oar) Neumann, 
Philip Oebbart, 
Jacob Mann, 
Jacob Grub, 
ThomoH Schneider, Jr., 
Johan Plulip Rihl, 
Wilhelm Fenstermacher. 
Johan Nioklae Fiscbnr, 
Michael Muller, 
Abraham Heintz, 
Michael Maarer, 
Deubalt Weber, 
Georg Stohler, jr., 
Johun Adam Bommer, 
Johan Adam Steyn. 
Johan I'eter Olwrkehr, 
Joban Nickel Peck, 
Jolitin Nicolas Wolff. 
Joliannm Pontius, 
Johan Nlcolait Rannch, 
Joban Marx HeintE, 
Johan Henricb Walter, 
Johan Jacob Seibert, 
Christopher Kandeld, 
John Peter Bower, 
Jacob Flnstermocber, 
Henrich Jacob Ansitacb, 
BelNMtian Haupt. 
Peter Joet, 
Johannes Kuntz, 
Just Mitzler, 
Jacob Ttel. 
Killian Noll, 
Stephan Brann, 
Leonbart Georg, 
Johannes Booh, 
Andreas Bobenheiser, 
JohanncH Guckes, 
Johan Nickel Michael, 
Hans Adam Miller, 
HanH Adam Shade, 
Joban Christ. Neuman, 
Frantz Gildner. 
Joban Adam If artman. 


"The original list is herewith f/iven,'\ 

Men's Names. 

Name, Age. 

Valentine Grance, 82 

Tho8. Snyder, 52 

Leonard Glace, 30 

Thos. Snyder 20 

Hans Adam Snyder 30 

Dewald Yraaf, . 33 

Johan Philip Reale, 28 

Johanis Zinnd, 31 

Philip Jacobs, 42 

Han Jacob Jacobs, 16 

Nicholas Mook 38 

Peter Mook 25 

Mathias Finsterniacher, 60 

Wm. Finstermacher, 25 

Johanis Hipi>ell, 40 

Adam Halbert, 35 

Johan David Diel, 82 

Nickell Fisher 24 

Johan Nickell Klee 30 

Deobald Goet 28 

Philip Dram, 36 

Daniel Stoat 45 

Peter Stout 17 

Hans Nickell Simon, 31 

Henry Hall, 50 

Deobald G. Lee, 26 

Conrad Wolf 19 

Hans Jacob Bernherd, 23 

Daniel Corell, 27 

Johan Nickell Wolf, 26 

Godfriet Serwaes, 40 

Johanis Ponteas 20 

Johan Nickell Rouse, 35 

Johanis Miller, 21 

Philip Hanes, 46 

Marks Hanes, 19 

Daniel Snyder, 30 

Johanis Bartelme, 38 

Joanis Drayer, 55 

Henry Walter, 33 

Johan Nickell Fink. 29 

Bemlierd Roug^, 24 


Namt. Age. 

Carul Leyman 96 

Henry Lor&noe M 

Jolian Jacob Bybert 88 

Philip Wlbhert M 

Peter Kooh 8S 

JkcoIi WeaD, 88 

Will. Doub •85 

Jacob Groab. 40 

Peter JooBt 68 

Win, Umboure. 38 

JoanlH JoMl 17 

OhrbtoB. CaufTeld 4« 

Joanla Oooqb, 46 

Wm. Teil 19 

Nlokell Brower H 

Johan Petei Brower W 

Joot MittHler 4S 

Conrad Retutan 86 

Jurg Klein 91 

Jaool> Tlel. 91 

Jacob Fiustermaoher 99 

Jurg Mill 85 

Jacob Ansbach 95 

Henry Rodobaeh, 49 

Philip Conjns 88 

Ba.'itlaa Houd 88 

Hearf Baumer, 60 

Johan Adam Baunier 19 

Jolian Peter Baumer, 18 

Gelian Noel, 48 

Jacob Fries, 9S 

Philip Bartelme, 88 

Peter V^ng\e 90 

Johan Jaoob Belbert 90 

Stephen Braum, 87 

Julian Adam Steyn, 38 

Henry Keller 30 

Hans Peter Oberkoer, 88 

William Garhard 40 

Johan Niokeli Kygler, 80 

Leonard Jurg, 80 

Anthony Bnford, 40 

Johan Niokell Pik 87 

Johan Robenhuyzer 46 

Andrefl Robenhuyzer 91 


Name, Age. 

Addam Happart, 20 

Joban Hoeks, 22 

Johan Nickell Emerriok, 86 

Johan Boos. 22 

Johan Nickell MioheU 42 

Fredrick Miehell, 17 

Hans Adam Miller, 50 

^.^-J'redrick Prey, 88 

Hans Adam Schaer, 26 

Frans Carel Hoeyer, 20 

Cbristofer Neyman, 17 

Johan Berrier, 39 

Christofr. Bernherd, 23 

Michal Lutsinger, 29 

MichalMUler, 40 

Frans Giltner, 22 

Pet^r Doab, 20 

Michal Dewald 20 

Thus. Garringer, 22 

Johan Adam Hartman, 24 

Abraham Heynes, 19 

Henry Gernherd, 22 

Meloher Elass, 82 

Albertas Koch, 54 

Michal Maurer, 24 

Martin Wall, 88 

Deobald Weaver, 87 

Matbias Stoler, 47 

Teadie Stoler, 18 

Jurg Stoler, 51 

Leonard Stoler 22 

Jorg Stoler, 20 

Bernherd Dalheymer, 20 

List op Porbignrrs Imported in the Snow Two Sisters, 
Jambs Marshall, Commander, prom Rotterdam. Qual- 
IPIBD Sept. 9, I78a 

Johannes Dadinger, Johan Wildermuth, 

Melchior Schedle, Dietrich Benedict, 

Wolfgang Braun, Johannes Solder, 

Jacob Hauser, Philip Priederich. 



_ Andreas Frey, 
Heitrioh Fuitck, 
CliriiitiiLn Evurhart, 
Simon CreyMineyer, 
BoltlioH Bnliret, 
Hane Mich. Rflas, 
Otiristoiihel Schneider, 
Hans Adnm HeylTiiiui, 
Hanx Martin Hnlter. 
Hanx Martin Breniiinger, 
Michmtl Frlederich Zeyler, 
HaiisHeorR Bruoker, 
Johan Henry Rydeiuttook, 
HiinH (Teorg Cooii, 
Johan Bemhart Reber. 

Leon hart Notz, 
Johannes Joh6, 
Philip Smlt, 
Matthias Keygnr, 
Johannes Merolcel, 
Hand Wendel Hoff, 
Hana Ueorg Wagner, £^ 
Haim Oeorg (ireiser, 
Johan Qotlieb Breunlnger, 
Hans Michael BaBt«rl]r, 
Hans Q-eorfc B rend el, 
Johan Philip Brendle, 
Johan Wilhelni Wentu), 
Johan Wolfgang UBger, 
Johan Hen rich Meyer. 

{The uHginal Hit U hereieith given.] 
ilen'/i Names. 
Name. Age. 

Hans Windal Hooft 38 

Ohristn. Snyder 89 

^■^ans Jorick Watf^nor, 84^ 

Hann Adam Hoylman M 

Johe. Tottlnger, 40 

Johs. Wildermoad U 

Melchior Shortly D5 

Hane Adam Zigler « 

Tidrick Benedick 80 

Johann. Tolder SC 

WoolfBruyn, 45 

Hand Jprick Graiier, 90 

Jacol) Hooser SS 

Hans Martliel Holder fl4 

Cft!i[>araH Holder, 96 

Hans Jerick Ireuian 87 

Philip Fredrick 40 

Hanit Martin Brininger, 8S 

Johs. eo<1lier Brinlnger 88 

Michael Easterly 90 

Bilker Tidrick Zeyler 94 

Hans .leriok Brandel, 98 

Hans Peter Brioker, 88 

Andreas Fry 40 

Johs. Philip Brandel 90 


iPdme. Ape. 

Leonard Notz «I8 

HendricK Punk 36 

Jobs. Joho 37 

ChrUn. Everhart 48 

Joha, H«ndriek RyiUestaek. 40 

Hans Wm. Wennil M 

Philip Smitt 28 

Bimon ■Criivsnit'\'i-r 20 

Uathlas Keygar, 3S 

B^ldaes B»rret. 40 

Hans J^rick C<k«i 87 

JohBiiB. Hirkle 28 

Woolf Pongerer, 34 

Leoiiiird Renor 83 

JohB. Hendrick Meyer 24 

Hann Hiohael Rise, 22 

Women's Name». 

Catherina Hooft«n 24 

Anna Elizabeth Hooften 27 

Anna Haiia Hooften, 30 

AnnaHariaShertly 40 

Anna Barbara Bhertly, 33 

Barbara Tolder, 34 

Barbara Brininger, 28 

Anna Shenk. 40 

Anna Grefset 37 

Anna Evu tJrBiser 26 

Maria ("hrislina Greiser 33 

Snsaniioh Caiharina Oreisar, 29 

Haria Marg. Ireinftn, 33 

Maria Herten 3fl 

Anna Bareble, 34 

Eliith. Brlninger 30 

Maria Dyer 53 

tli!!. Catherina Dyer 33 

Maria Dorothy Dyer 28 

Barbara Brickt^ring 34 

Catharina. JMotz 37 

Anna Funck 81 

Hargt. Boamining, 26 

Snsaiina Joho, 44 

Chrintina Ijeonanl W 

Anna Everhart, 43 


Name. Ag«. 

Anna Rydloetack. 26 

Anuu Ktiyf;;i:tr, 87 

HoKdnlen SiniUin, U 

ft Cooii, 47 

Children's Names. 

John William Syinan 6 

Melchior KiiKh 

Maria Sinitien U 

John Smity.en 5 

Tidarick Shoup, 7 

Lndtjwick Ileuhever, 13 

Maria Bhoupen, 18 

Hanit I'eterly, IS 

Maria UliBer, 9 

Anna Margaret Zfgler, 4 

ChrlBtian Slionk 15 

Jacnii Dier, H 

Hans ]'«ter ZBiler IS 

Magdalen Flslier S 

Catheriiia Fiither, 8 

John Hendriok Braiidel, 11 

Anna Leonard, 

Hiinx litHmard 7 

HanD KnyKar, 7 

Barbara Otting 18 

HanH Minhael Coon, 6 

Andrt^aM Hoover, 16 

CiiriNln. Kliith. Bwartien 10 

HannJacolt Holder, 18 

France JoHeph llnsheaver IS 

Hans MartliB Herten 10 

Jerick Fredrick. 6 

Eva Kniirring, 8 

Hendriok Fry, 1! 

Martha Fry 9 

Jacob Fry 

Maria Fry, 9 

Anna Pry 4 

Dorothy Not7, 4 

Hand Ornve, 10 

Peter (Jrnve 9 

Anna (IreoKHln 4 

Veronica fjreodsin 9 

Hannah Rydlestock, 10 


List op Forbiosers Imported in thb Sbip Robert aho 
Alice, of DdbI/in, Walter Ooodman, Gouuandur, from 
Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. ii, 1738. 
Jacob FranB, 
Peiter Butgell, 

Jacob Brans ted er, 

Mathews Atslnck, 

Philip Hertzog, 

Peiter Kolp. 

Peiter Sybent, 

Jorick Uich. Roch, 

Godtry Bener, 

Qerit Hedriek, 

Hans Mlohell Torenb«rt;i^r 

Valentine BchultH, 

Jacob Prlsher, 

Daniell KJInfi^smith, 

Jan Jacub Klunt, 

Adam Daniull. 

Peiter Heyl. 

Jobannis Broan, 

Hans Adatn OuiEler, 

Theobeld Uchelfer, jun. , 

Paul MoBBer. 

Jacob Ray man. 

Hiohell Rayman, 

Hans Snyder, 

Christopher Wederigh 

Nicholas Bneuder, 

Joseph Kense)!, 

Phylip Totser, 

Phjlip Weys. 

Jan Jacob Cophenhever, 

Headrlck Shlngell, 

Hendrick Thomas, 

Abraham Heyt, 

Jan Jacob Shoemaker, 

Jan Nichol Holl, 

Andries Holl. 

Christian Groab, 

Jan Jurick Roth, 

Johannls Esoogen, 

Hichell Schoemaker, 

Stephen Jorenbexger, 

Johannis Keipher, 

Jan Peter Kerch. 

Jnriuh Oodfreid, 

Michell Kolp, 

Johanis Furch, 

Jan Adam Snell, 

Johannis Bener, 

Jurich Michell Kolp, 

Johanulx Honsinger, 

Abram Hedriek, 

Oygell Torenberger, 

Luturg Boes, 

David Nogle, 

Jan Jurich Hedriek, 

Nicholas Miller. 

Casper Wyesgerper. 

Casper Dorst, 

Tobiat) Stear. 

Theobeld Sohelter, Men.. 

Andries Meyer, 

Johannls Pritiher, 

Michell Miller, 

Jacob Tom me, 

Andries Bader. 

Frederick Nicholas Snnudet 

Hans Martin, 

Jacob Kensell, 

.Tacob TBtser, 

Jacob Gorle. 

Lundert Nochper, 

Jau Nichol Craft. 

Conred Heyt, 

Pieter Heyt, 

Johannis Shoemaker, 

Jan Abram Holl, 

Baltser Renhowser, 

Theobel Vink, 

Philip Pehl, 

Jan Peiter Escogen, 

Anthord Bieller, 

Peter Ruble, 

Jacob Peck, 

Jan Adam Granast, 



Heudrick Red 1 alio wer, 
ChHutian Btedler, 
Adam Dick. 
Unsper tjoheilk, 
Daniell Olingesiiiitti, 
Paul us B 11 lint, 
Ohriatopher Hedrlck, 
Peiter Key per, 
Allex. Bchoefert, 
Reynhart A Is back, 
Christian GaBtle, 

Haas Martin Sterainger, 
Peiter Redinhower, 
Jan Nicbol Nagle, 
Melchfor Taut, 
Oodfried Petz«ll, 
Lowrane Ptalreon, 
Pieter Hedriok, 
Michel I Clemens, 
Byle Key per, 
Jan Paul Kuns, 
HanB Trautiuaa 

List of Foreiqnbbs Iuportbd in tmk Ship Querk Bliza- 


Qualified Sept. 16, 1788. 

Men's ^ameii. 
Name. Age. 

Ludwiok Bible 88 

Hanti Otho Jerseto, . 45 

Georick Parkman SS 

Wm. Brant 80 

Barnet Ruat, 39 

Hans Otho Sliger 4S 

QriOriok Sllger 38 

Jno. Bliger al 

Jno. rteorick Sliger, 10 

Andrea Felsinger, .11 

Jno. Henrick Bides 96 

Anilrett Lerick M 

Pfiter L«rick 30 

A ntho Lerick 18 

CliriMtian lAback W 

Rinard Laback TO 

Jno. Henrink SillciiH aB 

BlKinont Henly, 4t 

Adum SchiBlor, 80 

Jno. Bhim«ll 86 

Henrick Weber, 41 

JohaniB Konkell, 80 

Peter Spikt 44 

Casper Ijeriok, 44 

Christopher Stroder, SS 


Name. Age. 

Henrioh Weber, 28 

Nicholas Tye, 24 

JohanniB Letherick, 18 

Johanes Coch, 78 

HenrickCoch, 23 

Gabriel Vagell 32 

Henrick Smith, 50 

Jno. Smith 20 

Peter Smith, 17 

Charles Rygard, 25 

Ralph Snyder 23 

Wilhelm Eisdne — 

Conrad Snyder, 20 

Geo. Lorison* 26 

Michell Lorison, % 

Thoj*. Shane, 38 

Mark Sible 47 

Jno. Sible 20 

Henrick Elinger, 21 

Henrick Veis, 36 

Nicholas Venholt, 48 

JohaneH Snyder, 40 

Weinard Weisell, 27 

Paul Gysell, 37 

Christophel Kirkhofe, 48 

Ernst Sharp 39 

Jno. Georick Sharp, 16 

Ludwick Thomas 34 

Johanes Straal, 37 

Johanes Peyer, 45 

Danl. Iglebourner, 45 

Johanes Starr, 38 

Geo. Terr 38 

Martin WeiseU 30 

Christopher Rooss, 55 

Jno. Styne 37 

Henrick Seller, 34 

Johanes Lerick, 44 

Johanes Shafer 34 

Johannes Masor, 34 

Conrad Stegell, 32 

Henrick Sliger, 45 

Christian Morris, 24 

Nicholas Eakers '42 

11 -Vol. XVII, 


Nanit. Age. 

Hunrink Eiikera, 17 

Berimni i.ynne, 20 

Pi-Bilrick Nicktoii. 86 

(iuorick Hlmrp. 36 

IwuicBlmrp 86 

aidrtiii 8we.'»lni'n 51 

«BO. Konkell 10 

'rii<*iilial(l Smith M 

(>utiru<l liUTgn, 48 

Heiirick WniMell 38 

UwMIHtr Iieai>, . 48 

(;a«lier Leiip 19 

Johuni-H SI«Kull. 32 

Hfnrink Kyex «B 

Hoiirick Nuftoll. 84 

JoliiuieH Alt, 40 

Heiirick Cahill. 19 

r«fl>er Bcliiiyiier, 

JoliiiiiiH SiilKpi^k SO 

Uliriotliin NIttlitliari, «[ 

Henriok WiHiain, 26 

JiilitiiieH Noiimin 88 

(.'iinriKt I.eparii, 68 

JoliiuieHKoiikKll 24 

Will. J.eiMtril . SS 

('iiHi>t<r Doiiilnick 88 

Joliatied OotwaltH, 20 

*;..iirnd Miller, 23 

i>liilij) Siiiilli, IB 

CJftHjMT H!i»fer, .... 2fl 

(Umnul OiiM.' 67 

Jac.oli Ewali). , , .... 24 

Ni(^lioliiH C>(iok, 24 

Nk'lioIdH Sf igler. 96 

Joliaiiiien Ri«er 2« 

Wiliiiiiii Smith, 10 

Duhriol i>orisaii 40 



List ok Forkignbr^ Inportkd in thk ShipThistlk, John 


8Kin\ 19, 1738 


Daniel Dryghler, 
Henrv Brechbill, 
Peter Habaker, 
Isaao Oinmell, 
Valentine His, 
Abraham Stidler, 
Peter Founcier})nrgli, 
Jacob Slygh, 
Hans Adam Snyder. 
JohanneH GerH, 
Lorentz Gold, 
Johannes Wymuller, 
Adam Keen, 
Henry B«Hjkholt, 
Carel Wit man, 
Joh. lieonard Miller, 
Cay per Lutx, 
HannaH Diedrich, 
Jacob Kayg^ar, 
Jacob Bchochman, 
Andrea8 MintK, 
Michl. Jiel, 
MichI Vri8, 
Johannes Vris, 
Johannes Krim, 
Johan Jacob Pfarr, 
Joliannes Coen, 
Barent Smith, 
Conradt Kemelie, 
Martin Mansberf^er, 
Johan Herman SchifTer, 
Paul us BchifTer. 
Hendk Barthol Schiffer, 
Hendk Adolph Ag^nback, 
Michl. Hoeback, 
Valantine Wilt, 
Conradt Siugler, 
Peter Snyder, 
Blies Nicholas Bender, 
Diedrich Six. 
Philip Smelzer, 


Christian Brechbill, 

William IMshoflf, 

Johannes Slighter, 

Christian St idler, 

Jacob Kinar, 

Ellas A bin, 

Walter Founderburgh, 

Thomas Ruygh, 

Jan. George Lots, 

Daniel Snyder, 

Joshep Keller, 

Andreas Nay man, 

Johannes Keller, 

Joet Perkerstocks, 

George Michl. Gras, 

Christian Lut/., 

Jacob Clodder, 

Johannes Kroon, 

Hans (ieorge Mayer, 

Conradt Wymuller, 

Elias Siler, 

Caspar Kienar, 

Simou Vris, 

Martin Krim, 

Hans Martin Bilder, 

Jost Vrvler, 

Hans Adam Lightie, 

Melchior Smith, 

Michl. UnderkaufTer, 

Christian Lodder, 

Johan Henry Rimisnyder, 

Bernhanl Schiflfer, 

Pauhis Schiflfer, 

Philip Coen. 

Andreas Hanovelt, 

Lodowic Miller, 

Nicholas Vrydagh, 

Jacob Bender, 

Jacob Nifhs. Bender, 

Johannes Frank, 

Geor. Kinder, 


Pbtur Kinder, OaMpur Kender, 

Jua. Kixlulph, Jacob KalladiH. 

Vindk I>ins, Jacob Hoaback, 

Michl. Strehall. Johannes WeBthouso. 

Oeo. Mathe, WUler, Joannes tjinouH. 

Ulrigh Seger, Midi]. Keyaleinan, 

Miolil. Bmelztjr, Johannes Mayer. 

List tiv \'A.3»KJiaKR« in thk Ship Nancy, Wm. Wai,ia(ir, 
Mastkr. Qualipird Skht. 20, ITSB. 
Name. Age. 

Blmon Idehng, «7 

Jacob etinebrolT, M 

Frederick Tryer, H 

].awrence Klyne, M 

< Jasper Hootman, 80 

John Prince. S8 

Tobias Hackerraan 86 

John Peter, 34 

Tlioinas Paulcher 27 

Jacob I>ussaul 38 

ChriHtlaii Berkiniin, 98 

Michael Jacob. 20 

Jolin Beilsheller , 98 

Henry Mire 30 

Mieliael Shole, Senr. 83 

Michel Sliole. Junr 28 

(Jliriatopher Mire, 17 

Anthony Englebert, 37 

Hendrick Heraper, , . 43 

CliriHtlan SwltKer, » . . 30 

J.>hn Eyhanlt. 80 

Hendrick Nikerlck, 82 

Jacob Mire, 27 

John HouHellieck , 35 

Nicholas RobertUM 9P 

0<H>rg[> Painter, 30 

Jolin Mire, *. 34 

Oeorge Mackly, 87 

Aaron Hoiieneck 48 

Jacob SwitJLer 98 

KicholaH Onac, 88 


Name. Age. 

Joseph Mire, 25 

David Shydeaker, 34 

Ulrick Shydeaker, 20 

Hans Shydeaker, 15 

Jeremiah Rhode, 48 

Matthias Learer, 24 

Andrew Kashly, 15 

Gorg^e Rowler. 89 

Jacob Reece, 49 

Matthew Reece, 17 

John Meyininger, 55 

Michael Robb, 16 

YustTerr, 23 

Philip Hiner 20 

Conrod Pletz, 28 

P.iilipTrap, 28 

Peter Musnier 21 

John Grossnickle, 21 

Francis Haokerraan, 28 

Michael Mire 29 

Martin Mire, 28 

Martin Springley, 86 

George Shewler, 80 

Jacob Cloates, 22 

William Corst 27 

Philip Bens, 27 

Casper Mans, 20 

Michael Hemperly, 26 

Jacob Beck 25 

Philip Kevell 27 

Jacob Frank, 80 

Thomafl Rush, 20 

John Howes, 18 

Jacob Adolph, 19 

Martin Snider, 81 

Andreas Ringer, 17 

Mellcher Beelman, 58 

Jacob Easterly, 22 

John Kowler, 16 

John Kashncate, 83 

Jacob Cavelioh, 28 

Martin Mire, 15 

John HesselbSiCk, '>6 



AND Ui'WAiiiis <ix BoAHD THK Bhip Fkikkdship, Hbitry 

HKRrH, COMHANDKR (^AI.IFIKII Skpt. 30, 1798. 

Namr. Age. 

Florinii BoltintiiT. 38 

('IiriHtiaii Yotiug, 87 

.Iiicoli Briisl, 34 

Ste|>lm HlnHt-r, 48 

ValatiuK ShnllHr 34 

Mirhivl I'arger, ,,.,,. 40 

Hanw-hlrti: BHK«ir, 18 

Jouiiis Kohii, , , 30 

l)<'WaUi KliiiKler, 34 

Lowraiine DiboMic 48 

J««iiia Negeli*!. ItO 

AlimliHiii Kker. .... .13 

Pliilii> Slovrr :(1 

Ailniii KrepB, IB 

Henry Byble ... 87 

JoliatiliH Shryhnr, ... 38 

Ailum Pence . . 88 

JhroI) Foliiier 40 

Jacob Folmer 16 

HanH P«ter RotUwrtter, . 40 

rhrJMtiaii Myer, 88 

Tobias DUeSM 88 

J>ewalt Stewuril, 81 

Jacoh Zorn, 90 

Miohal Hiiovortcli. ,95 

Jiirg Hiieck, ..... 80 

Joariis Swartswalter, RO 

.I<MmiB Slifller, S6 

Janili Hoover, 85 

Johaii 'ireiiwhef , . 88 

Mielial MpKiior. 87 

('asiMT MiHiiiur 16 

LeojMLld JoMt 80 

Jiint Miller, 91 

Burtle Bach, 54 

Allan) Bacli, 18 

Jnrg Hartman , ... 40 

Paul Hfnie 17 

■laoob Hlme, ... 18 

JoanlR Bwaner, M 

Jacob Btamler, .18 

Jurg Moler, US 



JVame. Aut- 

Johanis Stinglie 8' 

Prodridi Pendf r. ... 33 

Bertiherd Moatu ■"' 

Hubs Mlehel Broiioh -i'A 

Viilmiiie Pence, . . W 

Joluui JordftO, 3G 

Cliriulopli Wys '7 

Jacoli Dorrie, ^'S 

NieholM Stfoii 'i^ 

John (Jofrieii. ..... K8 

Vnttitiu RinlMll IT 

Abrntinin WeilUfli SO 

Juttitis Pryliiig, , *^ 

Midhat Bort-I, . 'i'> 

Jiirg Kuiifumii, ^0 

A.ittiii Rittw, 3t 

P«Ier LoukB H3 

i'hillipHiiiiini«r. 30 

JiMK.1. «lio(.. . . lis 

Elwrliar.1 Drollinger, Ha 

Ailtun tiwartsw^ldnr, IB 

Jiipg K"ni :w 

WeudvU .laoohifl 89 

Benili(M-tl Eg^r, . . SO 

Joooh Kger .35 

Mi<<1iull Egfr ■ 93 

A'iiiiiii ProlIiiiKer. , . :"! 

FredricliHarte 36 

Se)>aMtiHU Neal 5S 

Menrich Herner, 46 

I>anil Kensimer, 45 

Viilr) Bechtli' '...., 38 

Jacob WnftiiiT, ... *■; 

.roanJH I,eng)ie, . . ;J3 

tA>rpntii Hout8, 2:t 

Joftnis Kensimer, 17 

Joa-nio Fredrich, 17 

Marke Smith 34 

M»rtie Karcher 19 

Freilricli Rink 33 

HariR Jnrg Bnck 40 

FreilriL'li Hftvlie 30 

UartJD ftiweii *> 

JiirgKenich, 30 

Johan Wendel Browo 37 


List ok Foruihnkkh Importuu in thk Snow Pox, Chas, 
Wauk, ('oMMANnKR, FROM Rotterdam. Qualifikd Oct. 

12, 1738. 

MiclianI Q-run, 
Adnm Hieatier. 
Ttioniiio ReuHcli, 
Micliu^l Pot!, 
HttiiM Diebalt Dniir, 
JcHiehim Stober, 
HaiiB (Jeorg Wut^t, 
Martin Rfin, 
HiiHtimi F«lte,. 
Jai'oli Btieger, 
JohnniieB Golden bo rger, 
Jactil) HofTinan, 
Pliilip Jacob Bub, 
ChriBtian Kauff, 
Hans Uoerjj Fetter, 

Jacob Balmer, 
Adam Ullrich, 
Adam Ulmer, 
Johannea Asper, 
Martin Cludy, 
QeoTK Michael Balmer, 
HanH Martin Rein, 
HanH Georg Pauth, 
Peter Heater man, 
Michael Krieffer. 
HaiiB Oeorg Zhnerly, 
Hane Georg Frey, 
Chrletian Hohlmaan, 
Christophflr Bub, 
niridi Hubster. 

( The original li*/ U /mrfivith given. ] 
Name. Age. 

Michael Krceii, SS 

JaeobTalm-'r, 96 

Adam Hej-aer, 39 

Godfreil Kunig, 47 

Adiini Ulrich, 24 

Philip HtxMf 35 

Huns Thpc>l>ald ThrooR, , . 41 

Martin Browne 84 

Michafl Kevhig. . . 41 

Mi<-iiafl Palmer, , . , 43 

Jopkem Stober 45 

ririck Kipsier. 40 

Marl in Mayer, 88 

Martin Reyn, 48 

Hand Martin Reyn 90 


r Hi 

s WorSter, . . 
Bai'tian Felti, . . 
Oasi>*r IJeoker. . . 
Hans Jurig Fout. 
Michael Kryger, . 


Name. Age. 

Michael Kryger, Jr., 20 

Jacob Kryger, ... 36 

Hans Adam Olmer, 55 

Philip Jacob Baart, 19 

Jacob Steyger, ... 33 

Grarrick Semerly, 37 

Tobias Reesh, 34 

Leariner Tzink, 17 

John Asper, 38 

John Goldeberger, 23 

Michael Catts, Senr. , 48 

Michael Catts, Junr., 17 

Mark Claudy, 27 

Hans Fry . 33 

Jacob HofTman, 55 

Christian Hoffman, 17 

Johannes Ostwald 26 

Sebastian Colman, 32 

Philip Jacob Bouha 55 

Hans Bouha, 20 

Chris. Bouha, 25 

Melclior Houtmaker, 40 

Philip Jacob Bouha, Junr., .SO 

Jacob Hourg 35 

Christian Caup, 24 

Hans Jurg Fetter, 26 

List of FoKKiaxKRs Imported in tkk Ship Davy, Wm. 
Pattox, Commander, from Amsterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 25, 1738. 

Martin Puchs, 
Steffen Rous, 
Andres Born, 
Johan Jacob Kuntzler, 
Theevia Fautzen, 
Christopher Zummer, 
Johan Dan Hetzer, 
Valentin Aut, 
Conrad Lange. 
Johan Adam Fnch, 
Johan Adam Schreyer, 
Johan Jacob Schluter, 

Nicholas Stebener, 
Johan Nic. Slummer, 
Peter Domas, 
Johan Jacob Steffen, 
Johan Nic. Thys, 
Melchior Zummer, 
Johan Wendel Seyber, 
Johan Frederick Barts, 
Chris. Fuch, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Johan Nicho. Scherer, 
Johan Hildesheimer, 



Jolinti UeorgH Pniily, 
Jolmii l'aH|>er Btelii. 
HiuiH Ja«ol> Kneoky, 
(j oil rail Kern, 
Johaii Heiirlok Pfleek, 
Johan Hen. AliiHriutt, 
KreiltTJck Bcliniidl, 
UubnHtInn Fehr. 
Valentin Stempel. 
JoliHn Feldfl lege), 
GeorRB Heyer, 
NioliolaN JooBt, 
jHeol> WiUlBnliiilz^ 
Henrick Tomer, 
Georne Job, 
MWioel Straiilie, 
Utsorgo Stoltz, 
Jacob tieckan, 
(Jiibriel Hnller, 
Joliaunits J >e liner. 
HunH Mich. TildeHer, 
AndruuH Deck. 
Gottfriod Braniic, 
■Incob Frey, 
■lohan ((«orge Weis, 
Jolian Feyl, 
Joliiin Schiniick, 
Jaci>li SnI train, 
J oh An Knockell, 
I'atil Wej'er, 
(>H»-nld Winkelman, 
Jolinn Adam Fiiu, 
,lohiLii Nic. Kluxer, 
Hcrnani Beibert, 
llniiH Ad, Ofeik, 

Johan Matthias Bolierer, 
Valentin Nichola, 
StcplianuB Klehr, 
. Philip Wicker, 
Henrick Schneider, 
Christian Btunker, 
i'lirixtian Schmidt, 
Frederick Stempel, 
Johan Peter Olier, 
Jacob MorgewegK, 
Jacob Mohr, 
Jolian (feorge Pleok, 
Hinion Hpcherer, 
Abraham Holder, 
('onrad Waldman, 
Ulriiik Kflger, 
JohanueH Deck, 
Philip OottflklnA. 
HaltMiser Lamliert, 
HaiiH Michael Lange, 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Andreiu Blmon, 
UttorRe But!!. 
Johan Martin Prleni, 
■folian Banter. 
Johan Geo. Heck. 
Jolian Jjant/.inger, 
Jticqiies Maronette, 
Philip Wettezell. 
Simon Htoltz, 

Johan Andr. Ko 
Oeorge Crape, 
Joh. Jaes Beibert, 
Geo. Schramii. 

List ok FnitKiUNEOS Importki> in thk Ship Saint An- 


KiKD, Oct. 37, 1738. 

Peter Leinht, Han Yerick Kell, 

Jacob Btlntz, Jacoli Seam, 

Johan Head. Rela. Han Har Deal, 

MannH BasamandBhouse, Johan Soeniaker, 



Hans Ofer, 

Han Noh. Stoter, 

Jacob Keiller, 

Velto Walter, 

Lewis Vinsent, 

Victor Speitz, 

Simon Derrick, 

And. Sin, 

Jacob Cinnerley, 

Hans Rinerd Bene, 

Jacob Walter, 

Chris. Werger, 

Johan Shenkell, 

William Reiser, 

Chris. Hendrick, 

Anth. Kinter, 

Hans Wisler, 

Hend. Rinewalt, 

Jerick Hylman, 

Chris. Souder, 

Nichl. Staylor, 

Jacob Shetzer, 

Hans Herts, 

Miohl. Hellibrand, 

Hendrick Been, 

Chris. Light, 

Martin Fesel, 

Adriess Walker, 

Hans Hambreet, 

Jurigh Bernard Lowman, 

Fiet Hambreght, 

Hans Jacob Catterman, 

Hans Michl. Sheffer, 

Johannes Hootsman, 

Johannes Groeber, 

Adam Ambright, 

Hans Philip Srait, 

Hans Oaspr. Inderlydner, 

Merck Adams Brouns, 

Ulrich Fow, 

Johan Peter Vonsing, 

Jarig Nichl. Meyer, 

Hendrick Hoof man, 

Chris. Mayer, 

Lorentz Kryger, 

Jnrig Bibighaaae, 

Johannes Kreive, 
Casper Huckaback, 
Yerick Kreil, 
Khris Wagner, / 
Johan Conr. Benebender, 
Stephene Akerman, 
Conrad Neigle, 
Chris. Kinstler, 
Conrad Sryer, 
Martin Teligin, 
died. Buckemier, 
Martin Squartz, 
Tho. Everhad, 
Hans Summer. 
Jerick Bergener, 
Nichl. Harman, 
Sam Beem, 
Peter Yosey, 
Peter Beem, 
Michl. Muster, 
Y^erick Governer, 
Stephen Beninger, 
Arn. Sheder, 
Chris. Trevett, 
Hendrick Sower, 
Elias Bald, 
Jacob Odering, 
Michl. Syder, 
Hans Michel Witsell, 
Hans Michel Witsell, 
Hans Wyligh Catterman, 
Hans Michael ShelTer, 
Chris. Stein Clarther, 
Thomas Everhard, 
Jacob Beyer, 
Michel Scheyvel, 
Jacob Sterne, 
Jacob Reslaur, 
Hans Adam Brouns, 
Mickel Fraunk, 
Hans Geo. Webber, 
Christophell Mayer; 
Johan Neveling, 
Mathias Hort, 
Johan Christ Handhuize, 
Johan Haldhouse, 



Heetifin Header, 
Uanlell Blbigauee, 
Oonriid Aiiibr)|;ht, 
AnUreaK Orunberger. 
Jncob Walsh, 
Ti-nwes Reiier, 
Juan Hen<l BoBveld. 
Johan Hend. HofTiiiaii, 
J.ioBt Wiilin. Bleeher, 
(f Johan Jacob Wagoer, 

Peter Bender, 
Win. H&ld house, 
Bertho. Mayer, 
Hans Martin Welch, 
Johan Oeo. Weber, 
Joliaii Rezer, 
Johan JoobC Bos veld. 
Jooet Hoftman, 
Johannee Herker. 


FIRD Oct. 88, IT.iS. 

Jacob Lantz, 
Johannes Ueieer, 
(Conrad Mehntaui, 
Ham us Reiuinger, 
Prit^drich Miiller, 
Han 8 Stegener, 
Juh. Wilhelm Boiwler, 
Casper Frelicb, 
Heuricb Jung, 
Daniel Multer, 
Fried eric 1 1 Krotginan, 
Peter H uni/lcker, 
Han» Martin Hertz, 
Samuel EberlMrt Kopp, 
Hans Peter Lantz, 
Friderinh Boult>eD, 
Johann Oeorg Qrob, 
John (Jeorg Ijilie, 
Ludwig Joseph Blehel. 
Hans Ueorg Bintz, 
Uhlerich Tiech, 

Michael Lantz, 
Peter (ieiser, 
Peter Koclier. 
Casper Uaabuch, 
Johann Jacob Diete, 
Hans A<lain Fehler, 
Nicolas Liser, 
Iiudwig Meier, 
Christian Gyster, 
Michael Bum, 
Abraham Huntziclcer, 
Johannes Kleingenny. 
Hans Nicolas Ensminger, 
Oott fried Hardlacher, 
Hans (jteorg Tiech, 
Ueorg Miller, 
Hans Jacob Sekefuss, 
Jolisnii Georii; Delp, 
Johan Peter Stegel, 
Johnn Georg Heoa, 
Michael Tieoh. 


[The original list is herewith given,] 

Men's Names. 

Name. Age. 

Johauas Glyng^an, 44 

Hanse Martin Frets, 22 

Hanse Nicolas Hansmenger, 39 

Samuell Overhard Coup, 36 

Godfret Hardlaker, 20 

Hans Petter Lants, 30 

Uriah Teach. 40 

Jacob Lants, ... 28 

Michall Lants, 22 

Johanas Gvser 50 

Johanas Petter Gyser, 17 

Conerd Mareom, 23 

Petter Coker, 38 

Markes Remengar, 38 

Gasper Maspech 29 

Jacob Teach 27 

Hans Harrat Stegg^ns, 24 

Fredrick Miller 26 

Peter Honshooker, 53 

Abraham Honshooker, 23 

Haneriagh Coup, 28 

Hans Jacob Secefues, 44 

Nicolas Leisser, 22 

Hanse Adam Feleer, 20 

Cristian Fireleigh, 17 

Hanse William Busier, 23 

Hundrick Lillie, 22 

Hunderick Tilp 20 

Loadwick Myre, 25 

Henlrick Young, 38 

Cristian Gysler, 21 

Daniele Miller 32 

Loadwick Joseph Bialle, 35 

Micliall Burn, 39 

Fredrick Broatsman, 42 

Petter Stickle, 19 

Hendrick Sculps, 39 

Uriah Miller, 28 

HanHheria Benss, ... 36 

Hansheria Hess, 31 

Woldrich Teach 66 

Michall Teach, 19 


Mule C/iilUren under Sixteen. 

Fetter Teach, , . 

Mitihull moakhal«rii 

Daiiiell MJBler, 

WillinTii Htockhuleni 

Ijoudwi<;k HuiimninKt-r. 

Philiii UriHtopher Coup, 

Hanite NicoU liantti, 

Yogliun I'oul LaiktM, 

MirJuill Koker, 

UriaKh Carle Klyn, .... . 

Y<>){liaii Crixtan ttyser, 


AiKlreiiH Secefueti, 

Haiii'ii CriHtophele Becefiieii. . , , .... 

Haiieii -laeob SeeefiieK, 

Powell SecefueM 

HaiieriaKh SecefaeH ... 

Fntilrlck Jacob Youiik, 

Uriah Jucoli Young, 

(IriMtopher Hetiilrtck Voting, , 

(lotfham Young, 

Dnniell Ru»>ur, .... 

Hantw Adam Bum, 

Jiieoh Henclrlok HroatHmu.i. ..... 

Urian Adam Hroatsmaii, . . 

Yogliam Frwlrick Brciatetiiiaii. . , , 

Iioatlwlck Coup, 


Diiniell SoulpH 


Llrinii Stickle 

Powell H«rl>olt. 

Nii'oloH Herholt, .,...., 

HaiiB Herbolt 

HariH Adam Herbolt. 

Jai^oh Herl>olt, 

Women ami Childran'x N'tmey 

Kliniliath Htockhalcm, 3a 

Anna C^reii'tt Hanxmingai'. . . 85 

Cristian HanHi)ilny:ar, .,,.,. 18 

Kattarina Hawtmingar, lO 

Anna Marrian HtuigmiiiKai-, . S 


JNamt. A(/e. 

Anna Timbermop, 20 

Anna Marelina Timbernion, 20 

Kattarina Coup, 40 

Margareta Hardlaker, 18 

Marelina Coup, 8 

Charlet Margreta^ Coup, 6 

Anneleiss Brightbylw, i) 

Anna Maria Timberinon, 30 

Hanah Mariats Tiral>erinon, 4 

Mariles Pitt Gyser, 20 

Elizebath Litess, 24 

Hanah T^rbara Poriter, 53 

Meriles Porker, 22 

Hannah Crett Porker, 19 

Marelina Kattrin Porker, 14 

Eveles Koker 29 

Hannah Maria Mareoiii, 24 

Anna Maria Hef ran, . 24 

Elizebath Remeingar, 29 

Elizebath Resbell, 24 

Anless Oantson, 15 

Anlesa Teach, 28 

Kattarina Losheart, 24 

Marelis Tiganer, 23 

Mariles Soltie Miller, 25 

Maria Margrat Berian, 24 

Anna Maria Silks, 20 

Creetts Honshooker, 18 

Credle Crighban, 13 

Anna Lybet Freligh, 13 

Anna Margratin Nillen, 24 

SolfteKlyn 18 

Susana Maria KJy"» . . 7 

Anelies Seikefues, 30 

Kattarin Seikefues, 12 

Anna Mtiria Seikefus 5 

Eveles Byle, ... . . 18 

Margrat Myre, 28 

Kattarina Dorte Hoffer, 42 

Rosina Dorte Hoflfer, 10 

Madlin Young, 28 

Kattarina Gyslere, 20 

Marria Barbara Bushier, 60 

Kattarina Barball Bushle:* 10 

Hannah Maria Rayzor, 3 


Name. Age, 

Hannah Solfte Miller. 26 

Barball Burn, 9 

Meriat Olpon, 89 

Greet Olpon, 4 

Maria Barl)ar Broatsmaii, 18 

Kattarina Felier, 29 

Margrat Coup, H 

Maria Barball Hickle, 18 

Anna Barball Sculps, 80 

Anna Maria Sents, 20 

Kattarina Barbal Sent8, 8 

Anna Kattarina Miller 85 

Aneria He88, 25 

Anna Barball Herbolt, 29 

List ok Fokrignrrs Impohtkd in thk Ship Blizabrth, 
(iKo. HODQSON, Commander, from Rottkrdam. Quali- 
piKi) Oct. 80, 17:^. 

Ludwig Nioola, 
Daniel Heenig, 
Johannefl MeisterH, 
Nicolas Hoclely, 
MatheiH Christ, 
Mattheus Dobler, 
Ludwig Pfantzler, 
Johan Georg Arnold, 
C'onrad Wannemacher, 
Matthias Bartholome, 
Hans (ieorg Petery, 
liorentz Riuis, 
Friederich Kehler, 
Jacob Frantz, 
John Yeites, 
John Ludwig Potts, 
Hans Jacob Bener, 
John Adam Kintzel, 
Hans Michael Deinie, 
Ulrich Raudenbusch, 
Cfeorg Adam Yegold, 

Joliannes Muhr, 
Christoph Egen, 
Conrad Neidigh, 
Johannes Carl, 
Christian Lesch, 
Blias Beringer, 
Jac<9b Schiltknecht, 
Philip Jacob Leyderberger, 
John Jacob Kesler, 
Hans Ulerioh Fritz, 
C;5onrad Renner, 
Philip Besa, 
Mat bias Poriger, 
Jacob Kern, 
Georg Ernst Meyer, 
Hans Conrad Vogelman, 
Andreas Rothenheffer, 
Hans Cfeorg Windlinger, 
Martin l^egenbeck, 
Christoph. Theophil. CreutT- 


ine origifuU lUi is herewith ffiven.} 

Name, Affe. 

Lodwf ok Nieholas, 84 

Jftoob Shilkneght, 88 

George Arnold, / 84 

JolianneB Mayer, 87 

Philip Jaoob Leyderberg^r, 84 

Daniel Heyning, 80 

ChrifltiaD Egan, 17 

JotianneB Honetber, 86 

JofaanneB Meiiter, 48 

Tobias Bwartz, 86 

Bernard Wainmaker, 40 

JBLane Jaoob Kesler, '85 

Jffatbiaii Bartholomew, 90 

Oonrath Nydagh 10 

XQTieholas Hodele, 86 

JT^^hannee Harley, 85 

EX:«AS George Fritx, ' . . 80 

iradtKenner, 88 

Georg Petery, 88 

mtzRouB, 88 

h^^NX Adam Mayer, 19 

"^Jft^lUp'Besa, 16 

c=»liii Lodwlok Pottfl, 88 

r ■- ury Keoghler, 88 

H'-^g^theas PorigfeT, 89 

^^^sob Frans 84 

^a-^job Kern, 18 

^^^ Cannes Yeitea, 21 

^ "^^Ji8 Jacoh Bener, 88 

"^^^upadt Fogleinan, 85 

^ *=a.dr©a8 Rodenhaaser, 84 

^ ^^ns Adam Kin8ler, 25 

^^.thias Chris 50 

^Viristian Letjh 41 

W«tnHGeo. Windlinge, 82 

^itjhl Deyne, 29 

Martin Dageaback, 28 

^Irich Rodobush 24 

HathysDeolar \ . 81 

Christian Creytz, 26 

Eliag Beringer, * 24 

lodowick Fansler — 

Gea Adam Yegold, — 

12- Vol. XVIL 


LittT OP FoRKioxBita Importrd ly the Ship Chabmiso 
Naxcy, Ceia^i. Stkdmak, Cohhaxdkr, prou Rottkroak. 
Qt-ALIFIRD Nov. 0, 1738. 

Markua TholHbver, 
Abraham Berlin, 
Samuel SohuHt, 
Andreiu) Kreltzer, 
Anilreaa B«y«rle, 
G«org Hatz, 
Stephen Trenkel, 

Jacob Diet eric h, 
JereinlaH Zainer, 
Hans EtiiutTs, 
Peter Kreitzer, 
Ghristoph Abel, 
Michael Klein, 
ChriHtuph Trenke], 
Jacob (.'orrt, 
Chri«tiaii Miller, 
Haiiri P'letitcer. 
Ludwit; Klotz, 
Peter Hiihletilierger, 
Abraham Hauxwirth, 
Abraham Kuazig, 
Gi^rK [>avi<i Boob, 
Julian Mirhae] Mnurer, 
HaDH Sieginnn, 
Ferdinand Ihirtibach, 
H enrich Kistner, 
Peter Bntz. 
HanH(Jeo. Stnilwl, 
Hanii Michael Rela, 
Hanx Adam Didel. 
HanM Jai^ol) Knntz, 
Oeorg Jlichae) Kerber, 
Georit Frederich Berlin, 
Hanit <ieorK Biegman, 
John Peter Waltz, 
Johan Henry Kepele, 
Job. Slephan Onthman 
Hans Henry Pohl, 

Conrad Fleck, 
Hans Bolhnan, 
Kickla-H KlaKh. 
Joseph David Trisaler, 
Johan Adam Zehuian, 
Jacob HocliB tetter, 
Christ op li Slegmao, 
HanH Ueorg HoltE, 
Henrich MelM, 
John Siegman, 
Christian Miller, 
Martin Utz, 
Jac. Wanuemocher, 
Hans Christian Cferber, 
Hans fieorg Reisser. 
HaoM Philip Mauerer, 
Hans Jacob Kuntz, Jr., 
Hanfi Jacob Berlin, 
Johan Jacob Mnller, 
Bernhart Siegman, 
Johan Baltas Kneerster, 
HanK (ieorg Schenck, 
Hatia Jacob Shank. 
Hane Jacob Muller. 

IThe original list is herevith /fiptn,] 
Name. Agt. 

ChristiAU Kerwer, 48 

Jacob Didrick 40 

Hans Michael Eeyn 84 

Hans Georu Reyser 29 

Hans Adam Didel SO 

Mark Holhaver, 8S 

Philip Maner 89 


Name. - Age. 

Jereinie Semer, 27 

Hans Jacob Kuntz, 42 

Hans Jacob Kuntz, 21 

Jurigh Mich. Kerbel 82 

Hans Jacob Barlin 22 

Geo. Fredk. Barlin, 18 

Abraham Barlin, 16 

Johannes Fayt, 22 

Leonard Shust, 20 

Peter Kreitzer 20 

Andreas Kreitzer, 24 

Everhard Miller 19 

Christophel Abel, 20 

Joseph David Dresser, 33 

Adreas Beyerlie 23 

Michael Klen 22 

Jurigh Hatts, 33 

Peter Baldsberger, 16 

Christophel Trenkle 48 

Stephen Trenkle, 20 

Jacob Gorgh, 26 

ConradtFelt, 30 

Johan Adam Semen, 22 

Jacob Semen, 27 

Abraham Hostwert, 24 

Jacob Hostedler 26 

Abraham Kunzigh, 24 

Christian Miller 25 

Christian BuUman, 20 

Hans Fletiker, 16 

Nicholas K la ugh, 24 

Hans Jacob Broser, 36 

Jurigh David Boos, 24 

Lo<lowick Loos, 18 

Hendrick Spries, . 22 

Hans Georg Bolts, ; 25 

Johan Michl. Mouse, 18 

Johannes Sighman 40 

Hans Georg Sighman, 20 

Johannes Sighman 18 

Bernhard Sighman 16 

Johan Peter Wols 1<) 

Baltzer Kritzer, 37 

Johan Hendk. Kippily 22 

Johan Ferdinand Dirtzibach, 38 



Name. Age. 

Hans Georg BctiJnk 87 

OlirJBtopbel Begmon ST) 

Ohriatian Miller 36 

Hendrick Keesuer, 40 

J<>htiu Stephen Gcxxlmiiii 8" 

Huns Jacob Sehink 82 

Hiina Hendrick Woll. aS 

Htine Jarab Miller, 48 

Hans Gwrg Stroball 81 

Janob Wannauiaktir 24 

Jacob Bour, 80 

Peter Potts. 80 

Martin Oatlt 84 

(t, ITSe. 
Jiio. Jacob Vonderwurdt, 
Jno. Rig^hter, 
Jonerot Hlrtiell, 
J no. t*eorge Welier, 
Jacob Rot he rw It her, 
David Manaingcr, 
Frederick Erter, 
Jacob Hlrtzell, 
Frederick Recher, 
Jacob Retitenbolti, 
Hann Hurk, 
Martin Schiidy, 
Oonradt WeilnntI, 
Jno. Jacob Frolick, 
Jacob Homer, 
Jno. Miohl. Muller, 


Vincent I'oiler, 
Jacob Hirtiell, 
Jacob Saxer, 
TIioH. Lang, 
Jacob Mansiuger, , 
Jno. SfauHlnger, 
Felix House r, 
Oeo. Notbart, 
Jno. Reoher, 
Hann Rntli, 
Henrj- Burk. 
Martin Urtedy, 
Ralph MeyenhotTer, 
Casper Horner, 
('asper Keller. 



List of Forbignkrs Imported in thk Bilandbr London, 
Joshua Pipon, Commandkr, from London. Qualifird 
Jan. 10, 1789, 

Felix Lang, 
Henry Lang:, 
Jdo. Pfister, 
Juo. Gosman, 
Caspar Weider, 
Christofel Koch, 
Jacob Koch, 
Michl. Bader, 
Jdo. Thomas, 
Melchior Meyer, 
Jacob Dispion, 

John Lang, 
J no. Pfister, 
Henry Ortley, 
Jacob Bartz, 
J no. George Albert, 
Mark Koch, 
Hans Koch, 
Peter Thomas, 
Burgat Wever, 
Christopher Bader. 

List of Forrignkrs Importrd in the Ship .Jamaica 
Galley. Robert Harrison, Commander, from Rotter- 
dam. Qualified Feb. 7, 1739. 

Jacob Mailer, 
Henrich Hauser, 
Peter Huber, 
Lenhart Purer, 
Conrad Ackert, 
Henry Better, 
Jacob Fehr, 
Johannes Wittersinn, 
Hans Henry Angst, 
Rudolph Baumer, 
Hans Michael Schwinck, 
Adam Schwinck, 
Conrad Bauchler, 
Jacob Dunkel, 
Felix Clatley, 
Hans Anard, 
Henry Brunder, 
Henrick Schellenberg, 
Hans Jacob Hopman, 
Georg Brunder, 
Jacob Bncher, 

Hans Eppli, 
Casper Mayer, 
Henrich Muller, 
Henry Galler, 
Heinrich Ackert, 
Ulrich Schmidt, 
Hans Cotirad Rosli, 
Henrich Hostman, 
Joachim Hanslay, 
Hans Henrich Sommer, 
Christopher Muller, 
Rudolph Decker, 
Andreas Nabinger, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Henrich Gantz, 
Henry Scheibly, 
Rudolph Shutz, 
Jacob Hopman, 
Felix Bach man, 
Christoph W^ldman, 
Heinrich Bachman, 



Ulrioh Swart ipnberg, 
Hans Ulrich Moflaun, 
Hans Mogg, 
Jacob KuDtz, 
Jacob Uey«r, 
Jacob Hlna, 
Henry aiattly, Bfii., 
Felis Bossart. 
Henry Meyer, 
Rudolph Schutz. 
Henry Stally, 
Bernard Riga, 
Rudolph Kamp. 
Felil Leinbaker, 
Hans Zollinger, 
Hanti Jao. Baiimann, 
Ulrich Baninger. 
Heiirv Overholt/, 
Hans" Ulrich Naff. 
Hans Jacob Schiiub, 
- Harm Jacob Kura, 
Ulrich Nussli, 
Henry Wert. 
F«Us Frankfelder, 

Johannee Bosaart, 
Jacob Scbwarber, 
Casper Preneir, 
Hans Meier. 
Hans Nueeli, 
Henrloh Otto. 
Henry Glattly, jr., 
Jacob Bossart, 
Felix Schutz, 
Lawrence Rieger, 
Henry Rokoop, 
Johannes Treoner, 
Johannes Scheibly, 
Henry Leinbaker, 
Jacob Baumann, 
Uelchior Dunck, 
Hanti Bach man, 
Hans Jacob Baninger, 
Hana Ulrich Merer, 
Heiurlch Dunck, 
Hninrioh Kremer, 
Jacob Nargang, 
Casper Wideman. 

[7*^0 oriffinal list i» herevilh given.} 

Names of Men. 

Name. , Sge. 

Hans Conraat Ruseley 41 

Johannes Wildereon 4S 

Jacobus KfuUer, 33 

HaiiRAitely, SO 

Hendrich User, 33 

Hendrich Hoofinan, ,13 

Caspar Mayer, 30 

Hans Ulrich Angst, 85 

Felix Hnbnrt 88 

Hans Clrich MuUer SI 

Leonard Purrer, 40 

Hendrich Galler, 17 

Joaohim Hualay, 34 

Qosdolph Bawmar, 31 


Name. Age, 

Connat Aekeritt, « . . . . 96 

flendrioh Aokeritt, 98 

HansHendrioh Somer, 84 

Hendrloh Beter, 26 

Ulrieh Smith, 20 

Jacob y tier, 85 

Jaoob Swerber, 86 

Hana Moogh, 88 

Caspar Frener, . . , ^ 20 

Mlohael Swenk, . . . .> 60 

Adam 8wenk» 18 

Ohristoffer Mailer, . . . . , 24 

Jaoob Bens, 24 

Hans Mayer, . • ^ . , ^ 80 

Boedolph Decker,. 40 

Conraat Bachler, 88 

Jaoob Mayer, , 34 

Andrias Nabinger, 25 

Hendrloh Brander, 20 

Boedolph Shnta, 22 

Hendrloh Bhellenberg, 22 

Jaoob Hopman, 28 

Hans Jacob Hopman, 18 

Felix Baohman, 21 

Jorioh Brander, 19 

Hans Neosley, 45 

Christopher Wiedman, 40 

Jacob Hinne,, 85 

Jacob Bonger, 88 

Hendrich Bachman, 27 

Hendrich Otte, 21 

Hendrich Kladney, 28 

Hendrich Kladney, 20 

Ulrich Swarsenbach, 38 

Felix Bossart, 48 

Jacob Bossart, 20 

Ulrich Bossart, 19 

Hans Ulrich Hofman 19 

Jacob Boeman, ^ 22 

Hans Jacob Boeman, 18 

Hendrich Mayer, 30 

Felix Schut's, 22 

Melger Tinker, 16 

Roedolph Schuts, 19 

Ulrieh Peninger, 20 


Name. Age, 

Lnwroiice Rlgft- M 

Haiks Boogiiiuii, 37 

Hemirich Stally 25 

Hendrich Roukop 28 

Hemiriok Overliold »4 

Barii'urd Riga 97 

HaiisFrlner S5 

Roedolph Banip 33 

Hahh .IhiOoI) Peninncer, 34 

Hmw Ulrioh Nef. » 

JolianiieH Shibley 3t 

HiiiiH Ulriph Mayer : , . , 83 

HntiH Jacob 8hau|>. 33 

Felix I>ln<>liakar, M 

Heiidrich Litiebaktr, 31 

f UnB SollinKttr 40 

.Tiu-iib nuiik« 88 

Jacob Huyer 47 

Folix Klatley, 86 

Himit Aimer, . . 93 

Ht'iMlricIi CJann, U 

Ht-iidrkh Tinkee, 80 

Hnnit Jacob Kerne 90 

Hetidrich KraniRr, 34 

Ulrkli NeuBl«y. 84 

Janob NargfR, 38 

H.iiidrlch Wert 87 

Hen.lrich Sliible, 90 

Fclijt Pranfelder, 8»J 

PiiMlMir Wldemaii, 18 

List of Forkhinrivi Importkdix thk BHirSAHURL, Huqh 


37, 173», 

JoliaiiiieH FlMcher, Oaniiar Meth, 

Johaiinefl Meth, Henricb Thorwnrte, 

Miisliacl Adam, Petpr Rule, 

.Icnri UuTii<>l Boiiton, Johaiinca Bmumnillnr. 

Michatd Snhinohl, Johan Loonhart HnrtiinK, 

Jo)iaiinefl Schriyytlflr ,rohan O-eorB Bar'mann, 

Peter WelttclianH, Georg Freeman, 



Matheis Clans, 
Michael Hahn, 
Michael Simon, 
Peter Schoffer, 
Michael Miller, 
Lorentz Minich, 
Jacob Reiss, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Christian Schug, 
Otto Riedy, 
Peter Nickora, 
Daniel Burger, 
Nicolas Kneisel. 
John Michael Bartmann, 
Johan George Heyer, 
Johannes Ermentraudt, 
Joh. Pried. Ermentraudt, 
Joh. Daniel Crub, 
Hans Adam Diehl, 
Carl Adam Diehl. 
Conrad Hausman, 
William Gerhard, 
Georg Sneyder, 
Daniel Kockart, 
Ludwig Geib, 
Sebastian DoU, 
Philip Lentz, 
Joh. Adam Schneider, 
Abraham Hendrick, 
Johan Georg Nickel, 
Joh. Henrich Ehrhard, 
Sebastian Guckert, 
(Jhristian Schopffer, 8en. 
Philip Jacob Schell, 
Johan Peter Preim, 
Johan Peter Stiiber, 
Abraham Schreiner, 
Johan Georj^ Faust, 
Johan Friederich Gabel, 
Johan Jacob Kockert, ' 
Joh. Nicolas Mombauer, 
John Peter Riedy, 
Casper Doll, 
Joseph Bederie, 
Joh. Adam Gottwais, 
John NicolasBach, 

Paul Michael, 
Johannes Hahn, 
Simon Geres, 
Adam Becker, 
Michael Baur, 
Abraliam Faust, 
Philip Hh-sch, 
Michael Miller, 
Peter Scholl, 
Simon Drom, t 

Frederick Nickom. 
Paul Sarasel, 
Peter Mombauer, 
Johan Matheis Bartman, 
Johan Lorentz Hansell, 
Johan Philip Ermentraudt, 
Johan Peter Dressier, 
Johannes Bischoff, 
Johan Daniel Diehl, 
Peter Steinman, 
Frederick Gerhard, 
Peter Grub, 
Johan Lamenick, 
Peter Moor, 
Jacob Fuchs, 
Christian Seyfert, 
Joannes Beyer, 
Peter Schwenck, 
John Nicolas Hendrick, 
•Toh. Christ. Zimmerman, 
David Lau ten bach, 
Joh. Adam Klein, 
Christian Schopflfer, jr.. 
Johan Henrich Freys, 
Johan Philip Serf ass, 
Johan Georg Schauss, 
Johan ("hristopher Ruth, 
Johan Adam Mailer, 
Johan Philip Gabel, 
Michael Mombauer, 
Johan Jacob Riedy, 
Michael HelfTenstein, 
Christopher Doll, 
Joh. Bern. Bederie, 
Johnn Philip Klein, 
Abraham Solomon. 


[Tfte ori^naE list U bfreaiitli ^vtn.] 
Men's Names. 
Name. Age. 

Danl. Buttong 48 

Johftnes Fisher 48 

Johaae§ Broumiller 26 

Michl. Siueal 84 

Casper Mead 48 

Johanee Me^ 16 

Conraile Hartoug, 39 

Jurig Bnyder 30 

Jaring Bartinaa, 45 

Johan Michl. Barttnan 19 

Johati Matthias BartnutD, 19 

Henrioh Dorwart, 40 

Michl. Adam »6 

Johan Adam Shaffer, 80 

Jurig Hyer, 34 

Lorlnce Heatzel, 88 

Peter Buhl. 46 

Peter Mfllhouse 42 

Jurig FremaD, S3 

Matthias CIoub, . . S3 

Henrloh SniMael 4.1 

Johanes EnnaDtroud, 93 

PhiliimB Brmaiitrond, 18 

Johan Fredrick Ermaotroud 16 

Peter Hayn 40 

Oonrade Housman 26 

Fredrick Oerhard 35 

Wiilm. Gerhard — 

Peter Tresler 38 

Petter Groub. 40 

Danl. Groub 17 

Johaiiea BeschoS, 10 

Adam Diehl, 82 

Danl. Deihl 36 

Cari Deihl 38 

JuriR Snyder, 18 

Jacob Laraenleb, 84 

Adam Snyder, • S5 

Danl. Cookhart 18 

Peter More 86 

LudwickGyb, 17 

Jacob Fuchs 88 


Ndme. Age. 

SabastianDoU 40 

Christian Syphert, . 4Si 

Peter Swink, 49 

Hartman Swink, SO 

Abraham Hyderick, 47 

JohanNichL Hyderiok, ; 16 

Philipns Linsh, 57 

Johan Jurig Nichol, 20 

ChriBtoffel Timecman, M 

Johan Henrich Erhard 88 

JdtuLD. David Loadinbaok, S8 

Johanes Byer. 10 

Paul Michel, 01. 

IfiohL Haan, 94 

Johanes Haan, 18 

Sabastian Koockhart, 28 

Nichl. Simon, 68 

Bimon Gehree, 27 

Peter Shaffer, 24 

Adan^ Beeker, 25 

Miohl. Miller 21 

Miohl. Boner, 27 

Christn. Shepffer, 52 

Christn. Shepffer, 16 

Lanrinoe Mineoh, 40 

Philip Schel, 28 

Henrich Frais, 21 

Peter Brem, 39 

Philipus Serfas, ... 27 

Peter Stouber, 30 

Abraham Feast, 24 

Jacob Kieo, 80 

Philip Hersch 32 

Johan Jurig Shous, '22 

Jacob Woolf, 20 

Peter Gerhart, 22 

Abraham Shryner 20 

Christoffel Kulh 37 

Johan Jurig Foust, — 

Michl. MiUer, 42 

John Adam Miller, — 

Predrich Gabel, 37 

Philip Gabel, 41 

Christn. Shook, . 48 

Jacob Cookhart, 24 


Namr. Age. 

Net^lwl Moinbonr SO 

Johaii Nlohel Moiiibotir, . . . 18 

Peter Shool S8 

JohttnOtto Rei<iy, 84 

3^->,h ReUly » 

I'etBr Keldy . . , . " l« 

Bimori Drum, 30 

I'ster Nlckom, 94 

Prwirkk Nickoii 28 

Ni<ihel HelfenHtyn 44 

Uaiiifll Burger, 40 

Paul Uaiiiuel 81 

Philiiw Klien : . . . 55 

Johan Adam Kl«lii 80 

Ailain (iotwalt , , . 90 

Nichel Kneesel, 20 

I'eter Mombonr, 38 

nB»i»erJ>oll 18 

Abraham Balmoii . . , . 10 

Nickt.1 Hiioh as 

moffel Doll 40 

Philili Doll, 27 

Jooeph Keerey 36 

Jolian Barnard I'edr.- 10 

l.iHT OK FoHBinNKRR Impobtkh in thk Ship Snow Bktst, 
Richard BniKN, Cohmani>rk, kkom RoTTKnrtAM. Quali- 
FiKn Alio. 2T, 1739. 

Nic.liolaH Tieiii)>erf;er, 
Jotiun (Icorgn fkiherer, 
J II 1 1 an lien Keiner, 
Melclier Keiner, 
Hans Pftnr HofTman, 
*JaB|»fr Herde, 
P«tHr Blatier, 
HaiiM Jhci>I> Marnin, 
nb(irK<> Willielm Hokcr. 
Johan ncK Martin, 
John Daniel Muller. 
JohunneH Hawolwangtr, 

Hauh Jnnoli f+elger, 
Dnnipl Dalwig, 
Batitiuii Unl>erht>nt, 
Uurtin Adam, 
Chrixtian Prodenlrtwr, 
Hanx Martin Biirth, 
HauH Michael BniHte, 
rterhani Ht'inrice Snruti, 
Friedrioe Iifitr.. 
John Daniel Oxterlln, 
rteorKc n«iki-r, 
Hanx Jnooh Derkel, 



Goenraad Becker, 
Valentiu Ertel, 
Joettph Walte, 
Johannes Beiohard, 
Gonraad Graaff, 
Matthias Hertzell, 
Frans Welliok, 
Johan Michael Both» 
Andreas Enfl^elhard, 
Jacob Lants, 
Johan OodMed Straube, 
Peter Oberdice^ 
Henry Streckies, 
Johan NicoloB Bohriner, 
Fredrek Shafer, 
Vallentin Unbehandt, 
Jnriff Martin Borst, 
Mertsion Hock, 
Jacob Ollen, 

Velten Becker, 
Johan Peter Meyer, 
George Darid bockel, 
Martin Haag, 
Johannes Klein, 
Johannes Koch, 
Jacob Good, 
Johan Henrick MUler, 
Friedrioh Ehrenfeichter, 
Johannes Bach, 
Jacob Raff, 
Jacob Heas, 
Conrad Hakensmith. 
Michell Baker, 
Jacob Unbehandt, 
Conrad Unbehandt, 
Solomon Weibel, 
Nicoloes Leynberger. 

List op Forbionbrs Impobtbd in thk Ship RoBmiT and 
AucR, Waltbr Goodman, Commander, prom Bottbr- 


Christian Herjin, 
Hans Jacob Snyder, 
Peter Eversool, 
Michel Haan, 
Frana Leyenberger 
Carel Shalle, 
Jacob Rieph, 
Hannis Hooffman, 
Hannis Steiner, 
Hannis Boaman, 
Hans Miller, 
Joost Brandt, 
David Scheffer, 
Jacob Smith, 
Nicholas Reitenhower, 
Da^id Scheffer, 
Johannis Hawecker, 
Michel Theobald, 
Chridtophel Ovel, 

Hans Schans, 
Peter Risser, 
Jooste Eversool, 
Nicholas Elenbercter, 
Joost Steel, 
Hendrik Steinour, 
Martin Hooffman, 
Christopher Bolinger, 
Jacob Steiner, 
Casper Scheffer, 
Samuel Brandt, 
Peter Blever, 
Jacob Stambach, 
David Hielder, 
Hans Marn. Bielder, 
Jacob Sirgier, 
Abraiu Piethel, 
Hannis Schans, 
Jurich Honing, 



Nicholas Honing, 

Hnnnis Biok, 

Daniel Hooffman, 

Aliraiii Welahans, 

Jacob Uurrier. 

H^ndrik PamberKsr, Senr , 

Bernard Votitzee. 

Benedict I.etiser, 

Hans Peter Tr«tt, 

Mat hew On bolt, 

Albert Vanderlint, 

Hans Nlchel Vlsxer, 

HanH Simon Leenhays, 

Bastioen Kleyn, 
Jacob Keere, 
Hannis Miller, 
Hana Leo bald Karlee, 
Conrado Beser, 
Niirliolas Lusser, 

Johannis Watering, 
Peter HootTuian, 
pBter Fohl, 
tjainuel Barrier, 
Phillip Barrier, 
Hendrik Pamberser, Juni 
Christiaen Herart, 
ObriHtiaen Elenberger, 
Christiaen Trett, 
Joseph Oubolt, 
Phillip Martsloff, 
Fredrik Adam Wilhelm, 
Christiaen Bleym, 
LowreuB Pievei, 
Hans Adam Keere, 
Joseph Welshans, 
Leobald Orober, 
Johan Peter Oamberlen, 
Hans Michall Lesser. 
Johanneti Conberfoae. 

List of Passkkorrs 


Q[TAL[KtRD Sept. 
Johannes Mayer, 
Michaol Kraus, 
Nick las Schwartz, 
Jacob Pranck, 
Justinus HofCman. 
Joliannei< Wolf art, 
Martin Benlger, 
Johannen Loch, 
Martin Leid. 
H enrich Ullerich, 
Mioliael Trolers, 
Henrieh Heyl. 
Leon hart Florer, 
Ludwi(; Hevener, 
Wilhelm Werner, 
Johan Philip lUig, 
Georg Jacob Burohert, 
Daniel Reinhart, 


E({idi Mayer, 

Michael Blatner, 

Andreas Hack, 

Jacob Kulwrtz, 

Stephan Lasch, 

Conrad Florans, 

Jacob Loch, 

Johannes Ntcot, 

Jacob Fame, 

Fraiitz BroBsman, 


Conrad Schwartz, 

Lorentz Fridtel, 

Johannes Werner, 

Martin Jack. 

Balthasear Hissong, 

Georg Ernst Biihier, 

Joh. Michael Laub. 


Johan Jaeob Franck, Georg Michel Bender, 

Hana Peter Adich, Johan Conrad Engel, 

Anthony Fiaohbaoh, Philip Stambaoh, 

Georg Michael Wolf, Johan Conrad^ Wolf, 

Oottfried Christian, Hans Peter Mnller, 

Peter Zimmerman, Christian Ehrgott, 

G^eorg Henry Hensell, * Philip Christoph Werner, 

G^eorg Thomas Heyl, Hans Thomas Heyl, 

Bemhart Herbolt, Johan Henrich lElamp, 

Johan Veit Bachler, Henry Bleistein, 

Johan Conrad Philipin, Hans Ad. Hanshalder, 

Joh. Nicolas Maaerer, Henry Bleistein, 

[ The origincU list is herewith given,} 

Name. Afj^e, 

Hans Myer, 40 

Johan Beedy Myer, 15 

Baltser Hissing ' M 

Johan Philip lUig, 86 

Jarig Jaeob Borkhart, 86 

Malohi Groas, 80 

MiohL Plainer 80 

Jorig A'met Leghtner, 88 

Nickel Swart, . . . , 80 

Andreas Haak, 90 

Danl. Reinhard, 28 

Hans Michl. Laub, 22 

Jacob Frank, 25 

Jacob Keiport, 20 

Jurig Michl. Paynter, 56 

Peter Attick, 88 

Conrade Engle, 24 

Justin Hofinan 25 

Stephn. Lash, 86 

Johannes Wool fert, 44 

Conrade Flowres 49 

Michl. Flowres 25 

Martin Bennegar, 85 

Anthy. Finshbacb, 85 

Philip Stompach, 19 

Jacob Loch, 85 

Johanis Loch, 16 

Jarig Michl. Wolf 44. 

Conrade Wolf, 20 


yaint. Age. 

Johaii Nickel 35 

Jdlmti Martw Lcid *5 

Ootfrey ChriHtiaii. 86 

UuiiH Peter Miller, 88 

Peter ;!iinnifniiiMi, 85 

Juculi FdrtiKti 18 

Predk. Ulerioh *"> 

FraiiniH I'ruiwmaii, 4il 

FiRlit Millor M 

Cliri«tii. KrBiH, S'' 

Het.rick Hoyl*- • « 

OfinriMie Hwnrti, 88 

I.fiiharil FlowiT, 29 

Harujiil. Fredel, 25 

Han« Jiirig Hinkell 88 

Juimn Ijiiilwk. Hnbiifr, 93 

Heiirlck llleHtri', — 

Philiii UliriHtiuii Vuriior. 47 

Hans Venior. 20 

Will. V.!riior, 17 

Jurlfir TlioH. HoylH 

JuriK TticiK. Hoyle. Juiir 35 

Lenhil. Hurlwtt 80- 

Joliaii H.'nriph Rump 21 

Joliaii Fi((t Hfiiner, 28 

Martin Yoiik 81 

Jolian AiliLiii HouHholtcr, 90 

Nioliol Moiirer 28 

Coiirade I'lilHpien, 58 

ITRdU DKAL. tjlTALICIED Skpt. it, I7:«t. 

Bartliolorne Jexran, Jeri^k Minkell Jtwran, 

Heurick Kif<-r, (■(Hlfrlok Mann. 

Jati Juriitk RaiioiiT. JaiiiH Nickell Biilliner, 

Adam Hiilliiier, Peter Lor.kf, 

Phillip Snider, (^arle HevHer. 

AHHiiieH Frauoe, Jolian Nickt^ll Klaa, 

BaKtian PIii«r, William Plii.-r. 

France Pliier, Peter Marker, 



John Nickell Weychell, 
Hans Adam Heuerlev, 
Oristophel Shope, 
Jahanis Beueriles, 
Jahan Jurlck Dryer, 
Jahan Nickell Dull, 
Joost Lizer, 
Petter Hough, 
Vallantine Shey, 
Hans Jurig Burghart, 
Nicholas Schmall, 
Henriok Adam Klyn, 
Christian Rohrbaeher, 
Jacob Rohrbaeher, 
Bamet Waerth, 
Mathias Rehmer, 
Pntt^r Bakker, 
Hans Adam Tanyn, 
Christian Heither, 
Phillip Hasselberger, 
Han^ Nichall Kley, 
Johannis Ruperder, 
Henrick Wolfrom, 
Pliilip Burghart, 
Petter Boiigher, 
Jacob Stub], 
Adam Shitterhehn, 
Jan Nikel Kleser, 
Tobias Webber, 
Stophell Smith, 
Phillip Risser, 
Abraham Stout, 
Mathias Telton, 
Nicholas Handwerke, 
Jurig William Thoor, 
Hans Jacob Madery, 

Hans Adam Phiets, 
.Jolian Jerick Shope, 
Jahan Nickell Shield, 
Jahan Nickell Shield, 
Peter Wolf, 
David Fordney, 
Jacob Hough, 
Casper Leydicker, 
Petter Rehm. 
Mathya^ Zeberly, 
Jahan Adam Schmall, 
Jan Nichol Chateau, 
Johan Henrick Gode**, 
Jahan Carle Hey, 
Jahan Adam Rehmer, 
NichoU Rehmer, 
Ludwick Tanyn, 
Phillip Tanyn, 
Henrick Baugh, 
Jahan Jacob Thanie, 
Jacob Keuning, 
Sabastian Jacobie, 
Hans Adam Wolfrom, 
Petter Bower, 
Batholmye Bougher, 
Carle Shoul, 
Carle Keresh, 
Jurg Loub, 
Ludwick Mous, 
Hans Nichell Goun, 
David Weyser, 
Nicholas Rodeberger, 
John Jurig Stout, 
Henrick Handwerke, 
Johanis Tilbouer, 
Martin Sinefrin. 

13-Vou XVI L 



Ludwlg Frtck, 
Andreas Krug, 
Henry Beet/, 
Rudulph Bar, 
CuHIHir Friok, 
Heinrich Bar, 
Haiiu Jai!oI> Free, 
JohnuneH SiihlHifTer, 
Hnnricih Hobert, 
Hiiiw Ulerleh Weber, 
Johanitex Keltt«naar, jr. 

Johannes Frick, 
Uirfch Steiner. 
Heliry Seetz, jr., 
Henry Grob, 
Hanu Bar, 
Hftna .Jacob Hanser, 
HaQfi Jacob (irob, 
JuhanseH Weber, 
Johanneii Kagie, 
Johannes Relttenanr, i 
Job. Conrad Fruiniii. 

[Thi- 'iri^nal list it herewith i/ivcn. ) 
Men's Namen. 
Name. Age. 

Hans Jacob Honser, 2S 

Rodink Friok, 3U 

Johannes Frick 1» 

Anilreas Crook, 4.1 

Hans Jacob Frie 30 . 

Ulrick Splnder, 33 

Hendrick Sewis, 38 

Hendrick Seeds, jimr, 28 

Hans Jacob (7roop. 80 

Johannes haypert 21 

Barthol. RodoliihuH Hnrr, 20 

JohanneK Wel)«T, 20 

Hendk. Hot»^r, 40 

Hendrick Croop, , - ■ ** 

Caspar Frick, 30 

Johanes Hakle ID 

Hans llrick Weltwr, . 30 

Hnns Barr. 89 

H<>nilk. Barr 30 

Hfndrick Bone 30 

.lohanni's Keytt^naar, 40 

.)(>hann<M Keytenaar, jnnr. ... 16 

Conraudt Frnro , ... 36 

ErasniuH Hatniuand, In N'aui'py. . . .... 30 



List of Forbionbbs Importbd in thb Ship Fbibndship, 
wl^^uam vlttbry, gommajbtdbr, from bottbrdam. qual- 

IFIBD SBPT. 1% 174a 

Fredrick Erash, 
Jacol> Mfres, 
Johanes Cop, 
Jacob Kenaley, 
MorriB Millhifler, 
Sebastian Shoape, 
Fitnas Hardwake, 
liathew Shalk, 
Qoyoe Brobeek, 
Cloyce SpoJnehower, 
Hans Sailer, 
Henriok SpoJnehower, 
Hans Fry, 
Hiney Wag^ner,,^^^ 
Johanes Seae0, 
Henry Rickembaoker, 
Hanf> Flnbaeker, 
Samuell Rickner, 
Hiney Qeager, JntL, 
Jacob Teager, 
Jacob Bickner, 
Jacob Fow, 
Jacob Brooker, 
Hans Hansey, 
HaiiH Sohofner, 

Hans Cristian, 
Andrew Eshenbaek, 
Johanes Byenard, 
Buduf Kensley, 
Hermanes Hersling, 
Ludiwick Wisinger, 
Jacob Lebeik, 
Henry Borer« 
Henry Brobeek, 
Jacob Spainehower, 
(iodlip Brickner,^ 
Hans George Sizider, 
Fredrick Fry, 
Martin Banft. 
Lenard Wert8« 
Jacob Peateriy, 
Jacob Flnbacker« 
Hiney G-eager, Sen., 
Augustus Spain, 
Theoaifi Choi4>e, 
Marting Keller, 
Johanes Fow« 
Hans Jacob Hansey, 
Marting Hal fell finger. 

List of Forrignkrs Imported in thk Ship Lydia Jambs 
Allkn, Commandkr, from Rottbrdam. Qualified Sept. 
37, 1740. 

Simon Hirsch. 
ChriHtian Holenberger, 
Nicklas CouwalcJ, 
JohanneH Arnold, 
Pet4?r AltoniuB, 
Jacob Keyser, 
Michael Eichhart, 
Matheis KafTer, 
Philip Tulman, 

Christian Weber, 
Arnold Schneider, 
Johannes Wil. Beck, 
Christian Coos, 
Philip Fritz, 
Henry Keyser, 
Jost Lang, 
Philip Petry, 
Daniel Schneider, 



Matthitui Fuclis, 
Johann Ditrich, 
Joliannue Kichler, 
CftBpur Wirth, 
P«ter Lurentz, 
H enrich Keuasen, 
Johnn (.teoeg LoIihb, 
JoliHii Ht>rinun Ltihr, 
Julian .1o»t Prusen, 
Jolian Henry Beck, 
Johnn Henrir.h Tlewes, 
Peter Henry Shook, 
Johan Nickel Beckelett, 
Johan Adam Friti, 
Jolian Peter Loie. 
Chriittopher Fuohit, 
Eliais Oottli<>b Bt«hi, 
Johaiin Oerhart 8chneid«r, 
Johan Peter Schnnian. 
Johannes Kagelber^r, 
Abraham Kirchhoff, 

ChriHtoph Gelst. 
Wilholm Lang, 
Jolian Teis, 
Arnold Bchmnan, 
NiokiaB Beyer, 
Peter I^mm, 
Jolian Georg Crc 
John (ieorg Torenberni-r, 
.Juhau Jacob Holleubcrifer, 
Johan Wilhelm Folberii. 
Jolian Jacob Beck, 
Chrintian Shwaigermeyer, 
Johan Michael Jbckh, 
Johan Fried. AlthoQiuNH, 
LudwiK HartenHt«ln, 
Johan (ieorg Broaius, 
Valentin Pracht, 
JolianneH Berckhyeer, 
Joliann Adam Schbejder, 
Wilhelm Heldebrand. 
Johanii Simon Penner, 
Johann Jost Plohger. 

[ Thf oTii/innt list 

Jacob Knight . 

Johan Jacob Ways, . . . 
Johun (ieo. ChreBSinan. , , . 
Johan Geo. Losh, ...... 

Johan Christian Garnnr, 
Jolian Hendk, Ererbrger. 

Siiuon Hersh, 

Johannee Hersh 

(Christian Weber, 

Johan Herman Leer, . . 
Christian Holnmberger. . . 
Johan Peter Holuinberger. . 
Johan Jacob HolumLerger, 

Arnoldae Schnyder. 

Johan Joft Freesen 

Jofaan Wllbelm Folberg, . . . 

Nicholas Cowalt 

John Hendrick Pe«k, . . 


Name. Age, 

Johan Wilhelin Peck 18 

Johan Jacob Peck, 16 

Johannes Arnold, . . . . v 95 

Christian Diboe, 88 

Christian Mayer, 88 

Peter Hendrick Smock, 85 

Johan MichL Jacks, 84 

Christian Coos, 90 

Johan Nichol Peckoner, 86 

Johan Nichols. Peckoner. Junr., 15 

Peter Aldamos, 40 

Fredrick Aldamos, 24 

Philip Fritz, 86 

Johan Adam Fritz, 18 

Jacob Kayzer, 40 

Hendrick Kayzer, 10 

Michael Rychart;> 18 

LodwicK Hardasteiii 88 

Joet Lang, 86 

MathiaKafer, 88 

Philip Petre, 88 

Johan Peter Lewi, 89 

Philip Coleman 50 

Abraham G-reenawalt .... 40 

Georigh Brosius, . . ... 48 

Daniel Schnyder 19 

Daniel Lucas, 34 

Christophl. Kyst 23 

Christophl. Fooks. 27 

Mathias Fooks, 25 

Valantine Braght, 28 

Ellas Godlif Stein, 24 

Wilhehn Lang, 34 

JohanueH Ties Perk hay 8er, — 

Hieart Schnyder, 42 

Johan Adam Schnyder, 18» 

Johan Diedrick Mart, 30 

Johan Ties Mart, 18 

Johannes Kieghler, 42 

Johan Peter Shoeman, 30 

Arnoldiis Shoeman 15 

VVillielm Heldibrant, 20 

Johannes Coiiklebergli, 4") 

Wilhelm Coiiklebergh 15 

(Caspar West, 32 



Name. Ape. 

Sliiiuti Timor M 

Pot«r HhnriiiiuKli, . 38 

Urbiiii PerkhofT, . , . 41 

NicholoM By«r, 45 

Peter J.on-nts, 30 

Pf^ter Luaiu, 35 

Christonher Ky^ner, ........ 2.'! 

JoBt Pleher. 81 

J^isT OF FoRRieiTRRs lHPOR-rRi> in thk Ship Samikl akd 
t:[.izAiiKTti. William Chiltok, Comuamdkr, from Rot- 

TKBPAM. QlTALlFIKD HKPT. 3(1, 1741). 

FraiitT, Ki>i;iirilt, 
Plater Berner, 
.roll. Peter Aiiilaiw, 
Joluiii CliriHt KrHtTeller, 
JoliAii ChriHt. Bohiiiidt, 
Jolitin .lacoli Fixcher, 
'MHrtlii Bdhmltlt, 
ClirixMiLU Klrl>u«li, 
Frieilerioli Lohner, 
Jolt, rteorg Itoricli, 
.luh. Morlt/- Koliii. 
J<)1iiliiii(;h Hiulorii, 
.lost KrMiier, 
Conrtiil Hlrwli, 
Joh. PetorSciliii-'iiier, 
.loliiuiiii'M Wergrnf. 
Jolmik Wilhitlin Klttiti. 
.lolian Adam M.-y.-r, 
Johiiii Adam Miillor. 
Joliaii FriBdrlnh B«hi..-i.lcr, 
Joliaii Hnbrwiil Diiiiotl. 
Juhim Simim KrIitBiier, 
.Toll. (i*<rluirt Lni!ki>iil)ai-I), 
Joli. llnlirefilit Hiiiiiiiiar-luT 
Johiinn TheiH Miill^r, 
Joli. Pntpr 8hoiMimk«r, 
Joliiiii Adam RoHpIi, 
■ .lohaii Hiiiioii Hiill.-r, 

H Unlitiog, 
JnhaniieH Iloftmaii, 
Paul DiiiiHCliman, 
JolianneH Tlieto PiHer, 
Jiihan ChriHt. Fnkntz, 
ClirW. Peter Fiw^lier. 
I>hilUi HoHHer. 
O.'orK Wlllielm. 
J. Ailam Luckciiluu'li, 
.Toll, KriiKt Rorinli. 
Hi-niiau HetKer, 
HenrinhiH Snlim-idor, 
Tlu'iw Hchiieidor. 
Joh. Henr.v Arth. 
CliriHTiati HcliiiiiiAcher, 
Pari .Iiwcih WeyiinT. 
Johaii .\ilrtin S(!l)U('i<ler, 
(ffor^e Willielin KJrliaoh, 
Joliaiiiii>K llrandenburtt. 
Joh. Ht-nnc'h Ltickenluvnli, 
Johan <i<'<irK BUer, 
Joh. Ailiiiii Hamimichi-r, 
Johiiii Peter Hfihreiiier, 
Johan Adam Ik'iidi'r, 
Joh. Pef^r HarhaiiHM-n. 
loliaii Itertraiii Kloin. 
Hans Henry Midler. 


[ The original list ia herewiih given,] 

Men* 8 Names. 

Names. Age, 

PriBt ^bgent, 38 

Jolm Christ Ghristftfllen ao 

John Tys Fuser 34 

John Tys Snoe«^h ^ 

Peter Berger 50 

John Hofman, ' , . . . ^ 40 

John Christ Smith 80 

John Christ Frans, 86 

Jacob Fisher, 80 

Christ Peter Boheffer, 84 

John Peter Anders, 88 

Paulus Dansman, 84 

MartinuB Smith 86 

PhUipBoeart, 85 

John Tys Fuser, 80 

John Adam Meyer, 80 

John Adam Sohnyder, 84 

John Adam Mailer, T 8S 

George Wm. Keerbaek. 86 

Christ Keerbaok, . 80 

Anthony Brandebnrger, 80 

Paulas Leenderd, 88 

John Honbrig Tymoet, 81 

John Adam Loakeoback« 24 

John Henry LoukenbarCk, 18 

Simon Belsener, 50 

John Jurigler 16 

John Gerradt Loukenbart, 50 

John George Rurigh, 21 

John Ernst Rurigh 20 

John Adam Hammaoher, 33 

Hubrig Hammaoher, 27 

John Peter Dunsman, 28 

John Morris Rop, 40 

John Simon Hiiler, 40 

Tacob Wagner 20^^^ 

John Henry Miller, r>0 

Haman PesMert, 30 

John Hadorn :iO 

Orymon Schnyder ."lO 

John Peter Schnyder, 18 

John Adam Benter, 30 



Name. Age. 

John l'«tfr ShoemRclnT 28 

JoostCrfttMuer 30 

Tj-M 8«-liiiy«ler 48 

John P(!tfr Hnrlioiiiw, 30 

Joliii Fi-eilrick Sohii>M.-i', 30 

Tliinnas BoliiiyJer, 50 

Coiirath Hirst, 40 

John Adam Riirigli 40 

Joliu TvH Miller DO 

Henry Roftt 84 

John Peter '.'iiMiitii- 16 

Bertnuii Clay, 50 

JnhnWni. Clay. . . 39 

C'lirist Slioemaohi'i , 87 


iifiKD Nov. 25, 1740. 

Anthony Kflltr, 
Auilrfiv* BtH-k, 
(*eor({ Viftiitt, 
SiTiton Wher. 
Wilhelrii Ohl, 
[/Henn- W.igner, 
Pfter Bheeti, 
Johmi Williflni OxtHr, 
Jolmn Jncuh TtieobuUh 
Wilhelm JoRt Bpcktr. 
Jolnui Nioolaa Zoll. 
Hen rich LI nil em an, 
Wilhelm flrhmidt, seti 
Johnnuesi Brliniiilt, 
Jncol> Lin<leninn. 
Jftcoli Kreetn, 
Jucol) Kriiiim. 

Conrad WIshoHR, 
Carle (Jro, 
Conrad Sclitnldt, 
Jolmn Peter MuUer, 

ChriHtian Brentzer, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Jacob Kiohler, 
Lenhnrt Oerhart, 
Joliann WolfT, 
Priederich Becker, 
John Henry Legire, 
Jolian Abraham Haa8, 
Andreax Kefsclmeider, 
Johan Balt£er HofTmann, 
JustDH Tiindeman, 
Johannes Keilman, 
Wllhelm Schmidt. Jr., 
Valeniin Schneider, 
HeinriHi Brem, 
Valentin Krimm, 
Ulrich >{Hrtman. 
AdiLin Maiirer, 
Peter Becker, 
.rohannes WerWI, 
Peter Oranel, 
Johan George ExtinK. 
Wilhelm Saur, 



Henry Thielbon, 
Johannes Wagner, f 
Caspar Boner, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Johannes Ley, 
Johannes Beoht, 
Conrad Bohney, 
Jean G-anty, 
Johan Jacob Kooh, 
Johan Nicolas Broder, 
Johan Wilhelm BeU, 
Johan Bemhard See, 
Johan Nicolas Fey, 
Johan Jacob ScherteJ, 
Johann Michael Bnsch, 
Johan Peter Mohr, 
Johan Friederich Lorits, 
Joh. Georg Gottschalk^ 
Johan Peter Wolff, 
Johan Georg Meier, 
Johan NIcklas Hanbt 
Joh. Georgf Seyter, 

Johannes Adam, 

Frantz Jost, 

Andreas Schmidt, 

Philip Kauff, 

Jacob Wolff, 

Johannes Frantz, 

Philip Wishong, 

Peter Sell, 

Johan Georg Schneider, 

Johan Friedrich Engel, 

Johan Dietei;ich Becker, 

Johan Abraham BoUenbacher, 

Johan Ulrich Seheier, 

Johannes Mnller, 

Johan Peter Diehl, 

Herman Heyman, 

Friederich Wilhelm Nagel, 

Isaac Dieterioh, 

Johann Georg Epple, 

Johan Wilhelm Esieh, 

Johan Peter Hans, 

Jacob Sell. 

[The origincU list is herewith ffiven,} 

Men's Names. 
Names, Age, 

Johau Henricli Leahire, 31 

Willm. Harmany, 32 

Anthony Keller, 80 

Christian Prinier, 82 

Willm. Sower, 50 

Henrich Diellwen, 16 

Andreas Beck 30 

Joan Willm. Oster 86 

Abraham Hass, 27 

Jacob Tevalt, 44 

Conra^l Snyder, 64 

Johuns. Ralphrtnyder, 54 

Andreas Ralphsnyder, 16 

Jiirg Viant 29 

Joseph Kickiler, 24 

Simon Vear, 20 

Liniherd Kereherd, 43 



Name. Age. 

Willm. (Jle BO 

Wllliii. YoaBt Backer, 80 

JoliaimeH Woolfe. 38 

BalHtor Hoofuman, 3S 

Goodloop HeriiKin, ....... Wl 

H«nrloli Wackenor, 48 

P^Hllri^^k Backer 1» 

Nickola« Sell, 42 

P^ter Slitieti>, OO 

JiiKtUH Untltuan, 49 

Jacob Lint lin&n, 18 

Heiirich Liutimttn 16 

Henricli I'rim, 40 

Ju^iol) Prim 20 

HaniaH Kllliand, 20 

Willin. Smith, 30 

Wllim. Smith, 34 

Hftiilan Smith 17 

Feltie Crlm W 

Janob Criiii, 18 

Ulrick riart ST . 

Yi»rlck ('Onrade, .10 

Jat^obConratltt, 18 

Peltie Snyder 2U 

Adam Moiisre, 33 

Jacob (Jifiike 81 

Yerick Sny<ler, 2fl 

Oiinrade ViHhanit. 3(1 

Nickell Breeder. 38 

John AnKell 3fl 

I'ett-r Becker, 32 

Willm. Beets. 38 

Carl Crow. 44 

JtilianeH Vervell, 3-,( 

nidrick Hacker, 43 

Hernet Say*, 2fl 

Abniliam Biilljmcki^r. ..... 3.") 

Michial Fie 24 

MatUiaH Mmilli 3« 

Peter Croll, ■>() 

(Joiirnde Smith, 81 

..lohaiien AilaUL 

NieholnxSliire, . ' , 

Jacob Hhalle, 


Name, Age, 

Johanes Miller, 90 

France Thoft, 98 

JaBper Bonner, * '90 

Andrias Smith, 99 

Hanies Diel 97 

Philip Kauff, 90 

Miohell Boflh, 94 

Peter Diel, 95 

John. Peter Moore, 19 

Hemon Hemon, 96 

Fredrick Lanrance, 96 

Johanes Ley, 19 

Fredrek. WUlm. Keagle, 94 

John. Tnrg Gadflhell, 91 

Isaac Didriok, 16 

Peter Woolfe 95 

Jacob Woolfe 90 

Johanes Back, 95 

TeriokEply^ . 95 

YergeonUl Meyer. 98 

Wilim. Eseck, . . . ! 95 

Henioall Hoyse, 81 

Peter Hanse, 40 

John. Terk ICslln, 48 

Manias Frenk 84 

Conrade Doufey, 50 

Philip Vishang, 96 

Henrich Hyi>e, 40 

Peter Miller, ' 95 

•Tohn. Yurg Seiden, 37 

John. Candie, 2» 

Peter Sell 19 

Jacob Sell, 17 

List of Forrignkrs Imported in thk Ship Robert and 
Alice, Walter Goodman, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Dec. 3, 1740. 

Johannirt Sidle, Johan Nlchll. Sidle, 

John Hendrick Creytsman, Philip Baiter Chreytsman, 

Andrices Wint, John Willm. Hedelman, 

John Eader,* Uright Sandlyter, 



John Miohll. Boaah. 
HmiM Urj){ht ('roiiiur, 
AndricKH mieili, 
HiLUH Martin Oonraile, 
HanH MUtliJI. Holtiulioe, 
G-eo. Win. Naiigewser. 
John Jacoh Tiuinier, 
Peter Bber, 
John lIHch Biuith. 
Daiill. Nort, 
John A<]ain Gonih, 
JoHtt]ih Walter, 
Johaonit- Jiuiob Crini, 
Johan Jost Hanilzell, 
John FreilBrick Fighthehn 
UriRh Smith, 
John Philip Heillger, 
Willin. MorHoFtdle, 
JohaiiH Oitlick, 
Jotin MiUeK'*!' Hindering, 
R<)l>t, Reynbrack, 
HenilriciiK Hanra<le, 
Jacoli Backer, 
Jacob B*K!ker, 
.Fa^ol> KredR. 
Ja<rob Barthel, 
Joan C.r\nt. Bassorer. 
John NickiL Hiple, 

Johannes Rmle, 
AnilrtceH Cooler, 
ChriHtian Keilibaok, 
Amlrices B«noe, 
Hendrick Haintir, 
John Jncob Uatgor, 
John Henilrick Newman, 
ChriHt, Magell. 
U 1(1 rich Heraman. 
Blaziert) Beer, 
A nthony Felt man. 
JoliantiuB Crlin, 
Joan Peter Hcobald, 
John Wm. HulUiright, 
JohanniH BuUIk, 
John Jacob TimiuerinaQ 
Urigh Liugefelt, 
John Jitrich Rough, 
Hemlriek Gltliok, 
ChriHt. Hellebrant, 
Abraham Curts, 
PhilJi> iHlieuiell, 
JoanlH Vogall, 
Jurioh Philip Kress. 
Conrail« Swettoweer, 
ThoB. Bruoh, 
Peter Gran set, 
John b!a<Ii^r. 

List oKFiRKiftsKRrt iMPOtiTKn in thk SnirBAMtiBL, Ht;oH 
I»kiu;y, Caktaix, kkom Rottbbdam. Qualified Dbc. 3, 

NiekloH Kuntz. 

Joliann><H Mchreiber. 

Joliaii Konig, 

NirkhiK Zoller. 

PetiT May, 

PanliiM Hii«y. 

Wllhi^lni Marx. 
John Adam Hliinip, 
CiiHitar Klo<;kiier, 

Heinrlch Wolff. 

Con rat 1 1 SthiieiSK, 

Georg Born. 

Peter Si)cngler, 

Jacob Manrer, 

Henry Girtwler, 

Sam n el Taner, 

Phllippnn Knpperter, 

Jftpol) 8c hunter, 

Jolian Henrlch Frohlicb, 



Adam Schneider, 
Johan Nicolas Scliwingei, 
Johanues Stool, 
Georg Schwingel, 
Partbal Ostreman, 
Nicklas Griiber, 
Jacob Fuchs. 
Andreas Miller, 
Heurich Kreber, 
Job. Peter Werner, 
Urban Aschenbrenner, 
Johannes Zimmermann, 
Joh. Nicolas Zimmermann, 

(ieorg I^ombach, 
Johan Nickel Schmidt, 
Gottfried Walter. 
Johan Nicolas Zerfass, 
Thomas Dorner, 
Philip Leaber, 
Georg Maus, 
Philip Kreber, 
Bastian Vey, 
Peter BischotT, 
Abraham Schellberg, 
Johan Nicolas Wuff. 

[ The original list w herewith given.'\ 

Men\s Namea, 

Name. Age, 

Folentine Singrove 32 

Nickel Conts, 17 

Petter Kenick, ... 18 

Henrick Wolf, 25 

Mickel Burgrett 38 

Johan Shriber, .... 24 

Conorod Snus, 24 

John Kenick, 21 

Phillip Ruperter, 36 

Yerick Burry, 42 

Nickel Tayler, 30 

Petter Spekigler 26 

Petter Moay 25 

Lewick Vivel, 40 

.Jacob Mower 32 

Adam Stam, 25 

Danil Turnah. 24 

Jacob Shuster 22 

Petter Tsawn, 40 

Gasper Clekner 26 

Johonos Stol 35 

Jacob Ruperter 40 

MathiasClain .* 25 

Jerick Bombock, 23 

Adam Snyder, 18 

Poolos Hoay, 30 


Name. ^9*. 

HuiiriokFmiliPk, 35 

William HlHhor. SO 

(Joilfritt Wftltl«r, SI 

Htiiirirk KaWi-r. 31 

John i''iiBfl .81 

J>.'rii!k KiiiMtr, .88 

Sniiiiii^l Taiier, 21 

iKuck Hancker, 18 

J<»i«I>li Nt'itfli ,88 

A.l«m Bimhart 86 

Williiim MarkH. 87 

Hickfl <;r(M.ker. « 

Nifki'l Hw.-ngdl. 44 

Mi(!k«*l Swi^iigt'l 30 

Jurlok 8wfiig«t. 16 

Nickt'l Hiiiith, 40 

Philip I-i|«)r 80 

.[acoli Fox, S-T 

NIck.a Siirfan. .30 

Hartflma OitxtfriiiHii. 80 

TlioiiiiiM Tonnaii, . . 30 

JiTluk MotiM, ... .as 

.Iai«)l.Bloy. 83 

Aiulrew Miller .34 

l>i>ttiJr Vtirnttr, 80 

]'«.ltor HlHhof. • 89 

UrliliKiH AMliKiiI>rau(li'r. .37 

I'hlllp (Valier 87 

H.'iirick (Jralmr, 85 

I'rtMt I'liuay, an 

Abraliftiii Bholerlmry. 31 

Ct«rhnrtt Tiiiilieniian, 46 

Nickel Wood 36 

IliiriH Nii-kel TiiiilMTitmii. 16 

Ji?ri<!k Krcip-r 30 

I'l-tter Maiff'tier 36 

Ji-ripk Koii^li 4;t 

4MM(>«r Tnawn, ... 30 

.Icrifk Rallmlmck 38 

Jolianas Hall 18 

Adam KettoriliK- 37 

Fri'il. fieyffer, ,89 

Jacob Aiiimox, 66 



List ok Forrignbrs Imported in the Ship Frances and 
Ann, Thomas Coatam, Master, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM St. Christophers. QuaiiIFied May 80, 1741, 

Jurg^h Adam Koch, 
Peter Holl, 
Conrood Smitt, 
Jurjif Adam Ernst, 
Winkell Horning:, 
Johanes Kiper, 
Martin Bittner, 
Peter Herpill, 

Hans Jarg Koch, 
Johanes Reisler, 
Phillip Klein, 
Johanes Emmel, 
Jacob Riper, 
Johanes Rieser, 
Michl. Bieg^ler. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Marlborough 
Thomas Bell, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 23, 1741. 

Peter Kuhn, 
Ulrich Naflfzir, 
Fried ricli Meyer, 
Johan Ludwif^ German, 
Johann Wilhelm Welsch, 

ohan Georg Wfigner, 
Simon Vogelgesang, 
Michel Kreischer, 
Peter Staudt, 
Johannes Horn, 
Jacob Cferdheir, 
Daniel Kieffer, 
Johan Jacob Hegel, 
Johan Nickel CEhl, 
Geori?" Jacob Glug, 
Joh. Wilhelm Engehnan, 
Johannes Worscheber, 
Joh. Jacob Kemper, 
Bernhard Kapp, 
Johannes Doll, 
Jost Gasserd, 
Jacob Bernhartt, 
Abraham Hess, 
Georg Ruth, 
Philip Lein, 

Joh. Jacob Ick, 
Johannes Ladsher, 
Jacob Hill, 

Johan Friederich Freyss, 
Johan Jacob Kuhn, 
Johan Nicklas Beyer, 
Friedrich ZoUner, 
Michael Seipert, 
Lenhart Kleim, 
Caspar Modus, 
Peter Kieffer, 
Michael Neumer, 
Johan Michael Welsch, 
Johan Daniel Groninger, 
Johan Jacob Nicolaus, 
Johan Adam Kascht, 
Johannes Deiss. 
Johan Peter Engel, 
Daniel Simon, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Philip Kuntz, 
Peter Deiss, 
Johannes Kuhl, 
Nicklas Martin, 
Nicolas Siiss, 



.lohaniieit Kleiin. 
JohaiinuH Dfelbohn, 
JoliuiiDeti Kulin, 
Peter Bartoittme, 
Melohior Stahlinan, 
Huiiry Bernhart, 
Philippus Schneider, 
Johan Adam Kamp, 
Juhn Jacob Persons, 
Johau Karl Pishahatiou. 

Michael Bwyog;, 
Jolm Hicholaa, 
Friederlch Bals. Ratemitli. 
Job. Ludwig Hen. Kohl, 
Johati TobiaH Riihin, 
Hans Nieholae Smith, 
Job. NioulauH Scbmuaker, 
ADthoniiis CEhler, 
Job. Ludwi^ Hancksteiu, 
Jo ban Jacob Dieti, 
Jobati Carl Metz. 

IThf origiit'tl li»t m herewith giv 

Name. Age. 

Ludwick Caennan, 34 

Fredk Fraoe, 24 

William Wolf 39 

Ja(;i>b Pert SS 

Andrew Sterp, 92 

Peter Kin, IS 

J&eob Kin. 21 

yjohanifl Wagner, 91 ~ 

Oniri Swider, . 60 

Peter Hawes, 18 

Uiehal Pair, 56 

Adam Halle, . . , .55 

Mlchal Welah . «B 

JoanlH Ijatcher, 31 

Fredk. Mayore, ' . , , . liO 

Jacob Kill, 60 

(tarret Plott 86 

Simmon Fokle. 81 

Nichel Bale 30 

Fredrick Celnor .40 

Daniel Crenigor, 80 

Miolial Creler, ilO 

Jaoob Looek 40 

Michel Giver, SO 

Peter Stent, 4S 

Jacob Niokolas, 17 

Nickolor Clean 97 

ParJnhom Trap 90 


Name. • Age. 

Daniel Simon, 21 

Joanis Toot, 40 

Joanis Mayor, 24 

Addam Casit 22 

Han WiJliam Enilman, 20 

Michel Sipart, 30 

Phillip Kuents , 29 

Jacob Arnold, 28 

Peter Dise 25 

Abraham Haise, 20 

Joanis Kaile 20 

Joanis Welalor, 80 

Joanis Tise, 30 

Kiokolas Martine, 45 

Phillip Slin 40 

Jacob Kimper, . 82 

Peter Eng:lin, 17 

Jeare Ruth, 26 

Dewaile Poon, 30 

Michael Hess, 24 

Peter Praiel, 22 

Fredk. Rotchmick, 24 

Fredk. Ratchmon, 30 

Joanis Cane, 22 

Ludwick Cole, 44 

Mickel Swinte, 40 

Casper Skaim, 40 

Peter Partle, 25 

Tobias Ring 22 

Nicholas Spurior, 20 

Milker Stalmon, 25 

Joanis Horn 24 

Han Nickel Smith, 17 

Henrich Filparn, 21 

Mickl. Shownraaker, 23 

Gosber Mathias 26 

Philip Snyder, 24 

Antho. Niler, 22 

Adam Cam 26 

Lodwick Hanston, 22 

Jacob Pasince, 20 

Jacob Gerdhire, 19 

Jacob Ditts, 19 

Carle Frieznor, 21 

14- Vol. XVII, 


List ok Po[tKiEt:<Riia Importkd in thb Ship St. Hark, 


20. 1741. 

Nick I as Gebbert. 
Haiia Philip Ebert, 

MllttBOM Polti, 

Jo&coli Mattey, 
Joliii Henry Miillcr, 
UatteoH Kiirtt, 
Pliillp Mt-ess. 
(JmoTgn Tarrar, 
LoreiitK Crone, 
.Tohaniieti Maetter, 
Ulerich Weys, 
Johannes Himhner, 
John Martin Siwyt, 
Jnhnn Adam Von Enle, 
Peter Jnroby, 
John Frederik Heury. 
Jacob Stambogh, 
John Btaarflnger, 
Nicklaa MenBh, 
Frl(*derich HerWog. 
Joh Wllthehn Hoflinan. 
lAtrontz Lt4ei<. 
Joh. Nioklas Stegh, 
John Wulder Fishliough, 
Micliael Reex, 
John Caspar Ablax, 
Hanit Adam Rvnart, 
John Philip Pinck, 
John George Metz, 
Johanneit Currel, 
Joh. Samuel Miilil. 
Joh. Philip Mann. 
Joh. Henry Manprcr, 
Lenhart Von Bt^rge, 
Joh. NI(skhi8Hiil>^r, 
Johanne Bonk»'jiin. 
Philip YoBt, 
Henry Stoll. 
JohaniieN Flander, 
John KnatTerig, 
Jaeol) Stop)>elI)ein, 
Jacob Beyer, 

Peter Gem ling. 

Quard Stelwa, 

Johanee Von Erde, 

Wilhelm Unller, 

Peter Bernhart, 

Conrad Funck, 

John Henry Ueenker, 

John Engel Broun, 

NicklaH Vogler. 

Wiepertus LiiKe, 

John Henuau Ackell, 

OhristofTel Btutnp, 

Johannes Fiiret, 

Christelan Von Enle, 

Micliael Fulper, 

Adam Shmall, 

Conratl Michael, ■ 

Philip Shweiger, 

Frietlerlch Reemer, 

Martin Becker. 

Philip Haas, 

Arnold Stegh, 

John Michael Ggndakker, 

George Shmall, 

Martin Edinbourn. 

John Nicklas Steinert, 

Peter H oilman, 

John Henry Kost. 

Jacob Cnrrel, 

HanH Manerer, 

Harry Jacob Metziger, 

Georg Turff, 

Conrad Flnck, 

Martin La ye, 

Johannes Mnck, 

Joh. Bernhart l>enny, 

Friederlch Klapper, 

J. Jost Bhneyder, 

JoKt Shneyder, Junior, 

Vallenthi Stopijelliein, 

Jat'ob (fevit. 

JohanneH We Her, 


Peter Gtebhart, Johannes Shoun, 

Johannes Rewald, Johannes Imhoff, 

Philip Gallbaoh, Conrad Stoltz, ' 

Christian Orrentorff, Wilhelm Bayo6« 

J. Henry Kroo, Michael Christ, 

Adam Shreiber, Micliael Tre3rtel, 

John Adam Hebol, Philip Hoffmaji» 

Philip Emmertt George Pfaltzgraff. 
Jacob Kraas> 

List of thb Palativr Men's Nambs per the Lydia, Jaicss 
Allen, Master. Qualified d9Ti} Sept., 1741. 

Name. Age* 

Jacob Brio, 80 

Abraham Brio. 89 

Hans NiohL Philips 18 

Casper Philips, ^ 86 

Hans Georg Jacob, .... 87 

Geo. Sheats, 85 

Hans Peti*. Wambler, 40 

Hans Petr. Wambler, Jan., 1(5 

Hans Michl. Wambler, 16 

Adam Sclap, 46 

Peter Stoutsiuan, 16 

Jacob WelchhanH 25 

Jacob Many, 50 

Jo8t Many, 19 

Hans Adam Many, 10 

Jacob Many, 24 

Nicholas Kays, 86 

Henry Conradt 40 

John Hendrick liike, 48 

Hendrick Leer, 45 

Nicholas Lutz, 45 

Johannes Oger, 30 

Abram Knier 24 

Jacob Peter, 25 

Bernhard Kline, 80 

Paulus Antonie, 22 

Hans Geo. Beavev 21 

Dieble Beaver, 48 





Veter C^°^' „\\ . • ■ • 


, ^vttO 





- ■ 






• ^ 








. • • ti 




' • ' ^ 





' ' ^ 





. • • • * ^\ 





. . • • • ^ 




. • • • 86 



4 ' 









. . • • * «a 




. . • • * «a 



'..••• \^ 




. • • ^ 




• . . • • \^ 








. . • • ' ^ 




. 40 






. • • • 18 





• * . . • • * 45 





. ■^' ' 45 






. • ■ • * ^ 




. ' ' ' ' ^1 




••'...••* ^ 

















. . . • • 85 













.••*...•' 18 





. • • ' . . • • ' 18 





.•••..••' 16 



• • 



• * A? 





. • • • ■ ..•••■ . « 



• • * • * * 1 



List op Forrignbrs Imported in thk 8hip St. Andrew, 
Chas. Strdman, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 2, 1741. 

Johau Conrath, 

Peter Voigt, 

Philip Ulmer, 

Michael Will. 

Paalus Michael, 

Nicolaus Bauer, 

Johannes Pfeil, 

Jacob Meyer, 

Johan Philip, 

Jacob Pfeiffer, 

Wilhelm GauiT, 

INicklas Neezer, 

Jacob Aseby, 

^Wilhelm Ladwig Becker, 

]Friederich Christian Becker, 

Jloliannes Butterweh, 

Oarl Jung Eurvett, 

Joh. Georg Daniel Kabortz, 

Johan Philip Ebartz, 

Hans George Lagner, 

Joh. Michel Prenger, 

Hans Philip Hoffman, 

Rudolff Steinman, 

Lorentz Schwenk, 

Gotfried Orbig, 

Bernhart Lachart, 

Hans Rutschman, 

Heinrich WeissmuUer, 

Johan H enrich Walter, 

Peter Buhl, 

Ulrieh Schoinig, 

Jacob Gerges, 

Jacob Worst, 

David Delatter, 

Hans Uhlerich, 

Conrad Giesy, 

Johan Peter, 

Frans Grau, 

Jacob Klein, 

Johannes Roll, 

Peter MuUer, 

Jacob Meyer, 

Daniel Henrich Elch, 

Nicklaus Jungblud, 

Jacob Albrecht, 

John Michael Behler, 

Carl Philip Wirtz, 

Augustus Kauffmann, 

Johannes Anthoni, 

Ulrieh St am bach, 

Reinhart Bockney, 

George Caspar Hallp, 

Johan Moritz Dupel, 

Joh. Nic. Schappert Bernhart, 

Valentin Sees, 

Jacob Saltzberger, 

Simon Heinrich Hocker, 

Hans Surber. 

[ The original list is herewith given.'\ 

Men's Names. 

Name, Age. 

Hendriok Kugley 83 

Hendriok Widman, 88 

Michl. Middelercher, 40 

Panlus Needscher 50 

Johan Nicha Bouwer 21 

Godfret Wesel, 28 


Name. Age. 

Rudolph Becker 1» 

Johannes P«yl 50 

Peter Keys, IT 

Ouilliaio BiBohon 47 

Carel Philip Wylea, 98 

Jac, Souabfirget 20 

Hendk. Boudagh 31 

Nicolas Tonngblood, 80 

Jacob Albright At 

Johan NiooL Hemelrlght, 48 

Conradt Rlfard SS 

Jacob Pefer. . . . • 88 

Haas Jacob Miller, 29 

Jacob Humland 35 

Johan Jao. Forater 80 

JohanoeB Qood, , U 

Maurice Edrebell 24 

Jerich Caepr. Henlen, 17 

Jacob Mayer, 39 

Hana Adam Oralium, 20 

William Kauf, 34 

Hans Georg Lechner, 88 

Bernard Bueaard, 50 

Carel O raaeen, 88 

Valentine Sies. . ' 40 

Hana Oeorg Miller. 40 

Christian Bupining, 33 

Bernard Reyn 17 

Hana 8of rber 54 

Hans Ulrich Hoober, 48 

Mans Vileman, 16 

Diedrioh Vemer, 35 

Hana Michl. Klyne, 36 

Johan Philip Ecber, 28 

Conradc Keyse 28 

Martin Hendrick, 83 

Hans Geo. Wileinan, 24 

Philip Ullmer, 66 

Johan Peter Fut 28 

David DcLnuder, 81 

Daniel Kieport . ig 

Geo. Peter Darand SB 

WftlrabCoumand ' 50 

Hans Philip Coumand, 18 

Jacob Aubel, IB 


Name. Age. 

Godfret Urbech 33 

Nicholas Nieer 20 

Hane Butterwiek 17 

Nicholas Schubert 31 

Peter llool 28 

riHchShainy 27 

Hans Xaiif man 25 

Jac6b 8open 45 

Johntines Stilleherd, 31 

Micholfts Bwitik 60 

Lawrence Swiiik 18 

Johaoa. Hichl. Peler, 34 

Philip Jacob RemlchiriB 20 

Daniel Remichinff ,. 17 

Hans Peter Miller 23 

Hans Lodwk. Miller, 31 

Jacob Predk. Beger 21 

TTlrich Hanliach, &4 

Hana Phil p Kaufman 81 

Michael "Will. 32 

Hans Peter Miller, 20 

Jobaunfs Antbouy, S8 

Andre-asRaff 36 

Hans Adam DeBsler, . . , ' 38 

Jup Fredk. Ubemesser, 17 

Hans Adam Stock, 40 

Hans Jurig Wein 20 

itcxU'lph Bteininan 27 

Johfln. Nicholas Tringer 31 

Hana Jacob Alwine, 22 

Frans Kraw 38 

Mlchl, Verner, 4.1 

Oreorg Verner, ... 20 

Hans Shutes 3.1 

Hans Richman, 38 

Jacob Mayer ST 

Peter Herman 311 

Jacob Kleyn, 20 

Johannes Ernst Oil 1!> 

Johannnes Suhrnll, 18 

Richard Bucking 38 

Carle Young, 21 

Conradt SherL'tiian 44 

Jacob Worst 20 

Andrew Wisemiller, 29 



2fanu. Afft. 

ChriBtian Helbery, 24 

Simon Hendk. Hocker, , .' 51 

WilhelmuB Hooker 16 

Johannes Hendk. W&lter 28 

Lod. Willm. Becker. 87 

Fredk. ChriBtian BeckHr, 18 

Danl. Hendk. Each M 

List of FoRRiaNBRS Ihportro in thk Bhif Friexmhif, 


Oct. is. 1741. 

PauluB Muller, 

Jacob Diehl, 

Jacob Hertb, 

AiidreaH Hubert, 

Wilhelin Erbart. 

Carl Schnerder, 

Valentin Embti, 

Frieilerioh Helwig, 

Jacob Simon, 

Jacob Din gee, 

Peter Durny, 

JohanneH Melelilor, 

Job. Jacob Sohack, 

Plillip Haldriter, 

UatheiB Sohreth, 

Peter Haldriter, 

George Hubt^rt, 

Cafli>ar Ranland, 

Jolian rieorg Embs, 

Johann Qeorg Koch. 

Johan Nickel Schuster, 

JohnnntiB Fiehman, 

Himon Jacob Boor, 

Joli. Conrad Lechleiter, 

John Philip Oliger. 

Joh. ChriBtoff Schmnckheyde, 

Johan Jacob SohlelfT, 

David Dreher, 
George Hirt. 
Joh. Geo. Wiltenberger, 
Johan Peter Braun, 
Nicklaa Klan, 
Wilhelm Antes, 
CoBBlmir WeBsel, 
Peter Jung, 
Adam Weber, 
Peter Baal. 
Johan HandeiBS, 
Andreas Kranraer, 
Johannes Brhart, 
Adam Enier, 
Hans Oeorge Haldriter, 
Valtein Scheck, 
Jacob III CM, 
Daniel Hubert, 
NicklaB Holtzleeder, 
Johan Caspar Schneider, 
Valentin Hohwerder, 
Jolian Wilhelm HoBter, 
Wilhelm ZImmer, 
Johan Georg RIegel, 
Daniel KoratmanD, 


{The original list it herewith given.] 
Names of Men. 
Name. Age. 

Andrew Hubpr 30 

Peter Boei-. 84 

Paului Miller, 84 

Jargen Wedleberger 43 

Peter Brawn 28 

David Dicker SB 

Jacoh Tiel 31 

JuTKi^n Hert, 26 

Jacob Hert. 80 

Willmin firhard 90 

Joanix Erbord, 81 

Hans Jurg Tliebold 80 

Amirt-aM Criimer, BO 

Jacob Sheik, . .• 24 

Adam Eyler 88 

Valentine Sheik 44 

Mattiias Blirood 81 

Cbristiun Finsterraaker, 40 

Jacob l-ieser, 85 

Jargen Kaltreuiet, 88 

Thilip Kaltreoter, 25 

Teter lialtreuter 18 

Caeper Rowland, 20 

IDaniel Huber 83 

Jiireen Huber 34 

Nickolas Bundrlgf, 23 

NlokolaH Kleyne, 19 

Niokolas ITolalenard, 2S 

Carl Bnyder, 83 

William Antea, 38 

Joaa Jargea Ems, 47 

ValfTHino Ems 18 

Cutper Snyder, 18 

Johan Jurfien Kook 32 

Valentine Uubertor 81 

Casmlre Weisell 19 

Jolian Nickell Shoeter, 85 

Fredrick Helwig 38 

Peter Jang, 88 

Jacob Simon, 81 

Adam Weber. 81 

Jacob Tinges, 26 


Name. Age. 

William Horster, 30 

Johaiies Flohman, 40 

Pliilili Mosa, 85 

William Ztiner 88 

Rudolph Ziiner. 18 

Peter Haul, 86 

Peter Tumi 80 

Himon Croon, 48 

Adam Syce 2ii 

Johannes !uelehier 28 

Jurg RuKor, 28 

Conrad I^uchleter, 21 

Hans Eberdecker, 82 

Daniel Gortinan, 38 

Hans Jurg Htnger, 25 

Philip Hinger 80 

Johan Jacob Shiyfe, 8S 

Johannes Crist 85 

HicholaBHochler, 84 

Jacob Diindier 18 

Henrick EugHll 40 

Jacob Klein. -W 

NIchol Shldermaidel 36 

Martin l>amp 36 

Christofel Smukhyd 30 

List nv Fobkio>'ers Importkd im trb Ship Mollt, Tho!;. 
OuvKR, Mastkr, vroh Rottbrdam. last prom Dbal. 
Qi'ALiFiED Oct. IT, 1741. 

Joiieph Hobian, 
Martin ftieae, 
Jacob Rimll, 
Veldin Weis8lK, 
Peter Godfried, 
Peter Mantr., 
Michael Spindel, 
Michael Simon, 
Johan n Adam Bcheib, 
Daniel Zinck, 
Martin Regelmao, 

Michael Miller, 
Michael Boracker. 
Wllhelni Schwann, 
Daniel Gillmunn, 
Johannes Muller, 
Daniel Ecron, 
ChriBtofTel Heine. 
J oh an n Georg Druck, 
Johan RuddJBS, 
Michel Seuberlioh, 
Lenhart Laminer, 



Peter Krammer, 
Henrich Becker, 
Joh. Miqhel Herb, 
Conrad Riegelman, 
Matheus Meyer, 
Joh. Peter Bender, 
Hans Geori; Sterrles, 
.John Nicklas Klein, 
Phil. Conrad Weydner, 
Johannes Stockschleger, 
Bartolom» Conselman, 
Johan Simon Hein. 
Johan Michel Keyser, 
Matheus Kilian, 
Herman Sauer, 
Johan Georg Knntze), 
Johan Jacob Gerst, 
Johan Jacob Kron, 
Hans Michel Schwartz, 
Johan Michael Kramer, 
Johan Michael Weicker, 
Hans Geor^ Riegelman, 
Johan Christophel Stimbi, 
John Lenhart Siesler, 
Johan Jacob Decker, 

Alex. Stockschleger, 
Samuel Spiegel, 
Diterich Shweyzey, 
John Peter Siesler, 
Bernhart Switzig, 
John Geo. Hubeny, 
Andreas Unger, 
Johan Lenhart Beyer, 
Johan Jacob Moltz, 
Christian Commens, 
John Frederick Sehipp, 
Johannes Mattheis, 
Johannes Zellman, 
Michael Hopster, 
Philip Daum, 
Jacob Engelman, 
Sebastian Herlieman, 
Jacob Engelman, 
Johan Peter Eitergall, 
Johan Henrich Weydner. 
Joh. Henrich Schmitt, 
Georg Philip Ruhl. 
Johan Friederich Klein, 
Johan Wilhelm Saner, 
Johann Caspar Gress. 

[The original list is herewith given.] 
Names of Men. 

Name, Age, 

Joseph Fabion, 41 . 

Michael Miller 60 

George Froke, 27 

Adam Scaipe 32 

Martin Greef, 29 

Jno. Nickel Klyne, 40 

Jno. Jacob Dicker, 26 

Lenerd Bier, 27 

Conrad Wedener, 27 

Michal Broke, 28 

Jacob Molees, 45 

Joanis Stochsleger, 40 

Jacob Rumpea, 52 

Willm. Swarm, 31 


Name. Age. 

V&ientlne Bwitdck, M 

Dtuil«l Gulmftii 40 

Peter (Jodfrey, 40 

Jeremi&h Miller, 87 

Chrletn. Comens, 34 

Bartletneae CoDsleynien, 4S 

Jno. Fredel. Schip, ." SS 

Peter Huns, 28 

Blmon Hlne B7 

Joanis Maties, 88 

Daniel Ekron, 28 

Mic&l Belman, 17 

Nickel Ki8ar 47 

Mical Harps 27 

Micttl Seagle, 28 

Jno. Yurgen Creape 98 

Chrifltofl. Hlne 88 

aooilHi- Dresel £8 

Mical Zeman, 86 

Mfttles Schilion 44 

Philip Esdan, 62 

^ndres Unger, 00 

John Jurgen Reltiel 45 

Herman Sower, 47 

Sebaatn. Hexleinau 28 

Andres Miller. 18 

Jacob Greef, 60 

Jaoob Englenian 20 

Jacob Engleman, Janr., 18 

Hans Rudolph Ned 80 

Jacob Ekron, 30 

Daniel Sink 84 

Peter Nubergall 22 

John Yergen [loineney, 80 

Mical Seberlen 40 

Martin Regelman, 40 

Leonard Lemar, 80 

Hans Mical Swarts 88 

Yergen Zeinen Waker, 4S 

Hendk. Smith 88 

Mical Creman, 80 

Peter Creainan 84 

Alexandr. Stockeleger, 38 

Hendk. Backer, SO 

Bam Bpeagel 88 


Name. Age, 

MiealHerp. 80 

' Hendrlok Wedener, 18 

Hans Mical Waker, 17 

Jno. Deder Switziok, 94 

Yoarnezflel Bool, 92 

Conrad Reagleman, ... 90 

Hans Yerg^n Reai^leinan, 18 

JohnFredk. Cline, 90 

Christofl. Rumpea, 18 

Jno. Wm. Saner, 17 

Jna Lenerd Sider, 17 

Jna Peter Sizler, 18 . 

MatiesMaier, 89 

Bernd. Switziok, 18 

P^ter Bendring, 94 

Jna Casper Greef, 99 

Johanes Greef, 18 


In 55omplyanoe with yonr orders we have carefully ezamin*d 
the State of Health of the Mariners and Passengers on board 
the Ship Molly Capt. Ollive from Roterdam and are of Opin- 
ion they have no infectious Disease and without Danger to 
the Inhabitants be immediately landed. 

Philadelphia, Ootob. 18, 1741. 


To his Honour 

the Governour. 

List op Forkignrrs Imported in thb Snow Molly, John 
Cranch, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 26, 


Peter Schmitt, Jacob Schmid, 

Jacob Theis, H enrich Pfeil, 

Johannes Hess, Georg Funk, 

Stephan Rub, Friederich Ott, 

Georg Keck, Joachim Berger, 

Peter Meyer, Michael Jung, 


Peter Sim on, 
Anthony Ailaiii, 
JoliHiin NicolnuH Amier, 
l/foh. Chrletoph Wngiier, 
JutiHii Wflhelm Hiiay, 
Johivii Petor Herba«ti. 
Joh. tiH). Wlllielin KUaterniaD, 
Vnlfntia ]lt^n»i1ict Hanlt. 
.[ohmmffi Metzler, 
Jolinii Pliilfp DeMth, 
HniiH Dewftlil Biber, 
.Toll. Heiirinh Daniel, 
Philit) Nair, 

P«t«r Metz, 
Jolianittw Corel I, 
Jolian Heinrlch Or&a, 
John livorge Meylauder, 
Johaim Peter Haai^u, 
Joh. Ttieol>al<l Brauchler, 
Johaii Michael Siis, 
Hans Adam Sontag. 
Hans Peter H^ne., 
John Oothnrt Armliriest, 
Johau Aiiilreas KrleKer, 
Pet«r Mahi. 

[The oriffinal tilt i» hrieiU'i fjivcn.'] 
Hen's Names. 
yame. Age. 

Pnter Smith. SB 

Johnu MIchal Graff, 58 

Wilhfhu Fey. 58 

.lohun Yerg Meytiinder, SO 

Jacoh Shmltl 81 

I'eter Horl>agh, 81 

Jaroh DevB 88 

Henry l*feil, 26 

Johiui Peter Hans. 85 

Johiiiiew Haww, 18 

Yerigh Wilhii. Ueeseman, 83 

George F'litik, 87 

])ewal.i Brangler 30 

Henry Shneas 17 

Steiihnu Reep 88 

Freiierick Up. 80 

Val<?ntine Yerkharf, 84 

Yerigh Bak « 

Joaekim Boorger, 88 

Peter Meyer SO 

MIchiLl Yonng. 85 

Peter Simon 90 

.lohiuj Uielml Fey. 37 

Antho Aiiam 35 

Bnluvor Haininan, 19 

Joliaiis. MetEler SO 


Name, Age, 

Johans. Metzler, Junr., 17 

Hans Adam Sontagh, 27 

Philip Tash, 40 

Peter Metz, 18 

Hans Peter Haws, 36 

HansDewald Sewer, 16 

Grodhert Annbreas., 18 

Henry Daniel, .^ < . . . . 31 

Peter Weber ! 43 

Henry Zep, 19 

Reighart Pawst, 23 

Dewald Weber, 17 

Johanes Ermel, 25 

Henry Fawst 26 

George Op,* 31 

Hans Adam Cresman, 17 

Conrad Pop, • . . . 26 

Adolph Young, 21 

Sebastian Walder, 36 

Vitus Shall, 80 

Christian Hinkell, 85 

List of Forrionkrs Importkd ix tkk Snow Thane, Wil- 
liam Wkems, Master, FROM Rotterdam. Qualified Nov. 
7, 1741. 

Gabriel Junjj, 
George (rriin, 
Adam Cf rim, 
Mat teas Kolb, 
Peter Semier, 
Johann Holander, 
Vallentin f^inaii, 
John Henry I^ob, 
Lenhart Zarburger, 
Joiin George Weyman, 

Jacob Fortine, 
Carl Grrim, 
Johannes Boss, 
Ludwig Essig, 
John Sebastian, 
Johan Adam Kireher, 
Valentin Winterstein, 
Anthonv Schnevder, 
John Nicklas Kelch. 


[ TAe original list u herewith j/tven.] 
3ten's NaiiiM. 
Name. Agt. 

Gabriel Young 52 

Nickle Polamler 8S 

Jacob Fortiner 30 

Adam Barcher 87 

Jerrig Grime, 80 

Carell Grime 22 

Adam Grime 25 

Hans Boos, 18 

Matliias Bcalp, 36 

Joler Snesman, 19 

Valentine VinterBteen, 40 

Catell Loutvitli 29 

Carell Henrich Papo SO 

Anthony Snider, 17 

Peter Siiifer, 28 

Buxtian Hoop 87 

Henrich Whiteman, 87 

Hans Adam Whiteman, 16 

Leonard Arburgher, . 50 ' 

Nicitle Close 27 

Jerrig WlKl)tman, 25 


Captain Lumksdainb, from Rotterdau. Qualipibd 
Nov. 20, 1741. 

Job. Mich. Marx, 
Paul Furman, sen., 
Caxpar Rubert, 
PKer Walmer, 
Henrich Udry, 
Konradt Rahm, 
Theobald Gross, 
Andreas Lauo, 
Philip Crentz, 
JobuiDM Corel 1, 
Jobut P«t«r Bobrsiber, 
Jaooh Iiomger, 
Philip Wirbel. 

L Pbrlstian Hauskneobt, 

PaaluH Furmann, 

Dewald Shanck, 

Johan Jost, 

Henry Kuhntz, 

Jotiannes Henrioh, 

Bimon Gross. 

Ludwig Breit, 

Jacob Shneyder, 

Johann Nicolaue Ander, 

Joh. Chriatoph Wagaer, '^ 

Nicolans Wagner, 

Conrad Corn man, 

Henrioh Ensminger, 

John Daniel Beglf, 

~ i Arnold Meyer, 


Henrioh ChriBtman, Johan Jaoob Loser, 

Johan Christian Loeer, Hans Nidas Eisenhauer, 

Johan Peter Eisenhauer, Johann Isenhaner, 

Hans George Sbneyder, Miehael Haberstnok, 

Henry Niolclas Hostein, Johan Andreas Krieger, 

Philip Nair, Peter Main, 

Johan Peter ELrieger, Johann Henrich Krieger. 

f The origincU list ia herewith given.} 

Mefi*8 Ifames. 

Name, Age, 

Geo. Bieghie, .... 48 

Henry Ensiuinger, 40 

John Christian Hoosknight, 2i4 

Christian Beckley, 28 

Daniel Beokly, . 21 

Godfry Langbane, 17 

Andreas Fuyst, 24 

Michl. Mark, 45 

Mathias Bower, 26 

John Paul Bower, . 28 

Michael Bower, 20 

Panlus Fierman, 00 

Panlus Fierman, Junr. 18 

Dewaldt Mayer, 27 

Henry Chrissman, 35 

(vhristopher Ecker, 42 

Johan Peter Welhan. 40 

John Chri«tian Welhan, 16 

Henry Kauf 25 

Antliony Naye, 21 

NioholaH Wiihelm JJO 

Jacob TiCzer, 18 

Christian Lezer 32 

(reorge Righter, 27 

Dieble Shank, 25 

Caspar Rupert, 29 

Hans Jost Toby, . 23 

Peter Walnier, 21 

Henry Knintz 19 

Henry Adam 36 

Johan Hendrick 40 

Conradt Laam, 22 

15~VoL. XVII. 


Name. Affe. 

Jtir.nb Suepk, 18 

8imoi.Ur.«w 30 

TlitolMil.l <^n>Ms, 34 

Fredk. Wolfautter. 20 

LoilwiB Brcail, 21 

Haait Nichl. JohIiowkv «i 

Jolui JosliowiT, . , 38 

HatiH PstBr .IoHHhoK>>r. , 26 

JolmiiiiuH JosHlmwer, 16 

Andreas Lmi 34 

Daniel Midmeler, 30 

HansJuriR)! 40 

Ja<;oh Scliiiyiler. ... 16 

Jiwoli Mowpr, 33 

iUfhl HfthersiMik 23 

AiitiK.nv Hwvii 34 

HaiiBNiohol Hors-t.-in 17 

Pliilil. Crif/., 26 

Jiii«l) Lunger 25 

( ;otirwU Oonuan , 18 

John Hicliol S ndre 34 

SebuHtiaii Slain 25 

/Jnlinnneit Correll 36 

VJriiriHto. Wftgnnt-r 30 

PhiHi> Bwt-rh^r, 30 

PeltT Srliryv«r 37 

NicolaH Waganer, ... 30 

AndrewB KrvRer, . ... 28 

Godfrer Walloweli. r « 

Philili N(uir, . .... 38 

Petor Kryipr, 27 

Henrv KrvKer. 30 

]\.ter Main, 30 

Pliiladelphia Nov: 17, 1741. 

In ciimplyiuiee with your ordere we have carefully exftmln'd 
Ihu Slate (>r Health of tht^ PasiwiiKern on board three BhKl- 
loiw, hroiiglit from the Cai>e from the Kuropa Capt. Luihb- 
da hit- fro I II Kotf^rdum and found no DiHcBxt* on board that is 

To liix Honour 



List of Forbi&nbrs lacpoRTSD in- thb Snow Catharihb, 


Johannes Brnoker, 
Michel Miesch, 
Henry Aimers, 
Jacob Lische, 
John Adolph Meyer, 
Paal Daniel Bryzelins, 
Michael Tannenberger, 
Johann Philip Mearer, 
Georg Kastler, 
Georg Schneider, 
Friederieh Post, 
Johann Leonhart Schnell, 
Joh. Christoph Heine, 
Johann Reinhard Banne, 
David Walpert, 

David Bischoff, 

Michael iSeidel, 

George Wiesseuer, 

Johan Brandmuller, 

Heinrioh Joachim Sensemann, 

Johan Georg Hardtner, 

Matheus Wittgie, 

Georg Emder, 

Joseph Moller, 

Gottlieb Petzold, 

Christian Werner, j 

Johan Georg Heldecker^ 

Johann Michael Haber, 

Geo. Wissler. 


List op Forbignrrs Importrd im the Brigatinb Mart, 
John Mason, Mabtbr. krom Rottbrdam. Qualifibd 
Aue. 25, 1743. 

Valentin Kraft, 
Johannes Seivert. 
Martin Arnold. 
Martin Schmidt, 
Peter Biirgener, 
Peter Welch. 
Abraham Liettel, 
Johann Philip Bertz, 
John Henry Kookea, 
Hans (xeorg Sneyder, 
Christoffer Danner, 
Georg Friederieh Heranus, 
Gerret van Kouten, 
Peter Burkner, 

Daniel Etter, 
Andreas Stniub, 
Jacob Reeder, 
Georg Kiester, 
Rupert us Bender, 
Hans Trachsell, 
Jacob Nagli, 
Johan Michael Zeister, 
Constautinus Stilling. 
Johan Friederieh Ricker, 
Jacob HauTiiann, 
Johannes BergerhotT, 
Jan De Mars, 
Christian Bugner. 




List of Ff)KKi(iXKR8 Importkd in thk Ship Loyal 
Judith, Jamks Cowik, Captain, from Rottkrdam. Qual- 
iFiKD Skpt. 3. 1742. 

Bernhart JauHou. 
Jolian Fisher, 
Gottfried Schreler, 
Wendel Vetter, 
Daniel Lani;, 
JohanneB Martens, 
Reymond Sonflin, 
Simon Wussehan, 
JolianneH Lehn, 
Simon Jonas, 
Johan Jacol) Winterehle, 
Jolian Jacob Schuler, 
Willi elm An8{)ach, 
^tTohan Jacob Scheier, 
Joliann Henrich Dtirr, 
John Adam Turn, * 

Henricus l)e Hooff, 
Job. Andreas Strassburger, 
Philip Henrich Erben, 
Theobald Nebinger, 
Philip Cronenberger, 
Johannes Rab, 
Ludwig Schott, 
Zacharias Heller, 
Johannes Sissel, 
Valient in Griin, 
Lorentz Plant/., 
Peter Barth, 
Johan Jacob Grub, 
Johann Lelinhart Fuhr, 
Paul us Westenberger. 
Johann Baltzer Schaffer, 
Hans Georg Shaffer, 
Christoph Plant/, 
Ludwig Metzger, 
Johannes Schumacher, 
Jonas Furtle, 
Martin Brandt, 
Nioklans Jung, 
Peter Reisinger, 
^•-■hel Herlein, 

<e Mengel, 

Kilian Fischer, 
Georg Metzger, 
Friederich Kerr, 
Jacob Berentseller, 
Johannes Schultz, 
Dieterich Hobbach, 
Johannes Dernheimer, 
Frie<ierich August, 
Peter Sohne, 
Jacob Taubtshel, 
Johan Peter Jung, 
Johan Georg Weimann. 
Frie«lerich Schollenberger, 
Johan Paul Weytzel, 
Johann Michel Sternn, 
Johann Jacob Roth. 
Friederich Germeroung, 
Henrich Wolffskehl, /y^ 

Johann Henrich Wagner, 
Johannes Lorentz, 
Peter Heu, 
Peter Kleins 
Johannes Kehl, 
Friederich Pfeil, 
Christoflel Heucher, 
Johannes Daum, 
Johannes Ruhl, 
David Kell, 
Johann G^eorg Jager, 
. Johannes Peter Frey, 
Johann Michel Paulis, 
Johann Valentin Kloninger 
Samuel Fortinaux, 
Christoph Bergman, 
C/onrath Hart man, 
Ghristoffel <4eller. 
Johann Simon Graff, 
Fritz Weigert, 
Andreas Heckman, 
Wilhelm Bauer, 
Nicklaus Hedrich, 
Johannes Wolffskehl, 


Philip Heinrich Erber, Johannes Kalte, 

Johan Messenkoli], Johannes 8ischel. 

Peter Bort, 

• [The original list is herewith given.'} 
Men*s Names. 

Name. Age. 

Barnard Johnston, 45 

Kilien Ficcel, 43 

Kilien Ficcel, •. 18 

Hanvinen Ficcel, 17 

Han Yarch Midcier 34 

Oodfrit Shiller, 24 

Jacob Towiendicel, 28 

Jacob Winderhamer, ... ^ ... . 40 

Fredrach Carra, 46 

Han Peter Younge, * ...... 23 

Jacoi) Shiller, 42 

Han Yarach Wayman, 30 

William Hansbach, 24 

Windel Fadder, 29 

Jacob Barn Peter, 23 

I->anial Longe 19 

Martin Brand '. . 20 

•Fohannes Shoutts, 35 

^re<lra<*k Bhuleni burger, 40 

f-iannes Martens, 20 

i^eter Hoback, 41 

Jacob Share, 22 

Roninand Louflimer, ... 34 

«Johantx>ld Wisiel, 26 

^Johannes Outenhanier, 22 

Henerach Tarr, 23 

Simmon Wishon, 41 

Fredrach Wineart, ... 22 

Miccal Starn, 30 

Johanas Lane, 40 

Hanadan Tereinger, 24 

Jon Jacob Road, 20 

Philep Jonna8, 23 

Heneraches Teahoaf, :M) 

Predrack Carmetoii, 39 

Andrews Strasburger, 25 


Name. Age. 

Simnn Jonimtt, 38 

Htiirat-h WooifNcnll, 80 

I'ctfr Pftrt, ,48 

NicoIdH YoiiiiKi , . , , . ... 94 

Andrews Hirkiiian M 

IVtfr Riclillngfr, 2D 

William Sower M 

Mkhap! H«ulaii(i, ao 

NiolilaaHtuimcli, ' 38 

.lolimmaHFiecd Xi 

Freats Miiigfl. 48 

JoiiiiiiH Wotilfscall. 40 

Philip Hei.rach Arrwa 4& 

TatHLld Novpnar, 8« 

Hfiiracli WiVKfuer, . , 10 ^^ 

Jacob Oym 35 

Joimait Lowcraupp, 48 

Haiiyaruh Ymilier, 38 

Philip CrowiialMirSfi- 37 

Talrtil.i Fiiwk . . - 87 

liRiiant Fower 88 

Joimati Kallar Ill 

P«ter Hay M 

Pnt,t!r Hay , . . lU 

JmiiiaH MiHanop 18 

Pol. WfttMfiiliurger, 17 

Lndfwioh dim- , 46 

Pett-r Clim- 18 

Lmiewick Shott , . . . . 39 

JounimKiell, ... Sll 

Pfler Waul «i ill iirgHP. 80 

Ta<Oi.irpH Hi>l]«r 18 

Preilrtwili Pfll. 50 

Mirlifl I'olleM 40 

Jon HalHler BhelTer, 38 

JuiiiiaM Ficcel. »8 

CriMtofel HittBliur, SO 

PIiilteCrHea 38 

Plialtcn ClownenKhan. , . 17 

Johaniiait Thoiiit> 40 

Hannan Yt>arach Sheffcr, 40 

Sammel Portenia, 17 

[jorraace PJanoe, 44 

Crietefoal Plance. 83 

CrlBtafoal Barkman, : . . 80 



Name* Age. 

Jonnas Reel, 88 

Ledwiok Midsgaer, 40 

Peter Port, 18 

Conred Hardman, 19 

JoDnas Sbowmaker, . . . • 45 

Daved Keel, 86 

Cristefoal Kelder, 17 

Simon Crew, 84 

Jonuas Fortena, 56 

List of Forrignbrs Ibcportbd in the Ship Francis and 
EiiizABBTH, Gbo. North, from Rottbrdam. Qualifibd 
Sbpt. 21. 1742. 

Michel Kolb, ' 
Johannes Withman, 
Jacob Geiger, 
Peter Rabel, 
Frederich Haussinan, 
Christian Newcomer, 
Christian H enrich, 
Henrv Cerber, 
.Jacob Schenck) 
Michel Coppelger, 
John H enrich St oil, 
.lohan Michael Waidele, 
.loh. Michael Kaschstler, 
Hans Adam Klein, 
Christian Newcomer, jr., 
^ Christian Hurd, 
Thomas Heunemyer, 
Joliann GeorgWeith, 
Moritz Zug, 
Johannes Zug, 
Hans Georg Binder, 
Hans Georg Shenk, 
Samuel Wohlegemu*h, 
Hans Michael Bauer, 
Rudolph Wollenweiller, 
Ludwig Jacob Friedburg, 
Johann H enrich Rengel, 

Michael Thesser, 
Ulrich Halber, 
Johannes Ekskel, 
Jacob Klein, 
Nicklaas Walder, 
Andreas Waltaich, 
Conrad Bassel, 
Christoph Schmidt, 
Paulus Daterer, 
Johann Friederich lollgo, 
Christian Adam Hobel, 
Johann Jacob Holbein, 
Johann Henrich Stes, 
Ullrich Neuschwanger, 
Johann Peter Waller, 
Hans Michel Fohl. 
John Gottfried Rieger, 
Johan Peter Kochlein, 
Christian Zug, 
Christof G^iser. 
Matthaus Wendnagel, 
Hans Georg Knodler, 
Johan Matthias Plantz, 
Hans Georg Ruthy, 
.Fohann Adam Stam, 
Johan Henrich Wolff, 
Nicolaus Gottschalck, 



Johan Georg Schussler, 

Johann Peter Ott, 

Johan Hen rich DeHsler, 

Johan Henrich Ahl, 

Johan Jacob Bohn, 

Christian Jotter, jr., 

Johannes Knag, 

Uhllerich Stally, 

Johan Georg Faust. 

Johann Wilhehn Werth, 

Wilhehn Ruff. 

Peter Laaber, 

Melchior Hirtzel, 

Adam Sabert, 

Philip Shleyhouff, 

Hans Ewert, 

Conrad Gerhart, 

Anton Faust, 

Martin Kirschner, 

Adam Ott, 

Conrad Ott, 

Johannes Reusswig, 

Johannes Webei, 

Jacob Yoder, 

Jacob Kurtz, 

Peter Faust, 

Jacob Hanck, 

Johannes Walther, 

Philip Deter Huber, 

Stephen Hopenmeier, 

Johtin Michel TruckenmuUer, 

Henry Miller, 

(rabriel Kohler, 

George Schultz, 

Christian Ecket, 

Bernhart Ko))er, 

Abraham Gross, 

Martin Stouver. 

G«*org A dam* Mu Her, 

Johann Henrich Schertz, 

Hans Michael Doll, 

Johann Michael Seitz, 

Mar hens Massiman. 

Christian Muller, 

Johann Henrich Odt, 
Leonhardt Michael Ruger, 
Johann Christian Homer, 
Christian Jotter, 
Christian Miller, 
Johannes Gerber, 
Johan Adam Heydrig, 
Johan Henry Creesman, 
Johan Nicklaus Cuntz, 
Martin Meyer, 
Jacob Binder, 
Jonas Metzger, 
Johannes Grob, 
Andreas Hemtz, , 
Johannes Schafer, 
Heinerich Hirt, 
Nicklaus Rohrig, 
Peter Stam, 
Adam Ott, sen., 
Johannes Ott, 
Christian Rugner, 
Johannes Bohm, 
Friederich Meyer, 
Jacol) Guth, 
Conrad Bloss. 
Johann Peter, 
Hans Jacob Huber, 
Johan Peter Kohler, 
Abraham Kolmau, 
Jost Fuchs, 
Ludwig Huber, 
Jacob Sarbaoh, 
Moses Binder, 
Andreas Bachman, 
Melchior Schaner, 
Johannes Koohn, 
Ludwig Schmaltzhaff, 
Hans Michael Krafft. 
Christian Dannewald, 
Carl Philip Schultz. 
Johann Michael Bucher, 
Abraham Schnutz, 
David Rotheheffer. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Robert and 
Alice, Hartley Cusack, Master, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Sept. 24, 1742. 

Philipus Barker, 
Priderich Mailer, 
Conrad Pooflf, 
Philip Fareiithal, 
Hans Rub, 
Michel Aicer, 
Johannes Heydt, 
Philip Cferis, 
Paulas Bang, 
Adam Guoker, 
Michel Weiss, 
Durst Ziegler, 
Johann Georg Christ, 
«Iohann .Jacob Metzger, 
Johann Jacob Benedick, 
Simon Jacob Theii, 
Hildebrand Heckraan, 
Johann Christoflfel Peter, 
Dietrich Danner, 
Simon Peter Diehl, 
Johann H enrich Werner, 
Johann Jacob Schinitt, 
Johann Michel Koch. 
Joh. A.braham BrosiiiH. 
Johann Jacob Riess, 
Jacob Weber, 
J^orentz Riess, 
Johannes Herber, 
•Johannes Kerch, 
David Weil, 
Johannes Krape, 
Andreas Kessler, 
"Elans Adam Furtig, 
«3ohn Jacob Zervin. 
^dam Furtig. 
3Ians Peter Woolf, 
Hichael Danner, 

Cornelius Millrr, 
Ludwig Miller, 
Veltin Paul, 
Jacob Stubigh, 
Friederick Becker, 
Michel Wolff, 
Peter Geris, 
Nicklaus Hartt. 
Johannes Binackei, 
Christian Gucker, 
Henry Stave, 
Johannes Ziegler, 
Georg Christian Ulrich^ 
Johan Nicklas Hyl, 
Hans Adam Clirist, 
Johann Georg Schissler, 
Johann Phili]) Kercher, 
Matheis Heinrich, 
Johan Jacob Borne, 
Johan Friderich Heimer, 
Johann Simon Drum, 
Johann Casper Schell, 
Johannes Brosius, 
Johann Georg Riess, 
Johann Jacob Wagner, 
Jacob Stein, 
Peter Herber, 
Andreas Harter, 
Matheas Mever, 
David Mackly, 
Peter Maus, 
Hans Adam Holdt, 
Friederich Schmidt, 
Philip Jacob Ehrenfelter, 
Joh. Paul us Reuther, 
Hans Geo. Katzenstein, 
Hans Michael Spaar. 


List of P'oRKi«sKits iMt'oitTHD in thr Ship Francis and 

Elizauktii, (tkorok Nok 
4;jualikikd Aru. w, 174;^ 

HKiia Huolier, 

HiLiid Zoblel, 

Hmit) Mttier, jr., 

Honrioh Muller, 

H<?nry Leer. 

Htinry Bhwitzur. 

Johanneii Hug, 

Klliaii Gild, 

Henry Rudsh, 

HanK HeJiiHch NafT, 

Henry Weidilittn, 

Hans Outinger. 

Henry Baninsanlner. 

Henry Shinit. 


Lenhart Alterfer 8nhini<-d. 
0" Folix Christ. Wagner, 
Hniw Jacob NalT. 
HttHS Ulrich Blailman, 
H'Pnry PolileBbergei-, 
H«! II rich Bauerilt, 
Jacob Wegitiann, 
Jobunnfa Melur, 
HeJiFi' Oood. 
Hen rich Eek, 
Jaaob BoLiiuer, 
HnnR Duiw, 
Jacob "Bur, 
Henrich Hits, 
Honrioh Suter. 
Ilaiif Jivcob Riittllnger. 
Henrich Si-hleypfi^r, 
Jacob Biichinan. 
Hnna Jacob Pflater, 
Hans Ulrloh Heg«tHwelller. 

Mastkk, krom Rottkbdam. 

Henry Cuughly, 

Riiiloipli Mertz, 

Henry Kudolph, 

Uhllerich Naff. 

CuHi>er Spery, 

CaKper Crop, 

Henry Naff, 


Hmih Heinrioh Hubner, 

Christopher Dosaer, 

H*j)rv Hebrepl)t, 

HAliuHenry Naff, 

Henry Z utter, 

Daniel Har;ier, 

I'Vlix Hi.'rlyi]Ln.n. 

Melc.hlor Bt«h«H, 

Henry Snbydorffer, 

HanB Hiirckons, 

Hann Huinrii^li Schiierer, 

H^m-v L,-hil..icli. 

Ji.u,^J«.-.l. t;s.-er, 

Ku<lol]ih KJeinpoter, 

Peter Snheurer, 

Ely Walder, 

Felix Leea, 

Johannes Biich, 


J oh amies Bur 

Henrich Grob, 

.racob Franck 

Knnx Jacob Heyer, 

Leiiharl Scbnebeli, 

Johannes Rchlldemra 

(■iisper Sr.»liily, 

Hans Ulrich Dlnges, 



[3V onginal IM M Am-mKU fftvtn.} 

MIen't JtaiMt. , 

Hknn«B Barger 

Honaw CocUef, 

Hftiuiefl Oebeley, 

Uauus Cebeley, 8nd, SO 

Heodk. Moor SB 

Rudolph Merta, flO 

Joho.nne« Meyer, 86 

Huns HeuJpriik CoeBer. 4B 

Hendartok Bntolph. . .' SO 

HeoderiCik Miller. 22 

Huns Hanilerick NealT 47 

Ulderiok Neaff. . . « 

Henderlnk Miller, 48 

Chriatophel BoBSer, 36 

Henderlok Wideinan «0 

Hemieriok Elwfick, 3-i 

Hans .lacob Bootter 34 

Henderiok Lt>ar, 80 

Gasper Parrey, 23 

Hana Hortlnicer *8 

HeQderlok SwitBer, M 

HannesSootter. . . . .- 2« 

UoKpcr Croope M 

Johanes Hook, . 20 

Henderick Neaff, 31 

PhileanHillok M 

HansHenderickNeafl , . 19 

Henderick PonieardiDer. . , 48 

HanneH Meyer. ,83 

HniiH Jacob Scheurmeyer, . 30 

Henderick Groots 34 

Hann Jacob NeatT 48 

Rutolph Miller 44 

GHBperHiuna, 88 

HanBHenderlckHinna, 87 

Ru»k>Iph Smith. 21 

Rudey Meyerhover 80 

Hans UlderlckBlad man 40 

ChrlBtoplwrBladman 18 

Jao«b Sorber 20 

Hennery Sorber, . ,. . 21 

Henderick Linebnli'. 33 

Hendriok BaltiBbarger, 38 


Name. ^0'- 

tinHptr (*liwlrelder, 38 

Hen.leriok Waltt«r. 80 

Felix Waltter 36 

HauH Jnnob Uoiirar, 80 

JosHph Frowcnreldur. « 

Heiuieriok Bower. 85 

Rudolfl' Kleynbetter, 81 

Jacob WtLKtiian, M 

HujiM Jmiob Weict 31 

Pelii H»l!einan, «» 

Hen.l<>r><-k(i( 88 

Jo)iHDii«'M I'otuier, 84 

Uttlichi^st Bteelev, *< 

Ltii)our<l Aldorft, . , 88 

Heinlerlek Seibedorfer, M 

HaiiM Fetter Lee. «8 

tVlexhee 88 

FelexGroof, 26 

HansCoiirail Groof, 28 

Hans Jtti-ot> Meyur, 19 

Ja<i<tb()dt, 84 

Hfndcriok Odt 23 

Joban™ Bachey 21 

HariH Jacob Rinker, 88 

HaiiH Jai-ob Rei<llin8;er, - ■ 38 

\Roob Bn>inmor, 43 

HaiiiiBs Koor 88 

Huiiiii-H PoopB. 24 

Leiioar-l Bneabiey. 84 

Jowpli 8te ]ey 88 

Juhaiinet) Parr, ... . ■ 88 

Jacob Parr, 80 

Hemleriek (iroop 80 

Hi-ntleripk Hitts. 40 

HeiKierlok Sliffer. VI 

Jiwob Fre«k, *8 

(iawi>er Bneabley, 43 

Haiinex HUderbnuid, .26 

Jurob H.».klli(Ul 8.*! 

Henderick Sutter, 38 

Uenderlok Hatter, Jr., 9d : 80 





List of FoBBieirBRs Imported in the Ship Loyal Judith, 
Jambb Gowib^ Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 2, 174a 

Bartel Zoller. 
Philip Ohristian, 
JohanneB Larer, 
Henrich Maag, 
Johan Jacob, 
Friderioh Feltberger, 
Nickel BoDckel, 
Adam Brech. 
JohanneB Kramer, 
Bernhard Lauff ersweiler, 
Johan Conrad Bchutz, 
Johan Jacob Gittelman, 
Lorentz Schmahl, 
Jacob Hanssman, 
Joliannes Habersod, 
Simon KuBtener, 
George Fitterer, 
Jacob Mohner, 
Adam Schmahl, 
Valentin GroBcli, 
Bemhart Becker, 
Johannes Hermes, 
Jacob Keyser, 
Johann Pliilipp Wentz, 
Christopel Grossert, 
(4eorg Frederich Gribel, 
JohaiineH Hoffman, 
Johann Wilhelm Becker, 
John Georg Miller, 
Johan Peter Braun, 
Philip Carl Angel, 
Johann Philip Beier, 
Johan Adam Uehrl>aH8, 
Ulrich Preyhofer, 
Wend el Horet, 
Gerhart Fichker, 
Christian Weiss, 
Andreas Walter, 
Adam Kappel, 
Johann .Jacob Huth, 
Johan Henrich Scheurer, 
Johan Adam Reyd. 

Johannes Becker, 
Martin Dincky, 
Michel Seitz, 
Jacob Maag, 
Johannes Kirst, 
Lorents Laffersweiler, 
Johan Ronokel, 
Johannes Ja^er, 
Daniel Martz, 
Kicklaus Scherstenberger, 
Johann Georg Eppelman, 
Johan Wendel Dannefelser, 
Adam Schmahl, 
Johannes Schreyer, 
Mattheas Hoffer, ' 
Peter Roth, 
. Peter Miller, 
Lorentz Hardt, 
Wentz Schmahl, 
Friderlch Fichgus, 
Johannes BcKsker, 
Jacob Bentli, ' 
Philipp Hoftman, 
Christoph Weisskopff, 
Johan nis Schwindt, 
Peter Schweikharth, 
John Valentin Hammer, 
Johan Adam Moses, 
Johannes Honig, 
Johann Philip Ode welder. 
Johan Adam Mohr, 
Johann Philip Gambach, 
Johannes Gam bach, 
Riulolflf Buchy, 
Valentin Wentz, 
Bastian Bougart, 
.Joannes Bott, 
Nicklas Keller, 
Johann Jacob Wilhelm 
Jacob Grosskop, 
Hans Georg Sheyer, 
Johann Jacob Petry, 



Joliiiii Ailitiii FucIiH, 
Joliiiniii'H MoiitlBhaiier, 
Jolmii ]'liill]'i>|i Bohin, 
JoluiiiiL PliJIitiHardt, 
JnliHii G(-ort{ WulfTekt^hl, 
Niuolnii MaiiE^iiluioli, 
Joli. Philip Bchrittger, jr. , 
Jotiiknii n-flort; Sljjrg, 
JotitLti Haltliatwr Grol), 
Joliuii Dmiie) Hoff, 

JoliannoH Brunkbauer, 
Jolianii PhillippBohm, jr. 
Hanw Wolf Waltz, 
H<-rii)aiiUH HolTer. 
JutiaDii Einrlch Bott. 
MattlieiiH Uuttc.rfaMB, 
J<iluin I'liilip Hchriuger, 
Jolmu Uuiirirh May, 
Hans Hdnrich Maafc. 
I.oreutx Millor. 
Joli, Juculi FoHHbeiiillar. 

[The or 
Hartel Zellor, 
ilaiiH U«ehur, 
JkIiii ('(tiirad Bliutz, 
Ja<-<>)i Gl>]elniaii, 
ViiLuliii Hiimiiieii. 
Wilheliii Uenkur, 


llriKlrifh Maac. 
Jai^oh 1-teyer, 
iiforu Miliar, 
Peter Hrpwii. 
Jolmnnus GerKt, 
Liirinit/ LeberBwyler, 
Jaciili Kttiiokel, 
Jiiliaiiiit^H YeiiKei". 
Joli»nii«s Kroner, 
Ailiiiii Moore, 
Juhanniis Uaiiil>ac;ti, 
Ja<-ob Naarliaiw, 
Ptiili[> IIolTinaii, 
Ulrii-k Freyhofter, 
Weinlal Horsh, 
ViiU-ntine Wentz. 
Stoffel Kroiwart, 
Bastian Boingerl, 
JohaiiiieH Schwltiil, 
Jacob Hoodt, 
HermanuH Bott, 
Nlobolaa Keller, 
Adam Sohmal, 
randrlok Boheir, 

•Uinal liAl in licr<wifh ijiutn,] 

liiirnanl LaiitTereweber, 
Nirliolax Sharftiiibtjrger, 
OeorK tllielmaii, 
Wemial Daiinefelt, 
Philip Chris'-iaii, 
Martin Iiind, 
MIHiael Steich, 
Jarol) Maaif, 
A<laiii MoHeit, 
Johannes Henig. 
Pliilip Ailiim Weller, 
Friderick Fettber)(er, 
Nic'hiilaFi 8tinckel. 
Adam Breeh, 
<'arl AuBel, 
Daniel Mey, 
Pliillp Peyer. 
Philip (iamliach, 
Fruntz Naarbasn, 
Ailaiii HiilTinan, ' 
Hndolph Buchie, 
Philip Wentz, 
Stoffei Weifkopfe, 
Gf rbar<l Ficlikuti, 
CIlrlBtJan Weins, 
Jacob Wilhdm, 
Jacob (irooiikopfe, 
Antoni Walttr, 
Lorentz Schnial, 
GerranI Scheir, 
Antoni Kai>el, 



Jacob Hanraiaii, 

Adam Stein^ 

Jacob Petre, 

Adam Fax, 

Peter Bott, 

Johannes Brickhaaer, 

Philip Behme, 

Peter Miller. 

Heermanniu Heefer, 

PhUip Hart, 

Hans Hendriek Bott, 

Yooet Wolfkil, 

Wentz Schmal, 

Friderick Fishkofi, 

Nicholas Mannebaeh, 

Hans Becker, 

Philip Springer, 

Hans Barbas, 

Hans Hendriek Maag, 

Baltas Grouw, 

Jacob Keyser, 

Hans Hoffman, 

Hans Jacob Foesbinder, 

Hans Sehreir, 
Jofaannes Habenoot, 
Mates Hoffert, 
Simon Stnffner, 
GFeorg Fitterer, 
Hans Ifandshaw, 
Hans Wolfe, 
Andreas Weisbrigfat, 
Jarob Manner, 
Lorentz Hart. 
Georg W<rffkil, 
Adam Sebmal, 
Valentine Geeh, 
Mates Botterfaaa, 
Bernard Beeker, 
Philip Springer, 
Hendriek Mey, 
Georg 8tariek« 
Jaeoti BantUn, 
Georg Fridrieb Krimba 
Peter Sefaweiger, 
Daniel Hoffman, 
lx>rentz Miller. 

List of Forkigxkrs Imported ix thk Sxow Tharlottk, 

Skpt. 5, 1743. 

Adolph Filler, 
Mattheis Ba«$fing, 
Wilhelni Bret/, 
Johann€»« Lee>». 
JohanneH Schiffer, 
Jacob Enck, 
Anthoii Sclineider, 
Nicklau Wolf art, 
Johannes Koch, 
Johannes Riesset, 
Anton Zehiner, 
Johannes Bopp, 
Johaii 2*)icke1 Schnell. 
Johann Philip Schnell, 

H enrich Hant, 
Henry Shoemaker, 
Jacob Bret/, 
Johannes Lisch, 
Phillippiis Maiirer, 
Johannes Gross, 
David Dautderer, 
Henri(?h Eckenroth, 
Valentin I-ioreh, 
Hen rich Meyer, 
Gottlieb Werth, 
Johannes Sohn, 
Johaii Peter Schwafjer, 
Johannes Ickrath, 



\i\V , 






ov v-i^s:''^'^*^"" 



»^"^" o^e* ^^^^'^ 











3 o\^»^^\^ vtt^^^^Vr*^^*^ . 


Joli. Bernbart (ipeeU, 
Jotian (iuorg Sutiwartz, 
Joh. Frlederioh Sanger, 
Johan Nickt;! Sauer, 
Valentin Klotter, 
Valentin Heyer, 
John Ciooduiuti, 

Jolian Juofib Hacker, 
CliriHtian Harshy, 
Valfntin Schmidt, 
Joliaii ChriBtoffBl Looes, 
Joh. Friederjflh Heyer, 
Conrad Sallar. 

[2%a oriffiitat Iic( i« lifrnHth yivea.} 
Men't Jfames. 
Ifama. Affe. 

JoBt Former, 43 

JohaDDea Bender, ...... itO 

JolianneH Bender, Jr., .....,., 18 

Frans Baker 27 

Diedrick Fall 34 

JobaunesSepter 28 

Johanuea Weller, 37 

JohanneSi Eenke, ... 27 

Tielinati Sohnts., ,43 

Johannes Ax -W 

Heroniinas WeLer, .... 3') 

Cbristlui WaltM-, . . 33 

Johan Ghrlstn. Keistein. ... t!i 

JohuD Hendk. HofTman, 3C 

Joban Jacob Keeker, 8S 

Hendrick Keeker 18 

Gonradt Weit, 81 

Simon Dreisback 45 

Johan JoBt Drelaback, 30 

Johan Adam Dreisback, 19 

Johannes Young, 40 

HeronimuB Brough, SI 

JohauneB Kenigh, 86 

Johannes Pieater 27 

Iiodwick Rudolph, ... 27 

Peter Owl, 35 

JohanDBB Pl&tenberger, 33 

Peter Alden 39 

Gerard Wyck, 37 

Wlllhelm Apple 26 

Jurian Willin. Eokert 36 



Name. Agt. 

WiilheliQ ElMroot 18 

Hendrick Bwartz, I& 

Willhelm Kreiter. 80 

HanB Adam Cowl 90 

Johan Jacob Miiuienhainer 2S 

Kiidolph OotidMian 47 

Johan WUlm. (itoodman, 18 

Julian Geo. Goodoian, 18 

Mathiaa Lintl 48 

lieorg VriG 86 

CouradtKool. 24 

Miclil. Reyderbaok 85 

Johun Mich. Reyderback 90 

AndreaH Smith 90 

Headrick Leipklger. 80 

Jiirigh Ament, W 

Philip Ainent SO 

Johannes Amem I8 

Joliannes Rood, S8 

Conradt Saler. 18 

Christian Neff. 85 

Ijeonard Cfesell 81 

Johan Jacob Eeker. . . 87 

Jurigli Swarti, 97 

Christian Harshe . . 80 

Johannes Pelti 8« 

Valentine Smith 26 

Johan Fredk. Ringer S8 

Valentine Rood 3S 

Johan Nichol. Bower OO 

Jeremlas Wytigh 87 

Frans Grayligh 45 

CaHper Cassner, 26 

Johan Christo. Loon, 23 

Johannes Ben, 86 

Hendrick Vry, 40 

Johannes Bower 88 

Johannes Tim, 28 

Piilllp Hayer, 81 

Valentine Kleter 28 

Johan Fredk. Hayer , , , . 28 

Johan Valentine Hayer. 18 


List of Pohbiqiibiis Ikpc»itbd m the Ship Rosasha, Jambs 


96, 1748. 

Jacob HoSman, 

Jacob Bohanelfele, 

Rady Keysar, 

Henriob Chrlstopb Heroldt, 

Job&n WlUielm Batler, 

Georg Cbiistopb Sehocb, 

Hans Georg Uarkwart, 

Hans Conrad Bnm«r, 

Hans Mailer, 

GragorioB Holler, 

Henry Hnller, 

Johannes Ftsoher, 

David B«batz, 

Jaeob Leglor, 

Hans Ferdinand t, 

Samuel Wolff, 

Andreu Btrele, 

Jaoob Haller, 

H enrich Barokart, 

Hans Ulerloh Haber, 

Johajines Fltwher, jr., 

Hans Jacob Remmler. 

Johannex Ketterman. 

Georg Philip Hummel, 

Hieronimns Henning, 

Hans Leonhart W viand, 

JohaonuB Roods mau. 

Andreas Spring, 
Jaeob Flhoky, 
Johannes Joogbly, 
Hans Georg Bentiinger, 
Hans Georg Btarner, 
Hans Georg Faobs, 
Hans Martin HnUer. 
Jaoob Soboster. ' 

Georg Mnller, 
Hans Branner, 
Martin Wlrlh, 
Jacob Prela. , , 

Friederiob Stall, ■ ^ 

Casper Keseler, 
Casper Mei<-r, ■ 

Leonhart Strohel. I 
Chrlatiaii Hall*r, 
Michael Wylatid, 
Hans JtLcob Gassner, 
Hans Mulcliioi* Fischer, 
Bemhart Pftaugne r, 
Hans Jncob Utiniind, 
Georg CIiristolT Herals. 
Hans Georg Kater, 
Hans Georg EtzwelUer, 
Casper Bindscbadler. 

{The original 
William SwiBhler. 
Haoce Yarah Sturner, 
Christar Shake, 
Uarty Markwort, 
I^enard For. 
Polls Wingart, 
Hance Marty Miller, 
Hanoe Pelei Wlgmore, 
Pelei Wigmore, 
Jacob Tin key, 
Jaoob Klaer, 

list is herewith given."] 

Hance Yarah Creatsener. 
David Hutman, 
And row Springe, 
Hance Yarah Po«, 
Hance Yarah Markwort, 
Jacob Sbuely. 
Johauas Shlllman, 
Gasper Castler, 
Casper Mi are, 
Hance Conragh Browner, 
Roday Kiser, 
Jobanea Youghley, 

N A:\IKS of FORKKiXblK.s ,, 

*iias Miliar, 

ocllafe Weastt*, 
ianoe Jacob Hafeiier, 
laiiaH Browner, 

Hance Yarah Henwiler, 

Johanas Fisher, 

Young Hance Fisher, 

Jacob Ciiubler, 

l'>edrick Stall, 

Hanc Jacob Humble, 

Jacob Lighiner, 

Samuel Wolff, 

Hance Yarah Cider, 

Lenartl Strebel, 

Joliau Karah Heraid, 

Georg Elswiler, 

Jacob HoUard, 

Michael Wyland, 

Johannes Roodsman, 

lli'iirark Aldorphia, ^ 

Ma Viik S|>riii;;ai', 

( '< n-i>'- M illt'i', 

( 'oiiaia li I >r« »\v imt, 

Heurah MiiltT. 

Marty Vearte, 

Hance Melihar Fisher, 

David Strily, 

Jacol) Flougar, 

David Shats, 

Hance Michel Droliner, 

Johanas Cadiman, 

Y^arah (^hristaf Herald, 

Philap Humble, 

Yarah Emmanuel Martine, 

Heronemos Hennawesh, 

And row Strily, 

Christan Hollard, 

Hans lieonard Wyland, 

Casper Pinchadler. 

List ok Forkionrrs Importkd ix thk Ship Ph(KNIx, 
William Wilson, Commandkr, from Rottkrdam. Quai«x- 
KiKD Skpt. 80, 1743. 

Wilhelm Holty, 
Lenhart Wintergress, 
Matheis Treuckel, 
Christoff Holwer, 
Michael Bauer, 
Johannes Schnee, 
Henry Reydmeyer, 
Phillippus Bayer, 
Job. Nicklas Lohmaii, 
Johannes Gansle, 
Johann Jost Kohler, 
Johan Georg Sternbirger, 
Johann Georg Schaffer. 
Johan Henrich Wagner, 
Benedict Nussbaum, 
Jacob Geiger. jr., 
Johannes Biir, 

Otto Hai, 

Johannes Dandoneer, 
Johannes Ungear, 
Jacob Rubly, 
Michael Leavy, 
Lorentz Protzmann, 
Paul us Behringer. 
Hans Michael Stuinpf, 
J. Ernst ReifTschn eider, 
Johan Frederich Ksch, 
Georg Klinginann. 
Johan Valtin Reul. 
Fried erich Miller, 
Peter Handwercker, 
Jacob Geiger. sen. , 
Matheis Kent, 
Johannes Stamni, 



Peter G6r, 
Melchior Bar, 
Melchior Bar, jr., 
Daniel Schwartz, 
Philip Spegel, 
David Sausert. 
Jacob Siherrer, 
Isaac Will, 
Dewald Hochstadt, 
Henry Dornig. 
Daniel Mauss, 
Phi li pus BartheuQ, 
L«orentz Cantz, 
Conrad Wirth. 
^ichlas HofTmau, 
enry Georg Nees, 
ohann Jost Vetter, 
.nthon Bensinger. 
<II3onrad Felbaura. 

ohannes Reudenauer, 
Jhristian Rorbagh, 
^ohan Adam Herbes, 
[aus Michael Miller, 
^Darl. August Erlwein, 

Jacob Boiii. 
Christopheel Bar, 
Melchior Seydler, 
Philip Reesher, 
Jacob Gansle, 
Frederich Kohler, 
Michael Eller, 
Henry Meyer, 
Johann Henrich HauBS, 
Mi dial Masserly, 
Peter Bartolomes, 
Nicklaus Fey, 
Georg Huber, 
Adam Richman, 
Bernhart Maokler, 
Johann Nlclas Gauer, 
Michael Steckbek. 
Hans Adam Felbaum, 
Casper Reithnauer. 
Joh. Michael Fiiichthom, 
Johannes Nusbaum, 
Bernhart Muller. 
Johannes Schmidt. 
Jacob Keyser. 

IjIst of Foreignrrs Impohtkd in thk Ship Robkrt and 
A LICK, Martly Cusack, Commander, from Rotterdam. 
QiTALiFiRD Sept, 30, 174a 


Johannes Zaner, 
Nicklas Baker, 
Andreas Liess, 
Michael Deato, 
Christian Shally, 
Johannes Schutz, 
Johann Philip Emig, / 
Johann Philip Emig. sen. , 
Philip Fredrick May, 
Hans Adam Shally, 
Nicklas Schreiber, 
Johan Kolmangrener, 
Hans Georg Stucki, 
Hans Jacob Koller, 

Simon Zenger, 
Jacob Baker, 
Kasper Strom, 
Johannes Shalley, 
Matheas Baum, 
Karl Schwartz, 
Johannes Martin, 
Baltzer Schwerdt. 
J^h. Ludwig Shalley, 
Johannes Obenhyser, 
John Henry Butz, 
Jacob Schmidt, 
C'hristoflf Sheaneman, 
Peter Guthman, 



Sainuel Lanilea, 
Juliaunes fieiiil«r, 
Hana Hardt, 
Samuel Buohtel, 
JoHepli Ziet>ly, 
Jacob bhook, 
Abraham l>erat, 
OhwuUI Naff, 
Hardal Miller, 
Felix Former, 
Conrad Toll. 
Joseph Sheffer, 
Ohristoa CEeterlen, 
Johaitn Woopg Prey, 
Hans Oeorg Bndett, 
GhriHtlaD Huller, 
Honrich Stertzenaoker, 
Hans Ueorg Begtel, 
Felix Zollinger, 
Wilholtn Spate, 
Bttltzer Gilbert, 

Conrad <EBterlen, 

Henry Gilbert, 

David Sarbacb. 

Johannes Good, 

Deobold Bauer, 

Jacob Buckl, 

MattbeiH Heier, 

Johannes Toung, 

Henry Former, 

Baltzer OilbeH, 

Ulrluh Cresa, 

H&us Georg (Esterlen. 

Joh. Lndwig TruckenmuUer, 

Andreas Hemberger, 

Hans Michal Ott. 

Hans Georg Muller, 

Philip Heinetsch, 

Johan Georg Schwartz, 

Heinrich Zwick, 

Jacob Gilllnger. 

List of Foreioitrrs Importkd is thk Ship St. Ani>rr' 
Robert Bit owK, Captain, fuou Rottkkdah. Quaufik 
Oct. 7, 1743. 

Jacob Walter, 
Johannes Moak, 
Johannes Hanser, 
Georg Gartner, 
Leon hart Uewalt, 
Johan Mergel, 
Jacob ClaUHSer, 
Joh. Adam Gerber, 
Hans Georg Maurer, 
Hans Pet^r Grumliaoh, 
Priederioh Jayter, 
Hann George Eatter, 
Philip JaiTOb Buttmnn. 
HauH Adiini Sommer, 
Johanii Jai^ob Ringer, 
Jacol) Eicbhorn, 
Andreas GiiUam, 

Priderich StoU, 
Andreas Wollinger, 
Herman Busch, 
Lenhart Stein, 
Gottlieb Ziigel, 
Gottlieb Scbleer, 
John NicklaH Zei singer, 
(^eo. Mich. Weissniuller, 
Johan Simon Kern, 
Hans Michel Striey, 
Georg Philip Kurr, 
Hans Martin Fischer, 
Jolian Michel Wa^er, ^• 
Oeiirg Frieilerich Zngel, 
Daniel Meidinger, 
Lenanl Fuchs, 
Martin Ruth, 



Jacob Hess, 

Hans Burger, 

Ernest Am on, 

Johannes Ulrich, 

Ulrich Wechlid, 

Jacob Striey, 

Johannes Mayer, 

Johannes Widinann, 
//Heinrich Wagner, 

Johannes Rieger, 

Ludwis: Dewys, 

Valentin Shutter, 

Jacob West, 

Hyronimus Trauttmann, 

Job. Ludwig Kraft, 

Hans Jerg Backastos, 

Hans Ulrich Odt, 

Jac Pried. Dochterman, 

Hans Jerg Amon, 
Johan Georg Wittmann, 
Michael Wolfgang, 
•Tohan H enrich Knauss, 
Job. Henrich Gackenbach, 
!r*^iclaus Kobelentz, 

Heinrich Brunner, 
Christie Casper, 
Frederick Hubely, 
Adam Hyleer, 
Joseph Hartman, 
Peter Werner, 
Leonhardt Kern, 
Friederich Ziegler, 
Anthon Knauss, 
Abraham Huller, 
Henry Shutter, 
Johannes Eberhart. 
Bernhart Diibinger, 
Hans Ulrich Hegli, 
Hans Ulrich Jackly, 
Hans Henry Bossart, 
Hans Jacob Goldner, 
Melchior Biihrly, 
Hans Georg CEhler, 
H. Peter Fronkhousen, 
Daniel Debus, 
Han Adam Zimmerman, 
Johan Philip Schneider. 

IThe original list is herewith given^] 

Name. Age. 

John Nicholas Reytringer, 17 

John Adam Garber, . . 20 

IHans Jacob Walter, . 20 

<3Jea Michl. Weysmiller, 19 

<J^eo. Andreas Miller, 27 

Predk. Stall, 20 

Hans Geo. Mower, 23 

Johannes Maak 40 

John Simon Karn, 25 

Hans Peter Kranback, 22 

Andreas Wolinger, 19 

Ulrich Creble, 20 

Adam Kaller, 20 

Jacob Strevey, 44 

Michl. Strevey 17 

Joseph Hartman, 29 

Fredrick Yeiser, ^ . . . . 20 


Name. Age. 

Loreiiti Tibher, W 

Philip Korr. 88 

Jolwuiiu-sJlaimer ; H 

HaiiM (iuiiry Etev 48 

Hiiiu Martin Fiuher. . . ' * S6 

Ueorg GroBS 80 

Philip Jacob LoJinftn, 23 

B^Mlolil. Wa^aner 25 

Seli^Htiiiii Bych, 86 

liec.rg (iuniiier 24 

liponard Btain 38 

Leoiuird Dewalilt 38 

Jacob Wiiyst. 28 

HaiiH Ailuin Huinmer. ... 27 

John Merkell 25 

Uodliph Lewej*. 36 

■Tacoh Olowser, ......' 35 

Jaco)> I'rljiger, 85 

Daninl Mylfuger. 34 

Jacob Eykhom 18 

Peter dowser 18 

Jiil)ii blverhart, 24 

heoimni Pookx 33 

HeruniiiiuB Troiitniiiii, 84 

Bernard Evenunger, 39 

Anilreaa Keelliam, 23 

Ulrich Jiow.T 21 

Juliii l.oclwii-k Kralf. 18 

Martian Kooil ... 26 

Jacob Hiwt 85 

Hana Ulrlch Jackelip 90 

HanH Ulrich Bakerttool, 10 

H<!ntlk. Browner, 35 

HauH Ulrinh Jackie. 88 

Jacob Stibnyder, 83 

H^ns Weiifhler 21 

HauB Ulricli batt 18 

Haiw Hendk. BoKhart 21 

HaiiH Headk. Oatt, 25 

Pmik. Doughterinaii 23 

Am reaa DuuKhtennan 18 

Ernect Anient, 85 

l-' Zlugell 36 

IfiiiiH Jacob (Joltlnc r, 33 

Hans Woo. Ament 38 


Namf- Age. 

Melchior Beertle '. 80 

EMkiel Ocber. 

Jolmnaeit UlHcb, 

John Fredfc. Houbley, . . , . . 

H&n!« li-eo. Witinaii, 

Juhannee Mayer, 

Qeo. Blur 

Peter Warner 

Johaiinee Wydititvii 

Michl. WoKanger, 

Leonard Kern, 

Uttiidk. Waganer. 28 

Christo, Bhipert 

Frwlk. Siglar. 81 

Peter Franker 

Johannes Riglter 

John Hendk. Ktioif 80 

Antony Knoif, '. . 

Daniel Debnit, 

Jacob Debus, 3S 

Lodwiok DebtiE 

Johan Hendk. Catenback, . . 
HanE Adam Zimmerinuii. 

NiohJ. CoWentir, « 

Abram Hobler . . . , 27 

Phillip Bras Shnydes' 

Valantine Shatter, 45 

Hendk. Shutter 83 

Godliph Zelgell 23 

Phy. Reynner, 
Johan Har. Say, 

List of Poreigsrrb Imported is the Snow EtTDEAVouB. 

Thomas Anderson, Captain, from London. Qualified 

Nov. 10, 1748, 
MatheJB Branuefelder, Adam Schaub, 

Jacob Brannefelder, MatheiB Brannefelder, jr. 

Hans Ulrich Scbanb, 


KIKD Oct. B, 1744. 

Jost Vrevel, 
(Jon rod Rorig, 
Joh. Plill. Pooat. 
Peter tjclinfler, 
JolitLiineB Buk»r, 
Nfatteaii Meyer, 
Nickloa Meyer, 
JohaniiM Mioliael, 
Jolk. Cliristiaji Berger, 
Matthels Hem, 
Ooilhart Lore, 
Jaiioh Bciiuyer, 
Mattlm Noll, 
MArt^iis Andres, 
.Toll. Jacob Henn, 
Joh. Hen. Dornliacli, 
Joh. Ailaiii Oeyer, 
Joh. Geo. Kell, 
Jiih. Wil Weiss, 
Joh. Donie Hhmlt, 
Puiitius Wicrn, 
Johaa Adam Hirter, 
Johan Henrich Bock, 
Johan Christ Wirth, 
Haiis Valtein Btreder, 
Johnii A<laiii Meyer, 
Johati Peter tihefF, 
Joh. Henrieh Rorloh, 
J<)h. Aduin Schi 
Johan Konratl Weyar, 
Johait ChrlHt Kohl. 
■Tohan Peter Weiniferer, 
.Joh. pBtur Neytiert, 
Johan Peter Heyer, 
Johiiii tteorg Stiegeler, 
■Fohaii Henrloh Hafter, 
Joh. Uenrg Bohuster, 
Johan Wilhehu Kell, 
Jolian Martin Kohler, 
Johan MatteuB Dexter, 

Johan Dornbaeh, 

Joh. Thieffelbach, 

Uaniel Foost, 

Pierre Anne, 

Johan Beannger, 

Matteas Meyer, Jr., 

Jean P. Pavon, 

PhilipuB Faokeri, 
Jul). Wilbflu Bage, 

Georg Nblen, 

Amireaii Pichnoster, 

Johan Noll, 

Bern hart Neyiart, 

Joh. Paul KrebB. 

Joh. Peter Henn, 

Joh. Harfxteuiiaoh, 

Joh. Geo. Bhualer, 

Joli. Jac. Keyniati, 

Joh. Pet. Jnne, 

Joh. Wilh. Weyer, 

Johann Christian Kell, 

Johan Adam Hicrte, 

Joliaii Aiiaiii 8hog, 

.Tohaiin Adam Wagner, £^ 

Johan Georg Mnller. 
Joh. Herinanna Frevel, 
Joh. Wilh. Ganilennan, 
Georg Wilhelm Berger, 
Frantis Willi. Kaulbaoh, 

Johan Wilhelm Laude, 
Joh. Wilhelm Koch, 
Joliau Davkl Dornbanh, 
■loll, Peter Fey/er, 
Joh. Christof Btiegeler, 
Johan Baatian Miller, 
Joh. Hcnrinh Kphlcmer. 
Johan Peter Cheert, 
Johan Ludwig Rhrinan, 
Johan Peter Strunok. 



List op Forbigxbrs Importkd in the Ship Phcenix, Wil- 
liam Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 20, 1744. 

Henrioh Hartinann, 
Oeorg Sohou, 
Adam Fischborn, 
Nicklajs Peteo, 
Conrad Fuchs, 
MattheiB Kolb, 
Friederich Parteiuer, 
Philip Wendel Klein, 
Job. Henry Mattinger, 
Job. Nicolaiis Wagner ,^.^^ 
Georg Odt, 
Jobanne8 Kubn, 
Jobannes Fluok, 
Paul Scbneider, 
Job. Fieblt, 
Henricb Piatt, 

Wendel Benodes, 

Andreas Esbbacber, 

Jobannes Dieckert, 

I^eter Faust, 

Jacob Stepben, 

Andreas Sorger, 

IFriedericb Huby, 

Andreas Grubel, 

Sastian Morian, 

^lerman Decreiil, 

Tbilip Bretz, 

Xewalt Laub, 
Joban Wendel Metzler, 
Joban Adam Morgen, 
.Tob. Pbilip Mauck, 
Cbristopb Westerberger 
Valentin Huss, 
Wymar Strunck, 
Jerg Wilbelm Standt, 
Job. Ba1tba<$ Fiscbborn, 
Gerbardt Scblesser, 
Jobann Pbilip Andre®, 
Jobn Georg Westberger, 
Fried ricb Huber, 
Joban Reinbart Waltz, 
Jobann Georg ScbafTer, 

Johannes Herbertb, 
Lorentz Erbacb, 
Antonius Fiscbborn, 
Tbeobald Klein, 
Andonius Weyricb, 
Job. Georg Wabnsiller, 
Jobannes Bcbneider, 
Joban Jost Tizler, 
Joban Herman Mobr, 
Jacob Bucbman, 
Jobannes Klein, 
Pbilip Krebe, 
Paul us Eberbardt, 
Martin Etter, 
Conrad Hefling, 
Fridericb Gresser, 
Martin Kiester, 
Jobannes Wayemer, 
Friedericb Stelwag, 
Gerbardt Fircus, 
Jacob Wagner, 
Conratb Jung, 
Antbonius Hoblicb, 
Henry Pad, 
Heinricb Liess, 
Pbilip Flugb, 
Martin Koib, 
Jacob Rau, 
Jobann Adam Wegel, 
Casper Scbneider, 
Joban Peter Gotz, 
Rudolpb Fiebl, 
Jobann Kuntz, 
Valentin Winesbeim, 
Job. Nic. Messerscbmidt, 
Peter Tauscbbaus, 
Friedericb Micbael, 
Christian Eberbart, 
Joban Nickel Hen, 
Joban Pbilip Wagner, 
Cbristoffel Dinckenscbiet, 
Fried. Christian Muller. 


\^ - 

.1111 \'iil*'iit in i I ii(\ 
(ieorj^ MtM>«'niH'mi, 
an Philip HotliiUi, 
iaii Heiirich Kiintz, 
cer Philipp Hnhn, 
hann DierlhofTner, 
>han Peter Fuchs, 
hristoffel Fiehl, 
knton Schneider, 
/ohan Philip Roth, 

.loll. I*«'t«'r l)r<'yv()i^«'I, 
.I«'liii Adam KIriii, 
J oliaii IMi ili|> KcrrJiiHT 
Julian Adam Mraiui, 
.J oh. Friederich JSainT, 
Philip Peter Urase^ert, 
Johan Peter Kolb, 
Diellinan Diekensohiedt, 
Philip Jacob Bader, 
Han Dewalt Beltenreioh. 

List op Forrignrrs Importkd ix thk Ship Frikndshif 
JoHx Mason,, from Rotterdam. C^ualifibi 
Nov. 2, 1744. 

Heriiian Weber. 
C.-asper Weber, 
Jacob Fughs, 
Peter Bogert, 
(feorg Bernhart. 
Nicklaus Kusig, 
Cliristoph Koble, 
Johannes Graber, 
Peter Williar, 
Peter Hann, 
Dewald Sperk, 
Johannes Bieber, 
Wolfgang SieHH, 
Johan n Schlogel, 
Johan Lobach, 
Philip Waghnier, 
Debalt Werner, 
Peter Oesell, 
Johan Jacob Ferber, 
Joh. Philip Ehrenhardt, 
John Peter Cu«ick, 
John Wilhelm More, 
Adam Scholkopf, 
Geo. Rinig Haartz, 
Johann George Weber, 
Andreas Reiffschneider, 
Johan GeorgSchmitit, 
Michael Ban man, 

Willielm Weber, 
(ferhart Will, 
Jacob Engel, 
Valentin Vogt, 
(^onratli Forstef, 
Jachim Joan, 
Albrecht Muller, 
Johannes Moll, 
Abraham Mischat, 
Johann Wohlleben, 
(feorg Bieber, 
Dewald Beaber, 
Johannes Weber, 
Bernhart Roobe, 
Johannes Tieze, 
Dietrich Schattler, 
Philip Shaffer, 
Joh. Adam Radebupch, 
AnthoniuH Dillan, 
Joh. Henrich Vatter, 
John Jacob Summer, 
Theodoras Krahl, 
Johan Wilhelm Reuel, 
John AdaTu Haartz, 
Johan Adam Weber, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
John !*«»t»»r Noss, 
Jolni Jacob Bildhouf 


Jobann Jafoab Btolti, 
Johann Nidul Qntb, 
fiefDrioh Jaeob Krehs, 
Johuin HleliMd Kiein, 
JohnnnM Wlldt, 
HaJnrieh Bohaffn, Jr., 
Henrioh Kof^Mlbei^sr, 

Jolmii OeorgSuliinlel. 
(ieiQi'ig Kournd <<i'(>l>, 
Johaii Baltiier KoUltfr. 
Joliunn BrDHt Bolotiio, 
Ueiiirioh Seheffi^r, 
Honriuh Foyerliaoli. 



List of Foiu»a»R8 Ihportkh ik thk Bhip Cartrrrt. 


FiBD Dbo. 11, 1744 

Pliilii> Hteiu. 
Joliaiiuci!' Zorliii, 
Hans H«iiry Soliler, 
Micliat:>l Haul, . 

Radolpli Ueeke, 
Philip Bickler, 
Walter Miller, 
Micihuel Anihon. 
K{e<^l(iB Hennuu, 
Friederiok Kop, 
Albrecbt Fried. Binder. 
Baltliaxar Aringact. 
Jacob Lambrecht, 
Johannes H&yer, 
Friederloh Deobeld, 
Johannes Kautz, 

Jacoli Graff, 
Han I'eter Sehuhlein. 
HaiiH Georg Kli-iu, 
.TohiinDe§ Duwnlt, 
Hans Foreter. 
Jacob B Inkier, 
Valt^ntin Yonng, 
Henry ShweDk. 
Nlcklas Steimuate, 
Joh. Georg SaliaofT, 
Johaii Philip Biadar, 
CliriHU>pbel W«bar, 
Christoph Bfttenbender, 
Joh, Christian R«hkopp, 
Friednrioh Deobeld, jr., 
Wilhelm Jungck. 


Ljst of Fobeiqners Iupokted us the Ship Mitscliffe 
Gallet, Georo Durell, Gouuandeb, from Rotterdam, 


Christian StaufTer, Johannes 8tani)e. 

.Jacob Konig. Henry Dochinan, 

Christian Cootti, Hans Lynter, 

StephanKurtx, Hans Gyer, 

Jacob Engel, Jacob Sharfl. 

Christian Konig, Samnel Konig, 



Joliann Jocot) Meyer, 
OIirJHtian Herford, 
ChrlBtian Kreblll, 
Adam .Iaool> Maiirer, 
Leonliard Miiller, 
Michael Trahman, 
Johan A<lain Wttruts, 
Johan Jacob W«riit7, 
IlaiiH (iorg Schneider, 
Har.B Peter Burje, 
CaHiMjr Scliertiter, 
John S ho waiter, 
Henry Thomas, 
Hans Lichti. 
Valentin Heger, 
CliriKtiaa Florig, 
('onrad Notz, 
Piiilip Hatbie, 
lUrich Hotter, 
Philip Vetter. 
Jo»t Y otter, 
Jacob Mull«r, 
Pet«tr Iiooh, 
Jacob ,Tuncl<er, 
Jacob Pregly, 
Hanx David Em, 
Ohriatian Fratz, 
Peter Wittmer, 
Rudolph Herdte. 
Rudolph Herdte, jr.. 

Valentine Tallebaol), 
TjSnhart Klopert, 
Abraham Steiner, 
Johan Adam (iesH, 
Andreas HeiiT. Pattheuer, 
Job. Mel cb lor Hriider. 
Philip Liidwig WerntK, 
Hans Oeorg Hraft, 
Hanit Adam Yonnfc, 
Hans (J-eorg Dewalt, 
Christian Moxxer, 
JobannesMoBle man. 
Christian l^ang, 
Fran 1 7. (iernandt, 
Blias Dietricli. 
Jacob Homing, 
Conrad MeokfS, 
Johannes Meister, 
Bern hart Bear, 
Jacob Ebi, 
Peter Jutny, 
Peter Weiss. 
Peter Mayer, 
Elias Rieth, 
Andreas Hoseelman, 
Jacob Dauerschauer, 
Johannes Sander, 
Rndolph Hand, 
Hen rich Bohllchter, ' 
Josiia Caspar Herdte. ir., 
Geo. Wilh. Heydelbacli. 

List o^ FoBKtasKBs Importrd in thk Ship Ank Galley. 
William Wimon, Captain, trROH Rottkri>am, Last fbok 
THK Orkskys, Scotlaxd. Qualifikd Sbpt. 27, 1746. 
Johannes Bohn. 

Philip Bohn. 
Johannes Dammer, 
Thomas Hahn, 
Conrad Raber, 
CoHper Heydrich. 
Johan Peter Herman, 


Johannes Hahn, 

Carl Heydrich. 

naniel Zwier. 

Johan Oeorg Oodschalk, 


Jpbma Baltzsr Bohn, 
<!9iri8toiA Hoffman, 
Joban Georg Knodel, 
Joaeph Egaolar, 
Ulefa&e] Bgolf, 
Blmun Dolffer, 
Helnrlcfa Hnllw, 
Valoatin Soffal, 
Johaonee Sbeok. Jr. , 
JohanDHB Hnmmel, 
HaDB Qeorgr Breokel, 
Bemhart Bohn«r, 
Oeorg HfaneariDg, 
Hans Oeorg TraHber, 
Johan Baltat BBtur, 
Abraham Booofa, 
Oeorg Heldrioh, 
John Heinrioh Kaltfleiaeh, 
Johannes Bchiek, 
Jacob Itzel, 
Andreas Beok, 
Balthaaar Strato, 
ChriBtlau Lentii 
PhfUpZIegler, . ' 

Hatbeas Bleoble, 
Michael Dietz, 
Jacob 8ieg]e, 
Peter Reshe, 
Oeorg Kieth, 
Joseph Alher, 
Jacob Dauttel. 
Joh. Wilhelm Horst, 
Jacob Freymana, 
Johannes Soffe), 
Oeo. Albreoht Hillegaas, 
Hiche) Zimmerman, 
(j Christian Wagner, 
Michael Sicknl. 
Uatbias Streihie. 

Johan Balthaaar Damer, 
Joh&Q Lndwlg Laaman, 
Rubert Hartaffel, 
Johannes Kanffman, 
Michael EgoU. It., 
Martin Laaman, 
Martin Blloke. 
Hans Peter Dannhauer, 
Job. OottUeh Wehner, 
Johan Adam Helnd^l, 
Joh. David Bohenhelati, 
Lndwlg Falkemiteln, 
Joban Andreas J«tter, 
Hana Mich. Nnehaaser, 
Christian Kanffman. ' 
Wllfaelm Sofamit, 
Abraham Zlmmennaa, 
Johannes Ott, 
Michael. Batgt, 
Jacob Zlegler. 
Johannes KiSinti, 
Matthens Hohl, 
John Lentx, 
Ghristoph Lenti, 
Conrad Brets, 
Johannes Belgle, 
Christian Btrom, 
Oeorg Wram, 
Georg Bratz, 
Georg Hetrioh, 
Friedrich Eichholt):, 
Johan D Schroder, 
Gasper Schneider, 
David Kunt):el. 
Hans Ornnwaldt, 
John Michael Siokel, 
Melchior Uell, 
Michael Klaua 


List of Forbignkrs Ihportkd in thr Ship Nkptuitb, 
Thomas Wilkinson, Mabtku, krdm Kottkrdah. Quali- 
fied Oct. an, 1740. 

Johannee KanlTukl, 

Henry Ell«r. 

Jiicol) Bhnyder, 

Joh. Friedrloh WimUt, 

Joliaii Peter Funok, 

Peter Sutter, 

Jaoob Bauraan, 

A<lam Kogh, 

FrnntK Uey chart. 

Valentin Ijeoiiliardt, 

NiokloM Kaufleli). 

AiiilreaN Ueinhart, 

Joh., Peter Laiigenl)erger, 

Philfp OlnUer. 

.Toh. Philip Rulnhikrt, 

Henrinh Steint>r, 

Peter Willein, 

Jaiiob StelDer, 

Michel WerutK, 

Dewalt Angny, 

Jacob LeiHHer, 

Ueorg Ernst, 

Jean Duesto, 

Franool CoDrleu, 

Pierre Vaintvax, 

Con rati Con rath, 

Henry Bhneyder, 

OhriHtian Steiner. 

Michel Fischer, 

Oeorg Ziininerman, 

Frifilerioh Reinhart 

Arenne Consul, 

Heury Millar, 

JolianneB Heindt, 

Joh. Pried. Wlndst. ]r.. 

Joliau Jaoob Pfeiffer, 

Jacob Ranch, 

(ieorg Kaufteld, 

Daniel Jacob, 

NloklaH Felle, 

Jacob Bauinan, jr., 

Joh. OhristoS Hauemann, 

iHaao Stelner, 

Wllhelin Baugaman, 


« Stei 

LorentK Baussman, 
Jacob Baab, 
Joiiannes Orobel, 
G-eorg Weber, 
Jucob Httntz, 
Casper Dewalt, 
Carl Kiscli, 

Ban I Ruibec, 
Joseph Gerra, 
CliriatolTel Pansoh, 
Philip Wissner, 
Joh. Bernhart Per, 
Peter (Jrosnickel, 
Johannes Brel ten bach, 
Joh. Chrittian Leibrock, 
Alexander Uihbo. 


Thomas Ricks. Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Auo. 1. 1747. 

Andreas Biirge, 
Jacob Bteinbrlng, 
Dewald Slieyder, 

Christollel Bar, 
ChristolT Cressel, 
.Taoob Leeaher, 



Marx Bhli, 
Abraham Funek. 
Felix Wei88« 
Johannes Granwald, 
Heinrich Buttner, 
Satnuel Witmer, 
Joh. Georg Meingastner, 
Johannes Booghel, 
Hans Jacob Walder, 
Hans Casper Walder, 
Joh. Christian Wampfler, 
Hans Biekell, 
Rudolph Homecker, 
Henry Herker, 
Johannes Walder, 
Rndolph If aber, 
Henrioh Huber, 
Hans Fried t, 
Heinrich Fiett, 
Hans Nickel Schmitt, 
Hans Henrich Weiss, 
Joh. Ludwig Wampiler, 
Jacob Steinbraohel, 
Friederioh Wirtz, 

Henry Gonb, 
Jacob Shappy, 
Henrich Startzman, 
Hans Michael Kuntz, 
Hans Mich. Buttner, 
Tobias Wagheman, 
Hans Caspar Feerer, 
Rudolph Hornecker, Jr., 
Hans Henrich Walder, 
Han Michel Eysenmann, 
Hans Jacob Shappy, 
Jacob Schnebeli, 
Ulrich Homecker, 
Peter Bawman, 
Ludwig Welter, 
Georg Warapfler, 
Henrich Huber, Jr., 
Kill an IndorfT, 
Wilhelm Otz. 
Hans Wilhelm Weldner, 
Hans Bleigestanfer, 
Hans Niclaas Bfir, 
Hans Georg Sohar. 

List op Forkignkrs Imported in thk Ship Ltdia, Wil- 
liam Tiffin, Captain, from London. Qualified Sept. 
24, 1747. 

.Johannes Vogel, 
Hans Peiffer, 
Peter Verner, 
Henrich Danner. 
Hans Martin Wehrner, 
Han8 Jacob Grullmann, 
Georg Jacob Nudell, 

Jacob Verner, 
Hans (xerman, 
Michael Meyer, 
John Jacob Meishter, 
Mich. Vogel f anger Tolly, 
Daniel Heinrichs, 
Tliora. Hen. Breyinayer. 

17-VoL. XVII, 




Jamks Hall, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
, Oct. 9, 1747. 

David Schereh, . 

Johannes Schanz, 

Tobias Pflieger, 

Johannes Knecht. 

Hieroniinus (irreber, 

Job. Cxeorg Surnier, 

Martin Ptiengstag, 

Jacob Endi, 

(ieorg Rohrer, 

Rait as Ma lie re r, 

' yfMichael Wagner, 

£/ Peter Mosser, jr., 

Andreas Beyer, 

Simon I shod, 

Johannes Fuclis, 

David Kobel, 

Samuel Rohser, 

Michael Funck, 

Adam Tamas, 
- Henry Righter, 

Michael Foss, 

(i-eorg Beyer, 

Michel Meyer, 

Job. Lorentz Straaeker, 

Cireorg Fried. Klingel, 

Heinricb Rosch, 

Job. Daniel Busch, 

Samuel Wendel, 

Geo. Friederich Kasper, 

Georg Daniel Epplt-r, 

Job. Adam Kauffman, 

Jacob Muller, 

Philip Hinsch, 

Martin Streicker, 

Thomas Zigler, 

Georg Tiertschle, 

Hans Adam Sebaldt, 

Joseph Bentzinger. 

Johan (xeorg Wendel, 

Joban Peter liUt/., 

Georg Wollmiller, 

Michael HolTuuin. 

Martin Lescli. 
Nicolaus Miller, 
Leonhart Horein, 
Andreas Seitle, 
Johannes Loffler, 
Job. Georg Kubner, 
Casper Ber, 
Georg Klees, 
Johannes Yetter, 
Jacob Hacke, 
Peter Mosser, 
Hans Guth, 
Jacob Wetzler, 
Christian Eller, 
Jost Kobel, 
Peter Wittmer, 
Jacob Beysely, 
Jacob Gross, 
Christian Rupp, 
Haiis Lay, 
Bernhart Beck, 
Martin Moll, 
Johannes Leonner, 
Christoph Wagner^ 
Hans Georg Klingel, 
Job. Philii) Busch, 
Joh. Paul us Misiier, 
Christian Mubleissen, 
Philip Jacob Mayer, 
Joban Peter Beyl, 
Hans (feorg Jung, 
Jacob Roder, 
Davi*! Dietteriob, 
Andreas Riess, 
Jacob Houpt, 
Lucas Flak, 
Hans Creorg Torr, 
Joseph I^obvvasser, 
Hans Georg HolTman,, 
Johannes Scliennnlein, 
Heinricb Hauptman, 
Joh. Frantz Lemndein. 



Joh. Philip Stock, 
Philip Hebeiseiu 
Chri8toph Uoman, 
Conrad Biseoker« 
Joh. Gottfried Bohner, 
HanH G^eorg Eberhartt, 
Joli. Philip Hopff, 
Joh. Chri8tox>h Silberberg^, 
Johannes Feldmayer, 
Hans Leonard Butjc, 
Christoph Mahlelsaen, 
Andreas Bosshardt, 
Balthes Zerioher, 
MattheuB Mauok, ' 
Jacob 8cherich, 
Hermanns Miiraan, 
Christian Tragher, • 

Joh. Michael Weckesner, 
Johan Jacob £l>ener, 
Fi iederich Rohrer, 
Joh. David Klemui, 
Michael Reinardt, 
Hans Georg Shmita^r, 
Gottfried Rattenauer, 
Johannes Hermann, 
Georg Mnckenberg^r, 
Hans Michael Schlanch, 
Gotfried Lauerer, 
Michel SohiU, 
Jacob Rosch, 
Jacob Hettler, 
Johannes Weissman, 
Johan Jacob Sohof , 
Christian Schneider. 

List of Fokeionkrs Importkd iet thr Ship Two Broth- 
BRs, Thomas Arxott, Mastrr, krom Rottkrdam. Qual- 
iFiKD Oct. 18, 1747. 

Johannes Fuchs, 
Johan ue8 Adam, 
Peter Steinmetz, 
Jacob Arnold, sen. , 
MattheiH Kern, 
Johan Peterey, 
Carl Bauniberger, 
Nickolas Woolfe, 
Georg Kirch, 
Jost Fullmer, 
Christiaw Eydam, 
Daniel Saiierwalt, 
Johannes Enck, 
Johan H enrich Kuntz, 
Seba.stian Bauer, 
Anthon Arnirester, 
Herman Wiist, 
Dewald Knopfl, 
JohaneB Schertli, 
MatheiH Binehof, 

Johannes Bosse, 
Johannes Bach, 
.Johannes Opp, 
.Jacob Arnold, jr. , 
Johannes Hermann, 
Johan Heincl, 
Johannes Eberhart, 
Ilenrich Kirch, 
Johannes BischofT, 
Johannes Wemaer, 
Henrlch Julius, 
Johannes Soliessler, 
Jacol) Huppel, 
.Joh. Christof Muller, 
<feorff Wendling, 
lleinrich Scharff, 
Nicklas Gebhart, 
(feorgius Borcmii, 
H enrich Kern, 
.Johannes Bwhm, 



Joiiiiu ISaiiiiUiiK 
I'hilip Kolp, 
Johaii NiclauK Strniti, 
Jolbiii Jucob tjuliiuidt, 
Joh. Jnnob HflKHrt. 
Jolmii I'hilip Thomas, 
Joliaii fraDt/. Haiiiiiier, 
Joh&ii litjorg K«th, 
Jnlinn Adam Krober. 
Joh. Tjeonhart Negeln, 
Jobau Philip Heniiaii, 
Jbo. i'ater MiiKter. 
JqIi. Jueub Blsohutr, 
Job. llnlthoH HieroQJ'iiii 
Ailititi liigebranil, 
I'liilip Fiiilt^r, 


8 Ortn. 

Johan Pbillp Nonbtgall, 
Jub. Valttntiii Martb, 
Jnbtiii Niiikel WiiHt. 
Joliiiii ('bi'istupb L>l)r. 
JubHiiiit^ SaMKf uiansbntiHi' 
Joh. JoKt BehiKbaiifeii, 
Fraiitz Will Hiiliii. 
Italt7«r Moliu, 
Viilenl))! BiinbakfT, 
'. Ciinrad WaaKeiiH^r, 

Jitbaliti UeorK Alistatt. 
I'aubiei Dilgiu-d, 
Krnest Ut^ttenf riser, 
Jub. (jliriMtoph Strottziiian, 
Joh. Bttruhart 6obn»ider, 
Jobaii P«tar Bautunaau, 
Johaii Urniit Kurtx, 
Praiil/. Henrioh UaiiH, 
Johaii Petor Oouradt, 
Job. Philip Klcuninifer, 
Johai) ('on rail Momma, 
Prantz Peter Lorentx, 
Joh. WeiidttI Eberhart, 
Joh. Di«t. Schmidt. 
Job. Fraiiti: HlHniiiyiiiiix, 
(^eorg Philip Uroh, 
Henry Bell, 
Michel NiederaiiM-r, 
Johaii Uearg Hiilli, 
Ueorg Grunfiiieyer, 
Front/ Michel Binchof, 
Johan Oonrad (ieib. 
Johnn JoHt Rit^, 
Q-tmi-R Herrmann. 
Leonhart MuUer, 
Uhllerich Mohn. 
Adoltr Uav. 

KItOM R<>- 
Jobannfs (irwis, 
Httnry Banipver, 
Jacob Prey, 
Wilbf Im Dauber, 
HniiH Scheyer, 
Johaiin>>!i Meyi-r, 
niirlsttaii Wenger, 
Georg Reith, 
I'eter Kennel, 
(tnorg KiiBtner, 


-Namk ok Ship 1 

\LIKIKD OllT. 30, I 

Peter Koch, 
Jacob Spring, 
KirlimH Lantx, 
Adam Burger, 
Adam Schmitt, 
Cbarlen Schndd. 
Heorg Sc hater, 
Ludwig Tecker, 
Henry FrantK. 
Peter Frant/., 
Johannes Prey, 



iTrederic Dauber, 

Joh. Christian Petersohii, 
Jacob Alleiuanu, 
«Fohn Henry Schneyder, 
•J'ohannes Wenger, 
^frlans Adam Furne, 
.Krians Georg Lantz, 
^SJans Philip Baron, 
Job. Wilhelm Yet, 

^Hans Dewalt Leyte, 

^Menry Lochwalder, 

Hans Conrad Beck, 
Philip Heurirh Seng, 
Jacob Allemann, jr., 
Jacob Schw anger, 
Christoff GottHchalk, 
Abraham Frantz, 
Christian Gradimer, 
Sim. Con. Krineus. 
Hans Michel Klein, 
Nicklaus Wenger. 

List of Foukignkrs Importkd in thk Ship Edinburgh, 
James Russkl, Master, from Rotterdam, uist from 
Portsmouth. Qualified Sept. 5, 1748. 

Andreas Staiit, 

Christoph Kumm, 

I>ietricli Strubel, 
Johan Lorentz, 
Oonrath Ciaus, 
J^eter Wingert, 
I^eter Pfeiffer, 
Friederich Gerhard t, 
J-iOrentz Werthes, 
Michel Gugesk, 
Joh. Peter Van Kannen, 
«Toh. Jacob Eyler, 
•Job. Nickel Mayer, 
mloh. Jacob Schlosser, 

Peter Wil. Caflfroth, 
•Toh. Nicolas Dost, 

«lohn Georg Kirshner. 

Melchior Brown, 

Heinrich Merckel, 

(reorg Jantz, 

Bemhart Dielil, 

Johannes Diehl, 

Conrath GrafT, 

Peter Schaffer, 

Peter Meetzler, 

Philip Mook, 

Peter Krebs, 

Henrich Klatz, 

Jacob Schumacher, 
Lorentz Reyder. 
Adam Ranch, 
Thomas Kirch, 
Sebastian Bart hoi, 
Philip Haller. 
Peter Ott, 
Peter Dost, 
Simon Pilanus, 
Job. Wilhelm Gartner, 
Job. Jacob Brommer, 
Johan Nickel Buch, 
Job. Nickel Leu, 
Job. Herman Clauss, 
Job. Wilhelm Fuchs, 
Ciispar Franckfurtber, 
Adam Anders, 
Jacob HolTman, 
Michel Thf»iss, 
Matheas Krammer, 
Reinhart Gaul, 
Johannes ])iehl, jr., 
Balthes Erbacli, 
Jacob Julius, 
Matheas Betz, 
Baltazar Essig, 
Ludwig Bronholtz, 
Adam Reem, 


Miiriiii Klein, 
i'^ter Stf in, 
UcnrK Ei-<linAyi<r, 
Jiiliaiint;)) RiHlim. 
Vi.lfiitiu Hiith, jr., 
Viil<^riMii MulltM-. 
Jiicob V'eirliiin, 
Joli, ViUeutiii Opp, 
.loll. Adam ScIiuBtt-r, 
Jolian Petur H<*|^r, 
.(iii-ol) Hilnxlieinifr, 
Jwli, Valentin Lorenfi, 
. lieciiinrd May, 


y 8t«i 

<^onra() Frit/,, 
Jai^oh Eltfrt. 
Wilhehn Nivk. 
(.'(iiirath Biiber, , 
I'lill. Ueinliart (foenter. 
Johnnuo^ Wcydenhuuer, 
Joli. Anton Biicliolti:, 
Joliun Micliel HutTner, 
JdIi. Ulricli Haiumaii, 
Vtilli'Utin Kiibatz, 
HKiiirii-li 8clier«r, 
WillK-hn HaiiK Mnnn, 
Jolian Peter Wel>er, 
Lixlwiti Linilf-nKt-lnniilt, 
Oeorg .Introh Hnrtman. 
Philip Jiu-ob K.x-11, 

^oti. Dan. l.indenHcliniidt, 

riliclmel Wagner. 
Jacob yi-.hninnKi, 
(jfenpg IfPUtlienfer, 
Adam UlTner, 

Abraliam Stein, jr., 
Abraham Utoln, 
Puiil I'h'icli,' 
Valentin Hiith, 
Valentin Hlier«r. 
Felix Sautter. 
I.onhard IKIiler. 
Job. Pbilip Sclimltt. 
Job. Slephan Fran«k, 
Joli. Valentin Klainat, 
Joh. Philip Iiorent/, 
Adam Kirchaer, 
Fntntz ]>eter May, 
Valentin Reiner, 
Matheas Eliert, 
EMLinK t'arl, 
Juhanneit l''pp, 
Joliaii Lon-ntz Herschfangur, 
(ieo. Lenbart Krumrein, 
BaUiauvr Spit/nuKel, 
Juban Peler Kronnen, 
Ji>h. Nickel Eborhart, 
Job. Friederich Antes, 
JiiHtinnit Bclicrer, 
HanH l+eorg Bet/,, 
Nioiilaiis Muller, 
Christopher Welwr, 
NicolanH Lenbar<lt. 
Michael Uartnian, 
Friederich Herget, 
I>()niin)(!nH Ra<iel, 
Johan I'eter Michel, 
Johun JnlluH Reeiii, 
Johannes Foltz. 

List i>k FoHKinxKRs Importki) in thk Shii* Hauphrirk. 


iKiKn Ski't, 7, iT4a 

Jo^ihnneo Haunt, 
A<larn Mayer, 
Miohael Widman, 
Jacob Ruhl, 

Phi1i)i Hap, 
Jobaunes Biscboff, 
Peter Fenlig. 
Johannes Biayer, 



Hart man Adam, 

G^eorg Steyerwald, 
Johannes Beffithalf 
Jacob Runckel, 
Xobias Schall, 
Andreas Hollinger, 
l^hilip Merckel, 
l»hilip Koch. 
.J oh. Andreas Riegler, 
ohan Henrich Bott, 
h. Ludwif^ Wagner, 
«Johan Frantz Noll, 
«Joh. Friedericli Ritz, 
Philip Wendel Hensel, 
Johan Michel Didah, 

Jacob Sherr, 

Anthony Erinolf, 

Henrich Cron, 

Jacob Schmidt, 

Christopher Riibi, 

Wolfgang Wolff, 

Anselmus Schreiner, 

Rev. Joh. Albert Weygand, 

Joh. Georg Stimmel, 
Adam Immerhausaer, 
Johan Jacob Bentz, 
Mans Peter Kuclieller, 
Johan Michel Ohrig, 
Joh. Erhart Baiimgertel, 
Joh. Ca8i>ar Lederholt, 
Johan Daniel Hamm, 
I^hilip Carl Filler, 
Philip Henrich Mohr, 
Joh. Friderich Plotz, 

Johannes Adam, 
Conrath MauK 
NicholauH Christ, 
Friedericli Hammer, 
Jacob Holtz, 
Caspar Hoberling, 
Carl Engel, 
Michael Basserman, 
Joh. Adam Muller, 
Phil.Ludwig Hutig, 
Joh. Dietrich Matt hey, 
Joh. Henrich Noll, 
Joh. Anthon Maul, 
Johan Tobias Holtze', 
Johan Philip Baum, 
David Hag, 
Frantz Grove, 
Johannes Engel, 
Georg Lembcher, 
Lorent'/ Wentzel, 
Jacob Hammer, 
Andreas Miller, 
Joh. Adam Wilhelm, 
Johan Peter Schafer, 
Johan Adam Schmid, 
John Georg Wabeber, 
Hans Georg Hag, 
Johan Georg Wiel, 
Johan Henrich Krom, 
Joh. Willi. Leymeister, 
Johan Georg Weittman, 
Hans Jacob Osterman, 
Johan Adam Weiss. 

[The original list is herewith f/iveii.] 

Name. Age, 

Hans Adam Willhelm, 84 

Joliannes Houst, 36 

Isaac Btimell 38 

Philip Happ, * M 

Adam Mayer, 30 

Johannes Bischoff, 84 

Peter Scheffer, 30 


Name. Affj. 

Aduin Iini^iiheyear. 85 

HaiiB Yerich Smith, IB 

Mlohiivl Wytlman, 24 

Joliaii Jaoub Ideek, 35 

Hans Yerioh Webber, 4S 

Peter Ferdigb, <6 

Huns Peter Keller. 40 

Yerich Hack. 41 

Andreaa Keyler 84 

Jacob Koul. 49 

Jolin Adam Miller, 85 

JolianiifH Myer. GS 

Jolm HeD(ik. Bote, 41, 

Jiilin JonaH Bote, SO 

Piiillp I^odwlck HldiR.., 18 

Harlmaii Adam. . . .' . ... 40 

'.foliaiiueH Adam, ^* /" 

LiHlwiok Waft^iier, ^ff, 

Du<rrick Mathiah. 28 ^ 

John Prans Noll 4C 

Jolm Hendk. Noll. 20 

Yerick Styerwald . . ,40 

Frodk. HeetB 87 

Juhn Alliertiis Wagentbotte 80 

Anthy Maul, 87 

Coiiradt Maul. . . ■ 85 

Johannex I>iiffeydal, 88 

Johau MiKaol Diteoli- . 19 

Phillip Veiidell HetiHi-ll B3 

John Toliian, 16 

John Phillip Baiiiin. r 30 

Nicholas Chrint. r,s 

Michael (>ri«, S't 

Jaw>b Riiiigell 27 

Fredk Hamer, SS 

Tobltui Schall 43 

Janoii Holtz. ... 45 

AnifmaaHoilenar . . 80 

John Yerick Wjl 81 

('aMper Keperting, .29 

Phillip Weiisell, . 411 

John Bonm|;lrdle, . , ...... 96 

Michael Baserman 31 

Garle8 IngUe. 25 

Johannes Inglie, 99 


NafM. Age. 

PhUllpKogh. 19* 

Jacob Sohear, 38 

John Hendk. Grom, 90 

David Agh, 33 

Casper Letherholtr., 58 

Anthony Ermolt, 38 

Johannes Frans Grove, 54 

Hendk. Crown, 17 

Willhelm Lymester, 58 

Jacob Smith, 80 

John Daniel Ham 30 

Yerick Whytman, 84 

Yerick Lamley 80 

PhiUip Cabel Billei 33 

Casper Rupy, 37 

Lorentz Wensell, 47 

Wolffgang Wolir. 86 

Jacob Hamer, 16 

Mathias Knip, 48 

Hans Jacob Osterman, 38 

Hans EUmus Schrymer, 31 

Johanes Engel 33 

PhUlip Hendk. Moore, 41 

Adam Wys, 34 

Pridk. BlactK, 86 

Andreas Miller, 85 

IjISt op Foreigners Imported in the Mary Galley, 


Sept. 7, 174a 

Nicias Deederich, Michael Konifj^. 

Nicklas ThiDfi^es, Peter Edeborn, 

Nicolaus Wolff, Friederich Heff, 

('aspar Klehr, Peter Levan, 

Conrad Cunner, William Kohl, 

Jacob Back, Georg Weber, 

Peter Hans Schneeder, Heinrich Schiihen, 

Johan Georg Roth, Joh. Gottfried Soinmerlad 

Johan Peter Ranch, Phil. Jacob Somraerla<l, 


.lull ail ni^ii Hjeppel. 
DiLViil Su(l(l<;r, 
.loliaiiiieit Willerich, 

AIiIh B<^hneitler, 

Michael Koni|{, 

Pet«r EiierlK>rn, 

Henry Bhewhan, 

tit^orjj; Ki'itli, 

IVter Rniigh, 

Pliilip Jacob Soinerlaiiil, 

Jacob Haim, 

Peter Barmi, 

Conrad Bninimr, 

Janoh Buck, 

nttvi<i SiidiT, 

Joliii A<lam Welwr, 

( is htreii'ith fjiven,] 
I*l<'.liolfts Derrink, 
Ni<:)iolaH Dii^rlH, 
Nicholas AVoolfe, 
Ailaiii Uiiiilli. 
(xiMifrcy Suiiierliiie, 
Jiu-ob Fath, 
Casper Clair. 
John Kipi»!l, 
Abraham Ctialis, 
William Kohl. 
Geo. Waher, 
John Wilriok. 

. iMI'OHTKn IX Til 

Thomas A KNOTT, Mahtkk. krdm Rotti 
Skit. Ift, !7jh. 

; Two BiioTHKRs. 


JnlianneH Herrmann, 
Poter Bier, jr. . 
('asjier Kieffer, 
.laooh Hcherer, 
ChristofTel Heck, 
Johaiiuex Wonntr, 
JoiiiiH Soinerlad, 
Jacob HflKlel. 
Micliael (iiinter, 
PhillipitiiiB Stein, 
Conrad Kohler, 
Johan Biirckhnrt Braiin. 
Johai) Daniel Wirtli, 
Sie){niiiTid BasHermanii, 
fleorg Carl Hot/. 
Johan I^hl11]> Rtf-lTan, 
Johan Conra<l Ranrh, 

Peter Hier. 
Joliuiini^H Knee.hl, 
Ahrtvham KietTer, Jr., 
Jona.1 Eberth, 
NicoliuiK Clenif-iit/., 
Johaiintif Laiil>ach, 
.lohaniw Stein, 
Jacob Hock, 
Jol)iintieH Heckert, 
J'lhivmit^ti Koller, 
JohaiiiieH Sehlei^l, 
.iohan CaHper .AplTel, 
Julian Peter I>enl(t, 
Joh. Frieilerich Hoti, 
Tohan <!iiHj)er Engel, 
Joh. f\iiiriitl Viehiiian. 
.Tohan Just Rlierth, 



•Jolian Baltes Schaffer, 
Johau Nick1au» Kindt, 
^J'oliaun Jost Dorr, 
O^onrad Alex. Hang:, 
•J oh, Daniel Schneider, 
J oh, Henrich Eugel, 
.Xohannes Neiiliaiiss, 
ohan Peter Engel, 
ohan Casper Raiimer, 
.^ohan Priederich Reber, 
^Eklichael Reiflfsnyder, 
Johannes Achtung, 
Gwalt Cfantler, 
Jkfatteis Dilhart, 
Oandias Messert, 
«Tacob Jirarden, 
Michael Hesler, 
Georg Engel, 
Peter Dauber, 
AugUHtus Peffer, 
Daniel Kober, 
Peter Felte, 
Carl Marth, 
Jacob BretziuH, 
Daniel Angst, 
Johan Philip Schwab. 
JToh. Michael Brucker, 
Johnn Peter Lenhart, 
Han Adam Stroher, 
•Johannes Stohr, 
«Jc>h. Mattheis Strohr, 

Johannes Bitterwein, 
Johannes Gestner, 
Johan Peter Messert, 
Johan n Georg Fass, 
Job. Wilhelm Engel, 
Jjudwig Daub Niistel, 
Joh. Wilhelm Mailer, 
Johan Matheus Etter, 
.Tohannes Huntzecker, 
Johan Paul Junger. 
Joh. Georg Meserschmidt 
ITlrich Wirth, 
Johannes Waltz, 
Johannes Deyh, 
Johannes Nees, 
Johannes Schlegel, 
Henrich Frantz, 
Johannes Braun, 
Jacob Niess, 
Johannes Mnller, 
* Nicolaus Kuntz, 
Michael Berges, 
Philip Heim, 
.Teremias Runckel, 
Philip Jacob Schaffer, 
Joh. Henrich Specker, 
Johan Jost Runckel, 
Matheus Hutwohl, 
Joh. Mattheis Stroher, 
Michel Christman, 
Johann Rouller. 

[ The original 

C'asper Apsel, 
Buckhard Braun, 
Peter Bier, jun. , 
Peter Deneck, 
Johannes Knight, 
Carl Hyde, 
Abraham Kiefer, 
Casper Ingle, 
Philip St e van, 
Christoflfel Hick, 

list is hcrrwith gireii.] 

Daniel Kreutz, 
Peter Bier, 
Johannes Hear man, 
Sitnon Basserman, 
Fredrich Hyde, 
Casper Kiefer. 
Abraham Kiefer, jun., 
Johan Sherer, 
Johannes Ebert, 
Nicholas Clemence, 




Joliaii Conrad Fieiuan. 
JohaaneH Werner, 
BalUer Bchrlver. 
Johati Teeter Engle. 
JohanCoHpttr Kri-iiifr. 
JoharineD Neil. 
Hanx Jacoli Kemlell. 
Prit/ Weber, 
Conrad Hunter, 
HanH ISokkart, 
Michael BafTanyder, 
(^otinul Keillor. 
Ulrich Wirth, 
Johao Jurg MeeaerHinltli. 
.lohanriea Waltz. 
.NioholaH Kind, 
Uatthiatt Dleder. 
JoOHt Durrcr, 
Peter MefTert, 
.Tacol> Uerrnrdiii, 
Johauni'H megell, 
Peter KniHt, 
(loiinwl Kellor, jiin., 
Johaii JiirK Vaos, 
Daniel Snyder, 
Bitel Rnftell. 
Joban Kngell, 
Peter Taiihert, 
PoiuiniciiH PreBser. 
Lndwg. David Kupimll, 
Nip.liolH. Konntz, 
Michael HartjeH, 
Carl Marth. 
Jaculi BretKluH, 
Johannett Stohr, 
Philip Swaah, 
Julian Michal Brnckir. 
JiKwt Himkell. 
MiithiaH Hiitwohl, 
Mnttys Stroller. 
Michal ChriKtinan, 
Johan Jurg Kellor, 

('onrad Rauoh, 
■lohan JOKt Ehert, 
JohaaneH L«a bach, 
MatthiaH Upp. 
Henrich Kremer, 
JohaiineM Hulitt^cker, 
Johan Jacob Hock, 
Micliaet Ounter, 
Paul Junger. 
Philip S'eyii, 
Hanit Kellor. 
Kwald < Jiinter, 
Johannea Agtiiiig, 
Ceter Antony. 
Johaiineb Kesnnr, 
Johannes Tey. 
Egidiiis Meffert. 
Jolianned Holti, 
Peter Werardin, 
Johanneti Slegoll, jr. , 
(•onrad Kellor, 
.Taaoh Keichart, 
Mii^hael Hasler^ 
Henrich Frantz. 
WilhehniiR Eni;»ll> 
Johanne Fi Wyandt, 
.lapoh Nyi-e. 
JolnmneH Miiller. 
DiLiiit^l Kolitr. 
Peter Velt.-. 
JohaniieH NevrhoiiHe, 
Philip (»rini. 
Wilhelmus Mullf r, 
Jacob He liefer, 
Henrich Spinke:-. 
JereiuinH Rnnkell. 
Peter Leonard, 
HanH Adam Slober. 
Daniel An|{st, 
Mathian Strohi-r, 
JoliauceH Sniiierlaiil«r. 



Lost op Forbignrbs Imported in thb Ship Judith, Capt, 
Jamks Tait, from Rotterdam, last from Cowbb. Qual- 
ified Sept. 15, 17iH. 

Hana Peter Bohaler, 
Johan Adam Leidlift 
Johair Pecer Fell, 
Conrad Hinkel, 
Aaf^ust. Eigenbert, 
Valentin Volker. 
Christ Peter Sauerman, 
Johannes Spess, 
Casper Amheiser, 
Erhart Miller, 
Ulrich Kathmaoher, 
Saldin Tropp, 
Michae] TJngar, 
Johannes Sohai, 
Johan Michael Seefried, 
Christian Dapper, 
Johan Elias Weisskopf, 
Johan Jacob Hassinger, 
Johan Michel Banssmann, 
Johan Peter Heckinan, 
Johan Henrioh Haaser, 
Thebus Spies, 
Georg Nickel Warmkessel, 
Jacob Motz, 
Heinrich Buoh, 
Johan Heinrich Brosius, 

Hans Mich. Schaler, 
Johan Nicklans Cosle, 
Johan Adam Meier, 
Philip Knobel, 
Heinrich Altham, 
Wilhelm Knntz, 
Christian Schneid, 
Johan Lorentz Welgand, 
Frederic GeBt, 
Johan Meier, 
Conrad Weigand, 
Johannes Schnel], 
Nioklaus Akerman, 
Jacob Becker, 
Mattheus Lescher, 
Jacob Seibert, 
Joliannes Hassinger, 
Peter Gluck, 

Philip Anton Sanermann, 
Conrad Rhein, 
Johan Henrioh Beitze], 
Paul us Bender, 
Jacob Bettentorfer, 
Hans Ludwig Arndt, 
Georg Melcliior Stuber, 
(^liristophel Lauer. 

List of Porkignkrs Importki) in thk Ship Patiknck, 
John Brown, Mastkr, from Rottkrdam. Qualifikd 
Sept. 16, 1748. 

Jotian Geo. Enders, 
Philip Peter Greiser, 
Johan Heinrich Erlenbach, 
Jacob Biege, 
Johan Geo. Mack, 
Ernst Jung, 
Nick1au8 Meisner, 
Geo. Michael Rotzermel, 

Hans Geo. Romel, 
Valentin Ruinmel, 
Adam Kastner, 
Jacob Heisel, 
Johan Peter Loucks, 
Henrioh Deiainger, 
Philip Carl Haas, 
Peter Petermau. 



Johaii Casper Hopple, 

.Johan Conrad Bohner, 

Valentin Kotter, 

Dietrich Sahl, 

Andreas Rudolf, 

Geo. Baltus Hoffelbauer, 

Georg Kass, 

Fried rich Hafner,. 

Erduian Koppe, 

Johan Adam Dietrich. 

Joiian Got fried Kunstmann, 

Sylvester Weiiner, 

Adam Sommer, 

Sebastian Leininger, 

Johannes Bitten bender, 

Lndwig Weiker, 

Carol us Feier, 

Johan Jacob Muller, 

Peter Mum ma, 

Johanes Miller, 

Heinrich Schwab, 

Johannes Gethner, 

Geo. Baltzer Kleber. 

Bern hart Kater, 

Hans Adam Kunkel, sen., 

Hans Kunkel, 

Anton Weinroth, 

Jacob Haller, 

Andreas Bohringer« 

('onrad Leubert, 

Johannes Zobingen, 

Geo. Fred. Reisiner. 

Casper Philip Niedering, 

Jacob Laudenberger, 

Pierre Cellier, 

Jacob Margel, 

Hans Ulrich Bucher, 

Lawrence Eilmann, 

Heinrich Mutsche, 

Nicklaus Wanser, 

Johan Geo. Bernhard Stogie 

Johan Rudoli)li Kendel, 

Stephan Wenger, 

Christian Wenger, 

Samuel Frei, 

Henrich Adam Miller, 

Baltus Maus Scheib, 
Johan Peter Roth, 
Conrad Reiss, 
Philip Hoffelbauer, 
Valentin Casper, 
Johannes Kunkel, 
George Nutz, • 

Joseph Pfund, 
Geo. Anton Neidig, 
Johan Ernst Kiedecker, 
Alberich Bosch, 
Johan Jacob Martin, 
Johan Jost Mertz, 
Johan Conrad Leininger, 
Johan Philip Hertzel, 
Johan Nicklaus Wciker, 
Johannes Mag, 
Michel Muller, 
Peter Heisler, 
Philip Wolff, 
Johannes Herter, 
Frederic Hagner, 
Geo. Philip Rulhaur, 
Johan Frederic Forster, 
Hans Adam Kunkel, jr.. 
Johannes Summerauer, 
Matt he us Burger, 
Adam Bohringer, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Henrich Summeraurer, 
Hendrick Kuyl, 
Heinrich Peter Deist, 
Heinrich Hobele, 
Jacob Khrich, 
Jacob Blikenstorfer, 
Jacob Stons, 
Justin Fieiss, 
Christoph Beck, 
Adam Hart man, 
Jacob Weber, 
tz, Casper Gerster, 
Hans Menger, 
Peter Bergtol, 
Hans Wenger, 
Hans (reo. Miller, 
Michael ('hristmann, 



Johan Jacob Carle, 
Ludwig Eberling, 
Johan Jacob Schaffer, 

Carl Glasser, 

Michael Kessler, 

Johan Adam Kornagel, 

Johannes Hols, 

Johan Caspar ( -arle, 
Heinrich Natter, 
Andreas Keller, 
Johan Nickel Heid, 
Johan Christoph Sprecher, 
Geo. Adam Bauman, 
Jacobus Muller. 

The original list is herewith given,} 

Name. Age. 

Johan Yerick Enders, 38 

Johan Yerick Rommel, 50 

Valentine Rommel 22 

-Hendk. Ellalmck. 17^ 

Adam Cassinar, 38 

Jacob Seek, 35 

Jacob Heysel, 45 

Johan Yerick Wack 28 

Peter Loiick, 22 

Bartel Tiesinger 66 

Hendk. Riesinger, 18 

^ieholiis Mysenar, . . . 21 

Yerick Michl. Rotdermaii 20 

r^hillip C^arel Haas, 47 

"PhiUip Peter Keyslinger 26 

IPeter Peterman, 25 

Casper Habler, 36 

"Bartholome Shewbly, 19 

Conradt Booner, 25 

Jan Peter Fols, t8 

Valantine Roder, 24 

Conradt Reis, 43 

Diederic Sol, 37 

Philip Hefelbowcr, 30 

Andreas Rudolph, ^ 27 

Valantine Casper 18 

Yerick Baltus Heifelbower, 24 

Johannes K angel 44 

Johan Kungel, 15 

Yerick Carl, 26 

Yerick Viits, 29 

Fredrick Hafner, ... 26 

Joseph Piper, 26 


Name. Age. 

Edmuiiil Cobie 99 

YerUk Adam Nydlg, 48 

Johiii) Adam 1H«driok 80 

Joliuii Adam Keiftacki^r • . 90 

Johan Godrried Honitiiiiiii 40 

Diedrick Rash 19 

SilvoKtor PatHiHiin. IB 

.rulin Jauoh Martin, 41 

Adam Parner. 80 

Joseph UnrtMiii 98 

Heliaxtin Lyntmger 50 

Johan Oonradt iiynenKer 17 

Johauneu Pet«rbin«r, 28 

Phillip Herhel 19 

Lodwick Droger, 2d 

Johan Nicol Wyker, 18* 

CarluB Boyer, 18 

Johanrn»8 Mack, 85 

Johan Jacob Milli'r 81 

Michael Miller, 94 

Peter Mumma, .... 97 

Peter Heyiiler, 87 

JohaiiiiuB MHl«r, 84 

Phillii. Wolf, 80 

Heiidk. Bwab 18 

Joliaiinets ftertert, ..... 89 

JolianiieN Hiiikner, 80 

Priilrick Hacknor. S9 

Veriok Baltiis Clever, .... 84 

Phillip Pilhower 94 

Bernard Kuter, 18 

Hans Adam Kunffpl 60 

HiMiHAdaiii KiinKet, jiin., '80 

HaiiH KnnRrel, 20 

HaiiH 8omefiowi>r. SS& 

Anthony WinlgAtt, . . !8 

MathiiiH Burger, 21 

Jiimb Hftlbr, .17 

Adam Blerinner, ... 26 

AnilredM BeringT, 25 

JohanneH Smith . , . . 80 

Conradt Lepold, , 83 

Hendk. flomerower, 20 

Johannes Soupinger, 30 

Hendk. Kuyl 87 


Name, Age. 

Yerick Syderspinder, 26 

Hendk. Pougher, 24 

0a8i>er Schewbly, 23 

Hans Sibley, 30 

Henry Sibley 18 

Jacob Laudenberger, 19 

Jacob Orie, 46 

Peter Seller 32 

Jacob Bleykesoflfer, 25 

Ulrich Bourher, 17 

Jacob Clasley, 17 

JTacob Markie, 4o 

Jacob Stizhous, 22 

X jawrence Splemarr, 89 

CUhristopher Beck, 26 

:tlenrv Blokie 22 

^^.daiii Hastman, 40 

ZWich. Wamser 3*5 

,Jacob Webber, 32 

TKarnard Stiglien, 18 

-Jasper Kaster 37 

TRadolph Kenil 25 

^Johannes Wengar, 43 

^ohannen Wengar, 16 ' 

"Peter Bartol, 24 

Samuel Fries 50 

Hans Yerick Miller, .... 38 

Hendk. Miller, . .' 21 

Michl. Crasman, 18 

Jacob Carrel, 40 

John Casper Carrel, 18 

Lodwk. Abling, . 49 

Hendk. Neeter, 48 

Hans Jacob ShafiFer, 19 

Andreas Keller ... 30 

Carol Glaser, 27 

John Niche. Knut 24 

Michl. Keysler, 26 

Phillip Hnngel, 25 

John Christopher Sprecker 25 

Yerick Adam Carnagal 22 

Yerick Adam Bowman, 22 

Johannes Holtz, 23 

Jacob Miller 23 

18-VoL. XVII. 



Jjist of Foreionrrs Imported in the Ship Patibnck and 
Marqarbt. John Povan, Captain, from Rotterdam, 


Johan Nicklaus Korndorfer, Ludwig Pfluger, 

Carl Bait us Kern, 
Johan Heinrich Pfeil, 
Dietrich Reinhart, 
Andraes Spieler, 
Heinrich Seeman, 
Michel Biehl, 
Johan Jacob Matthais, 
Johan Adam Gobel, 
Johannes Kneip« 
Jacob Deitz, 
Reichard Langer, 
Johan Diel Wentz, 
Peter Strohl. 
Hans Clem, 

Johan Friederick Geiger, 
Johan Adam Schneider, 
Johan Heinrich Brethnich, 
Johan Geo. Schad, 
Johan Peter Galler, 
f^^Wilhelm Wagner, 
Heinrich Krapf, 
Eckerle Schonkbach, 
Johan Nickel Pold, 
Johan Michel Rinehart, 
Baltzer Schwab, 
Jacob Oberkirsch, 
Henrich Kauter, 
Freiderick Mass, 
Johannes Busch, 
Johannes Unvezagt, 
Johan Nickel Jnng, 
Johannes Lotz, 

Johan Peter Veith, 
Heinrich Knobloch, 
Philip Zimmer, 
Johan Ludwig Seeinan, 
Fried rich Panheimer, 
Johan Peter Neu, 
Johannes Fentler, 
Christian Hahn, 
Johannes Lantz, 
Johan Michel Deitz, 
Jacob HofiFner, 
Geo. Henry Fuchs. 
Johannes Meininger, 
Johan Peter Hahn, 
Johan Gotfried Sen, 
Johan Michel Dreierling, 
Johan Philip Sohmack, 
Johan Melchior Krautter, 
Gottfried Fremauer, 
Baltzer Fleischer, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Jacob Em rich, 
Jacob Laiides, 
Antonius Brost, 
Johan Matthias Gelt, 
Michel Oberkirsch, 
Johan (^asper Zwach, 
Heinrich Busch, 
Johan Jacob. Hart, 
Wendel Kiefer, 
Anton Hamscher. 

[ The originalliM is herewith g\ven,'\ 
Names. Age, 

John Nicholas Corondorph, 32 

Ludwick Fliger 80 

Baltus Karne 18 

John Peter Pick 28 


Name. Age, 

Hendrick Poole 18 

Hendrick Kiioblick, 28 

Diedriok Boynnaiul, 27 

PhilliD Simer p 25 

Andreas Speler 48 

Lodwick Seaman, 20 

Hendk. Seymour, 23 

Philip Jacob Jacobin e • • 1''' 

Fredk, Spoonamer, 50 

Michael Bayle, 28 

«John Peter Nay, 25 

«Tacob Mathias, 80 

•Johannes Kijler, 82 

John Adam Kebel, 81 

Christian Han, 19 

Johannes Knip, 88 

Johannes Lam, 6 

Johannes Tiets, 50 

TMiohael Tiets, 17 

Heighart Langer, 80 

Jacob Liefler, 48 

John Till Wyra 20 

Yerrick Fookhes, 28 

Peter Strall 34 

Johannes Myenj^er, 35 

Johannes Klyn, 24 

John Peter Ham, 30 

Fredrick Geger, 30 

Godfred Zohara, 29 

Adam Shnyder, 23 

John Michel Byerling 38 

Hendk. Bretnight, 24 

John Philip Smiek, 30 

Yerriok Shadd 27 

«Fohn Melchior Kritzer 46 

John Peter Keller 35 

Qodfret Bremhover 27 

"William Waganer, 42^^* 

Saltzer Flisher, 20 

^Hendk. Craft, 18 

IPeter Smith, 60 

<!]!are1 Kahaback, 42 

Johannes Kahaback 16 

derrick Emerick, 10 

John Nicholas Poligh, 40 


Name. Age. 

Jacob Lantz, 30 

Michael Rieghart, 27 

Wilhelem Gresher, . , 31 

Anthony Brost, ^ '33 

Baltzer Swop, 43 

Mathjas Kebel, 34 

Jacob Oriker, 80 

Michael Oriker, 27 

Hendrick Corwar, 60 

John Jasper Brake, 40 

Fredk. Muys, 38 

Hendk. Freeman, 30 

Hendk. Bush 26 

Anthony Hampire, 24 

John Bush, 21 

John Jacob Hart, 24 

Johannes Undersight, 40 

Windel Kefer. 27 

Niohs. Young 18 

Johannes Loch, 24 

Conrat Van Gemita, 16 

Yerrick Rizer, 20 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Elliot, Cap- 
tain James Adams, from Rotterdam. Quali?'ied Aug. 
24, 1749. 

Peter Rasch, 
Friederich Christian, 
Johan Geo. Wien. 
Richard Hoffman, 
Anton Wolff, 
Carl Hedwig, 
Conrad Henrich Eckhard, 
Johan Martin Hoffman, 
Johan Martin Breis, 
Gottleib Beckler, 
Jacob Arndt, 
Peter Bu8ch, 
Conrad Wissner, 
Johannes Jonas, 

Gottheil Sigwart, 

Johan Friederich Boserman. 

Jacob Hoffman, 

Johan Jost Krauscher, 

Johan Philip Fautz, 

Johan Geo. Bernhard, 

Geo. Peter Bestel, 

Johan Martin Busch. 

Johannes Strohschneider, 

Philip Vorback, 

Matthais Wagbach, 

Peter Hopp, 

Johan Geo. Kitz, 

Engel Jonas, 



lUdwiff Stump, 

Anton De\v alter, 
Henrich Jaeobi, 
Philip Buhl. 
Anton Simon, 
Philip Freidonbach, 
*1 Jost, 
nes Beier, 

oph Saml. Bildman, 
ireo. Rumisnus. 
jreo. Haas, 
lies Jager, 

Geo. Schneider, 
Pet«r Trestiler, 
Daniel Miller, 
Mia Willemher, 
nes Philip PeilTer, 
yonrad Gentzler, 
les Heldenreit, 
:1 Frankenfeld, 
aul Geier, 
Geo. Forster, 
Casper Grasmuck, 

Johan Nicklaus Kreischer, 
Johan Paul Buss, 
Nicklaus Necum, 
Peter Niokum, 
Johan Jacob Jacobi, 
.Johannes Stand ter, 
Johan Geo. Blume. 
Johan Nicklaus Beier, 
Nicholas Hasselbach, 
Johan Jacob Hasser, 
Conrad Gebhart, 
Conrad Lenner, 
Johan Jacob Mertz, 
Johan Nickel Lang, 
Jonas Fleck, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Heinrich Anton Konig, 
Johan Reinhart Schinein, 
Jacob Christian Gleim, 
Herman Beltz, 
Geo. Adam Gossler, 
Johannes Bintzel, 
Peter Markert, 
Anton Windermier, 
Johan Adam Geier, 
Geo. Frederich Kuper, 
Andreas Wolff, 
Johan Martin Bernheusel. 


lAKFi James, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
30. 1749. 

Facob Markle, 




*eter Groff, 

Jlrich Fahr, 



ch Buser, 

•ic Brucker, 


Hans Geo. Markle, 
Claus Bershman, 
Martin Weber, 
Jacob Groff, 
Hans Groff, 
Heinrich Sell, 
Johannes Tschudi, 
Samuel Neunsch wander, 
Michel Beler. 
Heinrich Buster, 
Hans Weber, sen. , 



Jacob Btluriift<ll. 

HuDH Web«r, jiiii., 

I'liiJip HHiiiikIiI. 

HuiiH Jacob Htehl«, 

HiLiiK Hulle, 

Miu-tJri (frun, 

Jacoli CiiiHH, 

Martin Schtidi, 

Kiiifliivri] (iiintEAiihaaser, 

Hniin Jnc«l> Blonk. 

HuiiH MuHHiier, 

Huiirich (K>ritt«r, 

Jiioob Hotlttr, 

AiIaiii Kriiiiljanli, jiin-, 

I[tuiirlch Bruulxicli, 
Jo^dIi WtilKner, 
Halt/.<:r Struinn, 
JtiKob Roller, 
HaiiH FliiliHchRr, 
Al»-xni:<ler Duiiiiner, 
Joliiiii Rntll, 
IIuiiM Muilt>re, 
Jacob Weili-1. 
Uiimt Amintir, ' 
IjitniihiirC HtiHer, 
HattbiiiH S«ll.<r, 
Hi in It Hcholteit, 
Uanx Uutwr, 
Ilciririuh Thnmi', 
HniiH Jacob llaHHier, 
Jiiciib WnlMiier, 
HiiiM Janob MeHHener, 
Jnbaiiiii'H Marti. 
Martin PetwiltT, 
HaiiN ]>«Ke, 
HaTiifl liiiilin. 
Ht'iiirich Hrunnor, 
Hf iiiricU »(^hiiel<li'r, 
JiiliiiniifN Bttil^r, 
Ilaiis Riiilolph Drolx-ok, 
Jacoli Lntlie, 
H«'inrlch Hclmirner, 
HitliaHtian Ha-wli-r, 
Martin Uniiiblatt., 
Jonob AVurtx, 

Heinrtch HtanliH, 

MatthiuH Hiibele. 

JoHeph KmaHtio) Pflfler, 

]>ur<<t HhIIh, 

Martin Miitr-HotTttr. 

Jacob Diirr, 

Ja<-i>h Hntiweit7*r, 

Hans Wimilw, 

Martin (taHob, 

JoliuiineH TiMhiiill, 

Fri«ili)rick Bcb wander, 

Ailaiii Braiil>a<:b, nun., 

Jacob TMchudi, 

Martin Wallcset, 

HaiiK Htohler, 

Martin Seller, 

Hanx Htohler, 

JcilinnncH Bohiitzer, 

Ernst !Cii(1«rx, 

Hanit lllricli EbrenHjipni^r, 

Ailam Wcibcl. 

Philip Tii(ii]i». 

H (MI) rich HniiilKche, 

CbriKloiibci Ut>ller, 

Martin Kclielder, 

Gi-orK Hcbolten, 

Janob Danne. 

Adam Thome, 

HanK Jacoli fiass, 

Daniel McHHerle. 

Ijorvntz Marti, 

Hand Janob Honecker, 


Hi'ijirich Tjellm, 
Jacob Kcliop]), 
HatiH Jacob Zahter, 
Martin Tnchopp, 
HanH Ulrich Mwwmer, 
llanH r^co. Reimnser, 
Btc]ihan tSpcnbaner. 
Jacob HaHhliir, 
Bernhart Homntein, 
Hann Jacob ffrnnlilatt, 
Ohri-topb Wiehlen, 
Jacob (iruder. 



X^^eonhart Hen, 
;ildatthais Sjpitler, jun., 

ans Gerber, 

ohanneB Meier, 

aoob Furman« 

eter Zeigler, 
3dartin Herbster, 
"^Irich Pieler. 
.Johannes Nicklaus Maohold, 
^icklaus Hauser, 

Matthias Spitler. sen. , 
Hans Jacob Spitler, 
Hans Graber, 
Niclclaus l)ill, 
Juhan Ludwig Bude, 
Conrad Zeigler, 
Andreas Donner, 
Heinrich Bude, 
Hans Jacob Vorwenger, 
Abraham Hauser. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Chesterfield, 
Thomas Coatam, Master, prom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 1, 1749. 

Hans Jacob Allert, 
fialtazer Mauerle, 
Jacob Schlotterer, 
Iklartin Sohauwecker, 
Nlartin Schlotterer, 
T*hilip Geo. Mulier, 
I-fans Michel Letters, 
Tians Conrad Katz, 
'Sastian Meir, 
Ufaxiniilian Speidel, 
^ohan .Jacob Kies, 
^Nicklaus Relan, 
Jacob Ropper, 

CJhristin Riipple, 

Jacob Deible, 

Georg Linibert, 

Hans Ulrich Suller, 

KoHter Meier, 

Baltas Zimmerman, 

Jacob Klotz, sen. , 

Hans Leonhard Klotz, 

Elias Steb, 

Hans Stucher, 

Werner Sutter, 

Simon Heuche, 

Ludwig Konig, sen.. 

RoUe Guide, 

Johannes Maurer, 

Joseph Speidel, 

Hans Conrad Schauwecker, 

Jacob Schlotterer. 

Joliannes Keller, 

Jaques Moris, 

Johannes Meir, 

Martin Wachter, 

Hans Geo. Speidel, 

Lorentz Schwitzer, 

Solomon Gense, 

Jacob Dast, 

Jacob Uhler, 

Martin Schuler, 

Martin Gotz, 

Georg Fiickel, 

Johaii Martin Beck, 

Jacob Scheufler, 

Jacob Klotz, jun., 

Gottfried Pusch, 

Michel Steb. 

Christ Wundeisen, 

Johannes Heuche, 

Joseph Gritz. 

Ludwig Konig, jun.. 


FrKulerich Belter, 
Johiiau«H Klein, 
Mat tl litis Schlotterer, 
Mii^hoel Pfmi>K, 
Hunt! OhriBt. Beutler, 
HanH Oeu. Blatz. 
CliriHtopll (ironB, 
C'hrintian Schafer, 
Hans Eberhart, 
liaitus Maier. 
Michel TreuBjiacb, 
Eiias Eberhart, 
Joseph Eckert, 
Hal 18 Jacob Herr, 
Jacoi> Hauch, 
Juhan Uiohel Chriatmaii. 
Michel Stlerleo, 

A<lain Warner, 

Juitepb Hiller, 

Joliaii Conrad Soblotterer, 

Michael Kiele. 

Jacob Uedseer, 

HaneOuo. Heisch, 

Siiiioa Schneck. 

Conrad Kaltenauer, 

Johan Martin HeuH, 

Uatthiae Lau tense h lager, 

Jacob Reinthaler, 

Ludwig Hoch. 

Geo. Priederieh Fischer. 

Hans Geo, HanHelmanii, 

Johan Georg Weiss, 

Philip Kiibler, 

Conrad Wolff. 

List of Forsiosbbs Impohted in thb Ship Albattt, 
UoBHRT Brown, Mastkh. from Rottkrdah. Qdalifibd 
Sbpt. 3, 1749. 

Johan NicklauH Conrad, 

Johan Gerber, 

Juhan Helnrlch Metz, 

Johan Georg Kraft, 

Johan Michel Kabel, sen.. 

Hans Kabel, 

HaiiH Peter Gembler, 

Johannes Bchimpf, 
Johan Philip Bier, 
Johan UaltUB Hetzler, 
Freidrich GiJtBinger, 
Johan Michel Kabel, jun., 
Geo. SohwartE. 
Haita Michel Gembler, 

Johan Heinrich Bluineuscheich, Johannes Winkler, 

ickol Heist. 
Johan Philip Heist, 
Matthias Schock. 
Hans Peter Edelinan, 
Georg Drucke, 
Wendel Schneer, 
Jolmn Ohristoph Rintzinger, 
Joseph Bcholl, 
Ohristoph Nutz. 
Johan Nlbllng, 
Johan Martin Bchnck, 
Hans Martin Btroin, 
Hans Georg Edelman, 

Johan Peter Heist, 
Johan Adam Ewalt, 
Valeiithi Bdehnan, 
HatiH Redman, 
Johan Philip Hoftharmer, 
Hans Jacob Wagner, ^ 
Michel Buck. 
Johannes Grauer, 
Johannes Biichter, 
HanH Geo. Fischer, 
Geo. Michel Herold, 
HaiiH {ieorg Dreher, 
Adam Edelinan, 



Johan Wilhelra V^olk, 

Andreas Welker. 
^ohan Jacob Joch, jun. , 

^ohan Michel Joch, 

-.fohannes Jetter, 

<jeo. Gintner, 

Peter Schafer, 

Matthias Nunnenmacher 

Freiderich Lowe, 
Hans Baltazer Schafer, 
l^eter Edehnan, 
Johannes Miiller. 
Huns Georg Hassig, 
«Johan Zacharias Erdroth, 
«X. Leonhart Meier, 
X^ans Adam Peitsch, 
I^hilip Laudenschlager, 
Joliannes Graber, 
CJhristophel Nagel, 
X^eter Brunner, 
«iJohan Bernhart German, 

^dam Geistiger, 

«7ohan Philip Georg, 

Martin Ranch, 

J. Georg Volk, 

C^eo. Michel Frantz, 

Peter Kill, 
Alexander Klinger, 
Conrad Menges, 

J. Adam Rufweg, 

Johan Adam Ransch, 

Johan Geo. Rettig, 

Gottlieb Volk, 

Johan Jacob Joch, sen. , 

Johan Peter Herg, 

Hans Peter Jetter. 

Hans Conrad Rorich, 

Johan Geo. Menges, 

Casper Walser, 

Johan Adam Heckman, 

Hans Georg Nagel, 

Johannes Heckman, 

Johan Wilhelm Cufer, 

Adam Luick, 

J. Nicklaus Delp, 

Johan Geo. Schafer, 

Johan Geo. Dressier, 

Johan Anton Walther, 

Philip Jacob Kreisch, 

Hans Philip Krischbaum, 

Johan Adam Gorm, 

Johan Adam Goetz, 

Adam German, 

Adam Lautenschlager, 

Johannes Klinger, 

J. Baltazer Jegel, 

Valentin Sohuck, 

Martin Schafer, 

Philip Jacob Walther, 

Nicklaus Beitzel, 

Johan Adam Krichbaum, 

Johan Wilhelm Krickbaum, 

Peter Bruner. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Saint Andrew, 
James Abercrombie, Master, prom Rotterdam, last 
FROM Plymouth, England. Qualified Sept. 9, 1749. 

Andreas Eminert, 
Arnold Kramer, 
Johannes Rnnkel, 
Adam Heinrich Borger, 
Jacob Linke, 
Peter Bauman, 

Joseph Bergstohlt, 
Johannes Webel. 
Heinrich Hammer, 
Jost Streithoff, 
Christian Halte, 
Jacob Rohr, 
















A^a*^ «ucW»*°***' 





^^^^''' peter 












Pe*'®\, 3otv». gtet. 


joUa»^^^e\\e\- Ct*^att«« 









Jr^eter Alius, 
J ohan Peter Kramer, 
acob Weias, 
eorg Schaiubach, 
tririch Torte, 
"tllrich Stober, 

Christophel Hentze, 
Mattbias AVeiss, 
Johannes Hackmann, 
Heinrich StauiTer, 
Hans Geo. Hobler. 

3jI8t of Forbignrrs Importbd in thk Ship Priscilla, 
Captain William Muir, from Rotterdam. Qualifikd 
Skpt. 11, 1749. 

Jacob Baunian, 
Heinrich Lier, 
Johannes Miller, 
Heinrich Barr, 
Johannes Luhr, 
Heinrich Stuinpf, 
Jacob Stable, 
Hans Geo. Issler, 
Hans Schnable, 
Georg Funk, 
Johan Rinehart Ubl, 
Radolpn Ruber, 
Jacob Biir, 
Caspar Pfister, 
Hans Rudolph Galluiann, 
Rudolph Niiff, 
Hans Jacob Gubler, 
Heinrich Ruber, 
Jacob Kuntz, 
Jacob Mauer, 
Jacob Rauser, 
Hans Hostedel, 
Jacob Schnal)le, 
Preidrich Schurp, 
Paul Schorle, 
Johan Peter Miilhoflf, 
Johan Michel Bohr, 
Michael Frank, 
Freiderich Stroh, 
Johan Philip Kiistner, 
Johan Jacob Walt her, 
Johan Freidrio Fruschte, 

Johannes Krauer, 
Rudolph Ode, 
Reiqrich Ruber, 
Melchoir Lieder, 
Friederich Stallenweider, 
Rans Murre, 
Heinrich Miller, 
Jacob Giitinger, 
Ulrich Rofstetter, 
Johannes Wiss, 
Jacob Ruber, 
Ulrich Rauber, 
Matthias Galhnann, 
Rans Jacob Meier, 
Jacob Niiflf, 
Casper Ruber, . 
Rudi Kuntz, 
Rans Kern, 
Rudi Mauer, 
Jacob Peter Seider, 
Rinehart Scherer, 
Jacob Bart, 
Johannes Schurp, 
Johan Philip MiilhofT, 
Nickel Peteri, 
Johannes Lorentz, 
Johan Peter Frank, 
Johan Ludwig Kiistner, 
Geo. Dietrich Diirr, 
Johan Reinrich Steiger, 
Johan Nickel Gobel, 
Johan Matthias Bohr, 



Johan Micltael Mattier, 
Johan Ailnm Bohr, 
Julian Nicklaiiu Weilurtz, 
Joliaii Nickel Nen, 
Johan Peter Miiller, 
HatiH Zublcr, 

Johuu Matthias Strilher, 
Juhaii UattfaaiB Beaker, 
Johaii Adam Neu, 
Heiiiricb Rutxcbl, 
Joliaii Bertihart UotTiuan. 
HaiiH duller. 

List of FoRRir+NR[i.s Importkd ix thr Bhip Christias. 
Captain Thomas Bhady, frou Rottkruaju. (jualipibo 
Skjt. la. 1749. 

Frieilerich Qetbaoh, aen.. 
Prieilerich Oelbach, jun., 
Aiiilrfait Vogel, 
HaiiH Jauob 8cliumacker, 
Halts A<lam Hoftinan, 
Valentin Kern, 
Oeo. Luilwig Borg, 
Hi^iiirich Albrt^ht, 
Frantz Zeigler, jiin., 
Vnlentin Dellintfer, 
Martin Bern hart. 
Hans Geo. Miochelu, 
Johan a no. RewJK, 
Atluin Casper QeixiiK^r, 
Adain Boh neck, 
Johau Philip Horn. 
Michael Bchuinacher, 
Ulrlch Maintzer, 
Geo. Michel Derr, 
Andreas Braiin. 
Karl Walder, 

Johan Andreaw Wecketwer, 
GenrK Hum in el. 
David Pfauti^ 
Carl G0H8, 

Martin Schlachenhnuff, 
Johan Michel Meier, 
Hans Geo. HafTer. 
Hans GeorK Shuiner. 
Johannes Tille, 
Matthias OBlertag, Jun. , 
Johan Albreclit Rehelnian, 

Frantz Qelbacb, 

Paulas Brod, 

Johan Andreas Denier, 

Hans Jacob Stots, 

Friedrich Erb, 

Christoph LudwiK, 

Rrnst Munke). 

Frantz Zeifcler, sen., 

Benjamin Kuni. 

Johannes Mtdchele. 

Julius Christoph Bachner, 

Johan Geo. Lane, 

Johannes BchafFer, 

Johan Ludwig Bauerle, 

Daniel Alteck. 

Wilhelm Foltz, 

Joseph Ressener. 

Johan Philip Henrlch Bauer, 

Geo. I,oenhart Braun, 

Geo. Michel Braun, 

Philip Raupt. 

Johan Jacob Datismann, 

Jacob Hlemann. 

Miehael HaiifT. 

Wibert Rupp. 

Midmel Hechelmann, 

Christian Romich, 

Hans Geo. Peucht, 

Michael HaulT, 

Matthias Ostertag. wen., 

Johan Michel Sommer, 

Abraham Btelmann. 



Michael Ruinmel. 

Hans Geo. Unang^st, 

Baltazer Glisser, 

Martin Banner, 

Conrad 6o8h« 

Joseph Schmit, 

Christian Linbaoher, 

Johan Adam Ebert, 

Johannes Renter, 

Isaac Jung, 

Baltzer Dock, 

Johannes Bchmerber, 

Hans Peter Jung, 

Jacob Abt, 

Abraham Ribelet, 

Heiurich Jock, 

Johan Jacob Bauertz, 

Heinrich Neck, 

Michel Hauswirth, 

Anton Ecke, 

Johan Erhart Knappenberger, 

Martin Hirsch, 

Hans Adam Kreiger, 

Johan Erhart, 
Hans .Jacob Uber, 
Wilhelm Heische, 
Hans Geo. Merkle, 
Matthias Weiss, 
Jacob Risterhoitz, 
Johan Geo. Linbacher, 
Johan Jacob Hirn, 
Jacob AValdle, 
Christian Estenwach, 
Peter Gasse, 
Samuel Masser, 
Hans Peter Ribelet, 
Johan Nicklaus Koch, 
D. Thomas Hohl, 
Christian Lenhart, 
Christian Glasser, 
Peter Ham man, 
Philip Kugler, 
Jacob Rummel, 
Christian Gutknecht, 
Bernhard Schweigart. 

List of Foreigners 
ERS, Thomas Arnot, 
FiKD Sept. 14, 1749. 

Johan Gerhart Schneid 
Johan Diest Schneider, 
Johan Peter Sclmeider, 
Jacob Gruber, 
Johan Conrad Reffe, 
Adam Heinrich Heintz, 
Michel Reisener, 
^^einrich Wagner, 
Peter Anns, 
Hans Peter Lohr, 
Johan Jost Blecher, 
Johan Hermannes, 
Johan Peter Holtasch, 
Johan Peter Lai, 
Johan Peter Lehmer, 

Imported ix the Ship Two Broth- 
Master, FROM Rotterdam. Quali- 

er, Weigand Schneider, 

Johan Max. Schneider, 
Christian Humbold, 
Wilhelm Jacob Gruber. 
Theiss Reffe, 
Johan Hermanns, 
Peter Offner, 
^ Johan Heinrich Wagner, 
Philip Lohr, 
Johannes Peter, 
Johan Peter Miller, 
Johan Jost Fiesser, 
Johan Heinrich Lohr, 
Johan Christ. Lehmer, 
Christian Birkenbein, 


Johan Albtirt Btucker, 
Jat'uli Kumbeck, 
Wilhelin ticliufer, 
Johan Heiiiricli Fuchs, 
■Tohiiii Ailain Pucha, 
Juhuu Jaculi Wirt^ 
Johau Heiurlch KmiiIht, 
Johau Pt'ter Lupp, 
fcl ill 1011 HGller, 
Joliiiii KriiKt Kramer, 
JultAii Bultuzer tir.luiilt, ne 
Jolian GhriHtoph Kluin, 
JoImii SIiilliiiK, 
JohUiU Adum SchiiiitKer. 
.lohutt Wilhelin Mallert, 
JohaiiTieB tirelxH, 
Joliua Jacob HolTiuuii, 
Jo)uLnn(-H Huiiiiier. 
Wilheliii Dietz, 
JoliAii Adam Jung, 
Joliaii Philip BucktT, 

Wilhelii) ReckhaiiMjr, 
Johan Jost Bchafer, 
JohiLii Heinricli HofTman, 
Jolian Heinrlch Behmit, 
J oh ait Hflifliecker, 
Ohris. UattlifoH (joblw, 
Johan Philip Sauer, 
Peter Humricli. 
Johan Philip J.«h, 
Jolian WeniiHiiuckHr, 
Johan Kaltazer Submit, jau., 
Joliaii Pctur 8chuman, 
Johan Murlin Bchniitger, 
Johan Adam Spiefw, 
Johnii Mart hi OreisH, 
Wiliiehn Kinwb, 
Geo. Srhafer, 
Joliann«H P«ter Jmiu, 
Uatthcw Becker, 
Jiihan Adam Be<rkt<r, 

Johan CliriHtopli Ladenhaminer, Johan Peter Allnr 

Julian Peter Hraun, 
CbriBtiaii SteltK, 
Jobanneit Dieweiw, 
JohanneH Peter Diebt, 
Juban TlieiHB Diirvrlimai 
Joliun Jat^ol) Haner, 
Johan Tbefaw Knli. 
Joban Michel fieKsel, 
Michel Dnntr.hniiinn, 
Jolian NinklauH Behinit, 
Joban Peter Ilath, 
Johan Adam Gemnier. 
Joliannes P«ter Bein, 
Johan Kill in, 
Joban Wilhelm Juntf- 
f 'brintian Becker, , 
Jolian Peter Miller, 

Jolian Peter HenH, 

Joliuii Jacob Carl, 

Joban Geo. Bcliulta, 

Bastaln Braun, 

JohanneH Siiger, 

Wilhelm Held. 

Joban Christ Rub, 

Brnut Becker, 

Johan NieklauH Schick, 

Johan Wilbebii Jager, 

Johan CbrlHt. Bchneider, 

OhriHtoph Lentart, 

Joachim Henn, 

Hehirlch Scheicb, 

Joban The lax Becker, 

Johan Peter SchafT. 

Heinrich Weller, 

Freiderioh Gottfried Bobmit. 




Jambs Russkl, Mastkr, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 15, 1749. 

Abraham Jung^. 
Ifeinrjch Conrad, 
Johan Fried rich Dietz, 
J»hilip Mertz, 
Johan Philip Hanne, 
«Tohan Jacob Becker, 
^^icklaus Biedinan, 
F'riedric Scheimer, 
•Tohan Daniel Kaller, 
Johan Philip Dick, 
"Valentin Hembelmann, 
Johan Conrad Liitz, 
Johan Geo. Mundel, 
ThUip Diehl, 
Julias Spicker, 
IFreidric Klar, 
«Iacob Uaminan, 
Johan Jacol) Schafer, 
Johannes Rudin^^er, 
Walter Schinit, 
Valentin Heil, 
Adam Bauer, 
Anton Schreiner, 
Johan Laudenschlager, 
Geo. Wacker, 
Johan Geo. Steiner, 
Adam Guss, 
Andreas Stein, 
Bernhart Scherer. 
Preideric Schwab, 
Wilhelni Schwerber, 
Samuel Kerch, 
llichael Kenimer, 
Stoppel Schiihniann, 
Philip Medsee, 
Michael Maurer, 
Latharius Pfannenbecker, 
Conrad Knepper, 
Johan Adam, 
Jacob Beiber, 
Prantz Nicklaus Faber, 
Johan Buchhaminer, 

Peter Lang, 
Geo. Conrad, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Herman Mauer, 
Jeremias Bar, 
Philip Peter Becker, 
Daniel Scheimer, 
Michel Scheimer, 
Johan Heinrich Lang, 
Johan Freiderich Martin, 
Valentin Scherer, 
Adam Lam be, 
Heinrich Miedel, 
Christ oph Lambert, 
Hannes Spicker, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Peter Laub, 
Geo. Fengel, 
Peter Kutritt, 
Hannes Senffelder, 
Johan Heinrich Scheid, 
Jacob Wirth, 
Valtin Patri, 
Johannes Schnorr, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Michel Wacher, 
Christ. Neidlein. 
Geo. Henry Rissler, 
Peter Tamer us, 
Loreutz Scherer, 
Stephan Schwerber, 
Adolph Schmit, 
Jacob Kerch, 
Michael Peess, 
Johan Geo. Hinderschied, 
Heinrich Schmit, 
Christian Schmit, 
Nicklaus Seltzer, 
Johan Peter Geisn, 
Andreas Bieber, 
Hans Jacob Tanner, 
Heinrich Faber, 


Krasinus Btooklas, 

Jutiao Nicklaua Ftillenberger, 

Stephan Baier, 

Philip Dinger. 

NlcklauB Eist-nmiiuger, 

JolianOeo. Klulti. 

Jolion Jacob (ioaaer, 

Pliilip Bucke. 

Anton Hargeohelmer, 

Peter Braucbs. 

Heinrich Schmit, 

Johan Wilhelin Sclireiner, 

Jacob Zinn, 

BimoTi Horech, 

Johannes Halthaus, 

Carl Signer, 

BonedictaB Schom, 

Johannes Von Der Lindt, 

Jacob Becker, 

Chrletian Egger, 

Heinrich Bender, 

Freiilrio Dick, 

Johan Michel Kunlg, 

Conrad Miller. 

Jacob Wei man n, 

Fritz Bchafer, 

Johan Gerlacb Hufan. 

Jacob Mohr. 

Samuel Relt linger, 

Jacob lintnian, 

(Jeorg Kaack, 

Heinrich Zoll, 

Johan Martin Neubecker, 

Johan Michael Hoffman, 

Ba^tian Wenig, 

J olian Peter Steier, 

Johan Bchormeleiu, 

Freldrlc Conrad, . 

NicklauB Rauli, 
Christian Aohser, 
Matthias Bolland, 
Christoph Gideon Myrtetas, 
Frautz Hartinau, 
Jacob Klein, 
Biinon Charmell, 
aeo. Michel Muuer, 
Ueo. Friedric Siel. 
Michel Hargeehe liner, 
Philip Rirkliatt, 
Jacob Zerl, 
Johannes Diets, 
Jacob Bchainknchen, 
Conrad Bchweltzer, 
Erasmus Halthaus. 
Anton Blrschart. 
Chriutophel Klar. 
Johan Michel Lawall, 
Jacob Brubacher, 
Johanneic Bender, 
Wendel Estilg,, 
Johan Jacob Bachs, 
Johan Michel Sohaffer, 
Nicolas OrualUH. 
Johan Walter Schwab, 
Johan Wllhelm Pfeil, 
Johan Daniel Huhn, 
(ierlaoh Strich, 
Freiderlch Zerfass, 
Philip Gutmanii, 
Christian Bernliart, 
Heinrich Marsch, 
Jacob Hotlebach, 
Joliannes Alder, 
Johan Jacob Ktopp, 
Johnnneii Bt^itx, 
Heinrich Steinmetz. 




HX Mason, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 

PT. 15, 1741). 

lel Bettering, 
I Ulrich, 

•eaH Kramer, 
)h Kaufiuaiin, 
I (ieo. Weideiiauer, 
\ Adam Baas8, 
. Peter Wesser, 
Dlas Roth, 

Loenbart Hinkei, 
eaa Tiefenthal, 
idolph (rinder, 
nnes Gross, 
ham Noneiiiacher, 
) Messerle, 
>h Hahn, 
^1 Trachsel, 
iiard Traohsel, 
Q Jacob Mitschied, 
' Garret, 
h Michel, 
n Altemann, 

Philip Borseii, 
bald Kuntz, 
>las I»semaiii), 

EiseDinann, jun. , 
n Nickel Kiippel, 
)las Schneider, 
rich Koppel, 
• l8ch, 
)lm Altinann, 

Geo. Fiindt, 
)1 Duval, 
?1 Dam, 

fi Freiderieh Hiester. 
lel Dormeyer, 
1 Lndwig, 
rich Scliaaf, 
) Klein, 
nnes Hartz, 
lU-VoL. XVII. 

Geo. Caspar Heuss, 
CasfWir Brunner. 
Johan Ltidwig Strass, 
Samuel Wannenmacher, 
Geo. Frantz Philippi, 
Hans Michel Ott, 
Heinrich Luther, 
Geo. Adolph Kriiber, 
Jacob Antoni, 
Nickolas Ricksacker, 
Johan Geo. Sclmeider, 
Simon Walter, 
Johan Jacob Mestenbach, 
Conrad Jost, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Hans Geo. Kleiss, 
Heinrich Guder, 
Geo. Trachsel, 
Heinrich Mitt(chied. 
Dewalt Stecker, 
Ulrich Stoller, 
Geo. Alteneck, 
Johan Peter Eicher, 
Solomon Bacher, 
Hans (reo. Issemann, 
Peter Eisenmann, sen., 
Michel Koppel, 
Jacob Kupi)el, 
Paul us Kiippel, 
Peter Koppel, 
Jacob Altmann, 
Hans Adam Bauerwitz, 
Christoph Bruniirer, 
.lohau Degrote, 
Johan Mickel Mallo. 
Heinrich Wilhelm Miihlich, 
Jacob Dormeyer. 
Hans Jacob AVitmer, 
Moritz Klein, 
Hans Jacob Kuhl. 
Andreas Grett, sen., 


AnilreBHWrett, jwri., 
Hun. Miller, 
Johftn I4icklaiis Miller. 
Jacob ZoUicker. 
Adam (Tranilatleii. 
Huinber Beiioit. 
Joseph Coutoiiir. 
Hans <*eo. 8prlR){er, 
Michel Nicke, 
Abraham Chnnlron, 
Johan <4eo. MflllK. 
Herman Lntotir. 
Marx Bprindel. 
Conrad Wohlfahrt, 
Jacob Ijauileniiilch, 
Jotiannes C^ukh. 
ChriHtoph Helcr, 
Francois (ji'a;uliu)aui. 
Hani< S«lH>t, 
Heliirich Lutler. 
Hastian Weian, 
Johaii Adam Walter, 
Martin Walter. 
Jiflian Bender, 
Aiitun NeiW, 
OhriHt. BroBt, 
.Tohaihiea RuhrJK, 
Anton Riihri);, 
Jacob Bciber. 
.Tacoli Jnniccr, 
Hanti Adam Herman, 
Sa^nnel Perquy, 
.Tacob ScliTiilt. 
HanH Snlli. 

Ulrlch KindlitthlM-r^r. 
JohanneH Iiamotte. 
Jacob Miller. 
('Iirirttian Miller, 
?lickoIaii8 Diirtwiller, 
Martin IHirtwillur, 
Michel FuBtiel. 
Hans 8trti))^r. 
Jftcoh MiKHeler. 
Jacob Seller, 
Hans rtet). Sprlnijer. 
.lat^ob Kltiin. 

Jotiannes Orett, 
Philip Miller. 
Jeremiah Schoiiliach, 
nickolnH Datim. 
Joxfph Charlter, 


. Acket 

Peter Springer, 

Jacob Hchneid^r, 

Jacob NIcke. 

MattheiiH KnrHch. 

Johan Kineharl Keller, 

Janob Latour, 

('hriBtian (Jrette, 

Andreas Rntsiele, 

Weiricli 8elt/.er. 

Iianiel (trobcrtter, 

PrantK Soil, 

Felix Hlei, 

Michael Schafer, 

Philip Laner, 

Nickulav Babb, 

Jacob Walter. 

Johan MattheuK HchiiuianD, 

Wilheiui Laufihari-, 

ChriNtiatk Tliathaiier, 

Simon Rub rig. 

Johannes (ieiber. 

Anton Bielier. 

Hans Michel BielH-r, 

Hamnel Si>etcher. 

Stephan Almann, 

Hani) Miller. 

.Tac<.b Widmer, 

Hans Meier. 

Johannes Walter, 

J<ihannes Boucher, 

Christian Fischer, 

Peter Miller, 

Daniel DBrtwiller, 

.1 oh an Ties KlelTer, 

Peter Rjist, 

Chrlstoph S|tannler, 

.Toseph Mischte, 

Christian Staiifer. 

Mich. Adam Dornieler, 

Abriiham DreacliHel, 



Durst Dertnicher, 

Martin Ritter, 

Jacob Hornlein, 

David Miller, 

Johan (reo. Reiurock, 

Jacob Kratzer, 

Anton Biedemann, 

Johan Michael Steng, 

Johan Michel Heller, 

Hans Geo. Kuhn, 

Johannes Kuhn, 

Sebastian Biffer, 

Johan Ludwig Bentz, 

Christian Hart man, 

Christian Schwalder, 

Cliristian Suiner, 

Johannes Fames, 

(christian KauflTinan, 

Johannes Laiust. 

Jacob Stauch, 

Abraham Kurtz, 

.Tohannes Rupp, 

Geo. Christ Sim, 

Jan. Henrick Reckman, 

Theobald Hoschar, 

Heinrich Hoschar, 

.lohannes Reber, 

Andre Degranj^e, 

(TtM). Hertzog, jun., 

P(*ter OV)ersteg, 

Christian Hochstatter, 

.1 otiaiiiies iSehwendemann, 

Siinon Steckel, 

I'lrieh Richart, 

( Njnrad Way ner, 

Peter Herb. 

Hans Michael Meisor, 

Jacob Mann, 

('aspar Vetter, 

Frantz Kriebel, 

Johan Liulwig Griebler, 

Benedict Lehman, 
Hans Lantz, 
Anton Kratzer, 
Jacob Hob, 
Simon Eichler, 
Jacob Huber, 
Francois Hognon, 
Peter KauiTman, 
Friederic Wohlfalirt, 
Johan Philip Grunewalt, 
Felix Seller, 
Georg Bentz, 
Jacob Bentz, 
Fradtz Marschall, 
Joseph Sumer, 
Matthias Naftzger, 
Rudolph Naftzger, 
Jacob KaufTman, 
Peter Grobe, 
Hans Geo. Stanch, 
Andreas von Gunern, 
Jacob Rnpp, 
Peter Naftzger, 
Christian Kurtz, 
Erhart Bohm, 
Hans Peter Hoschar, 
Philip Henkel. 
Daniel Reinhold. 
(ieo. Hertzog, sen., 
Kilian Ziin merman, 
Michel Riddelsberg, 
Nicklaus Hochstatter, 
Ulrich Hoehntatter, 
Hans Schrantz, 
Ulrich Misohler, 
MattheuH Seiger, 
Liidwig Endehnann 
.lost Maier, 
Martin Obersteg, 
Kurwald Beter, 
Johan Mickel Walker, 


List i>v Fohkignkks 1ui>oktk 
(!aitain Ht'ou 8tkku kr(im 
Hket. 19, 1749. 

' IN THK Ship Patiksck, 


Joliaiiiiuij TheiHK Sclittfcr, 
Julinii Jncoli UrlnHf, 
Hrrmiiu Boltiieid^r, 
Jolitiii JoHt Zimuieniiiin, 
.liilwii EI>ert 8ti(»n, 
Julian Helnrich QntinK, 
Hans Hfinrfch WehW. 
Julian duo. HufTiiur,' 
Joliaii Jan<ili Bitlir, 
Hanti A<liiin Kriimlifl, 
Philip Jaeol I EriiMt, 
Johan Martin Horn, 
Junuli Richart, 
Joluin Bowman, hhd.. 
Hans duo. Ma^ltir. 
Andreas Hiiokt^r, 
Mi<!hat-I Mnilrr. 
Geo. Fried Zanfrrmcixtfr, 
Hanfi Peter Liewit/.. 
<ieo. Heinrich l'nan({nt. 
(ieo. P«tei- Wilck, 
Julian OhriMt. OttiiiK'T, 
tJeo. Peter Vo({t, 
Ailam HetllngtT, 
(J-eorg Bieclennintli. 
(lurl Kaiiier. 
Joliaii B«rn]iart Filir, 
HaiiH fieit, Kanntx, 
Anilr(>a8 l7nani{Ht, 
Chriiittan Zlinnit^nnan. 
(fun. HulTenwerltnnij. 
Pliilip Ailani Breiner. 
IVter SjOThn, 
Johan PBter I-iidwig. 
Geo. Mldifl BiHjer, 
HttHH Martin ]M.:liter. 
I.mlwiK IJndcnnintli, 
>fat tliioH TJeHer. 
WllluOni BcBcli. 
.AndreaH HtrtiK, 
-loliannt-H Kndprn, «fii,. 
JulnmneH Kiili-r, 

Herman Itatt)>n1>erf{, 
EfnifelljiTt JuuK, 
Jolmn Michel Btolt/. 
llunridh Hartniann, 
UieMiiann Grcidelbach. 
Johan Willielm Hart, 
Jolian FrI«>il«rio Schulle, 
Ueo. I^inlwlg Hamer, 
HaiiFi Adam Orunllcli, 
Jaruli Brnst, 
AndreaH Riebmanii. 
Hfinrich Kichart, 
Johan Mm>. Bowman. 
.Tnhan Bowman, jnii., 
Jolmn Wilhelm Wlttlffbanh. 
Chriittinn Eltitinger, 
Johan Adam ZangnteiHter, 
HanH Cf*H>rff Hacher. 
Bernhnrt Muller. 
And real) Miiller, 
r'uni'ad ytiiger, 
CaHiMir Kilian, 
Johiin rar<))ar HcnKhaaH, 
(ivorg Leil/., 
Valontln (l-raulo, 
Hfinrich Magaxcli, 
ChriMtoph Keillwch, 
Michel ftchlaf. 
David Kannt/, 
HanHdeo. Martin, 
Hann Philip Bremer, 
Phili|i Stnihl. 
HanH Adam Lixlwig, 
,Iaool> LiidwiR, 
MattheiiH BnimerliiK, 
Han« «fu. Hi^rtel, 
HnnH<ieu. Lindenmnlh, 
Mit-hcl BillinK, 
Andrenii Brntmlilein. 
.lolian Christ. WoUht, 
JohanneK tlnderii, jnii.. 
Martin lianfr. 



DIartin Reiss, 
•Joseph Wejgart. 
•Johan Ludwig Barth, 
Johannes Ebert, 
Jacob Glasser, 
Philip H«rr, 

ohannes Wagner, 
Johannes Heiiinann, 
Johan Peter Zimmerman, 
Johan Adam Diem, 
(J^eo. Michael Gibler, 
Hans Geo. Sohuhmann, 

Oavid Heimlen, 

•Jacob KaiiflTman, 

^J' ohannes Bauerzapp, 

•To6eph Hausser, 

<^^ott^eb Baumann, 

I^ater Fink. 

iJernhard Bangert, 

•Johannes Feiter, 

•Johan Heinrich Stannes, 

^Meinrich Hafner, 
Andreas MuUer, 
Adam Ernst, 

Ferdinand Reith, 
Johan Adam Gerster, 
(i^eorg Koster, 
Freidric Dorflinger, 
Joseph Dnmmer, 
Daniel Eh ring, 
David Keller, 
Georg Sell m it, 
Johan Freiderich Gall, 
Johan Adam HotTman, 
Geo. Hofner, 
MatthaiH Heimlen, 
Geo. Himmelberger, 
Michel Kerr, 
Andreas Hohl, 
Abraham Baumann, 
Daniel Fink, 
Lorentz Seyfreidt, 
Daniel Kurtz, 
Gottlieb Feiter, 
Peter Setzler, 
Bemhard Schmid, 
Thomas Kast. 



List OF FoRKKJXKRS Importkd in thk Ship ' Spkkdwkll, 
Captain Jamks Ckkagu, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Skit. 25, 1749. 

Stephan Stadler, 
Hans Gerhard Woll, 
Christian Hemmler, 

Christoph Hansser, 

Hans Geo. Pfaute, 

•Jacob Greifung, 

•Joseph Freimiller. sen., 

^Johannes Bertseh, 

iLiUdwig Held, 

Biichael Schock, 

^fichael Meier, 
David Hamm, 
Adam Buchmann, 
Andreas Gersh wilier. 

Hans Muller, 
Joseph Hiirscher, 
Johannes Hausser, 
Dew alt Metz, 
Heinrich Zimmer, 
Joseph Freimiller. jnn. 
Hans Jacob Held, 
Johannes Weiss, 
Christoph Meier, 
Johannes Anstett, 
Hans Morgen thaler, 
Jacob Wachter, 
Hans Diebolt, 
Johan Erhart Muller, 



Mi<^l>.'l Klpjm, 

J<«iai)ii»>H Uiikfriiiiinu, 


Joliiiii Fri!hlrlR hf jm, 

Julimi Michel Mull<>r. 

Iiiiilwitf MoHer, 

Jni^oh MHltT. 

Hiirkliiii-t Ertiiifior, 

Joliiui Kt;i<liiJH DexMiinr, 

Mw^liiLpl Kiiit/,, 

FHt/ Wichurt, 

]>liilili Ktjift<rt. 

Janol) t'rieiit*!, 

M«rtiii Wiirfi-l, 

Oownli) HiuiH, 

HmiH Fliu!h, KMi., 

Aiiilri'iiH tJoiiimtir, 

HaiiH B<<iiwert.<r, 

Miclii^l AriigMKt, 

1^011. KuiiiH*). 

(feo. StfWM, juii., 

]i(H»ilinrt Zittu. 

Hai)iii(>l H(!hi)«i<lpr, 

Hai)H Jiwtoli Hemtrlc. jiiii. 

JoHiali (irifh. 

(4«H>. Billwr. 


HaiiH Jiusob Sclittid, 
■ Johau I'eter Kttiliier, 
MattliiuH Oiizinifer. 
Ui]l>frt iKiiatiuH Knii>|>. 
A<laiii ]iiilt!r, 
.lohaii W.-i<1i)ur. 
JoliannoH Jaiidt, 
MattheUH Bclinitt, 
JoliiiiiiicH Held, 
HaiiH tIforK Aohenbnohur, 
Cliristupli Hluiiier, 
Joliali ('iilirnd Diiw, 
Jacoli Andreau Biihiii«, 
Manx Flacli. Juii. , 
AiiilreuH Flanh. 
Hans Ani{{aMt, 
Audn-uH Hurflter. 

GUO. StOUK, K.^11., 

Hiinti Jacob Stoiw. 

Hiiii^ Jacol) Heiiierte, Mt>n., 
HaiiK <i«<>. Moll. 
Matlu'w liorciit/. 
CliriHt HtrahUufi. 
Heridrirk Workman. 

List ok Korkiunhus Imi'i>rtki) i\tiikKiiii> Kanikk, Hksrv 


Martin Katz. 


« KkIx- 

.loltaii HanK. 
J oil an BflinlTi^r. 
Julian ('onrad HniKi 
(^briftopli H<-iiidcl. 
JiLToU Katz. 
Johan Willwlni <iei^i 
Joimn JoHt Kitid.'l. 
Hans Jimob Hiiinir, 

Janob Katz. 
Martin 41laHK, 

I'll Hip niiiiii, 

Jnliaunef CbriHtopb ItniKt, 
Jurob KIt-iui. 
Jolmn H<-il/niai). 
Joliaii ■!<>!' l.aiiilinan. 
Johan Conrad BiRdel. 
JoliariiicH Kcluield«r. 
Ja<'ob Bolli-r, 
Frii-d^ri.- Wfitz.-]. 



I Heinrich VVeitzel. 

Adam Apix^l, 


d Lauterboch, 
1 Hess, 
Ludwig Hess, 

Heinrich Strikler, 
it Sohust, 
lart Keiser, 
as Errich. 


Preidric Hock, 
kus Hess, 
eus UratT, 
Jacob Lutz, 

Jacob Reisch, 
iaii Stosser, 

osius Habermehr, 

Heinrich Printz, 



Adam Fassnaclit, 

Heinrich Leppicli, 
1 Henkel, 
ict Weiss, 

Conrad Geier, 

Geo. Schmaltz, 
»as Herreder, 

Peter Scliarmann, 
nes Selig, 
Jasper Geier, 

Thomas Schiiiit, 

Melchior Lorei, 
nes Apj)el, 

Micliel Oberhauser. 

Geo. Heppel, 
' Bebele, 
nes Danderiscli, 

Christ Maurer, 

arich Scliressler, 
hael Gunkel, 

Peter Bteig<^rwalt. 

Thomas Appel, 
Johan Pliilip Weigand, 
Philip Laaterbach. 
Ciiristian Kneip, 
Johan Nicklaus Hesd, 
Casper Strikier, 
Johannes Stroder, 
Eckhart Keiser, 
Geo. Christ. Eberliart, 
Johannes Pilbertli, 
Jolian Heinrich Lehr, 
Johan Conrad Hock, 
Conrad Lutz, 
Martin Lutz, 
Hans Melchoir Hammer, 
Joliau Geo. Trippner, 
Andreas Messert, 
Jacol) Forster, 
Johannes Webef. 
Johan Heinrich Peter, 
Johannes Conrad, 
Freid. WilheJm Geist, 
Johan Conrad Fassnacht, 
Johan Philip Lehning, 
.Tohan Peter Seppel, 
Johan Cas|>ar Schmit, 
Peter Harting, 
Johan H enrich Geier, 
Jaochim Nagle, 
Johan Michel Schmaltz, 
Johannes Herreder, 
Jacob Engel, 
Geo. Ernst Schmit, 
Johan Rinehart Rohrbach, 
jQhan Heinrich Lorei, 
I^hilip Sultzbach, 
Heinrich Eckel, 
Melchior Heppel, 
Johan Heinrich Heppel, 
Johan Jacob Danderisch. 
Geo. Ernst Maurer, 
Michael Reiffschneider, 
Heinrich Hartweck, 
Johannes Graber, 
Johannes Steigerwalt, 
.Johannes LandgralT, 



Jojmn Jacob Eckart, 
C'Diiratl (iebtiart, 
FirasiiiuH KoHmiberger, 
C^onrmi Wagner, 
Johan PhUip -I'lnK, 
JuhuiiiieH Michlui', 

Melohior Qebhart. 
Johan Adam Oriill, 
Johannes Krebs, 
Johan Daniel Ranfchfr, 
Juliaa Jacob Hetrich. 


Hi'K.NCKii, Mastkb, vnon Roitkrdam, last from JIKAL, 
E>«I,AND. (JUALiiriBD Sbpt. 26, !74U. 

Johan Sickel Kuch, 
JohanntsK Uiitilel. 
Johan Cfpo, Foilel, 
Jnhan Jacob I'ptcrinaii, 
Anilrttas Peter Uelsf, 
JolianiittB Bckul, 
JohiinnHH HuHM, 
HitnN KatrenbHchf", 
Simon Kichtur, 
Vali'iilhi Woljer, 
Jacob Weber, 
Johan Nlcklanx Hehi. 
Johan I'eter KeiMinifer, 


1 Htm 

Martin »e)r, 
I'hUip Jacob Bchmit. 
Johan Heinricli 8]ienf(li'i'> 
Johan Heinrich Fuijh. 
Jacob Kf^lncliall, 
Heinrich Drill, 
Jiii-ol) Miller. 
Heitirich Hclimit. 
Mattlienx Miller. 
Kr.-i<leric Minli-r, 
IVler Hnhii. 
SliLtthi'118 Wngnnr, 
Meltihior Heneilick, 
Micliuel Zin[h-t>ach. 
Johan NlcklaiiH Hchnei<ler. 
Johau IHtiwalt, 
Kihan HaKer. 
Antlion Miller, 

Chriatoph Kach, 
(^brlHtian Fnoha, 
Johan P«ter WeintI, 
J. Christ. Heinrich Beck, 
Jacob tieber, 
rteo. Hoftinan. 
BnHtian Friederich, 
Iiiiilwlg HaHpelharn, 

Johannes Wel>er, 
Jolian 1'hili|i Laoer, 
Joimn KeliiinKer, 
Johan Peter Bckeri', 
Thomas Bohner. 
Aiilhon Mohr, 
Philip Mehre. 
Ptiili|i Jacob Eger, 
Jolian KickeJ Wenti, 
Peter HeLnl>acti, 
Jariil) Brniin, 
AtluiiL (terber. 
Julian Ker|{<l>'tler, 
Bernliard Wacher, 
Wilhelm HolTnmii. 
Jobaones Wagner, 
JohanneH 2walle. 
('as{>iir Hirn, 

1 llnringer. 


. Hei 

.lohan Hf.inricb Weber, 
J.ilmii 1'et.T Schlftlwt, 
beonliaril Waller. 



Adam Ef?art, 

Fried ric Schutz, 

Adam Brunner, 

Valentin Weber, 

Dewalt Schneider, 
Preideric Schweikart, 
Jacob Hitz, 
.Jacob Ncu^s, 
6tephan Bauer, 
Xians Geo. Hartlieb, 
<Jteo. Lump, 
"Weirich Beck, 
•Jacob Roth, 
•Johan Valentin Weber, 
3*aulu8 Hart man, 
«Johan Geo. Liidwig, 

Philip Muller, 

Jacob Diirr, 

Johaii Geo. KrauHH, 

Martin Solle, 

Geo. Jacob Schafer, 
Af ichel Schneitler, 
Johan Fried. Widman, 
Af artin von Konnen, 
Joseph Heinrich Echart, 
nthon Q^hler, 

Jacob Wendling, 

Jacob Briinner, 

Geo. Philip Hertung, 

Johau Martin Kalter, 

Johan Ros8, 

Ludwig' Hitz, 

Christian HoffHtatter, 

Martin Lorch, 

Jacob Frei, 

Peter Dagen, 

Wilhelm Miller, 

Michael Loenhart, 

Heinrich Weber, 

Jacob Krau8<$, 

Johan Heinrich Hartman, 

Michael Kilian, 

Ambrosius Bender, 

JohaimeH Diirr. 

Tobias Lauer, 

Johan Nicklaus Schafer, 

Johannes Enders, 

Baltazer von Konnen, 

Jacob Weidler, 

Johannes Potz, 

Jacob Beck. 

TAIN Robert Mitchell, prom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 27, 1749. 

!Heinrich GroV>, 

Hans Hiich, 
Heinrich Grob, 
Peter Becker. 
Johan Heinrich Brnml, 
Michel Riedelinohs. 
Hans Conrad, sen. , 
Hans Conrad, jnn. , 
Hans Jacob Miigle, 
Heinrich Cjosshart, 
Ulrich Koppe, 
Johan Christ. Scheidle, 

Rudolph Haberle, 
Johannes Grel, 
Felix Miigle, 
Jacob Flehman, 
Andreas Lnik. 
Johannes Sturm, 
Philip Conrad. 
Johan Jacob Stanck, 
Rudolph Feier, 
Albert Schutz, 
Johan Fre<leric Kremer, 
Johan Adam Schreiber. 



BaltiiH Schreiber, 
Clirlhtiau Merkel. 
Jolian Jobler, 
Luuiihart Luacher, 
JulimiiiHH Kliii[>«l. 
Amlreiut Burbart, 
IldiH Ailaiii Maiiror, 
WfiKiel Beck«r, 
Jacob Wiasmtkii, 
Jitliaii I4ickol FelHor, 
Johuti (^u.i|)ar LaiigenberKt^r, 
JdhHii Ailain WolIT, 
Rudolpli Laiidex, 
MattheuH Ecliteriiaiili, 
Ni<;kolai< Fr&iitz (ierlleli. 
Johati FriBilerlc, 
Jolian Heinrit^li Welmanii. 
Johaii Mickttal Ktuinpp, 
Friintz HHiiiiule, 
Ht^tiirirh Hulier, 
Jaitol) Vussler. 
I'liilip Hftlifr, 
JuIiHii H^iiirlcli Beck, 
' [.u<lwig Keni, 
Johaii HKtnrich Kleiin. 
HtTiimii Hniist. 
Joliiin Mctirttiner. 

Michel Fittclier, 
Johan Valentin Btelnlicrg, 
MattheiiH Kohler, 
0«iira<l WulKd, 
(jli^orgu FiHoher, 
Jacob Klippert. 
Joliaiiiitw Hoinnen, 
Julian Wettfl iient, 
Johan Petor Ritt, 
(ieo. Ailam PiMclier, 
JoliaiiiM^K Juiigblind, 
Hejnriiili TianilcH, 
JohantioH Miller. 
JohanneH Laiidert, 
IVter Markliart, 
Julian NickntnH Sendcrlhif!. 
Johttii (Jeo. Schnable, 
Johan Daniel Webpr, 
(thriHiian Hemmle, 
Heinridi Biirkliart. 
JnlianneH Bauer. 
Jyorentz HufTiit^r. 
[,mlwi|; Krelw, 
((ell, SchliiMHer. 
Ji.luiii <(*^i. Bat?, 
Nickfl Becker. 


28, n4a 

Philip LeiiliK, 
Wilhelm Ruhel, 
Heinrich Braiin, 
Jiutol) Hchwah. 
.lacob Wieser, 
Daniel MrJianling, ' 
Helnrich Mock, 
KaiiK Adnin Hacker, 
Michael Httufptt, 
JohaiineH Weber, 

Mi-Jcbior l.uppert, 
Jolian i)iU]irn!<H, 
Jolmii Spi.ler. 
Ji.lum SchwitziT, 
RiKlolpli Virtil, 
Diuiiel Hcblillble, 


r ElH.'r, 

['•iiau Jill 



Jacob Landgraff, 
Michael Zi miner man, 
Thomas Lubeck, 
Johannes Mertz, 
Friederic Meier, 
Lorentz Henger, 
Johan Paul Traub, 
Johan Peter Beissel, 
Martin Eier, 
Engelhart Kuter, 
Johan Philip Falch, 
Jacob Schuri, 
Joseph Gallmann, 
Bernhart Hauk, 
Geo Michael Schartz, 
Hans Rudolph Kittweiler, 
Johan Jacob Krelss, 
Hans Jacob Vogt, 
Johan Ewalt Bayer, 
Christian Schott, 
Joannes Sucher, 
Jacob Pachs, 
Martin Brabneth, 
Michael Breiliach, 
Jacob Schnublien, 
Hans Michel Hank, 
Hans Adam Ness, 
Henrich Voj^t, 
Jacob Hchnell, 
Hans Kuhn, 
Jacob Kohler, 
Johan Jacob Fetter, 
Johannes Hummel, 
Hans Fried. Schaffner, 
Georg Dangeranft, 
Sebastian Schneidmann, 
Johan Paulus Kisenlahr, 
Jacob Sell u pp. 

Johan Fried. Zimmerman, 

Johannes Zimmerman, 

Wendel Keller, 

Andreas Scholl, 

Johan Philip Weber, 

Jacob Lejunes, 

Johan Anthon Schwartzbach, 

Johan Geo. Schreiner, 

Hans Geo. Schoengarten, 

Kraft Hunner, 

Jacob Besselathe, 

Hans Ulrich Busse, 

Blasius Hauk, 

Melchior Auber, 

Conrad Renninger, 

Jacob Scheibethal, 

Caspar Derfenbacher, 

Adam Heinrich, 

Hans Geo. Huber, 

Geo. Heinrich Schott, 

Jacob Weichart, 

Hans Musbrober, 

Hans Schonlien. 

Hans Michel Schuster, 

Michael Gassier, 

Jacob Amman, 

Frantz Ness, 

Johannes V^ogt, 

Aihim Scherer, 

Hans Schutte, 

Nicklaus Matheri, 

Hans Michael Schwab, 

Jacob Schaffner, 

Gottlieb Malter, 

.Johan Philip Hennemaim, 

Conrad Meier, » 

Johannes Dummer. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Jacob Cap- 
tain Adolph DeUROVE, prom Amsterdam, Last from 
Shields, England. Qualified Oct. 2, 1749. 

Joban Jacob Sinn, 
Friedrich Buchel, 
Hans Geo. Hoffman, 
Christ. Fursner, 
Conrad Lauster, 
Martin Wolff, 
Johan Heinrich Hergert, 
Joliannes Huber, 
Geo. Bachart, 
Joseph Ritter, 
Paul Lelinff. 
Geo. Michel Laubiujj^er, 
Freideric Pforsing, 
Jacob Uh-ich, 
Joh'annes Becker, 
Conrad Riese, 
Martin Bleiineir, 
Freideric Hoffman, 
Johan Conrad Leithauser, 
Peter Seitz, 

Christian Freid. Haberlea, 
Geo. Schwiegert, 
Johan Geo. Stein, 
.lacob Riilir, 
Bernhart Gilbert, 
Simon (xrassmann, 
.Johannes Meier, 
Marcus Giinner, 
Geo. Karl Rupert. 
Friedrich Seidler, 
MatthHUs Hartman, 
Johan Heinnch'Rahm. 
Hans (Teo. Menig, 
Jacob Kaut/man, 
Johan Geo. Heinrich, 
Johan Adam Hiltenbeitel, 
Johan Martin Eiholtz, 
Freideric Detsalt, 
Adam Schneidei*, 
Johan Michel Schneider, 
Hans Michel (rjirtner, 
Christoph Heible, 

Johan Geo. Sinn, 
Hans Geo. Keplinger, 
Geo. Christian Spangler, 
Friederic Walles, 
Philip Sturm, 
Michael Miller, 
Geo. Hoffman. 
Johan Christoph Kress, 
Johan Geo. Steigle<ler, 
Johan Conrad Leling, 
Hans Geo. Kraft, 
Jacob Fleischmanu, 
Johan Heinrich Knoss, 
Daniel Freisinger, 
Johannes Roth, 
Geo. E be r hart, 
Jacob Sinder, 
Eberhart Wiednieier, 
Martin Treibel. 
Martin Kirch, 
Hans Geo. Bauer, 
Jacob Traut, 
Jacob Gilbert, 
Lorentz Hoch. 
Johan .Facob Biir, 
Adam Fachler, 
Hans Philip SchusteV, 
Heinrich Rupert, 
Wilhelm Hoffman, 
Johannes Rahm, 
Heinrich Kramer, 
Johan Geo. Huntzinger, 
Gottfried Samuel Waltzer, 
Johannes Adam Baumann, 
Adam Eiholtz. 
Valentin Philij), 
Johan Wend el Kuhner, 
Johannes Zimmerman, 
Heinrich Wirth, 
Johan Jacob Keil, 
Baltazer Bauer, 
Peter Seller, 



Philip Stumpf, 
Johannes SchletteTer, 
Jacob Hieble, 
Johan Creo. Grotlier, 
Melchior Wolfart, 
Johannes Volk, 
Hans Micheal Gintner, 
Matt hens Dotter, 

Johannes Hartman, 
Johan Adam Roth, 
MeJchior Vogelinann, 
Joseph Volk, 
Johan Geo. Stiirner. 
Nicklaus Dotter, 
Martin Dotter, 
Claude Reinalt. 

List ok Forkigners Import 
tain j. bai.lknd1nk, from 
7, 1749. 

(.'onrad Valentin, 
Wendel Wahl, 
Christoph Geij5enl>erger, 
Peter Grunenwald, 
Christoph Esoh, 
Johan Adam Mauer, 
Johannes Wessuer, 
Freideric Schott, 
Rudolph HolTman, 
Johan Philip Krissmann, 
( -iispar Klein, 
Johan JiKtol) Met/, 
Friederic Fnchs, 
Anthoii Koch, 
Peter Kraut, 
Peter Kurtz, 
Johan Paul Wicker! . 
.loluin Peter Stinnnel, 
.fohan (feo. Kind, 
Wendel Jung, 
Johan Michel Messemer, 
Friederic Mai, 
Simon Hiiumj^artner, 
(rottfried Grunt/.weig, 
Philip Klein, 
Johau Jacob Erigler, 
Johannes Becker, 
Valentin Patri, 
Peter Imsweiler, 
Jacob Hiirberger, 

KD IN THK Ship Lkslik, Oap- 


Hans Hanich, 
Jacob Hammel, 
Martin Andreas, 
Ulrich Jehle, 
Johannes Hess, 
Martin Stossern, 
Mattheus Kraus, 
Johannes Eckmann, 
Heinrich Mohler, 


Peter Klein, 
Johan Herman Metz, 
Johan Gerhart Neimann. 
Jost l*aul ( 'Onratl (xrober, 
Michael Schmeier, 
Philip Mauer, 
Johan Peter Wickert, 
Martin Sclnvenk, 
(^mrad WoltT, 
Martin Kind, 
Christoph Junj^, 
Johannes Richter, 
Baltzer Sell mid, 
Michael Klee, 
Hans Geo. ScheifTelen. 
Johan Diehlklein, 
Wendel Schmeltzer, 
Johan Wilhelm Arrendt, 
Jiicob HofTman, 
Anthon Petersheimer, 
Michael Huvet, 


Jiu-ob W<»iniiier, 
rhrJHtlftii Meleliart, 
1'liiliii Kitroher, 
Jiilmii J»ci>b Banniiif, 
Johan Ailain Kurl. 
Uicliut-1 Kiint/,, 
JoliftTi RiKlolphMiillf: 

Jimoh KreutB, 
Hottfrii?<l Hiiiilercr, 


. Ui.1 


Sti^phivii He|>i>. 
((,'orK Hejip, 
JohHiiiiea Mil Her. 
Val.-iiMii Bwhier, 
HatiH (inn. Bnxlhonk, i 
lii-nrg Miiller, 
Joliniiiit^H l^mif. 
Johan Pliilip Siip[H>r, 
.[ai-(>b Mauorur, 

Philip Hftiipc. 
JVler Miller. 

Jowt Biigf ler, 
Johiiii NickoliiHMfi>T, 
Hehirlcli Hriih. 
f'hrirtriuii Schnfiilcr, 
tlfo Hcihinit. 
Nickoltw Dierrich, 

Michael Woiiiiiier, 

Chrjxt. A<laiu Mnller, 

JoliaiineH I^feil, 

Johan Michel Thenlmtil, 

Julian Philip Mutthiu)', 

Jauob St ran 08, 

Peter VV«lKir. 

Jolmii Jacob Walter, 

(iottfrieti Roinmel. 

Geo. Martin Hausser, 

Kcrnliaril Uepp, 

Jacob Leon hard, 

,IohaiiiieH Warnijr, 

Conrad Hehkr. 

HaiiBfieo. Brodbeck, jnn., 

Johan Rndolph BwpM. 

AndreaH Hllpl>er, 

Johan Adam DiirfQiiii;. 

Barlolouiai MertK, 

Adam Stiniiin, 

Jont PiKcher, 

Jacob Jiiger, 

Johau Uinehart Huhni, 

Jacob Meier, 

Johan Adam Bath. 

Freideric Bender. 

NickoliiiiH DrenhiH, • 

Johan IiiidwiK Beni^rfxH, 

I'hilip Adam. 

Johan Chrintoph Facti]<ir. 


Jacob Bnch. 
Johannes Beck. 
Mii-Iiael Kipp. 
Heinrich Hiibner, 
tieo. Wa«iier, 
Andretut GembW. 

tStephan Maiwoh, 
Heiiirkh Bechner, 
I.eoiihard Meier, 
(ie<t (,'<)nrail Blown, 
Helnrifh Thoniaf, 
Bernhart Miller, 
Helnrlch HMaer, 



Hans Peter Schinit. 

•Johannes Hauswirth, 
X>avid Bast, 

Bf Jcliael Steinborn, 
Johannes Ohliger, 

^dam Woliner, 

Hen rich Schafer, 

Philip A molt, 

Johannes Ariiolt, 

ikeo. Siiuon Bressler, 

(i^eo. Bressler, 

Heinrich Koch, 

Nicholas Simon. 

Liudwi^ Herniun, 
Af iohael Schack. 
^Vilhelm Schack, 
^Johannes Oberle, 
Oonrad Gluck, 
«Johan Geo. Schreiber, 
JPeter Rapp, 
Johan Geo. Haiuiiier, 
-Ambrose Kemerle, 
^Riichael Nosser, 
«Johan Heinrich Hettich, 
•Johannes Schmit, 
Thilip Huhne, 
Xiudwig Flach, 
31ans Michael Seitz, 

Daniel Bock, 

Andreas Vogler, 

Johannes Bartb, 

Jacob Schantz, 

Jacob Bauer, 

Michael Bastian, 

Caspar Dorn, 

(ieorg Kurchner, 

Wilhelm Liible, 

Johannes Hiuimelreich, 

Johan Jacob Weiden, 

Peter Kratringer, 

Geo. Jacob Scheirinann, 

Valentin Schalles, 

Geo. Vojcler, 

Hans Geo. Ran, 

Andreas Reinhart, 

Johan Philip Hausenmnn, 

Joseph Bailer t, 
Conrad Liess, 
Johan Michael Bast, 
Geo. Lambert, 
Johan Peter Klement/., 
Rinehart He«s, 
Jacob Adams, 
Peter A molt, 
Jacob Kneiss, 
Nlckolas Bressler, 
Michael Borth, 
Ferdinand Jung, 
Christian Lentz, 
Michael Barth. 
Jacob Schack, 
Geo. Jacob Wagner, ^^ 
Johan Peter Oberle, 
Conrad Kohl, 
Geo. Heinrich Wiist, 
Cornelis Van Stareren, 
Johan Jacob Messer, 
Michael Peter, 
Hans Geo. Huff, 
Mattheus Keller, 
Johannes Scherer, 
Conrad Geidlinger, 
Jacob Schweinfurth, 
Hans Jacob Schumacher, 
Johannes Vogt, 
Johan Jacob Kahn, 
Baltzer Kiel, 
Hans Griisch, 
Carl Schantz, 
Peinrich Miller, 
Nicklaus Schaffer, 
Johan Ulrich, 
Johan Adam Liible, 
Joseph G^bhart, 
Adam Lotz, 

Johan Philip Ohlweiler, 
Johannes Koch, 
Johan Geo. Lutz, 
Bai^tian Schalles, 
Johannes Rau, 
Johannes Weiss, 
Nickolaus Moloth, 



Mielmel Wlltr, 

PItlHp Unrlin Haininel, 

Bt-rnhurt Strouiiuger. 

Jacob Uhuf r, 

David Keliii, 

Joliuiinea (jiclir>«ii, 

Wilhelm Karl. 

fluorg Hrelnig, 

Ju<!o)> Briickfir, 

(inorg KmsHen, 

f'lirlxtlan Selilor, 

NlcliuliiH Fontohlierg, 

(ivo. Ludwitf HofTiuaii. 

Jolinti Peter HliikenaiiBr, 

Johuii Sluplian I>«iterich, 

Jolmii Niokd Klelu, 

('hrJHtian Carl BranilkomiiK, 

.liihan U)ir)tilop)i Heide, 

Jacob Kaiitz. 

Jacob Bt-rtHcli, 

Philip Koilemer. 

Jolian Daviil Waltmr, 

Ja<M>li Btadler. 
Jacob Donner, 
MatttieuH Sohelffleii, 
Stephiui Bti<-ireliiieit>r, 
CiiriHtiaii HenU. 
Iiortiiilz Wttller, 
Fr«iderio Doll, 
Heo. ChriHtopIi Uiillcr, 
Miehael Krucker, 
f-feorg Kiiiner, 
Fnniaiidex Tholl, 
Ct«u. KutlieiibiirK, 
Valentin KelW, 
Valentin Schweitzer, 
Jolian Mioliael Mintz, 
Joliaii Martin Helde, 
JoIianiieH tjtnrin, 
Michael Kaiitz, 
Matthens Hiiller, 
Aiidreati Eeker, 
Rnpert Haug. 


Danikl NicnoLAS. Mastkk, khom Rottkbdam, i,ast vhou 

PORTSMOl'TH. EXdLANn. QlTAMKlKD ()CT, 17, 1749. 

Hantt OfO. WombiK'h, 
Conrad Kolh, 
)>eter Tlartiiianri. 
Fi-llx (ifarton, 
Aiirlreas HertK, 
Hunx Peter f+oltn, 
Michael Schmit, 
I'ctur Tuchiiiun, 
Hciiirlch Jacob, 
HanH Ueo. Htamlnicli, 
Daviit Kreidiiielr. 
Phil]]) FiM!her, 
David Schantz, 
JohaimeH Btcibler, 
Htephaii Puniiaiiu, 

Martin Siilmitter, 
NicklaiiH Brioknev. 
Wilb..rt Oambert, 
Jo)ianne« (lainber, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Withehu Man^eK, 
Hanx Danzal. 
Christiiian Tiirhnian, 
HanH Mic]i«I Kiint£, 
Conriu) Eiigdl. 
.Iiilian Leoriliard Balthtv. 
Heinrlch Hubert, 
Valentin Bender. 
Andreax Birker. 
Jnlnin Adam Hteibli-r, 
P«ter Fl seller. 



«lacob Fischer, 

Andreas Kirchner, 

•Johannes Sauter, 

Heinrich Fischer, 

l^eter Diehl. 

«Johan Wahl, 

"Willieliu HofTiuan, 

Abraham A lies, 

•Johannes Bigler, 

JeLCol) Reiber, 

Peter Groh, 
Tobiatf Horlin, 
Haltiis Schneider, 
Johan Geo. Km in Ian f, 
O-eorg Scheid, 
I-Ians Micliael Hai<iers, 
l^ans Nickel Hadienschild, 
Simon Eschbach, 
Jacob Gruinbach. 
•Tohan Adam Meier, 
Johan Martin Forster, 
^ Johan Andretis Wagner, 
Johan Heinrich Tlieis, 
€Hea. Heinrich Witter, 
Johan Jacol) Wiirth, 
IBastian Gernandt, 
Johannes Hoffman, 

Hans Geo. Gebhart, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Johannes Ram|:>el, 
.Facob Griess, 
.Johan Niclilaus Weiner, 
Andreas EmmerHng, 
Johan Jacob A lies, 
At)raham Reiber, 
Adam Sprengel, 
Simon Metzger. 
Johan Simon Groh, 
Anthon Zurch, 
Conrad AVissraan, 
Conrad Scheid, 
Geo. Heinrich Scheid, 
Heinrich Haiders, 
Conrad K rum bach, 
Caspar I ha, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Hans Michel Kohler, 
Johannes Eberle. 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Wilhelm Zimmerle, 
Johan Geo. Schneider, 
Philip Jjorentz Zimmerle. 
Arnold Klehass, 

XisT OF FoRKiaxKRs Impoiitkd tx thk Ship Faxk, Captain 
William Hyndman, fkom Rottkrdam. (Qualified Oct. 
17, 1749. 

Christophel GralT, 
Christoph Willert, 
Gottleib Sohner, 
Samuel Hein. Abendscbone, 
Christian Abendscbone, 
Christoph Altrieth, 
Jacob Schneider, jnn. , 
Christian Reiner, 
Adam Seifert, 
Michael Binner, 

20-VOL. XVII, 

('hristoph Graff, 
Johan Martin Offner, 
Tobias Maiich, 
Reinhold Abendscbone, 
Gottfried Baumgiirtner, 
Jacob Schneider, sen , 
Teonhart Lang, 
Geo. Reiner, 

Johan Heinrich Gerlach, 
Hans Geo. Huber, 




■lolian Oeo. Hubor, 
Paul Qeiger, 
Johannea Ijchillint;, 
JolianAdau KilinifKr, 
(ieOTg U either, 
LudwlK TreiDer, 
Leo nh art Plantz, 
Jacob Plautz, 
Joat Baamanehaus, 
Holnrioh Beiiner. 
Ariiilt Althaus, 
Joltannea Benner, 
.lost Wuber, 
Qnort; St en Iter, 
Conrad K renter, 
Ernst KUnker, 
Johaii Heinrich Rentzel, 
JiihanrieB Oross, 
Wilhelm Sobittz. 
J. Eiigel Stoekmanii. 
Johan Caspar Kit* hi, 
JohannuB Klein, 
Johunntta Pfeil, 
Johan Graffhof, 
Jacob Hahn, 
Oonra<) Zeller, 
MiohactI Meier, 
ChriHtoph Sahneiiler. 
Martin Miller, 
Johan Marrin Ht>er, 
Christian Dainser, 
Martin Peterle, 
Jacob KlHling, 
Weo. Priederic Hiihn, 
Ham net Beck. 
Mel Rh lor Hnokmanii. 
Johannea Olgeyer, 
Heinrich Stirf, 
Hans Oeo. Kern, 
Hann Jacob Keller. 
Melchior Rah in, 
Jolian Preideric Reiner. 
Willielin ClauHseniuti, 
Oottfrmd DlBti. 
Jacob AdaiD Kraut, 

, i'axpar Wagner, 
Ueo. Michel Haaa, 
Jucob Btier, 
Chriatian Stein, 
Adam Hugle, 

Johan Chrlstoph Wettwein, 
Jolian Leonhart Uauaser, 
Johan Jacob Schneider, 
Gea Jacob Plantx, 
Jacob Weigantl, 
Heinrich Misse, 
Ludwig Beniier, 
Herman Weher, 
Conra<l Stenger, 
Conrad Kram, 
Johun Chrlatoph Kliuni, 
Daniel Uarburger, 
JoHt Willielm Bentzel, 
Anthon Spies. 
Johan Httiniioh Schmtlt, 
Johan Pliilip Stockman, 
Jacob Klein, 
Darnel Benner, 
Johannes Wahl, 
Johan Geo. Zacharlae, 
Jacob Zeller, 
Joliannea Zeller, 
Martin Siihneider, 
Johan Martin Hauaser, 
Martin Wltierle, 
Johun Martin Reiaaer. 
Chriatoph Weiraer, 
Johanneti Peterle. 
Hans Qeo, Meier, 
Hana Jacob Ploacher, 
Johannes Fischer, 
CaHper Kesaler. 
Hans Jacob Stiiti, 
Hana NordholT, 
Hana Philip Rieber, 
Melcliior Keinhold, 
Nickol Kaier. 
Christian Reiner, 
I'aiil Miller. 
Ulri<^li Heininger, 
Johan Conrad Birn, 



Johan Friederic Sting, 

Xorien Eisele, 

Johan Barnhart Jung, 

Leonhart Jung, 
Johannes Kreiner, 
Conrad Hirsch. 


Hbnj. Boswell, Master, prom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Nov. 9, 1749. 

Johan ChriBtoph Besmer, 
Joseph Hausman, 
Johan Adam Kurtz, 
Johannes Kriemer, 
Johannes Heininger, 
Mattheus Plenninger, 
Jacob Masner, 
Christian Pflngstag, 
Geo. Heinrich Steinel, 
Jacob Reinhold, 
Johannes Seirutscheok, 
Johannes Kessler, 
Heinrich Seider. 

[ans Geo. Besmer, 
Johannes Hausman, 
X^aulus Hausman, 
X^udwig Mertz, 
reter Fetzer, 
Jacob Heininger, 
liudwig Stumm, 
Kans Geo. Kuntzehnann, 
Michael Jung, 
Oeorg Meier, 
Peter Mattem, 
Freideric Bascler, 
Lad wig Wenantz, 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Patience, C apt. 
Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 
Qualified Aug. 11,. 1750. 

Henrich Leniz, 

St«phan Beck, 
Peter Groff. 
Andreas Muller, 
Jacob Jacob i, 
Matheias Jacobi, 
Jacob Burkard, 
Jacob Conrath, sen., 
Daniel Miller, 
Samuel Werner, 
Peter Wieland, 
Jacob Heckendorn, 
Hans Jacob Graff, 
Johan Nickel MuUer, 

Christoflf Bener, 
Georg Schned, 
Adam Jacobi, 
Peter Jacobi, 
Jacob Bar, 
Jacob Conrath, jr., 
Jacob Reichert, 
Johannes Halm, 
Hans Peter Treger, 
Hans Peter Graflf, 
Johannes Peter Klein, 
Johan Nickel Cuntz, 


JoU. WilhHliii Fuchs, 
Jtihan Peter Fiti, 
Joli. Hunncli Iiein«wel>er. 
Oliristiuii lllricli heiit/, 
Jolitui ritKiri; Kdlteiiiikii, 
(xi'Org Frimlericli (J-roli. 
Frieilerieh Waltwr, 
Jiicob DaiiiiKther, 
J. MiHrne) Leulicl), 
<iei>rg A (I nil I Eckart, 
Joliiui Willieliu Whatin, 
Jiiliniinen Nickel Heiirioh, 
Johaiiiies Ailum Lnuch, 
Joliuiiu Nickel BrcxI, 
Joliiiit Nickel Htwlier, 
Joiiau 1'efer Dieilricli,' 
Philili Jiicoh Miirvii, 
HanH Gmiri; Eslin|{er, 
Pt'ter Jiinge, 
Ji«!ob ynliwob, 
iieo. Ailara Eckerdt, 
KiUthnHar Vettermaii, 
(.'onnnl V el ten, 
NickluK Miihteyxeti, 
Heiirlcb ReiiUiardt, 
Christopb Fritz, 
Henri«li dfeorg, 
MiitlieiiH ObiTkii'NRh, 
Jjiiiob Hereiiiot. 
Aiiilreiu ItoNt. 
Johaniieit Kit^'liby, 
Frieilei'irh liiTMt, 
KlcpliKii I'olHnii, 
Cbri^tiati Bhinilt, 
Jucnb Ke«ll<-iilhal, 
Jolinniies I'lthu, 
<'ii.H|ier (ireiter, 
HuuH UmTK Sing. 
JohaiiiieH liauinttiirtner. 
Joh. AiitlrenH MiihWlilu(,'<-l, 
Joban Phlliii Oht. 
Friederii'b Menrlcli, 
Daviil Htailelinayer, 
Johuii Ailain Fetzer, 

Joh. ChrJHt.oph Ojiri>riuojt, 
Johnii l)uvi<] Jiinge, 
Joh. Coiinwi W.iim.., 
(!)iriittoph Kntteinaii. 
Joh. Jiiciib Itu|>i)ol(ll, 
Johan Cieorft Uuder, 
(Jarl Vnlltiiite, 
llaiis Michael M^lber. 
Jubati Ueorg Buuer, 
Joban C'hristoiih Klltitz, 
Ji>baii Aniolii Keiiibiirt, 
Johaiili IVter Schiit/.. 
Jollall Ja<:ob Welril'-ll. 
Joiiuii Mii^hel C-onrail, 
Jo ha II Jiicoli IjUHbeti, 
Joban Ninkel Jiin);, 
Joiian Frieiierich I'feil. 
Mit'.bael Jiiii);e, 
Ot'ors IjOii<lif{. 
Joh. Pet*-r Wobiier, 

Ja<;c.l> MiilileVHeii, 
Willi.Hm l>if<lric-)i, 
JohiiiiiicH Kiiller, 
Jacob I.eiitfl, 
CiiriKtirtii M.mer, 
Niklas Coiirail. 
Ahrahiim Kitiier. 
PiiiiliiM Ite.vlaiiilt, 
Peter I'olitiid, 
Peter I'oh/,. 
HiiiiK Kiiu'fTiiTau, 
P]iili|. Frfiber. 
Micliae] Jniicker, 
JohanneN Rfihle, 
Antlioii ncrfuHs. 
Johan Conrml DroHx, 
Hiiii>" Ciforg NaKfl, 
John Daviil (iiir^feri, 
fii'iirsc FrcffiTick Hniig, 
Joli. AiliLtii SatHon, 
-lohaTi Mat)i*?iM lieorg, 
Joiian Micliat-i I-elb, 
HiirtliolomiL r,ent7,t(fer, 
Joltnii Ailain Btiehl, 



Joh. A]brecht Velter, 
Johau Adam Dentzell, 
Johan Jacob Miiller, 

Johannes Esbenstein, 
Johau David Limbech, 

JLiiST OF Foreign KP5 Tmportkd in thk Ship Bknnet Gally, 
John Wadham, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth. Qualified August 13, 1750. 

•Jacob Lange, 
X8€hac Giinst,* 
Cieorg Acker, 
<Jarl Gustav, 
Teter Biichs, 
«Jacob Valentine, 
!Bentz Hoony, 
~Bastian Ledig, 

Hans Riighty, 

Peter Fiinck, 

Michael Knntz, 

Johannes JHIey, 

Dewald Want 1 in, 

Jacob Keiss, 

Hans Michael Beyer, 

Johan Georg Ott, 

John Frieflrich Ott, 

Johan Adam Haj'er, 

Michael Tseiiman, 

Johannes Philip Schmir, 

Heinerich Lieninger, 

Johann Michael Kloss, 

H. Jacob Sander, 

Christolt Grindler, 

Wendel Insel, 

Johannnes Jacob, 

Guilliaiime Gnnser, 

Casper Stat tier, 

Hans Georg Wetzel, 

Hans Georg Schenckel, 

Hans Peter Peters, 

Georg Friederich Hoon, 

Hans Michael Hetzel, 

Henrich Jacob Vanderburg, 

Hans Michael Roth, 

Adolph Riehl, 

Jacob Dencker, 

Michael Gallater, 

Johannes Koch, 

Jacob Lazarus, 

Peter Gutman, 

Balzer Leibrock, 

Jacob SchiilTer, 

^icklaus Merklin, 

Andreas Miiller, 

Hans Dii ringer, 

Benjamin Kelhover, 

Friedrich Reiss, 

Johannes Hoon, 

Hans Jacob Silander, 

Joh. Jacob Shiitzlin, 

Johan Jacob Wii[)pel, 

Johan David Nenman, 

Hans Georg Baldespargel, 

Hans Peter Shrantz. 

Johan Frantz Fries, 

D. Carl Gottlieb Diesbergen, 

Joseph tick. 

Adam StetTan, 

Martin Bender, 

Peter Merckel, 

Uhlerich Steiner, 

Hans Bergher, 

Hans Gerg Hallifas, 

Johann Georg Siiss, 

Hans Georg Hoon, 

Georg Friederich Hetzel, 

Hans Michel Reber, 

Christoflf Ackerman, 

Julius Friederich Vollandt, 



Johan George Roinster, 
Hans Georg Kei chart, 
Christian Fried. Knauss, 
Hans Adam Miller, 
Benedict Peter, 
Peter Lazarus, 
Diebolt Bohwenok, 
J. Adam Brunsholtz, 
Hans Michael Bonet. 
Joh. Phil. Jacob Schott, 
Johannes Miller, sick, 
H. Nioklas Blader, siok, 

Hans Georg Shlaybour, 

Hartman Leibengut, 

Huns Michael Hell, 

Georg Jacob Briinsholtz, 

Adam Fixe, 

Georg Lees, 

Hans Mich. Leby, 

Hans Thomas Leininger, 

Johan Nickel Jost, 

Johann Georg Hafer, 

Friederich Lauderbrunn, sick. 

Henry Peter, siok. 

List ok Forkignbrs Imported in thr Ship Edinburgh, 
Jamks Russbll, Captain, from Hottrrdam, last frdm 
Portsmouth. Qualified Aug. 13, 1750. 

Johann Corngibel. 
Johannes Beyer, jr. , 
J. Georg Kirshner, 
Stoffel Brnning, 
Jost Schneider, 
Thomas KIoss, 
Andreas Kuoh, 
Goorg SchufTer, 
Michael Lemer, 
Jacob SchufTer, 
Joahnnes Delcher, 
Jacob Werntx, 
Jacob I^anish, 
Jacob IjOcIi, 
Andreas Ditz. 
Johann Seybert Gertz, 
Johann Philip Heck, 
Joh. Peter Seyfert, 
Johan Georg Flour, 
Peter Marcus, 
Gettlieb Wyda, 
Michael Heinle, 
Conrad Haffer, 
Frantx Cuntz, 
Peter Spongier, 
SeverimoB Sheffer, 

Johannes Beyer, 
Michel Hamburgeis, 
Valentin, Sosttel, 
Ludwig Gassier, 
Thomas Kegel, 
Hen rich Kloss, 
Jacob Moler, 
Johannes Wein, 
Daniel Klein, 
Johan Fasnacht, 
Johannes Delcher, 
David Herbster, 
Georg Heyle, 
Casper Strohl, 
Philip Conrad Anmiiller, 
Johann H enrich Lotz, 
Casper Briining, 
Jolian Georg Rabe, 
Johann Georg Miiller, 
Conradt Bi')hm, 
Casper Mug, 
Peter Oollep, 
Theobald Ciintz, 
Johannes Shmit, 
Christian Kempt, 
Jacob Schaffner, 



Jacob Michael, 

Anthony Heanz, 

Xadwig Bauer, 

l^icklaus Bard, 

Philip Balbierer, 

Thomas Bough, 

Casper Conradi, 

Johanu Rudelbaoh, 

Casper Dieffebacher, 

Johannes Wolsch lager, 

Simon Peter Fernantz, 

Henry Daumer, ^ 
Johan Adam Stein, 
Johann Georg Klein, 
X^orentj: Baustein, 
T*hilipu8 Biicksell, 
•Johannes Feuerstein, 
•Johan Herman Dippel, 
'Wendel Renninger, 
^Frederick Brinkmau, 
Andreas Spiel man, 
"Valentin Reisster, 
Teter Nees, 
Andreas Keanig, 

Philip Shmith. 

^Johannes Kniss, 

Jacob Flug. 

Johannes Philips, 

Jacob Bonnerberg, 

Simon Merckle, 

Johannes Mohl, 

Johann Martin Schiiflfer, 

Johan Christofifel Scharflf, 

Johannes Schmidt. 

Johan Georg T)um, 

Johannes MoIIer, 

Johann Bernhard Christ, 

Jacob Vornwald, 

Johan Fried. Heilbrunn, 

Ludwig Schreiner, 

Christ. Sam. Bach man, 

Joh. Ludwig Seysser, 
O Hans Adam Wagner, 

Ludwig Spannagel, 

Johan Henry Shoman, 

Geoi-g Sebastian Krausser. 

Jacob Walter, 
Nicklas Spiri, 
Henry Coller, 
Jacob Metziger, 
Philip Begtholt, 
Friederich Hoflfmann, 
Valentin Ehrtzrieth, 
Michael Matinger, 
Johann Jacob Brang, 
Johan Ulrich Daumer, 
Nickolaus Wolff, 
Johan Casper Rotter, 
Johan Philip Holsel, 
Christophel Mohr. 
Johannes Gertz, 
Johan Peter Leib, 
Hans Georg Renninger, 
Johannes Bjlert, 
Ludwig Pretzman, 
Daniel Meerbagh, 
Peter Sickenberger, 
Henrich Pilgram, 
Peter Bolire, 
Carle Keanig, 
Nicklas Hirt, 
Christian Haffner, 
Nicklas Spring, 
Andreas Bensell, 
Jacob Merckle, 
Carl Stedt, 

Johann Gottlieb Rabi, 
Johan Georg Holtzer, 
Samuel Falckenhahn, 
Johan Philip Stang, 
Johannes Haflfner, 
Christofifel Moller, 
Johan Adam Huber, 
Georg Fried. Heilbrunn, 
Johan Daniel Bilbel, 
Wilhelm Schreiner, 
Joh. Ludwig Widtmann, 
Johan Georg Esch, 
Georg Adam Holsel, 
Johan Adam Regel, 
Andreas Brand ner, 
Johan Ludwig Ehrhart, 


JoliaimBB PfiBter, 
' l>et(<r Schniit, 

Matthias Heiw, 
Nicola us O-crlaoh, 
UtiltriGli Kaatz. 

List op FoRBiaNKits Impohtkh in thk Ship Royal Unios, 

JiLdob Grol), 

Jacob Karner, 
Adam Btauli. 
Piiilip Prike, 
<;onra<lt Arnoldt, 
HniiH WuertK, 
Aiithoni Emricli, 
Martin Sclinsiiclc, 
Aniln-an HoU. 
(iottliob Utz. 
MathiiiaH Eyrich, 
Joliaiin fjeorg, 
JaiHili Steeblv, 
M<!l4el Faiwt." 
Jacob Shiiiitl), 
Nickel FuMH. 
Joliaiinee Hartinaii, 
naiiit;l Diiili, 
Herman Schwamni. 
Julian Conrad ScliclTer, 
(JlirlHtofTel Uermati, 
W^inlel Bret^ 
Pliilip Bauer, 


I Fiill«r. 

CliriHtiai) Runt-, 
FriMJurich I'utT, 
Joliaiiiie8 Mieitcli, 
Martin IiuholT, 
Jacob WwkiiiK. 
Antlum Kridwr, 
P«t(!r Wolff. 
Frantz Frunnliolt7_ 
Valentin (i. Bout, 
OeurK Hoffmann, 

Jolin Brenliant-r, 
J. J. O. J>Tii'Hch, 
Casper Schmidt, 
Hans Prik«. 
Janoli Slelir, 
Matlieati Rost, 
Daniel Bruun, 
AndreaH Hitaf, 
Adam Loii){. 
Micliael Byrlcli, 
Ft'lix Jung. 
Pliilip Eberhart, 
Man in Bolindtt. 
Abraham Gerliart, 
Petur Hanibro. 
MathoaH FeKbi-l}', 
pHffr Mann, 
' Johann Wilhelm L6.;hm 
l-'rederick Bchailzer, 
Btepljan Miarllcli, 
Pliili|) Dick, 
Phlli]) Fuchs, 
Johannea Kaiier, 
Marrin Rtibbert, 
Jacf)!) Han<iHliy, 
PHi'dorich Miesch, 

JoHi'llh Zll(t. 

JoliiinneH Willar, 
Valentin ^<;J)nl•;ltl'.e^ 
.lohanneH PalHer, 
I'lillij. W.ild^, 
Philip Wilh^rt^bacb. 
Philip Jai^ob Btiimjifil, 
Fri.Mleridi Jacob Cnniir 
Flans William Btalily, 



Henrv Ullv Statilv, 

•Jolian Peter Dick, 
Nicol Merckhiiusser, 

Henrich Hauenstein, 
Andreas Hertzo^j, 

Uustav Friederioh 8chleider, 
Michael LuttmaD. 

Johan Martin Scliwartz, 

Joliann Georg Utz, 

IJernhard CEsterle, 

Johan Jacob Ebenth, 

Matheis Bernhardt, 

Johann Adam Berger, 

Hans Martin Wurtz. 
.fohan Georg Fitler, 
Joachim Wilhelm Storck, 
Johan Michael HolHch, 
Johan Priederich Breach, 
Riin<m Leyteker, 
Henrich Muller, 
Jonas Vogt. 
Andreas Roth, 
Johann Gelberee, 
JIartin Shoiib, 
^Vilhehn Muller. 
Johan Adam Kern, 
Johan Pliiiip Liidwig, 

J. Nickolaus Sanger, 

Joh. Nicolaus Werking; 

Johann Adam Schraeltzer, 

Philip Wendel Opp, 

Johannes Gamber, 

Kih'an Ganther, 

Isaac AVidiiier, 

Henrich Wolfif, 
Achior Oebler. 
Jacob Rincker, 
Priederich Keeper, 
Henry Smith, 
T*athv AVevss, 
Henrv Troll v, 

Johan Heinrich Kautzinann, 
Z^^Veirich Wagner, i 
Jacob Thnmy, 
X^hilip Bruner, 

Johan Andreas Jiingst, 

Dielmtm Fuchs, 

Johan Dietrich Duey, 

Hans Michael Bauersachs, 

Hieronymus Schleider, 

Heinrich Holtzman, 

Hans Georg Young, 

Peter Ulrich Bauer, 

Hans Adam Kautzmann, 

Joh. Priedeirch Glassbrenner, 

Ludwig von der Sclimidt, 

Johann Michael Schiil, 

G. Adam Renecker, 

Philip Peter Theyl, 

Frie<l. Christ. Koppe))erger, 

Johan Philip Kirschbaum, 

Johann Peter Perster, 

Johannes Triimper, 

Jacob Beensly. 

Wilhelm Discher, 

Heinrich Bauer, 

Priederich Siiber, 

Hans Shoub, 

Johann Christian Dney, 

Johann Millerschurl, 

Johaini Jacob Helwig, 

G. Michael Kraus, 

Johann Peter Schneider, 

Johannes Schnebli, 

Joliannes Christ. Br.ammeret, 

Priederich Wolflf, 

Matthlius Bastenme\ er, 

Johann Peter Benner, 

Johannes Rohr, 

Jacob Crebler. 

Jacob Rorrer, 

Melchior Keeper, 

Johannes Ziind, 

Henrich Feltv, 

RudolfT Sherrer, 

Jacob Bercher. 

Henrv Wevss, 

Hans Scheurer, 

Henry Brinker, 

Casper Waldy, 

Jost Punck, 



JoliaiineH Knoli. 
Aritliiiiiy Siuler. 
Jofitpli Shoiuony, 
Honry Sifry, 
(jteorg Prall, 
Tobias Pftater. 
,T»(M>b Lotttntter, jr.. 
Jnliaiineii Tiimy, 
Abraltain Arb, sen., 
JolmnneH HouBiter, 
HaiiB Jacob Meyer, 
T.enhart Priily, 
Haiih (ieoTg M«yer, 
H<!Dricb Koch, 
Hnns Conrad Stelninan, 
Jomiph Tjengenhar, 
Frieilerich Specht, 
Jacob Haselxr, 
HniiM (itiOTg Shan, 
Juhannes Weld man, 
Abraham Iid Oberstiieb, 
Huiifl Jacoli Bar. 
Ludwlg Kngel, 
Ulilt-rieh Waldmer, 
Andreas Shneydcr, 
KuiiH von Hiiber, 
(jonrad Weydman, 
Oonrail Bnohor, 
Holnrich Hallcr, 
H. Nicholas Helling, 
ConriKl Kramer, 
HansG-eor^ Hennold, 
Rudy Ha 11 seer. 
Adam OhriRtopher, 
.TohanncB WiiBpy, 
. .Tohnnnes Sclincider, 
Johann Adam M«n){, 
.Tobaii Paul GleliaH, 
('aHjier Weber, 
Hane (^aeper Sctiari<r, 
Henry Wurt/. sick, 
Henrich Ham)>ach, sick, 
Ijudwlg Bretz, sick. 
Jacob Werking, i<lnk, 
Henry Bonsman, Mick. 
Ghrletoph Byermun. Hick. 

Ru<li Mauerer, 
Henry Red linger, 
(Jalhifl Pricker, 
Janob Schuredt. 
Jacob Waasser, 
Jacob LoHtatter, 
(;<>nra<l Ttthakky. 
Pf^tiT Balsam, 
Christian MosBer, 
lauac Greber, 
l.iKnihanlt Vonrufl, 
Rndolpl) Heinmlnft- 
Conrad KunUly, 
Hans Michel Neraker. 
Hans Jacob Zuble, 
Johiin Nickel Jung, 
Melchior Wlnkelinan, 
Abraham Hasaler, 
Uiilerlcli Bittirerker. 
Johannes liimmesdurfer, 
Hfinrich Harneist, 
Helnrlch Aweiss, 
Hoi onion CanfTman, 
Heinrich Biiuinger, 
Johannes Ziipncr, 
Rudolph Cfuttlnger, 
Clirlstian Pfiiher, 
Caspar Buolier, 
Fried or Ich Aim bee h, 
AHchael Sinirer. 
Heinrich Biwhart, 
Felix HaUHser, 
Jacob FiKcher, 
Jacol) Wrispy, 
■fonchim 1)1 eh rig, 
Johann Cn-<|)er SchalT, 
Hans Adam Seydler. 
Abraham Aberhalter, 
Hans Ulrich Sonderegger, 
Hans Nniith, sick, 
Philip Bauer, sick, 
Henry Breti, sick, 
Hundf r Sanger, sick. 
LorentK Ampel, sick, 
Anthony Saiuber, sick. 




HueH Campbell, Captain, prom Rotterdam, last prom 
CowKs, Qualified Aug. 21, 1750. 

^mhristian Betz. 

Johannes Gonderman, 
*eter Heintzle, 
kuiuel Luttig, 
.Johannes Shmit, 
^^hristian Widiuaa, 
Oonrad Hauser, 
<^onrad Derr, 
Jacob Pengler, 
JoDas Miitschler, 
Johan Miller, 
Christ oph Miller, 
Gerhort Birkenbeile, 
Christian KaufTman, 
Johan Georg Miller, 
Johann Philip Einerer, 
Johan Philip Kambach, 
Johan Peter Weiss, 
Johan Wilhelm Britzing. 
•Tacob Bieber, 
Andreas Schade, 
Hienhart Zebolt, 
Johannes KaufTman, 
Johannes Bretz, 
^Alatheas Weyiuer, 
-Henry Reinfeld, 
•Tohann H enrich Pick, 
Johann Henrich Cuntz, 
^Johannes Henrich Horn, 
-Tohan Christian Sturm, 
Joh. Heinrich Mauder, 
Johan Wilhelm Beel, 
Johan Henrich Schneider, 
Johan Jacob Huber, 
Johann Georg Reichman, 
Philip Bopp, 
Johannes Naumann, 
Con rail Elscher, 
Johann Ludwig Retter, 
Johann Peter Becker, 
ohann Jacob Bopp, 

Ludwig Horst, 
Martin Weber, 
Gottfried Biittner, 
Christoph Metz. 
Jacob Ritter, 
Oswald Dups. 
Gerhart Fiihr, 
Lorentz Hauck, 
Valentin Maitlin, 
Johannes Hebel, 
Johannes Schauerer. 
Michael Wagenmann, 
Johan Baltzer Schmith, 
Hans Georg Steiger, 
Johannes Jacob Blasser, 
Georg Deobalt Ahner, 
Hans Georg Rath, 
Johan Christophel Bretz 
Melchior Brunner, 
Georg Melcher, 
Jacob Ackermann, 
Henrich Anton Reinscheidt, 
Johannes Marquardt, 
Johann Beck, 
Jacob Lyme, 

Johan Engel Gonderman, 
Johannes Peter Jung, 
Johan Georg Schneider, 
Johan Jacob Sturm, 
Johan Heinrich Schuster, 
Johannes Ludwig Beel, 
Johan Daniel Rheiner, 
Johan Michel Huber, 
Johan Martin us Reinhardt, 
Johann Christian Rick, 
Jacob Heilman, 
Christoph Steiner, 
Urban Friebele, 
Johann Peter Bat/, 
Johann Philip Moll, 
Reinhart Hasenbiirger, 



Johanu Theis Schmidt, 
Johann (xottlieb Naumann, 
Henrich Anton Reinscheido, 
JohanneB Kauffman, 

Johannes Schwartzhide, 
Johan Conrad Ruff, 
Henrich Leuchthold. 

List of Foreignkrs Imported in the Ship Brothers, 
Captain Mtir, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
Qualified Aug. 24, 1750. 

Adam Shnyder. 
ErasmiiH Hess, 
Johannes Koch, 
Philip Kawtzman, 
Jacob Keller, 
Joseph Nagel, 
Adam Menscli, 
Christian Freund, 
Fried erich Miller, 
Johannes Blumenschein, 
Johann Georg Gans, 
Johan Nicklaus Helm, 
Johann Matheis Schiiffer, 
Johan Peter Schmunck, 
Hans Martin Knrfes, 
Johtinn Daniel Hoffmann, 
Johann Georg Herr, 
Hans (feorg Frey, 
Jost Jacoby, 
J. Jacob Freiscli, 
Martin Benioh, 
Otto Dan. Neuer, 
Hans Geo. Stanch, 
Johan Adam AVohlfahrt, 
Benedict Kreiger, 
Casper Karl, 
Ni<^kolas Rome, 
F. Philip Holl, 
Johann Jacob Kimmel, 
Johann Leonhard (iroh, 
Johann Henrich Keller, 
Johann Adam Kiirner, 
J. Jacob Reybolt, 
Hans Geo. Ganshorn, 

Adam Weber, 
Jacob Gerdner, 
Johannes CEhrle, 
Christian Shott, 
Johannes Walder, 
Abraham Schneider, 
Abraham Glass, 
Johannes Friessner, 
Johann Philip Heist, 
Johan Georg Horing, 
Johan Nickel Gress, 
Job. Georg Schnurberger, 
Jacob Friederich Sahn, 
Johan Georg Dreher, 
Hans Peter Mnller, 
Johan Heinrich Hauck, 
Johann Philip H filler, 
fJEngelhart Wagner,^*^^ 
Mattheis Miller, 
Martin Ansbach, 
Martin Weber, 
J. Leon. Reisch, 
Georg Martin Kuhn, 
Peter Meyer, 
Andreas Frey, 
Daniel Cabel. 
J. Nickolas Holl, 
J. Adam Lncas, 
John licnard Miller, 
Johann Peter Seger, 
Johan (feorg Keller, 
Johann (feorg Weiss, 
Martin Dlmer, 
Johannes Stroll, 



G. Adam Bartholt, 
Con. Israel Oberle, 
Georg Adam Barttel, 
Hans Georg Romish, 
QJoh. Jacob Wagner, ^^ 
Georg Michael Gamber, 
Johann Jacob Bernaner, 
Johan Georg Koop, 
Johan Conrad Scliultz, 
Johann Adam Edelmann, 
Johan Ludwig Rauhzalin, 
Georg Adam Young, 

Adam Eberle, 
Joli. Hen. lieaseman, 
G. Miciiael Romish, 
Joliann Jacob Schuster, 
Johann Henrich Gamber, 
Johann Peter Kramer, 
Hans Philip Bender, 
Johann Adam Pranck, 
Joliann Georg Muller, 
Johan Peter Lautenschleger, 
Johan Peter Volker. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Two Broth- 
ers, Thomas Arnt, Captain, from Rotterdam. Quali 
FIKD Aug. 28, 1750. 

Philip Peter, 
Christopher Gerner, 
David Metzger, 
Christoph Albrecht, 
Lieonhart Heichel, 
• .Tohannes Btihmer, 
•Johan Georg Huber, 
Hans Georg Gerner, 
deorg Michael Schupp, 
Hans Martin Eiche, 
Hans Adam Pfisterer, 
Hans Adam Battenfeld, 
Johann Friedrich Thomas, 
Johann Wilhelm Stoll, 
Jotiann Wilhelm Kolb, 
Johann Wilhelm Schneider, 
Jacob Roller, 
<!!hristian Matheis, 
^^iidreas Wentz, 
J^t^eoh Reble. 
^y^hannes Becker, 
jK^^rf In Weis, 

rrnhart Bertsch, 
r Mas Muller, jr., 
3>r Hergedt, 
^^f^^ikk9Ji Kneisel, 

Frederich Prophet, 
Johannes Kreutzwisser, 
Jacob Stein, 
Sebastian Werner, 
Johannes Stoll, 
Lucau Schiiflfer, 
Johan jSfathels Gerner, 
Johann Adam Holtz, 
HauM George Siegrist, 
Hans Adam Pfisterer, 
Philip Peter Huff, 
Johann Heinrich Leiblig, 
Johann Jacob Schaffer. 
Johann Peter Bohmer, 
Johann Paulus Miiller, 
Michael Mell, 
Martin Tuch, 
Jacob Rosch, 
Michael Waltz, 
Jacob Bloss, 
Jacob AVeis. 
Jacob Daniel, 
Tobias Muller, 
Matheus Brundle, 
Baltazar Loflfler, 
Johannes Kerlinger, 



I )aiii('i S( niiiiM'i-. 
' l*hilii) Hatu-nt.'ld, 
Eberhart Kichel, 
Jacob Wolffer, 
Peter Martin. 
Johannes Warner, 
Henry Hillinger, 
Johannes Jun^, 
1). Bernliart Rothbaus, 
Jacob Adam Nonneniacher, 
Johann Jacob Klein, 
Johannes Billheiiner, 
Hans Georg Geltz, 
Johah David Buchel, 
Johan Jacob Braun, 
Hans (Jteorg Muller, 
Joseph Seufried, 
Hans Georg Marich. 
Hans Georg Dischler, 
Christoph Meyer, 
Philipp Dellinger, 
J. Daniel Printz, 
J. Gottlieb Weniger, sick, 
Andreas Diirr, sick, 

.Joh.iimcs iJut t«'iift*l 
Mall hris S«'iit'ii«'(l, 
iNIal licis Sir.^slcr, 
Michael Tvhiv, 
Mattheis Martin, 
Lorentz Spatz, 
Mathias Berger, 
Hans Martin Kollmer, 
Hans Christoph Engberth, 
Hans Balthaa Buck, 
Hans Georg Sauerbreu, 
Hans Adam Shmit, 
Hans Georg Weiss, 
Hans Georg Knodel, 
Christoph Fried rich Keutter, 
Hans Wendel Seufried, 
Joh. Christoph Bretzinger, 
Christoph Buckbeck, 
Johan Friederich Risch, 
Hans Georg Saal, 
Joseph StumpfT. 
Hans Geo. Kruster, 
Baltazar Munster, sick, 
Han Jacob Metier, sick. • 

List of Foreionkrs Importkd in thr Ship Phcenix, Johv 
Mason, Captain, prom Rottkrdam, last from Cowes. 

QUALIFIKD Aug. 28, 1750. 

Erdinan Schultz, 

Simon Peter, 

.Jacob Saber, 

Johann Georg Leyss. 

Johan Nickel Vogelgesang, 

John Henry Weydigh, 

Jean Drapet, 

Michel Peter, 

Hans Wirheiner, 

F>nst Bohm, 

(reorg Betzler, 

Ulrich Seigendaller, 

Georg Hultzler, 

Jacob Frison, 

Johannes Seltzer, 
Christian Bernhardt, 
Jacob Patz, 

Johan Ludwig Schleber, 
Johan Conrad Protzman, 
Johan Georg Ralteisen, 
Caspar Bruner, 
Henrich Gerlart, 
Jacob Moog, 
Conrad Zellner, 
Peter Seigendallor, 
Johannes Peter, 
Jacob Sheel, 
Henry Yeal, 


CleorK Kop, 

C^ourad Hay. 

-John QeoTg De1>alil, 

^chael Li^liiiiiiii, 

Conrtul Uuni, t 

Andreas Iliuii, 
Micha*^! Berger, 
Nioklaus Yeisly, 
Andreas Dieiiier. 
Dewald Kuntz, 

Johannes Zurhnii-k, 

Jacob Buclimaii, 

Ot>org Hanit Arilhoiii, 

Oeorg Pried eric h Lintz 

(Jarl Seiisterdiu, 

.Vdam Uiltenbraiidt, 
Martin Burcliliunlt, 
Cleorg Linden nan. 
Henry Meyer, 
Ulrieh Pookfl, 
Oeorg Lohr, 
Teeter Be in, 
.Jacob Hal>*r, 
.Jacob Reb, 
.faeob Muni, jr., 

-Debolt Beck. 

Henry Herman, 

Andreas Hntz, 

Peter So.hmitt. 

Peter Erhart. 

Debalt Franti., 

(teorg Oees, 

Philip Hind. 

Solomon Phibpn, 

Johan Wiliiebn Hertiog, 

Kiehael Porbriniif r, 

Johann WJlhebn Weinn, 
Carl Ernst R tiger, 
Joban Jacob Reich, 
P«ter Schinner, 
Valentin Mocliel, 
■Tacob Paule, 
-iXbrahain Eiiderlv, 
C::arl HeiBdr. 
J'ohan Boluniou, 

(ieorg Baling, 
Jacob Werly. 
Hans Michel Nothsteii., 
Henry Haberiiian, 
Christian Muni. 
Hans Ulricb Schleppj, 
Cbristupf l)urrenberger, 
Hans Jacob Beuter, 
Johann Georg Herman, 
Johan Prie<lerich Riihn, 
Johan David ZifTel. 
Martin Biichiiiaii, 
Hicklaus Jacob, 
Johannes Meyi^r, 
Christoph Pisrher, 
Abraham ShopfTer, 
Michael Straub, 
Georg Hatiinger 
Michael Kapp, 
Dewalt FookH, 
Jacob Werner, 
Nicklaus Heg), 
Dewald Theil, 
David Prarry. 
Jacob Muni, i«en., 
Peter Dinck, 
Michael Cuntz, 
Georg Hauss, 
Jacob KlITel. 
Dietrich Erhart, 
Frantz Anton, 
Joseph Waltz, 
Jacob Anthoni, 
Johan David Bchmltt, 
Johan Jacob Peter, 
He In rich Eberliard, 
Joban Gottfried KUger 
Georg 8 lege n thai I er, 
Philip Jacob Volandt, 
Hans Braiin, 
Heinrich Miiller, 
Johannes Li^w, 
Christian ({ros», 
Jacob Heck, 
Jacob Meyer, 
Adam Weiss 



N A M K: 


Jiicol) I'i'-h*'!-, 
Paul Weber, 
Hans Miller, 
(ieorjf Matler, 
Debolt Farringer, 
Conrad Hefer, 
Martin JoHt, 
Micliael FiHcher, 
NicklauH KilTer, 
Philipp Ferber, 
Peter Will, 
Anthoni Grieser, 
Jacob Fried erich West, 
Johaii Friederich von Rohr, 
Gottfried Thiele, 
Jolian Otmansdorff, 
Miehael Shalleberger, 
Michael Lederiiiau, 
ChriMtian Andrte, 
Gottfried Peuckert, 
Friederic!h Zimmerman, 
Joh. ChriHtof Heusohekll, 
David Ennniinger, 
Hans Heinrich Niicht, 
Paneratius Reichhelt, 
Adam Haberling, 
Jolian Georg Malle; 
Joseph (ferber, 
Joliannes Phillipi, jr., 
Christian Phillipi, 
Hans Jacob Liebenguth, jr., 
Johann Jacob Leininger, 
Hannes Gerber, 
Dewalt Nagel, 
Georg Clanss, 
Johannes Phillipi, 
Christian His, 
Hans Deterig, 
Jacob Kloti, 
Ulrich Figgler, 
VHans Wagner, ^ 
Ludwig Wohlfahrt, 
Georg pjngelhart, 
Heinrich Sterchi, 
Joh. Gottfried Zichelhart, 
Tliomas Shlighter, 

.1 < >lia II ( i I'i iiMii. 

( I I M i I I I ■ I I I It »i 11 , 

iiriiricli l*r.-l«i-, 
Killiaii Jaac, 
Georg Voltz, 
]^Iiilip Finck, 
Gottlieb Thiirm, 
Jacob Scliocth, 
Andreas Kngel, 
Hans (f eorg Etter, 
Georg Henrich Etter, 
Johannes Wedel, 
Joh. Andonus von Rohr, 
Christophel PfuUer, 
Jacob Laubenhauer. 
Ernst Jacob Dippberger, 
David Dieterich, 
.lohann Jacob Heiser, 
Johan Tobias Zimmerman, 
Joli. Michael Heuschkeli, 
Kenjamin Heuschkell, 
Georg Reinhart, 
Abraham Uithmuller, 
Hans Weckerling, 
Philip Frie<lerich Winther, 
Andreas Wittenmeyer, 
Joliannes Phillipi, 
Andreas Phillipi, 
Hans Jacob liiebenguth, 
Peter liiebenguth, 
Nickiaus Jost, 
(feorge Shep, 
Casper Shmit, 
Christian Gurdner, 
Marx Dahleth, 
Hans Biasser, 
George Viet, 
Philip Stock, 
Sirach Schultz, 
Adam Reistebacher, 
Joseph Peter Bauer, 
Ludwig Wittenmeyer, 
Philipp Waletein, 
Wilhelm Ehrman. 
Nickolaus Shiighter, 
Paul us Christian, 



Tlau. Geo. Diereiiberger. 
HanH Geor^ Ludwick, 
^lohannes Steckel, 

Peter Haberstick, 
Huns Georg Schultz, 
Jacob GuiitzerhauBser. 

List of Forkioxkrs Imported in thk Ship Nancy, Thomas 
Cautom, Mastkr, from Rotterdam. Qualified Ara. 31. 

Johannes Volliuer, 

Ifartin MuUer, 
Joseph (Stable, 
Johann Gans, 
Oeortc Heuling, 
Michael Rieder, 
Michel Hensel, 
Ohristoph Kendtel. 
Jonas Raub, 
AVilhelm Get t ling, 
«Toh. Bernhardt Riede, 
Bernhart Bockeustihl, 
«Ioh. Conrad Raisch, 

Hans Georg Hetler, 
«Johan Georg Bauer, 

«Johann Georg Sieger, 

Cxeo. David Schneider, 

Johan Jacob Cantz, 

Han Jacob Beitennian, 

Geo. Henrich Lutz, jr.. 

Job. Geo. Marx. 

J. Henry Seidensticker, 

Geo. Frederich Beiteniimn, 

Henrich Behringer, jr.. 

Christian HanfT, 

Michael Ferster. 

Christian Hornberger, 

Bernhart Gilbert, 
Prantz Kiihlweiu, 
Andreas Sungel, 
Ohristian Blosser, 
Ohristian Giebeler, 
•Tohann Gitting, 
J ohannes Jung, 
I*hilip Grabenian, 

21-VoL. XVI L 

Daniel Dosser, 
Lorentz Schenckel, 
Friederich (rans, 
Thomas Gans, 
Johannes Zweigle, 
Amlreas Brauer, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johannes Glasser. 
Friederich Weiss, 
Geo. Hen. Lutz, 
Balthas Federhoflf, 
Daniel Haubersack, 
Job. Tobias Rudolph, 
Martin Joinniel, 
Job. Bernhart AVunsch, 
Johann Georg Musse. 
Hans Georg Kuhne, 
Han Georg Beitennian, 
Job. Fried. Unrath, jr. 
Geo. Wilhelni Marx, 
Johan Henrich Klein, 
Frederick Blankenhorn, 
Henrich Behringer, sen., 
Johan Michel Bock, 
Job. Jacob Weiss, 
Jereniias Hornagcher, 
Martin Prahnfelder, 
Christoph Wetzel, 
Jacob Wfirth, 
Johann Herbolt, 
Johannes Iiowe, 
Dihnan Creutz, 
Johannes Rehbacb, 
David Nuss, 
Iminaniiel Boger, 



Henrich Wil. Stiejfel. 
Han (i^eorg Benner, 
Joh. Jacob Gobel, 
Johan Jacob Baum, 
Han Adam Herbalt, 
Han Jacob Gilbert, 
Jo8t Henrich Wehler, 
Joh. Jacob Brumbach, 
Dilmanus Weissgerber, 
Joh. Henrich Conrath, 
Joh. U-eorg Braunsberg, 

Joli. Ludwig TralxT, 
Joh. NicklauH (iilbert, 
Joh. Georg G ilbert, 
Hans Georg Gilbert, 
Joh. Philip Haupt, 
Joh. Jacob BartHch, 
Joh. Peter Gutelius, 
J. Daniel Sheyder, 
Johan Peter Kleim, 
Johan Henrich Jung. 

List op Forbigxers Imported in thk Ship PRisciiii 
William Wilson, Captain, from Rotterdam. Quaj 
KiED Sept. 12, 1750. 

(Christian Reutzel, 
Conrad Grack, 
Nicklaus Weininger, 
Andreas Soh aster, 
NicklauB Schaffer, 
Johannes Trank, 
Conrad Hertzog, 
Daniel Rossi er, 
Joh. Wilhelm Reutzel. 
Han. Mich. Wissner, Hen., 
Joh. Henrich Rdssler, 
Georg l^^rnst Rosch, 
.Joh. Georg Rossler, 
Eberhart Steigerwald. 
Georg Ernst Becker, 
JohanneH Stang, 
Wilhelm Adelman. 
Carl Miller, 
Joh. Michael Stoffel, 
Andreas Ol)erdorflr. 
Johannes Ominerth, 
Henrich Lotz, 
Thomas Bertholt, 
Georg Waidel, 
Balzer Jager, 

Johannnes Grack, 
Peter Hartman, 
Georg Cunkel, 
Valentin Bom, 
Johannes Cunkel, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Kasper Oberdorff, 
John Henry Reutzel, 
Friederich Steinberger, 
Han. Mich. Wissner, jr., 
Geo. Henrich Rosch, 
Joh. Georg Keyser, 
Joachim Gottschalck, 
Johan Adam Horner, 
Han Andreas Kachel, 
Johannes Huth, 
Joh. Simon Oberdorff, 
Johannes Diener, 
Johannes Mauss, 
Friederich Schneider, 
Valentin Corngieber, 
Michael Roth, 
IVter Gunder, 
Johannes Hevl, 
Lu<l\vig Shmith, 
Johannes Poller, 



Balthazar Filler, 
Carl Russ, 

Joh. Jacob Neuman, 
Johan Straushaar, 
Christian Hartlin^. 
Johdn Adam Roth. 
Ernst Phil. Kirscher, 
Johan Peter Muth, 
Melchior Kleinfelter, 
Joh. Henry Riilley, 
Conrad Rossler, 

Johannes Lamb, 
Andreas (Etzei, 
Wendel Lanmeister, 
Balthazer Simmons, 
Johan Melchior Orth, 
Joh. Baltzer Stockel, 
Johannes Schuman, 
Nick las Berninger, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Simon Schierer, 
Joh. H enrich Luft. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Brigantine Sally, 
William Hassleton, Captain, from London. Quali- 
fied Sept. 17, 1750. 

OhristofT Reushaw, 
Peter Millen, 
Jacob Winkler, 
Nicklas Dick. 
Hans Ammich, 
Jacob Fuhrer, 
Hans Uhlerich Wunsch, 
Aagustin SchefTeler, 
Johannes Kuhn, 
Christoff Coblet, 
-Hans Georg Frey, 
Jacob Miller, 

Joseph Rnff, 
Ludwig Falck, 
Hans Stober, 
Hans Stohl, 
Hans Stober, jr. 
Jacob Dick,. 
Johan Gottfried Kiele, 
Friederich Schiirchler, 
Hans Georg Keller, 
Christian Stober, 
Hans Knerr, 
Abraham Yarsing. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Osgood, Wil- 

liam WiLKiE, Captain, 
* Sept. 29, 1750, 

Hendrick Bronk, 
Jacob Wii8<*.ht, 
«i9acob Wiist, 
Itf ichael Shmit. 
CJonrad Toll, 
^Johannes Sell, 
"Wenry Clauser, 


Yerrick Wischt, 
Laurantius Wiist, 
Christoph Shrait, 
Johannes Grei ner, 
Georg Becker. 
Jacob Clauser, 
Nicklaus Burge, 



Nicholaus Horner, 
Han Geo. Hautzenbieler, 
Hans Adam Kney, 
Wilhelin Humbert, 
Johannes Schwab, 
Friederich Reist, 
Mattheis Schnepp, 
Hans Haltas Otz, 
Joh. Martin Neher, 
Ctiristian Eiserloh, 
Christian Heussler, 
Andreas Knikller, 
Sebastian Kaiser, 
Christopli Albrecht, 
Johannes Schnell, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Christian Schuler, 
Hans Georg Prietz, 
Andreas Herther, 
Joh. Michael Rietweil, 
Johannes Dinges, 
Gottlieb Mittelberger, 
Joh. George Ackerman, 
Lorentz Morgendauk, 
Joh. George Ludwig, 
Han« Jacob Binder, 
Hans Georg Meyer, 
Johannes Bitzer, 
Joh. Georg Spediel, 
Georg Dick, 
Jacob Krebs, 
Ja H)b Sclioch, 
Ludwig Stotz. 
Rudolph Christi, 
Jacob Schlosser, 
Ludwig Rietweil, 
Philip Jacob, 
Frederich Riigs, 
Ludwig Bitzer, 
Mans Peter Weh, 
Friederich Gauss 
Ciiristian Schmoller, 
Jacob Frasch, 
Michael Reisinger, 
Joh. Henrich Binder, 
Joh. (Gottfried Richter, 

Friederich Hiirner, 
Andre Baudemont, 
Valentin Petermann, 
Heinrich Horner, 
Gabrial Leide. 
Gottlieb KaufTman, 
BartolomjBUS Eppler, 
Han Georg Ziegler, 
Heinrich Dietmar, 
Emanuel Breitscheid, 
Michael Heinrich, 
Christian Knotz, 
Johan Michael Guhr, 
Conrad Bender, 
Joh. Fried. Sautter, 
Georg Scheufelen, 
Jacob Scheufelen, 
Han Martin Wolffer, ' 
Johannes Moritz, 
Johan Arnold Runk, 
Conrad Mittman, 
Nicolaus Haugendobler, 
Han Bastain Eberhard, 
Hans George Mauti, 
Hans Martin Waltz, 
Johann George Gauss, 
Hans Martin Kientzlein, 
Johan Christopli Neidt, 
Michael l*eterman, 
Christian Faas, 
Edourd Deche, 
Peter Stotz. 
F. Schweitzer, 
Jacob Kiinig, 
Lorentz Dobbler, 
Georg riricli, 
Durst Cantick, 
Michel Bele, 
Ludwig Eiszele, 
Ludwig Morit", 
Johannes Wolffer 
Anthony Schneider, 
Matheas Meyer. 
Han Mart. Kienstein, jr., 
Joh. Christian Seindel, 
Joh. Gottolb Hoppe, 



Han Geo. Koberstein, 
Jacob Fried. Kiiinmerl, 
Han Georg Kmidler, 
Han Georg Murr, 
Hans Geo. Schnauffer, 
Job. Daniel Loscb, 
Cxeorg Hei^is, 
Christian Stotz, 
Jiicob Ehrle, 
Jacob Uhllerich, 
Hans Ju.c^ Schanker, 
Joha*i Jacob Loscb, 
Johan Peter Bender, 
Joban Pliilip Mosser, 
Hans Georg Meppel. 
Hans Martin Miiller, 
Han8 Georg Bascli, 
Job. Wend el Acker man. 

Jobann Martin Ko8t, 
Han George Fackler, 
Han Geo. Scbweigart, 
Han Georg Kuntz, 
Han Micb. Dentzer, 
Valentin Heigis, 
Mattheis Miller, 
Bernbardt Rust, 
Jacob Libbeini, 
Andreas Kertcber, 
Louis Grizcb, 
Hans Georg Gutekunst, 
Joban Veter Bender, jr. , 
Hans Liidwig Zimmerman, 
Hans Ludwig Stein, 
Pbilipp Josepb Scbilling, 
Joban Hen. Lnder, 


John Thompson, Captain, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Nov. 3, 1750. 

Conrad LauViscber, 

Simon Mincb, 

Matlieis Hiiffner, 

Jacob Sicber, 

Mattheis Briickert, 

Jobann Nicolaus Scbiiffer 

Jacol> Frey, 

Joban nes Albrecbt, 

Nicolaus Bonn 

Nicklas Weisman, 

Paul Tomel, 
Philip Leister, 
^icklas Leister, 
Joseph Bassler, 
•Jacob 8cbowalt<ir, 
I^eter Fabrene, 
Johannes Rub. 
«I~ohannes Mast, 
•eter Stucke, 

Johannes Schiiflfer, 

Teobalt Wittgabr, 

Jacob Stark, 

Peter Sicber, 

Joban Jacob Laubscher, 

Jobann Elias Wittgabr, 

Michael Fritx, 

Johannes Krenss, 

Johannes Bonn, 

Michael Weisman, 

Wilhelm Triin, 

Hans Tinser, 

Peter Bassler, 

Jacob Bassler. 

Henry Stigel, 

Joseph Fabrene, 

Jacob Lichte, 

Hans Konig, 

Joseph Meyer, 



HanH Ziirr, 
'ilMtM\ Hi>IIt>, 
Ludwitt Fetzer, 
HftDH Bluucb, 
Miclmel Stuku, 
John Joat Sohwalb, 
Peter Rotheiibtfr^r, 
(Jeorg WeiM, 
Jacob Bolir, 
Pniil Roth, 
laiiac Jung, 
Johan Adam HelflH, 
Johann Puter Binkle, 
Hans (ieurg Schanller, 
Pierru PariB, 
Heiirie Jeune, 
Johannes Sohock, 
Joh. OhrlBtoffel Hembt-I, 
Chrintian Ditublin, 
Johannes 8I10 waiter, 
Petor Jjii|{enbieh1, 
ChriHtian Blf^lch. 
Ohrintian Kauffman, 
Joliun Jacob LoRch, 
Johan Adam Stiihr. 
Johivnnes Bassler, 
Peler Schowaller, 
rhriftian Rub, 
Johannes HiiUei, 
ChrlMlian Fuhrer, 
Peter DelelMich, 
Jiihitn fteorii Beok, 
Haiii* (tundelflnger, 
(ThriHtian Knebel, 
Ji>hannPM Hertttlnr, 
Georg Daniel Ortli, 
Jai-ob Mot)sin|{<ir. 
Jacob Reit, 
(innrg Rebschlfgi-r. 
Niciilans Sohinidi. 
Johan Oeorg Haiu^r, 

Peter Fisher, 
Michael Wiirm, 
Peter Knabe. 
Hans Knebel, 
Hana SJeffrlet, 
Johan Jacob Wolkemer, 
Joh. Henrioh Kiiblluger, 
Jacob Graf, 
Hans Fnnk, 
Christian Neuman, 
Johannes Hertzel, 
Georg Friederjch Bayer, 
Job an n Jacob Maag, 
Johann Nloolaus Ueolt, 
iBaac Paris, 
Michael Schwing, 
Peter HJihn, 
BeV>astian Kippler, 
Johannes l^ehnian, 
Christian Sbowaller, 
Ohrlstliin Kidener, 
Heinrich Schwartz, 
Johann Pbilipp Eckell, 
Johannes Rohrer, 
Johannes Schneider. 
Jacob Sohowalter, H<-n. , 
81 in on Wishaiu, 
Jacob Biirth, 
Ni<!olallH Miller, 
Andrean HtillHl, 
Christian Nenkunnner, 
Wilhehn Werner, 
Jacob Neftzlger, 
Hans Hertzler. 
Johan Jost Wuigandt, 
Melchior Geissert, 

Ju<-ob B.Tg, 

Marini t'unck, 
' Jacob Hatisser, 
Johannes Hanxser, 
Sam. Schwing, 
Johan Anthon Eckell. 



List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Sandwich, C apt. 
Hazlewood, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Qual- 
ified, Nov. 30, 1750. 

Jacob Simon, 

PetAr Salladin, 

Jacob Rimmel, 

Joseph Klopfer, 

Heinrich Schmidt, 

Adam Weigel, 

Henry Hartzel, 

Hans Jacob Ingler, 

John Ea8tbach, 

George Brech, 

Philip Gassman, 

Henrich Stumpf, 

John Martin Schaffmann,. 

Peter Mantz, 

Johannes Riehl, 

Johan Jacob Koch, 

Michael Fiinfrock, 

Martin NazuruH, 

Clerich Tuclisle, 

Georg Ost, 

Moritz Wober, 

Martin Biere, 

Fiederich Schor, sen., 

Lorentz Klopper, 

Jacob Bangs, 

Michael Frank hauser, 

Georg Philip Rimmel, 

Leonhart Rupperter, 

Mattheis Wilfanger, 

Johannes Knauss, 

Johann Peter Schiiflfer, 
Peter Hoffschmit, 
Johannes Fuohs, 
Sans Adam Biebel, 
«Joh. Beruhart Kessler, 
Oeorg Philip Peul. 
^ohan Adam Gross, 
John Georg Wagner, 
"Wendel Hermann, 
liichael Schor, 

Joh. Fried erich Pager, 

Johan Ludwig. 
Christian Fiess, 
Daniel Fahrer, 
Jacob Traub. 
Johannes Koch, 
Daniel Debuss, 
Johannes Moll, 
Andreas Muntz, 
Paulns Grandler, 
Johannes Leitz, 
Michael Mogge, 
George Cooper, 
Henry Hahn, 
Casper Retter, 
Friederich Schenckel, 
Johannes Fleisher, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Philip Becker, 
Roland t May, 
Daniel Bricker, 
Jacob Pfitler, 
Georg Habrecht, 
Friederich Schor, jr. , 
Michel Kampet, 
Jacob Schmidt. 
Johann Georg Gass, 
Johan Philip Korgert, 
Johannes Will. Danger, 
Martin Deinberger, 
Johannes Weigel, 
Nicolaus Lorentz, 
Jacob Bollinger, 
Johan Peter Lamberti, 
Joh. Christoph Laubach, 
George Christ. Deul. 
Joh. Henrich Wiiydemann, 
■ Georg Adam Wagner, 
Kasper Rissnach, 
Hans Weber, 
Nicklaus Schande, 
Joh. Anthon Schwartz, 


Jnh, PhiIi]>Sc1iwartE. 
("'hristian Hagen. 
JjoreotK Schiiiiedli*, 
JiiCob Bee lit. 
Bilge I hart Heltier, 
V!as[>ar Mayer, 
Johan Guo. Swartz, 

Joli. AiithoniuH Kurnor, 
Konratli I mil off, 
Michael Hans Welwr, 
Wolfganft Joh. Haifen, 
OottleHi Boakle, 
Nioklaiitt Hagen, 
Hanit Adam fftjlier. 

List nv FouKiaNEHs lupoitTKD ik thr Ship Akdrrson, 


dowKB, QuALiKiKU Aug. 25, 17.51. 

Liirentx Purst, 

Jncob Maul, 

HanH Martx, 

BubaHtian Greiin, 

Hans Kitter, 

Martin Klein, 

Mans Adam, 

I'liillp Kinder, 

Hunt) .Tacob Bernhart, 

Miuhael Pannerinborgen, i 

.lohannes Zlinmer, 

.loseph Riel>ell, 

Hans Michael Kunti, 

Matheifl Plach, 

Michael Karle, 

<'t««)rKO Ueiser, 

Heiirich Fiirsler, 
(iflorne Miller,, 
Hans Btranli, 
Christian Ril/., 
Peier Weber, 
.Tacub Monchen, 
HaiiH Oeo. Eisenherg, 
Mioliael Schlatter, 
Haiis<]lpo. Illrich, 
Hans Geo. Num. 
.?ap<>h Miller. 
llauM SchelTer, 

Mat I lias Rost, 
JoHeph StrosHle, 
Ueorge Ho()Wir, 
Adam (ireim, 
Peter Klein, 
Joseph Volti,' 
Hans Schaffer, 
Andreas Hyder, 
HaiiH Ueorg Schneider, 
n., Michael Pannerinborger 
HaiiB Casper Strudter, 
(ieorg ArbengaMt, 
Michael Bominer, 
liorentK Schtiiie, 
Michael WuiiU, 
Adam H torch, 
.lohanneM Fiirster, 
Valentin Ulainde, 
Joweph Wittemer. 
Chrisloph Fleur, 
Hann Metr., 
Aduni r-fehrich, 
Jarob Meier, 
Balt7«r Niigle. 
Geo. Adam Widertthein, 
Martin Schlatter. 
Johnn «BO. Anmullt-r. 
JnPob Schetterle, 
Peter Wehmer, 
Michael Morilh, 


LorentE Lelile. 

Hans Georg Huiiimerli", 

Hans Georg Hoch, 

Johannee Baiii-r, 

Joh, Friederich Geyir, 

Autboiiy ffaiihel. 

UMch Benihart, 

Daniel Mttlvr, 

Joe«ph J Oram, 

Johan JoHt Franok. 

Bart hoi omiiuH Kiviil, 

Joh. Abraham Arbeitpr, 

■WIlhBlm Hammer, 

Johannes Seifert, 

HanH Oeorfte Spln^. 

Jacob Thuriuger, 

H. Hiohaet Metz, 

Joh. Caspar JuQgmann, 

Idatthiae Schwart.i'.weliler, 

Johannes Hildebraiiil, 

Joh. Ohrtstoph Ohie. 

Johan Christian Alter, 

Peter Pesaer, 

HathiHH Snmer, 

Joseph Schlatter, 

HattheuB Hess, 

Haas Geo. Holdifoet, 

Han§ Michel Alger. 

Fran cisc lis Eidieti, 

Philip Hoas, 


Anthoii Schneider. 

Hans Geo. Sierried, 

Bartolemai Heir^t, 

HanH BchilT, 
Uichfl Rebx, 
Hans Geo. Ziindl, 
rioorg Backer, 
AndreaH Straud, 
lUiohel Kiirman, 
aToban Jacob Vot^t, 
Oeorg Pfotner. 
Xlans Schott. 
Kanfi RoteriburgiT, 

JoHt Stroll, 
Johannex Friok, 
Michael Chrisbaok, 
l/iidwig Werner, 
Peter Brulinger, 
Abraham Re in hard, 
Johannes Geiger, 
Hen rich Erferdt, 
Henrf Demonche, 
Carl Wiederholt. 
Valentine Lohmier, 
, ,Ioh. Christian Schauer, 
Joh. Kilian Feltiiiann, 
Job. Michael Deiniiigur. 
Dominique Flenr, 
Joh. Dietrich Hoffmnn, 
H. Martin Vaudalein. 
JereiniaH Taiibenhelm, 
Hans Georg Selber, 
Johan Georg Reichwein, 
Joh. Michael Giatelbnrth, 
Augustus MilcIiKack, 
Geo. Valentin Hehl, 
HanH Geo. Baner, 
Andreas Bchetterle, 
Geo. Kurineyer, 
Michel Slaiiter, 
Hans Geo. Huber, 
Johan nen Haas, 
Michel Bauer, 
Georg Fischer, 
Hans Michel Sietried, 
Michel Kiintz, 
Mans Heist, 
JoHeph Kantz, 
Hans Michel Blank, 
Georg Beck, 
Georg Berg, 
Jacob Walter, 
Marx Kurman. 
Georg Uertz, 
MattheuB Kurman. 
Michel Kann. 
Johannes Bchutiei'lBin. 


List of Fokkigxkrs ImiviutkI) i>' the Ship Shirlkt, 
Cai>t. Jauks Ai,lkn, fuoh Rottkiii>am. last from Ork- 

KKY, BCOTLAXD. (jl'ALIFlKli HKIT, 5, 1751. 

Leonlianl Maao, 
MattheuB Ke utter, 
Heinrioh Wagner. 
Michael SnlinHi<ler. 
■lohannes Heist, 
HanH Geortc Betz. 
Oeorg Jacob Hessel, 
J oh. Geo. Bchumacher, 
Johnn Martlii Krol), 
Hani (ieorg Kloble, 
JoliAn Ijorentz, 
Hfinrich OratTt, 
FHederich Sinn, 
Jacob Scliwelgert. 
Hunrlch Kur, 
Niokuliut MiUleburtffr, 
Fredrick Bchetz. 
Oeorg Kleoh, 
Dnniitl Pranht, 
Georg Kralilttr, 
AndreaB Kuhii, 
Johuiiri Martin Seltxer, 
Chrlstoph Hoi lac her, 
H. Michui>l Wurtenbci'Bcr, 
Julian CoDrad Beyrer, 
Michael VoKelinan. 
Fricderich Wielanclt, 
Joiinnn Georg Dliiit^ingi-r, 
Hmia Michel Ott. 
Johannes RelH)'. 
Hiirkhart Heinrich, 

atephan Schert/^r. 
Balxar Henning. 
Christian Mook, 
Lfnhart Burner, 
Dietrich Kiihin, 
ChriHtiaii Blt-ger, 
David Frank. 
Ueor^ Adam Bt(>rr, 

Johannex Fiihr, 
Henry Uhrer, 
Jaeob Huth, 
Gottleih Both, 
Michael Weiss, 
ChriHtDtT Ludewlg, 
Johan Miciiael Scholte. 
Johan Casp>ar Bi)ring, 
Johan Pliiliii WuBner. 
Johann Gorge K^ . . 
Georg Klebler, 
, Tiioinas Geiner. 
Georg SDhurth, 
.lacob Bohaek, 
Martin Beyer, 
Lorunt7. Tiudwig, 
Liidwitt Sell littler, 
G«orge Tranti, 
Jnliimn GroaskoiilT, 
Georg Balsliach, 
.Tohnii Henrlcii Bchirni. 
HanH Gebrg Wurtelierger, 
Georg Michel Gretter. 
Johan Georg Ruhlein, 
Hanu .racol> Vogelmann, 
.Tohann Michael Soinmer. 
Frederioh Schwartz, 
Georg Martin Curie, 
Jaool) Bernard Danaker. 
Chrlitroph GuiisBle. 
Weiidel Miinoh, 
JolinnneH Ney, 
Saniui^l Shwelffert, 
Conrad Sanipel, 
Frederick KrafTt, 
Michael Arnold, 
Peter Mngler, 
Fr.-derich Gross, 
Hans Martin Beyfelrd, 
Hans Adam Orainlioh, 



Joh. Bernhard Schrank, 
Johaiin Michael Wagner, 
Hans Andreas Zilling, 
Hans Adam Franok« 
Hans Henrich Kaut.zman, 
F. Johannes Schweitzer, 
Georg Simon Baum, 
Johann David Herbst, 
Hans Jacob Schoch, 
Hans Georg Hand, 
Johan Georg Epson, 
Francis Edelberger, 
Michael Felix, 
Hans Schauman, 
Johan Michael Leidecker, 
Andreas Schmeltzer, 
Johan Elias Horcht, 
Johannes Haas, 

Hans Georg Schrank, 
Johannes Jacob Braun, 
Geo. Oonrad Schweigert, 
Johan Friederich Teitz, 
Georg Michel Wolker, 
Hans Stephan Martin, 
Johan Georg Gassinger 
H. Georg Ney, 
Melchior Lorael, 
Gabriel Rossler, 
David Edlinger, 
Ludwig Ernst, 
Jacob Scheider, 
Jacob Gerringer, 
Melchior Reisel, 
Christopher Ederle, 
Nickolas Mittelburger. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Patience, 
Capt. Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, last prom Cowes. 
Qualified Sept. 9, 1751. 

John Hendrick, 
Diewald Hieg. 
Daniel Tien, 
Stephen Diirr, 
Isaac Reno, 
Daniel Erhart, 
Michel Harckart, 
Christian Galle, 
Jean Henri Pierre 
.Johannes Strohschueider, 
Michael Strohschneider, 
Hans Georg Worthlein, 
.Jacob Danninger, 
Samuel Paiiser, 
Christian Gabriel Conver, 
Johan Henrich Hiiring, 
John George Riehle, 
Johann Andreas Hiitig, 
Johann Andreas Becher, 
Johann Christoph Wieder, 

Pierre Balmas, 

Andreas Blecher, 

Jacob Weingard, 

Abraham Wild, 

Matthieu Moret, 

Christian Gran, 

Johannes Bock, 

Jacob Wolf, 

Jotiann Andreas Bersch, 

Johan Fried. Strohschneider, 

Hans Micheal Mauer, 

Hans Worthlein, 

Michael Monch, 

Hans Peter Beck, 

H. George Gerhart, 

Philip Wendle Horing, 

Johann Georg Sabb, 

l^hilip Carl Jiidi, 

Carl Anton Bergman, 

.loliami Georg Ruoflf, 


Juhiiii IHtericb Weitztiii. 
Johmiii Fnuit/. Huier, 
Peter Martin, 
J. Henry DietKel, 
Mic.lit^l Trarl)^^]!, 
Jnr.ob Trarhuoh, 
NioklmiH ttiiuiunl. 
Jaeol) Wolf, 
Jacob EnkiHch, 
BlaHJiiK Isele, 
Martin liriliiiar., 
Liidwi|{ Riiiiiiiel, 
Peter Haubert, 
Fraut/. Hriff, 
tieorg LiKlwig' Mftth, 
J. Peter Thomas, 
H<>iiry Miller, 
JohaiineH RuHt, 
JiMt Kari^er. 
.lohaniieH Block, 
NipklaB Wolff, 
Friwlerleh Miibfl, 
1'lillip Conrad Zeller, 
JoliHii Martin Freitag, 
Joliann Peter Miiller, 
Jolmun Ptiilip Haiibort, 
HntiH Peter Sliutz, 
Job. Ailam Oberkircb, 
Johann Jacob Weil, 
Joliari Y\<laiii BartbneH, 
Joliann Georg Eberlinan, 
Jacob Leilirook, 
Petrus TraiienstaBk, 
Henry Kel chart. 

Johaiiu Heiiricb Weltzel, 
HariH J'eter Rul>er, 
Joh. Deiu Sohinoll, 
Jacob Martin, 
J. Ailaiu Trarbuob, 
Micliael Bchneiiler, 
Micbel Block, 
Pliilip Horiug. 
Philip Gob. 
Michael Wieder, 
Jacob Stiihr, 
J. Pft<.r AtKirea. 
Peter Thoina», 
Peter Hant, 
Eberhart Cbappeile, 
Connul Miller, 
Nicola Walter, 
Daniel Hchk, 
Uelohior Bpehre, 
George Block, 
P«ter Wolker, 
Iternbanl Baner. 
Joliann Henrich StTibr, 
Geofjj Ht^nrich Josejili. 
Johann Henricli 'Deiel, 
Jobanii Pblllp LitK, 
Johaii Nicol. BaHH, 
JobanneM Bcbwarbacb, 
Joliann Peter H el den ban i 
Johau Peter Struher, 
HaiiH Adam Didrioh, 
riirixtian Lindner, 
Joliau Henrlch Horliii;. 

List ok Porr 
(?apt. jamr8 a: 

<VlWK». QrALIfl 

Johann en Ijonn, 
Wemlel Hanst, 
Jacob Brandt, 
Jacob Kiininel, 

Skpt. 14, 17/il. 

Peler Eckinan, 
Peter BerrinKer, 
Martin Hcbwab, 
Adam Kiininel, 


OliriHiopIi PoUi, 
JuliaunoH Ehrmaii, 
ThotnaB Oatemtock. 
Luilwji; Dewalt, 
Potpr Jacob Weifw, 
Hvnricli Seiiltsiibunder, 
Johdiiii Henrich liohinaiiii, 
H&ns Peter Henrich, 
JohaiiD Conriid Biiiierlu. 
Jolinim l^eter Sclimi-ltzer, 
Julian Jacob Daulicnbf rger, 
J. Philip IJhh, 
J. Jiicob Shiiinber, 
Vdlenthi Kiinm«1, 
CaltiHLr Wei^rt, 
Johaiin Cieorg Feiok. 
Georn Peter Hiiter, 
Johaii Henrich EiiiennienKfr. 
Geitri; SiiiioTi Behrainin, 
Peter Henrich EiHennienKi'i' 
Johau Conrail Friedk. 
Peter Arnolil, 
Fried ericli Biebler, 
Alexander Holder, 
Martin Dictz. 
H. Hatheiis Miller, 
J. William Volk, 
.7. Adam Oierflen, 
Abraham Gunman, 
J. Wuudel Hchwab, 
Stephan Reigler, 
HaiiH George Schmi, 
Joseph Ebrman, 
J. Aduiu KirMchbanm. 
HanttGeorg Uhrich, 
Johann Georg Hnb, 
GcorK Adam Allbrecht, 
Johann Geoi^ Koehen<lurfrer, 
Hans Peter Strein, 
Johann <ieorg SchafTer, 
Johann Gottfried Stfickle 
Johnnn Daniel Bptz, 
J. Dalth. ElKenmenger, 
Johannes Georg Beck, 
Georg Michael Wel>er, 

Jacob Utahl, 
Michael y[>eng1er, 
Valentin l)uiilienlM>rger, 
Georg Liidwig StulTenberger, 
Kudoiph Schiippi. 
Johann Philip Kimmel, 
Georg Henrich Rcinch, 
Philipp Ihringer, 
HanH (xeorg Bi>englei-, 
Johann Michael Friedie, 
Hans Georg Hilttnaii, 
Johaniiew Prick, 
AiignstuH Hub, 
Melchior Seib, 
Albrecht Heinhardt, 
Hunx Adam Huter, 
Joh. OlirUtoph StuernHehilil, 
.lohan Friederich WtndiHch, 
Georg Thoman Hein)berger, 
.rohann Jacob Waffner, 
Andreas Lemel, 
Albrecht Dederer, 
Tncitn8 Geigfr, 
Martin Bender, 
Peter Bininger, 
Kilian 1 ) eater mii 11 i-r. 
Conrad Erich, 
Gottleih Ihricli, 
HanH Mauerer, 
JohainieH Frick, 
Andreaa Kramer. 
JoHeph Itender, 
Welhrecht Nuetihagen, 
Georg Wilhehn Friedricli, 
Johann Jacob Selig, 
Jollann T.ndwie Zlegler. 
,Toliaii Georg Ihrer, 
Johann Philip Deiitucli, 
Johann Prantz Biebler. 
.lohann Adam Stiiokle. 
Johann Dietrich Bauer. 
Johann Geoi^ Feist, 
Michael OaBper Fuchs, 
Johann Georg IiOttch. 


I.iMT OF FonKiGKKRS Importku in thk Ship Ditke or 


Priederich Zabory, 
Johann Heiirich Welcki^l. 
Abrnliam Beck. 
AnilrenH Back, 
Hainupl WelsH, 
Adniii Koch, jr., 
AndreaN Knaiier, 
Ctirl8tiH,n Rtticb. 
And reus SoMITer, 
Weorg Ftitier, 
Valentin Hutli. 
Billion Biirchart, 
Jucob Vanar, 
Johann Cieorg Beck, 
Jolmii Jn^ob Ziegter, 
Joban Melcliiur Kniinur, 
CiiKiMir Wttiiuer, 
CliriMto[>b Albert, 
Job an H enrich Krebit, 
Jobunii Adam Kolltir, 
Jertiinhui Keiger, 
CbriHtlnn G-untlier, 
Johun Peter Kaminer, 
Valtiiitb) MiitSCliler. 
Johaiitiiw Schinuck, 
Julian (ieorit Bender, jr., 
Johannes Kleinpeter, 
Martin MatthelH Schielin, 
Ueortf Dftvid Keinliard, 
Joliann Lorentz Stindtler, 
Jobaii (t(>orK Stot/,, 
Frie<lerieh Wurth, 
Joliann Martin Flelxchman, 
Joliann Adam Breutzinger, 
Ja(!Oli KriiK, 
.Fosepli i''iichs, 
Krbart (frhnin. 
Abrabnni Koll. 
Ciiristoph Heller. 
(/iiKIiar Miiller. 
Jacoli TliiiriB, 

Priederioh Zabory. jnii., 
HttUB Miohel Schafer. 
Iwuic Wengert, 
NickloH &[ii]ider. 
Adam Koch, sen., 
Micliet Koch, 
JobanneH Knaner, 
Caf t>ar BcherflQg. 
Hicliaf 1 Hp«Biiert, 
Peter Oerbrioh, 
Michael Heiier. 
JohanneH Bewetter, 
Jacob Lalleinand, 
H. Michael Meyer, 
Job. Michael Koch, 
HniiH Peter Knaner, 
f+eorg BalCheB Wecker, 
Matthiius Fetzer, 
Michael Uerbricb, 
Httndrick Courpenning, 
Joh. RemigiuB Spiegel, 
Johann Gottlieb Ziock, 
Frieilerich Mu techier, 
Joban Chriittian Lentx. 
Hanfi Georg Bender, 
Jobann MarcuH Beck, 
Hanit Peter SchifTahrt, 
Georg Adam Kraiitis, 
Hiviis Michael Knabe, 
Jobann Philip Schmidt, 
Jolian Jacob Golirmann. 
Jolian Martin Heugohl, 
Henri eh Bernhardt Di«uer, 
Jacob Ziilmry, 
Michael Huth, 
Frantz Brnner, 
Jaoob Hoblcr, 
<!hri»tian Galle, 
Henrlch Heller. 
Philip Liehner, 
Henry ^cbUider, 


Caspar Uetz, 
JohanueH Beniler, 
Peter Weber, 
Peter Blugner, 
Joliaii Geori; Burck'nardt, 
.lohunii Aduui Schick, 
Johaiiir Philip Dielil, 
HauB Peter Klinxteller, 
Cliristopb Zieger, 
Peter Herr, 
Nicklaua Schiiltz, 
Jofaanneit SchiifTer, 
Marllu Muller, 
ChriEtian Krebs. 
Paulus Scharle. 
Johannes Btnmpp, 
Carl Shaffer, 
Jacob Hildebrandt, 
Hans Oeorg Reeoh, 
Hans deoTg Miller, 
Hieronimae Kummele, 
Haiis Georg Ha user, 
Mattheua Schollhorn. 
Johan Peter HeiKitw, 
Hans Georg Kleiiv 
Hantt Georg Merker, 
Johan Henricli Hat>er, 
Johau Geo. Ritz, 

Henry Uucker, 
ValeDtin Shaffer, 
Johannes Weber, 
Henrich Hummel, 
Johaiiu Andreas Held. 
Joharin Wetidel Meicbstni 
Lorenti Kunkel, 
Jacob Rewuld, 
Andreofl Jund, 
Georg Kleintialter. 
Kuitolph H offer , 
Peter Grauel, 
Andreas Kolb, 
Jacob Klein. 
Jacob Gttlle, 
Jacob Geiirer, 
Nicklus Shniith Scliiiiidt, 
Solomon Heisch, 
Hart in Henrich. 
Matthias Riickele, 
Hans Jacob Kurtz, 
Jobaitn Jacob Fiwiier, 
.Tohanii Lndwig Eiiu'el. 
Peter I.udwig Hii>vr, 
Jolian Adam Pole, 
Johann Adam Stoiik, 
Nicolas yon Miinebler, 
Antlreas Runck. 


Jamks Kl'sskll, 
Jacob Baner, 
liorentE Kuntzman. 
Johannes Giittsger, 
Wilhelm (Enlter. 
Henrich KatK, 
Henry StmnpfT. 
Peter Fleck, 
William Saltzman. ■ 
Jnhanii Adam Allen 
Joliann .Taoob HnHe 

MaSTHR. tjUALIPlKD SKPT. 1<t. 1 
Peter Maiirer, 
Conrad Zanck, 
Gottlieb Wagner, 
Connui Bach man, 
Oa«i>er Wlsser, 
Johannes Doren, 
JoHeph Toml>er, 
Henri.-h Pfeffer, 
Philipns Jacob Wagner 

, Hanx Adam Miller, 


HuTiH Miclinl ««rb«r, 
Jiihiiiii) Henrioli Vulkiit<r. 
Adam P. Heck. 
Jolmiin Peter Menken. 
Wlllmlm KupferBchiiield. 
Pxter J^aiig, 
Ptitt-r Rhein, 
All am Kolwr, 
Mioii«l Daueriiian, 
''^lirlBtibQ HaliD, 
Niuliolaij Mathiae, 
Johannes Mnthiiu, 
Joliatiii Wilhelra Heintx, 
HutiH Ailam Perl>er. 
WJllieliit Adam Wolff, 
Joliaiin Outtlried Kroli, 
Heiirich Wilbelm Koobler 
Johaiui Philip Bbertli, 
Joliauu CieorK Scbnell, 
Johanii Nickel Weber, 
,)oliaiiii I*eter Fitting, 
Joliniiii l^riederioh Coiirai, 
Joliaiiii (}^i^ Reicheimei 
JoU. Nioklaus Weyerbach. 
JuhanneH Weyerbacher, 
Joli. Willi«]m GriilT. 
Henrioh Daiiiel Deitt, 
Hnnx Henriob Noll, 
(ieorg Matter, 
AndrcuH Keyser, 
Michel Hardman, 
LoretitK SobweiHSgiitli, 
Andreitis Wier, 
HieronimuH Teiter, 
Nii-holas Ljndemaii, 
H,-ririoh Pfsister, 
<?hriatjan Seheib, 
Nickt-l Weber, 
MIcliHel Burner, 
Peter HchloBser, 
Fraiiti Hiegert, 
l''re<ierii'.k Or«enewal<i, 
Johnnii Friederich Fui-hs, 
Jiicoli Zilchart, 
H»:;h Adam Koher, 
Jolianii NicklanH Kt-rr, 

Johuiin Hen rich Qutertnaii, 
.lohaiin Jacob Vulkner, 
Piai»tz Wilhelm Jerholtz, 
Johnuii Henricb Btein, 
Hand Adam Matter, 
Carl Hchell, 
Bavid Rhein. 
Christian Kober, 
JohaiiiieH Scblot«r, 
Peter Diititer, 
Martin Mathias, 
, Friederiob Mehl, 
Pliilip Priederi<rh Meyer, 
Georg JiiatannH Noll, , 
Georjj Chridtuphel Brehm, 
Jobaiin Wilhelm Perber, 
Johaiiu Michel Eberth, 
Johaiin Nlcolau Eberth, 
Jobniui Michel Stemler, 
Jnhann Nickel Weber, jr., 
Jiihaun .\liraham Dauber. 
■Tohann Nickel Heiirioh, 
Jolianii I'riedrick Griifr, 
Isaac Weyerliacber, 
Johanii Andreas Wagner, 
CbriHtoph MetK, 
JuhanneH Sohleloli, 
Johann Adam Walther, 
Jacob Keisxcr. 
.Jacob Matter, 
l^ilthaxtir .Tung. 


r Prim 

NicolaiiH Hchoppert, 
Abraham Bchiiell, 
I'eter I'feister, 
I'hrlatlan Luther, 
Michel W.'ber. 
.lohanneH H enrich, 
JobanneK Ori, 
Wilbelni Weirich. 
Martin Schuh, 
Cari Scbmid, 
J4einrich Adam Scherer. 
.Tohaun Henrich Rliein. 
Johann .Tacob Miiller, 
Jcihan Valentine Benighoff, 


Johan Philip Benifrhoff, 
Johann NieklauB Mehl, 
Joliium Conrad Joet, 
HaoB Oeorg Ka8t, 
Biinon Burohart, 
Jacob Fridrich, 
FranB Hoover, 
Johannes Klein, 
Jacot) Funck, 
Nicklas Zegler, 
Zachary Reiae, 
<ieoTg Walcker, 
Johann Michael Heuler, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Jacob Shnaude, 
Georg Seginan, 
Daniel Lehrnbaoher, 
Israel Burchart, 
Johao Peter Bohuch, 
Johan Philip S«uft. 
Johan Hen rich Lang. 

Jolian Frieilerlch BenighotI, 
Johaun Wilhelin Nagel, 
Abraham Wenbacher, 
Jacob Inder, 
Johannes Arbengast, 
Jacob Hoover, 
Johannes Bchmid, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Anthony Blum, 
Johan ReisB. 
Blaaius Beck, 
.fohann Philip Knstar, 
Philip Haeselbacher, 
■fohan Jacob Bitter, 
Johan Nicklaua MarhoSen, 
Christian Steyerwaldt, 
Philipp Henrieh Weiss, 
Johann Nickel Schmidt, 
Johan aigmund Stantzer, 
Jonan Henrieh Holtzel, 
Johan Philip Christ. 

List of Foreigkbrs I mported in thb Ship Nancy, Captais 
Thomas Coatam. Master, prom Rottrrdaii. Qualified 
Sept. 10, 1751. 

Jacob Gnth, 
Conrad Koder, 
Michael Friess, 
Johannes Hopf, 
Andreas BerenBtecher, 
Elias Bur, 
Conrad Miiuerle. 
Sebastian Scbnell, 
Hans Wnchter, 
Christian Nagel. 
Daniel Kopp. 
Johann George Rosth, 
Hans Georg MSaerle, 
Johann Friederich Wnrster, 
Johnn Georg Gonner, 
Hans Michel Bchnanffer, 
28~Voi. XVII. 

A. Conrad Koder, 
David Mauerle, 
JolianneH Hackeler, 
Michael Capp, 
Jacob KanfTinann, 
Jacob Kennele, 
Jacob Scheible, 
Andreas MeseerBchmidt, 
Andreas Bitinger, 
Jacob Kopp, 
HanB Jacob Klett, 
Hana Georg German, 
Jolian n Fried rich Stoos, 
Johann Martin Lang, 
Hans Jacob Pfeffer, 
Johann Jacob Super, 


lluHB Conrad Steiger, 
Hu,nB (ieoTg Kuicbeniicher, 
J uh an nut) Kircher, 
HanB Frt)drick Breudle, 
MuiiH (ieurg Reintbaler, 
Jolmnii Ludwii; Nonneinacbei 
Jolian Jacob ^icherlok, 
HanH Oeorg Bcbnell, 
Midi el Mauser, 
Johannes Hey del, 
Jacob Haucli, 
Huns Mayer, 
Joliannefl Kim merle in, 
Muichior Hammer, 
Jolmnnes Keuler, 
Jitcob Kaiib, 
Baltier Welt. 
Hanx Jacob Wizer, 
HanM Martin Kimmerlein, 
Jobunn Pbilip Georg, 
Micbael Scbmfdt, 
Jobanii Balthasar fJeyer, 

Hiinx Oeorg Sclinell, 

Uanx Martin Entamann, 

Joliun Lorentz Wllbelm, 

Jacob Fre(]rick Bnper, 

Jobaiin U I rich Fischer, 
', HaiiH rieorg Kevntballer. 

Jobann Michel Kiehle, 

Johan David WeiHHwann, 

Johann MaiiHer, 

William Schwindel, 

Eli as Mayer. 

Jacob Haag, 

f'oiirad Steiger, 

Daniel Keuler. 

J oil an nee Kohler, 

Hans Hay, 
Hantt Bernhardt Heseerschmidt, 

HuuH Cieorg Koder, 

Hans Martin Mobr, 

Jobann Friedericb Billlger, 

Job Ann Hay, 

JiibanneM Brock el er. 

List of Forrioxbrs Importrd in thb Ship Brothkrs 
Capt. William Muir, prom Rotterdam. Qualified 
Skpt. 18. 17.11. 

J Oban nee Leinberger, 
JohanneH Bielwr, 
Paul Mercker, 
Frieilerich Muhlefeld, 
Midi el Bieber. 
CbriHtopb Weber, 
Peter Al>ert, 
Valentin Matter. 
AndreaH Kldn, 
Peter Dingix, 
.Toll an net; Seifart, 
Johann Philip Scbneck, 
HanH Jacob Farni. 
Friedericb Entr.minger, 
.TobanneH Schmidt, 
Anthony Graff, 

Henry Schneider, 
JoHeph Kennel, 
Henrich Seitel. 
Erhart Muhlefeld, 
Hen rich Hieber, 
Oeorg Hacker, 
George Matter, 
Michael Ohtrle, 
Peter Mohr, 
Peter Heirter, 
Jobann JacoD Ziegenfaes, 
Job. Melcbior Sebwerer. 
HanH Adam Wagner, 
Joban Jacob Schmidt, 
('oiirad Meintzcr, 
David Bieboh, 



Michael Bieboh, 

Ludwig Weltuer, 

Daniel Zoller. 

Christian Peter, 

Valentin Bluinenstein. 

Joh. Georg Kirchner, 

Martin Miiintzer, 

David Mussgnug, 

Johann Nicolaus Merckel, 

Philip Brentz, 

Johau Adam Stein. 

Ladwig Frietlland, 

Johann Jacob Blum, 

Joh. Peter Schissler, 

Jacob Ludwig, 

Henrv Wolff, 

Priederich Kirchner, 
Christoph Hauer, 
Sebastian Nagel, 
Jacob Heit, 
Georg Obermeyer, 
^Vndreas Mohr, 
Alichael Raub, 
-Anthony Hauer, 
-Anthony Nagel, sen., 
[ans Georg Dillman, 
[ana Georg Uhlerich, 
Georg Bastian Eigelberger, 
.Johannes Monitzer, 
<ieorg Hoflfnitz, 
Johan Henry Paflf, 

Jftcol) Rotli, 
Jacob Ritter, 
Jacbb Frant/, 
Joh. Jacob Gerling, 
Johan Wendel Beilstein, 
Bernhard Hauer, 
Johann Michael Haus, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Georg Conrad M^ssert, 
Johann Jacob Ahlem, 
Johannes Leissler, 
Johann Michel Mohr, 

Johan Jacob Maul, 


Johann Georg Hotzeler, 
Martin Wolff, 
Adam Adams, 
Christoff Hauer, 
Jacob Hauer, 
Jacob Lehme, 
Joachim Nagel, 
Michael Weber, 
Georg Meintzer, 
Johann Georg Stiihlein, 
Anthony Nagel, jr., 
Hans Georg Kappes, 
Johannes Miinpter, 
Johan Adam Heiser, 
Ludwig Schliicker, 
Friederich Daniel Miiller, 
Ludwig Bender, 
H enrich Mag. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported in the Ship Two Brothers, 
Thomas Arnot. Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 21, 1751. 

Johannes Bausum, 
Johannes Decker, 
Jacob Jung, 
Johan Steinraetz, 
Jacob Pender, 
Joh. Christ. Fried. Wolff, 
Johann Henricli Decker, 
Caspar Steinmetz, 

Philippus Bausum, 
Johannes Kahn, 
Abraham Jung, 
Georg Romel, 
Melchior Jung, 
Eitel Gerhart, 
Melchior Jung, 
Johan Jacob Steinmetz, 



Jolian ClirtHtian I.upii, 
Joli amies Hfiirich, 
Voluntiii Fey, 
Anilruas G-riitK, 
Conrad U leant e In, 
Philipp Thoinoti, 
Jjiidwli; KIeiiuiii){er. 
(iuOTg Utraub, 
Judob Hcliauer, 
Johaanes Schraut, 
Heury Matheaa, 
Jolinniieti Buiitz, 
Jn-polj Heiiiberger, 
Juliann Oeorff Schiick, 
Cat! par Kalckgliiiwer, 
Qforjj Heiiripli BolinuH, 
HaiiH Uloliaei Hnr7^g, 
Joliaii Coiirail IJttHN, 
Joliiin Jacob MoisbtTger, 
Jobaii WillK^bn HtniittKr, 
Johiin Georg Etzler, 
^ohanrii-a StnufTer, 
Johiiiint>K Liipj), 
CaHjMr AugenHttthi. 
GrHgorius Kichter. 
<'arl Ijuller, 
Diiniiil Becker, 
Johnii (!otiriwl KrHger, 
Ju'iariii GtKirgHeiirlcli, 
Jolmn Honripli H«iiip, 
.I'lliniiii Danlttl HiifTiiiaii. 
.rolidiui Henrkti Hartiim.i. 
Johiiii Jao.ol) HofTheiiitK, 
JdIi. Henry Mai)«i-bucli. 
Johnii Jnst Krinf!, 
JohiLii Martbi Kreiiilfr. 
Jobnn nani«l Will, 
Julian IMederlch IVrlet, 
Pri«il«ri»!b Klopiwr, 
Fritxi. Wilhelin Heniiiui. 
Jotiat) Jacob rtubler, 
Jolian Henrlch Adam, 
Job. Wilhelin OroraJifrK, 

Jobannott Hebi, 
Jobannun Orth, 
JdliauueB ]ja|iiM>. 
Antbonlu» ilof mlHcli, 
Jacob Eberliart, 
Pliiljpp Het/^ 
JoliannuH Werbung, 
Jacob Peg-irt, 
Wilhelin Hiinolt, 
Simon Lung, 
Baltz-er Kent-ler, 
NicolauN Stoltz, 
Hun Martin Schors. 
WolfgaiiK Ruttegel, 
Julian Philip ByBter, 
Henrich KalckglclSHcr. 
Jiihnnn Wilhelin Weymmid, 
Hans Georg Schtnit, 
J. JoMt Freidwirth, 
Geo. Henry Schmidt, 
Joh. Micbaol Lnng, 
OliriHtiitn Uohr, 
Simon Weier, 
Georu I-iiiip, 
Acliiiii I<<nig, 
Heurich Arndt. 
JohannfH Kiinjg, 
WilHaiii MolMlwrger, 
JoliiuineM Becker, 
Johanii'-H Heintz, 
Joban Joitt Giereliach, 
Julian Henrich Griut;, 
Jobanii Georg Decker, 
Joban Henrich Klilies, 
Joh. HenHcb NicudcnniHi, 
Johim Miehaef Wieg, 
Jobim Adam Schmidt, 
Martin <"liri>itopli Rildnr. 
JiihaiineH Mulnberger, 
.Toll. <'hriBtopb George, 
Joh. Wilhelin Weinandi. 
J. liorbart ZlmnitTinan, 
Job. Gerlmrt Sehiibmacber. 
Joh. Wilbelin Badenbeimer. 


L18T OP FoKRio^KRs Imported is thk Shii- Nkptumb, 
Jamks Wkir, Captaix, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Bkpt. 33, 1751. 

Antlinni Steiner. 


8 Qie 

A.lHiii WeiBer, 
J. Conratl Koch, 
Uennan Uuller, 
JohnaDeH Kreiu, 
Johauiiea SchJotz, 
Johannes Busch, 
JJicliael Lnu&er, 
Johanni^t) Veiter, 



■Tohannea Hombt-rt, 

Haltli&a KresEinann, 

.Toh. Engl. Emmerd, 

•J oil. <ieorg ChrJHt, 

Andreofl StBiger, 

Henry Ziniiuerinan, 

Joh. Phil. Berger, 

Joli. Eiigel Bucbur, 

<;hristian Hopper, 

Johaii PliillippuM Bithmer, 

Johnn Heinrich Vetter, 
Johaii Bernhart Blatt, 
Johiiii Aleiander Schntz, 
Johan Conrad Wolleweber, 
Johan Henrich RonlinK, 
Johan Philip Anliorn, 
.lohaiiii P<fter SchaafT, 
Johannes Peter Reusel, 
J. Jost Walter, 
J. Henry Schinlt, 
Philip Henry Schlot?., 
Hann Jacoh Miiller, 
Johnn Christian Bauni, 
Johan (Uiristian Leidtorff, 
Oeorg Andreas Carle, 
Jnhan Henrich Biicher, 
Johann Christian Schmidt, 
Johnn Henry Reinhart, 
Joh. Peter Plick. 
Johnn Martin Flick, 
Oerlach Paul Flick. 

Jacob Het-zel, 
Michael Wenntrt, 
MattheuH Lippoth, 
Johannes Manderbach, 
Jacob Puhl, 
Henrich Uerhart, 
Nicolas Reibolt, 
Johannes Meyer, 
J. Michael Laiiffer, 
Johannes <!£ple, 
Pnnlus yroninger, 
Johannes Backer, 
Uatheis Lutz, 
Johannes Ueistweit, 
Johann Thomas, 
Bverhart Thoinns, 
Jost Heinrich, 
Joh. Ebert Stelner, 
Christ inn Bchmidt, 
Johnnnes W 11 helm Fein, 
Johau Wilhelin Buhnier. 
Johan Friederich Getner, 
Johann Qeorg Socket, 
Johan Ludwig Klein, 
Johan Christ. Zimmernian, 
Johan Henrich Kreiss, 
J. Henry Tillman, 
Johnn FIngel Weber, 
Johannes Engellierth JtinK, 
J. Priederjcli 8chreiher, 
Johan Philip Krnm, 
Johan Jacol) Oondennan. 
Johan Michel Naipp. 
Johan Christian Benner, 
Joh. Phil. Daniel Pfeiffer. 
Herm.Adolph tichoppenmeye 
.loliann KgKlus Hecker, 
Johann Henrich Schmidt, 
Johannes Henrich Peiffer, 
■loh. Philip Flick. 
Joh. Christian Zimmerman, 
.Tohan Wilhelrn Stussner. 


ListofFobkibxkiwImpoktkd isthk Shii'Nkptpsk, Capt. 
John Hasok, pkom Rottkkiiam, last krom Cowbs. Qiial- 
iifiKi) Skpt. 24, 17S1. 

ClirJHtlun AnnbriiMter, 

('oiirad Neuineier, 

.Tdpob Bclieler, 

AljraltHiii Pons, 

Jolianiies Hiirlng, 

JoliaiineH R«dii;. 

Mblchior Truutmaiiii, 

Adam Ptelfler, 

(itoTg Klfiiiliuflh, 

Oeorge drupe, 

Fraiitx Moeii, 

JolianiiHa Ousener, 

ConraiU Soliinidt, 

Jacob Hnber, 

BitllboHtir Heax, 

JoliiiiiiKjH Hock, 

IJuiliel Krhurt, 

Androas Miller, 

Jacob Uu miner. 

J4icklauH Schey, 

CuHpur KeSHlur, 

Jacob NagHl. 

JobaniieH Vetter, 
Hoiirlch Hall, . 
<;aMper Hollman, jr., 
Jacob Bnck, jr., 
OeorK Bclilli, 
CiinnMl Bivuer, 
BaltcH I^ub, 
G«or|{ Krlescli, 
Sit-Kriiuiid CoBtle. 
Hi'iiry Bchriidt-r, 
Fruilurink SulliiiK^r. 
Jui^ob Petermaii. 
(iitorK Ei>i>eiwi!jli'r, 
JoliauueH SclinuriiiK»r, 
Jutiu Pierre Arnotil, 
HniiH Oeori; Anstein, 
H«iirioli LuureriHchlcK^r, 
Johtiiin AOtun TrlnkaiiHs, 
JoliiLiin <inoTf( Erhunlt, 
Job. Michael Kuetn, 

Jolin Pieters, 

Heiidericb Bouuh, 

Pidllp Kliiiger, 

Jolianiies HiirinK, 

Joliauiieu Dauiii, 

J. Adam Ewig, 

Beniliart Jogel, 

CliriHtoph KotK, 

Miolia«l Link, 

JohanneD Hirscb, 

Uuvid Maiuheller, 

ElioH EiniuiuKtir. 

Jacob Tritfloh, 

Conrad Rauher. 

OeurK" Kiinme). 

Joliuiiuex Ueias, 

Peter Hemifer, 

Joliannea Laurentiiis Schmidt, 

Ludwig Knoll, 

Aduiii WelHH, 

Joliaimeu Welt, 

ChrJBtoph Schro|)|i. 

Stephaii Hertli, 

Ga-sper HotTiiiaiin, 

Jaoob Buck, 

Johaiin(»M Werner, 

Aii<lr>>aH Berlih. 

Conrad SchiiCTer, 
Benedict Ervig, 
Miohaul Sattlfr, 
Davi,i Kulm, 
Peter Klaseo, 
Georg Adam Weiw*, 
MattheiiH ArmbriiHter, . 
Leooliart Uentziiitjer. 
Johann Liidwig HtirlnK-, 
Johaitu Bernliiirt Giitx, 
Joliunn Adam Wirdeberger, 
Joliunii Plillip Meyer, 
Jacob Walter Woffner, 



Conrad Scheffnit, 
Johan Geor^ Schaf er, 
Johann Adam Geiss, 
Andreas Driiohsel, 
Wilhelra Gottman. 
Hans Georg Spohn, 
Johan Georg Heist, 
Johann Peter Trautmann, 
Joh. Adam Issener, 
Priederick Zimmerman, 
Georjjf Zettelmeyer, 
Jacob Bogas, 
Clementz Frey, 
Johann Georg Nollert, 
Johann Michael Hag, 
Johan Ludwig Bilker, 
Antonius Lambrecht, 
Joh. Daniel Scharmann, 
Christin Hoffman, 
Christoph Vanterberg, 
Martin Schaickel, 
Ewald Trummaner, 
Albrecht Schleppe, 
Joseph Zagmayer, 
Johan Bemhard Schaffer. 
Joh. Wilhelm Muller, 
Joh. Michael Diirr, 
Uhllerich Schwenkel, 
Martin Kogel, . ^ 

Hans Georg Stehle, 

Johan Wilhelm Grell, 
Johann Peter Schindel, 
Martin Heckenthurn, 
Johann Georg Eisenbeiss, 
Hans Georg Heise, 
Johann Adam Heist, 
Tobias Daumiller, 
Christoph Hollebach, 
Andreas Key bold, 
Jacob Zettelmeyer, 
Caspar Spann, 
Henry Dentsch, 
Ijorentz Schnuringer, 
Heiurich Eisenmenger, 
Johann Georg Heist, 
Johann Jacob Gottwalt, 
Johan Jacob Artzt, 
Johaiy Jacob Schneider, 
Conrad Selhoff, 
Johan Conrad Esse, 
Joseph T^ehmann, 
Jacob Zollerman, 
Johan Georg Must, 
Phillip Mallecot, 
Johan Leon. Trautman, 
Johan Peter Klump, 
.Toh. Georg Hummer, 
Ludwig Kleramer, 
Michael Hahn, 
Jacob Horn. 

List of Foreigners Importp:d ix thk Ship Phcrnix, Capt. 
.John Spurrier, from Rotterdam, last from Ports 
MOUTH. Qualified Sept. 25, 1751. 

Martin Maurer, 
Christian Laufner, 
Georg Volpp, 
Georg Stirn, 
Jacob Jordan, 
Jacob Heege, 
Michel Hoffman, 

Jacob Bauer, 
Michael Meyer, 
Antoni Stirn, 
Conrad Hoffler, 
Andreas Roth, 
Albert Schneck, 
Christian Pfeister, 



Martin Warner. 
Balthas Widenmeyer, 
David Dentsel, 
Martin Herter, 
Haub Kohli« 
Jacob Ri^er, 
Simon Widmayer, 
(Jarlle Hea, 
MathiaH Haufer, 
Georg Holtzinfi^er, 
Peter HofTinan, 
Jacob Reigen baser, 
BaltuB Schlichter, 
Johann (ieorg Gehringer, 
Gottlieb Lunenmacher, 
Friederich VeitscliantZf 
Joseph Bohringer, 
Elias Stocki, 
Ohristoph Liick, 
Martin Ott, 
Matheus Kern, 
Jacob Kauher, 
Samuel Schikle. 
Frederick Heins, 
Jacob Waltz, 
Philip Muller, 
' Jacob Hartz, 
Thomas Fischer, 
Michael leaver, 
Bernhard Brand, 
Matheis BaHtian, 
Johannes < 'onrad Lauer, 
Johann Adam Bauer, 
John Georg Kappis, 
Joh. Michael Lerchenzi«*l**r, 
Philip Ernst Wagner, 
Johan Friederich FiirhtM*, 
Johann Conrad Freeh, 
Joh. Michel Schumacher, 
Michael Jjautenschlager, 
Johan Tobias Haag, 
Hans Jacob Stambach, 
Ludwi^ Teussel, 
Johan Gottfried 8chmelg<»r, 
Johann Gottfried Fuchs, 
Georg Friederich Baisch, 

Martin Engelbert, 
Martin Ziegler, 
Martin £n<le, 
Jacob Kohli, 
Georg Kohli, 
Georg Giinssle, 
David Herrmann, 
Albrecht Heu, 
Jacob Pfeister, 
Jacob Maurer, 
l^ichael Huder, 
Conrad Hoflf, 
Albrecht Hiibscher, 
Johannes Dietrich, 
Friederich Dannwolff, 
Samuel Dirstein, 
Kraft Hannold, 
Jacob Geigle, 
Jacob Hauber, 
Jacob Huber, 
Jacob Ott, 
Georg Hetzer, 
Jacob Feller, 
Georg Teuflfell, 
Mathias Diesch, 
Christian Neuffer, 
Jacob Fischer, 
Dieterich Loflfler, 
Balt/.er Biimbel, 
Anthoni Blesinger, 
Georg Matias Weig, 
Hans Georg Weber, 
Hans Michael Braiinich, 
Hans Jacob Schletzer, 
Johan Melchior Mill, 
Joh. Valentin Hoffman, 
Joh. Balthas Scholhorn, 
Johann Georg Kiderer, 
Johann Conra<l Kriigele. 
Andreas Hildenbrandt, 
Hans Georg Bertsch, 
Hans Georg Hiigele, 
Hans Jacob Gloss, 
Hans Georg Schlotterbe 
Christian Kiichler, 
Michael Bossert, 



Johannes Gramm, 
Michael Kaacher, 
Jacob Hermann, 
Michael Wornner, 
Michael Mayer, 
Priederich Hirsch, 
Georg Carle, 

Christ. Friederich Waller, 
Mattheis Plocherr, 
Johannes Albrecht, 
Johannes Weltschiedt, 
Christian Blaser, 
Martin Eilting, 
Hans Conrad Kurtzle, 
Christian Christein, 
Johannes Demuth, 
Philipp Jacob Geis, 
Jean Diedier Moret, 
Lorentz Schmidt, 
Jacob Pfeiflfer, 
Jacob Werner, 
Michael Hadere, 
Conrad Host, 
Gabriel Wachter, 
Theopbilus Hiibber, 
Georg Baumann, 
Eonrad Leuser, 
Hans Georg Ehrman, 
Jacob Kohler, 
Hans Georg Schotebecker, 
Christian Kuchler, 
Michael Bossert, 
Matt lie is Hipscher, 
Christoph Hofnian, 
Baltlias Schwinker, 
Johan Jacob Wornuer, 
John George Bliiser, 
Jacob Bind, 

Mattheis Hiibscher, 
Miphel Ernst, 
Matheis SchimpfiT, 
Simon Brener, 
Philip Baatmand, 
Joh. Siegmund Kiihler, 
FranciscQS Stiir, 
Jacob Biickel, 
Hans Jacob Kichner, 
Johannes Hauer, 
Johannes Rathgeb, 
Bernhardt Schneider, 
Hans Georg Christein, 
Peter Christein, 
Friederich Kerohel, 
Johan Adam Stoltz, 
Jacob von Konnen, 
Mathias Laafer, 
Georg Hollinger, 
Peter Hoffman, 
Jacob Veigenbaser, 
Joh. Georg Fried. Bayer, 
Adam Hettinger, 
Samson Mittelberger, 
Michael Altidth, 
Michael Beuttel, 
Nickolas Schrift, 
.Johan n Gottfried Fuchs, 
(feorg Friederich Baisch, 
Johannes Graiiiin, 
Michael Kaucher, 
Jonas Riipp, 
Phillipp Miiller, 
Hans Jacob Meyer, 
Hans Georg Blaser, 
Hans Georg Blaser, jr., 
.Fohannes Schilling. 
( 'hristian Schneider, 


List op FoBBtONEns lupoRTBn ik tkr Ship Qurrn of Dkn- 


Chritttopli Berg, 
HurtiiianD FritK, 
Biiltzi^r Martin, 
Jucob Wolff, 
Hnl/.'ir Kunif[. 
(ieoTg Jacob Ullrich, 
Hans Qeorn; Erlxilt, 
Andreas Roth, 
OeorK<< Hapi>e8, 
Jacob Joiler, 
Hann Keitzer, 
Michael M«yer, 
Wiltielm BoHch, 
JoliaiiiieH Sliulte, 
CasiMir Fisher, 
Martin Friesit. 
Coiim<l Weiss. 
Heurieli Seitz. 
MeinriiTh Stohle, • 
Nicklas Wcies, 
Gei.rK Wolff, 

Jolmiin Michol Hartinann, 
Johann Pliili|> Bieg, 
Casnar WagiiBr, 
Melclilor Zlegler, 
Freil«?rich ballade, 
Hans (ii?org Martin. 
Hans tJiiter, 
Johunnps Wagner, 
n«ini-i<ih Stohlcr, 
Joltuniifs Martin, 

JiihaTin Henrich Graff, 
Huns Bcliiit^eberger, 
Marx OberliuilHslp, 
<'a«p<ir Hchneider, 
Ha.n« Schallenberg, 
Mart hi PreislMinh, 
Jiihuii Henrich HofTman, 
HunK HtiQry Shneiiler, 

UeorK Wolff, 
Daiiifl Meyer, 
Valentin Broclt, 
George Liioker, 
Johanit Friederich Heriag, 
Michael K«iner. 
Jacob Uieesler, 
Btepban Bieg, 
Nicklas Rippel. 
Durst Griiner, 
Hans Blanck, 
Henry Siise, 
Clirietian Blanck, 
Friederich Rnthe, 
Bast I an Mangold, 
Conrad Fuchs, 
Antlreafl Lantz, 
Hans GeiHser, 
Jacob m el lie, 
Jacob Shob, 
Heinricli Grell, 
Friederich Dirkorhoff, 
Heinricli Lachinan, 
Horian Peter Kijstler, 
Johannes An<lreas, 
Martin Scheuerman, 
Jacob Grosjean, 
Jacob Kiigel, 
Jacob Regenee, 
Peter Reehrer, 
Johannes OchBeman, 
Joli unites Car in one, 
Conradt Bchncider, 
Christian Bernhart, 
Hans Japob Weise, 
Hans Ulerich Heiw, 
Johannes Bchaad. 
Joliannes Kidineier, 
Johun Friederich Martin, 
Hans Henrich Wieet, 
Johannes Campne, 



Antonius Stiitte, 
Jacob Reithlinger, 
Weinbert Techudi, 
Joh. Friederich Steiner, 
Johannes Possert, 
Qeorg Schweiler, 
Valentin Meyer, 
Anthony Carraane, 

Johan Wilhehn Friess, 
Heinrich Stehle, 
Johannes Strub, 
Friederich Lander, 
Johann Friederich Metzer, 
Hans Melchior Anderegg, 
Daniel Wolff. 

1 1ST OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Janet, Capt. 
William Cunningham, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 7, 1751. 

Johannes Waller, 

Peter Gans, 

Philip Pfeiffer, 

Adam Jacobi, 

Adam Beckenbach, 

Peter Ulmer, 

Kilian Hausser, 

Henry Carle, 

Georg Bigler, 

Christ. Peifer, 

Bernhart Kreiling, 

Adam Jordan. 

Carl Wagner, 

Philip Ennes, 

Leonhart Biickel, 

Wilhehn Ewig, 

Matheas Nass, 

Heinrich Friedle,' 

Jacob Konig, 

Jacob Sprecher, 

f>ewald Storch, 

Philip Jacob Kiinbe, 

Friederich Humbert, 

Jacob (rallman, 

Johan Michel Schmit, 

Jacob AValter, 

Jacob Diether, 

Leonhardt Simon, 

Jolian Georg Beckenbach, 

Johan Valentin Sommer, 

Michael Holstein, 

Peter Rossburger, 

Mathias Pfeiffer, 

Marx Breinig, 

Caspar Beckenbach, 

Georg Welter, 

Nickolas Stein, 

Martin Bigler, 

Johannes Lapp, 

Stephen Zweier, 

Michael Alt, 

Jacob Holtz, 

Abraham Konig, 

Jacob Weimer, 

Johannes Hahn, 

Michael Leonhart, 

Henrv Haushalter, 

Melchior Krautter, 

Enoch Weber, 

.Tacob Weimmer, 

Hans Georg Sprecher, 

.lacob Hahn, 

Dievvald Matter, 

George Schend, 

Michel Fink, 

Christian Flwig, 

Ehrhardt Thurwiichter, 

Georg Adam Beckenbach, 

Georg Bernhart Beckenbach, 

Nickolas Eschwin, 



Jacob Hauswirth, 
Heinrich Hetzel, 
Johannes Kaufifmann, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Andreas Altendorff, 
Johann Jacob Lapp, 
Han George Zweier, 
Hans George Odewalt, 
Georg Jacob Schirraer, 
Hans Conrad Bauinan, 
Johann Nicklas Wolflf, 
Johan Jost Schweiger, 
Johann Simon Shober, 
A>»raham Bitilion, 
Johan Michael Hoffmann, 
Mat hens Kunig, 
Christ oph Ketterman, 
Hans Georg Wollhuter, 
Ph i I i p Jacol > H u ra bert , 
Philip Jac ' Mfder, 

Jacob Kiim merer, 
Johann Nickel Stumm, 
Johan Adam Best, 
Johan Peter Schang, 
Johan Lenardt Gusel, 
J oh. Christ oph Weisbach, 
Hans Adam Diem, 
Joh. Andreas Engelman, 
Michael Wiihrlich, 
Johann Georg Geisler, 
Johan Valentin Ross, 
Johann Jacob Weltz, 
Eberhart Sahnat, 
Johann Georg Busch, 
Philip Jacob Hagenbnch, 
Hans Jacob Hiibbert, 
Jacob Schaffer, 
Johann Georg Steiixer, 
Johann Michael lirion, 
Andreas Kisselberg. 

List ok Poreioxkrs Imported ix the Ship Duke of 


Qualified Oct, 16, 1751. 

Ludwig Heinrich, 
Theodor LarV>er, 
Andreas Schlenckfer, 
Conrad Rahm, 
Michel Umensetter, 
Mattheiis Reich. 
Johannes Schott, 
Friederich ZoUer, 
Friederich Hering , 
Andreas lieaderer. 
Martin Doll, 
Peter Stiickel, 
Johannes Meiger, 
Leoiihart Behl, 
Georg Adam Brockeberger, 
Conrad Klingemeyer, 
Georg Adam Gaab, 

A. Mattheis, 
Johannes Wissner, 
Ulrich Bhiitiiiger, 
Jacob Umensetter, 
< -hristoph Siindel, 
Michael Welhenger. 
Christian App, 
Johannes Griiuttler, 
David Dntte. 
Johannes Doll, 
Johannes Not::, 
Martin Kcker. 
Eberhardt Martin, 
Bait has Giitz, 
Georg Michael Kern, 
Joh. Conrad I^eibbrand, 
Hans Jacob Baum, 


Daniel Bunmann, 

Conrotl MerKle, 

Jaool) Zech, 

Martin EbWe, 

Jauoli Buyerle, 

Jacob Btahlman, 

Adaiu Herman. 

Jaooli Sober re r, 

TJlrich HirHcliiDhiin. 

Johannes Stacke, 

Johannes Augenstein. 

Philip Nuget, 

Johannee Mayer, 

Johannes BischolT. 

If ichaet Fritz, 

Camper Meyer, 

Christian Fusch, 

Jacoi) Karg, 

Conrad Bren<hngler, 

Jacob Schiifter, 

draff Pillab. 

Qeorg Christoph Reichle, 

Johann Cieorg Mayer, 

Johftim Ailam Uerkle, 

Johann Cieorg Maiscb. 

Jacob Ludwig CUppele, 

Johannes Rrobeck, 

Qeorg Wilhelin Bantlioii, 

flans Qeorg SchufTer,- 

Conrad Eisenhardt, 

ChriBtophel Schlegel, 

Johannes WitnderHcli, 

Matt he us Sabereriok. 

Michael RoBch, 

Jacob Each, 

Chriatoph Folk, 

Philip Miiller, 

Michel Waltz, 

Conrad flrietzinger, 

"Dieterjch Kai 

Christian Kui 

Johan Georg 8endel, 

Bans Georg Helm. 

Christ. Gottleib Hcheiherle. 

Job. Friederich Steindorf, 

Johannea Schultbelss, 

Conradt Grletieinger, jr., 
Friedertck Keppert, 
Johannes Winter, 
Httvid Anfel, 
Friederich Wibel. 
Joseph Ahnurn, 
J&cob Jti ogling, 
Jobaiin Mader, 
Matlieus Hirschman, 
Jacob Schwartz, 
Simon Nagel, 
Michael Dei KB, 
.Tobanues Uayer, jr., 
Bernhardt Merkle, 
Ludwig Feick, 
Peter Printle, 
Joseph Karg, 
Johan Geo. Englert, 
Joliannes Messner, 
BernhHrt Frick, 
Jacob Greiner, 
.lohann Andreas Mayer, 
Johan Andreas Mayer, jr., 
Johann Georg Weisser, 
Christian Grietzinger, 
Johan Conrad Held, 
J oh: inn es Weibenger, 
Christ. Friederich Bantlion, 
Hans Georg Dutte, 
Geoi^ Attain Scbiegel, 
Ciis|)ar Wiinder, 
■loliann Georg Hoch. 
Joseph Brendlint-'fr, . 
Michael Rosch, jr. , 
Halt as Folk. 
Conrad Stobr, 
Stephan Katz, 
Martin B rod beck, 
Johannes B rod beck, 
Peter Kam merer, 
Johann F. Brodbeck, 
Hans Georg Winter, 
Hans Georg Webr, 
Hans Peter Bpatb, 
Joh. Michael Zehntbaner, 
Andreas Hirschman, 



Johan A<luiii Hirxrttiiiaii, 
Mattht^iiH Dullnink, 
Johaii Prieilerinli SiIi^kh, 
Plillil> Jacol) Woiiln.T. 
Huns Phiiip Roth, 
Li>rtiiit)( Wt!i«<«Der. 
HiiiiH Mnrtiu Stitsaer, 
H.iiiFi <if,nTg Uirnneli>eii, 
Aduin Einmur, 
.rnhanu 0-«>ovg Diirr, 
Mi«line1 Kat/., 
Johiin Bnrtlul O-ottwolt, 
■lohann Jac^)!) WaltK. 
Htttw (i^org Kukert, 
Wilhalm Koch, 
Abrahuin Eckert, 
Odiinwi flfnsly, 
JdhannoH Eb«rhart, 
Hans Gcorg Schnock, 
Andriias Kappler, 
Hiiiic (ieorg Christ, 

HnnH Mioh.-u;l Moxer, 
Johaiiii (ieorK Hitiiiaii, 
Hans (T*K>rn Angeii^tein, 
HaiiK LuiiwiK Roth, 
Hans Martin Dittclion, 
HanH Adam Meyer, 
Michael Hirniieixt!!), 
Andreas 8<-hlenker, 
Micha<>] Hehnle, 
Jaiv>l> Wellenmnn, 
HaiiH Gnorg Sahneiilt^r, 
HauH B« rn hart. Fran U, 
Andreas Wittlithorii, 
Hicliuel Werner, 
Benedict Fuiick, 
Andreas Lutticli, 
FriBilericli Heyl, 
Joliannes Eborhart, jr., 
Michael Wolff. 
Hans Oeori; Eij;i'. 

I.isr iiK FoKKKiKKiis Ihpoht 
Thomas Aunot, Hai'tais, 

COWKH. QrALlPlKI) Hrpt. 
(IwiTg Kisenment;er, 
Joh. Christo. Frimloricli Koiili 
Jacob Midi 
NulRen K: 
Filter Humniiir. 
Philip Bonn, 
Jacob Miill«r, 
Hert.rain Ban in, 
MoritK T.enn, 
Joliannes Hertianit, 
JoBt Ferschliach, 
Conrad Welder, 
Joh. Peter Bonn, 
Jolinnn Peter J^entz, 
liPoiioiiU Valentin Gross, 
Johanu Friedoriuh Beck, 


l.-i. iT.'ii 

Friedftrioh Miiyer. 
ler. Killan Eisenmenifer, 

Christopli Arnold, 

Peter Scliock, 

PanlUB firofis, 

Wilhelni Hiiner. 

t'onrad Wlne^arden, 

I'aninx Becker. 

Jacol) Andret", 


Johannes Lutu, 
Joli. HllasBonn, 
Johann Martin (lans, 
Johan Peter Schock, 
■Toiiannee HenHidi Metz, 
Oeorfi Michael Eberle, 



P. Conrad Leberliiig, 
John Peter Kodebagh, 
Diedrich AVilhelm Dischong, 
John Peter Bloiii, sen., 
Her>>ert Schumacher. 
Wilhehu Peter Walter, 
Oonrath Schneider, 
Joh. An ton ills Kramer, 
Johan Gottfried Kring, 
•Tohann Jacob Beyer, 
Johan Theis Wehr, 
Casper Kramer, 
Adam Beck, 
Anthon Schmidt. 
Wendei Frey, 
Jacob Bush, 
Casper Liclitenberger, 
Joseph Konig, 
Borkhardt Unangst, 
Jacob HeU)ach 
Johan Christ. Kulenber, 
Johann Christ. Meyer, 
Johan Stephan Deiibler, 
Johan Christian Aliiurgrer, 
Johann H enrich Wirth, 
Johann Wilhelm Bottger, 
Creorg Andreas Raab, 
•Tohan Gerlach Meyer, 
Conrad Liinenberg, 
Jacob Dills, 
Joh. Peter A Her, 
Johan Sebastian Unangst, 
fciiraon Ludwig Hiraroth, 
"Wil. Henrich Brandenbarger, 
«Joban Peter Futterbach, 

George Michael Miller, 
John Peter Blom, 
Johan Wilhelm Ahlbach, 
John Christian Ottinger, 
Johann Theis Hoffman. 
Johan Wilhelm Meyer, 
Joh. Herbert Lor, 
Johan Adam Imboden, 
Johann Christian Seyler, 
Paul us Bohm, 
Conrad Hahns, 
Johannes Wilhelm us, 
Johannes Jacob, 
John Antoni Statt, 
Thomas Gramlich, 
Gottfried Kappes, 
Michael Dietrich, 
Johannes Matt sen, 
Jonas Pool (Puhl), ^ 
Joachim Statt, 
Joh. Christ. Lichtenthiiller, 
Johan Paul us Seel, 
Johan Peter Hammer, 
John Jacob CElgarden, 
Hans Henrich Miinch, 
Johann Georg Metzger, 
Georg Michael Gebhart, 
Johan Georg Spiess, 
Nicolas Liinenberg, 
Moritz Wilh. Dills, 
Joh. Wilh. Weller, 
Johan Peter Schmidt, 
Johan Herbert Wingert, 
Johan Thomas Schumacher, 
Johan Herr. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Edinburgh, 
James Russell, Commander, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM CowEs, England. Qualified Sept. 19, 1752. 

Peter Renau, Johan Fehlinger, 

Henry Hollinger, Paulus Hartung, 

Frantz Renau, Jacob Hirt; 



Jacob Beck, 
Nicolaus Mayer, 
Pauluri Mauerer, 
Chribtopli Hummel, , 

Peter Miihe, 
Johannes Roth, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Georjj Herman, 
Christian Bhneid, 
Jjeonhard Lauter, 
Johann Georg Demler, 
Joh. Samuel Huth, 
Johann Martin Schnepf, 
Johannes Bernhardt, 
Johan Georg Ban man, 
Andreas Gabriel Dietrich, 
Bartholomivus Lederer, 
Johan Carl Hiiger, 
Johan Friederich Kiess, 
Martin Kuntzman, 
Christoph Hardtmann, 
Michel Kiimell, 
Siegfried Billing, 
Adam Christoph Behning, 
Hans Jacob Roth, 
Stephan NerJ in ger, 
Sebastian Drf»ht»r, 
Jos. Bernhard Spath, 
Johannes Ziirn, 
Jacob Hauser, 
Isaac Buck, 
Johannes (iemser, 
Friederich Rosslein, 
Adam Stock, 
Friederich Fens, 
Joseph Schonal, 
Johannes Hendel, 
Joh. Friederich Huss, 
Johannes Hitzer, 
Jacob Wiedemann, 
Michael Friedreich, 
Valentin Briittschiedt, 
Hans Jacob Feltzer, 
Christoph Bauer, 
Johannes Kerlin, sick, 
Jacob Midler, sick. 

Paulus .Schmidt, 
Jacob Fried, 
Wilhelm Keller, 
Paula Walter, 
Jacob Kiiber, 
Friederich Roth, 
Georg Shneyder, 
Michael Fetzer, 
(christian Unger, 
Sebastian Maas, 
Jacob Bildmann, 
Georg Casper Bohrmann, 
Georg Leonhardt Pfiiffer, 
Michael Hibscher, 
Johannes Reinhard, 
Johan Wilhelm Trautwein, 
Georg Antony Scheble, 
Johan Jacob Helm, 
Hans Martin Kirschmann, 
Hans Michael Weismeyer, 
Francisus Lilier, 
Leonhart Claus, 
Martin Harsh, 
Johannes Schwartz, 
Johann Christoph Bentz, 
Johan Christian Benig, 
Jacob Friedrich Klasser, 
Johan Jacob Haydt, 
Georg Schild, 
Jacob Rinker, 
Jacob Meysel, 
Carl Korn, 
Ijeonhardt Rosslein, 
Andreas Fetzer, 
Michael l>urr, 
Frantz Fischer, 
Johan Adam Schwartz, 
Johann Jacol> Kerfer, 
Heinrich Ottinger, 
John Adam Reihe, 
Johann Rischerd,, 
Johannes Schweller, 
Joseph Schonal, 
Johan Christian Gollnitz, 
Erhart Kurbocker, sick, 
Johannes Jung, sick. 



Caspar Delimiter, sick, 
Miohaei Kar^, sick, 
Qeorf^ Braun, sick, 
Conrad Guth, sick, 

Jacob Weller, sick, 
Jacob Roth, sick, 
Michael SchafTer, sick, 
Baltzer Thuringer, sick. 

List op Porkigners Imported in thk Ship Brothers, 
William Muir, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowES, England. Qualified Sept. 22, 1752. 

Johannes Stanch, 

Martin Kar^^, 

Peter Helling;, 

Johannes Unruh, 

Btephan Goss, 

Peter Bechtel, 

Johannes Babb, 

Bastian Hellinan, 

Georjf Lentz, 

Johan Michael Lindemuth, 

Johannes Edehnan, 

Wiiheliu Heckinan, 
•Toh. Jacob Rudisel, 
H. Nicolaus Barrinfijer, 
Johan Peter Gable, 
Hans Peter Edehnan, 
IHans Ulrich Beutler, 
lleinrich Rahausser, 

Hans Georg Holtzschuh, 
^icklaus Hecknian, 

Hans Adam Edelmim, 

Georg Henrich Gramlich, 

Lenhart Hertell, 

Jacob Lorentz, 

Matheis Geyler, 

Hans Gergrich, 

Jacob I bach, sen., 

Dlebolt Dietrich, 

Peter Bensel, 

Jacob Braiin, 

Peter Hickman, 

Conrad Hvieman, 

Joseph Scheffer, 

23— Vol. XVII. 

Carl Fucht, 
Andreas Leisser, 
Jacob Seltzer, 
Daniel Utz, 
Johannes Eckert, 
Peter Seit, 
Jacob Miller, 
Andreas Ott, 
Samuel Herrmaii, 
Johann Peter Schwartz, 
Hans Adam Heckmann, 
Joh. Conrad Kriechbaum, 
Johann Jacob Winter, 
Johan Jacob Wilhelm, 
Hans Adam Gerig, 
Anthony Zimmenuann, 
Abraham Billing, 
Hans Georg Sommer, 
Johannes Kolus, 
Jost Edehnan, 
Georg Jacob Ehresmann, 
John Georg Edehnan, 
Antonins Miiller, 
Hans Schulterle, 
Andreas Geyler, 
Michael Lapp, 
Jacob I bach, 
Hans Moltz, 
Mattheis HofT, 
Johannes Sommer, 
Philip Seydelman, 
Killian Fiihrer, 
Johann Georg Schmeltz, 



Johaiin Georg Esser, 
Johann Erhard Lobstein, 
Hans Georg Mauss, 
Hann Adam Lehr, 
Andreas Kernberger, 
Hans Jacob Hage, 
Hans Jacob Burghen, 
Johan Georg Werner, 
Johann Nicklas Schneider, 

Han Georg Edeler, 
Hans Georg Dammer, 
Philip Jacob Gottschalok, 
Hans Georg Marquard. 
Hans Jacob Merckel, 
Hans Adam SchnabeJe, 
Hans Martin Sommer, 
Jacob Lasch, sick. 


List ok Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Halifax, Capt. 
Thomas Coatam, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 
England. Qualified Sept. 22, 1752. 

Christophel Witmer, 
Nicolas Kohler, 
Martin Decker, 
Hans Feltz, 
Johannes Paulas, 
Jacob Olenthin, 
BartholomsB Evar, 
Peter Reeb, 
Johan Conrad Blecher, 
Michael Springer, 
Johannes Josephiis Roth, 
Hans Georg Dorter, 
Johan Ludwig Burse, 
Hans Michael Gever, 
Anthony Rush, 
Friederich SchafT, 
Jacob Dietrich, 
Peter Wend ling, 
Michael Conradt, 
Johannes Riegele 
Joseph Held, 
Georg Riibel, 
Murtin Hutter, 
Hans Jacob Muhle, 
Johanne?* Siirber, 
Hans Heinrich Meyer, 
Hans Casper Schladter, 
Hans Michael Weigel, 

Philip Engel, 
Friederich Eberhart, 
Johannes Griese, 
Anthony Zinck, 
Christian Herman, 
Philip Hoflfman, 
Jonas Imschmiedt, 
Johan Melchior Bromb«w3h, 
Johann Georg Kuntze, 
Johann Georg Kreybach. 
David Sasmanhaussen, 
Johan Jacob Bersey, 
Johan Jacob Brucker, 
Michael Wentz, 
Jacob Hanick, 
Matheis Kientz, 
Jacob Juncker, 
Andreas Streiber, 
Jacob Sieg, 
Augustus Urban, 
Joseph Riibel. 
Johannes Patt, 
Leonhart Weidman, 
Conrad Muller, 
Hans Jacob Riimmen, 
Hans Conrad Wirth, 
Wilhehn Hausemer, 
Georg Hans J>ietrich, 


Tohaon Philip Ouresfl, 

Hanx George GleyKlur. 

Johannes Miiiler, 

Haiia Micliael Hiihiier. 

Han Jac. Berber Zimmerman. 

Henry Meyer, 

Heinrich Uenctc, 

Philip Hirr, 

Jacob Surber. 

Henry Kunt/ 

Caspnr Wincker. 

FrieUericb Hiirnch, 

Johannei^ Jordan, 

Fried eric Kii tinner, 

Jacob ScliaafF, 

Matheas Roth. 

Uartln VarninK^r. 

Hermanus Ache, 

Lor«aU Re in hart, 

Joh. David Wildermuth. 

Johann Jficnh Hess, 

Johann KralTthorn, 
Johan Henrich Gfitting, 
•fohaiines Michael. 
Joh. Daniel BteinseilTer, 
i^ennanus Limper. 
Johan Jacob Brentz, 
•Johann Dieterich, 
•Johan Wennertblecher, 
TTlerich Gliikll. 
Oonrad Ziegler. 
.Jacob Gross. 
Johan Ni''klaiiN HolTinan, 
Jo>>e>ph Oii/.eniiller, 
.Jacob Roth, sirk. 

Christian Knirhhart, Rick, 

3lathe]H Miiller. sink, 

Han» Dewald Wnnillin. f.\e.k. 

T. Nicklas Maiiser. Kick. 

Johannes Kfittrlng. sink, 

Johannes Lndwig. sick. 

Hieronimiix Bnhuelder, eick, 

Hans Jacob, liick. 

Johann Georg Weber, 
Jacob Weisseberger, 
Paulus SchilfTer. 
Hans Philip Biter, 
Priederich Pleckstein, 
Peter Duweiler, 
Loreatz Diirr, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Heinrloh Zolli, 
Ulrich K reiser, 
Heiirich Merckl, 
Joliannee Meyer, 
Johann Rudolph, 
Jacob Klein, 
■lohannes Gehr, 
Otto Pegy, 
Johaa Lud-vig Ache, 
JoHeph Weingard, 
Martin Brungart, 
Georg Willielni Miiller. 
Georg Ludwig Marburger, 
Johannes Jacob Ache, 
Hieroniiniis Spies, 
Johannes Schreiber, 
Hanti Henrii-h KantTer, 
Joh. Michtiel Kanzter, 
Johan GeorK Hiissuni;, 
Joh. Jacob Miiller, 
Johan Michal Backer, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Joseph Altlieer. 
Hans Sickel ynierer, 
Johan Nicklaus Farringer, 
Rudolph Zoll, 
Henrich Prey, sick, 
Johannes Bruchhart, sick, 
naniel Fischer, sick, 
Hans Georg Mauser, sick, 
Iiiidwig Gross, aick, 
Peter Bring, pick, ' 
Johannes Ewers, sick, 
Georg Ailatn Bchiitz, sick, 
Michael Grosti, sick. 


List of Forkionkks Iuportkd in tuk Ship Ut. Akdrkw, 


Plymouth, E>«land. Qualikikp Skpt. 23. iTTi. 
Clii-i»Cupli Mom. 
Abraham Zetuu, 

Jacob Bakser, 
Hans Uumini. 
Ulrlcli Uch«roK. 
Jacob Orth. 
GhriHtiaii Biitil t, 
AndreaH Lint/., 
JJuniel Klein, 
Leon hurt Bremer, 
Nickoltis Blaiick, 
JohanuPH Rutu, 
Hans Blanck. 
Ulrlcli Haiiser, 
Ulrich Fisnher, 
Hans Martin Seller, 
Hans Martin HunK. 
John Philip Bteiiile. 
Jacob Hieetancl. 
Jolmn Georg Knoch, 
Oabriul Spannagel, 
Binion Brand, 
Daniel Onrhart, 
Johan (iooTg Oramlich, 
Fraiiti Jacoli HuuBsliir, 
Jacob Bernhart Friedericti 
Georg Adam Eberth, 
Johaii Georg Knpper, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Wilhelm Reiter, 
.Tacob KantTman, 
Johan Vain tin Kiiss, 
Jnntnit 8c h mucker, 
IKiFHt AUeman, 
Joh. Bernhart Eytel, 
JoNflpli Kahl, 
NickolauH Wissler. 
Petur Mack, 
Eberhart Luttman. 
Henricli Sohenck, 

Jneoli SchiitTer, 

Philip Becker, 
Valentin Becker, 
Ulericli Zurger, 
Ulrich Scherr, 
JiLCob Blanck. 
Muthlaa EckN, 
NiculoN Buch, 
Jo><e[>l) Kro|>, 
Leonard Hetlle, 
Julian Friederich (Seller, 
Julian Chrixtoph RiHwI. 
Dewalt Bilhnan, 
Philip Riibelinger, 
JohanneH 'Webrecht, 
LmiwiK Spannagel, 
—Ulrich Stauffer. 
Frtintz Kammer, 
Michael Llndesweiler. 
John Georg KiilTer, 
Bantian Bohr man. 
Johann Peter Lang, 
Hanp Georg Biider, 
Duviil Kalterman, 
HanH ((eorg Niwwer, 
Johtin Jacob Baner, 
.lohnn Hen rich Kriiss, 
Uaniel Arnoldt. 
Johan Jacob Boltx, 
Joh. Michael Maiierer, 
Ulrich LantenlMoh, 
Jacob Fried, 
Johannes Mack, 
nietridl. Schmltzer, 
Michael Opp, 
Stepban Meyer, 
Heinrich Qehhart., 

ChriMtoph Carl. 



Christian Lutz, 
Peter Adam, 
Jereinias Eberle, 
Philip Schauer, 
Hans Jacob Berner, 
Jacob Steinbrenner, 
J oh. Leoiihart Reuchert, 
Johan Georf^ Hattenbach, 
Johan Michael Stref^ker, 
Christoph David Schauer, 
Hans Georg Fiesch, 
Johan Peter Landman, 
Jacob Reiter, 
Valentin Wiedel, 

Simon Reiht, 
Friederich Blanck, 
David A Her, 
Friederich Miiller, 
Martin Steinbrenner, 
Matheus Breitswert, 
Hans Michel Hattenbach, ' 
Hans Jacob Eberle, 
Johan Heinrich Riedel, 
Johan Georg Eberle, 
Hans Georg Fiesch, 
Johan Caspar Gunther, 
Christoph Heinrich Reinhold, 
Jacob Worne, sick. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported in the Ship Ann Gallky, 
Capt. Chas. Kknnkway, from Rotterdam and last from 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 23. 1752. 

Bartholointe Eibach, 

Philip Heyde, 

Wilhelm Conrad, 

Andreas Kissel, 

Johan Friederich Sendtner, 

.Tohan Ludwig Biischler. 

Eberhart Christoph Schret, 

Johan Georg Steiner, 

Henry Angerle, 

Michael Schnoor, 

Martin Miiller, 

Phillip Bleck, 

Jacob Miiller, 

Johan Valentin Seidel, 

Johan Gabriel Springer, 

Martin Georg Wahl, 

Hans Georg Hipp, 

Ludwig Conrad Schneider, 

Ulrich Spohn, 

Joseph Mayer, 

Simon Zeiner, 

Peter Spengler, 

Andreas Braun, 
Sebastian Lippoldt, 
Jacob Mattler, 
Michael Obrist, 
Albrecht Hofmeister, 
Johannes Jacob Ran, 
Joh. Henrich Kiintz, 
Johan Georg Riehm, 
Martin Schall, 
Jacob Boaz, 
Johan Elias, 
Christian Thorn. 
Jost Martin Waltz, 
Johan Friederich Springer. 
Johan Casper Spohn. 
Friederich Reichender, 
Daniel Nonnemaeher, 
Martin Wolff, 
Balthaser Mank, 
Rudolph Schaub, 
Nick las Ley decker, 
Henry Valentin, 



Peter Compos, 
Clemen tz Ober, 
Michael Meek, 
Thomas Heidler, 
Peter Inabmit» 
Hans Georg Schaal, 
Benedict Spitzfaden, 
Hans Martin Mack, 
Johan Conrad Schenck, 
Joh. Jacob Wintzberger, 
Johan Priederich Braun, 
Georg Jacob Schneider, 
Wilhelm Conrad, 

Jean Rigonie, 
Georg Ludwig, 
Michael Wuth, 
Christian Mohr, 
Joh. Michael Miller, 
Joh. Georg Spengler, 
Hans Georg Mack, 
Han Georg Schley, 
Hans Georg Baiter, 
Joh. Georg Schwinederer 
Johan Georg Braun, 
Hans Georg Schwartz, 
Rudolph Schoff. 

List op Poreigxers Imported in the Ship Richard and 
Mary, John Moork, Master, prom Rotterdam, last from 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 26, 1752. 

Peter Rommer, 
Cashier Baltzer, 
Johannes Weyant, 
Michael Bohin, 
Peter Hollebarh, 
Gabriel Arinbnister, 
Johan Daniel AllsViach, 
Jacob Daniel Scherrer, 
Johan Georg Gensheiraer, 
Johan Philip Paules, 
Peter Hut, 
Conrad Miller, 
H enrich Mosser, 
Jacob Klar, 
Adam Bernhart, 
Daniel Cramer, 
Baltzer Dickhans, 
Georg Seider, 
Antonius Walter, 
Joh. Philip Wentz, 
Johan Henrich Scherr, 
Philip Jacob Lehr, 
Johan Heinrich Strap, 
Valentin Schmidt, 

Peter Emmer, 
Johann Diehlbeck, 
Nickla^ Bernhart, 
Andreas Ham, 
Johannes Conrath, 
Henrich Jacob Knerr, 
Johan Nicklas Karger, 
Johan Georg Emmerich, 
Theobald Becker, 
Ludwig Schmidt, 
Peter Bar, 
Michael Graflf, 
Andreas Petri, 
Dewalt Grub, 
Michael Bauer, 
Johannes Kiistner, 
Casper Lademan, 
Joh. Henrich Steinhammer, 
Joh. Benedict us Miiller, 
Joh. Theobald Bauer, 
Johan Jacob Siegfried, 
Geo. Fred Emrich, 
Johan Henrich Kipp, 
Johan Peter Kahler, 



Johan Philippus HofTman, 
Job. Peter Pfaukuchen, 
Henrich Heidelbacb, 
Martin Scbmitt, 
Micbael Roth, 
Johannes Becker, 
Elias Schmidt, 
Friederich Samm, 
Adam Samm, 
Johan Adam Derting, 
Johan Nickel Hemd, 
Martin Holtzhausser, 
Henrich Miissemer, 
Jacob Steinbach, 
Jost Schonwald, 
Johan Georg Haut, 
Johan Friederich Stuber, 
Hans Georg Eheller, 
Georg Peter Eckel, 
Hans Jacob Gebhardt, 
Job. Henrich Henkenius, 
Elias Hummel, 

Georg Reit, 
Nicklaas Winchel, 
Michael Schleyer, 
Jacob Schumman, 
Johannes Was, 
Andreas Jackie, 
Nicolas Samm, 
Johan Henrich Hummel, 
Dewalt Dannfeltzer, 
Johan Georg Beck, 
Johan Thies Herman, 
Johannes Konig, 
Henrich Bierbauer, 
Simon Schumacher, 
Johan Wilhelm Stuber, 
Johan Philip Stuber, 
Johan Wilhelm Strieker, 
Simon Herrmann, 
Peter Leonhard Henkenius, 
Michael Hoffman, 
Johannes Herman. 
Nicholaus Walter, 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Anderson, 
Capt. Hugh Campbell, from Rotterdam, last fro>i 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Sept. 27, 1752. 

Leonhart Bender, 
Urelich Volck, 
Peter Miller, 

Johan Martin Schweitzer, 
Hans Georg Marquart, 
Christian Durr, 
David Wevfaller, 
Michael Schelline, 
Andreas Betz. 
Johannes Kurtz, 
Johannes Altig, 
Johannes Weber, 
Peter Ansell, 
Moritz Bauer, 
Johannes Deissher, 

Christ oph Mauerer, 
Georg Riegert, 
Jacob Beiltel, 
David HausHman, 
Johannes Strutter, 
Nicolaus Schuder, 
Christoph Osterle, 
Martin Betz, 
Andreas Eppler, 
Pierre Lageau, 
Adam Weisbart, 
Andreas Weh, 
Christoph Gisterer, 
Thomas Kniflfel, 
Wilhelm Garein, 


Uottlob Horman, 

I'hoiuHA Plul. 

Jacob BlusHing, 

Jereinias Lud. Eiii^aliimnn, 

Uattheiii Kriigel, 

W. FroHi, 

JohaiineH Weill, 

Daniel Reiitter, 

l>etf r Pi*l, 

Michael Schmidt, 

FrleileHch Stelnle, 

Luoiihardt GnSrr, 

Johauiiet) Waltx, 

('arl Friuderick Maokenfuss 

Him on Ziui merman, 

Wilhelm Chrltttoph Kesshohrer, 

ChriBioph Rothocker, 

Joh, CawpaT Weuder, 

JuhunneH Wuiicher, 

Juhan Oeorg Maul, 

G«or(t Michael Beltz, 

HaiiH Michael Kretel, 

Joh. Georg Riest, 

Joh. Frlederioh Kiinig, 

Joh. Frtederich von Kahden, 

Kalthae Fried, 

Johan HsDriob Speh, 

Michael Hitter, 
Clirliitian Peixtly, 
Juoob KelHer, 
JohuniieH Bchnieder, 
NicklauB HeoMchter, 
Johan Frederic Laiihle, 
Michael Heiiii, 
Philip Enler, 
Philipp StrafT, 
I'eter Dickerl, 
Geor({ Wetzel, 
OhrlHtian Rapiuan, 
Wilhelm Fried. Bchanmnn, 
John Georg Broyineyer, 
Jacob Frederich Fischer, 
Johan Friederich Fuohe, 
Andreas Scheihling, 
Joachim Briiuchle, 
Johati Havid Harlucher, 
Johan Jacob Belts, 
Johan Jacob Hetxel, 
GeorK ErnHt Lindenberger, 
Joh. Georg- Bchilger, 
Mathells KuUiach, 
M. Jacob Fried. Schertlelii, 
Friederich Maaser. 

List of FoaRioNRRS Ihportrd in trr 8hip Prrsidri 
guALiifiKD Bkpt. 87, 1752. 

Johannes Enttlgcr. 
Hans Bauer, 
Johau Georg Schneider, 
Jacob Naat, 
Michael Fischer, 
Carl Kluge. 
(Conrad Bnber, 
Michael Gantner, 
Solomon Weatle, 
Christoph Bt rebel, 
Johanu Faber, 

JohannPH Haufer, 
Johannes Lutz, 
Michael RiisN, 
Gottfried Stanch. 
Wilhehn Schneider, 
Wolfgang l.ebner. 
Johan Briining, 
Jacob Knpijer, 
Jacob Mil Her, 
Adam Borg. 
Peter Balt^^ly, 



Jacob Wild, 
Audreas Weste, 
Jacob Lan^, 
Georg Dietweiler, 
Frantz Ttilipan, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Johannes Den^^ler, 
Joh. Martin Kranmiller 
Johan Martin Huber, 
Georg Albrecht, 
Johan Martin Pfeiffer, 
Michael Pladeriniller, 
Johan Georg Haidenberger, 
Georg Friederich Schertlen, 
Bernhart Hoinise, 
Christoph Schinid, 
Caspar Beintzighoffer, 
Johann Henrich Kostenbader, 
Johannes Schiiecker, 
Hans Georg Looser, 
Johannes Schwencke. 
Martin Schillinger. 
Andreas Schwartz, 
Johannes Schartle, 
Philip Samuel Stahl, 

George Wild, / 
Frederich Shwenk, 
Mat the is Boser, 
Jacob Theur, 
Henrich Hassler, 
Bernhart Alp, 
Johan Georg Haas, 
Georg Christoph Krnss. 
Johannes Folmer, 
Hans Martin Scheme, 
Philip Jacob Nass, 
Ulrich Michael Bauer, 
Ulrich Crackberger, 
Johan Peter Erinan, 
Hans Georg Beck, 
Johan Georg Weidt, 
Johann Georg Wagner, 
Johann Christoph Peter, 
Melchior Beltzhuber, 
Johann Jacob Lang, 
Adam Angermeyer, 
Johan Bern hard Bauer, 
Hans Georg Boser, 
Georg Friederich Hengel, 
Johannes Albrecht. 

List OP Forkiqnkrs Imported ixthk Ship Nancy. Capt. 
John Ewinq, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
Qualified Sept. 27, 1752. 


Jacob Schweiler, 
Jonas Bastian, 
Carl Fr. Siebert, 
David Xander, 
Konradt Weiss, 
Georg Wenig, 
Friederich Baisch, 
Christoph Breisser, 
Michael Eyroh, 
Georg Grass, 
Joseph Bernhart, 
Hans Kintz, 

.Jacob Schmidt, 
Georg Hauher, 
Philip Jacob Wunder, 
Johann Michael Hauss, 
Andreas Bastian, 
Matheis Deibel, 
Jacob Baish. 
Johannes Butz, 
Joseph Stiindel, 
Jacob Dietrich, 
Joseph Bernhart, jr., 
Johannes Shwitzer, 


Jacob ZinohfTer, 

Jaqtie Molnnn, 

HaltliaH Bail III in, 

Ixruel Blierliii. 

Val«ntin Haft nor, 

Martin From in, 

Henri<:I) Schloohter, 

Piml Waatr. 

(Janiucl MiiKHe, 

Joliaii Friederlcl) BanninfiHr, 

Ha:m BtoBs. 

Juh. Pliilip BietrighofTer, 

.roh. Oeort; Friederich Bayer, 

Jacob Buu«reohmiedt, 

fluorg Friederioh JuuM, 

Jobaiiii Andreas Rotb, 

Jacob Armbriister, 

Jacob Sctitzmann, 

Christian Hainberg, 

Huns (itiorg Kautz, 

Praiitz Saltxiuau, 

Johan Martin Doner, 

JoM. Jacob Ernst, 

HanH (ieorg HMiilopel, 

Ciuiper Underwpg, 

Job. Martin Rudelmayer. 

Gforg Friwlerieh Schwartz, 

Han>< Paul Hnnrich, 

Johainitiii UritiHs, 

Jaque Peirot, 
Michael DoB«r, 
ClirJHtoph Eiiibich, 
Philip Boiler, 
Ludwig Erich, 
Andreas JfiKsr, 
ChriHtoph Mast, 
Rndoljih Klaar, 
Philip Mall, 
Jacob MusHgenu^, 
Jacob Kaittz, jr. , 
Adam Friederich Wi'Ism, 
Jacob BauerBohinied, jr.. 
ChriHtoph Rnthbaust, 
Johaiin Friederich Dlilandt, 
Ouorg; Michael S[>at2, 
Jolianu T.udwig Seller, 
JohanneH Herrmann, 
Hans Jacob Liertch, 
Peter Haldeinan, 
ChriHtian Uiihlhelm, 
HiiiiK JiLcob Neuferdt, 
Georg BalthnH Ernxt, 
Johaun Marx Kiopfer, 
Heniinn MatKli, 
Hans a,.orir Kr.-lw. 
J<ihanii <*eorg Braiin, 
Hans Michel Welter 
Ludwii; Thu ringer, 

I.iMT OF FoiiRioNKiiH Imported ix the Ship Nkpti'Ve, Oapt. 

John Maso?(, vrom Rottkbdam, last fhom Oowks, Eno- 

LAND. QtiALtPiKi) Oct. 4, 1753. 
Adam Hartiimn. ViLli<nliii Lltman. 

CliriHt(>i>hel Feichtner. Nicoliis Barron, 

Johann Ludwig T.eib, HaiiH Michel Gntknecht, 

HiinH Michael Dock, Hans (ieorg Hurtniun, 

Nickel Niihlich, H^nry Henle, 

(tt'org Meweu, Chriwtian Schmidt. 

Johannes Bemhart, Stephan NicklauB, 

fJeorg Werner, Michael Hoch. 


Stoffel Hussang, 
Daniel Conrad, 
Johannes Conrad, 
Paul Hoffmann, 
Adam Bemer, 
Michael Busch, 
Wendel Bissel, 
Balthasar Schwartz, 
Theobald Schwartz, 
George Meyer, 
Thomas Straub, 
Johannes Kress, 
Caspar Kress, 
Hans Adam Weber, 
Johan Michael Heinecke, 
Nicklaus Schweyer, 
Johann Andreas Gross, 
Johan Wilhelm Schneider, 
A ndreas Dormyer, 
Peter Schneider, 
Samuel Schultz, 
Philip Wentzel, 
Mattheis Haller, 
Johannes Schiiffer, 
Johannes Nicolas, 
Christian Bauer, 
Johannes Zippfle, 
Johannes Arries, 
Nickolas Sclmll, 
Conrad R(>8ch, 
ISiiiioii Schmitt, 
Johannes Fehle, 
Johan Jacob Wolff, 
Jolmn Valtin Walter, 
J. Christian Bolineblutt, 
Hans Georg Kurtz, 
Johan Henrich Noel, 
Georg Friederich Konlg, 
Christian Rohrl>acher, 
Johann Georg Werner, 
Joh. Siginund Hagelgans, 
Johann Michel Harfer, 
Wilhelm Trautmann, 
Hans Georg Schwartz, 
Michael Hutzner, 
Dewalt Witterspohn, 

Daniel Stattler, 
Anthony Roth, 
Casper Fell, 
Jacob Schwartz, 
Nicklaus Hohe, 
Matheus AndraB, 
Jacob Haberstich, 
Paulus Seip, 
Philip Seip, 
Jacob Kiihn, 
Johannes Hortig, 
Henry Kress, 
Johann Jacob Friess, 
Georg Lautenschliiger, 
Johan Adam Heinecke, 
Johann Christian Gross, 
Johan Henrich Niess, 
Joel Dormjer, 
Jacob Dormyer, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Ludwig Kiister, 
Johannes Geiss, 
Peter Molsbach, 
Henry Lipps, 
Joseph Bernhart, 
Peter Uhrich, 
Johannes Hi mi, 
Carl Kress, 
Andreas Schall, 
Jacob Zieget, 
George Unckel, 
Matheas Ebener, 
Hans Peter Hertzog, 
Hubert Baumgiirten, 
Hans Nioolaus Stephan, 
Joh. Jacob Becker, 
Hans Georg Kuhn, 
Philip Jacob Roth, 
Christian Hoffmann, 
Philip Christian Weller, 
Johann Jacob Dietrich, 
Johan Adam Wild, 
Christian Haberstich, 
Wilhelm Stauch. 
Johan Adam Dietz, 
Johan Peter Isheim, 



Niokolas Schall, jr., 
.lohan Georg Weber, 
JohanneH Hoffer, Ben. , 
Nicolas Lotz, 
JohaiineB Kautz, 
Gebhart Berthold, 
Joli. Henry Lohmiller, 
Johann Georg Jung, 
J oh. Michael Schmidt, 
ChriBtophel Keller, 
Johan Philip Breuning, 
John Georg Nicholas, 
Johann Jacob Bauiiiann, 
Johann Casper Douim, 
Johan Heinrich Helss, 
Johann Jacob Hipge, 
Johan Philip Miiller, 
Johannes Glas, 
Georg Meyer, 
Christian Sterge, 
Michael Hessler, 
Ulrich Peitz, 
IVter Dunter, 

Johan Georg Kriegennieyer, 
Johannes Lohmiller, 
Johann Peter Schmidt, 
Christian Kaatz, 
Johan Caspar Kindt, 

Christopher Blumer, 
Johan Philip Grech, 
Johannes Hoflfer, jr. , 
Jacob (j-ross, 

Johannes Conrad Streiibor, 
Georg Philip Kiister, 
Johann Georg Riibsanien. 
Johannes Hufnagel, 
Johann Philip Haffner, 
Heinrich Schiiflfer, 
Johan Adolph Gil man, 
Peter Ziingrig, 
Johann Michael May, 
Johannes Schwa tzer, 
J oh. Adam Arries, 
Friederich Zurbiichen, 
Johann Peter Miiller, 
Hans Kuntze, 
Ulrich Sterge, 
Michael Spatz, 
Johannes Blockinger, 
Peter Shneyaer, 
Valentin Lautensehiiiger, 
Johan Wilhelm Lotz, 
Christoph Kistling, 
Johan Daniel Becker, 
Johannes Diehl, 
Johann Georg Nonius. 

List of Forkiqnkiih Impohtkd ix thk Ship Forest, ( 
Patrick Ouchtkrlony, from Rotterdam, last 
Portsmouth, England. Qualified Oct. 10, 1752. 

Michel Banner, 
Johann Jacob Wilbrant, 
Jacob Reinardt, 
Peter Sander, 
Peter Pfeill, 
Peter Girstopher, 
I, Daniel Jnnger, 
Johannes Hirschiiinn, 
Johannes Clausn, 
Johannes Tillman, 

Johannes Schreiner, 
Johan Georg Englehart 
Balthas Maute, 
Johannes Rubemiller, 
Jacob Heller, 
Johannes WolflF, 
Conrad Feuh, 
Valentin Braun, 
Johannes Schell, 
(/onrad Jung, 



Christoph (ierhardf, 
Johannes Ladeinacher, 
Henry Kahlbach, 
Caspar Hubert, 
Hans Erling, 
Michael, Euglehart, 
Mattheis Miller, 
Johannes Huss, 
Wilhelm Kreutz, ' 
Johann Georg Hiinner, 
Johan Friederjch Gass, 
Johann Philip Weller, 
Hans Martin Keiser, 
Johann Georg Oltenwaldt 
Johann Dietrich Riess, 
Daniel I-ieiht, 
Joh. Jacob Lercii, 
John Henry Schroin, 
Emanuel Heintz, 
Christoi)h StafTel, 
Johan Antonius Henner, 
Johan Peter Schonfelter, jr., 
Johann Caspar Fitting, 
Friederich Jacob Kuntz, 
Johan Carl Wolff, 
Georg Martin Vott, 
Christian Sclineckenberger, 
Johan Conrad Mack, 
Johan .lunger Jung, 
Johann Conrad Fay, 
Johann Christ Riess, 
Johann Georg Bruder, 
Johann Simon Schreyer, 
Johan Peter Steinbacli, 
Michael Bitzer, 
Johannes Retter, 
Michael Georges, 
Jean Christoph Markel, 
Johann Peter Archbiss, 
Johann H enrich Beil, 
Lorentz Dolle, 
Matheis Bader, sick. 
Con rati Luntz, sick. 
Clans Henrich Gross, sick. 

Jacob Notz. 
Johainies Hehers, 
.fohannes Adam Sontert, 
Johannes Schrover, 
Jacol) Dickel, 
Johann PS Hayner, 
.lohannes Mayer, 
Henrich Kreutz, 
Johan Henrich HumriolL 
Joh. Teis Reichel, 
Johan Engelroder, 
Georg Henrich Gross, 
Johan Leonard Harrigner, 
Johan Michael Biintzel, 
Hans Adam Werner, 
Joh. Jacob Schwartz, 
Johann Engelschreter, 
Jacob Tilliger, 
Johan Jost Georg, 
Hans Georg Bader, 
Johan Peter Schonfelter, serv 
Johann Georg HofTmann, 
Johann Adam Schissler. 
Johann Adam Wolflf, 
Johan Dietrich Schwartz, 
Hans Georg Sulger, 
.Tohann Ccmrad Mack, sen., 
J. Henry Herman, 
Johann Peter Clossnieyer, 
Johann Henrich Wiesteir, 
.Tohann Peter Jung, 
Johann .Tacob Wagner, 
Adam Leonhart Schreyer, 
Johann Peter Sheffer, 
Mattheis Bitzer, 
Peter Grimm, 
Johannes Adam Adam, 
Johan Georg Beck, 
Johann Martin Walter, 
Johannes Jacob Donatt, 
Johan Jacob Miller, 
Nicolaus Ruth, sick, 
Johannes Teis, sick, 
Chrisrian Freilich, sick. 


List ov Foreigners Imported in thk Snow KKTTHf, Thb- 
oi'HiLiTs Baraks, Commaxuer, from Rotterdam, last 
KHOM Portsmouth, E.\olam>. Qualified Oct. 18, 1753. 

Frieilerich Jncquart, 
Wilhelm LenhanU. 
1'hilip BidelJuiiK. 
Joxepli Mey, 
Leonhiirt SeuRert, 
JohtLiines Henii, 
Henridi Uiller, 
Joliaii Hliitli. 
Philip Albi-echi. 
Andreua Mock. 
Johuu Joudiim Tulcker, 
Joliann (xeorg Hertranft, 
Johan Jacob Decker, 
Jiihiiiin Jacob Miiller, 
Philip Jncob Mack, 
Joh. Daiiiol WeiHnnberger, 
Cotiralh Thoiiitui l^ied, 
(leorg Michael Egert, 
Jo)) till Jacob Huintz, 
Christoiili Biiea, 
JuiMth Hiien, 
Jacob Wehle, 
Hcnrich Weiilner, 
Michael Baker, 
Johaiin Daniel Miitsclilt^r, 
Johaii Conrad Ruih, 
Johtiii Christo|iliel Vokk. 
.Tohiuin Jacob Neumeyer. 
Johan Williebii Btrtiiniit'l. 
NipkolaM Sallailin, 
Henrv HetiS, 
Jftcol'i Hnyl, 
<ifOTg Welile. 

JohaiitieH Kallenbt^r^fi'i'. 
Jacnl) Bhiii'ter, 
Heiiirich S<'henckol, 

]»avi,l Wfisch, 
CliHutiaii CtosB, 
Daniel Klein, 
Johannes Gaohon. 
(leorg Bnhneyder. 
Andreas Heck, 
ChriNtian Went/„ 
Philip ScheJTer. 
Cavitar Bauer, 
Christian biaud, 
.-^ohan tteorge Frey, 
Johan Michael Lied, 
J oh Ann Peter Holl, 
Johann Henrich Heyl, 
Johaiin Toliiaij Eberle, 
Cieorg Philip Lied, 
Philip Carl Schenckel, 
Georg Michael Hain, 
Georg KranHS, 
.ToKeph Weber, 
Georg Welhch, 
Martin Grun. 
Johan Dieter Marckbach, 
Johan Conrad Oestrlech, 
Johan Christian Burg, 
Johann Peter Nieden thai, 
Johnnn Philip Schneider. 
Jonas Rnderluft. 
Priederich Miiller, 
Georg Ga«6, 
Henry Sees, 
Nicklaits Kunig. 
Abraham t^ontag, 
Hanh Georg Brennpr, 
Philipp Scheiuikel, 
Bait baser Konig. 
John Dewalt. 



List op Foreigners Imported ix the Ship Duke of Wir- 


Jacob Guth, 
Georj5 Ziegler, 
Michael Meng. 
Johannes Kleitz, 
Tobias Taub, 
Tobias Mick, 
Matheis Bruder, 
BaJthasar Lotz, 
Friederich Stohr, 
Immanuel Fred. Weckerlin, 
Anthony Katterer, 
Johann Ludwig Uber, 
Johann Georg Fissler, 
Hans Jacob Kellner, 
Johann Lausch, 
Johan Simon Vogler, 
Jacob Michel Hel, 
Johannes Seitz, 
Johannes Fachmeyer, 
Johann Jacob Bauman, 
Johannes Miller, 
Jacob Ban man, 
Andreas Gering, 
Joel Waltz, 
Friederich Mag, 
Peter Haller, 
Jacob Schuler, 
Martin Haug, 
Jacob Heitter, 
Johannes Braun, jr. , 
Aagustin Stahl, 
Christian Hebling, 
Johannes Hetzel, 
Hans Henninger, 
Christian Adrian, 
Maiheus Stahl, 
Johannes Lemle, 
Jacob Wessener, 
Johann Michael Guth. 
Samuel Bahner, 
Conrad Feiierbohner, 

Michael Stohr, 
.lacob Bosch, 
Christian Ziirn, 
Mathaus Hibler, 
Johannes Blickle, 
Christian Lutz, 
Johannes Wehing, 
Jacob Schaibler, 
Friederich Kilguss, 
Johannes Schwartzwiilder, 
Johannes Dechler, 
Johann Michael Fissler, 
Hans Georg Kellner. 
Sebastian VVegner. 
Johann Conrad Hesser, 
Johannes Schwartz, 
Hans Georg Heitzman, 
Michael Hauer, 
Michael Gunter, 
Johann Georg Ott, 
Michciel Bach, 
Christian Braiin, 
Matheis Bruclili, 
Georg Haber, 
Michael Herr, 
Jacob Hewass. 
Jacob Wein, 
Joseph Lang, 
Johannes Braun, 
Friederich Schmidt, 
Johannes \Vigold, 
Georg HafTner, 
Matheis Zager, 
Heinrich Schwab, 
Friederich Delian, 
Michael Fohine, 
Michael Lenile, 
^lattheus Lang, 
Johan Georg Guth, 
Johan Martin Beth, 
Jacob Bernhart Schwab, 



Johann Friederich rfross, 
Martin Lang, 
Jacob lianck, 
Jacob (xiindner. 
Mattheis Wessener, 
Jacob Braun, 
Mich. MatheiB, 
Jacob Bub, 
Mattheis Van, 
Elias Finslaimer, 
Michael Lick, 
Hans Michael Schatz, 
Hans Martin Raible, 
Christian Ziegler, 
Johannes Lochmeier, 
Johannes Shutz, 
Joseph Hon tan X, 
Ulrich Scheerinesser, 
Mattheis Kirscb, 
Johannes lieix, 
Hans Georg Fritz, 
Anthoni Biirell, 
Johann Jacob Masser, 
Hans Georg Gottle, 
Johan Adam Schwab, 
Georg Berger, 
Johan Jacob Keyser, sick, 
Hans Jacob Van, sick, 

Jacob Mass, 
Jacob Stehle, 
Jacob Morhardt, 
Jacob Walter, 
Jacob Beyerle, 
Jacob Braun. sen.. 
Christian Haas, 
Christian Stahl, 
Hans Geo. Finkbein, 
Johannes Zinsser, 
Johannes Lick, 
Johannes Raible, 
Christian Getz, 
Johannes Kugler, 
Albrecht Walter, 
Christian Koch, 
Friederich Schmeltzle, 
Christian Singer, 
Friederich Gesser, 
Hans Martin Lang, 
Andreas West man, 
Johannes Fleit, 
Hans Georg Haak, 
Chrfstoph Fried. Biller, 
Johan Georg Hausser, 
Gottlieb Zhik, 
Michael Frick, sick. 

List op Forrignbrs Ibcportrd inthkShip Bawlky, Capt. 
John Grovk, from Rotterdam, last from Plymouth. 
QUALIFIKD Oct. 23, 1752. 

Adam Ship, Adam Tesch, 

Heinrich Klein, Jacob Wann, 

Christoph Reyter, Christian Metzger, 

Johannes Heil, Georg Heil, 

Peter Schwab, Johannes Bauss, 

Hans Baiiss, Johannes Koch, 

Jacob Hottenstein, Johannes Schmit, 

Moritz Schadig, Jacob Frey, 

Daniel Hiitzel, Gottfried Schutz, 


AmlreBH Hang, 
^ndrean Jiiuch, 
Henry Bautli, 
Andreati V«y, 
Ionian Bauer. 
Joh. Willielm BiigenlMich, 
John 0*K>rK WBiidel, 
Nicholas Millar, 
Johannes MuHer. 
HanH Peter Leiii, 
Johannes Thiirm, 
.lob. Philip TitDlilfr. 
Wilhelin Oottliel) J»ywier, 
Johannes hinnker. 
Leonhart 8iiaii|j;, 
Jolian NickliiH Ott. 
Joh. Niekla^ StanH, 
HaiiM Georg Btledingtr, 
Loreiitz Haiislialter, 
JohanneH 8eit'/.. 
Hatheiu MilliT, 
Uatheif Kroii, 
Priederlcli Kcni, 
Philip Fisher, 
Conrad Gohl, 
AndreaM Purgpr, 
Valentin Stall, 
Oeorg Hartiiiaii. 
Christian Hngd. 
Johannes Kolh, 
Stephanux Lot/, 
Dlrieh Miller, 
John fieorg Dager. 
Philip Henri<-h tiri».^. 
Joh. Uichael Kreiner. 
Ldonhart Bam nan, 
Oeorg Williehn^-', 
Johan Frieilericli Wiibel, 
■TohanneH GriLuttliar, 
1>avid Jniig. 
Hinhae] Wilhelni, 
Carl Beiiti, 
Philip Carves--, 
Johannes Hebeispn, 
a4-Voi_ XVII, 

Michael Kiittger, 
Martin Jiiger. 
Peter Siimuon. 
Michael Kin, 
Balt/er Siiuou, 
Johan Adaui Zey, 
Johanii Oeorg C(r(»i'. 
Johau Heiirleli Cresti, 
Nickolas l^riLtTensteiii, 
Joliaiiii Simmon. 
Daniel Machleit, 
Johannes (JlaHsler. 
Johan Uetjrg Strobig, 
J oil. Georg Eberle, 
F. Peter Bauer, 
Andretui Frischkorn, 
Jacoli U time ringer, 
Juli. Philip Fret/, 
Joseph Burf^tahler, 
Mioliael Iiaiig, 
Jacol> Weil. 
Conradt Bn.lre;.. 
Kliau Most, 
Daniel Schtiiidt, 
Hans Merkel Sehniilt. 
Conrad Ahter, 
Henrleh Simon. 
Andreas Hiihl. 
NIcolaus Biihm, 
Justus Derbert, 
Johannes Lolx, 
ffeorg Braun, 
Henrieli Peter Texi-li, 
Joh. FrieiierieU Gackly. 
Meleliior Kattemaii, 
HanFiffeOFg Sclimitt. 
Conradt Dilnges, 
.[oh. NleklausGraJwhiir, 
Bern hart Maiier, 
Jolian nes Stocker, 
Christian KreS)!, 
Johannes Stehr. 
Gottrrie<l Weyland. 



Jotiaiines Miiller, 
Olirfotutiti Uatinker, 
Milhh Ueorg Wiichter, 
Oeorg Henrioh MuntJ:, 
Johaiin Oeorg Wunilerlich, 
litforg Prledtirlcli Kluiii, 
(i«org El>»rhart UurliiKi 
Jacob Schweitzer, 
JohaiineH Aniierle, 
Ui-nrg Atlain Kern. 
J. Httury Ste.uliiiRli, 
Johan Tobias Kttnner, 
Geuric Ctiristopli Bteinert, 

JolianneH Uolm, 
Hans Ueorg Uo«k. 
Joliaii Oottlit<l> Pniiinh. 
Johaii .iticob UctiLii>]>ert. 
HaiiH Ufurg rianliier, 
Daviil Hott«uMtt-in. 
heiilianl tjcliweitztr, 
Juh. NlckolaH Binder, 
Jacob Uiiit;El>erKer, 
Joliaii Henrich (iattunfi, 
TIiKotxildiiH Kberhanlt, 
Joli. (;onra<l TriiiicklBr, 
JoHt Heitrieh Uoller. 

List ok FoitKtMNiiRs 1hi>ortk: 


HnKlIni) Keiider. 

Ueorg Horf, 

Peter Ahleiiiami. 

('tinrad Rons. 

Thomas (Jointiler, 

J, Jiw!Ob Bclielllwoker, 

JacoiiiiH Saiitraiick, 

JoliHini JftPob Wet/Hl. 

HuriiH Uicli>ii<l Frlex, 

MatlieiH WiDiflrii HeiiiinK. 

Joliaiin Wolf Wiwli^r. 

Johan Henrich Kai)!l>ach, 

Joluui Wllhehii UHcker. 

JuhaniieH Stehlerr, 

litK>nhart WaMsiiiii, 

Prant'. Hems, 

Abi'nhain Ediiiiiaii, 

.lubaniieH Bchiiiid, 

Jnlian Liiilwi^ Peiater, 


.1. Jacrob «;it7;ebnan. 

Jnh, Horner, 

Jacob OherdorIT, 


^ Tbo 

K llihil 

i> ixTiiK Ship Puocsix, Johx 

\LtKiKi> Nov. 3, IT-'iS. 
Loreiitx Michel. 
JohaiiiiRii RicHH, 
HHhnlcli Becker. 
Jnaclijiii Striiber. 
Philip Hi-rdel, 
J. Henry BoholteB.' 
Johanii Henrich Sohlt-lch, 
Joh. Halt/.er Kleintinhmidt. 
Philip .Tacoli Hore. 
Johaiiii Michel Wifrtjer. 
JohiLiin f'ax|)ar WEiwIer. 
Jiih. PhiU|i 8ehell)a<rher, 
.loliim MichitelBiirger, 
Johiilities WiutHlliii, 
riiriHtoph Kithn, 
Philip Kurt »i, 
JohnniieH Hchinid, 
Andicai. Bauer, 
Joliati c:hrihtian Heydt. 
Hatix Michel Itzel. 
Johiu) Adam Kiiiner, 
Job. JiLcnb Hiirner. 
Wit r..ttprlinK. 
Hiiiis Caspar HnaK> 



•J 4 

Ludwig Haltemeyer, 
Hans Melchior StiefTel, 
Joh. Georg Saunelin, 
Johan Friederich Berger, 
Joh. Henrich Kinsel, 
Hans Peter Meyer, 
Johan Michael Schroin, 
George Adam Frederick, 
Johann P*^ter Weichell, 
Christian Tobias Hensel, 
Johan Friederich Volck, 
Hans Georg Hand, 
Hans Michael Beck, 
Georg Hopengartner, 
Andreas A It berger, 
Michel Bauer, 
Georg Horner, 
Peter T>ihni, 
P»*ter Drach, 
Friederich Hirsch, 
Johann Bausch, 
Adam Rochia, 
Michael Leiberich, 
Jacob Gibler, 
Johannes Horner, 
Lorentz Kiintz, 
Peter Ross, 
Georg Miiller, 
Jacob Wolff, 
Andreas Biittel, 
Joh. Georg Holi, 
Johan (Conrad Wassinn, 
Hans Cliristoph Schlesinaii, 
Johan Hissendal, 
Xieolans Weigant, 
Philip Siem, 
Johannes Krans, 
Johannes Sclioltes, 
Johannes Enders, 
Jacob Dainer, 
Valtin Hhrliart, 
Christoph Waltz, 
Andreas Klein, 
Carl Sclnnid, 
Hans Georg 8ell, 
Jacob Kriichinan, 

David Haltemeyer, 
Hans Adam Stieffel, 
Johan Georg Wimmer, 
Joh. Phil. David Spindler, 
Joh Conrad Duntz, 
Johan Caspar AVisner, 
J Dim Christoph Weydner, 
Johan Nicklas Klein, 
Johan Christoph Biitner, 
Hans Georg Augenschweller, 
Joh. Henrich Schlessman, 
Johan Michael Lutz, 
Johan Nicklaus Ott, 
(vonrad Kinel, 
Stephan Pauer, 
Hans Seubert, 
Anilreas Seubert, 
Jacob Bauer, 
Veit Garrecht, 
Michael Hoffman, 
Conrad Kurtz, 
George Bier, 
Jeremias CEsterlein, 
Nicklaus Strauss, 
Ludwig August, 
Andreas Dressier, 
Andreas Horauff, 
Johannes Fintzel, 
Andreas F^yrich, 
Hans Fertig, 
Hans J*hilip Dosch, 
Job. Georg Wassuni, 
Michel Schonlein, 
Christoph Schande, 
Michael Hiindt, 
Sebastian Leybolt, 
Nicklas Ingelhoff, 
Johannes Weisgerber, 
Johannes Miller, 
Christian Schiiffer, 
Johann Schiiffer, 
Harthel Schotzlie, 
Simon Halnier, 
Hans Gerbrich, 
Andreas Sell, 
Jacob Will, 


Tobias Ketter, 
Johaiiiie8 Hotmail. 
Johaiin Helliier, 
Lorentz Rohrig, 
Peter Miiller, sen., 
Hans Cxeorg Fiiitzel, 
Johanii Peter Reeg, 
Adam Hems, 
Job. Michel HiUler, 
Andreas Lein. 
Hans Peter Stenr, 
Hans Michel Wenner, 
Johati Melcliior Feder, 
Caspar Heuscblein. 
Baltzer Lautz, 
Hans Peter Scbaflfer, 
Johan Henrich Moncb, 
John Ludwig Bender, 
Ohristoph Knhlemann, 
Johan Martin Noll, 
Johan Adam Herdel, 
Lorentz Joseph Deunscbertz, 
Job. Christoph Schaber, 
Job. Stephanas Horn, 
Hans Creorg Biittel, 
Job. Ferdinandus heiss, 
Heinricb Fleischer, 
Job. Peter Miiller, 
Johan Conrad Stodter, 
Jolian Heyser, sick, 
Jolian Henrich Sclioltes, sick, 
Job. Henrich Koch, sick, 
Henrich Korn, sick, 
Michael Dinkel, sick. 

Joseph Sonimer, 

Lorentz Heflfner, 

Johannes Honnig, 

Peter Fleischer, 

Hans (ieoTg I.iang, 

Hans Martin Franck, 

Nick las Winterhalter, 

Johan Sewach, 

Thaddeus Diibler, 

Johan Peter Schmidt, 

Hans Franck, 

Carl Ludwig Miickelburg, 

Paulns Jacob Wolflf, 

Hans Henry Furster, 

Hans Adam Schiiflfer, 

Angust Henrich Schroter, 

Hans Adain Hob, 

Johan Creorg Strauss, 

Job. Conrad Buteftsch, 

Carl Fried. J)an. Christian, 

Johan (jeorg Kallmeyer, 

Hans Cxeorg Engelbert, 

Job. Niclaus Schlossman, 

Johan Philip Buch, 

Hans Antonius Seger, 

Jobann Heinricb Muth, 

Christian Darner. 

Hermanns Oonenberg, 

Andreas Drach, sick, 

Jobann Leonhart Wieder, sick, 

Henrich Bed, sick, 

Michael Kngel, sick, 

John Leonliard Karg, sick. 

List of Forkionkks Imported in thk Ship Qukkn of Dkx- 


P. Wort man, 
Zacliarias Bach, 
Johan Zwiebler, 

Christopher Pabst, 
A. Dietrich Schell, 
Andreas Schott, 



Jacob Schott. 

Laiiibreoht Philip, 

Magnus Schroder, 

Johann Schliiter, 

J. Jacob Jjautzeii, 

Joli. OhnschiUl, 

Job. Adam Cxartner, 

H. Fred Lanniii, 

Fraiitz Scliiitz, 

Friederioh Schreyer, 

Georg Thomas Gimpel, 

Casper Friederich Lutz, 

J. Christian Morenroth, 

Georg Gottlieb Paflf, 

G. Henricli Herold, 

J. Nicolas Triinckner, 

Joachim Henrich I>etlo!T, 

Nicliolas Daniel No.h8, 

Joh. Casper Fried. Gnimiiiett, 

Cliristoph Ludwig Grummet, 

Georg Christoph GUnder, 

H. Zacharias Hagelberg, 

J. Christian Nesselroth, 

Andreas Ulsch, 

Georg Gartner, 

Michael Stab), 

Jolian Kreger, 

Cbristouli Mever, 

Ernst Horniiffer, 

J. Henry Sliultz, 

Jo]i. Ernst Hein, 

Henricrli Ancb'eas Nagel, 

Joh. Henrich Sack man, 

Joli. Sebastian Voglit, 

Olirist. Dietrich Meyer, 

Henricli Caspar Dntsc^ber, 

Joli. Valentin Clandins, 

Henricli Nothdurst, 

Casper Gab. Miller, 

r'hrist. Lndwig Muencb, 

Christian Henrich, 

FriH<lericb Zimmer, 

Johannes Biber, 

J. Andreas HorniifTer, 

Joh. Gottfried Za^siger, 

Hen. Rndolph Stoltze, 

P. Matheis Ebel, 
Johan Egen, 
Peter Brans, 
Simon Marcus, 
Peter Wiese, 
H. Mich. Menneke. 

F. (.'hristo Torson, 
Zacharias Straubel, 
Johan Meyer, 

Henrich Burchard Gabriel, 
(feorg Biistian Fischer, 
Hans Zacharias Longer, 

G. Leopold Heinig, 
.Tohan ra.sper Oberman, 
Johan Adam Stoltze, 

J. l>aniel Metzler, 
Hans (^asper Batram, 
Johan Henrich Bauer, 
L. Ludvvig Winckler, 
M. Friederich Kippenberg, 
Creorg Christoph Miick, 
Georg Michael Hainscher, 
Georg Christian Klem, 
Conrad SchiifTer, 
Christian Nagel, 
Hen. Van Hoven, 
Joachim HairlofF, 
J. Fried. Lutz^'r, 
<'hrist. SVilgenson, 
Henrich ^lagnns, 
Christian Henrich Habicht, 
Hen. Jacob St ruck mever, 
Joachim Andreas Briiutigam, 
Joh. .loHchim Gortler, 
Johan Georg (Tolhell, 
J. ^lartin R<")ttger, 
Johan Carl Menneke, 
J. (Miristo Schletz, 
Joh. Geo. Biirfuss, 
(.'arl Fred. Grobler, 
Fried. Solomon Weis, 
Dietrich Volkman, 
Joh. Henrich Sanger, 
J)ictrich von Bieren, 
Johan Dani(»l Eckebert, 
Joh. l'''rie<lerich (^friissler. 



Joh. I^rilm MiihUiiiliii, 
Ji>h litH»ric Keiuhartl, 
Jolmii i^hristoph Winter, 
J, Thomas Kuhu, sick, 
Johaimes Minck, aick, 

Casper H enrich Grimui, 
Johau Zacharias Jahn, 
Joh. Henrich Hefthar, uick, 
(:^ortfried Wilhelni Allhehii, nick, 
Johan Gust av 118 Kuntz, sick, 
H. Christian Willfeld, sick, Georg Christian Mayer, sick, 
Johau FritHlerich Giinter, Hick, Johan Ernst Holland, sick, 
i^eorjf Friecierich Tesch, sick, Johan Henrich Klem, sick, 
Ht'uricli Rudolph Nagel, sick, Christ oph Mayer, sick, 
David Mtirsen, sick, Cfottfrie<l Reinknecht, sick, 

Joh. Ernst Simon, sick, J. Friederich Berghan, sick, 

Friederich Albrecht Scheller, sick, Joh. Henrich Wendel, sick, 
, ]>avid Henricli Heyer, sick. Nicklaus Ruel, sick, 
A. Matheis Molin, sick, Hans Georg Brennhau, sick, 

Johan Ludwig8totlerman, sick, Johan Adolph Flock, sick. 

List of Foreionkrs Importkd ix thk 8now LoriSA, Capt, 
John Pittcairnk, from Rottkudam. last from Cowks, 
England. Qualifikd Nov. 8, 1752. 

Michael Peeg. 
Christ oph Kurtz, 
Ulrich Meyer, 
Johannes Meyer, 
Casper Krieger, 
Christian Hoflfman, 
Jacob Hoffmann. 
Hans Georg Hausser, 
Johan Herman Rosenblatt 
.Johan Christian Friess, 
Johau Michael <Teiger, 
Georg Michael Hchmidt, 
(t. Friederich Hottenbacher, 
Wilhelni Fortenbacher, 
lieonhardt Schindler, 
Joh. Phil!]) Schwartliinder 
Johaiin Georg Meyer, 
Hans Michael Schmidt, 
Courad Schindler, 
Frantz Schmid, 
Balthaser Scholl, 
Georg Gobel, 

Matheus Kester, 
Jacob Holder, 
Johannes Seiler, 
Johannes Ullman, 
Adam Pabst, 
David Mellinger, 
Frantz Carl von Campe, 
Hans (reorg Reisch, 
Johan Leonhardt Bopp, 
Johann Martin Holder, 
Hans (feorg Ijantzer, 
Albrecht Miihlfelder, 
Hans Adam Stahl, 
Johannes (ieiler, 
Hans Georg Kautz, 
John Pliilip Welsh, 
Georg Pliilij)p Bock, 
Johan Philip Odenwald, 
Johannes Roinig, 
Konrad Pfan, 
I^eter Diem, 
ClirisToph Giilberth, 



Joseph Beyrer, 
Ghribtian Kast, 
Jacob Haag, 
Johannes Q-oss, 
Georg Karr, 
Hans Michael Carl, 
Johann Peter Soholl, 
Georg Baltxer Sobellinff, 
Johana Jacob Ruther, 
Johan Georg Laubinger, 
Jac. Balthasar von Canipe, 
Johann Michael Path, 
Johan Jacob Stoll, 
Simon Leitel Uuber, 

Tobias Stahl, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johannes Bader, 
Jacob Krieg, 
Friederich Schrader, 
Johan Georg Koch, 
Joliann Georg Stnrm, 
Joliann Georg Gilbert, 
Johann Jost Bauer, 
Andreas Gilbert, 
Georg Michael Miilier, 
Jolian Martin Haussleiter, 
Georg Christian Ilusser. 

List of FoRBiairBRS Imported in thk Ship Ph<enix, 
Capt. Rkubbit Honor, from Rottbrdam, last from 
CowBs, England. Qualifibd Nov. 22, 1752. 

Peter Antel, 

Johann Klos, 

Rudolph Hoffman, 

Ulrioh Nicholai, 

Leonhart Steller, 

Lambert Schmidt, 

JohaniieH Roth, 

Jacob Scheuricli, 

Ludwjg Henrich NuHBbiickel, 

Johan Nicklas Althol, 

Geoi-j? Christ oph Ban man, 

Johann Henricli Borser, ' 

Han Georg Rohrer, 

Jacob Friederich Schneiiler. 

Frantz Jt>8epli Pfeifer, 

Jacob Zaller, 

David Jochnal, 

Peter (fillion, 

Henry Straiil), 

MatheiH Kaiitli, 

Peter Jung, 

Simon Schneider 

Jacob Liiiwr, 

Josias Schertzer, 
Jacob Hiiwit, 
Michael Burgen, 
Friederich Steiler, 
David Zimmermann, 
Johannes Mohr, 
Valentin Scheurich, 
Christ oph Dosch, 
Johan Adam Lot7., 
Johann Peter Suter' 
Johan Adam Geij^er, 
.Fean Jaques le Roy, 
Jolian Henricli Becker, 
Johan Philip Albert, 
Rudolph Egy, 
.Johann Wurt/, 
H. Wetzel, 
Daniel Lawall, 
Jacob Cxuyer, 
Johannes Dieff," 
Wilhelm Albert, 
Chrirttoph Henrich, 
Jc^iannes Haltermeyer, 



hft'iihanl ZiMidiiH'Ver, 
Johiitiii (ifitrii; HtiilxT, 
Johiiiiii Adiiiii HfMfck, 
.lohiiiifi (r«M>r^ (liii^fMiliaii, 
Jiiliiiiin \*t»\.oT Lehiiiiiiiii, 
.lohiiii I'<ft«*r (JoiiviT. 
.lohiiiiii .|ii€*.<)h Hc)i«*lliii»(, 
HiiiiH (f«*or)^ Ziiii^i't', 
Johiiiiii li«*ni'ich Scliat, 
.lohitii MutluMH Hch<fiirich, 
HaiiH Mi<;hfi«*l A (1**1 man, 
JoliiiiiiH'H Prolii'li, 
HaiiH Hliri<»y<l«M-, jr., 
< *lii*iHt iati Kiilihacli, 
Al»r/iliaiii J*«t«*r, 
Paul Wall«;iH«tii, 
JohaiiiiffK Statlnr, 
Aii^iiHtiii Fi^Uif, 
Honricli iiolh^iiiiif^er, 
Johaiiiif'H FiM<;li«r, 
JmM»h OraiiHH, 
lindoip)! ])oh(*l(% 
HiMiry (fi'Hli^r, 
riricii Ott, 
HariH (ieorjf Meyl»% 
Joliaii J*<*t<*r Pfaiinkiicheti, 
Mirha«'l niinanii, 

John David lleiikt'l, 

HaiiH Martin Scht'iirich, 

.loliaii J*etur FnMiib«*H, 

.loliaij Rudolph FernM-, 

(if<»r>f<* Ht'iiry Koch, 

.lohau Mi<*haei Christian, 

llans .Ia(rol> Back, 

|)a::i«*l Kuhn. 

Frunt/, May. 

Ant lion Woinbrencr, 

W<>lfjfan>f WcinbrtMier, 

Jnhann Philip Straub, 

Johann Rudolph Kraft, 

Jacob FroHich, 

An<ln*as Hollinjfer, 

(jco. Mav, 

Hans (icorjf Hackofen, nick, 

Johan Jjutlwi^f Mickd, sick,. 

.loh. Jacob Winter, 
Guiliani Sibrik, 
Johann (feiirjj Jock, 
Hans (reorg DoHch, 
Jean Michel Lanblene. 
Hans Michael Clans, 
Johan <reorj^ Mercklini^, 
Johann Micliel Ihl, 
Johann Thomas Beck, 
Johan Martin Dostnian, 
Jjudwi^ Weiner, 
Philip Jacobi, 
Jean Botesnian, 
l)aniel (fii^enhahn, 
Michael Peter, 
.lac^>b Ojflie. 
Bart holonieuH HolTinan, 
Abraham Fritz, (^n, 
Andreas Roth. 
Jacob (lartman. 
r-hristian Roth, 
Johann Behadt, 
JoKeph Imfeld, 
Johann Bnrckhard, 
Mich. Friederich Buch, 
Johan A<1am Klehi, 
Hans Michael HofT, 
Johan Liidwii; Lawall, 
Hans Michael Lut/.. 
Adam Le Roy, 
Johann C.feorjf Roth, 
(feorjf Hvnrich Kop, 
(jeor^^ Bernhart Kapp, 
Martin Johann Bauei-, 
Johan Melchior Knsler, 
I'iere (fuilluime, 
Kilian May, 
(ieor^e Hodman, 
.Johann Jacob Miller. 
Michael Schiiffer. 
Johan Theobald Cjoss, 
Viidiert Tschudi, 
Jiernhard NelT, 
.lohannes J^ensK-he, jr., sick, 
Thomas Leyeri^j, sick, 
Johaini Dietirch Kckel, sick. 



Jacob Reigert, sick, 
Hans Georg Beicht, sick, 
Abraham Freilioh, sick, 
Johan Gottfried List, sick, 

Jacob Dobele, sick, 
Georg Huber, sick, 
Jacob Lupfer, sick, 
Jacob Scheywisch, sick. 

List of Forkigxkrs Importkd ix thk Two Brothrrs, 
Thomas Ar&'ot, Mastkr, from Rottkrdam. 

[This list is without date of arrival or qualification, but being 
found among the papers of 1752-8, it is here placed.] 

Johan Gerhard Snyder, 

Johan Chrisn. Snyder, 

Johan Chrisn. H umbel, 

Wilhelm Grubert, 

Tys Reffie. 

Herman Hutier, 

Peiter Reifenaar, 

Johan Henrich VVagenaar, 

Philip Leur, 

Johannes Asseloer, 

Johan Peter Miiller, 

Johan Herman Heis, 

Hobrick Leur, 

ChrifHtn. Hemer, 

Christian Hierkenbeyl, 

Wilhelm Strikliausen, 

Jost Schefer, 

Heiiricli Hofman, 

Johannes Smith, 

Teys Backer, 

Chrism. Mat bias Gnbler, 

Henrifh Jon^?, 

Peter Jjiip, 

Simon Hueller, 

Ernst Kraemer, 

Henrich Wilier, 

Fre<lrick Smith, 

Peter Shiiman, 

Liulwig Spi(»s, 

Adam Smitten, 

Martin (frys, 

Mathias Traen, 

Wyant Snyder, 
Johan Peter Snyder, 
Jacob Grubert, 
Johan Conra<l Reffie, 
Henrich Preins, 
Michael Reifenaar, 
Hendrick Wagenaar, 
Pieter Amoes, 
Johan Peter Leur, 
Johan Jost Bleiker, 
Jost Fisser, 
Peter Hulbus, 
Priter Lies, 
Peter Bemer, 
Albert us Herk, 
Jacob Kambeck, 
Wilhelm l^eifer, 
Henrich Fox, 
Adam Fox, 
Jerrig Werth, 
Henrich Kneler, 
Philipus Soner, 
Peter Homerick, 
Philipus Liest. 
Ton is Backer, 
J^altzer Smith, 
r'histn. Klein, 
Christl. Hulbnes, 
Martin Smitten, 
Wilhelm Maeler, 
Johannes (Trys, 
Jacobus Hofman, 



Wilhelm Koets, 
Arnold Sohiefer, 
Peter Jong, 
Teys Baeker, 
Christn. Badeheiiner, 
Peter Broun, 
Christian Slels, 
Jolian TeviH, 
Peter Dick, 
Theis Dinsnian, . 
Jacob Humer, 
Theis Rueb, 
Michal Gessel, 
Michael Dinsman, 
Willielm Smith, 
Peter Hats. 
Adam Geimer, 
Peter Sein, 
Peter Ginibel, 
Andreas Jong, 
Christn. Baeker, 

Johannes Bemer, 
Wilhelm Dieds, 
Adam Jong, 
Philip Baeker, 
Peter Allen, 
Peter Haes, 
Jacob Barb, 
Jerg Schultz, 
Bastn. Broun, 
Theis Seier, 
Wilhelm Helmt, 
Christ Rueb, 
Arnst Baeker, 
Philipus Smith, 
Johan Wilhelm Jaeger, 
Christn. Sneyder, 
Stoffel Leonard, 
Hendrick Bemer, 
Wilhelm Jong, 
Theis Baeker. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported ix thk Ship St. Micharl, 
Thomas Ellis, Commandkr, from Hamburg, last from 
CowEs, England. Qualified Sept. 8, 1753. 

Joh. Fried Deer, 
Christian Warner, 

John Henry Deer, 
Henrv A. Deer. 
Peter Kunckel, 
Andreas Boger, 
Johannes Rehr, 
Wilhelm Latink, 
Lorentz Shiiler, 
J. Peter Millberg, 
Michael Kind, 
Conrad Eichler, 
Christian Aterholt, 
Elder Herse, 
Herman Inbuss, 
Frfd. Henrichs Barthals, 
Joh. .Tosephus Meinersen, 
John Henry Gross, 

Andreas Shvveishelm, 
J. George Sachse, 
Friederich Ranberg, 
Christian Latink, 
J. Henry Krape, 
J. Christian Hell, 
Christopli Wegener, 
Ludwig Tfipper, 
Johannes Resell, 
Andreas Linden, 
Henrich Mever, 
John Jacob Port, 
John Henry Keller, 
Johann Henrich Ahrens, 


Job. Henrich Billingetil«lieD. 

J. Prlederich Fisclier. 

Johun NicklnuM Rehoopp, 

J. Henr} SeydlinK, 

J. AudreoB Vogt. 

Conrad Henrf Saniler. 

Johaiia Dttiiiel Klt^iiim. 

H. Christoph (iall. 

Joh. HeaediRtiiH Breittt^nfeldt, 

Johann Oerhart May«r, 

Frantz Amt Rtwii, 

J. Henry Gutjahr, 

Hatbels Kirscher, 

Johan Prjederich iiacliaH, 


J. Henry MesHcrtiliiiiit, 
Johann ChriHtian SachMe, 
J. rasjiar Lutlnk. 
J. Friuderirh Allttr, 
Q. Christoph Wariiiken. 
Clas Ca-steri Kriiger. 
Hiuronlnins Eicheler. 
Joh. Hen. Ebcrhart Henxei 
Friederioh Henrich Stern, 
Hans H«nry Tete, 
J. Henry Ratiker, 
Johann Kirscher, 
Johann Erich Renter. 
John Henry SacRh-. 
George Williehu Hooker. 

[The/ollinriHff "litt of pastttiffrrs" dijTtrinfi in orthography /rn 
ike foregoing is alao printed, ] 

Heinrich Chriftophel Bartt'li, 
John Friederich Dubiu, 
Johan Jacob Port, 
JohanneH Joseph tiH Mayiifm, 
John Heinrlch Grotw, 
Andrew Schweiwhelm. 
Jobu Heinricl) BilsinKlel>fn, 
Andreas Hiei^r, 
John Chriutian SanliHe. 
Johan nex Kelir, 
Johan NieklaiiH Kegkop, 
Wilbelm Lading. 
Helnrich Seitling, 
Friederich UHi-r. 
Chrlsroptiel Wnrnther. 
Gourt Heinrich Santln-r, 
<^a8ton Kritger, 
Uichael Kind. 
OhriHtoph Wegrior, 
Conrad Eiohler. 
Chrietoph Gall, 
Gberliard Haniwon. 
Benedik PiieR Hreirenr>-ia. 
Ellen* Fri^f'M-n, 

John Heinrich Duhin. 
Henricli Harman Dubln, 
CliriHtian Warner. 
John Heinrich Keller, 
Peter Kunkel. 
John Heinrich Arniit, 
Hanss Henrich Me><iM>r8iiiith, 
John Friederich Flecher, 
Jotian George Sachue, 
Friederioli Rantenl>erg, 
Johan CaMpar Lading. 
Christian Lading. 
Lorenoe Uchlicter. 
John Andreas Vougt, 
Heinrich Krapi>. 
Peter Muhlherg, 
John Chriutian Heil, 
Daniel Keim, 
HironimnH Eichler. 
Ludwig Deberwell. 
ClirlKtian Oderhold. 
Jobannen Roesch, 
Friederich SI em. 
Andreas Lindner. 
Heinrich Mayer, 
Heinrich Raertiger. 



Heinrich (irodion, 
Heiiirich Fetter, 
John Friedericli Sachse. 
Willhehn Dill, 
Mat lies Kerscher, 

(Terhard Mo>?er, 
John Erich Reither, 
John Heinrich Sachse, 
Johan Kerscher, 
George Wilhelin Hookert. 


RicHKY, FR«)M Rotterdam, last from Cowks. Qualified 
Sept. 10, IToS. 

Jac. Bisliop Berger, 
Vincent ill's Beggari, 
Friedericli Ziirn, 
Stephan Lay, 
Moses Bauer, 
Peter Ueber, 
Friedericli Griiber, 
Baltiiis Zweig, 
Erhard Schief, 
Andreas Frey, 
Friedericli Kast, 
Albreclit Heckman, 
Michael Kulin. sen., 
Sebastian Hoffman, 
Valentin Korn, 
Loreiitz Hoffert, 
Martin Hedinger, 
Stephan Frant/ Volch, 
Johan Michael Bauer, 
Joliann Simon Sclimieg, 
Joliann Matheus Braun, 
(reorg Heinrich Alter. 
Johann Albrecht Fessler, sen., 
.loluuin Andreas Fessler, 
Johan Stephan Riegler, 
Johann Michael Krauss, 
Johann Matheus Mayer, 
Jolian Philip Kohleder. 
Johan Pliilip Berberich, 
(reorg Frit^derich Schweitzer, 
Johan Georg Ziegler. 
Johan Christoph Ni»'th, 
Johann Friedericli Bauer, 

J oh. Georg Rab, 
Johan Perass, 
Christian Schiedt, 
Andreas Lav, 
Simon Walther, 
Thomas Diefz, 
Jacob Michel, 
Christoph Zweig, 
Lndwig Schick, 
Jacob Wein. 
Hans Georg Wilt, 
Georg Arnold, 
Michael Kuiin, 
Johannes Hoffman, 
Martin Burger, 
Hans Waltz, 

Johan Michael Griiffenstein, 
Georg Friederich Volch, 
Georg Friederich Braun, 
Joharm Friederich Freu nd. 
Johann Henrich Hoffmann, 
Johann .Jacob Alter, 
Johann Albrecht Fessler, 
Georg Conrad Braun, sen., 
Georg Conrad Braun, 
Johann (reorg Braun, 
Georg Martin Lobele, 
Johan Michel Ungerer, 
J. Friederich Hiltzbeck, 
Johann Henrich Gebert, 
Johan Michael I^ang. 
Johann Peter Bauer, 
Johann Wilhelm Riith, 


Qeorg Bchftllner, 
Jacob Saiiiiiic, 
Qeorff Scbiiiiiiit<l, 
H. Adam Bri>iiuur, 
J<rfi. Andreas Bclimini;. 
OeorK FHederich Bcliall, 
Joh. IiiKlwit; SomiiKT, 
Geo. Pritjdrich Alter, 

Peter Trackenuiillt-r, 
Andreatt Klein, 
Joti. Jacob Keppiier. 
Joh. ErnHl Sattoltlialfr. 
<ieorj{ Heiirii'li iSrliufTtT, 
Johan Michael Kraiick, 
Jolian (ienri; Diftz. 
Ueo. Balthais Lehner. 

[ The " Hal of paaaeni/ers " di^ei 
Jacob BishoplierKer. 
Stephn. Frans Walk, 
Jlirtf Rap, 

Jurg Predk. Brown, 
Fredrick Preundt, 
MathiaM Brown, 
Johannes Hurt man, 
Fredrick Zern, 
JuTg Heiirich Alter, 
Jarg Fredk. Alter, 
Albrecht Fisher, juri., 
Moties Baiir. 
Peter Hoe Iter, 
Hiebael Rap. U yearx old. 
Pre<irink ("J ruber, 
JurK Conrad Brown. 
JuFK Brown, 
JuTff Martin Ut^bily, 
BaltheB Bchwy. 
Philip Roleterin, 
Philip Berberinjt, 
BrhanI Schick, 
JaiX Henrich Schweitii'r, 
Jarg Ziegler. 
Johan Chrint. Niet. 
Jacob Wyn. 
JurK Wilett, 
Jurg Arnold, 
Fried e rick B«nr, 
Michafl Kuhn. 
Batitian HolTmait. 
Val«ntin Koni, 
Lorentz Hoffnt-r, 

Michel Oroefpstyn. 
Frediick Walk. 
Johan Michael Bnur, 


1 Hniick, 

Henrich Hoffiiiaii, 
Johan tlralT Kulp, 
Obrixtian Schick, 
Jacob Alter, 
Albreoht Pisher, 
Anderas Pisber, 

1 Bam 
kI Bro 

Ttiomax Dietit, 
Stephen Kninr, 
Michael KraiitH, 
Malts. Mifr. 
Jacob Michael, 
Stopl.el Schwy, 
Michael Unger, 
Jur? Fredk. Hibzebe 
Ludwick Schick. 
Henrich Uebhard, 
John Miolil. Long, 
And eras Frey, 
Fredrick KnNt, 
Albrecht Hecknian, 
Peter Banr, 
William Read. 
Mictil. Kuhn, Jiin.. 
Johan neK HofTiiian, 
Mnrliii Hnrger. 
Henrich Schyftier, 


Jnrg Fre<lk. Sholl, 
Mnrtin Hepiiitter, 
HaiiN Jurt[ minller, 
Ijiidwi); 9oinint<r, 
I'wter Drtickinilier, 
CliHtitopher DM/, 
Hans Jiirt! Kuiiip, 
Michuel Tiber, 
Joarkiin Kepler, 
Brniit ytattelilaller. 

Adam Walley, 
Baltlies Leonard, 
Micliail Frank. 
Juru (*iits, 
Jacob Saimnett, 
AiulreaH Klein. 
Liidwick RoHemlllei 
Jiirg Shimtiiel, 
Aiiam Breimttr. 
AiidertLH Siiiutfg. 

l>KNAIARK, (^AHT. <iKO. 

<'tis|)ftr Oriiiiberii, 

Hi-liry Kor^^fttld. 


.1. EniHt Kurt. 

L'hriHtian Aremlt, 

Iiiidwig Brul), 

I.orentz Petri. * 


JohaiineH Taiihert, 

J. Jai^oli Felichr, 

J. Friedrich Dehern, 

J, Georfte QeranKi 

Christian Hiebf, 

Wiliieliii BreiiiT. 

C'lirisloph tiut. Jr., 

Huriiii Cieorg DiKsler. 

H. (■liriHtopherBhadfcke. 

.loNt Honrich Ri>ti<', 

.1, Andrean Ri>do]|>h, 

Joli, Henry RiiKel. 

■I'lliniin Clirimiftn Teimiie, 

J. VAlcnlin Neiiint'yer, 

Aiiljion Baitliol. voii Brinn- 

.Inb. Wilbellii »cllii<l^. 

.lobaii Obrlotiiui Bolle, 

.liiliHii Ohristian Bi-liiieider.. 

Joli, OliriHtopb Oobrechl. jr 

Jiili. ('liriHtiau <ii)lir-?clit. 


I'AitisH, KKO>i Hamburg, last 
yiiALfKlKn Bkpt. 11. 175& 

Liidwig KatTKitrn. 

OporR UoHtinan, 

Ernnt Delitz, 

.lobii Ewald. 

- Bpangeiil)erg, 

J. Henry Frey, 

Andreas fJrotlieini, 

.1. ,I<)Ht Weniinti. 

Ttiivi.1 Alhrecbt. 

J. Aiignst Freyl>a»ih, 

ChristofT Eiutik, 

Ueorge Fiweiier. 

Christ inn LuJK, 

.lohitnn Rciobniaii. 


1 Valei 

II Elte, 

Joban Henrich MartenhurK. 
l>eiteriidi HroppHtenHtadt. 
Job. Frit>deri<ih llnKar, 
J. Andreaw Koltbauer, ' 
KanK Herman Arendt. 
.Iidian Oeor|;« DiHtnttr, 
l.tiilwiK Wil. Bonkranti:. 
. .Toll, Carl RansohenlmH). 
.loliiiun David Pixcher. 
.Iflhan Valentin Kanitch, 
.l.if't Henry Kiniffe. 

<ior(je Willielni Rebunt, 

t'rant/. Henrivli Ernst, 


Johann Ernst Blanwtirt, 
Jotiaon Uingler, 
Wilhelm Krelw, 
Nieolaut) Christian Otto, 
Henrich Jutiun Bott, 
Johan Bayer, 
(ieorg FeinmH, jr.. xiok, 
J. Dietrich Wild, xlck. 
Christ oph Weldner. Hick, 
Christian Nice, uink, 
Erhart Renidol, sick. 

Geo. Wilhelm von LSde, 
Chrbtian Gollstad. 
Peter Fred. Nienieyer, 
Joh. Priederich Wainbeok. 
J. Kudoiph BoUttttt. 
Johan Ludwig Starnk. i«ick, 
Friaiierioh Jordan, .■•ick, 
Hans Herman Brand, sick. 
Joh. Philip PreisInK, siok, 
Johan Oeorg Uiiiier, sick, 
Chrintoph Gut, son., slok. 

[T&WT "HH of paaieHger»' 
Valentine Ettlnif. 
Casper Ground t>erg, 
Henr. Cliristo. Gutige, 
Joh. Ludwig Utarke, 
Henr. Ferinan, 
Christ o. WelhauHMi, 
Thomas Froclitenieht, 
Aagt. Ernest Deiiz, 
Joh. Fred. Junger, 
Ernst Cord, 
Joh. Andres Rudolph, 
Radolph Goltetail. 
Hans Henr. Ahrene. 
John Hfnr. EnK«^1l. 
Joh. I>iidwif; Brahl. 
Joh. JnrKi^'r Kistner, 
Ludwig Wilhehn Pockraru 
Andrew Groth^iiii. 
Johs. Paul RatD'chenliaoh, 
Nioliolas Shefer, 
Joh. Talierinn, 
Wllhelm Scliele, 
Joh. Didrick Witte, 
Joh. AiiRt, Frydag, 
Christian Tolle, 
Chriptlan 8r*hne viler. 
Hanfl Hermoii Brautl. 
Christo. Gohrecht, 
Peter Weidemi-r. 
Geo. Wilhehn Relierg. 

differing from foregoing \» giBtn."] 
Hans Jiirger Distieler. 
Joh, Henr. Valtepberg, 
Ludwig Rafliahr, 
Henr. Borgfeld. 
Joh. Geo, Got tech alliB, 
Geo. Bott man. 
Viedrioh Dropenstod, 
Johan Henr. Henen. 
Geo. Teinme, 
John Evalts, 
■Toll. AndrpH Balthaur, 
.Toh. Enixt Soinmer, 
Chrlatn Ahrens. 
Joh. Aiigt. 8})angenl)erg, 
Joh, Christn. Domine, 
Valentine Nortmeyre, 
John Henr. Freyre, 
Anton von Brnnks, 
Frederick Jordan, 
Joh. Jnlwt Wemlng, 
»avid Alhricht, 
David Fischer, 
Jacob Voght, 
Joh. Frederick DeWhrn, 
Valentine Raiisch, 
.lobst Henrich Kiinshe, 
Chrlstn. T.«nthaii, 
Christo. Ebeclie, 
■Toh. Philip Prcisiiig, 
Ohrisln, Gohrecht, 


Jol). Jurg«ii (teranke. 
PratiB Heiirlch Bnial, 
O-Hii, Fincher, 
ClirlKtn. Hipy«. 
Tiibiiti. Starki*, 
(jrharil Reiixlt-ll, 
Jiiliii Reiohinaii. 
<;hri«to. Oortl, inn., 
<;eo. Wilhelm von Lml«. 
John Dingier, 
■Tob. Jurgen Tninine, 
("hricto. B«ohel, 
Nichols ChriHtn. Otto. 
Joli. Prod. Wftinbeck, 
Hen. Jiiliiiit Duhte. 
Daniel HiLnberg. 
Nloliolao Ulrinh. 
Oliristn. LudwiK Hanlman, 
Peter Preder. N em sir, 
Jolin Fredericli Un([er, 
Clirixtopher EviKlier, 

ChrlHtian Nefce, 
Lawronoe Petere, 
Jnh Erioh Miller, 
.roh. Wilhelm Klennke, 
Chrinllan J^ecke, 
Wilhelm Breiiiar, 
ChriJto. (!ord, genlor, 
John Klnnkart, 
Joli. Weo. Schefer. 
Joli. Hatteii Sundem, 
■loll II Beyr, 
ChriHtn. GoUlstwI. 
t'onrad BrandfasB, 
OfO. (>lirlHtii. Jordan, 
Wilhelm Kabis, 
.Tacob (fitber, 
Ernrt IJlrleli. 
Ohrixl Smith, 
OhrlMtian CJonlt(it«t, 
Johan Buwl Rouxhenluinht, 

List of Pokkihnrrh Imp 
Capt. Jamks Rit»hkli., 


.lohann HindortT, 
Julius Brecker, 
Peter Miller. 
Johannes Miller, 
Jacob Brann. 
Philiii Miihlhof, 
Jacob Dewalt. 
Conrad Outh, 
Peter Schuh, 
.Tacob Miiller. 
Michael Lanif, 
A<latn Hamncber, 
Carl Arendt, 
(icortt Martin. 
7'eter Steinur, 
Jiibnnn Japob Hnmm. 
JohanneH Iiafter, 


giTALiKiBD Skpt. 14, iw:!. 
Miehafl Halbemtadt. 
Samuel Uaufl, 
Uewald Kreutz, 
Abraham Miller, 
Philip iMut/., 
Conrath Kleim. 
Cuiirath flutli, B«n., 
Anclrt-HH Ht^trich, 
HHinriRh Hnhiipf), 
BaMtian Mohr. 
l.ndwiK Hnnr.h. 
JoHepb ZwiKille, 
AndreftH Sober, 
JohiiniieH Iiiml>er){er, 
Philip Henry Gabel, 
Jacob Schott, 
Peter lUkltlrr, 


Fried erleli May, 
Jauoh Zoiul>reU 
Philip Pri«U, 
Jaeol) Bauer, 
Jacob Heok, 
Peter Bader, 
David Sohinitt, 
Hurtin Oriis, 
Willieim Spiere, 
Adolpli Meyer, 
Jacol> Bolliager. 
Pliilip Weber, 
Ulricli Weher, 
B«trnhart Beclc. 
Martin Brauii, 
HarnuB AngBt, 
(ieorg <J6h ringer. 
Frie^lerinl) Jackie, 
Valentin HotTiimnn, 
Pranti Henry HnlTuagcl. 
J oh an n Jacol> Wief-ingtr, 
Michael Ziinmemian. 
.Toliann Adam Kreisnher, 
Em-Mt ChriHloph Adam, 
Conrad Kienter, 
Johann Jacob Beck, 
Johann Qeorff Jotit, 
Johanit Clirinloph Manerpr. 
Jacob KaiitTniann. 
Johann Georg Leonanl, 
ChriHtian Jut/ncr. 
Johann Niekel Jaeoby. 
Johann Peter Jaeoby, 
Jacol> Krier, 
IVter Kunti. 
Valentin Kohlinann. 
Frirtderich Sell warty, 
Jubann Jacob Bar.hti)an, 
Kbiirhart Schmitt, 
Johann Entzmenger. 
Job. Henry Bintzel, 
Paiiliw Uitjinliii. 
Johann KratI Gobi<, 
Peter Plickinger. 

35-Voi. XVII. 

Jacob Threyer, 
Jacob Knab, 
Johan RaiifTbohm. 
Jacol> Bacbman, 
Daniel Heck, 
Bamnel Utraok, 
Betman l.entz, 
Peter Klein, 
Johannes Fellentzer. 
Pan i el Hah a, 
Johannes Btutxel, 
Andreas Kamatein, 
Joliaunes Prey, 
MatheJH Bwalt, 
fonraii Foltz, 
PauluK Hartm&n. 
I.n.iwig Volmer, 
CbriBtoflfel Renner. 
Jean Pierre du Corhier, 
Andrean Beck, 
Philip JacoI'MuhlholT. 
Johann Oeorg Kuhii. 
Jobunu 8el>astian Kreixclier, 
Johann Oaitiier Row. 
Johann Peter Bote, 
Baltliaaer Pent e Her, 
Johann Keinhardt Rahmer, 
Joliann Fried erii^h Vogeler, 
OhrlHfopli Prey.lel. 
Johann Nickel Micliel, 
(■otira<l Waijner, 
,lolianne.-< Herijiith, 
■lobann Ni<-kel Jaco1>v. sen.. 
WilhHlm Htein. 
Curl Rernhart. 
Johann Adam Bohni, 
Theot>ald An gene, 
Philip Henry Linn, 
liOrent/. Bacbman. 
hiidwig Jung, 
Joliann Rintzel. 
Johannes Bintzel, 
Jacob Bollinger, 
J. Henry Schnur. 
Job. ChriHt. HnfTnagel, 



J ohau Georg Weyshaar, 
John Henry Wunderlich, 
Conrad Mentzinger, 
Johanuen Kornhaan, 
Johannes Buchtel, 
Gregorius BatHche, 
Wilhelm Hartman, 
Andreas Huttenbach, 
Jolian Christian Dorr, 
Heinrich Adam Hoffman, 
JohanneK Auer, 
Eherhart Hart man, 
Johannes Kremer, 
Ht;nri<!h Btrack. 
Jacob Ott, 

Johan Georg Marker, 
Valentin Fleck, 
Johann Conra<l Met/., 
Ellas Kneller, 
Johan Jacob Albert, 
Michael Decker, sick. 
Hen rich Ifodhaf, sick, 

Johann Georg Bteiubock, 
Justus Henrich Weber. 
Johan Wilhelra Weber, 
Johannes Wohlfart, 
Christian Fischer, 
Friederich Hart man, 
Friederich Widmeyer, 
Jeremias Kisterle, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Georg Melchior Hiebner, 
Jacob Knodel, 
Adam Roser, 
Jacob Polweller, 
Jacob Miller, 
Philip Lehrer, 
Paul us Hochstrasser, 
Johan Michael Hauber. 
Friederich Stephan, , 
Sebastian Gabel, 
Fried efich Kramer, sick, 
Ru<lolph Wolte, sick, 
Friederich Hartman, sick. 

List of Forkionkrs Importkp in thk Ship Patikxck, 
Capt. Hugh Stkkl, from Rottkrdam, last from Cowks. 
QiTALiFiKD Skpt. 17,1753. 

Gottfried Haberle, 

Paul (^affarel, 

Jaques (lourier, 

Jacob Gerhart, 

Jacob Fisher, 

Joseph Knittel, 

Jacob Bormiin, 

Michael Scheible, 

Martin Kiiyser, 

Pierre Gautier, 

Hans (Conrad Vorgucker, 

Ferdinand Wiirtz, 

(^hristoph Fehr, 

Johann Georg Strossinger, 

Daniel Staube, 

Michael A Her, 

Hans Hent/inger, 

Taques Balme, 
Mat ten Ture, 
Lorie Niron, 
Adam Seitz, 
Jaque Berger. 
Johannes Singer, 
Friederich Fensel, 
Charles Shownet, 
Martin Fauss, 
Jean Bonnet. 
Hans (reorg Bross, 
Friederich Reinholdt, 
Johann Caspar Gross, 
Johannes Preuss, 
Jacob Bornle, 
.lohannes Bodner, 
Johannes Hiller, 



Philip Weifis, 
Henrioh Knoilel, 
Tobias Kurtli, 
Johann Jackobi, 
Jolianiies Braiinig, 
Peter Cirobel, 
Peter Jjaudig') 
Peter Biihler, 
Simon Kerber, 
Blias Neater, 
Jacob Sanguinet, 
Pierre Jean Arniin, 
Jeremie (^happelle, 
Henri JRochon, 
Michael Rustler, 
HanH Georg Feller, 
Hans (ieorg Scholter, 
Andreas Miinchinger, 
Johannes Wiirinle, 
Etienne Briin, 
Gabriel Lausch, 
Georg Martin Kreidler," 
Georg Michel Dacher, 
Johan Friedericli Werner, 
Joh. Friederich Stiihle, 
Georg Adam Weit, 
G. Wilhelm Rieser, 
Hen. Christ o. Bleicherdt, 
Hans Georg Schiittinger, 
Philip Adelberger, 
Heinrich Hackman, 
J. Dietrich Stein brecher, 
Sebastian KnaHsch, 
Samuel Bossennan, 
Johan Georg Federhoflf, 
Isaac Grad, sick, 
Christian Bauer, sick. 

Bernhart Jung, 

Mathe€i8 Alher, 

Johannes Kleintopf. 

Adam Winhart, 

Casper Hassler, 

Bastian Ehrig, 

Leonhard Schauer, 

Michael Kerber, 

Christoph Schmit, 

Jaques Bach, 

Lenhart Heller, 

Jean Pierre Chappelle, 

Pierre Rochon, 

Jean Jaques Servier, 

Joh. Georg Knodel, 

Jean Richardon, 

Georg Valentin Bernhanlt, 

Theodorus Friedhauft, 

Gottlieb Heinrich Facundus, 

Jacob Gerber, 

Michel Rom, 

Johannes Schweitzer, 

Jacob Ochsenreiter, 

Joh. Friederich Ochsenreiter, 

Johan Caspar Sieg, 

Hans Georg Roller, 

Christoffel Kleintopf, 

Joh. Matthias Schmidt. 

Hans Georg Adelberger, 

Hans Adam Sohafter, 

Hans Mussleman, 

J. Lenhart Gerwig, 

Johan Michel Rau« 

Friederich Oswald, . 

Christoph Arndt, 

Christoph Larg, sick, 

Hans Georg Leib, sick. 

[ The original UH in herewith given,] 

Men's Name^s. 
Name. Age. 

Pierre Armeson, 40 

Godfret Giverly, 17 

Peter Schibilt 30 


JVar/te. Afff. 

J.uic)li B<U<1 Xi 

Pitiil Uaiiffcrol, -W 

MathioH DiMir, *t 

jARnli DoAr, . IS 

JeromiaH ('liHp|H>l, i"» 

Petor Rt>Bli()ii, 23 

H«iiclri<;k Konlioii 3rt 

Atliini bi«tB • :iii 

jAc<ib <*iK>ilier, ST 

Jiwoli iSerwiiy 3» 

l,o.lwi»!k Brlitm 34 

.ln«ol> Finlier , . , . 33 

Midmi^l R«(bp1, 30 

Yirrink NcxM H7 

J(w;<]ii«H Hfme :m 

HniiH Yarriok KelW. i'l 

John Richarrton, 3.1 

Hmis y«rrIok Slioltir ;W 

\errink Vdlfttine Rynlianl 37 

AailrlaH Miuolihiar . in 

Jtwupli Noiile 40 

JoliiiiiiifK tiiKtUT 211 

Jiwioh Borinan, 3.1 

Fr«dk. <Iiiiiiel, 31* 

Tli^mioriw FnMlk. Honk-, *t 

JolintiiioN ■\Viiriiil«y. . . 31 

(lodlipli Hxiiilk. KaciiiiiliiH. 37 

Haim Vrrk. Bn*, 31 

Michanl URiiihIey 2!( 

('l Stimmk 4U 

I'Vnliiituiil W«7. :{."j 

]liLiiH()ecii-t; F«<l«rlinft - 

MiLHiii KpyKt-r, 30 

Mtirliii YrtBO 41 

Freilk. Ryiiholt, . 3H 

I'uHTfifMHlier, »| 

Jiilm HiitiiiMt 2-> 

ChrtMtii|ilitT Huir, 31 

KHuM Ninler, 30 

,I(u'i>li Huror 3« 

JdIiii niiM[>pr firoMB 33 

Jncoli Byiiket 3:1 

.Iiiliii Yirrk, GrMHiiigBr, , Hg 

JiiliAiiiiHK Prine Mi 

Vwrrick Kreytlpr 23 


Name, Age, 

Isaac (rrogs, 20 

Barut Hiler 32 

Paniel Stowser, 20 

Jacob Bickler, 21 

Michael Alex 27 

Johannes Hoatamayer 21 

Johannes Hensin^er^ 26 

Johannes Switzer, 24 

Johannes Hilleir, 24 

Michael Dicker 24 

Jacob Oxeryter 40 

Predk. Verner, 27 

Predk. Oxeryter 28 

Philip Wye, 27 

Bernanl Youujr, 21 

TJIrick Nodel, 27 

Predk. Kilie, 22 

Terrk. Sheyligh, 24 

Casjier Simon 29 

Adam Woost 24 

Hathias Alher, 22 

John Prederick Poucundies, — 

Yerrk. Roller 27 

Johannes Kurt/., 24 

Philip Risser, 27 

Johannes Klintop, 22 

Christr. Klintop, 27 

('hristr. Klykroot, 80 

Mathias Smith, 21 

Jacob Ackerman, • . . 24 

Yerrk. Strattlnger, 22 

Adam Wynhar<i 24 

Ohristr. Largh, 38 

Christian Bower, 27 

Diedk. Bower, 24 

Johannes Bryniffh 22 

Casper Payster, • 22 

John Adleberger, 81 

Philip Ailleberger, 27 

Peter Kible 40 

Adam ShefTer, 41 

Bait lis Irigh, 40 

Peter Land is 24 

Henry Hack man, 23 

Leonard Ishenaver, 41 


Name. Age. 

Peter Huler, 27 

Hans Mu8lemaii, 22 

Michael Garber, 20 

Diedk. Stainbruker 25 

Leonard Gerbick, 21 

Simon Gerbick, 22 

Ohristu. Smith, 21 

Lodwiek Smitli, 22 

Stephen Brun, 21 

Sebestian Kifj^ts, 22 

Michael Row, 27 

Jacob Gerber, 21 

Led wick PriBermiin, 22 

Gabriel Sus 27 

Fredk. Oswald, 27 

Michl Riem, . 30 

Johan Friederieh Federhanf, 

List of FoRKif+xKRS Importkd in thk Ship Richard and 
Mary, John Moork, (Jommandkr, from Rotterdam, last 
FROM CowKs. Qualified Skpt. 17, 1753. 

Joseph Phillipp, Ulrich Saberlich, 

Peter .huK^ker, Joh. Martin Jacob, 

F. Wilh. Ziirn. Joh. Knapschneider, 

Geo. Adam Schober, Johan Caspar Kayer, 

Hans Michael Ran, Johan Jacob Kayer, 

Johan Henrich Jnncker, Johan Carl Sieg^le, 

Joliann KrnHt Jnncker, Johan Christian Kniess, 

Martin Siihrer, Andreas Diehm, 

Joliannes Sif^lin, Conrad Lampater, 

Joseph Ljampater, Johannes Lamimter, 

Joseph Wild, Casper VVeschner, 

Adam Stall, Adam Grim, 

Abraham Lang, Michael Vollmer, 

Friederich Kucher, Josephus Friederich, 

Peter Janson, Pauliis Brantisran, 

Joh. Ernst Nagel. Christoph Mold, 

Johannes Knchen, Han Jacob Adam, 

J. Georg Metzger, Peter Rahm, 

Adam Obendorflf, Peter Hitschner, 


Ju«ob Sclil&uclit<>r, 
H. Alt>ert Hurner, 
Job. Chrietoph Buck. 
Job. Heiiric-h Miiller. 
Oeor|[ ^Vdain Wiltinaiui, 
Hani} liurthel Heck, 
Johan CHispur A remit, 
J (iottfritxi Kullfroll). 
JnhonatiH 3clir(>)l>er, 
Piuilud Hepp. 
Chrjstoff Wultz, 
l'«ter StasB, 
Peter Seller, 
.ruhatinus Giirt/., 
Johaanea Behring, 
Philip HamujiTsclimit, 
Joh, miclmel Schiil>ert, 
Johan OooTg Stump, 
J oh. Georg Maisch. 
Hans Hartiu Gel)ii<Ier, 
Johan Adam Kiinier, 
Oeorg PriBilenoli Stlft, 
Carl Friederi<^h Weiiiaii, 
Joh. Danifl Dniss, 
Joh. Prie<lerich He»<s. 
Joh. Wilheliii Eugelharilt, 
HanH Lu>lwig MabI, 
Joh. Henrlch OlieHeiidcr, 
Oeorge Niuklu.s Straus, 
Johan lieorg Bink, 
Herman WevMkirk. 
Jaoob Snhenck. 
H. Georg Graiiily, 
Philip Grin.ifltneyer. 
Joh. Hath«U8 Pfanner, 

■loliunnex Such, 
Joh. Philip Htdii, 
Joh. Coiiratl Steinuiatz, 
Joh. Michael Bpannagel, 
Johann Geurg Klein, 
Kane Geo. HchuUhaminer. 
Ernst Wilhehn Kageroth, 
Georg Frieilerich Heininger, 
Jacol> Wittiuan. 
Valentin Schobig, 
Chrintoph Heinickel, 
Chriatophel Gref. 
JohanneH Zoilzeit, 
Simon Sark, 
David Reiff. 

Job. Nicolaua Scbnbprt, 
Job. Caxper Wuriu, 
Georg Friederich Pfluger, 
Joh. Georg Gelinder, 
Hans Jacob Kemmerli, 
Job. Georg (Jersteninayer, 
Job. Lenhart Heinbd, 
Joh. Chdatoph Herth, 
C. Friederich Hutiuan. 
Job. Friederich Batter, 
Georg Paul Langenhaoh, 
Hane Georg Krelf. 
Johan Adam WolfT, > 
HanB .lacob Oswald. 
Jolian Peter Kubter, 
Michael Koll>, 
Johannes Schmit, 
Hans Georg Seydelmeyer. 
Hans Georg Harst. 
.Tob. Georg Braun. 

[Thf/oirou- "iijt" . 
Job. Casper Geyer, 
HauB Michael Rou, 
Ulrich Zuyl«-rlig. 
Joh. Ernst Joiiekee, 
Peter Kicker, 
Fre<lk. Zttrn, 
Adam Bbolier, 
Martin Zurer, 

mru'hdl i» printtd in connecHon. ] 

Job. Jacob Geyer, 
Joseph Philip Ron. 
Care 1 1 Zeegele, 
Joh. Hendk. Jonckee, 
Martin Jacob, 
Johan Knapscbnyder, 
.Tohan Eys, 
Anderatj Thieui, 



Joh. Nicholas iSclmbert, 

Casper Weyinan, 

Julians. Zieglin, 

Jd^epli Jjampader, 

Jiirg Fredk. Fleger, 

Joh. J ur^; Mhider, 

Joh. Kimmerly, 

Hans Adam Hitner, 

(yasper Wireshon, 

Adam iStall, 

Abraham Lon^j^er, 

Fredk. Qua, 

Joseph Fredrick, 

Peter Jaiisem, 

Fredk. Heys, 

Paul Kruydi^iiam, 

Joh. Ernst Nagel, 

William Engelfried, 

Christopher Mahl, 

Johan Qua, 

Joliaii Metcher, 

Adam Overdorflf, 

Peter Hitsner. 

Henry Overlender, 

Johan Schick, 

Hans Donner, 

Joh. Christr. Heck, 

Hendrick Miller, 

Joh. Michael Spanna^el, 

JuVg Adam Wit man, 

Valentine Schoper, 

Hans Jurg Kiev, 

Peter Nass, 

Barlol Hick, 

Hans Jurg Schelhummer, 

i^asper Aven, 

Johan Kerts, 

Simon Sack, 

David Rief, 

Hans Jacob Ostwalt, 

Jurg Hick. 

Herman Weyshit, 

Philip Granteinier, 

Jurg Ramly, 

Hans Jurg Hough, 

Matthias Foinier, 

Joh. Michael Schubert, 
Hans Jurg Stump, 
Joh. Conrad Lampader, 
Johannes Lampader, 
Joh. Jurg Meys, 
Hans Martin Minder, 
Joseph Wielt, 
Hans Jurg Gerstenieyer, 
Jurg Fredk. Sthieflf, 
Adam (yhruen, 
Jacob Folmer, 
Charles Sims, 
Carl Fredk. Wie<lach, 
Christopher Hert, 
Christn. Hotteman, 
Joh. Daniel Thys, 
Fredk. Souter, 
Jurg Paul Langelmch, 
Christn. Mailes, 
Hans Jacob Adam, 
Peter Ehm, 
Hans J urg Gries, 
Jacob Schlachter, 
Adam Wolf, 
Nicholas Strousin, 
Philip Steyn, 
Conrad Steinmetz, 
Jolians. Schriber, 
Jacob Wit man, 
Paul Hep, 
Christopher Waltz, 
Christ or. Hey kill. 
Christopher Urief, 
Peter Seyl, 
Joh. Holschevt. 
William (falTerot, 
(xotfried Knaper, 
Johan 8 war in, 
Jnrg Fredk. Hemminger, 
Philip Hammersmith, 
Peter Richter. 
Jurg Seytelmier, 
Micahel Kolp. 
Joh. Jacob Sohink, 
Johs. Smith, 
Joh. Jurg Brown. 


List of Pniii!ir(?4Kit.4 Impoktrd ix 
Capt. John Liuklky. ^rom Hambi 
(JUALiFiKD Hkft. 10. 1753, 

Andreax I'oll, 
Ciiriatopli Ameloii. 
J. ChrJHIoph Biiiiier, 
Caspar Hjliehreolit. 
Daniel LMtigv, 
Henry Neyineyer, 
J. CarBtf II Thoriiian. 
J. Henry Hiiutey, 
Christ in II Kaiul>erg', 
Hiram Allemun, 
Henry Werner, 
Jolian Henricli Sievert, 
J. Kart HalHler. 
FriBclerieli Vet her, 
John Henry Hening, 
J. Wilhelm Vos«. 
Joh. Gottfriej flol.le, 
Prle<1. Wilhehn Schkucker 
Chriiit. AndreaH Kiohteiit, 
Joh. AncireivM Ueyer, 
Hans Hiinry Busman, 
Joh. Philij) FertinlMiPh. 
Joh. Chrietopli Appacli, 
Casper Ludwig Sievert, 
And. OliHtttuIT Meinkeii, 
Johan Fred. Btifter, 

Chriittian Bchlemiii^r, 

OhriBtoftel Teniiul, 

H. Henry Coffer. 

C. Kiidolph Recliner. 

Henry KuMiuan. 

AndrfMH BiiHinau, 

Ludwig Schmit, 

Michael Uhl. 

Henry Blireoder, 

Johan Uentiiiian. 

J. Henry Proltf, 

Jolian ChrjHtian Allemun, 

Conradt tihmit, 

Valentin Wegineyer, 

Johan Peter Kooh, 

J. I)letri<rh Suhr. 

(.^Iirixtophel Bi-hlenclcer, 

Fnintx Hen. Bi^lilennker, 

Joh. Ludolph Wehneyer. 

Johan J Oft Miiller, 

Ernet Henrkh Stulle, 

Johan StatK Koch, 

Johan NIctdimH Klnin, 

Georg Caliper Hiippener, 

Joli. Friwl. <'liriHtian Allenian. 

Joh. Hen. Henintc. 
Peter Coch. 
Joh. Died. Sheer. 
Chrlntr. Kainl>1«>n. 
John Win. Slinker. 
ChrJBtr. Termell, 
Fmns. Hen. Blinker. 
Casi>er Elel>rlehl. 
-Lndolph Wi^theriiieir, 
John JuHtice Miller, 

'xring 3omfHi/iat to her'- fiirn; 
And. Full, 
Han. Wm. Fohk, 
ChriHtr. Blinker. 
Joh. ftodtrey Oolte. 
Fred, Wilhelm Slinker, 
Christ r. Bremer, 
HauK Enert Cuatar<], 
Christn. Neinsted, 
Oaniel T>ang. 
AiiiIh. Meyer, 


, Hii» 



Heutiing Nemeyr, * 
Kanen Dorman, 
Christn. Sleiuer, 
TiUdwig Smith, 
Miohl. Uel, 
Hei.. Schreder, 
Joh. Christr. Abach, 
Jolis. Heynaman. 
Casper Ludwig Seymer, 
Venier Ruhmont, 
Hen. Seiba8, 
Conrad Schmidt. 
Joh. Cord Oister, 
Valentine Nieriiieyer, 
Fred. Alaman, 

firneHt Still, 
Hen. Bosnian, 
Philip Furtenba«h, 
Hen. Hinsey, 
Christn. Ramberg, 
Joh. Stas Cock, 
Hermon Alaman, 
JSichs. Klein, 
Ands. Busman, 
Joh. Hen. Probv, 
(Christn. Alaman, 
John Fred. Fischer, 
Fred. Vecher, 
Casper Hipner, 
And. Christr. Minger. 

List of Forbiqnkrs Imported ix thk Ship Nkptitxk, Johx 
Mason, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
QiTALiFiBD Sept. 24, 1754. 

Friedench Melcher, 
Peter Diimmig, 
Joii. Michael Scharphlein, 
Johan Georg Wenckert, 
Peter Keytel, 
Peter Wundt, 
Sebastian Werlein, 
Andreas Bolch, 
Andreas Schneffer, 
Joh. Peter Riess, 
Johannes Ross, 
Michael HoUebach, 
.fohannes Relss, 
Simon Edit, 
Georg Leming, 
Johannes Fleischer, 
Johan n Michael Dosch, 
Joh. Sebastian Hammeter, 
Joh. l^hilip Fern, 
Hans Thomas Winckler, 
Joh. Bernhanlt Wahnsuoh, 
.Tohan Georg HarmolT, 

Johann Wilhelm, 

George Keytel, 

George Nicolas Weugiiterr, 

Hans Michael Rather, 

Sebastian Hore, 

Nicklas Hebling, 

Michael Kretz, 

Philip Kiester. 

Jacob OberdorIT, 

Georg Weiss, 

Conrad Winckler, 

Caspar -Dollmann, 

Nicklas Hollebach, 

Georg Falock, 

Melchior Eisnert, 

Christian Reysing, 

Joh. Jjenhart Wiittninger, 

Joh. Christoph. Freemhaber, 

Hans Jacob Winckler, 

Johan Georg Hollenlxioh, 

Johan Nicklas Saul. 

Georg Peter Fuel is, 


Joh. Nioklaiu Ueckaei', 
Epbraiiii Be II ei lint Kuubei, 
Johait TliuiuoK Ijf iiiiioli, 
Utuis Cohpt-r Fnclir'. 
Joh. Heurioli Oruf. 
Jolutu Caspar 8cliiit>rr, 
HauH Michael Monitor. 
Johan rjeorg Beck, 
Jolian Meyer, 


s Bahii 

Oe«rg Wolir, 
PauluB BUt/.. 
Clirltitoph Biittel. 
Baltliaiter Seiilienli, 
Georii Horn, 
Philip Wf JHf, 
Peter Leiinick, 
Joh. Adoliihort, 
Wllheiiii Wnrt/., jr. , 
Joh. Georg Riuili, 
AndreaH Krieberli, 
GaiiiH>r Ueiikel. 
Heo. Willi. MoniKli, 
Jaooli Lever. 
Georif Bchwenkerl, 
Bart el Raiiiiberifer. 
Johan Georft Srliwitli, 
Joh. Philip Eyriph, 
Joh. Michael Heiilt, 
HanM Adam Dlerhein, 
Johann Oeorjj Winider, 
NicklaH Refiiliart. 
ChriMtopli Korn, 
Michael Senlxtrth. 
Jacob WillKer. 
Peter Hiililiiiu, 
Hans Schreck, 
Valentin ObenlortT, 
Johan Heinrii-h Oni, 
Johan Michael SeeliR, 
Johatin Adam fcicliat/, 
Genrg Philip Kalck, 
John Michael Schat/.. 
Balt/.er Georg nhristiiin, 
Johann Peter Fliok. 
Johan Philili Meyer. 

ilanHAml. Wickert, 
(ieorg Henry Bauer, 
HaiiH Geurg titautit, 
HanH (ieorg Carl Volck, 
Job. Geoi'ft Con rail Hiiiok, 
Johan Adam Uanll. 
Johan Georg OberdorlT, 
HanK Michael Kc>]ler, 
Jacob SrhiifTer, Olierdiirff, 
Ailain Bclieck, * 
Jacob Roll. 
JohanneK Horn, 
. Hans Adam. 
Michael Hollenl>ach, 
Adam Uauck, 
Sebaiitlan Hiimer, 
Johann en Bchreiner. 
Wilhelm Wiirti. Ben.. 
Bern hart Shop. 
Behantlan Kiess. 
Johannex Miike, 
AndreoH Hoiiimer, 
Lorentx Frieilerich Croy, 
Johann KM Trump, 
.iohann MichtLel Werleiii. 
Joh. Chrlntopli Breltenliardt, 
Joh. Michael lirdners, 
Johan Paul Sohwab. 
Johan Adam Bauer, 
Haiines Sclinepper, 
!Nicklaiis Ke ringer. 
Martin Seiiimel, 
Simeon Burger, 
Johannes Stlhling. 
Curl Mllde, 
AndreaH Senlierih, 
OhrJHlinn Ernst Nieman, 
Julian OhriKtiaii Kaytter, 
Johann .\dam Bol.-h, 
.Toll. Heni-icli Bchafer, 
Pliilipp HofCinan. 
Johan Peter Siunijif. 
Georg Philip Burger, 
Johann Paiihiw Platu, 
Johanii I.enhnrI 8anll, 



JohanneH Burkhardt, 
Johan Henricli Meckelein, 
Johaiin Michael Wa88eni, 
Adam NicolaiiH Platz, 
Johan Len. Sauer, 

Hans Meckelein, sen. , 
Hans Meckeleiu, 
* Johan Adam Schantz, 
Johan Scharp. 

[The ''list of 

Predrik. Millger, 
Peter Timmick, 
Pieter Cidele, 
Nicolas Winegardeii, 
Jerig Wiger, 
Laurence Coy, 
Hans Trump, 
Baltzer Rembinger, 
Sr. Bat^tn. WerHne, 
Jerig Sweyell, 
Michl. Greats, 
Michl. Enties, 
PauhiB Swert, 
Adam Theem, 
Adam Pinsick, 
An<lreas Sniper, 
Jerig Wonder, 
Michl. DoHch, 
Sr. Bastn. Hamerter, 
Johan Rose, 
Christn. Pernaber, 
Conod. Winkler, 
Thos. Winkler, 
Hans Rees, 
Michl. Holebaok, 
Simeon Jost, 
Jerig Lennick, 
Milker Hisener, 
Christ n. Priseinger, 
Jerig Founeg, 
Peter Poux, 
Johan Weighelt, 
Philip Weys, 
Adam Hatik, 
Thos. Linnich, 
Hans Sevtz, 
Jnrg Wolg. 

passenger/t " is herewith given,"] 

Michl. Hiltner, 
Michl. Schertlin, 
Jerick Cidele, 
Johan Righter, 
Bastian Horn, 
Jerig Swingard, 
Peter Clump, 
Nicols. Heblin, 
Michl. Werline, 
Christop. Bridleheart, 
Philip Yirig, 
Michl. Heart, 
Andreas Bolk, 
Philip Keesecker, 
Adam Soul, 
Jacob OberdorlT, 
Peter Reese, 
Leonard Rntinger, 
Jerig Weal, 
Philip Neer, 
Jacob Winkler, 
Casper Dollman, 
Jerig Holeback, 
Nicols. Holeback, 
Jerig Polk, 
Barnet Pankoee, 
Johans Plesher, 
Nicols. Soul, 
Miclil. Holenback, 
Hans Fixer, 
Ephraim Garbell, 
Jurg Baur, 
Jurg Horp, 
Peiter Jiinnich, 
Casper Poux, 
Bastn. Hinney, 
Johan (Iraff, 


Joliaa Ad ol phut, 
JohoDB. Soyner, 
Bariiurd Btaop, 
Peter Werti, 
Aiidm. Friebieg, 
Miohl. Hoxeaer, 
Lenord Bower, 
Caitpr. Hinckele, 
HaiiH Miolil. Keyleii. 
JohauiK-M Vover, 
Andreas HHinmcr, 
Joban Diedii'h Weyor, 
Johan CliriHtopI. K(iyi)«r, 
Jnh. Henry Uitck1«ii, 
Andit. Sybert, 
Adam >'iclil. l>lat/.. 
Jaeoh SbnfTKr, 
Johan Snhiif li, 
Heiiricb Boh&ffer, 



Johan Peier BtoinpIT, 
Martia Seiuruel. 
Jurg Pliilip Rilrgei', 
Jacob Wilobart, 
JobunaeD llori^lierl. 
Baus Sobut/.. 
Jurg Wolf, 
Jacob Schell, 
Fbilip HofTmaii, 
Hans Adam 8clHifp|i«r, 
ChriHtop. Horn, 
Cbrlsiopl Orth, 
Johnii PanbiM Plati, 
JohanneH Stirkliiig, 
Oharell Milder, 

WiUielm Wartz, 
Jurg Bap. 
Gaaper Boer, 
Joliaii Baul, 
Bebe. Hiea, 
Adam Bbrick, 
Jurg OberdorIT, 
Jobau Jurg Bftok, 
Chirutop Ernst Niuiuaii 
Jurg Philip Morau, 
Jacob Leyer, 
Uendriok Oort, 
Miehl. BeellK, 
Hans Maukl«ii, 
Job. Uicbl. Watom. 
Johan Holig, 
BaltHer OberdorlT, 
■Toll a 11 Watiin, 
Jiirg PlillipKattB«!ll. 
Balwer Huyber. 
NicoluH llcringer. 
Balt/er GieKh, 
PeHor i'liok, 
Uantj Leonard San I, 
Pelter HebllDg, 
Andrs. Zoam. 
PanloB Blitz, 
ChriBIn. Bettel, 
Joban .'\<lam Bcbaiitx. 
NirlKilH. Uelnliuan, 
Mich). Hiiybert. 
Johan Simeiin Bfrije!-, 
Philip Meyer. 
Joban Willielm Hiltii<^i 
JanieH Sibott. 

LisTOK FnnKKiN'KRfi Importki) i.v thk Bnii* Pkih 
Abkh<;roxbie, {'nuHAKOKa. Kitnu Rottkhuam. i 

PLYMOrTH. QtTAUFIKD Bbpt. 24, I7."i3, 

Martin Bauer. Gbristian Roth, 

Johannes ]>eI/„ ObriBtopb Prant/, 

Chrictopli HofT, Michael Volti:, 



Holfern Holtzinan, 
Johannes Natterle, 
Casper Miiule, 
Nicklas Schreck, 
Cliristian Friederich Pause, 
Johann Adam Zweyer, 
.loliann Carl Erhardt, 
Johan Casper Nill, 
Philip Leonard Schwartz, 
Johan Adam Oberweiler, 
(Jasper Sehait 
Michael Baum, 
Johannes Steinman, 
Ignatius Fichtel, 
Jacob Eberhart, 
Jacob Stromschild, 
Johan William von Engel, 
Johan Jacob Kleinbub, 
J. Dieterioh Oppenheini, 
Henrich Philipp Brumm, 
Friederich Dannwiend, 
Johan Michael Sorg^, 
Johan Jacob Blecker, 
Job. Wilh3lm Knuff, 
Johannes Francis Paubis, 
Wilheim Gonder, 
Jacob Hetrich, 
Micliael Miiller, 
Conrad Jiiger, 
Martin Beck, 
Georg MattKohn, 
Jacob Berber, 
Philip Krebs, 
Jacob Hirsch, 
Henry Hassler, 
G. A. Daser, 
Martin Schneider, 
Joseph Graflf, 
Anton Rantzler, 
(*ar] OegreifT, 
Philip Zorge, 
C^arl Weinmiller, 
Jean Frans Baptiste, 
Geor^ Ant«m Linder, 
(reorti Adam Geiss, 
Georg Adam Siegrist, 

Jacob H. Herle, 

Jacob Miller, 

Ferdinand Gene, 

Johan Andreas Buch, 

Johan Jacob Kautz, 

Johannes BemighofT, 

Johannes Bachnian, 

Johan Michael Schumacher, 

J. (reorge Pluner, 

Carl Friederich Waag, 

Jacob Hohr, 

Johann Fortmeier, 

Ignatius Vogt, 

(ifeorge Baker, 

Conrad "Winttemeyer, 

Johan Andreas Schrodlier, 

Hans Jacob Steigehnann, 

Job. Michael Herorn, 

G. Wilheim Albrecht. 

H. Georg Leysig. 

Job. Theobald Sternberger, 

Johan Martin Bettinger, 

Georg Peter Delp, 

Joh. Wolfgang Seilen, 

Peter Casper Schon, 

Peter Heiss, 

Georg Lange, 

Diebolt Sorg, 

Michael Brauer, 

Jacob Schmidt, 

Johannes Walder, 

Valentin SchafTer, 

Jacob Krininger, 

Carl Ebersohl, 

Abraham C^orrell, 

Conradt Hiiber, 

Philip Jacob Meyer, 

Isaac Miiller, 

Jacob Nagel, 

Jacob Haller, 

Hans Michel Zonel, 

Georg Philip Ziegler, 

Johan Jacob Zucker, 

Johan Jacob Walther, 

Nicklas Tnrnieyer, 

Michael Feierstein, 


Joh. fleorg H&utter. 
Juli. Nii:!Oluue Barlholomie, 
J. tieorg lilohwfickhftrt, 
■loh. FritHlurich EiiK^Hiarl. 
Johnu Adam Schock. 
Johan Carl Jncquart, 
Johatin Ohristia:i Krebit, 
JoliauneH Rude), Mick, 
XioklBH HartKr. niak. 
HaiiluH A. DaHer, »ink. 

JoH. (Conrad Hauiwman, 
Juhuii Casper Runit>tHch. 
Ueorg CliriHt. Reiuholdt. 
Job. Wcilftfaiiif Leit£e). 
Johan Friederlch LTebul. 
Jolian Conrad Kog»I, 
Jolian Mlokel Spohn, 
Johan Jac. Htiller, siok, 
J. Jaeob Salwlnger, Bick, 
J. Casper Wei chtinf elder, i 

Men's JVnme.i 

Uartin >lowBr, 

(Jhriwtiaii Roili, ... 
Julianoia LiDU, . . . .' . . 
^^;hri8topher Troutu, . . . . 
Christopher Ho»p, ....'. 

Michael FoUf^ 

Hendrick HDltHinaii 

John .\ii(lrfaN Bonk. . . . . 
Jaox>b Hemlk. Herlc. . . . 
ChrlHlian Fredrick Banser, 

Johan Jacob Kaiite, .... 

Fredrick Fettfrle 

Joiian Caliper Nil! 

Jacob Miller, 

Casper Mnyly, . 

Johannes Barkinai 

Joiian Adam Zwirner, , . . 

Fretiaant Knt^y, ... 

Johannii* Kudcl 

Carle Erliart, 

Johan Micliafl tiliofiiiakf^r, 

Philip Sobwari/ 

Johaii Jaf^ob Alitor, 

Nfcholiis Slimck, 

Hlchafl S|ui>iii, 

Casper Hchaiick, ..... 

Jacob Hoor, ,...,.., 

Johan Jerick Bliiiiici-. . . . 

Johaii Mii*hl. BohiniT. , . . 

Johan Fortiiiay^r, 

JohnniifH Steiiiiiiaii 

Jolian Ailuiii OhiTwimlfi-, J^* 

C&rlti WaHK. - 1 

Carls Wlu.liiilllt.r -i" 

Jtiriok ZeigiuT 'ii 

Praiioiwjiw Rutlty :W 

IgiwtiiiB Voglit 20 

Joliaii Jacub Ziii-lier . 25 

llfiiiLtiiis Fiw(h«l 30 

NiclinliiH Hert«r, 17 

Jui'lok Anthony Liiiili-r. IB 

.I..1I11I1 AndifaN BhitHlliu 24 

Julian Wilheliii MBnifH , 43 

Jarick Hanker, ii 

Jncnt) Rberhan, 86 

Jaool> Stitigtiiljuan, 3^^ 

Bxrriliard Wintermiui 2t 

Johan Jacob Klfinbul), 38 

Ji.haii Mlnhl. Rberhaiif. 40 

japob Htr-e,^iii<-iiiiii ai 

Joliaii Oi.|»',liHin.Hr 34 

Wilhwlin AlbrtiKlit. 88 

Pliili|>Jn<>c>li Hniin »4 

Wilhelm (lailf^r 30 

P*.t«r Fi«8 , 80 

Jaiiob Hetriok, 17 

Jai^(it) Zerbingitr 16 

Hanri J«rlok hytuwy, 80 

Jf ripk Blanck, 88 

Mioliai'l Milkr SH 

PrwIHek Dornw ii<l 37 

Jolmii ttt^riil>.T«.T 23 

JohanMcliii^l HnwriK- . . 34 

luwaW Suwrtx 37 

Jobun Marl n H^.linurr 1' 

<!oiimiIt Jegtr, 8 

Mlcliat-I Hower 

Martin Heck, 

Ja<!ob Smith. 

Joriok Mtttzf r 

Jnban Jarob Hlii<-k>-r, . . 

Jcrlck P<*t«rTclp 

Melclnc)r Kiitiipf. 

Johan WoirganK RliiiilHi 

Pwtt-r HnHciiliii', 

CaMjifr SbfMi. 


Samr. Agt. 

HanB Walter, 35 

Jacob Walter. 3S 

Jacob Berber. 33 

ValjBntine Shaffer 30 

Philip Kreps 18 

Jacob Kreiiiiiger, :W 

Jerick Adam Kuvh, 2!> 

Jacob Harnch, 33 

Carle EbershoU 31 

Nicholiis Dullmayer, 32 

Adam SiBerigt 33 

MiCholiiB Fyrnstein, 40 

KichoUis Pyr«>tein. jr., 21 

Hendrick Hashare 3« 

Abrabuin Borell, 34 

Johan Junnk Saii+pr 83 

Coiiradt Haiifmau, 34 

:MicholuH Bartbulemy 2.'> 

Cattp^r Romctch 34 

Pmiliis Pawner 45 

Agatuis DuBs^r 17 

Jrrick Shweykert, 54 

CODrad Huber, ... 46 

Martin Slinyder. . 36 

Philip Jacob Mayer. 33 

Jerick Khinbolt 30 

Fredrick EnKelbart, :» 

Johan WolfnaiiB Ijc it/el. . ;iO 

Caxper Phliigrflder 41 

Ailam Shack. . :t6 

Joseph rtrafT, ;W 

Iwuic Miller, 23 

Johan Ubel 30 

Anthony ('aiit'.ler 37 

Jacob Nagel, ■; 40 

Johannia Binni^lmfT, 

CarJ« Deprafft, - 

John Uichl. Jai-oh. — 

John Carl« Hhakar - 

Jolian Conrad Karliel — 

ChrlHtian Krei«, — 

Ja«ob Holler - 

Philip Zurg — 

36 Vol,. XVll. 



List ok Forkigxkrs Imported in thk Ship Brothkrs, 
William Muir, Commandkr, from Rotterdam, last 
PROM CowKS. Qualified Sept. 26, 1753. 

Peter Eyseiibreit, 
Matheis Blocher, 
Johannes Kar^j^, 
liUdwig Fischer, 
Daniel Wunderlich, 
Johannes Kush, 
Melchior Rieckhert, 
Michael Setzer, 
Jacob Mann, 
Johannes Zaberer, 
Nickolas Miller, 
Hans Jacob Finkbohner, 
Martin Schidenhelm, 
Hans Georg Hay, 

Christian Diem, 
Michael Wiisener, 
Jacob Heiser, 
Ivorentz Kalkery, 
Melchior Minalt, 
Burckhart Lindenian, 
Johannes Jiider, 
Stephan Kreidler, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Stephan Rev bolt, 
Hans Georg Hop, 
Michael Schidenhelm, 
Johann Casper Koch, 
Johann Simon Jiiger, 

Hans Georg Baltus Sonderweg, Georg Christoph Eberle, 

Johan Ludwig Wieth, 
Johan Martin Kreidler, 
Christoph Jacob Kiircher, 
Hans Wendel Huber, 
Johan Paul Schott, 
Hans Georg Frauenfelder, 
Georg Albert h Dill, 
Hans Joseph Poss, 
Philip Hoffman, 
Lenhart Diterich, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Ludwig Hertz, 
Martin Flisterer, 
Andreas Keyser, 
Pa u his Bolder, 
Georg Peter Wilhehn. 
Lenhart Beckermann, 
Hans George Mann, 
Friederich liay, 
Mattheis Rcistlein, 
Johann Casper Marl)urg, 
Johannes Herlein, 
Jacob Mann, 
Friederich Kiinstler, 
Johannes Mann, 
Martin Schneid»'r, 

PhiHp Jacol) Kreidler, 
Johan Philip Schreher, 
Johan Philip Kliestadt, 
Georg Friederich Reinhard, 
Hans Georg Martstaller, 
Georg Friederich Andrse, 
Melchior Fliesbach, 
Friederich Mergel, 
Jacob Hester, 
Christoph Miiller, 
Friederich Miiller, 
Johannes Strohm, 
David Kind. 
Isaac Vendner, 
Eberhart Stallner. 
Friederich Hen rich Knabe, 
Christoph Schenok, 
Bernhart Schneider, 
Johannes Weierbacher, 
J. Andreas Ehrman, 
Johannes Li m bach, 
Philip ^^feyer, 
Frietlerioh Lein>>ach, 
Joliannes Steidle, 
Jean Hart man, 
Michael Schneider, 


Hans Oeorg Fischer, Joliaii Jucoh Miiller. 

Haus OeorK Matin, Hane Ueorg Scliwpit/iT, 

Oeorg Jacob Bchramiii, Jacob Bchweitzer, 

Valentin Klein, Johan Wuixiier. 

\Tlie vrifniinl Hal is Iitreiritli i;ib«?ii,] 
Meu'H NiiiHti. 
Nnme. Afie. 

Hand Yt-rriok Thorn, 30 

Peter iBinirlirid. B7 

UliHtitian Dim , 30 

Jarob Finkljoni^r . ... 37 

UatliiaK Plougher. 31 

Mictiael Bhitatiell. 34 

M»rtln Shitahell, 32 

MlHiael Wysnen 31 

Jaiin Ecken, 22 

Ca-tperThnck 27 

HanB Yerrink hey 31 

Prans Jowpli Bonn 31 

Jacob Honeysen, '32 

John Simon Jager, 37 

liitilwiek Finhor, 33 

Hans Yerrick Underweuh ...... 31 

Oeorge ChrlMophcr Elierlv. 24 

Jjorentx Kilkere, 21 

Daniel WondelriKh, 27 

Melchior Fiulmhl. 32 

JohanneM RooIh 28 

I.udwink WeltH. 34 

Philijw Jacob Tlin-yilleii. 28 

John Marthi Thr^v-llen 20 

llurchare l.indamHii, iti) 

HanBPhilit)H Binycken, 34 

Melcliior Ricger 32 

ioliannex IViittr, 31 

Fredrick Merklt>y 2i* 

Christoplier Kirger !W 

Philip HolTman, 27 

Jucob Hestfn. 24 

Xjeonard J>ifilrlck 31 

OhriBiojilier Miller. 34 

Jacob Miller, 27 


Name, Age, 

Fredrick Miller, . *44 

Hans Philip Flinshack 22 

Lodwick Fritz, 27 

Han8 Windel Gaber :^1 

Johannes Meysabacht^r 21 

(ieorge Fredrick Ryiihard, 27 

John Pauliis Slnil 21 

Hans Yerrick Morstall, 22 

Johannes Stroine, 21 

Martin Festerer, 27 

Hans ITlrick Fraenfulder, 24 

Yerrick Andre 30 

David Kunly, 27 

Andreas Keyser, 24 

Philips Jacob Endner 21 

Paulas Woolen 25 

Yerrick Albright 27 

Melchior Flintsback 24 

Jacob Sibzer 21 

8tei>hen Kreyder, 25 

Everhard Solomon 27 

John Jacob Man 81 

Peter Wilhelni 27 

Thomas Kogh. 21 

Fredrick Knab 24 

Johannes Zaberer 22 

Stephen Riebold, 21 

Leonard Lukerow 27 

Christopher Shenk 20 

Nicholas MuUer, 24 

Johannes Limback, 21» 

Johannes Heleren, 30 

Philip Geyer, JH 

Hans Yerrick Man, 30 

Jacob Man 41 

Bernard Snyder, 31 

Frediick Lye 24 

Johannes Weyerbacker 21 

Mathias Riesy, 27 

Andreas Aokennan 22 

John Casper Marbook — 

Marrin Snvder — 

Michael Snvder, — 

Fredrick Li in back — 

Fredrick Ken, — 



Hans Bteitly. 

tteor(jt> Fieher, 

JnliAnnea Man, 

jHCob Miller, 

Hniif Wolfinetrt-r 

Hhii» lieorije Mitn 

Ailaiii Bweigert 

Jolin Hartmaiu: 

Valfntine Rein, 

(ieorge Adam Blirt-ini, 

Jacob Bweltzttr, 

List OF FoRKioNRRs Importkd is thk Ship Windsor, Cai't. 


IFIKI) Sbi'T. 37, 1753. 

Rudolph BanniHgur, 

Daniel Bchiieidt-r, 

('hrialiaii Bchuber, 

Ca.i(>ar Liitz, 
^<uiiinel Biittel, 
JuliaiiiieH Thoinai>, 
iifOTg Motwltach, 
-Tr>l)an SicWIin. 

Pliilip IWii'ii, 
.Incoh Rptwi,, IVter ri^liui, 
AdiLiii Leppert, 
Jail. Jacob Lofhart. 
Job. Martin KieUiiiiller, 

(reorg BlephaiHiK Wallbauer. 

Jnliaiiii (.Tforg Bchinidt, 

SiKmiiiid Bond el i, 

Johannes (iriiber, 

1-liristinii WelM. 

.loliaii Ft-rdinaiid Lehrer, 


Hans .\daiii Hpliat/iiian, 

Joliaii P^I^r Hiirn. 

.Tobaiiti Jficfib Frie»i, 

Jolmii IVter Belti, 

Marc UK Tomer, 

Martin Vogler, 

Daniel Speck. 

H*-inrich Biiltel, 

(^lirietiau Keller. 

Weorg Hoff, 

CaM|)f r Kap)>e«, 

J. Jacob Martin, 

Biiuon RciHH. 

Henry ElHtricb, 

Jacob Bhrei. 

J. Wllbebn TlHlel, 

Job. Reinhart Batz, 

Jolian Lndwlg Beck, 

Jaliann Georg Mann. 

Jolian Wilhelm Kroiuer, 

Hetiricb Plister, 

Henry Baner. 

Ri^iiiliart Dietrich Kercher, 

Joliann riiriMtoph R«hi, 

Joli. Martin Brnckeiiniiiller, 

Heiiricli Mottfried Meier, 

Julinnn .loachiiii Kaysor, 


n Pel*'] 


Michael Alilberger, 



Johannes Baiimann, 
Johan Jacob Ostewald, 
Georg Friederich Stadterer, 
Johann Philippus Pix. 
Andreas Griinau, 
Adam Hoppacher, 
Johann Michael Hobbaer, 

Johann Casper Diehl, 
Wilhelm Berckhauser, 
Johan Jacob Streibi^;, 
Simon Peter Strauch, 
Nicklas Mensch, 
Johann Georg Betz, 
J. Georg Sommer, 

[ The ** list of passengers " is 
*» Newlander/'] 

Jacob Bowman, Newlander, 

Rodolph Phaningar, 

Johrt Rinehard Potts, 

John Ludawick Peck, 

Martain Failster, 

Georg Stafon Wal bower, 

Sickmont Bondliock, 

John Craber, 

Hendrick Bower, 

Daniel Spack, 

Michael Bro<ler, Newlaiider, 

Jno. Ferdinand Larer, 

Jno. George Lutes, 

John Martin Frenkamler, 

Hendrick Shettle, 

Hendrick Good Fredmore, 

Christian Koller, 

John Jacob Price, 

John Toiiias, 

Georg Hauf, 

George Molsboh, 

Casper Deal, 

Nicholas Tiinn, 

Wilhelm Berksheirs, 

Jacob Streboh, 

Philip Sneap, 

Simon Trice, 

Hendrick Aushenech, 

Peter Dt»an, 

Simon Drop, 

William Teasel. 

John Michael Hoober, 

Nicholas Mans, 

Adam Hobach, 

also given including those marked 

Jacob Bushart, Newlander, 

Mark Stommer, 

John Martin Rackmiller, 

Phalick Snyder, 

Christian Shobart, 

John George Man, 

Hendrick Fiester, 

John Georg Smith, 

Christian Wise, 

Jno. Willhelra Cromer, 

Rinehart Dedrick Kergar, 

Juo. Christof Rean, 

Casper Lutes, 

Adam Shear snian, 

Samawlele Settle, 

John Peter Horn, 

John Yoham Yeiser, 

Peter Groof, 

Peter Palts, 

Michael Melberchar, 

John Kowmer, 

Caspar Cobis, 

Jacob Aswalt, 

Fredrick Stillinger, 

Jacob Martin, 

Philip Rice, 

Jacol) Rice, 

John Snow, Newlan 

Jacob Schori, 

Adam Labort, 

George Patts, 

An<iri8s Cronowar, 

George Sommers. 



List op Forrigners Imported in the Ship Halifax, Capt. 
Thomas Coatam, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 
England. Qualified Sept. 28, 1753. 

Friederich Keener, 
Heinrich Thiinei, 
Adam Syrva, 
Daniel Brenner, 
Christian Banner, 
Jacob Rein, 
Johannes Bossert, 
Isaac Budeinan, 
Andreas Hath, 
Joseph Schmitt, 
Johannes Heppener, 
Johannes Haass, 
Ludwig Wiiriz, 
Johannes Mayer, 
Christian Heillniann, 
Georg Michael Wetterinan, 
Georg Baldas Ungerer, 
Solomon Hartman, 
Michael Grossclaus, 
Jost Fischbach, 
Paulas Weygant, 
Mattheis Zacharis, 
Herman Gobel, 
Hans Michael Gock, 
Johan Henrich Praester, 
Andreas Staub, 
Jost Conrad, 
Johaimes Kuhn, 
Christoph Weber, 
Joh. Caspar Weiss, 
Johan Jacob Welter, 
Jolian Conrad Hess, 
Johann Georg Schnister, 
Johan Georg Him roth, 
Johann Georg Krauskopf, 
Johan Peter Brun, 
Martin Mayer, 
Nicolaus Kremer, 
Mattheiis Gromlich, 
Adam Savss, 
Jacob Urban, 

Johannes KoUe, 
Ludwig Luther, 
Andreas Seydle, 
Henrich Mercke, 
Paulus Wolffe, 
Johannes Buch, 
Johannes Wagner, 
Talio Repair, 
Christoph Schiitz, 
Jacob Streder, 
Gottfried Streidtz, 
Henrich Kohn, 
Johannes Heuckel, 
C. Friederich Maagg, 
Johannes Peter Hann, 
Georg Michael Megert, 
Johannes Danwisoh, 
Heister Hangarten, 
Rudolph Meyer, 
Bernhart Schmid, 
Daniel Zacharis, 
J. Henry Stoffel, 
Johan Georg Acker, 
Joh. Daniel Hagen, 
Daniel Amman, 
Felix Gerber, 
Andreas Ingan, 
Conrad Bornn. 
Joh. Ludwig Hester, 
Ludwig Henrich Karcher, 
Joh. Georg Stock er, 
Johan Georg Moritz, 
Johan Conrad Beties, 
Johan Georg Prost, 
Johan Georg Fillips, 
Jacob Ringwald, 
• Johannes Heyr, 
Georg Bishoflf, 
Georg Fiihrling, 
Michael Laub, 
J. Georg Steyb, 



JoliaiittcK Laiib, 
Johi) AdHiii Balil, 
Joliauii Jottt Schmidt. 
Julian ]>avi<l UBiilifr, 
I'fter Katzantuxyer, 
Johaun ('asper K'tcli, 
(iottfrlfil Kiirxcliiiiirk, 
JoliaiiiiOM (ieortf Huiiiih, 
Jiwol) Utnyer, Hick, 
Jnbanntw Maiiluiuer, Hick, 
Pavid HiHsif 1. nick, 
JoliaiiiieM UistiwurtA i<i(<k. 

Joliaiines TlieiH, 
JoliauDM Achf ulMch. 
Johaii Georg U<>iiiiel>orii, 
ChrUtiai) KnlirlHich. 
Haiix >'icklati BTirni-r, 
Johan All am Foraoli, 
Adam MikliHatrk, 
('lirisIoiiliKr Gi;t£»lmaii, sick, 
Felix Millur. Hlf^k. 
Jacob Krt-y(l«r, Hick, 
Jiicob 8c)iaan>ah)i. nick. 

( Tht original lis! ix UtTfipith given, ] 
ileus .Viimea. 
■VrtMP. Agr. 

Priiirick Kiijiner 29 

JohaiiiieH Kdlic, 25 

HM.rick Dlieiin*-. :ir, 

LtHlwick LuthtT, 31 

('hriHtypher Frctirii-k Miwlic, !H 

('imstopher GPtzt-lmaii :U 

JnliaiiiitiH Ailaui Zliiir, :;3 

(.-iiristiaii Heilmaii 44 

JVtci- Haim 33 

Jfiick MIclil. VattTiuftii 30 

JoliHiitiiH Michl. MwlitTiy 30 

Jvrick l*att(li' Ull|{*-rHr, 33 

AmlreaHHcidler 3l| 

J1hii1<>I Dreiiier 2fl 

JnhaiiniH A<)am Bcbmii 30 

Ueiirii'k Uerhe .'IC 

Dniiifl Aiimati ;t3 

AndiKac muii]>. ■ - . 41 

Fi'lix Ufrlwr, 20 

SoloiDou Hartmaii. . % 

CliriHtiaii HeiikT, 34 

Jiirn Coiinul 37 

Micbafl liroHs.-lims, . 3] 

AiiiicHiB EiiKol.l 31 

JollHUIIfH KiiiK/ 30 

Kii<ln]|i)i Myi-r 1.1 

Felix ililltrr, / :10 


Name. Aye. 

Johanitio Joseph Fiehltaek, 20 

Bernard Soliiiiitt 20 

JolmmiLs FaiiluD NeigAnt, '20 

Dniiif I Zocliorieii, IB 

Johftniiia Ulrich Per. 38 

Graft Verber :CJ 

MathiasZarharieB, 39 

Clirrstiaii I'aiiner -iO 

.luhanueH Pan Inn Wolff, 34 

JuliaiiiieB Heiirk. Stoffle. . . '£1 

Johanuct) Hartnan Gehel, 19 

Johannes Jacob Rhine, 20 

JohanneH Bock 34 

Joliannett Jerick Anacher 33 

JohBtinfH Michl. Kock, 31 

JuhaniieM I'ossart, I'J 

Jolianiiex Wftgeiier, '20 

Johannes Oanll. Hii«o, 39 

IsacH Puteinoii, 28 

Daniel Repert, 34 

Lotlwiek Ester, 27 

.TohanneH Oasper Wfitz, 2t 

Andreax Htck, 43 

.TohaniitrtiflhriHtopherBrhiitz B3 

Johannes EriiHt Miimbaulieii-, . 28 

.Joseph SoJimit 23 

Jacob Streter :«) 

Liiilwick Heiirick Karchav 38 

JohanneH Kepiiir, .,...,. 34 

Jacob Velter 33 

JohaniifH Jerick Stechor, 23 

Johaniiei< t'onra<) Ketz. . 18 

Johanni^ Henrk. PreaJtterin 21 

Jobunnee Henrk. Mauritz, :!8 

G(Mirrey atriete, C7 

Conrati Pul es 19 

JohanneH Jacob Kriter, -11 

JohaimeH Jerick Kiinorth 2S 

Johannt*JericJc Profit, 27 

JohaiiiieK Jerirk Kranitfikeep. 35 

Joliaiiiiex Hiiai>, 20 

JohannuB Jerick Prhillips 31! 

Johannes Peter Heliii, 2.1 

JoliaiineH Jerick Roan, 38 

Lo<lwick Vertz, 2-") 


Name. A fie, 

JohaimeH Heinckle. 2» 

JobatineB Arut Bate, 28 

Johaiinea Acheubnch, 31 

Johannes .ToBt Soliinit, 21 

JolianneB Jericli Soiieboni, 'M 

JaliannoH Uyer HT 

David Denber 30 

Jol)ann<>)) David Pintor 24 

Jaool) Bengolt, W 

Joliunniit Uurtin Myur, 18 

Ji.lianiieB Hulr, . '. M 

Jacob Bchaufberk, Wl 

Nicholiis Krieuier, 27 

JolmnneK Jerick Bi«oph, 91) 

MatliloHKi-ambieb 20 

OhriBtian Rorlianli, 24 

Jerick Veriting 23 

Adatii Pnciz. 80 

JohanneM Michl. Lan)>, 20 

JoIianneK Schwarti, 8! 

Jacob Urlian, 38 

I'nter KatKenniye-r, SK 

Jotiiinnt^H Jeriok Staiii). t>* 

.lohaimeH I^anp, 18 

JnlianneH Ntcliolax Burner, 3:1 

(^oiiferd KaarHohnock, :12 

CiisiMT Kock St2 

JnhanueK Adam Persh 33 

Adivm Mlfwaoh, — 

JbhniintiK ThelM — 

Jidian George Haney — 

Joliaiiiieti Bliueberffer, Newlanilxr, Trf) 

LtST OF FoRKinKRRs iMPoitTKi* IS THK ShipTwo Brotiikka. 
Capt. Thomas Arxot, krom Rottkhdam, last itrom Ply- 
mouth, BXOLASD. QlIALIKlKU 8ki»t. 38. !".')«. 

.lolianneH Spath, 

Willielm DiBchoiiK, 

Conrad LutElng, i.eouharl Liitziri) 

JotianneH Wat^nir, Martin Jung. 

JolianneB Muller, Deliult Vosneug, 


Peter Btaulier, 
Johannes Wirtz, 
William Tillboiier. 
J. Georg Voiek, 
J. Adam Kohlman, 
Uichael Hot man, 
John FriedRrioh Siihuy, 
Jnh. Jacob HelpflHh, 
Johann Theiii Scliiitz. 
Juhan F rants Koch, 
Jolian Peter Jung, 
Christian Treesenstiitt. 
Jacob Kohl, 
Friederict) Haminan, 
Johan Adam Pahst. 
Johan Peter Koch, 
Johan Steplian Diettir, 
Joh. Wilhchn Hardtstang, 
Johann Baltaser (ii>tz, 
Johan PiiUip GesBeler, 
Johan Philip Dill. 
Johann Peter Hahn, 
Johann Adam Meyer, 
Jolian Jung Richler, 
Jolian Adam Pfetier, 
- J. (Jeorge Winter. 
J. Adam Lang, 
Conrad Schuiaus, 
IdutthiaB NIed, 
J. Wilhehn Shiitj;, 
J. Henry Jiickel, 
lerat^l Uatzfeld, 
Joseph Beck, 
Johannes Schey, 
Johannes Feiser, 
Friederich Kroh, 
Johannes Peter Held, 
Johann Philip Schneider, 
Johan Wilhelm SchfifTer, 
Frans Theis Schmidt, 
Johan Christian Zuprian, 
Joh. Henrich SagnlHch. 
Johan Georg SeifTert, 

Johannes Lein, , 

Joh. Theis Hush, 
JohanneH Gran, 
J. Joaeliiin Beel^ert. 
Hierunimns Brnner, 
Jacob Herjng', 
Rmlolph Zimmerman, 
Johau Henrich Liitscli, 
■Toll. Henrich Heesman, 
Jolian Philip Heynian. 
Johan Matheia Schneider, 
Joh. Valentin Wielier, 
Johan Kohl, 
Johan Leon hart Miiller, 
J. George Bechtol, 
Joh, Nicklaus Lohner, 
J. Jacob Eisenhnner, 
Johan Adam Schmit, 
Johann Adam Guti, 
Johan Wilhelm MQller, 
Jnhan Adolph 'JesKeler, 
Johnn Ailaui Wirth. 
Joh. Gerhard Muller, 
JohanneH Klias Arnol<lt, 
Joliannes Schneider, 
Johannes Nedjg, 
Heinrich Schniaus. 
Johaiinefl Schmaus, 
J. Adam Shwartz, 
Johannes Feck, 
J. Georg Jiickel, 
Johannes -Tung, 
Conrath Pflllips, 
Jacob Halm, 
Johannes Panli, 
J. T,nd wig Shook, 
Johan Georg Beohtoldt, 
Joh. Paulus SehufTer, 
Johan Philip Klein, 
Joh. Henrich Heymann. 
F,HaM Conratl Stegman. 



[The ''list of 

.loll. Fredk. Scliie, 
Matthias DiKhoii, 
Frans Kleyii, 
Conrad Le8Hiiig, 
Joh. Jacob Hiilpes, 
Joh. Thys 8chut8, 
Joh. Hendk. Heins, 
Joh. Philip Heiman, 
Joh. Martin Young, 
Johs. Miller, 
Peter Stoiibe, 
Christian Tresenstatt, 
Joh. Philip Kesselar, 
Joh. Philip Dill, 
Johans. Knntz, 
Joh. Adam Wirth, 
Joh. (jerhardus Miller, 
William Dilbraner, 
Johs. Cram, 
Joh. Jiirg Folk, 
Joh. Adam Fat/.er, 
Joh. Adam Col man, 
Joh. Adam Babst, 
Joh. Jacob Heriiig, 
Joh. Jnrg Hackholt, 
.loh. Nicholas Lones, 
Johannes Niedig, 
.Joh. A<laiii Long, 
,Ioh. Wm. Hortstong, 
( -onrad Smons, 
Matthias Nied, 
Haltzer Gilk, 
.Fob. .Vdam Swartz, 
.Jobs. Sack, 
Joh. Hendk. Kckil, 
Israel Motstel, 
.lobs. Wv<liiian, 
•Fobs. Young, 
.lobannes Heck, 
.John Wm. Shiver, 
Frans S?uitb. 
.Job. Chris. IiUpre;iin, 
.Iac<ib Maan, 
,Iobs. ]*aul**, 
\''aleiii iiM* Whuv**!-. 

pass^'nffers^^ iit.also ffiveti.] 

Johannes Spudt, 
Wilhelm Dishon, 
Adolph Zimmerman, 
Leonard Lessing, 
Joh. Hendk. Lutsch, 
Joh. Wm. Bchuts, 
Frans Koch, 
Johans. Wagoner, 
Joh. Peter Young, 
Teobalt Hossong, 
Joh. Matthias Snyder, 
.Johannes Limp, 
Joh. William Miller, 
Adolph Kesselar, 
Joh. I^eter Soon, 
Joh. Adam Mier, 
Joh. Thys Huss, 
Joh. Jurg Kigelar, 
Joh. Nicbos. Arnholt, 
Joh. Jacob Severt, 
Joh. Lenert Miller, 
Hireminus Brunner, 
Michael Hofuian, 
Johs. Sny<ier, 
Joh. Peter Kock, 
Joh. Jurg Wintter, 
Stephan Peter, 
Job. Jacob Eysenbimer, 
Joh. Hendk. Smous, 
Johs. Smous, 
Job. Adam Smith, 
.lob. Adam Crits, 
Wm. Schitz, 
Joh. Lu<l\vick Sell rick, 
.Job. .Jurg Eckil, 
.Jobs. Peter Helt, 
.lob. Philip Snyder, 
.Job. .Jurg Beckholt, 
Conrad I*bilips, 
.Job. J^iul SchetTer, 
.Job. Philip Klevn, 
Johs. Skie, 
.lobs. Riser, 
Fredk. Croue, 
.Job. .Jacob ('oil. 


HiiiiiifK < !oll, Ht^udk. 8iwyni«h, 

Elios Coiiru't StuokmiMi. 

Jnli. Mt^ndk. Hi«iiin 
Fivdk. Hamuli, 
Jtihli lifUTK Bivert. 


AiiTMi'K Tka^, from Ki 

:>1-rURl>AM, L\itT PIU>M t 

yrAbiKiKi> Skit. 3», 1753. 

Phllit>|>(i.s Scliiiiidi. 

Dnniel Flendor. 

.loll. PelHI- Wi>-K«]. 

Jolianiien ItiiuliiuT, 

CliriMiui. Mmiii. 

Ji.ntui MaiiD, 

Liidwifi: Lii]>ii. 

Joliaiiii U-ortc Btnrck. 


i^r.Jolmii Bt^iihuii Kir.cki. 

rUrift. HeiiriPli tJr«l). 

Johftn TheiB Cfrt-li, 

(i. IVI.T Ba..r, 

(Jeurge Hoover, 

DtkVid Itii'Hxler. 

Jacob Met rig, 

P«t*r Miill-r, 

JoliHiincH Millt^r, 

Joh. Hmi. Kriitz. 

Joh III! Hiiidtirt, 

Joli. C'mii-ml (iriiii, 

Christian Riibtmiiif ii. 

Joli. H.-iir.v Hel<l. 


JoharmtiH Freuml, 


Puter Koll). 

Jatrob BhJit7.. 

Sel««liaii W^)>er. 

J<iliaiinpH KHIor, 

Jh<^>I, KVller, 

Th«iBK Lau*r, 

Hfiiri<^I] iMUer, 

Jfihaii Fraiil/. (4rliiiiii. 

W»-tiry Wwtpnli»l..r, 

Joiiannes SclialTor. 

-MattliinH Si-hiil/. 

Martin ])li-l. 

Heiiry KiiinpfTwr. 

JohnuncH Kregplfn-h, 

(Christian Mium, 

PaiiluR Kriiin. 

Johiui Fried'-riph SHiiniilt, 

Johiui Philii. SoniitT, , 

JoliiLii riiridliiui tiiwl.el. 

Joh. WiJlifliii Brihiii<-r, 

JoliHii PM^r, 

Joh. Martiii IJucliiier, 

Joliiiii Ht^iirich Biichiifr, 

Joliaii Tlieis Brand. 

Jost Hcnrich Melltr. 

Johaii Peter I.adt>iihnni 

Johaii Clirist. Kolh, 

Jolian Adam h[aiw. 

Jnhuii Wlllieliii Jiiii»;. 

Johaii Peter Meyer. 

Joh. Z. Pnitit/.. 

Bernhart PfeUTer, 

MHrtiii H<-irt-vHP)i. 

Joh. Phil FOSM, 

.rohaii Fjik**! 8tnir-k. 

3i,h. .r*c..l. H.iaK«. 

Frantl Z.'lkT. 

C.iiir»i.l Kerkt-r. 

Johaalieo 8eil>a<^h. 

Jollilll I'hilii.ti^v... 

Joh. HeinriPh 



Johan Elias Steuerdach, 
Christian Blickeusdorflfer, 
Joh. Jacob Lingeufelter, 
Johann Theis HiHtiger, 
Johan Hen rich Held, 
Joh. Georg G-eorg, 
Johan Christ. Bentz, 
Joh. Henrich Spiitli. 
Joh. Henrich Schiiflfer, 
Wilhehn Becker, 
Johan Theis Kuhnenian, 
Johan Theis Schmidt, 
Joh. Henrich Strunck, 
Johan Theis Rul)samen, 
Joh. Gerlacli Stahl, 
Matheiis Zimmerman, 
Andreas Ecker, 
Henry Panix, 
John Peter Krammer, 
Johan Peter Braiin, 

Johan Peter Schumacher, 
Jost Blickensdorffer, 
Johan Peter Roch, 
Joh. Gerhart Humbel, 
Johan Engel Thomas, 
Joh. Georg Knortzer, 
Johan Philip Spath, 
Joh. Bastian Heun, 
Joh. Gerlach Schaffer, 
Joh. Henrich Kuhneman, 
Joh. Wilhelm Schaffer, 
Joh. Henrich Pilger, 
Johann Peter Leiss, 
Joh. Christ. Stahl, 
Bastian Shneyder, 
Johannes Krum, 
Johannes Kreutz, 
Hermanns Zimmerman, 
Johan Engel Braun. 

[ The ** li^t of pckssengera " 

Philip Smith, 
Christian Winebrenner, 
Peter Wile, 
Christian Krebb, 
William Young, 
Philip Schmid, 
Peter Baiidenheimer, 
John William Bamell, 
Martin Bngner, 
Henry Bugner, 
Matthias Bran<l, 
Ludowiek Lupe, 
Hernanl Piper, 
Philip Folks, 
Engle Strunck, 
Francis Zeiler, 
Henry Miller. 
Henry Baumer, 
Philip Steinbach, 
Peter Shoemaker, 
David Kisler, 
.lost Blichenderfer, 

differing from the foregoing is also given.} 

George Stark, 

Daniel Flinter. 

John Steven (iHeckner, 

Matthias Krebb, 

Peter Myer, 

Philip Bosoner, 

John Kres Kribly, 

Peter Kelp, 

John Bngner, 

Christian Mann, 

Jonas Mann, 

John Saiing, 

Martin Hellsinheiser, 

John Sail bach, 

.Jacob Hass, 

(.'onrad Becher, 

Philip Seg, 

John Sailbach, 

George Bare, 

(George Hutt, 

Christian Rlichenderfer, 

Jacob liingenfeihler, 


pBter Ruch, 

Jnroli Haof, 

Peter Miller, 

John Miller. 

Jubn Ht^ndrif^k, 

.r«.hn Henry (jfreitE, 

Coiintd ( 

John Christian Riubnoiuen, 

Maihlas Hulzgeii, 

John <jerliaril HiiiiinieJl. 

John Henry Hel.i, 

Henry H..I.i, 

John Kniflt Thtiiiiaii, 

Adam Thomas Sterb, 

Jul III <ieorgf. 

Oeorge Gwirge, 

John Freimi, 

GeorKe Kuert/.«r. 

Philip B0..I. 

Jno, GhriBtian Kenit, 

Philip Hi>ent. 

Henry Speat, 

Poler KoUi. 

ChriHtiau Kolb, 

Philip Snlieiiman. 

.Ittpob SchUHter, 

BoMtiaii HniiKt. 

Joiin Henry SchafTer.' 

John BeliHir^r, 

John Haitian Weaver, 

John Kellnr. 

Jacob Behler. 

M»tthin« hauer. 

Henry Laner, 

Frtinp.iN Oouiiii. 

John William Befihker. 

Hpnrv WiNtlnifer, 

John H^nry Knneinan, 

Mattlii«< Kiui«man, 

Jolin Schafter, 

John William Sclmffer. 

• Matthias Sclnnidt, 

John Heiirv Fil^'er, 

Matthias Shjt>;. 

Martin Diehl. 

John Henry Straimk, 

Henry Keinpf. 

John Kreiiil", 

ChriHtinn Mann. 

Peter Lice, 

.lohn Matthias Riilwin, 

PallhlH Cramin, 

.Tnhn Cranim, 

Christian Stall, 

Oerlunk Stalli. 

Jno. Bastian Schnei.ier, 

.^uclrKaf Ektr, 

MatthiaH Ziinmerinan, 

^auHfl Zinuneriimn. 

John Kreili. 

John H^iiry B-nix. 

John P^ter Kramer, 

Kn«le Brown, 

John Peter Brown. 


> IMP< 


« THK BhipOood Hopk, 

'!A1T. JiiHX TlllMI-, KKOM Hambi 

lllricli Relini;. I'eTer 

H. Gt'Ory Beiu-ker, 
J. Henry Niederhiit, 
Chrietoph Mi<-bae1. 

I'eTer Kiiol>B, 

}. Henry Klapper, 

Andreas Fei|;ner, 

ChriHtofel Olims, 

■J. Henry Nederman, 

Simon Shrikler, 



JereiniaH Pflug, 
Elian Aue, 
Chrintiaii Konig, 
Christoph Reiiiinaii, 
Simon Eberle, 
G-erdt Hurrelmaii, 
Carl Ahlborn, 
Andreas Erkbard. 
Joh. Hen. Chrinto Runcker, 
J. Henry Sellignian, 
Jolian Peter I)ipi>el, 
Joh. Erich Schneeberg, * 
• Hann Cbristoph Engel, 
Johan Jacob Niecke, 
Joh. Andreas Porster, 
Hans Joachim Meissner, 
Joh. .Urban Kaulitz, 
J oil. Tlieodor Martini, 
Joh. Wilhelm Rtiber, 
Jean Jaqnet Lapierre, 
Georg Henrich Doreges, 

Christopher Pock, 
J. Henry Worm, 
Conrad Hart man, 
Christoph Kneply, 
Jacob Rinmann, 
Joh. Peter Pugner, 
J. Martin Weinberg, 
Johan Conrad Kleikam. 
Hans Henry Steedeberger, 
Joach Conrad Stein wehuer, 
H. Andreas Wigman, 
Johan Georg Lauman, 
Henrich Christoph Diedrich, 
Joh. Henrich Ziegeler, 
J. Christoph Leman, 
Joh. Gottlieb Wecker, 
Joh. Christoph Mosmeyer, 
Justus Carl Wil Martini, 
Joh. Christian Hachman, 
Joh. Andreas Priederichh. 

[The ''list'" as farninhed by the 

Friederick Rehing, 

Hans Henry Tutterling, 

Beams Stunbear, 

Henry Georg Brtker, 

Henry Nechotock. 

John Peter Tippills, 

John Sniber, 

Christopli Homes, 

Henrich Lowman, 

.]ohn Henrick Na<lerman, 

Jacob Nicker, 

Henrick Sigher, 

Jeremiah Plug, 

Cliristopher Pock, 

Johann Christopli Jiemann, 

Christian Konock, 

Got leap Wacker, 

John Martin Wenb**rg, 

( 'oiirod Hart man, 

John Theodorn Mart inn, 

Christopher Rinciiian, 

racist er of the vessel is also rjivftn. ] 

Henry Christophel Ring, 
Jost Henry Selegman, 
Peter Knock, 
John Henry Klam{)ert. 
Andreas Pigener, 
Henry Andreas AViggman 
Christophel Michael, 
(Jhristophel Holborne, 
Hans Chris. Ingel, 
Henry Christoph Pi<lerick, 
Hans Kineream, 
Simon Shroader, 
Johan Andreas Foster, 
Elias Oner, 

John Henderick Worm. 
Hans Jockam Mesnar, 
John Arban ('ontas. 
Andreas fjowrence .VconI, 
Johan Christopher Momoyr, 
Jost Carols Martine, 
Simon Everlev, 


Jacob Reman, . 

Johau William Rlvor. 

Johati Laper, 

Johanu Pater Pickn«r, 

Johanu Andreae Fredrea«, 

(iurut Hart man, 

Johan Cliristiao Back man. 

Jotian Conrad Klitheim, 

Ernest Alborn, 

Jorgnn Herrich Durgetta. 

List ok Fobrioxrrs lupoRTKn ik thk Ship EoiKBURa, 
Capt. Johk Lyo:j, from Roitbruam, i.ast krom Cowks. 
QUALiFiRD Oct. 3, 1758. 
Joh. Engel Jung. Joh. Conrad Scherer, 

Job. Hen. Knodt, Friederich Kuhler, 

Joh. Ueorg Cliristopli Horing, Joh. Henrich Wewing. 
Philip Wai^ner, - - — 

Andreas Gerlucli, 
Jobannea Heyl, 
Anthon Keuttch, 
J. Henry Cronro, 
Friederich SehrieK, 
Jacob Look. 
J. Jacob WifBser, 
Michael HauHe, 
Joh. Wllhelin Buhl. 
J. Dan. Maiintihati^n, 
JohaneH Anrandt, 
Johannes Jfinght, 
Chrintophel He bene r, 

Daniel Schlappig, 

J. Peter Meyer, 

Michael Taach. 

Johnn Schneider, 

J. Peter Kirchofter, 

.lost Henrich Weyerhaiiae 

Johannes Muller, 

Johan Peter OrndorIT, 

Joh. Philip Schneider, 

Johannes Denig, 

Wllhelm CosBler, 

Philip Valenlin Kueseele, 

Johao Georg Midler. 

J. George Friederich Linier, 

Johan Wilhelm Ahl. 
37— Vol. XVI L 

Gottfried Kj 

Wilhelm Schadell. 

Henry Giinper. 

Christian Diiller, 

Authon Casper Kamm, 

Christian Jauch, 

J. Peter Lehr, 

Joh. Adam Krum, 

J. George RosdurfT, 

Joh. Georg Stahl. 


Joh. George Schwartz, 

Adam Kliickner. 

Johannes Renschmit, 

Georg Sfihaffer, 

J. ChHHtian Schmit, 

Anthon Krum, 
Johannes Kregele, 

Joh. Wilhelm HSffer, 
Joh. Friederich Schall, 

Johannes Griift. 
Joh. Henrich Otto, 
Friederich Bomer. 
■Johannes Ranp, 
Joh. Gottfried Hiihle. 
.Joh. Solomon Heim, 
Johann Peter Baldns, 
Andreas Frdman Li 
Joh. Wllhelui Steir, 



Johan Conrad Schneider, 
Johan Jacob Katz, 
Johann H enrich Kuntz, 
Johan Philip Kobel, 
Johan Jacob Hoffman, 
Joh. Ludwig Schweitzer, 
Joh. Gerlach Bernhutter, 
Joh. Friederich Weitzell, 
Johan Gerlach Klein, 
Joh. H enrich SteinseiiTer, 
Joh. Conrad Orndorff, 
Johan Georg Waller, 
Hieroninius Schneider, 
Johan Henrich Stoltz, 
Johan Georg Schneider, 
F. Conrad Schmit, 
Joh. Jost Schlappig, 
J. Wilhelm Wisser. 

Johann Georg lioos, 
Johann Daniel Rnppert, 
Johan Henrich Printz, 
Johan Jacob Schweitzer, 
Johann Georg Schneider, 
Joh. Baltzer Ducker, 
Johan A hthoniut) Huhn, 
Philip Hen. Arndorff, 
Joh. Gerlach Muttersbach, 
Joh. Wilhelm Stumpf, 
Joh. Georg Stiefel, 
Joh. Wilhelm Wollenweber, 
Joh. Wilhelm Weller. 
Ernst Ludwig Krauss, 
Johan Peter Stoltz, 
J. Gerlach Wisser, 
Joh. Henrich Jung. 

[The original list is herewith given^] 
Men's names. 

Name, Age, 

Christoph Hering, 25 

Conrad Scherer, 18 

Joh. Engel Young, ... 40 

John Henrich Knoth, 33 

John Henrich Massing, 19 

Henrich Otto 20 

Friederich Kehler, 83 

Johanes Philip Sneiter, 23 

Friederick Behmer, 22 

Johanes Wilhelm Haefler 35 

John Dennis 49 

Jost Henrich Weyershauson 23 

Johannes Ruhtrauff 23 

Johannes Friederich Scholl, 21 

Gott. Fried. Hehller, 20 

William Cassel, 20 

Philip V^alentin Knefely, 16 

Philip Wagner 44 

John Solomon Heim, 24 

Gottfried Krum 33 

John George Miller, 37 

Nicolans Gerlach, 26 


Urban Bchettel 80 

John Fetter Baltof. 27 

Joh&nnea Heith, 88 

Prieaerich Loeseer, 28 

Andreas Erdinau Leyiiaw 29 

Henrich Kimber, 20 

Anthon Reieh 27 

Willn-liii Ehel 20 

ChristiaQ Better « 

John Wilhelm Stoehr, 88 

Juhniines Henrich Cronraw, 87 

ronrail Sneider 25 

Joliaiini^H Preisser, 22 

J..l,„ UeorK^ Lo-s 88 

Anthoniui> HafTerlam, 28 

Prtederich Schouk, 94 

.T,ic-liKiit/ 28 

John IJaniel Hubert, 88 

John H.[ M^ime 1» 

ChrlBtlan Youch, 93 

Johannes Henrich Kunt/, 19 

Jacob Loss 84 

John Philip Kebeel BO 

John Petter Laehr, . 29 

JohnJato Bchwfitzi.r, 92 

John Joachim Wif«wr, M 

Jacob HolTman 20 

John Genrg 8iif i er, , . , 80 

Aflaiii Nioodeinii? 80 

John Admn Kruiii 19 

Michael Fallot 84 

John Jo«t Rostihirff 2S 

John Lmiwig Scbweitier, 88 

JohnPallEurDlckert. 19 

Job. Gerlftch Bornhek-r 99 

John AnthoR Houii 19 

TVilbelm Buhll, 33 

John Georg Stahlsmit 35 

Joh. Daniel MauenKhagen, 30 

John Prieilorich Weitzel, 18 

Phil pUfltirich Ahrenilorft, 38 

Andreaii Snei cr 18 

Johannes Allrant, 28 

John Oeorge Schwartx 48 

Hen. Oodfrlwi Till 34 


Jolm ««rlach Klin, . - JH 

JuliuiitioH Tungttt 34 

John tiurlach MutterHpai;!), H 

Antlion Kleckiier, 80 

WilliBlm StuinpB S8 

Clirlstoph Hubner, 26 

Jolinniies Heinrioh 8t«iii«iiyiVr, 88 

Jdliu UuorKe Reloliel 8S 

JoliHDne§ Bein Stimit, ... 93 

Joliii Daniel Sohlaplg » 

Jerg Boh«fT«r, 22 

Jolm Pwtler Mayer, "95 

Couratl Olirendorft 80 

WilhtKlin^Vuolanwebar, 80 

Joli. CliriBt. Smit 47 

John ««or(i Waller, 98 

John Wilhelni Waller, 20 

Mlclmol Tiwcli 48 

Aiithmi Knini 40 

Hieroiiiiiiun Snieter, 34 

EniMt Liidwig Kraiiiw, 43 

■TohanntsK Sneiter. ...;., 23 

Johannes Putter Stolt/, 20 

John Heinrich StoltJ; 4B 

■TohanneH Kegeiilo, 85 

John Petter KiretiholTer, , . 28 

Jolm Wilhelm Wei^ser. 48 

John OeorK SneitBr , 80 

John fterlach Weicser, 24 

John Coiirml Hinit, 18 

Johannes Petler OhivnOorIT 18 

John Heinrich Youiik 48 

■John JuMt Schlapig, 33 

Johannes Muller. 23 

Ernwt ChrlBtlan Miliar, 91 

Jiu-oh Nickel » 

.tiihaiineH Urave, — 


List ok Fokki»nkrs Impoutkd is thk Ship Louisa, John 
PiTCAiRSK, Captain, fkou Rottkrdam, last krou 
CowHa. Qualified Oct, 3. 1753. 

Conrad Kiihl, 
Ernst .lacoby. 
Philip Klein, 
Johaaneit Bulihiiiiii. 
JohanD«it PreyKH, 
Andreas Kratz, 
Hans Q-eorg Janae, 
Fried erich Heyer. 
Johannes Wiirffer, 
Stephan Rlel. 
Priederlch Diirck, 
Philip Hetriok, 
Ht^nnan Em rich, 
Petur Thran, 
Pett>r MautT, 
Henry Fleck, 
Gcor^f Fricdrich Kolhciik, 
JohiLu (feorg Zeiilniili. 
Michael Pflocher. 
John BuHtiaii Diitx, 
Jimoh Neiindorf, 
Heiibdictiis Neidlint^ei-, 
Johaii Adam Dat/., 
Jiihttii Peter Siieihmni, 
Jfih. Wiiheliu Kiick. 
Johan (iporg Grill), 
Johann Philip Imbocli, 
Johann Albert Maiirer. 
JohiiDii Henri<Th Schmit, 
Qeorg Adam Mandel. 
Johann Jacob pieman. 
Johan Christian BchweiliT. 
Johan Philip WachB, 
Hanx Micliael Muller, 
Jiih. QeoTg Hfthselbacher, 
Johann Peter Bchmick, 
ARhilles Stan, 
Joh. Wilhehn Viilh.l, 
Friederich Zillow, 

Bahhauer Vorl>ach, 
MathiftH Becker, 
Joliunn l>ach, 
Pliilippnti Teche, 
Christian Weber, 
■Tohannes Fuss, 
Christophel Schiipf, 
Conrad Koberliiig, 
Joh. (ieorg Brann, 
J. Hfinry Wemyer, 
Johannes Miille^, 
Henrich Schmidt, 
Johannes Banman, 
JohaDDes Kipp, 
Lotharius Richaril, 
Curl Em rich, 

Joliaii Henrich SeelK'Tger, 
Johannes Blocher, 
Andreas Heister, 
Conrikd Speilman. 
Philip Breniltle, 
Johan Philip Hehnel, 
Joh. Ueorg HemmerKlmrh. 
Julian Christian Lauer, 
lieore Wilhehn Herd, 
Johan Peter Stailel, 
Johann Carl Volbel. 
Johan Conrad Btrott, 
Jiihan Philip Zinlaiib, 
Johan Christian Mandttl, 
Henrich Wilhehn Becker, 
Johan Peter Grnb, 
Oeorg L, Gundrum, 
Hans Ca'sper Lnderman. 
Johan Peter Nickel, 
Philip Friedrich Warth, 
Carl Wenig, 
Joseph Geiffer, 
Hans Georn Priese. 


[ The original list is herewith given, J 

Men's Names, 
Name. Age, 

Conradt Riel 40 

Benedict Nitlinger, 24 

Philip Fanel, 88 

Baltzer Fortback, 30 

Ernst Jacobia, 22 

Mathias Becker, 27 

Adam Datz, 21 

Sebastian l>atz 19 

Gerril Bulinan 22 

Philip See, 27 

Philip Klyen, 22 

Joh. Henrich Klyen, — 

John Peter Speelman, . 27 

J'^hannes Fries, ' 31 

Christian Lauer, 27 

Wilhelm Ruke 24 

Wilhelra Hart, 18 

John Yerrick Grub 19 

Christian Weber, 27 

Peter Statil, 29 

Andreas Kratz, . - ^ 40 

John Philip Zinlaub, 32 

Carl Philipby, 27 

Johannes Preys, 33 

John Albright Mourer, 24 

Hans Yerrick Jants, 27 

Conradt Strob 30 

Christian Shew, 27 

Hendrick Smith, 29 

Philip Zinlaub, 22 

Yerrick Adam Mantel, 24 

Christian Mantel, 27 

Fredrick Heyer, 27 

Jacob Nevman, 21 

Conradt Kebling, 24 

Lodwick Sinser, 27 

Yerrick Brown, 22 

Stephen Kiel, 27 

Yerrick AVilhelm Baker 24 

John Cliristian Schyber, 25 

Jolin Hendrick AVeymaer 24 

John Peter Grub, 27 

Fredrick Turk, 29 


■ Name. Age. 

Johannes Muller, 27 

Philipue Wax 24 

PhilipuHHalerigh 27 

Yerrlck Philip Conleroii, 28 

Hendrick Smith . . 24 

Herman Emeriok, 27 

Johannes bowman, 24 

Diedriok Tran, 27 

Johannes Ke«p, 24 

Michael Miller, ... 2T 

Hans Caliper Briderman, 24 

Peter Mowrer. 27 

John Yerriok Uaaselberger, 22 

Peter Niphol, 21 

Lutherus Righart, . , 27 

Peter Smith, 27 

Henrich Fleck S3 

Philips Fredrick Warth, 27 

Yerrlck Fredrick Browbaok, 22 

Carrol Einmerick, . . 27 

Jac(>l> Neyendorpli, 22 

Hendrlok LeburKen. 31 

Pliillp Brenly 27 

Peter Qlaucher — 

Andreas Leister, — 

Achilles Raugh, . , , , , , , — 

Daniel Zinlaul) — 

Joliannes Glaiieher. — 

John Wilhehn Phil|»-I - 

Jo!jeiih Guyer — 

Conrad Bpi^elinai — 

Carl Lehnley, — 

Frederick Zinlauli, . — 

Hans George PricH — 

Jolian George HolTniiin, ~ 

List of Fork 
Bhanch. Jam 

Johannex Dntt, 
J. Martin Faiiaii, 
Chrietoph Curfes, 

Importkd in thk Ship Easters 
Nktis, Caitain, from Rotterdam, last 
LAsu. (ji'ALiFiKD Oct. 8, 1753. 
Jolian Brey, 
SelHistian Stauzer. 
Joh. Davi.l HtesB, 



List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Friendship, 
James Skix, Master, from Hamburg, last from Cowes, 
Qualified Nov. 19, 175a 

Johann Petz, 

Johan Tabel, 

Christoph Wachter, 

Johan Volks, 

Gottfried Forster, 

Jacob Brainer, 

Conrad Auhage, 

H. Ulrich Rossel, 

Joachim Dietrich Mohl, 

Andreas Gerlach, 

Johan Lorentz Vogel, 

Joh. Fred. Franciscus Corsini, 

Joh. Fried. Landgraff, 

F. Michel Lorentz, 

Johan Andrea* Klein, 

Johann Christian Zeise, 

Henry Jacob Noll, 

Joh. H enrich pauerraeister, 

Johan Friederich Beltz, 

Johan Hartman Emniel, 

Joh. Henrich Pott, 

Gottfried Nebe, 
George Kneeling, 
Valentin Reyling, 
Christoph el Anhage, 
Gottfried Leman, 
Andreas Bletz, 
Andreas Singneitz, 
Chriatoph Matthesen, 
Adam Stein, 
Lorentz Biischle, 
Joh. Heinrich Schneider, 
Christ. Henrich Lutterman 
Joh. Henrich Barenlau, 
Conrad Henrich lorens, 
Johan Georg Gtirtller, 
Johan Peter Schmit, 
Joh. Henrich Comiilder, 
Hen. Christoph Delikamp, 
Andreas Henrich Lanneger. 
Joh. Henrich Sammann, 
Johan Dat. Haveshild. 

[ The oriffinal list is herewith given.] 
Name. Age 

John Beltz 19 

Godfrid Neve, 25 

Jno. Dabel, 20 

Henry Sneider, . 29 

George Kneiling, 30 

Frederick Franciscus Corsenez, 17 

Henry Lutterman, 25 

Jn. Frederick Langrave, 40 

Christ. AViichtler, 32 

Valentine Rehling, 30 

Jno. Folkes 38 

Christ. Anbauge, 20 

Jno. Hin. Rtiventlau, 20 

GotfrtMl Foster, 29 

Gotfried Leman, 34 


IThe "lilt of men paaaengera' 

Johannes Doet, 

Michael Raller, 

Joh, Mnrtin Bgely, 

Joh. Martin Fonau, 

Andreas Lohrinan, 

Christu. Courfae, 

Johan Martfn Keel man, 

HanB Uicha! Hitterer, 

Hans Conrad Fouser, 

ChrlHtn. Ney, 

ChriHt. Fredrick Spiegel, 

Johan Jacob Smith, 

HanH Michal Schenick, 

Sebastian Shaber, 

Johannes Hop, 

Ulrich Spieriy, 

Jacob Anthony, 

Johan Jacob Remp, 

Peter Belflnger. 

Jotian Philip Vogeii^esunK, 

Joh. Jiirg Christian, 

Johan Jlirg Beck, 

Jacob SIwlettK. 

Pre<irick Fax is, 

Fredrick Steeter, 

Mii'hal Herreinan, 

Christof Wolfeil. 

Jiirg Iseman, 

Joh. Lmlwjg Sleller, 

NicholHS Seytz, 

Johan Fredk, Glauber, 

Adam DorDlwrger, 

Hans Jiirg Heyxehnan, 

Casper Rreyser, 

Michal Basseler, 

Joliannes Runner, 

Michal Nogel. 

Joi^eph Han nek at a, 

Andreas Feck, 

Jacob Si not ska, 

Jacob Schenk, 

Joh, Jnrg Michael, 

Joh. Conrad Ludwiir. 

Bernard Swaal, Newlaniler, 

as given by Captain Nevin i. 

Stapn. Tey, 
Fredrick Bleigh, 
Samuel Bestner, 
Sebastian Steiger, 
Andreas Lohrman, jun. , 
Johan David Fees, 
Hans Ulrich Boner, 
Hans Hitterer, 
George Willm. Slatterer. 
Henricb Seynart, 
Miehal Ludwig Keyder. 
Jurg Philip Feyersteyn, 
Hans Jurg Wolff, 
Casper Hop, 
Johan Henr. Craus, 
.Cohan nes Leeps, 
Joh. Jurg Firk, 
Johannes Linder, 
•lacob Snyder, 
Johauneij Sherney, 
Lndwig ChrtEtian, 
Johan Philip Kleyn. 
Lorent/. Leekrits, 
Peter Kees. 
ToliiiiH Wandel, 
Michal Brobeck, 
Wilhelm Decker. 
Jolians Derflinger, 
Daniel Parisuni, 
Johannes Glasser, 
.Jacob Weyininger, 
Henry Stultzell, 
Conra<l Harr. 
Philip Daniel Gros, 
Anilreaa Schnabbel, 
Fredrick Teck, 
Perer Lorrie, 
Joseph Crispen, 
Hana Jurg Schenk, 
Henry Fredricli, 
Joh. Conrad Gersler, 
Jost Peter. 

1 *- 

s \ 



^nt^^ TauUeV--^"" 5eft« ^^^^^T 
3«^'- Jacoto «-«»" .^o\^ft« •'* rtoe^**' 

Pierre ^e ^^r, 3 eft" ^»*'; a«U\e. 

V^^^^P.*^Y»rd, Me^ft*^^" «nV»ftVA. 

^.^pft^Soc^. ^ft^^^*x*coV> V&«' 

^**''l 3ft»^«'l..aV>e8ft«*' ^''V*! l^e ^^ 

30^ , «s So1»^ lender. l^'** Lnue A"""^ 

h^^"^ ^e ^^*' *, vaster, jeftO C^'^. l>ov«« f ."^ 

3eft«^terre ««''"' 



John Bruwh, from Rottkrdam, last frou Cowes. Took 
THK Oath and Ukclabatioks tu thk Qovurnmkkt Skpt. 
14, 1754. 

Ueorg Voltz, 
Nickiaus Bauer, 
Daniel WaIhs, 
Nicklas Ash, 
David Pfeli«r, 
Jacob Traub, 
Jacob Kraber, 
Tobias R«Bener, 
Jacob QeiBBler, 
(ieorg Michael Fautzer, 
Micliael HoBtman, 
Jean I'ierre Rottei, 
Georg Peter Loth, 
Bernliard Winder. 
H. (ieoTg Hechler, 
H. Michel Unanest, 
J oh. Friederioh Haller, 
Pliilipp Katteniiiann, 
Christian UofTbauer, 
Frantz Ludwig Uehleiri. 
Johann Adam Dorr, 
H. Georg HafTner, 
Ulchael Kornwalther, 
Hans Michael Berr, 
Jolian Cohrad Ber, 
Andreas Bowinan, 
Matheis Schreiner. 
Jolian Schranck, 
H. Peter EnifelB, 
Johannes (ieorg, 

Andreas Kreiasel, 

Michel Letz, 

Joseph Sudtner, 

JohanneH Kjihler, 

Lndwig Stanger, 

CaBimr Kaaii, 

Jaiiob Biickhle, 

Peter Tlimn, 

Matheas Wagner, 

Otto Burgee trass. 

A brain Duton, 
Joliannes Craus. 
Ludwig Haas, 
Georg Schniit. 
G. Peter Locheg, 
Michael Ruel), 
Friederich Schenck. 
Johanes Jiingst, 
.lohan Conrath Mock. 
John Adam FasH. 
Nioolus Steininan, 
Joh. Adam Tranb, 
(Christ oph in Pierman, 
Valentin Zaneichel, 
Samuel Tallebach, 
Lorentz Scliiininan, 
Willielin Jacob Fack, 
Bernliard Mirbach, 
Johun Carl Greiss, 
Georg WatTunong, 
Johannes Sclinarrenberger, 
Hans Georg Stanch, 
Bern hart Ochsenbacher, 
Jolian Martin Unangsi, 

Johannes Bahs, 

Uuttlinb Nagel, 
Johan Back of en, 

Joseph Miller, 

Lndwig Schuster, 

Matlieiis Keuchler, 

Martin Hochler, 

Bastian Rust, 

Nick la US Ehrhardt, 

Michael Hauch, 

Georg Niiwiss, 

Mieliael Kiinle, 

Martin Schranck, 

Frantz Rothani, 

Han Nicke! Kiinie. 

Michael Stanch, ir. 



Jacob Eichely, 
Wilhelin Zetzel, 
Chritttoph Qans, 
AndreaH Stauch, 
Hans Georg Feyl, 
Job. Jacob Strobmenjfer, 
J. Michael Seiffer. 
Dewald Braunholtz, 
Johannes Schuman, 
Job. Christian Jausg, 
Sebastian Muscbler 
Michael Stanch, sen., 
Mattheus Fantz, 
Hans Michael Bleich, 
Johannes Kleinfeld. 

Philip Hentzer, 
Bernhart Meyer, 
Matheus Alt, 
Bernhart Rebhuhn, 
Jacob Rethacker, 
Helfrich Knieriemen, 
Christoph Laichinger, 
Hans Georjj Fuchs, 
Lndwiff Bernh. Zwissler, 
Job. Nicklaas Martin, 
Johan Jacob Ranch, 
Philip Jacob GriedJer, 
Michael Werther, 
Johan Jacob Seitz, 

Foreigners Imported in the Ship Adventure, Captain 
Joseph Jackson, from Hamburg. Were Qualified be- 
fore the Mayor, in the Court House, Sept. 25, 1754. 

Johann Hartmann, 
Johan Geor^ Jager, 
Johannes Weiss, 
Frantz Gansbusch, 
Johannes AVeil, 
Job. Adam Kohlass, 
Hans Peter Rehvan. 
Johannes Anderoler, sen., 
Johan Adam Zollbach, 
Johannes Seitz, 
Baltliaser RaaV^, 
Josepli Gasser, 
J. Zacharias Stokel, 
Authoii Lembach, 
Henrich Georg, 
Job. Jacob Re i neck, 
Joli. Gottfried Nagel, 
Joliann Jost Beck, 
Job. Martin (rardert, 
Joh. Martin Matterstek, 
J. Jacob Cornelius, 
,Tf>hannes Deitrich, 


Christian Schaffer, 
Andreas Weiss, 
Johannes Anderoler, 
Christian Letzberger, 
Joh. Andreas HofTiuaun, 
John Georg Shmit, 
Johan Philip Wagner, 
Johan Jacob Weinman, 
Joh. Conrad Spanenberg, 
Johannes Keim, 
Johannes Reidiger, 
Philip Michael, 
Herman Werner, 
Christian Nehlich, 
J. Philip Tamhoffer, 
Joh. Wilhelm Schaf. 
I Miniat. Candit a 

Johan Jacol) Riihlein, 
Job. Frid. Kunstrand, 
George Kobler, 
Johannes LieV)acb, 
Joh. Jost Will, 


Joh. Nickel Beoh. 
Johanaes Ditinar, 
Joh. Georg Bhinit, 
Chrietiao Funck, 
Adolpli Urbftch, 
Qeorg Stein weg, 
Ueorg Stelnweg, jr., 
JohftD AuguHt Straube. 
Joh. Chrioloph Dleiuer, 
Johan ChriHtlaa Eaer, 
Joh. ]Uic))a«l Weies. 
JohAD Georg Jung. 
Joh. Nioklaus Handt, 
Joh. MalthiaBMuller. 
Joh. ChrlBtoph Miiller, 
Joh. Leonanl Rohrniann, 
Sicklaue Bosport, 

Caspar Schreiber, 
Phihp Derlnger, 
Johanues Mardersteok, 
Johan Oberst, 
J. Friederich Ebernloht, 
Joh an 11 OB Riitigur, 
OhriBtiaii Gasxer, 
Johan Georg Guteell, 
Joh. Dietrich Baltdauss. 
Joh. Henrioh Neumann, 
.Toll. Henrich Rolinnan, 
Joh. Danii'l Franck, 
Joh. Georg Rauech, 
Joh, Henrich Huppel, 
Johan Conrath Lot, 
Hath. Andonius Rutfger, 


Richard amd Mart, 
Qualified Bkpt. 80, 

Minhael Fischer, 
Caspar Dieti, 
Michael Btaiger, 
Andreas Zinck. 
ChriHtoph Zinck, 
Jacob Saltier, 
Michel Wolff. 
Jacob Wolff. 
Johannns Bet her, 
Michael Wolff. 
Georg Hohl. 
Ueorg Grau, 
Johannes Bchottz, 
Herman Fonnedus, 
Johannes Bchaiier, 
Jacob Bchnerenberger, 
Michael Libelt, 
.Tohan Michael Btrobel, 
Jacob Welthe, 
•lohanneB BchieasU, 

Raymond Fischer, 
Hans Casper Berger, 
Johannes Bchnerenberger, 
Jacob Zinck, 
Gottlieb Bunte, 
Davi<l Kohl, 
Jacob Adam. 
Lndwig Strobel, 
Adam Knoblich, 
Johannes Hohl, 
Johannes I.auer, 
Danid Stuiiipp, 
Valentin Leman, 
Hen rick Kiigele. 
Christian Kramer, 
Johnnnes Kiirlhnor, 
HanM Martin Miiller, 
Michael Welthe, 
Lndwig Moms, 
Hans Georg Bether, 




.^«^ -^^ T 

Geo«5 " l«ndt 


ic\x 0«^'*'' 






JacoV) ^-^. DOC 

oV3 Bte^^J 








Oeorg «^*^^^, ^nge"' 
Geotg ^**^^, AVVseln, 










3"^*' ttei 








3oV«a««^ ec\V6t^; 
3oWa««t vJe^**''^' 




Frantx Burgart, 
Jacob PflBter, 
Valuntin Ur let tig. 
Frederick Andreas, 
Christophe) Volckrath, 
Jolian (ieorg Huin)>ert, 
Qeorg Chrintoph Dituber, 
Johan Diehl Klainmaii, 
Johftnn Tie! Werti, 
Haua Jacob Geist, 
Johan NIoolaus Stbninel, 
Leonbart Kruniheiii. 
HaiiH Mich. Koiipcabuffer, 
Daniel Sander, 
JohanneH Klein, 
Abrabairi Uellliignr, 
Johaniiird Biober, 
Abrabam Hack man, 
Michael Bur^^hart, 
Joban Christian Freondt. 
Fried e rich Bebrc. 
Heinricli Ztnnhrnn, 
Job an new Kitijchart, 
Job. Wolfgaag Muhriiig, 
Ghriftlan Kicher, 
Johann Georg Dieiner, 
Hans Jacob SchafTner, 
Joseph Leiuanri, 
Martin Herman, 
Jacob Becker. 
Wendel Oilltert, 
Philip An, 

Joban Japob Wittiner, 
Johan neP Miiller, 
Wilhelm EHchelnian, 
Joseph Bubickofer, 

Joseph Zieft, 
Daniel Ott, 
Hans Georif Krauss, 
David Hemgerberer, 
Jobanneit Bartel Miabni, 
Philip Jacob Spiith. 
Joban Conrad Bchmidt, 
Johan Balthas Schmidt, 
Johaitn Pet era Werth, 
Johann Georg Spies, 
Oswald Andreas, 
Johann Qeorg Becker, 
Conrail 'Wagner, 
Conrad Uercke, 
Job. Lud. Ernst Schiller, 
Johannes Herschberger, 
Georg Michael Bchultz, 
Job. Jacob Brubacher, 
Oeorg Ludwig Meittinger, 
Hans Georg ZiefT, 
Augustus Schaad, 
Christian Wolst, 
Hans Muldaler, 
Balthas Heiner. 
Abraham Bleistein, 
Johan Vuientiu Webel, 
Joh. Christian Wittmer, 
Jacoli Dtitt wilier, 
Adam Kuntzel, 
Johannes Prey, 
Peter Pflster, 
Johannes Seitliss, 
Caspar Knag. 
Christian Huher, 
Abraham Strickler, 
Henrioli Hcistandt, 

28— Vni. XVII. 



List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Edinburgh, 
James Russbl, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Sept. 30, 1754. 

Jacob Schlotter, 
Herman Gerlach, 
Johannes Hirsch, 
Christopliel Giihtt, 
Paulus Loshorn, 
Georg Wessig, 
Andreas Wegel, 
CcLsper Zahn, 
Philip Besteres, 
Johannes Lincker, 
Andreas Riibner, 
Georg Lohr, 
Georg Eberhart Mtihl, 
Johan Conrad Schappler, 
Adam Strehm, 
Henri ch Buch, 
Jacob Kern, . 
Michael Wentz, 
Peter Paul, 
Johann Henle, 
Conrad Grim, 
i^onrad Philips, 
Peter Diel, 
Werner Dickel, 
Hans Decker, 
Georg Diel, 
Peter Bigger, 
Conrad Gevsel, 
George Sorge, 
Georg Burster, 
Samuel Haubt 
Jacob Hammerstein 
Eherhard Diehl, 
Henrich Gebhart, 
Job. Daniel Krug, 
Georg Gottfried Volcker, 
Johan Georg Wilhelmi, 
Joliannes Matthiius, 
Bernhard Matthiius, 
Conrad Weichart, 
Conrad Ludwig, 

Henrich Weil, 
Georg Hilt, 
Philippus Spetzius, 
Melchior Schimpf, 
Herman Summer, 
Anthon Petry, 
Ludwig Rahm, 
Andreas Dein, 
Johannes Bott, 
Jacob Ludwig, 
Rudolph Drach, 
Friederich Wilhelm Prich, 
Johan Henrich Pfeiflfer, 
Johan Henrich Blecker, 
Valtin Beltzer, 
Erhart Weber, 
MatheuB Kern, 
Christoph Essig, 
Adam Maurer, 
Michael Georg, 
Johannes Grim, 
Georg Grim, 
Conrad Meiser, 
Peter Dickel, 
Jacob Giebel, 
Ernst Menge, 
Heinrich Weiss, 
Herman Geysel, 
Jacob Hoffman, 
Jacob Soudein, 
Job. Nickel Haubt, 
Valentin Ulrich, 
Henrich Wenckler, 
Peter Weissman, 
Hans Michael Esper, 
Christian Merckell, 
Johan Peter Walchner, 
Bernhard Matthaus, jr., 
Georg Henry Rahm,. 
Johannes Lndwig, 
J. Jost Bingeman, 


Pried«rich Bchinipf, 
Heinrich Wftlther. 
Engelhard Ludwig. 
J oil. Jacob Sell lu era, 
Casper Erb, 
Pt«ter Hecht, 
]>liilip Ludwlg, 
Conracl Buner, 
John II lies Weber, 
Adam BiicbeUU, 
HeiuriFb Hock, 
Joliaii tieorg Weitzell, 
(iaorg Henricb HaoH, 
Johann Cbrunz, 
Andreas Kraut ham el, 
J oh. Dan. Langgdorff, 
Friederich Hilderbrand, 
Johannes Bender, 
Conrad Schneider, 
Johannes Keinuierer, 
Peter Derdldr. 
Lorentz Aali>ahn, 
Jacob Hellbrich, 
Johannes Geixel, 
Frank Baltzer Schalter, 
Joseph Nordheiiner, 
CfeorB Reiiner, 
Henrich Herter. 
Casper Becker. 
Jacob Renner. jr., 
Hans Geort; Kroh, 
Philip Rohrig, sick, 
ireorg Metrger, 
Johannes Kopping, sick. 
Camper Ziegler, ttick. 
UlathiaeLudwig, sick, 

Uaoiel Vetzbergor, 
J. Henry LangsdorlT, 
Liulwig Wiiickler. 
Ballba:^er Faulftick, 
Joh annex Haubt, 
Conrad Lohr, 
Joliannex Hiiber, 
Conra<l (Cutlers, 
Georg Kopp, 
Joli. Henrich Btrehm, 
Antlioni Hecht, 
<;hristopb Relible, 
Anthon Merokell, 
Joh. Conraii Schneider, 
Job. Sebastian Fritx. 
Joh. Conrail LaugsdortT, 
Herman MathUus, 
Joh. Conrad Bender, 
Johann eH Riipp, 
Hetnrich Lnpp, 
Joliannes Menge, 
(lerhardt Aalliahn, 
Christoph Hellbrich, 
Hans Conrad Diehl, 
Johannes Knahe, 
Michael Kiinstler, 
Jacob Renner, 
Johannes Becker, 
Henry SVecker, 
Johannes Schnieh, 
Philip Sommer, sick, 
Philip Tan bernian, sick, 
Jacob Rehble. sick, 
Henricb Peterson, sick, 
Geotg Holl, sick. 

List of Forkirnkrs Ihportrd is thk Ship Neptunk, <"apt. 

Oeorg Meyer, Jacob Bersding, 

Ma'hias Heiner. Andreas Bingel, 

Gottfried Oebhard, Georg Boltz, 



or ^' 

1 1 ..\\V> 

















cow**' nttOC^' 

CO"""-' L 8c\A'«"*' 











Joh. Christian Wissbach, 
J. Jost Struberlinit. 
Julian Philip Nold, 
Joh. Berohart WollT. 
Joh. Weorg Wentz, 
J. Peter Bchrot, 
Joliaiinea Bartenhach. 
J oil. Michael Schrott. 
a. Uivhuxl Andreas, 
Abralmtn Holizhausver, 
Joliannes Keller, 
Johau Chriiilfian Ilauu, 
Johannes Heniian, 
Arnholt Schi-retz, 
Joh. Georic Kribul, 
J. Jacob DorMham, 
Valtiutin GoBper, 
Johaa Peter Denger, 
Martin Neiniig^r, 
Johaa Mionael Rapp, 
Johun Just Uack, 
Geor|{ Ludwit; Ros^iimiillf 

Joh. GeoFR Orundloch. 
Johannes Kleinbehl, 
Joh. Philip Kolb, 
Joh. Philip Breeel, 
J. Adam Thomas, 
Daniel HofTinan, 
Bulthauer Bergmann. 
J. Jacob Zimmerman, 
Johaii Henrich Banff, 
Atlani Hulleriiiati, 
Johan Peter Haun, 
Joh. Nioklaus Eisenmullpr, 
Joh, Peter Scheuerrnan, 
Joh. Conrad Meiger, 
Joh. Philip DietE, 
Joliann Oeorg tiack, 
John William Kurtz, 
Lndwig Gach, 
Joh. Henrich Kraiit)'., 
Johannes Krayly, 
(.'onnul Scherrer, 
Uforg Michael Diiuber. 

5iImportri>i7ithr Ship Ph(ksix. Capt, 


Johannes Jnng, 
Peter Streier, 
CIrieh Piissi^l, 
Johannes Gelihart, 
JolmnneH Antlrt^s, 
Lorcnt/, Alberth, 
Hiuis Kicsiger, 
Andreas Felt, 
Johannes Heilbert. 
Lenhart OtI, 
Adam Gieg, 
Matheus Stumpf, 
Georg Schilffer, 
Adam J>iehni, 

u Oct. 
Jat^oli Schneider, 
Abraham Stein, 
Peter HenricliH, 
HanM Keisch, 
Johnnnef Alberth, 
Jo ban lies Bauer, 
Peter Miiller. 
Adam liaxH, 
Johannes Beck, 
Andreas Fertig, 
Joliannea 8chii(Ter, 
Henrich Utt, 
Uiohaei Burrei, 
Adam Milter, 
Peter Hchufler, 
Peter Heiffes, 



Heinrioh Dann, 

Hans Adam Diehin, 

Melcliior Weppert, 

Andreas Cunckel. 

Joh. Heinricli Miiller, 

Johannes Gabel, 

Michael Seitner. 

Balthas Hohl. 

Matheis Reinhart, 

Lorentz Cramer, 

Martin Shreier, 

Peter Thomas, 

Caspar Ha£LS, 

Hartman Haas, 

Andreas Fertig, 

Peter Bechler, 

Andreas Grub, 

Jacob Fries, 

Daniel Ditloh, 

Ludwig Schott, 

Georg Rau, 

Caspar Jost, • 

Andreas Gerbrich, 

Carl H enrich Werckhauser, 

Johannes Henrichs, 

Michael Fletter, 

Burckhardt Kiich, 

Frantz Weidinger, 

Hans Adam Sauer, 

J. Michael Teubel, 

Joh. Lenhart Bingel, 

John Georg Bopp, 

Christoflfel Schum, 

G Philip Epsenhaar, 

Jean Jaques Raignel, 

Johannes Hartman, 

Casper Oberdorff, 

Andreas Briischlein, 

Peter Rohrbach, 

Andreas Hxiter, 

Daniel Schmidt, 

Nickel Neumann, 

Nicklaus Schindelman, 

Balthaser Rabaur, 

Baltzer Schneider, 

H enrich Messerschmidt, 

Thomas Diehm, 
Thomas 3immer, 
Johan Georg Heist, 
Peter Cunokel, 
Martin Sentner, 
Heinrich Haag, • 
Dietrich Gerhart. 
Lorentz Riidtner, 
Conrad Kern, 
Johannes Hertz, 
Valentin Kaiser, 
Ludwig Kuntz, 
Michael Kriehl, 
Marheas Bopp, 
Johannes Gey man, 
Johannes Beyl, 
Philip Wagner, 
Frederick Christian, 
Peter Guth, 
Peter Ney, )(. 
Dietrich Weirig, 
Andreas Schmidt, 
Valtin Horner, 
Johan Nickel Dibs, 
Jost Schonauer, 
Lorentz Mangel, 
Marcus Weidinger, 
Hieronimus Griinewald, 
Hans Michael Sauer, 
J, Georg Ruttenwalder, 
Joh. Bernhard Bopp, 
J. Henry Unckelbach, 
Andreas Schwartz, 
Hieronimus Gieg. 
Jean Pierre Voisin, 
Nicolaus Binder, 
Hans SenfTbeber, 
Wilhelm Weiss, 
Wilhelm Albert, 
Wendel Kremer, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Reinhart Wolflf, 
Joh, Philip Schindelmaii, 
Abraham le Roy, 
Lorentz Sandmann, 
Joh. Nicklaus Armheiner, 


Qeorg Philip Diehl, 
Jahau Pet<>r Fischer, 
Wilhelro H«tKger, 
J. Nioklaa Gerhurt, 
Jacob Schneider, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Joseph Reichard, 
J. Wilhelm Zwib, 
PhiL Friederich Sohuffer, 
Nicklas Lehraer, 
Johann Lehmer, 
JohanneH KaiitTman, jr. , 
Abraham Edinger, 
Johan (ieorg Gerlach, 
Daniel Hunsicker, 
Joh. Daniel Pfeil, 
Julian Peter Stimmel, 
Jacob Herman, 
Jacob Miller, 
Henry She die, 
Peter Biehl, 
Gearg Priess, 
Adam Muller, 
Johannes Zinn, 
Conrad Dewa, 
Johannes Veit, 
Nicklas Paul, 
Henry Gielman, 
Peter ^shelinann, 
Joseph Wiinger, 
Prflnt/, Zecliler, 
Hans Schwartz, 
Chris'toph Pantzle, 
Christian HeilhofT, 
Christoph Widerich, 
Christian Schwarti:, 
Georg Hartweig, 
Christ offel Muller, 
Johan Georg Junius, 
David Schrikler, 
J. Nicklas Lorentz, 
Johann Michael Bauer, 
Wendel Wendeljug, 
Uatthias Muller, 
Christian Brengel, 
Jacob HuBsing, 

Johann HellTer Cramer, 
Bernhard Thorn au, 
Johan Jacob Helder, 
Philip Adam Paulus, 
Philipp Schuch, 
Hen. August Grimier, 
Jacob Burnhart, 
■To ban n Jacob Angst, 
Bernhard Franckfurter, 
Joh, Henrlch Sachs, 
Hans Peter Schott, 
Johannes Kauffinan, 
Adam Heinbach, 
Thomas HunRicker, 
Joli. Adam Batziuss, 
Joh. Albrecht Stimmel. 
Michael Dietrich, 
Peter Diirrnis, 
Adam Bchmit, 
Henry Hather, 
Daniel Biehl, 
Philip Zepp, 
Christian Koch, 
Ludwig Wirth, 
Friederich Miller, 
Peter Dick, 
Elias Jentes, 
Daniel Fiihrer, 
Hans Jantz, 
Ulrich Enge], 
Ulrich Richte, 
Hans Schiitz, 
Christian Newcomer, 
Peter Baltzey, 
Peter Schwartz, 
Nicklaus Moser, 
Lorentz Bnders, 
Friederich H erman, 
Joh. Hen rich Schmitt. 
Jacob Rathebach, 
Gerliart Martins. 
Geurg UagnuB Conrad, 
J. Lenbart Burchart, 
Jacob Theissinger, 
Jacob Brengel, 
Christian Conrad, 



LIST O^ ^ ttttHO^^^ .-^ llUBt, 

ll«v«* „' tf ever. 


flan* ^'^ jBiec^^*^*"^' 

3a<-«'' „., ^l^y*^^' 



Hann Sohfile, 
John Carl Krumholtz, 
BalthHBer Wisser, 
Oeorg Adam Distlur, 
Hanu Philip Flacliw, 
Jolian Valentin Meyer, 
Hans Ueorg KraiiB, 
Uiclioel Sclienck, 
Hans Martin Vrang. 
Luilw. Fried. Freisinger, 
.loll. Adam Sclinellelierger, 
Matthias WaBSermaim, 
Georg Michel Pelt, 
Hans Meyer, 
Johannes Vaubel, 
Wilheliu Reichly, 
Chriotoph Kress. 
Goorg Adam Grombeer, 
Johann Georg Kreax, 
Oeorg Pet«r KoobendiirlTer, 
Georg Weber, sick, 
Melcb)i>r Jordan, Hick, 
Ja<;(>li Graaf, nii'k, 
Michuel Tiet7, tsick. 

Michael Killer, 

Antony Kettinger, 

Christ. Htinriob Fiedler, 

Hans Michael Bhmit, 

Jacob Friederich Meyer, 

Daniel Hingerer, 

Georg Schlei, 

H. Qeorg West, 

Hans Georg Tram, 

Hans Georg ArmbruRter, - 

Jacob Hikenleibly, 

Clu-isllan Reck, Hen.. 

Christian Reck, jr., 

Martin Marckel, 

Johannes Kutz. 

Adam Grund, 

Joban Adam Pflsterer, 

Johann Peter Schlembnel, 

Hans Georg Bcbiettiuger, 

Jacob Andreas Spreoher, 

Johnii Fric-derich Hauser. sick, 

Anthon WalMwyer, eiek, 

Joban Georjj Kreyer, sick, 

Jacob Eberhari, Mck. 

List of FottRiciNBita Importko ix thk Ship Fbikspship, 
Oapt. CHAULKsRosa, Kiiou Amstkkdam. QUALiKiiiD Oct. 

■:i. i:.'i4. 

Oaliri.'! KelM-r, 
Josf ph Weissert, 
Martin Slmyder, 

Andreas Boiiimcr, 
Henricb Steiler. 
Johannes Sclimitt, 
Job. C4iristoi)h Lang, 
Job. Philip Scbolierger, 
Jobanii .Tost Herger. 
Johann Wed else he id it, 
Jolian Peter Hasbacb. 
Jolm Georg Slim It, 

Johannes Zellcr, 
Albrecbt Miller, 
Jacob Feiner, 
Dreyt Dersch, 
Johannes Mancketl, 
Joliannes Koch, 
Adum Steinbach, 
Johannes Shellenberger, 
Joban Georg Welssert, 
J. Henrv Kaiitz, 
Ruinhiird Werkheiser, 
Joh. Dietrich Kalckbrenner, 
John Michael Hoch, 



Johan Georg Sten, 
Johaiin Georg Stahl, 
Joh. Balthaser Harft, 
Johan H enrich Schmidt, 
Johan Jacob Mohr, 
Geortf Friederich Auger, 
Joh. Marcus Weylthoflfer, 
Johannes Reuber, 
Christian Diehl, 
(Jarl Wender, 
Jacob Fries, 
Anthon Russ, 
Johannes Vogt, 
Bernhart Schaffer, 
Joh. H enrich Scheid, 
Philip Schweiger, 
Conrath Spenner, 
Johannes Imniel, 
Moritz Gobel, 
J. Friederich Korn, 
Joliannes Freyling, 
Henrich Reyel, 
Conrad Schinitt, 
Baltzer Schaltzer, 
Peter Stein, 
Johannes Buss, 
Anthon Dauber, 
Henricli Scharr, 
Georg Pott, 
Johan Philip Schreidt, 
Johannes Seybolt, 
Joh. Bender, sen., 
Konrad Freitenberger, 
Joh. Michael Reinhart, 
Johan Conrad Kriig, 
Herman Wetzler, 
Johannes Riell, 
Arnold Dannhoflfer, 
Heinrich Esch, 
Johannes Sohaflfstall, 
Johannes Danneheim, 
Johan Henrich Voss, 
Johan Ludwig Bernhart, 
Friederich Stein, sick, 
Michael Dinges, sick, 

Johan Casper Freyberg, 
Johann Michael Stahl, 
Johan Henrich Bercheira 
Johan Wilhflm Mohr, 
Henrich Wilhelm Miiller 
Joh. Wilhelm Becker, 
Johannes Straul, 
Balthaser Stetz, 
Martin Bender, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Philip Seybolt, 
Nicklas Rab, 
Georg Kriig, 
Reinhart Schmitt, 
Henrich Peter Kolhner, 
Jacob Kahl, 
Lorentz Althart, 
Christoph Stedtler, 
Georg Steiner, , 

Johannes Harff, 
Johannes Wehrne, 
Johannes Ammon, 
Peter Klein, 
Johannes Kiick, 
Peter Buss, 
Philip Luar, 
Johannes Stoldt, 
Johannes Mebur, 
Mattheus Diehl, 
Johan Jacob Laux, 
Nicolaus Heister, 
Johan Bender, 
Joh. Henrich Rathschlag, 
Wil. Henrich BruV^aker, 
Mat he us A ch en bach, 
Reinhard Kuntz, 
Conrath Langsdorflf, 
Johann Peter Bernhardt, 
Johannes Weber, 
Joh. Daniel Burkhardt, 
Johan Georg Meyreiss, 
Johann Georg Voss, 
Johan Christian Schmidt, 
Johannes Miiller, sick. 


List OF FoRBifiiTBnfl Importko in thk Ship Bawnibtkr, 


ai, IJM. 
Jacob HiiniiAii, 
Ueort; Witlmar, 
HaiiH Uichuel Millar. 
Joli. Conrad Jauch, 
JohaiiDes Heinti^ 
Joliaiiries tieioler. 
Martin Too r ward, 
Jaqu<-s TaluioTi, 
Jaqiit^s Oarel, 
Adam Eife, 
ChriHtoph I>l|t«r, 
Peter Butz, 
JolianneB Welier, 
Joli. Peter Kehlfr, 
Valentin Jager. 
Joliaii GMirg Jiigur, 
Nick la us Bam; r man, 
J. Henry AHhiiian, 
Joli. Jacol) Modi, 
Joh. Peter Wolff, 
Adam Mirtornni, 
Joliannen Drey, 
Lndwig Lang, 
J. Peter WKl>er. 
Leunliart Welxr, 
Jacoli Ludwig BaiimlinK, 
Joh. David Krau8«. 
Priederich Schieliel, 
U. baniel Uhll. 
Hans Ueorg Knaiiits, 
,IohHniieR Laiicher, 
Pliilippo Rouclion, 
S. Bostian Geyer, 
Hans Georg Dulcker, 
Joh. Burcliart HiiiiN'er, 
Oliristofffl Mfillf r, 
GeOrg Warttinianu, 
Johan Adam Qelihari, 
Jolinii riiriatoph Barrell, 
JnhanneH Fiedler, siok, 
Pierre Tolman, sick, 

Baatian Wittmer. 
Andreas Elierliartli, 
Jolmn Peter Kiidemaclier, 
Uatlieirs Heinleiu, 
Konratl) Weber. 
Joseph Connet, 
Martin Toorwarp, jr., 
JaqneH Oarel, xen,. 
Simon Ege. 
Balthes Jliillpr, 
Georg Winit, 
PIdiip Modi, 
Johannes Benner, 
Matthias Buchinan. 
Joh. Jacob WoHT, 
Joh. NlcoltiMH DefKclier, 
William Leeb, 
Joh. Conratl Georg, 
Joli. (ieort; Hufman, 
Abraliam Gehr, 
Conrad Kemp, 
Peter MeiHtnr, 


. Hai 

Johan ne»< Wel)er, 

Coiiruii Gilihier, 

Georg KeiwdortT, 
Chrir-topli Schartrichter, 

Alexander Finok, 

Hans Mich. Biihlheim. 

Hans Jacob Btoss, 

Joh. Michael 8(>hickvl, 
Johan Valentin Keller, 
Phlljpp Sarions, 
Johan Jacob Weber, 
Johan Nickel Minck, 
Johan Henrich Miiller, 
Wen/.el Boteschwag. 

Johan Peter Emrich, [sick, 
slclc. Johannes Beriihard Wench, 
Jacoli Kress, sick. 



List of F<)IlEIG^'KRS Imported in the Ship Halifax. Capt. 
Thomas Coatam, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
Qualified Oct. 22, 1754. 

Johann Haas, 
Hans Georg Merling 
Michael Schneck, 
Bongred Nietzel, 
Henry Heinnitsch, 
Anthoni Sultzer, 
Johan Gunderbusch 
Conrad Buchler, 
Bernhard Kreith, 
Lorentz Senkler, 
Johannes Geiger, 
Johannes Hoch, 
Johannes Schwab, 
Peter Matheis Ganshon, 
Hans Georg Oberholtzer, 
Joh. Wolfgang Greinbach, 
Joh. Michael Abel man, 
Hans Adam Schmidt, 
Johan Casper Wahl, 
Johan Michael von Berg, 
H. Thomas Schlosser, 
Johan Jacob Roth, 
J. Jacob Wetherholt. 
Johann Miohael Koch, 
Elias Gordan, 
Georg Richter, 
Jacob Strach, 
Jacob (▼rassel. 
H enrich Flflss, 
Andreas Freck, 
Con rath Casper, 
Jacob Wol finger, 
Pavid J^lanck, 
Martin Hiirr, 
An ill on y Braiin, 
Hans Jacob Frey, 
** Albrecbt Biirckert, 

.>oh. Leonhard Ilgenfrit/, 
Weebehand Walter, 
Johan (vhriHtian (rutli, 
Hans Michael Swenk, 

Johann Forch, 
Johan Georg Zest, 
Leonhard Schmit, 
Bastian Geringer, 
Albrecht Kabenstein, 
Andreas Schober, 
.Johan Reckert, 
• Hans Oberzeller, 
Anthony Gruber, 
Michael Klein, 
Michael Poobagh, 
Martin Briell, 
Joh. Michael Kleinschrot 
Joh. Georg Getinbaur, 
Joh. Philip Hofmann, 
Joh. Michael Trister, 
Joh. Michael KaufTman, 
H. Friederich Schmit, 
Johan Georg Riess, 
Paiilns Fussweg, 
Hans Georg Ihle, 
Johan Nickel Wetterhardt, 
Hans Adam Haner, 
Martin Dorsheimer, 
Jacob r)arm, 
Gnstaviis Reb, 
Joliann Ihle, 
Adam Breck, 
Nicolaus Felix, 
Anthony 3')irner, 
Peter Fegele, 
Jacob Weis, 
Jacob Stegman, 
Henrich Werni, 
Joh. Henry Amrein, 
Joh. Fried. 

Johan Simon Schelberger, 
Johan Adam Ewa, 
Johan Daniel Heck, 
Johan Dietrich Brecht, 
Christophel Heil, 



Johannes Bacliman, ' 

Joh. Henrich Briehll 

Hans Jacob Dirner, 

Joh Bernhart Wilier, 

Jacob Lang, 

Hans Georg Schutz, 

Joh. Lenhart Kochendurffer, 

Martin Volckraeyer, sick, 

Matheis Tar, sick, 

Andreas Schopp, sick, 

Johan Henrich Haas, sick. 

Johan Jost Koch, 
fians Martin Bchierch, 
Johau Georg MauU, 
Philip G rase), 
Martin Pfeiffer, 
Jacob Hanengrath, 
Hans Michael Diissing, 
Johan Michael, sick, 
Nicolaus Romberger, siek, 
Nicolaus Gerringer, sick, 
Johan Albreth Hen. Birkee,8ick 

List of Foreigners Imported ix the Snow Good Intent, 
Capt. John Lasly, from Amsterdam, last from Gos- 
PORT. Qualified Oct. 23, 1754. 

Friederich Holtzappel, 
Jost Mar thin, 
Casper Schwing, 
Johan Phil. Leib, 
G. Friederich Klein, 
Peter Staub, 
Christian Meyer, 
Johannes Aumiiller, 
Johannes Lang, 
Conrad Loray, 
Johannes Glilck, 
Friederich Deussinger, 
Mich. Rehbock, 
Frantz Peter Schultz, 
Joh. Nicolaus Hoffman, 
Johannes Wohleinder, 
Johan Georg Goss, 
Joli. Leonhard Rost, 
Joh. Jacob SchiilTer, 
John Valentin Henkel 
Johannes Heyser, 
.Johan Georg HofT, 
Joh. Peter Bleichenbaoher, 
Joh. Casper Loray, 
Joli. Wilhelin Christian, 
Johan Adam Zollmann, 

Johannes Linck, 
Johannes Ortt, 
Paulus Fabin, 
Andreas Zwanzger, 
Andreas Schaffer, 
Matheas Staub, 
Conrath Aumuller, 
Johannes Book, 
Johannes Vogel, 
Anton Zollmann, 
Christoph Kopp, 
Mich. Leinberger, 
Nicklas Tillman, 
Marcus Anthon Schultz, 
Joh. Bernhart Heckardt, 
Ludwig Hen. Krutter, 
Johan Christoph Lang, 
Joh. Wilhelm Weiss, 
Johan Wilhelm Lieber 
Conrad Hejser, 
John Peter ZoU, 
John Jost Meyer, 
Georg Friederich Walber, 
Georg Henrich Walber, 
Joh. Wilhehn Hecher, 
Joh. Henrich Schwiirtzel, 


Johann TietzwortzHr, 
Joh. Philip <Tluck. 
Nioholiut ReBo)), 
Friederich Btunztel. 
LoreiitK Arnold. 
Will) elm Aritolil, 
Philip Rietli. 
Peter Roitper, 
Johan Adam Blihle, 
Johannes Brinilenltach, 
JuhanneH Stephanus, 
Joh. OaHppr Bock, 
Christian Bolieldt, 
Johaii Wilhulin Niese, siok. 

Johftna TeiUwortzer, jr., 
Joh. Oeorg Hinckel, 
Jacob KoUer, 
Fried ericli Fepler, 
Johannes Mauck, 
J. Frieilerieh Nebel 
Balthasar Frietz, 
Jolian Chrletian Huintz, 
Joh. Philip KleisH, 
Sam. Friederich Riigerr, 
F. Reinhardt Fischer, 
FrantK Jacob Miller, xick, 
Miiiliael Boinmer, eick. 

List OF FoRRiGNKRfl Importkd is thk Bbibantisk Mabt 
ANi> Sarah, Cai't. Thomas Uiiodiuck, from AMi^TuitUAM. 
Qi-ALiFtK]i Oct. 20, 1754. 

Michitel Wt^Dhnr 
t.'arl M^tiges. 
Jacob Stiirni-r, 
Adam SchalTer, 
~ Jotk>ph Dohner, 
H. Peter Carel. 
Anthon Klhig, 
JohaiineB Roll, 
Herman Nnynian, 
Peter Men|{t>r<, 
Joban CbriKtoph Heiiw, 
NicotauH (Kllenscbliit^er, 
Leonbard Job. Ki-sHler, 
Juiian Georg Brincker, 
Johan Sickul Lebr, 
J. I)i(>teric1i Zieller, 
Huns Adam Meistci-, 
H. Philip Hartiimn. 
J. I,eonlmrt Dnnnbelk-r, 
Philip Jacob Schwenck, 
Johannc'w BrutiniT, 
H. Adam Reybolt, 

Michael Lebr, 
Adam Breydinger, 
Peter Volfik, 
Jacob Bhiinibert. 
Jacob HalliT. 
Anthony Robr, 
KicllolaH Ueewalil, 
J^Lcolans Carl, 
Peter Edelman. 
Lorentu Mauerer, 
Jacob Carel, 
Joii. Wilhelm Schneider 
J. Adam Schwiibel. 
J. Conra<l MengeK, 
HanH Georg Aeuchle, 
J. Michael Schlanch, 
J. Ijoonhart Neidit;, 
Joh. Adam Welter, 
Johan Philip Kiihl, 
Hhiih I'eter Joch, 
J. Adam Heokman, 
Job. Jacob Helm, 
^icohis Leber loan. 



JoliaiineH Edolmann. 

Oeorg Aduiii Kuiieer, 

Hans Potei' Meiigeii. 

A I tarn Mi^ngeB, 

Matlieiut KrauHS, 

J'etur Weygand, 

Friedt^rlcli Volck, 

Peter BRlniurr. 

Adam Neidig, 

Samuel Lowe, 

Pliilip Btaah, 

■ToliaiiiieM PfeilTpr, 

Jol]aiiii<-8 Reint. 

Peter J<ili. 

Joh. Ptiter KraiiHR, 

ltit»tiaii Hchruader, 

Joliiui MIcliuel Bchall, 

Jolt. Leoribart KiHtner, 

Johan UKorg Michel, 

Joh. (ieor^ Edeliiian. sick, 

JoKt Witt, nick, 

(inuTg KaulTiuan, Hok, 

Johan n Bartinan, 

Philili Soiiiuier. 

Joh a II 11 Oeorg Menges, 

Jacob Schiiiit, 

Uioliael Hubert. 

Mioliuel Wirlh, 

Conrad <ieyer, 

John Ihrig, 

JoMt Reitttiel, 

David Lowe, 

Hertz Kiest, 

Martin Kistner, 

Oeorg Schiiff, 

J. tieoric Kranes, 

Oe<)r(( Lud. Nonnenmaeher, 

Daniel Neidig, 

Joh. Dernhart Mayer, 

Ji)li. J out ScliHti, 

Joh^n Jai^ob Helm, 

Hans Kd»hiian, Kick, 

HnnH Schnellenherger. sick. 

Johannes Hrexiauur, Hick. 

List ok Fouhionkrs Importrd is rnw Ship Johkand 
Elikabkth, (Japt. Pktkr Ham, fkom Amstubuau, IjAst 
KB"M PditTSMiirTH. giTALiFiKii Nov. 7. 1754. 

NicklanH Lan){, 
Wendel FritilillR, 
Henry WGHlinK. 
Henry Ryler, 
Johannes Nei-H, 
Johann Schiller, 
BertholiI Henry Pott. 
Carl Kriederich Snhuitz, 
Johan Henrich Schml<l, 


8 Role^ 

Johannen WeVfTiinilt, 
Kurellart Hentz, 
NicKliiUH Klein, 
JolmnneH Klinner, 
Johaiuieu Hiiratz, 

Conrad Herman, 
Geiirg H.whreitter. 
Martin Krelw, 
NirolallH Dewch, 
Johann<!N Winholt. 
Leon hart Peteri, 
J. Georg Birch en me yer, 
Joh. Fried. Thel)ardl, 
Melnhii)r Meieliler, 
Friedericli Adam Der^t, 
MiPhael 8<-heck, 
Johannes Sh lister, 
Friedericli Manuel, 
Johannes Maning. 
Henry Shneyder, 


Michael Hoinan, 
Peter Fischer, 
Albert Schunck, 
Christian Altlt. 
Georg Floliri, 
Jacob (i antler, 
AiiilreaH Schwartz, 
Adam Ftartholoina, 
Daniel Pavid Hefner, 
Johan Jost Siisuer, 
Jolmiines Meieter, 
Joh. Ernst Prouheuser, 
llHiiii^l Leuckel, 
Philii) Achebaeh, 
Joh. Henrlch Franck, 
tfeorg Wilhelin Schneider, 
Martin Reinhartli, 
Joh. Gehliart Letheisser, 
Jiiroli Aininon, 
Johnnues Klein, 
Theobald Pein, 
Christian Kramer, 
Pan I HofTman, 
Wilhelm Schneider, 
Jnhaniies Plecher, 
Cliristopli Mengul, 
Ca-sper Diiiner, 
Miclluel Neyff, 
Jacoti Werthinuller, 
Joh. (ieorg Kulhiiau, 
Joh. Jacob Schliitzer, swn. , 
Johanii Georg Fey, 
H. Georg Miller, 
Joti. Michael Uhtltig, 
Hans Nicolans Pecli, 
Hans Georg Klein|ieter, 
JohanneH i>iireiidlngnr, sen. 
Henry Snhwart zenliach, 
Joh. Wendel Kiinignrelilt, 
lacfili Weingart, 
Carl G lei in, 
nani.--l Pfad. 
Joh. Conrai] Stell. 
Jiihan Philip Klehi, 
Joli, JacoV) Grows, 

39-Vou XVII. 

Michael Krug. 
Henry Hook, 
Adolph Flohri, 
JohanneH Kentx, 
Michael Schmit, 
Philip Boger, 
Jacob Itogent, 
Joseph I>eljeer, 
Bartholonii La Qnean, 
Johannes Heldinann, 
Juh. Henrich Schmidt, 
JohanneH Sclmniacher, 
Henrich Presliach, 
Jitan Jaqne Cuviar, 
Johnnnet) GriilTenHtein, 
Johan Adam Mannig, 
Joh. Oeorg Gerner, 
Julian Georg Heck, 
Georg Meissner, 
Herman Henger, 
Johannes Hahn, 
Jacob Wagner, 
Ja<-ob Enile, 
Johannes Roth, 
G-eorg Uder, 
Martin Oac.hler, 
Michael ISiaiib, 
Joh. Adam Zehner, 
Johan Martin LGsch, 
Joh. Jacob BchliltMr, ji.. 
Johan Wenilel Lentx, 
Johunn Peter Hauas 
HanB Georg Abel, 
Jacob Bernhardt. 
Andreas Gebhart, 
JohanneH Iliirendlnger, jr., 
■Tohan Henrich Schuster, 
(Ihristian llan8wirlh, 
I oh. Nicklaus Beidel, 
Ciiristoph Mai, 
Christian Keller, 
Jacob MiJller, 
Joh. Peter Bannot, 
P. Christian Gross, 
Joh. Andreas Giitz, 



Johann Georg Sohiitz, Johann Peter Herrninnn, 

Joli. Valentin Briinckinanti, Caspar Fahnstouk, aiok, 

Johan Adam Nw, eick, Richard Niw, sick. 
HanH Minnloh, iick. 

List of PoitKiGNKRH iMPOBTKn is thr Ship NKPrnKB, 
Capt. William Mallank, krom Hambubo, last fbok 
CowES. Qualifikd Dkc, 13, 1754, 

Andreas Schindler, 
J. Andreas Krioclien, 
J oil. Oeorg Boljch, 
Aiitlion Oiinther, 
Iiudwiff Leib, 
Conrad Zorn, 
K. Christian Barkel, 
J. I'eUr Uebaeh, 
J()h. OfTenhaaser, 
Johannes Liebentraut, 
Walter Wittmann, 
J, Christian Kiihnman. 
Fried ericli Wiederhohl, 
Christopher Ruthelmann, 
Johan Simon Kahler, 
Joh. Martin Martina, 
Julius Casper Sirebitf, 
Andreas Jacob Emeyer, 
Jerome Diedurioh tjoltan, 
Joli. Christian Bcbrader, 
Joh. Alirabam fjlimpff. 
.lolian Henrich Schlesse, 
Julian August Konig, 
Henrich Frid. Stamniann, 
(feorgHen, Heller, 
Job. Julius Sorge, 
Johann Arntberger, 
Peter Heury Hent/, 

Gottfried Ficke, 

Nieolaue Albere, 

J. Oottlob Basler, 

Wilbelin Anthels, 

Adam Miiller, 

Eliati Israel, 

Joh. Ernst Zlegler, 

J. Cbrisloph Urioh, 

W. Ctanr, 

J. Christian Kruger, 

J. Caspar OSrrig. 

Christian Kalckbrenner, HoHer. 

Joh. Henrich Sohaffer, 

Hen. aven, 

Joh. Christoph Zaohrisa, 

Joh. Christian Werlisch. 

Johan Henrich Weidner. 

(ieoTg Chriatoph Moschcat, 

Job. Gottlob Kuntzelinan. 

Christian Oebhart Ziegler, 

Conrad Bchnuebeim, 

Jac. Frieaerlcb Shruder, 

Christ. Hen. Jacobi. 

Joh. Philip Albert!, 

Joli. Gottfried Ritter, 

John Hotter, 

Johan Philip Kucbstein. 


Thr Foreioners Imported ik the Ship Neptune. Grorok 
Hmitu, Caita^in, from Kottkruam, last frou Oosfobt. 
Qualified Oct. 7, 175o. 

Keimer Lant]l, 
ChriiitiRn Ocker, 
Israel Joxep, 
Jose pi I Stein 111 II II, 
Jacol> HertHli, 
jHoob Wurt/,, 
Peter FincK, 
Albrecli Shabert, 
■ Adam WMiiger, 
Michael BlaAtw. 
WiibeliQ Waldar, 
ChriBtian Stiihr. 
Jacob Biicli, 
Mit^hael Wurer, 
Frieilerich Ege, 
Andreas MiKsner, 
Jtiliaunes Bteiui^y, 
Hebastiao Senlieder, 


B Mai 111 

t'liristiaii Ba.iBinaii, 
Hciiriph Eiiiert, 
Priederich Bchifdt, 
Jean Frentier, 
(!;iiri.stoph KaiitTiiiaii, 
Joli. Adam Ohri-tHtdienlHMh, 
Joli. Casper BitloiiiT. 
Georg Priederi«!ii DilhiiaTi, 
H.^iirieh Honpkfll, 
Seli'iMtian SchniUU. 
Hans Micha<-I Krnus», 
Mic-lmel Schiiidel. 
Juli. ('OMper Zincki', 
Joh. Huiirlcli M()Ht!r. 
Hans Georg Sclii'ilTer, 
Tunratl Baiimaiin, 
Aiid«rvas H.iffliiiB<;r, 
Johan Siek^l (iast. 
Pliilipp Jacob Hiir, 
Job. Adaju HelnistUller, 
Joban Mt^lcbior Hirtli, 
Jolian Jlicliael Weise, 

Bodo Otto, 
Philip Urieg, 
H enrich Metx, 
Christian Reiitter, 
Prioderlch Pieta, 
Thomas Leitii, 
Jacob Stierte, 
HaDS Reinger, 
Joh ail Kaiser, 
Casp>er Ulerich, 
Hans Buch, 
Michael Wer. 
Christ oph Mayer, 
Johannes Sohitz, 
Matlilas PreiM<t;iirtni 
J. Philip Pischer, 
Conrath Miiller, 
Friederieh Atluin, 
Matliea.-* We is. 


Pet I. 

(ieorg Klincrer, 
(ieorg I'eter Hiisser, 
Joh. Liidwig Dantzebecher, 
Thomas Dantzebecher, 
Joh. Conrad Kirbeim. 
Jolian Heuricli Pinck. 
Gottfried Zergiebel. 
Casi>er HinderstiefT, 
Johanni's Baekner. 
Joh. Jacob Schock. 
Christ. Ludwig KoniR. 
Hans fieorff Schneider, 
f'hristian Baumann, 
Johannes trlisheusser, 
MathiiiiR Oliergrall, 
Jobaiin Christian Hast, 
Joh. Peter Hickman, 
.rohan Michel Kiirner, 
Georg Clirist. Webrecht, 
A<lani Jjorent Dietrluli, 



Johannes Schneider, 
Bernhart Eilsheimer, 
Hans Georg Keller, 
Joh. Georg Blanckenbiller, 

Jacob Albrecht Haa88, 
G. Michael Schwab, 
Johann Georg Volck, 
Samuel Fraatsrach. 

[The '*Hst'' as furnished 
given, ] 

Christian Acker, 
Peter Haflf, 
Stophel Kaufman, 
Potto Otta, 

Thomas Tanzenbecher, 
Joseph Kleyman, 
Conra<l Wirhime, 
Christian Revter, 
Nicholas Reem, 
Fredk. Dietz, 
Johan Henry Finck, 
Henrich Hinckle, 
Sebastian Smith, 
Casper H end erst ief, 
Hans Michl. Kraus, 
Adam Wenig, 
Christoph Henor, 
Michl. Schintel, 
Johan Casper Zincher, 
Joh. Henrich Messer, 
Hans Jiirg Snyder, 
Casper Ulrich, 
Hans Jurg Scheffer. 
Christian Backman, 
Jacob Buck, 
Michael Werner, 
Andreas Holler, 
Fredk. Aegie. 
Johan Peter Rietel, 
Joh. Christ. Kast, 
Joh. Peter Heckman, 
Joh. Michl. Spitz, 
Andreas Mesner, 
Melchor Hirt. 


Joh. Philip Fisher, 
Conrad Mellir, 

the Provincial authorities is herewith 

Philip Haey, 

Jurg Peter Hoflfner, 

Henry Metz, 

Joh. Adam Deutchenbach, 

Ludwig Tanzenbecher, 

Casper Petorf, 

Fredk Dielman, 

Jacob Perch, 

Jacob Wertz, 

Peter Finck, 

Thomas Lutz, 

Gotfried Zwigebul, 

Carl Houser, 

Albrecht Shappert, 

Jacob Stierle, 

Han Henor, 

Michl. Clans, 

Jacob Schoch, 

Christian Ludwig Konig, 

Johannes Keyser, 

Wilhelm Walter, 

Christian Stohr, 

Hans Buck, 

Conrad Backman, 

Johannes Herbsheyser, 

Michl. Werner, jr., 

Christoph Mier, 

Maths. Oberfehl, 

Joh. Nichl. Kast, 

Philip Jacob Behr, 

Joh. Adam Helmsteter, 

Maths. Pregs, 

Wilhelm Kerner, 

Johannes Steynll, 

Sebastian Sunleyder, 

Johannes Maltthaner, 


Adam Vogel, 
CliriHtoph Weybrlck, 
Adam Lorentz Dletrick, 
Jacob Ulrioh Haso, 
Mathias Wvja, 
Haus Jarg Kellor. 
Hen rich Emmen, 
Jurg Klingeiutuiitli, 
Haiin«a Kran. 
Israel Uanhliii, 
Reytner Ltuit, 

Ohriotn. Baotor, 
Joh. Michl. Weye. 
Johaoaea Stnlerer, 
Bernliart Kygelsheymei 
Jurg Michl. Bwab. , 
Hans Jurg Volk, 
Pet«r Pratclie, 
Jiirn Blanlieabullitr, 
UHinuel Backrack, 
Isaac Levy. 

Friederioh Leydig, 
Aiidreae Rietel, 
Johannes JuDg, 
Conrad Tiinpe, 
Johan Valentin Renter, 
Johan Qeorg Koch, 
Joh. Henricb Fischer, 
Johan Just Hopman, 

IS THE Ship Prnsstlvania, Capt. 


Lorent/ Seitz, 
tieorg Friederioh Weber, 
Joh. Philip Fiecher, 
Joh. Heinrich Albers, 
Georg Ludwig Hochhelmer, 
Joh. Daniel Briiutigam, 
Joh. Melchior Hornung, 
Andreas Nicolaus Falling. 

[The " Hat" /■arnithed the Provincial aiUhoritiet is here given.] 

Pred. Li beck. 
Law. Sites, 
Lodowick Ookima, 
Frederick Wnber, 
H end rick Fltther, 
Melcliior Mornan, 
Fred. Hopeinan. 
Conrad Timber, 
And. Nicholas Atten. 

Patten Ryder. 
And. Riddlf. 
Geo. (look, 
Dan. Brideg&m, 
Johannes Youug, 
Uste Hopeinan, 
Philip Fiaher. 
Hendrick Allbes, 


FoiiKiuyKR!^ Importkh in thk Bhip Sxow Chancr, Capt. 

LAWItK.VCK, UjUiT KKOM Lu»l>(>N. QIJALIPIKU NuV. 10, 1756. 

Kortiliiird Uebleln, 
Ehrtiurdt Courailt, 
Luonhftni Diirr, 
CiiKl>ar llonilinrt, 
Juliunri Peter Kliiiiok, 
Simon Haiitfel, 
Mich lie) UiilWr, 
jDliuiiniin SuintMiri), 
Admit Sdhiuidt, 
FriBderioli Bohoff, 
Clipper Hieiier, 
FriuderiGli Walther, 
Joliiinneii Haas, 
tfaorg Liidwig Oruciua, 
Wt)lfKftiit{ Nicolaus Hey mat I 
Juliiiiin Heiiirioli Kliippiir, 
J)ili. Willielm Btteriikor1>. 
Johati Georg Weinig, 
Johaii Nickel Wagner, 
CliriHiiiLii Paiili, 
Kii(lol|)li Fulleweiler 

PaulnM Kaiuii, 
(jeorg Doll, 
Georg Tjiidwig Eberle, 
Johiiiiii Andreas Kliinck, 
Johaiin Michael Kutiii, 
NicklaiiR HiUiu, 
NieklaH Paiih, 
Baltes Schinf, 
Johan Back, 
Pranti Waner, 
Johannes WeytKel, 
ChrJHtian Segnltz, 
Valentin J)urr, 
Uiinfl Wolff Oundel, 
Johunn Peter Kiirner, 
Johan Valentin Pauli, 
Johun Georg Schmit, 
Johanii Peter Weber, 
Joli. Nickel Zi in merman, 
UaiiH Epplinger, 
Joliau Michael Wagner. 

List of FoiiKifiNKns Imported in thk Ship 8xo 
JoHX Bkns. Mastkr, krom Rottkrdam, i 
mouth. QUALiFiKi) Oct. 21, 1701. 

Peter Mischlar, 
Oliristopliel Bomburg, 
AiKlreas GralT, 
Dun i el Schaab, 
Valentin Aowaldt. 
Jnlmnii Wilhelin Sorger. 
Jiih, Nickel Hertiiog, 
Nicolan.i Bnhweitier, 
Wilhdm Becker, 
H.!nr(ch Holtmpfel, 
Piieilerich Pn)b8t, 
John Henry DleHsiiLgiT, 

Eherhart Di singer, 
Johannes Beyerle, 
Btephau Banner, 
Frwderioh Lieberknecht, 
Can per Knoluiluoh, 
.Tolian Billion Mayer, 
Joliann Conrad Berger, 
Johan Nickel Becker, 
Georg Vogelgesang, 
Hans Eekardt, , 
.Toh. Jacob Vogelgesaug. 
Georg Fried erioh Rohrer, 


Johana Priederich Siehl, 
JoliaD Ludwig Probst, 
Juhauii Dietrich Taub, 

Joliaan Jacob Haokmao, 
Jolianii Nioolaus l>itibl, 
Johaii Jacob Probst. 


"YouNO Husband, from Rotterdam, i-ast prou Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Oct. 5, 1763. 

Job. Jaoub PelfTar, 
Jobaniies Schiiutz, 
Johanntm Scbiitz, 
Peter Gatz, 
Heinrich Daiim. 
JohuniiaH Sclineider, 
Frantz Miilt/,, 
Conrail BetiH, 
JoBepb Born, 
Juhniiix^H Hiiiiner, 
Heiirich Ditttz, 
Johannes Claiie, 
Peter Hnmh*^rd, 
Jost Huintz, 

Joh. Ptiilip WahrenholtK, 
Johanii Jost Dierz, 
J. Heiiricb Iiiick, 
JobaiinHenrich Panltis, 
Johann Michael Matz, 
Williubii Viiltiner, 
Jolianii Peter Ginnberg, 
Johannes liaHel, 
Andreas I) reus, 
AndreaR Mcrtz, 
Henry IVaii'ner, 
Johnn Sollberg, 
Johannes Just, 
Johannes BchafT, 
Georg Bastitin. 
Johann Thfis Kroinin. 
Johann Enijel Becker, 
Johan Peter Sclineider, 
Andreas Holf/nianu, 
Priederich Schitnleber, 

Johannes Zinunerman, 

Joh an net) Klappert, 

Rudolph Helir, 

Jacob Gatz, 

Ludwlg Agricola. 

Joseph Fisolier, 

Georg iiender, 

P. Pautz, 

August Hemerleii), 

Paul Grin, 

Peter Gotz, 

Daniel Paulne, 

Jacob Otlio, 

Johann H enrich Niess, 

Joliann Jost Manner, 

Johan Christian Scheldt, 

Johann Henrloh Paiilus. Ben., 

Johann Friederich Stiill, 

Herman Janler. 

Johann Georg Ginsberg. 

Johannes Bngel Ginsberg. 

Casper MuUer, 

Wllhehn Dick. 

Matthiav Lockner, 

Joliann Daub, 

Martin Hasch. 

Johan Marbe.''. 

Henry Bonnet, 

Johan .lacob HotTman. 

Johann Herman Klappert, 

Johann Michael Backer, 

D. Dietrich Bnrcliardt, 

Johan lonae Scholl, 

Johan Daniel Royacher, 



Jolinnn Cieoi'i; HIbler, 

Johanu Eiixt^lhut, 

Lorenty. Kniiri, 

Martin ScliafTnor, 

Diliiiau Becker, 

Jacob Bi-r(;iiianii, 

(if^irg Fri«<ii>rich Huber, 

Conrath Wolff, 

Juhaii Uuiurich Btiisener, 

HermnDti DonuT, 
Jacob UlikSHiiur, 
Heinrich BeluJiller, 
AugiiKt ElKKJnger, 
I'hihpp Warner, 
Frjetlericli Hergmann, 
Johivii Httiirich WeoHell, 
Johanaut) WicknI. 

FoRBiBHBRH Imported ix the Ship Chanck, Capt. Oharlbs 
Smith, kiiom Uottkkuam, i.amt from Cowks. Qualified 
Nov. 1, 17(13. 

Juneph SeilTenlt, 
Fbilip UaMiiff, 
Jobaiiiies Ltidy, 
Huitrich AUbach, 
Jacob Spielitian, 
Ueori; (iiintber, 
JoIiaiiiieH Qt>rn, 
Jacob Baltzel, 
Adnni Siiininnol, 
Johti.nii(!H Sirbi^llenberger, 
Jt^an Huiirl Galjdoii. 
.loll. Jacob SclinorsH, 
J oh an Petpr Kexsltir, 
Philip Ziimstein, 
(jKorg LiidwiK KesMi'lrinck, 
Jobann Nickel Kotter. 
Johaiin iivjrg fleiiiiint^er, 
Jubiiiui Peter Haiick,' 
Mti'.haid HecKiT, 
Michael Zehittr, 
Johaiin Micbtiel AUk, 
.lohanii Janob 8i>niitut{, 
Ji.haii Peter Becker, 
Jai-ob Schiidt, 
Jacob Hcblick, 
PetiT WolfT. 
Friederieh Arnold, 
Adam Schmidt, 

Valentin OiinHHel, 

David Solter, 

Oeorg Ebert, 

NicoiaUB Scbapport, 

Philip Schniit. 

Copper Hulmr, 

Jacob Jant/,, 

An<ireas Fetter, 

Cart Bah7,el, 

Georg Jant7., 

Heiii'ich Uel>nrlfl HuiiVKer. 

Johatin Gforg Vetter, 

JohannoH Schatt. 
Johan ChriHtian Schwab, 
J oil an Georg Dor neb, 
Bern hard Ranliert, 
Johauii Georg UQbibeiui, 

Georg Jacob Baltzel, 

HaiiH Peter Studi, 
HaiiM Oeorg Zeiner, 
Jolian Henry Shuntc, 

Jacob Ebentohl, 

Jobann HofTiuan, 

Georg FiMcher, 

JohanneH Dorxt, 

Jacob Behr. 
Christian Wangolt, 

Peter Krafft, 

Michael Scliuddt, 


D&nlel ZQtter. 
Henry Schwa ntz, 
Johannes Eogelbert, 
Anthon Hansain, 
S&iniie) Mailer, 
Georg Henrioh Fiaokenharilt, 
Priederich Wilhelm Btahl, 
Johann Wendel Fackler, 
Johannes Jacob Hud, 
Johann Engel CErter, 
JoBt Henriuh Schmidt, 
JohanneH Becker, 
Michael StolTel. 
Samuel Cyriaoi, 
Johannes Striitzor, 
Valentin Mlcodenius, 
Enianuel Melsterer, 
Philip Oeurg Kneihet, 

Ralthaear Zutter, 
Johannes Weller, 
John Henry Mill«r, 
Mariin Braun, 
Johan Valentin Hauok, 
Johannes Dcirbaun), 
Johann Bt^nedictus Grieben, 
Johan Thoinaa Gil, 
Johann Peter Munner, 
Johan Eckert (Erter, 
Joha.nn Henrich Kell, 
John Bernhart, 
Heinrich Uenges, 
Halthaser Christ, 
Johann Ernst Thiele, 
Uichatil Spiel man, 
Kicolaus W I stadias. 


W1U.IAU Marshall, from Kottkrdau. Qualipibd Not. 

Abraham Nea. 
Leonhardt Wose, 
Anton Naryes. 
Johann Henrioh Hedrich, 
Charles Christman, 
Joh. MalhoiB Btephan, 

Jacob Helm. 
John lieori; Bauman. 
Johann Kopher, 
Johan Jacob Miiller, 
Uathias Christman, 
Johan Henrich Fetxer. 

FORKtasTRRS Importrd is thr Ship Palla», Richard 
MiLNER, Mastbk, from Rottbroam, last from Ports- 
mouth. QuALiFiBD Nov. ai, 1763. 
Isaac Droqunt, Georu Kuhnele, 

Conrad Mayer, Georg Wagner. 

Johannes Schmidt, David Jansohn, 

Jacob Weissert, Johannes SchaafT, 

Lndwig Amaus, Gottlieb Koll, 

Peter Opp, Johann Wendel, 


tin Helder, 
ATJH Stutz, 
hannes Georg, 
enrich Flick, 
jhannes Blum, 
reorg Friederich Hammer, 
feorg Wilhelm Jandon, 

Friederich Holtzhausser, 

('onra<l Scherer, 

Martin Schneider, 

Wilhelm Bleininger, 

Johan Martin Merck, 

Johann Conrad Keiser. 

Johann Adam HotTlieintz, 

Wilhelm Ritter, 

Peter Schutz« 

Andreas Obmann. 

Martin Stephan, 

Baltzer SchafT, 

Philip Faust, 

Christian Pfeiffer, 

Peter Wercken, 

Jean Andrie Stockinger, 

Johann Georg Prestel, 

Johann Schittenheline, 

Gerlach Wittenstein, 

Jacob Hauser, 
Jost Vohl, 
Jacob Heintz, 
H enrich Graff, 
Heurich Just Rohrig, 
Ulrich Burkholder, 
Johann Henrich Strauch, 
Michael Brann, 
Johann Georg Hochst, 
Johannes Freirief, 
John Henry Miller, 
John Henry Freind, 
Johann Jacob Schweitzer, 
Johann Daniel Hoffheintz, 
Georg Thomas Gerhard t, 
Casper Reider, 
Lorentz Obmann, 
Henry Pfeiffer, 
Friederich Hiittner, 
Philip Miller, 
Valentin Seipel, 
Abraham Senner, 
Jean Louis Seiz, 
Leonhart Frischkorn, 
Johann Christian Schreiber 
Georg Miller. 

List op FoRKiaxERS Imported ix thk Ship Chanck. 
Charlks Smith, from Rotterdam. (.Qualified 

Sebastian Bender, 
Henry C. Shiel, 
Philip Shifferer, 
V^alentin Metzger, 
Johannes Strenger, 
Adam Wanner, 
Matheus Roth, 
Philip Brogli, 
Peter Grosh, 
Andreas Ammann, 
Johannes Rittesheim. 

Peter Neyer, 
Johannes Sclineider, 
Bait has Kai)pes, 
Bernhard Geiger, 
Micliel Handelo, 
Georg Sleig, . 
Friederich Altlierr, 
Johannes Tandt, 
(yeorg Haag, 
Ludwig Sohad, 
Antoni Vogt, 



Andreas SchoU, 
Jacobus A rand t, 
Michael Bremich, 
Daniel Dexheimer, 
Johann Philip Thonia, 
Johann Martin Hes, 
Joh. Friederich MuHer, 
Georg Peter Beck, 
Johann Jacob Sties, 
Johan Herman Mayer, 
Matthias Kemper, 
Georg Scherer, 
Georg Leonhart Stutz, 
Stephan Freundt, 
Johannes Wench, 
Johan Jacob Schiffner, 
Johan Stephan Saam, 
Johann Georg Hundt, 
Johannes Kebner, 
Heinrich Schiiffer, 
Philip Blum, 
Johannes Vogel, 
Ludwig Feter, 
Peter Riicker, 
Johannes Theiss, 
Ludwig Huber, 
Friederich Ringer, 
Johan (feorg St rein, 
Herman Zonnerer, 
Jolian Christian Descher, 
Johannes Rick, 
Friederich Hoffman, 
Johannes Weini)erger, 
Valentin Bauer, 

Peter Arandt, 
Peter Krapff, 
Joli. Ludwig Dexheimer, 
Johann Peter Schmidt 
Johann Adam SchifTer, 
Joh. Michael Habiizel, 
Johann Georg Haass, 
Johann Wilhelm Weisb, 
Johann Nickel Mayer, 
Frantz Schwartz, ' 
Andreas Druckenbrodt, 
Johan Peter Durst, 
Johannes Gerhard, 
Johan Georg Gebhardt, 
Johan Jacob Grob, 
Matheus Breraich, 
Johann Adam Breraich, 
Philip xVbraham Hornich, 
Jacob Eckfeldt, 
Peter Ziirn, 
Andreas Bart el, 
Andreas Meisch, 
Joseph Chasseur, 
Peter Haas, 
Philip Will, 
Georg Gielbert, 
Michael Wilhelm, 
Friederich NVahl, 
Simon Descher, 
Johannes Pfalth, 
Johann Georg Theiss, 
Daniel Weniger, 
Sebastian Seyberth, 
Geo. Wendel Zimmerman, 

List OF Fc»RKi(*NKHS Imported in the Ship Polly. Capt. 
Robert Porter, from Rotterdam, last from Cowks. 
QiTALiFiED Sept. 19, 17G4. 

Bernhardt Beck, 
Johannes Schadt, 
Hans Guiner, 
Jacob Berchel, 

Nichl. Schluhte, 
Fiiederich Galle, 
Joh. Jacob Reudt, 
Joh. Jacob Mann, 



Christian Bergman, 
Jacob VVenger, 
Joh. Daniel Kunig, 
John Martin StoU, 
Johannes Eulman, 
Christian Lang, 
Joh. Jost Schreckenangst, 
John Melchior Hollebach, 
Johann Peter Trein, 
Joh. Casper Guttenberg, 
Johan Friederich Strass, 
Johann Carl Laubach, 
Jo!han Georg Weyckel, 
Johan Adam Franck, 
John Georg Schwa^ib, 
Peter Marks, 
Peter Grebiel, 
Conrad Bauer, 
Peter Dietrich, 
Carl Schmidt. 
Prantz Peter Hackert, 
Joh. Fried. Zimmerman, 
Anthon Noschang, 
Christian Ernst Beschler, 
Wilhelmas Moser. 

Baltzer Wenger, 
Nicklaas Lagebiit, 
Geo. Adam Graff, 
Johannes Beiser, 
Peter Steigelman, 
Johann Christoph Schmidt, 
Johann Jacob Graff, 
Johan Georg Schmidt, 
Johann Georg EUer, 
Joh. Micliael Bergman, 
Johan Conrad Strass, 
Johan Henrich Ehls, 
Johan Nicklas Franck, 
Johan Henrich Schell, 
Johan Nickel Heibst, 
Andreas Grebiel, 
lieonhart Bauer, 
Antoni Jutz, 
Adam Mishell, 
Anthoni Welte, 
Johan Valentin Dumm, 
Peter Thormeyer, 

Johan Mathias Hoffman, 

Jacob Nebiinger. 

List of Forkiwxkrs Imported in tiik Ship Sarah, Capt, 
Francis Stanfrll, from Rotterdam, i^ast from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Sept. 20, 1764. 

Paul Hoffman, 
Conrad Bischoff, 
Michael Lauth, 
Peter Gottel, 
Theobold Lehman, 
Israel Grob, 
Peter Hub, 
Adam Liidv, 
Christian Meyer, 
Daniel Frick, 
Michael Hoffecker, 
Joh. Peter Weber, 
Johann Lichtenfeld, 

Goilfrey Keyser, 
Georg Scherer, 
Adam Gottel, 
Henrich Eich, 
Jacob Hoch, 
Peter Schwaab, 
Theobold Weber, 
Frantz Kettering, 
Jacob A1l8[)ach, 
Conrad Frick, 
Jacob Kieffer, 
Leonhard Lenckner, 
Andreas Vollprecht, 


JohanneH Welte, 
Uartin HotTiiian, 
Johan Liidwif; HeU, 
Johan Ailaiit ScliatT, 
Hen rich Wettern, 
J. Henry Kieauer, 
Oawalil Rap, 
Horitz Master, 
JohanneH Oeorj; Specht, 
Jacob Treiu, 
Uartin Rauch, 
Johann Wilhelm Welier, 
ChriMtian Fraindling, 
Johann .Jacob Kaufman, 
JohannesSpiei loan , 
Daniel DanHinan, 
John Ooorg Hubacher, 
John Oeorg Drach^el, 
Hans G«org Seheyre, 
Hans Di«trich HotT, 
Johann Matheis Die1>el, 
.Tohann Philip Welde, 
Jacob Feiock, 
Mich^ifl Metzger, 
Georg Fischer, 
JohanneH IMrr, 
Carl Gerhardr, 
Arend KrisMing, 
ChriKtel Kunig, 
Georg Knhn, 
Joliaoni'S Gnsp, 
Johannes Hegenxtlll, 
Johnn OhristolTel Bintz, 
Johann Georg Wetzel, 
Henrich Nickel Raque, 
Johann Daniel Ltihr, 
Johan Peter Steiler, 

Michael Funck, 
, Georg Jacob Scherer, 
Johun Urban Betz, 
Friederich Conrad SchefTer, 
Theobold Itzborger, 
Johannes Blitz, 
Peter GGttel, 
Johann Christ. Suhaub, 
Conrad Fischer, 
Heiririch Schrerner, 
Johait Henrich Faehaus, 
Johann Joet Straok, 
Simon Friederich Schober. 
Johan Paniel Fruhniann, 
Pliilip HofTecker, 
Johan Uk-liael Thran. 
Henrich Ochstienbecher, 
Johann Henrich Hoff, 
.Tohann Georg GrossglaHH. 
Johann Friederich Kiichner, 
.Tacob Sohantre, 
John Schnater, 
.Tacob Giinsel, 
Johannes Finniger, 
Johan Herman, 
Peter Knhn, 
Wendel Sheets. 
Georg Schineck, 
Jolianiies Hitz. 
Johann Peter Ottbrshelt. 
Fruntz Thomas Hartnian, 
Georg Henry Hart man, 
Johann Philip Kuhn, 
HunH ChriMt. Raqne, 
Conrad SohiifTer, 
Joliaiin Michael Juikg. 


SRPTEHBKR 2G, 1704. 

ClirlHtopli Heger, 
Jolin Wsber, 
MicholoB Smith, 
TlieubnUl Both, 
Aiulreae Vogt, 
Jacob out. 
L. Gerschhelmer, 
Johann Baum. 
(iuttfrled Lamphardt, 
Andreas K«tternaii, 
Johann Henrioh Wulkcr, 
Peter Wiser, 
Jacob SchulTer, 
Peter PauluB Lekht, 
Joh. Valtin Horter, 
Erhard Bodenstein, 
Phil. Henry Ulllfr. 
Chriatoph Briickt'rt, 
Abraham Mexaer, - 
Christian Eberliard, 
(.J-forg Iiiihiier, 
QeoTg Kiintz, 
Jacob Biiyerti^in, 
NiclflaH Staller. 
IMetrich O-erhart, 
Johunn Bernhart Ott. 
ChrtKtian Haushalter. 
Juhanntxi Georc Froilwrttcr, 
Friedericli Pan tiler, 
Oeorg Philip Karwin, 
Hennch Marxcliliciiner, 
Jolian Wilhelm Ersteri^i-r, 
Adolph Carl Bchneider, 
Tlioma*. Wagner, 
Johannes Welbel. 
Adam Miller, 
JiiBttiH Jiechleider, 
ValMitin Stettler. 
T)avld Schneider, 
Joliann Friedericli Vonel, 
John Conrad Ijombarh, 

Johannes Zopp, 

Augustus Weiss, 

Daniel Kei((, 

Martin Jetter, 

Johannes Gitt, 

Adam Finck, 

Jno. Qeo. Reiff. 

Casjwr Erhardt, 

Jo'n. Faulus O-rastelnbreiiner, 

Georg Michael Sohmitt, 

Qeorg Banter, 

Johannes Krombach, 

Johannes Hochit, 

Job. Andreas Velok. 

Joh. Adam Rau. 

Joli. Friderlch Koch, 

Jacob Briickert, 

Johannes Kalblleisoh, 

Fried. Joachim, 

Andreas Jiiger, 

CJeorg Lambarth, 

.Henricli Wegner, 

Cliristian Riip. 

Friedericli Bach in an, 

Christoph Keller, 

Johann Andreas Schmidt, ' 

Oeort; He! II rich Sclimitt, 

Johann Martin Ott, 

Johann Carl Schmitl, 

Ueorg Adam Zepp, 

Jacob Tleochmar, 

(leorK Michael Oeltlnger, 

Philip Lantenschluger, 

Christian Scliellman, 

Bteplian Weibel, 

Andreas Freiberger, 

Carl (iaraus, 

Jacob MaHohlder, 

ChrlHtinn Flecksteln, 

Georif Wilhelm Bchmitt, 

Jolianii Pbilipp von Nled* 


Johan Priederich Mopps, 
Oeort! Friederlch Helid/,, 
Johnnn Adam OrulT. 
Georg Valantin Uengen, 
Johaiin Jacob Schmidt, 
Jotian Philip Racke. 
Johaiin Andreas Spitzer, 
Johan Dietrich Hiiuck, 
Johann Philip BchaelTer, 
Ha»H Michael Lampart, 
Joii. Henrich Fabricius, 
Joliaiin Michel Michel, 
Hans Adam Tapler, 
Hans Michael UeHcher, 
Martin Biihler, 

Gerliart Steinbrucker, 
Johann Georg Graff, 
Johann Geurg Kaintx, 
Joh. Philip Seidell etricker, 
Philip Henrich Eniffi, 
Johann Henrich Spiti^er, 
Jolmo t'riederich Beyermeister, 
Hiinn Georfj Schiisterdreher, 
Henry Seidenatricker. 
Johaun LudwlK Sc-hufft^r, 
Joh. Geoi^e Meofjes, 
Christian SacliBtnaii, 
Jacob Bartscherar, 
J'hilip Deiirich FiHhlnr. 

List op Porkioxkrs Importbd ix the Ship Kiso op 
Prussia, Cact. Jambs RonissoN, kkom Losdon. 1411^1.1- 
piKD Oct. a. 1764. 

Jacob Httldel. 
Johann Miiller, 
Gorlach Gran. 
FniiitT; Schwt-iizer, 
AndruiiK Fiiiek, 
Weiiilel AplTel. 
Henrich Strohin, 
G«.ir(f Ridle, 
Nicklax Schurrer, 
AlbertiiB Hallner, 
ChriBtiiiii Apffel. 
Johann Peter Viulel. 
Georg Peter Deisert. 
JohanneH Ott. 
Job. Piiilip Kannchkobe 
Jolmn NicolntiH IHppel, 
.toimn Philip Matteci, 
(ieorg Schwerdt. 
Johau George Ernst . 
Michael Pilatj. 
Pltilip Jacob Suder, 

Henrich Schell, 
Jacob Weber, 
Philip Kt^^dier, 
Heinricli Urckiirt, 
Johan Nickel Hurst 
JohuniteH Stutz, 
Gec)rg Schlemb, 
Goiirg Apirel, 
Paul ychreck. 
Christian Wiekcrt 
Georg Kentner. 
Jacoli Specht, 
Georg Dolle. 
Johann Georg The. 
Christian Weber, 
Matthias Hendrich, 
Philip Jacob Breazler, 
Johan Philip Btelnmetx, 
Ernst Ludwig ReiulMild, 
Thomas Pilatl. 
Joh. Nicolans Schwerdt 
Johaa Peter Fischer, 
Johiinnes Kolb, 


(iotirg Mii^liHol Hiiri, 
JoliiLiiii ()eori{ Guilt/., 
Jolmiuius KuHier, 

JoliiLu Martin Hienlt, 
Jolmiiii NickttI Wagiier, 
Jul). Philip Miihliiiinhul. 

List of FoRKinxKna IxponTKn 
(JAi-r. (JiiAM. Viii.NuuirsiiAM); vii 
KiKi> Oct. 30, 1704. 

N TiiK Hhip Richuohd, 


Jiu^oll Nill, 
Jiurol) Korher. 
Jdliu Alliiiiin, 
Joliiiiiiiut) Rujiert, 
Juliii Adam Heckiii 
Ooiiriiil Jacuby, 
Jui*(>l> Hiwbiw.h, 
Allii-rt Oillcht^r, 
PranU Kuhu. 
Ut! I last inn Sti^r, 
^Uuiiiiixi titaiilTAr, 
UvorK Taiib, 
Uottfrifii Si;liiiti, 
Joliiuiiit-f Bfiiz,' 

I'Ulll KolHT, 


Ahmlittiu Jiiooli, 
Jnu. (ii'O. lIufTiior, 
John Erlenlmiwr, 
Jiicoli St!|iiiHyil«r, 
Jtii'ol) Dri-ittcli. 
Jurob Dfkrdoii, 
Sii'kel KiiuiBrfr, 
IVler HuniitT. 
Nicki'l Wiitu, 
J oil 111 I III 'H B[>t:iit;l>'r, 
Diviiii'l Weioliel, 
.Toliunti Poter Gtrluinl, 
Elicrlitiril Kirelmyi-r, 
John II Con rail Kaulluian, 
Jolianii Miirtiii Ruiwrt, 
(fultliub UOcklt', 

W.'ll<h-I H«iMH, 

VulKiitiu Htickitiliach, 

Frioderifh Gehbanlt, 
Christojih Weber, H..n., 
Iteniliart Sclineidur, 
Suinnel Bturck, 
Joli. 'Wundel Bariliolinai, 
Michel Halm, 
W>oi<l»<l Kniickel, 
Uielifl Huitwr, 
lialthuH Hnuier, 
Johauiics Gluck, 
Hwiric.h Kurtr, 
Mi(Oiai-l ItuinAr, 
Daniel tiiiTzlur, 
Mit:ha.-] May, 
Hi-nrich Allninn, 
Jiio. Geo. Ort, 
Couroil Miii|i:ur. 


nil BfCkor, 
Wilh'.-hii Feikert, 
Pt^liT HHrdlnmn. 
AduTii RiMh. 
Jcilmii BalthoMer HiiiiMMir, 
Job. ObriBtOph Uiricli Kreiiie 
Johami OhriHtiun Tbiel, 
Johauii Georif Viebert, 
John Gt<ort{ Fiillinaii, 
Johann Aduin Sebiner, 
Mu^liiifl Bfayer. 
Jolifinii VeXer Schell, 
Johanti Frieilerich Heiirifh, 
Milt hois Koch-Weber, 


Prlederioh Hirsohfeldt, 

Joseph Breisofa, 

Hans Qeorg Kurtz. 

Hana Oeorg Httntinbach, 

Nicklas Laohaer, 

Michaul Keid«ba8h, 

Johann Adam dchutz, 

Johaunes MeoBcb, 

Job. Jacob Engelhardt, 

John Peter B«ckel, 

Johaniied H enrich Ham, 
Frederick Kiihliuan, 

Mana Michael Weltu, 
Peter Reldeobaoh, 
Cotirad Dleffenbacher, 
Philip Friedrlch Hiiller, 
Johan Peter Ohypfeius, 
Jolianu Nickel'R«idenbach, 

Cliristopli Martin Oenerdt. 
John Geo. Ueiger, 
John Uurtin Knoblauch, 
Johuiin A ml rent) Kolb, 
Joliaii Philip Miiller, 
Weiidel Gutlunder, 
Johann Michael StolT. 
Wolfarth Keiiihart Edinger, 
Johannes Jaoob Ijuaiidel, 
Johannes Erlenheiaer. 
Georg Leonfiard PteifTer, 
Johau Nickel Grimm, 
HanH Michael Henrich, 
Johann Dietrich Heisti, 
Wilhelin Spengler, 
J oh an Adam Weber, 
Melchior Edinger. 

List of Forbigkbrs Importbo in thk Ship Hkro. CapT' 
Halpu Fobstrr, from Kottekuau, last from Oowkh. 
(juALiFiBi) Oct. 37, 17«4 

Johannex Hufer, 
Johannet) WeiaH, 
Andrew Wolff, 
Peter Muller, 
Joat Meyer. 
Jacob LoMtle, 
Jacob Uauck, 
Peter Sohauer, 
Martin Herwald, 
Peter Wedel. 
Friederich Bppllng, 
Daniel Strickler, 
Laz&riiH Herbei, 
Joliannes Ludwlg, 
Jacob Schibb, 
JiihanneH Diirr, 
Jobann Michel Walter, 
Abraham Fetter, 
Johann Michael Klein, 
30-VoL. XVIL 

Jacob Karcli, 
John Berg, 
Jacob Haiw, 
Georg 8ie), 
Georg Etter, 
MatheiB Peter, 
Johannes Hauok, 
Peter Scheide. 
GuFitavuH SchloBPur, 
Gottfried Eppling, 
Johannes Will, 
Michael Shub, 
.Tucob Hi>nig, 
Johannea Greas, 
Con rath Dorr, 


7. Du) 

Johan Philip Kuntsch, 
Jacob niiiwardt, 
HanH Nickel Bauer, 







,o\^.^'^^^*' ,•.'^^''•',>^e^••'■• 

3'>^'*''-!oe« ^VtUeV*'' 














.I&oob KaufTtnftn, 
Johann G-eori; Huyl. 
Joliaaii Jacob Hey I, 
.TohaoQ -Focob Lelman, 
Johani) Valtin Beoker, 
Jost Duttweilur, 
Johunnes Prenfier, 
Joliiuin Daniel Franck, 
Albrecht Buhuiiiaoher. 
Johann Philip Uattman, 
Juhann Liidwig Webor 
JohamitM Ku(;elwerth 
Johaiiniiit Kietiter. 
^^hristian Btaufter, 
Johan Henri oh IjaTinert, 
Nicholas Ueberroth, 
Valentin Volclt, 
(ieorg Bortz, 
Adam Rutli. 



C -hristopher Hens, 
Jaonii Klaiiiiii. 
Jtiliuiin OlaKser, 
Philip I^etK, 
Frietlerich LouHiiit;, 
Herman WittBuher. 
Johann Micliilxl Nafel. 
Michael ReHiiieyer, 
Georg- Siiuoik Rieger, 
Fritfierich \Viirti(l>acher, 
Juhaurt Marliii Mitder, 

.Tohaiiu Hniirich Heyl, 
Jiilianii Conrad Heyl 
Juiiaiui Peter Houtadt. 
Johdiiii H enrich Bausch, 
CiiriHtiiiu Bcliowalder, 
Juhann Michael Bredeltaoh, 
Curl Ludwlg Haum, 
Melchior Weidenineyer, 
Jol)anii Oeorg Scherer. 
BenttdictuH Qiille, 
Johann Gottfrieil WeiHM, 
Joiiann Michael Hireohlag,' 
Johann Martin Klein, 
Johannes Kiin<lelinann, 
Hen rich Bohneider, 
Adam Herman, 
Johan Jacob Ni^;el, 
Peter Harris, 
Nickel Heriach, 
Peter Ambroso, 
Peter Jiinif. 
Billion K]m. 
Abraham Peter, 
Michael Btittner, 
Johann Adam Kfirh, 
HanH Georg Baiiiiiant, 
Georg Peter Kenteler, 
Johann AndreaM Unnni^t, 
GeorK Michael Klauini, 
Juhann David Sohadt. . 
Johann Heiirich Sehiiuelwrger, 
t.-ourad Hi>1debraiid. 

I Fnhn 

Frantz Kriimer, 
AntoniuH Kroiniii, 
Simon ii-urg, 
Peter Hurxtinan, 
Johann LudwJi; De^en, 

■, 17«4. 

Huns Penjjer, 

Jost Ranter. 

John JriRer. 

Henrii^h Kromm, 

(feorft Bc:hiin, 

c:iirii4tiiin Roth, 

Juhann Philip Endrea, 



Joliuiiii (rotth'ieil MoytT, 
Frunt/. Uiiluiatiieii, 
Joliiviiu Kroiiuu, 
Joliunii Best Wi'bfr, 
Joliaiiii iJ-HrliwIi Fiiiok, 
Johaiin WiUK-Ini Btrtiiink. 
Joliutiii Peter Peteri, 
Jolin ({t4org lUaur, 
Jdli. Dititrich Hnliiiiiilt, 
Jimt. Hciirioli Frantic, 
Jiilmnii Wllhelni Frantx, 
Ootftriwi Stock, 
(^liriHtiun Zittimer, 
Joliaiiutis Idtiidex, 
John Miller. 
Joliaiities OohHt<, 
Jim. UtH> Opiwr, 
ThoiuiLH Weller. 
Frii*ilfrirli I>«eker, 
H enrich Stuckel, 
Jacob Moitwet, 
Jno. Win. Miller, 
4'liriHtJan Hantzel, 
Jacob W^rn, 
Peler Krietdhl. 
Jolianti Clirist. HenitHer, 
Jol.ann Anilrean Weiitzell, 
.lohaii Ailaiii Utcinwackx, 
Vulcnti:; Bchimter, 
lltiiiKrf<>orK Schmidt, 
H.'inri<h Wilhclin Ontck, 
Ji)bann Adam Binger, 
iialtlniHar DielTi>n liacl i . 
Jiiliim Wilheltii Weyiiun. 
Johanii Peter Hacheiiberi'. 

Julian Gmirg Leluinger, 
Jolmiin Martin Neli. 
Johaiin Chriat. LindnrtT, 
Johani) (ierlach Trunt, 
Joliiiiin Peter WelM-r, 
Joliimn Henrlcit Au. 
Juhunii U«orK Reyinan, 
Juhanii Jacob UohloNiier, 
John t'hrint. Fubriibach, 
Johauu Jacob Prantt, 
jDhaiuiKH Volok, 
(Jimrail llrauii, 

lllri(-)i Bieberi 
AtidreiiH Braiiin, 
John Cond. Uhlelxil. 
Jno. Diet Feliriiig, 
Johiilinex Kul>«, 
Jno. Cliarlew Hetri(ti 
Johuiiii Waiitnliach, 
Nicklaiiit MeiHXet, 
John Ufihwab, 
Abraham Kapjiler, 

Stephan I'etri, 
Job. Ki]|{el atocker, 
Jolianni'H iimtrg lleiiich, 
Johann l>avi<l Mehii. 
Jiiliann Heiiridb G-lelil. 
HaiiK (icorjt Wiither, 
Joliiuiii Michael Brauii, 
Jobaiiii Heiirich HelenNteuer, 
Joliann Jacob llortx, 
Joli<Liine=< (ferlmrd Kluin, 


. Br.-niiei.iaun. 
[ijL Wilheliu Kleiii. 

S ElXtAlt. MAMTKIt. 
IjlIALIKlKtl >OV. ."i, !7I>4. 

.loliaiineK Mutb, 
Philip Uolb, 
NIcolaiiH Bootw, 


H»nrioh Hapiiel, 

Peter i)i>rr, 

I>Kter Kuabach. 

I*aiil Ricliler, 

Johuiinei) litohertzer, 

Adam Honneberger, 

Jucoii 8olieuckwBil«r, 

Oeoix Wilhelin Reslei-, 

Oeorg Peter Heiwler, 

WiDietiD HenrichKuxR, 

Johanu Valentin Scbneiiifi 

Johuiuieii Snbiiell, 

Job annex Kuntz, 

Adam Kiiiaer, 

Ut««i>er FrieB, 

Peter Jiilitin, 

Jobannee Orth, 

Pbilip Itertb. 

Adam Q-leHH, 

jMTob Ptstry, 

Subnutian Thiol, 

P.'ler Hewler, 

Martin Seyberl, 

Jttlian Jiuiiib Mattiii'iH, 

Peter ]jiii>)fnsti;in, 

.lohann Pbilip B<^heiL, 

tjforn SebafTer, 

I'tftvr (JUrliiB, 

Christopher Hoidricli. 


JobanneH Weisgerbur, 

■laeob UorHhehiifr, 
JoliauiieH Eckel, 
Peter Hiu>rl>arfj;er, 
Chrktullel Hebiiiidt, 
JohaniieH Stnrck, 
Johann Philip Bittmaii. 
Conrad KortTiiianti, 
JuhanneH MaQ<lei'fell1i, 
<'harlea Norheinier, 
Johann Ninklas Hi^hnel<l«i 
I'hihpp Mjttniann, 
Wilhelin Kiintz, 
Ueor){ Jiiger, 
Heinriob JiiKer, 
Ludwly; Mader, 
Carl HtaB/., 
(Gottlieb Becker. 
Peter Wann, 
Peter TTmxtatt, 
OeorK Scbinlt, 
ThoitiHH KolhaUH, 
Georg Horst^r. 
J<)hai.n roiira.1 Ht<)lt!;, 
Joban rilriwtoph Hii<-li. 
.lobaii Peter I^mb.-nstein 
Jacob KH|ien^i>bieil, 
Henrieh Kilnii, 
tjeorK Adtiin Diickel, 
Henricb Pernbidcr. 
Joh. Biirclmrdt Kiililinan 
Wilhehii Kireher. 

' F'litKiMSKRS Impohtko tn thkHhip Boston, Mat- 
Oahii, Mastkr, from Rottkbuam, last kuom Cowkf. 
[FiKD Nov 10, 1704. 

Henrinii Spahr. 
Anthony Koley. 
Johannes Walther, 
Diebolt LentK, 
I^renty, Jung. 
Mlcthael (fenr|{, 
Deibolt Beit, 
Iftaac BertBch, 

Johannes Schwarn 
.Tobtinnei) Went/^ 
JnhanneN Pflatim, 
AiKlrws Kr.ppel, 
Lndwig Snhalter, 
John tSchiippling, 
Jaqtie Depre, 
Adani Lampart, 



Johan AndreaM FiigIih, 

Johari Ca8i>er Keipfjer, 

Johan Georj; Muth, 

HaiiH (JreoTfi; Buttner, 

Oeor^ Adam Si]], 

NickolaiiH Reidenauer, 

Biinoii Peter Haideinann, 

Joliann Tnohald, 

Johan I'hilip Weytzel, 

Philip (jrlaHH, 

Peter Wentz, 

Georfi^ Reidenauer, 

OhriHtian MuhleiHen, 

John Jjam]Mirt, 

Hftnry Hauer, 

Peter Halm, 

Henry SchelTer, 

Peter GeiKH, 

Hen rich Fucha, 

Peter Steffen, 

Jacob Con rath, 

Ru^x^rtiiH Waller, 

Philip Jaco>> BauRmann, 

Wilhelm Bernhardt, 

Conrad Fried. Bientelheimer, 

Johannes ISpaucknubel, 

Henrich BachmauD, 
Johann Peter 8chah], 
Johan V'alentio Dickes, 
Johan Carl Boiev, 
Hann Adam Hart man, 
AudreaH Schneider, 
Christian Jacob Klein 
LewiH Siiimfassel, 
Henrich Herberger, 
Johannes Kessler, 
Peter Kendtner, 
Frantz Lambert, 
Peter Westermann 
Jacob Bass. 
Michael Week, 
Justus Eckhard, 
Henrich Fuchs, 
Peter Fuchs, 
Nicklas Hittel, 
Johan Nickel Week, 
Andreas B«iussmann, 
Bernhart IjOss, 
Casper Bernhardt, 
Johann Diter Blodel, 
Johan Georjj Stattl<^r, 
Philip Gerber. 

List ok FouKif*NKii8 Importkd in thk Ship SnowTryall, 
John, Mastkr, from Amsterdam, last from 1*ly- 

MOITTH. i^lIALIFlKU DKC. 4, 17()4. 

Jacob Keppel. 
Andn'iis Kmrich, 
Johannes Bender, 
Ib'inrich Laiit/.enhansser, 
Abraham ScliiilTer, 
Johannes Roscher, 
Phili])pns Stf'in, 
Hastian Bender, 
(^arl Jost, 

Nickolaiis Aberthal, 
Johannes (raul. 
V^alcntin Braun, 

Georj^e Bender, 
Johannes Cifrans, 
Henrich StanfTer, 
Peter Lautzenhansser, 
Christopher Mathias, 
Jacob Lautzenhaasser, 
Johannes J iinf^, 
Anthony Opi), 
Johan Daniel Gross, 
Johann Jacob Enck, 
Kasper SchonV^ruck. 


LtST OP PoREioNJtiu} Ihportkd in tub Ship Polls, Robkbt 
Porter, Master, from Rotterdam, last fROH Cowks. 
QUALIPIBD AUQ. 24, 1765. 

Jacob Huntzicker, 
Jacob Na^le, 
Joseph Stucher, 
Eli ax Werner, 
Jacob Oemberlini!. sen., 
Christoph Stngel, 
Anilreas EhreBmann, 
l^oreatz tironnineer, 
Peter Big fried, 
Jacob Hays, 
Jai^iib Wunder, 
Jacob Pant. 
Jacob Treuttle, 
Jacob Behr, 

Johann Philip Harttung, 
Christoph Ginahle, 
Manx (ieoTg Schneok, 
Johan jEkcob Haninuller, 
Jacoli ThorwartJi, 
Jacob be h neck. 
Hen rich Hopfl. 
«eor« Ufer. 
Ruilolph Mambeck, 
JohanneB Muller. 
Michael Hoff, 
JolmitneH May. 
Anthony Kliein, 
Peter Gress, 
Gottfried Munch, 
Uicliael Wideriok, 
Georg Simon Haushalter, 
Christoph Pietrich, 
Hen rich BethgisH, 
Johimn Jacob Hofelen, 
Johann Jacob Schressel, 
Johann Wilhelm Bender. 
Martin Klaiibach, 
Johan QaoTK Kiihier, 
Johan Martia Obenniller, 

Andreas Heintz. 
Jacob Gay, 
Jacob Gem be Hi OK, 
Conrad Hauenstein, 
Joh. Adam Prlederieh Doll, 
Georg Jacob Hauenstein, 
Joh. Leonard Devill<j, 
Andreas Btichhecker, 
Joh. Michael Gronnin^r. 
(Jonrad Miinch, 
Peter Zeilar, 
Elias Wiegandt, 
Peter Gram, 
Jacob Schultz, 
Samuel Behr, 
Jacob Bchwenck, 
.lohannes Rathacker, 
Hans Georg Schneck. sen.. 
Christopher Haninuller. 
Johann Barthman, 
Jacob Hetzel, 
Georg Stadtler, 
Priederich Hippel, 
Christian Maurer, 
Johannes Voltz, 
JohaiineH Schmidt, 
John Mich. BtahoR, 
Jacob Milller, 
Michael Mensebach, 
Johan Bernhart Dietrich, 
Georg Adam Bressler, 
Valentin KaulTmann, 
Oeorg A<lam Teis, 
Hen rich Wilhelm Mayer, 
Cliriatian Hiiuffrer, 
Johann Georff HofT, 
Joliunn Nickel Fischer, ' 
Frantx Arnold Leihn, 
Johann Jacob Mohr, 
Peter Rudolph. 



List of Forkignrrs Imported in the Ship Chance, 
Charles Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowES, England. Qualified Sept. 9. 1765. 

Peter Kebbler, 

Charlen Grim, 

Jacob Geiger, 

Jacob Deinius, 

Caspar Roth, 

Balthas BreiteDbiioher, 

John Philip HalTerstock, 

Jacob Georg, 

Daniel Meyers, 

Jacob Kraftt, 

Jacob Guth, 

Jacob Kendel, 

Johan Erendorff, 

Georg Christian Miiller, 

Michael Kettenring, 

Georg Krebs, 
Jacob Muller, 
Peter Schmidt, 
Johannes Schissler, 
H enrich Lambert, 
Johann Georg Bauer, 
Oiiristopher Kessler, 
Johannes Fecher, 
John Dauchawirt, 
Henrich Kagel, 
John Klein, 
Jacob Kehl, 
Valentin Metzger, 
Johan Philip Melter, 
Johan .Jacob Kettenring, 

Joh. Georg Paul Christmann, Johann Wilhelm Nusser, 

Philip Henrich Mayer, 
Joh. Wilhelm Sohafter, 
Joh. Wendel Kiibeler, 
Matheis Hartmeyer, 
Eberhard Liittig, 
Martin Weber. 
Friederich Keller. 
Nioklaiis Ludi, 
JoniLH Dill. 
Wendel Schanck. 
Rudolph Brengel, 
John RuKS, 
Isaac Frantz, 
Michael Ritter, 
Michael Muller. 
Johann (,-hristian Lessig, 
Joh. Adam Grwim, 
Joh. Burchard Krelss; 
Job. Henrich Gernardt, 
.Toh. Michael 8eitzer, 
.Fohann Philip Miiller, 
Johannes Giedelniann, 
Christian Briitzius, 

Job. Christophel Kurtz, 
Joh. Conrad Escher, 
John Henry Reichard. 
Christian Hold, 
Michael HevK 
Israel Bockreider. 
Peter Beixitsch. 
Johan Deinius. 
Christ oph Kettering. 
Johannes Preiss, 
Jacob Kebel, 
Valentin Rcibach, 
•John Geo. Ferer, 
Matheis Hora, 
Joh. Georg Philip Lessig, 
Johan Gottleib Gampflfer, 
Johannes Ernst Kaps, 
Johan Friederich Weyrer, 
Abraham Breitenbiicher, 
Johan Danifl Muller, 
Johan Michael Hoyer,. 
Andreas Franck. 


Ijist of Porkiqnkhs Impohthd in tiif Ship Bkts¥, John 


Luflwig Baurer, 
l>anit!l Kobel. 
Jacob Idler. 
Henrtch Herniami, 
Michael LowenitteiD, 
Joliau Jucob Brattler, 
A brain Schwing, 
Jacob Znhuer, 
Job. Gtiorg PleU, 
Wilhelm Freund, 
Johann Jost Prieok, 
Benjamin Oattsinann, 
Job. Carl Gabriel, 
JaooV> Fri«derich SchiifTer, 
Johan Jacob Thiol, 
Johan H<>nTich OhrendorfT, 
Johann Ohristian Betz, 
Stephan HiJpfTer, 
IjorenU Rinckle, 
Daniel Zwt^igart. 



John HeliiH, 
Jacob BftusB, 
HanK Merckl», 
Jacob BlauB Klan, 
Jacob Hiller. 
Christian Webr, 
Jacob Licht, 
David Oottschall, 
JohanneK Braun, 
Abraham GledlnK, 
Johannes Riemer, 
Johannes Pet^r Zepperfeldt, 
Friedurich Meckel, 
Johan Nickel I.icht, 
Johan Henrtch Clement, 
Philip Peter Laplace, 
Jacob Rockenbauoli, 

Jacob Prill tz, 
H enrich Pfeiffer, 
luaac Artiiian, 
Johan MaleuD Dollmanu, 
HaiiB Michael Brattler. 
Phil. Gottfried Uathiafl, 
Martin Becker, 
Wilhehii Schafter. 
Peter Bclmeider, 
Joh. Ebert QCrter, 
Johann Heiirich. 
(-fottfried Gruml>aoh, 
HanM Georg Oolis. 
Gottlob Jacob l^>ffler, 
Johann Georg Schneider, 
Johan A Jam Schneyiler, 
Johann Adam Arnsterger, 
Philip Jacob Stockel, 
Johan Jucob Licht, 
Georg Schiff. 
Michael fieliDcr, 
Martin Segiier. 
Benedict tichmlt. 
JohanncH WolIT, 
Darins Straiisx, 
Martin Oulertag, 
Andreas H^ckel, 
JoHhna Metzger, 
Oonrad Scbuler, 
Hans Georg Prints, 
Johan Philip Miiller, 
Georg Ut'schner, 
Johan Jucob Birki. 
J()haii Ruben Wellpv, 
Julian Conrad Laii);. 
Johan Philip Schii-idt^r, 
Johan Friederich [CinKt. 













v^^- '..owVA^^'' 


















Yt»»^* ^v.eodo'" 

3oV»- '^"eftt^o^ ^ 








List of PoBRiONKita lMi>nit.TKD in thr Ship Cbanck, 
CHARLKti Smith, Captain, vkom Rottkrdam, last from 
COWKS. QUALIKIKD Sbpt. 33, 1708. 

Conrad Htoerckfll, 
Johanneti Hen, 
JoiUinoe!* Muller, 
Jnliuiines Conradi. 
Jaiiob Weitlel, 
NicbolaH Arnold, 
Johan Friederiah Altrette 
Mtchftel Siilheimer, 
Johanii Ueorg; Enrich, 
.lolmn Heurlcli Kerni', 
AuilreaM Weiss, 
He II rich Ijooher, 
JolidnUKH Miuaein^r, 
Adam Schiitter, 
(jeorg Trump, 
Joli. (ietiTg Wtjbur, 
.Tolin Pett-rTrnuip, 


a Kelil, 

1 Kiclilur, 
JolmniiHN Reb, 
JohiiDii,>it Hntrer, 
Anton MiiiidorfT, 
Joh. Christ inn Kunkel, 
Uiclmel UruiiKwah). 
Joliaii Friedericli Helme, 
Jotiun ffcorif Beiji, 
Jolmnn Pelt^rFaist, 
Juiiuiiu*-!! Meister, 
Philip Blitz, 
Jiili. f-teorg May, 
Friwioricli I.iiiierit/, 
Jo ill! Hauler, 
ftabrlpl Becktr. 
Henridi Ko^eel, 
Joh. NicklaiiK Seity. 
Joh. Valentin Kliippt'i-, 
Joll. Michael Weingartner 
J<>1>. ])ietrich Kiialer, 
J'>li. I>nnifl FriKchiniith. 

Johannes Griill, 
)*eter KlasD, 
Juhannnea Lipp, 
Ronrath Eurich, 
H enrich Orovs, 
J oh an n Georg Trey tag. 
Jolian Friederich Ulrich, 
Johann Gbofr Ehrenholdt, 
Johun Pbter Mehrling, 
Paul <'onrad, 
I'riederioh Locher, 
Hen rich Dewalt, 
SeboHtian Heck man. 
Potter B urging, 
Geo. Conrad Seip, 
Heitiridi Ehrimrt, 
Joliftn Hirwclihiru, 
Pi'tBr W«bcr, 
Joseph SpliiniUt. 
(Iirist..].!. HuRer. 
Johunnt-M Webt-r, 
Francis Helcr, 
Johan Jacob Vij){ler, 
Jolian P^ler Hiir, 
Joiiann Adam Oh), 
Joll. Benedict Schneidor, 
.Tohiiii FranciBCiiH Falst, 
JolianneH VoRt, 
Johannex Einrich, 
JohanneH Graub, 
Johannes Leiss, 
Joh. Adam Flick, 
Johann Borllilehr, 
Henrich Prey, 
Zacharias End res, 
Joh. Ludwig Waltmann, 
Joh. Wilhelm Klopper, 
Joh, Cfabriel ttrober, 
Joh. Henrich Detzet, 
Hannet< Waldtmann. 
.lohan \ickel Martin. 

^,1 F%a-^:ltvV- .3^:^-1 Vetor ^:£^^r. 













f red- " ^ayer, 

.Ob ^«^^ 



^'°S tf*« 









Johann Gt-uv); Vuliner, 
JotiHun JoHt Miller, 
Joli. Uelchior Endlioh, 
Job. Henrioli Frantz. 
Frittdericl) Bchltt<-uhelm, 
Johan Jacob HausHtiiann, 
Jnhiinn H enrich Fessler, 
Gforn Frltfilfrioh Iminicti, 
Joliaiin Chriatoph iiiitt, 
Hann Martin Zl<!{tler, 
JoliMn Minhael Kaiser, 
Jolian Filbert Slach, 
lienliart Eckert, 
ChriBtian Prey, 
Lorentz I.ttilenl>erf[er, 
CliriKtoph Becker, 
Joli. Georg Sohne^iler, 

Jotian Georg Miller, 
Joiiann Georg Fiotiaer, 
Joli. Henrirh Biir, 
Job. Philip I^amlutoh, 
Georg Mlobael Scherer, 
Joliun Bernliarfl Borat. 
Joliaaii Jacob Fenler. 
Heiiridh FranU Peck. 
Jobati Geotg Linhteuberirer. 
Johan Georg Adelberl, 
Johan Michael SohafTer, 
Johannes ffiist, 
Johun Bernbard Kort.z, 
Philip Biichiuan, 
Joseph Haller, 
David Wallmaii. 


■ r< 


KirHAitu HiTVTR 

Pedro Oberlander, 
Francis Frey. 
Francis FjNber, 
Peter Schot.ter, 
Carl Geissinger, 
Johannes Kenk, 


Ignnnio Onder, 
John Meyer, 
Peter Poio, 
Paul Al>7.etger, 
Erhard Sohliigel, 
>i.;h<)laiia Sch..ller. 

I,rHT OK F(iitKin>Kns iMi'OKTKf IN THK Ship Polly, Robkkt 
PoKTKR, Mastkr, khom Kottkhdam, last prom COWKa. 
Rnolaxd. QuALifiKi) Ocr, IS, 17<>6. 
Chri^liiin Reisw. Georg Bohftttel, 

Nicolas StoIt/fuH, Christian Stottzfiis, 

Jacob Heifer. .Taoob Holler, 

.Tiicob niemer, John Bri.dnier. 

Jobiiiini'H Rfiither. Job. .Tatrob Lentz, 

Erii.-^t Willi, Christ, Job. H^n. Muller, 

JohiLii T. Lupp, Johannes Geitling, 



JohanneH Schwen, 

Philip Walter, 

John W. Herman, 

AndreaH Stetzel. 

Valentin Wild, 

Michael Friederich Gutekanst, 

Michael Schottel, 

Hans Georg Horn, 

John Oeorg Herman, 

HanH Georg Kuntz, 

Hans Jacob Duchman, 

Johannes Peter Stookmann, 

Johan Hen. Eissenberger, 

Johan E berth Michael, 

Johan Georg Schreiber, 

Hans Georg Petri, 

Georg Valentin Steiner, 

Johan Conrad Erich, 

Johan (Jasper Trump, 

Abraham Donner, 

Jolin Edelman, 
Johannes Bloch, 
Peter Muller, 
Hans Jacob Metz, 
Johannes Schrag, 
Ernst Schmidt, 
Johan Conrad Scheppen, 
Johaun Nickel Wiertt, 
Frantz Herman. 
Philip Hen rich Hecht, 
Johan Philip Jacob, 
Johan Jacob Schreiner, 
Johan Adam Widerstein, 
Johan Philip Gielberth, 
Georg Friederich Steiner, 
Joh. Philip Weltzheimer, 
Joh. Philip Schreiner, 
Joh. Hen rich Herdel, 
Johann Jacob Henninger. 

List of FoRRieNsns Imported in thk Ship S\lly, John 
J)AviDSON, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Ports- 
mouth. Qualified Nov 4, 1766. 

Paulus A meeker, Johannes Lemp, 

Jacob Hrandenberger, Christoph Henrich Augustinus, 

Georg Jacob Elsass, Georg Friederich Grobs. 
Joh. Georg Sturmfels, 

List ok Foreigners Imported in the Ship Juno, John 
HoBKiiTSON, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Bbr- 
wick-on-Tweed. Qualified Jan. 13, 1767. 

Johann Bekenne, Michael Gotz, 

John Henry Hirsh, John Peter Biill, 

Joliiinnes Mass, Joh. Hen. Lebo, 

Johan Georg Seiiberth, Johan Georg Huber, 

Johann Henrich Kiiche, Joh. Hen. Holdinghauser, 

Johan Clemens Gulich, Georg Mich. Kittelineyer. 


LiaT ofForbignbrs Impohtkd is trk Ship Sally, John 
OSMAX, Maatbr, i^rou Rottkkuam, last kkom Uowna. 
(jUALiFiuu Oct. 6, 1767. 

Henrich Klt!il)er. 

(}aors Leiilirli, 

Jolianneri Soiiimer, 

8t«i>haa Tuchinan, 

Joh. Einerlch Atluiii. 

Mich&al Uiithei). 

WuDilel Hernhardt, 

Cliriato. Lu()wig J>etw.'il>>r, 

Johan Weorif Wut/er, 

OeorgHenricli Klatr., 

Johan Philip HiifT, 

Johann I't-trygandt, 

Joh. Nicklaurt Weyg&nd, 

Jon. Heiiricli Kmflt, 

Joh. Mi(ilm«i Ba«t, 

Johan neH Sutler, 

Pmnl/. Hohe, 

Jnpoh Hf^rndt, 

Henrich Web..r, 

OiiHlHir Anker. 

Mii-.huel Miller. 

Vult-ntin H«lie. 

Ja<;ob Li 1 1 II, 

Jai'/ib Ktiri, 

Konroii HeHiT, 

Fmnti WilliHlm, 

Ja(K>l> I>aiiihert, 

mm on Hi'ihu, 

Uewald Ziejiier, 

A<!olph Dill, 

Adaiu Wdrr, 

Anilri-us BiMsrlinK, 

Johannf H Ki-iiiiwrliiiK, 

GporgHei.ri.-h V.tght, 

Prittdcrkh KHintiffiidiilii, 

Joh. Tlirndi>r.' Hartmaii, 

Walter Ii.'yl, 

Fr.-derick Kiiss, 

Jacob flr.rtl^r, 

Jacob R^diT, 

Hand Heorir <Jral)erth. 

TitiorK KleilMir, 

Ju<:oli Diirwieit, 

Peter Wllrioh. 

Pliiiip t£ri)nki>, 

Kern'hart EgUu. 

Peter Auchmanii. 

Oeorg Bernhariit, 

Hand Ailam Bailer, 

Johan Andreaii Snnling, 

Adam Pliilip Kititx, 

Wiliielm Diewait, 

Joli. Conrad BertHch, 

Georn Keller Werlh, 

.Toil. Nicolaiiti Lndwig. 

Joii. Hiaronimiis Augustine, 

Joh. .lac. Hiifer. 

Jacol) Eckenberger, 

Jacob Bermlt, jr.. 

Nickel Huber, 

Adam Huber, 

Adam Miiller, 

I'hilil) Huber, 

Jacob Kilter, 

Peter Diehl, 

Peter Miller, 

Adam Reyter, 

Jtioii Urger, 

Philip Dieti, 

Hans Ziegler. 

The<.bfil.l Fischer. 

nbristinn Mfiller. 

Leo 1 1 hart Beyer, 

liiibriel Uran, 

.Vilniii Knoblaneh, 

Uartlii Borntriiger, 

KariK (Tt>org Maitheix, 

Jact>b Kelialt. 

Henrich KiewH. 

i 'rn'iM.r Bpiex, 

.Tacoli Rfiinmel, 

Johann Adam Ijechler, 



Joliaun Philip Lutz, 
Joh. Beriihard Hotfinaii, 
l*hilip Frolich, 
Dauiel Lauth, 
Johanu Adain Reb, 
Johau Ueurich Fu^liKe, 
Wilhelin Reuter, 
Micliael Klein, 
Hans Georg Buchinaii, 
Adam EickenberKer, 
Johaiin Jacob Appel, 
Joh. Willielm Benneburg, 
Johan Caspar Schneider, 
Balthaser Heinrich, 
Michael Luch, 
Fred. RlmmeK 
Jacob Reiter, 

Johann Simon Hohe, 
Hans Schonenberger, 
Johann Georg Miller, 
Jacob liauth, 
Georg Adam Keffer, 
HanH Adam Pahn, 
Leonard Albrecht, 
Peter Schweitzer, 
Joh. Fried erich Schlemb," 
Joh. Carl August KlesB, 
Philipp Rottmann, 
Jacob Stellwagen, 
Phil. Leonhart Hartman, 
Nickolaus Kabel, 
Geo. Hepleman, 
Johan Nickel Alberto 

List ok Forkignkrs Impoktkd in thk Ship Hamiltobt, 
Chaklks Smith, Commandkh. from Rotterdam. Quali- 
fied Oct. 6, 1767. 

Christophel Henritzi, 
Geo. Leon. Zeller, 
Priederich Satler, 
Michael Wambach, 
Joh. Henrich Beideman, 
Joh. Priederich Anspach, 
Hans Michael Dreher, 
Mat he II 8 Kuntz, 
(Hirist. Wineinan, 
.Johannes Hoch**, 
Peter Nenschwander, 
Peter Diet her, 
Henrich Seyler, 
Jacob Euher, 
Leonhart Knor, • 

Johannes Hiiber, 
Conrad Mahler, 
Heinrich Dietz, 
Joh. Nio. Smith, 
Philip Christian Schrader, 
Johan Gottlieb Bliimler, 
John Peter Hess, 

Joh. Phil. Thoniger, 

Peter Rothrock, 

Nicklaus Schaffer, 

Johau Nicklaus Frick, 

Joh. Henrich Grosshard, 

Johann Peter Krumm, 

Andreas J)reher, 

Michael Merlock, 

Henerich Felton, 

Peter Krassel, 

l*eter Neusch wander, jr., 

Ca8j)er Vitrius, 

Johannes Weiss, 

Jacob Nuss, 

Weiidel Haintz, 

Conrath Rau, 

Jacob Weiochs, 

Philip Baltzer, 

Die bait Kelhoffner, 

Johan Conrad Schliipp, 

Friederich Mollinger, 

Johan Melchior Reuschling, 


.Tohan Fried erich Hnintz, 
Fric].Wii)ielin Rauhmun, 
'Johaii Jacob Beuckler, 
John Philip Uunick, 
Johannes Burckert, 
Christian Winseher, 
Martin Kalckliaufer, 
GeorK Peter Kostel. 
H enrich Medart, 
Juiui Ewig, 
Heinrich Ketterer, 
Conrad H enrich, 
Georit Kunt/., 
Cam Mir Walter, 
Jacob Schneider, 
JoliaiineH Schii elder, 
A<l»iii Tjotz, 
Cieorg Hoock, 
I.udwig Hort, 
Oourad O- ram in, 
Jost'iih 8chle!<er, 
Jacob HoehHtraHHer, 
Henricli Nickel Heidnck. 
(ivo. Michael Fiixs, 
Joh. Michel Kiihnan. 
Conrad BOhmer, 
Johann Cfeorg Jjutz, 
Michael Haintz. 
Ohrisloi)!]*"! Schiedtert, 
A<latu Humbert, 
Sebastian Bttel, 
Michael K lesser, 
Jacob KiHlel. 
UichtLfl Krhart, 
Peter Uollinijer, 
Aiulreiic Seiman. 
Phil. Ja<iol) Kiint/niann, 
Casimir Jiernhard Alberti, 
Pranii W. Schwig, 
Jolian Gottlieb Hauck, 
Phllij) Eiihnnnn, 
QiiiriniiH Michael, 
MattliHs GriiHRel, 
Philip Smith. 

31-VoL. XVII. 

John Bernhard Hooh. 

Poter vim Hul«n. 

(^^hriatoph Hartniuii, 

John Adam Heck, 

Johann Jacob Frick, 

Johaii Oeorg Hiss, 

Peter Michael Klein, 

Johann <'onrad ReiDx. 

Jnhan ZachaHas Doiiaelt. 

Priederich Hart, 

Daniel Barteh, 

Michael EiulreH, 

P. E. Leonie, 

Daniel Solllierger, 

Chriotian Steiner, 

Johaniitix Hedinger, 

Peter Seekat/., 

Henry Wagner, 

Prantz Hopp, 

Jotteph Bli»cti, 

■Toll 1 1 WiHternieyer, 

Joh. ChriHt. Kirsclieiimaiin, 

Ueorg .Tacob Banmann, 

(ieo. Miehael Rhoiidet!. 

Joh. Nickel Stuck, 

Christoph Seller, 

Frieilfrich Biihiiier. 

Conrad Wagner, 

Georg Jacob Siiss, 

Heinrich Wahlier, 

Henrich Horn, 

Fried. Vogel, 

Gottlieb GeiKB, 

JacoV) Albrecht, 

Jucoli Schell, 

Joimn Schnllr.. 

FriedeHch Stiininel. 

Friedorich Coii.-iid HolT. 

G.-org Fr'ederirh Knoblauch, 

I.oreiitz Schmidt, 

JohanneM Fiitter, 

Hans Philip Bolt. 

Johan Peter Klalx. 

Joseph Diibernork, 

NicklaH Uettt^rn. 



List of Foreignkks I 
Alkxandkr Hardy, 
PROM Portsmouth. 

JohanneM Horn, 
Heiirich Gorjji, 
Johannes Hirscli, 
Johannes Kistner, 
Carl Rohrig, 
Michael Giintzler, 
Johannes Gliick, 
Johannes Kleini>eter, 
Johann Peter Hoch, 
Friederich Fliissman, 
Johannes Bauer, 
Johannes Kiinckel, 
Friederich Stegel, 
Johan Philii) Falck, 
Johannes Kunckel, 
Johannes Breiten>>ach, 
Johan H enrich Lorey, 
Johannes Kohler, 
Peter Schuster, 
Matheus Kohler, 


Master, from Rotterdam, last 
Qualified Oct. 26, 1767. 

Casper Dietrich, 
Michael Kohler, 
Hen rich Hesser, 
Johannes Keyser, 
Lorentz Schuster, 
Jacob Plat, 
Johannes Hem, 
Friederich Steigerwalt, 
Johannes Steigerwalt, 
Michael Jacob Bach, 
Johannes Staub, 
H enrich Kunckel, 
Adam Dieterich, 
Leonhart Kriimer, 
Johan Michael Alstat, 
Valentin Breitenbach, 
Johannes Christian, 
Johannes Bach, 
Johan Peter Uhl. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Briqantine Gram- 
pus, Hknry Robinson, Commander, from Rotterdam. 
Qualified Nov. 4, 1767. 

Adrian G range t, 
Peter Dertwa, 
Johan Peter Gliickler, 
Johan Bernhard Welte. 

Christian Schunber, 
Michael Unseld, 

Li.sT OF Foreigners Imported in the Ship Minerva, John 
Spurrier, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 
Qualified Nov. 9, 1767. 

Johannes Nauman, Johannes Naiinian, jr., 

Jeremiah Nauman, Nicholas Blacher, 

Johann Detmolder, John Miller, 


Pet«?r SchniDiK^her, 
Jul lau lies rierr, 
J»r<>)> H(-1li[>un, 
H. Hambaeh. 
Valentin Paber, 
Jacob Horscli, 
Anthony Scliof h, 
Jacob Weins, 

Job. MatheiB Srhleernanu. 
Oeorfj Wittenmeyer, 
Julian Martin Motzer, st^ii. , 
Valt-ntin Kainper, 
Hans GKOrg Haag^k, 
Johan ThraulKich, 
Christian Calinotroni, 
(ieo, KetiHi^], 
tiottfried Haaffa, 
Bastian IJivuber. 
Johan Clirist. Uauber, 
Philip Jacob Gcntzler, 
Jacob Orill, 
Jnrvmias Algeiev, 
Michael Suitz, 
Valentin Slahl. 
Johannes Fnsser, 
HatiK Gi!org Miiyer, 
Johau Peter Scliumaeher, 
Job. Jiietrich Henuenburg, 
Johftnned (JKOrg Hefer, 
Joh, VatHiitin Hattinifer, 
Jolianii Georg Sohiiffer, 
Dniterieh Reiilenmever, 
Jolinn W olfgani; Bolschner. 
Johaiin Jacob LnnK. 
Johan llaniel Schmoll/e, 
John William Jaciier, 
John Lnilwii; Bani-lier, 
Francis Plainer, 
Frit-derich Hahn, 
Jacob Mich. Holber. 
William ZiUs. 

John Pisclier. 
John Miller. 
Frieiiericli Kopp, 
Christian Paber, 
Jacob Paber, 
Peter Puchs, 
Jul). Marshal ilcr. 
Christian KaiifTmnn, 
Valentin Paber, sen., 
Georg Adam Wetterbauer, 
Johan Martin Motzer, 
Jolian David Bortlele, 
Conrad Schnniiler, 
John Adam Roltbetztir. 
Johan GiK). Sehar, 
Mattheus Fiiicher, 
Eberhart LeltenlJerger, 
John Melchior Blunkenbarg, 
Johan Neiitzert, 
H^nrirh Lanchs, 
Philip Hitzler, 
Peter Midler, 
Johannes Schmidt, 
Jacob Hohlwdin, 
Hans Bitrnhart Mayer, 
Joh an n Simon Bchney, 
Jolian Wilhelm Endres, 
Johan Jacob Zechiel, 
Georg Adam D«utsch, 
Ntcolans Albrecht, 
Nieodemtis Ungerer, 
Johan Daniel Wilhelm, 
Johann Adam PfeifTer, 
Johan Lndwig Di-^terioh, 
.lolni Will. Beane. 
Jolian Bremer, 
John Antlreas Kirchner, 
Jacob WockenhttUt, 
Michael Trahn, 
Joseph Kund 



List of Forkionkrs Imported in thk Ship Sally, Patrick 
Brown, Mastkr, from Rotterdam, last from Gowks, 
QrALiFiED Nov. 10, 1707. 

Adam Herterger, 
Lorentz Huber, 
Martin Waller, 
Simon Stein, 
Conrad Heuring, 
Simon Boni, 
H enrich Dolle, 
Martin Nicolaus Tscliudi, 
Georg Carl Mandel, 
Johann Tschudi, 
Martin Tnchudi, 
Daniel Ernst Hirach, 
Johannes Hanner, 
Hans Michael Boni, 
Johannea Burman. 
Michael Lanhart, 
Christoph Lochner, 
Jolian ChriHtiau Roth, 

Johannes Egel, 
Hans Tschop, 
Martin Stohler, 
Prederich Bantz, 
Johann Ganssle, 
Valentin Neissel, 
Johannes Glotz, 
Georg Wachter, 
Johannes Stuch, 
Jacob Stobel, 
Martin Miiller, 
Jacob Erschberger. 
Christian Althaus, 
Georg Pried. Wiedmayer, 
Adrian Hablutzel, 
Joh. Rudolph Bopp, 
Philip Jacob Puchs, 
Henricli Schaub. 

List ok Forkignkrs Imported in thk Ship Pennsylva- 
nia Packet. Robert Gill, Master, from London. Qual- 
ified Oct. :j, 1708. 

Martin Pontzius, 
Jacob liinder, 
Jacob Koch, 
David Pontzius. 
Jacob Mauss. 
Frans Peter Brenner, 
David Higenell, 
J. Frantz Helm, 
Hans JacobHoffniaii, 
Johan Ptiter Miiller, 

Ludwig Brenner, 
Wilhelm Pvni, 
Jacob Kulniann, 
Jonas Apfel, 
Johan (leorg Jung, 
Reichart Schell, 
Johannes Schumacher, 
^icklas Kubnann, 
Johan (reorg Wiirtz. 


List of Forkimkbrs I«pohtki> in tbk Ship MinrrvaT 
Thomas Arnott, Mastkr, krom Rottbrdam, last prom 


JotianneR Mohr. 
Priederii'.h StHpr, 
Weudel Eu»;e]. 
Jacob Hull I, 
Juhan StrolMtih, 
l%ili[> UruDt7.|{e, 
Heiirioh Muller, 
Janob Franenfelder, 
Minhae) EilKCiitK, 
Michael Uchiealer, 
.lereinias Klein, 
JOHt Qutz. 

Jacol> Nt'H, 
PmntK Maminet, 
Grbard GiebeDiaum, 
Jolini) Kleminer, 
Philip Schenklcr. 
Willielm PhiliT' KiiBcht, 
H an X Jacob KippuHt, 
JoliatiiieH Schrath, 
('oiira<l Liickhaui), 
Jo) I an It PolTenburg, 
Jnlinn Leiihard Wagtier, 
Joh. Andreas Wicst, 
JohanncH Stuckerd. 
Johan Valeiitin KraiiwH, 
Joh. Nickt^l Hiiher. 
Johannes Kustnr, 
Ludw[g Orth, 
Fritjderich Hrand. 
Michael Wolff, 
Micliaei Ehrinan, 
Joban Peter ("fraff, 
Joh. HhrlHtian Steymeiin, 
Johan .\nthori Stephun, 
Joh. Conrad Rail, 
Paul Weitt!nha(-her, 
Johan Adam Meyer, 
Mathanfl Korkt>nba<!h, 
.Johannes Theic Miillur, 
Johan Peter Itferckel, 


u Oct. 10, 

Joliannett Kui 
Riidoiph Dereoh, 
Wend el Decker, 
Johaniiee Sostner, 
Christian Phttl, 
Oeorg Miihl, 
Johan L en hard Herr, 
ChriBtian Kooh. 
Jacob Blautbch, 
Thomas Heyberth, 
Maximilian Neutzert, 
ChriBtian Echternacht, 
Michael Lehe. 
Paul Bii chert, 
Joh. Peter Meier, 
Johan Christian Holland, 
Johan Jacob Uuhl, 
Henrich Straiinmy, 
(Tasiiiier Hembd. 
Valentin Sandel, 
Johan Woirt;aiig Suyhotli, 
Chriiitiaii Wilhelni Friitz, 
Joh. Ueiir^ Mich. Streuker. 
Joh. Georg Eis>>niiian. 
Joh. Peter Schmidt, 
Joh. Philip Schleicher, 
Michael LatHch, 
])aiiiel Weber, 
(•oiirad Braun, 
Peter Karp, 

Johan Christoph Weick, 
Joh. Balthasar (traff, 
Joh. Biilthawer Kroh. 
.lohanneK ISHiimdt, 
(ieorg AilaiTi Ran, 
Jai^ob Zimmerman, 
(ieorg Henry Seyberth, 
I'hilip Peter Mauli, 
Pliilip .facob Ohler, 
,Tohanu Muthiati Miiller, 


Jnhitn Wiliielm Kleiiian 
Jolitiii Jacoli Waltlier. 
Jdliun Juculi Hfiruiaiiii. 
Miohaul Heibttr. 
Jost>I>hiiH Heibler. 
\Vtlheliii Fucl)», 
John MnxHelberger, 
Peter OWralieiiner, 
Peter Piwher, 
Joiiuii Willielm Paultis, 
Joh. Georg Hclieuermaii 
Joh. Henrioh Hunt. 
Joli. DuiUtil Kaull, 

(ieorg Henrich Haug, 
Joliiin Jacob Dietrich, 
Jolmii Peter HiefTi^rt. 
John Pifter Meyer, 
Philip Uaiil. 
Michael Mauerer, 
Mekhior 8chmi<lt, 
Jacob Zoll, 
Oeort; Em miner, 
Juh. MailielH Best, 
Johaii ToblaH Mohr. 
Johaii Jacob SchatTi)er, 
Juliauiiea Uuheyzer. 


FoRKiRMKRa iMroitTKii IS THF Ship Crawpori). 
HAKLK.s Smith, Mamtkr. phdm Rottkhdau, last fhom 
QiiALiviKi) Oct. 2«, 1T8M. 

GottrrttHl SehlaiiB. 
Franc (roiichi', 
Peter Itarnai, 
G-HfirK Erlin^er, 
Ouiirad Scht'lTttr. 
Jacob Weleker, 
Mieliael Welcker. 
Henricli Hhim. 
J acq II eK T>eilie, 
Abram VoisiH, 
Goitl'.b Hchwart/., 
Pliilip iiiitz. 
(itiorg HolTinan. 
Joh, Jivcob Esclier, 
Johaii Geiirg Scher. 
Gabriel Aeneber. 
Pliilip Hiif, 
Joli, Wit. Hartman. 
Beliaxtiaii Hini1>>rle, 
(it'cr^ Ht'iM-icb FiHcbei', 
(leorK Jacob Waltmanii. 
Jai^tib HeltKrr, 
Job. Jacob Kumniel. 
Johaii OiriHtnplit'l K.<l]er, 

Ja<()li Bnhmitit, 
John G«r«te, 
Jobannex Sclmffer, 
Aiidruas [JKHener, 
JohuniieH 8c Iiiitz, 
JohaiiiieH Welcker, 
JohanneH Krelter, 
Arahnni Sarnain, 
BaiTiiiel fnlilret. 
Jacob Stehin, 
Ht>iLrich Herncliber|{er, 
Hamies Weickcrt. 
Martin 8cluia1)e), 
.Tohan Saiunel Aiuweg, 
Chrixtian Aetip.ller. 
Jo8t Hen. Miiller, 
Iwuic (lochet, 
Joh. Nick. Hartman, 
Joh, MiiithiaH Hurtnian, 
Emanuel Waltinann, 
Johan Iitaac Cochet, 
.Johaii Kichiiiai), 



1 Priee 

Carl liiiilwitf Slandehaiier, 


Georsr Wilheiin Becker, 
Johan AntoniuB Frulich, 
Fried. Samuel Heller, 
Jean Pierre Welle. 
Johan Samuel GiiiltDer, 
Johan Henrich Fohrniaii. 
Uiohael V. Huber. 
Job. Priederich Schnabel, 
Daniel Spies, 
Martin Pad, 
CaHpar Luti!che, 
Job. Jacob DieU, 
Iiudwig Kiehl, 
John Oeurg Boiistein, 
Job. Niekluue Heckmann. 
Juh. Heman Obenueyer, 
Joh- Erhardt Schneider, 
Johan Henrich Strom, 
Andreas U-utthard Liibt;, 

Jithau Philip Haass, 
Friederich HolTmann. 
J<ilian GeorB Grdn, 
Martin Schart^, 
Jacob Ulricb Siltzel, 
Johann Philip Michell. 
T gnat i us Hengerie, 
Job. Conrad Bchnabel, 
Conrad Friihs. 
Joh. Philip Fries, 
Peter Galloe, 
Joh. Hen. Leis, 
Job, Adam Staud, 
Johan Wilhf^lm Diehl, 
Joh. Henrich Walterschen, 
Jotjt Henricb Schneider. 
Georg Dietrich Cochet, 
Johan Wilheiin Waltniau. 

List op FoREr0SKRs Imported in thk Ship Betsy, Capt. 
Samuel Hawk, FROMRoTTBRDAM,i,ASTFiinM Port8M01it«. 
Qualified Oct. 26. 1768. 

Solomon Stenger. 
Jacob Anthony, 
Jacob Berentz, 
Jacob Stenger, 
Johannes Nie^, 
Adam Anthony, 
Johann Gernsl. 
Gerhard Krug, 
Adam Stenger. 
Adam Horn, 
Joseph Emrich. 
Johan Gerhard Thie 
Btephant Felix, 
Martin Felix, 
Georg Schiitt, 
Nicolas Shory, 
Jacob Mayer, 
Henry Bender, 

Peter Kiimmer, 
Job, Philip Suae, 
Michael Bieber, 
Jacob Pasche, 
Philip Miinsch, 
Valentin Bieber, 
Jacob Bieber, 
Jacob Alotz, 
Andreas Hauck, 
FrnntE Snhnell, 
Jacob Stenger, 
Jacob Anthony iUann 
Michael Lang, 
Martin Bauer, 
Valentin Miiller, 
Peter Sieber. 
Peter Monnel, 
Friederich Mahler, 


T V* 



















van***' „v\cV^ * 


List OF FoRRia»KRs Ihportrd i.v thk Shii* , Na.nct asd 
SuHKY, Oai<t. William Kkx^, kkom London. Qualipird 
Sbpt. 1. 1769. 

Krederich Roth, 

Joh. Bftlthaser l)«riihelm 

Hit Schrack, 

NIoklauB Fretit, 

Joan auilielmHsPythaii. 

JoliaDn (reorg Wunder, 

Jowph BchaiitK, 

Wilhelin Usoner, 

Job. Hen. Clii'istoph Koth, 

Christ iun Koth, 

Jacob (Jrob, 

Nicklans Ernst, 

Johaniiex Uabrinl. 


Pacuiirt. Capt. Jamb8 Cook, vroh Li»bo». Qualivikd 
Skpt. 39, 1760. 

Wontzel Serb, 

Johannt-s Miller, 

Martin Giith. 

Adrian Brust, 

HeniianiiH <'azt>. 

Hen. Michai'l Diihinpr, 

Prant/. Gomb, 

Joh. Her. Frie<l, Lipiieiikaii, 

Uartiti Long, 
TliouiUH Briist, 
Friederieli DieKs, 
Pitre Indes, 
Joliii Henry Block, 
Josi-ph 8chment>ll, 
J.H-l Franeiacns Todt, 

List op Forkionkrs Impoktkd in thk Ship Minkrva, Capt. 
Thomas .Xrnott, from Rottkriiam, last frou Pobts- 

MdlTTH. tJlTALIFIKD OCT. 13, 17«U. 

And reus Hoier, 
Friederich Groiiimel, 
Conrad Bock, 
Michael Bauer, 
Abrabam MidlinKiT. 
Philip MoBPM, 
Philip Sej-fert. 
Johan Tbeobalii Eniricli, 
Johanri Adum Well.-r, 
Joh. Henrieh MaiulerlMicb, 
Joh. Henrich J)ischardt, 

Loreiitz Heier, 
HiuiH Georg Bopp, 
Joh. Jacob Hentx, 
Friedi'ricb KeSBeler, 
Peter Ulrich. 
Bern hard Karg, 
JoNt^ph Farni, 
Jolianii Adam Klein, 
Joliatiiiett Theis Arntlt. 
Joh. Henrieh Manderliacli, 
Johann Wilhelin Bchnb. 



Georg Fried erich Riick. 
Johaiin Nicklaus Dobler, 
Jacob Mussel inann« 
Johan Matheiis Dock, 
Henrich Klein, 
Nick. Bernet, 
Christoph Pasch, 
John l^ollifi:, 
Johannes Herd, 
Authon Fuchs. 
Johannes Weber, 
Joh. Jacob Fritz, 
Jacob Farni, 
Michael Hertz, 
Michael Neif, 
Daniel Scheflfer, 
Johan Philip Becker, 
Johan Christoph Fertig, 
Joh. Matheis Kalzenbaoh, 
Theobald Hess, 
Peter Siiwel, 
Antoni Dunkel, 
Henrich Porster, 
TheobaUl Schramm, 
Philipp Conrad Hiiussler, 
Philip Peter Rothenheusser, 
Johann Bernhard Printzel. 
Johannes Schneider, 
Johan Jacob Walther, 
Johan Casper Panli, 
Jolian Christoph Scherer, 
Joh. Andreas Strasbiirger, 
Jolian Valentin Klein, 
Johan Michael Rademacher, 
Stanislaus Matter, 

Johan Georg Zundel, 
Hans Georg Jacob, 
Jacob Siilger, 
Johann Jacob Walter, 
Nickelas Weber, 
Jacob Diehl, 
Jacob Fryer, 
Heinrich Fentz, 
Christian Jung, 
Andreas Heger, 
Georg Siematt, 
Michael Hier, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Conrad Hoffman, 
Michael Dosch, 
Jacob Berg, 

Johan Georg Gultmann, 
Philip Henrich Bohlender, 
Johan Nioklas Schaffer, 
Hans Vogt, 
Manuel Eberth, 
Johann Hemrier, 
Georg Martin Fentz, 
Jacob Henrich Arnold, 
Henrich Carl Stumph, 
Georg Henrich Ziegler. 
Daniel Naumann, 
Johann Philip Frey, 
Johan Henrich Pfeffer, 
Johan Ludwig Wasser, 
Johan Adam Stock. 
Johann Adam Steuer, 
Johan Jacob Kiefer, 
Johan Philip Hentz, 
Geo. Henrich Jacob. 

List of Forkignkrs Imported ix the Ship Crawford, 
("HAS. Smith, Commander, from Rotterdam. Qualified 
Oct. 24, 1769. 

Georg Rii decker, 
Johannes llinckel. 
Ant lion Miiller, 
Johan Wilhelm St oil, 

Michael Satt, 
Friederich Kneiss, 
JohaTi Adam Barnietet, 
Valentin Hoffman, 


Johann Wilheltn Flick, 
JohaiineB HofT, 
Wilhelm Miiller, 
Christopher Sohinldt, 
Johan Bernhart KeiiipfT, 

Dieter Bey«rle, 
Peter Thorn. 
JuKt Xenrlfh Theil, 
Jo I la nil The is KempIT, 
JohuD Theie Miller. 

List of FoRKiQSRRd Ihportrd in tbk Snow Nrptunk. 

Thouas Bdwart) Wallis, Couhakder. frou Lisbon, 

PoRTiTOAi. QiJALiPiKD July 27, 1770. 
■John Nuttier, Frannicio Weytsier, 

Johunn Paul Kapp, Jean Bajitiiite, 

Oeorg Hetiiricli Bremer. Philip Jacob Michai>l, 

Johann tieorg BratQeoh, Michael Muttler. 

List of FoRKiCJNKRa 1mportki> ix t 

HaPT. fiitn. STKI'IIANitOK. FROM Loxl> 

or:sT20, 1770. 

Brto l>or.i-Hi\, 

JoHepli Solomon. 
fJeorg Alison, 

Peter Miller. 
Jacques M oilier, 
Jolmiiti JoKt Klein, 
Kicula Paris. 

List of PoRwroxRHa Importrii is 
(Jki>, Mastrr, from Lisbo 

10, 1770. 


Juhanni>s Eml. 
Aiitoine liore, 
.lohaiin Krit.'*ser, 
(iille Barier. 

Peter Mohr, 
T,otiise Pfttier, 
Petro CI a 11 lie. 



f^owKij. QuALivjBD Oct. 1, ITTII- 

(leorK Muiifftt. 
Jolianiieti Bohell, 
Jacob Kuntz., 
Valentin Hew. 
Lorcntp FficliH, 
(J porn (iellf , 
Jacob (ireiner, 
Jacob Sohmit, 
(i>Horf{ I.uck, 
Peter Submit, 
Johaimeo SprTith. 
Micliai'l N nil II en mac her 
Andri'ttH Eyricli, 
Malbttu< Wflber. 
t'roilt-rich H«lilbolT<^r, 
Joliaii (.JeorK Pfall, 
JoliaiineH Bclieih, 
Jauoli Iiiick, 
OhriKrian Wv,Ttnr. 
Jacob Pbili)) Harii, 
Jiicob Ketferer, 
Martin Bcb<*rer, 
Joban <T(><)r|{ Uantian 
rtt-org Nickel, 
Hciiiricli Preyer, 
Peter Miller, 
Pbillp Hinion, 
Heorj; Wt-lpr. 
ObriHtiftn «cluillz, 
Jacob (.'oblanw, 
(l«<ir|j; Ferbt-r, 
Ja<'ol> Doll, 
DiHterlch OITenliaib, 
An.lmiN Kief.-r, 
rteorK Paul Preyer, 
PliilJI> Jacnb BeHKinger, 
Hans (leorK Herrmann, 
Micliael Fiinfrock. jr.. 
Job. Henrich Hornl>erBer, 

Uichael Uchinitt, 
iieorg Uiiller, 
.Tacob Marx, 
Phili]> Huit/, 
Itavid Olt, 
A<lain Lleber, 
Theobald Bunch, 
Sel)aiitian Hitii, 
Jobi) Seitler, 

John Weyor, 
(ieorg Jacob Stiinn. 
Johanii Georg Kam merer, 
Jdhauii (iteorK Hchnt^p)), 
Ctt»]«ir PletMch. 
Jnhann Peter Biuutinger, 
PrieileHch Mreiiier. 
(icurg Heinrich Maurer, 
Joliaun Weortr Miiller. 
MathloH Hcbenerinann. 
Conrail Hi-hatitian Kulirr, 
Michael IiOHsinKer, . 
.lohanneH Becker, 
Philip PreiKHinan, 
Job. Henrich Bai^tiaii. 
Coiirai] HolHtein, 
.Tacoii PanliiH, 
MIebael Hcbock, 
Jacob HeintK. 
Johan Hchantz, 
MicliacI O-erxt. 
M In hue I Bchaffer, 
Heuri(;h Giirtner. 
Jacob (KTenbaoh, 
JnbanneH Gaul, 
.Tolianiii'N Heinbert. 
MatheJH Widiiier, 
Willielm Bcbleinilch, 
Hlfpban Fiinfrock, 
Hanf (iforft Mallo, 
Job. Guo Zimmemian, 


Hans Georg Weidtnan, 
6«<>rK Heiiricli BraUDtg, 
Hartz Oirth«iiitz. 
Martiu Wager. 

Michael Kammer, 
David Hlrschlierger, 
Johau Uenrioli Wuldte. 

IjIST of Porbio^'brb Importrii 
KiCUARD Eyre», Mastkk, f 
QUALiKiKD Oct. 3, 177a 

J. Didier, 

Jean Iianl, 

Ji-an Vinettier, 

U«t Labnaunie, 
GuilliaiiuiB Montinaton, 
Matlif IB KreiH. 

List of Fori;ii]):«krs Importhd i.v thk Ship Sallt. Johm 
Osmond, Master, from Rottkrdam, i,a3t from Cowks. 
Qualified Oct. 39, 1770. 

Joli. Anton Trager, 
FranclH Stein, 
Peter Joseph, 
Bern hard Seip. 
JohanneH Ditinan, 
Hietrirli Wilh. Bnoking. 
Johan Frif-derieii Hester, 
Johau KrafTt Achebach, 
■Tohann Henrich Bui, 
Andreas Llohte. 
Johan n en Kriepn, 
Jacob Schnell. 
JuhaniieR Koch, 
.lohan Henrich Weyandt, 
Johan Theobald Franck. 
Jotiunn Nicklaus Walter, 
Johan Bnlthae Kloin. 
Johann Admn Haar, 
Johan OhrlKitan Brechner. 
Johann Wickel Bach, 
Johannes Betchel, 
Martin Hebeiaen, 

flhriBtoph Mil Her, 
Joh. Weorg, Altetrled, 
Paul Min^el. 
Daniel Volmer, 
(ieorg Christian Volcker, 
Thomas Kngelhardt, 
Joh. Jost Sasnianshausen. 
John Henry Denner, 
Johan Just Birckelliauli, 
Johannes Lichte, 
Jacob Schneyder, 
ChriMtoph Beck, 
.Tohan Henrich Afftert)abb, 
Joh. niiristopher Diet/. 
Liidwlg Danifl Staudt, 
Joliann fieorg Schleicher, 
Johan Henrich KlielMTstein, 
(Jeorg Andrews Wagner, 
Johann Nickel Hasa, 
Matthew Merkel, 
Henrieh Welterbtein, 
Joh. Cieorg Dentzel, 



Christian Furbe, 
Henry Wernle, 
Johannes Vollinor, 
Johannes Francis, 
Justus Scliinidt, 
Henricus Horn, 
Peter Vogt, 
Paridon Petersen, 
Rudolph Miller, 
Daniel Mise, 
Johan Christ, von Hoflf, 
iieorg Ludwig Fischer, 
Johan Martin Gaul, 
Friederich Willi. Baumann, 
Johan Jacob Heinriegel, 
Christ. Ludwig Heinriegel, 
Johannes Hothein, 
Johannes Schmidt, 

Paulus Stolhe. 
•Johannes Bibighauss, 
Johannes Peck, 
Johannes Weyandt, 
C. G. Hanck, 
Jacob Biihler, 
Jacob Hubacher, 
Friederich Borscb, 
Hans Christian, 
Johann Jost Weyandt, 
Johann Peter Kret>, 
Johannes Bachneid, 
Joh. Martin Bauman, 
Christian iEschelmann, 
Balzar Heinriegel, 
Georg Emmert, 
Johan Valentin Franck. 

List of Forkigners Imported ix thk Ship Crawford, 

Chas. Smith, Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowKs. Qualified Nov. 2.3, 1770. 

-Daniel StaulTer, 
Wilhelni Grainni, 
Cornelius Grainm, 
Peter Miiller, 
Carl Wilhelm Keck, 
Johann»^s Piehl. 
Andreas Serenus, 
FraiK'is Kuhlman, 
Johannes Jauss, 
Andreas Ciutting, 
Ja(M>b (reiger. 
Johannes Suinini, 
Heinric'h Geiger, 

.Tacob Rob re r, 
Johannes Heistand, 
Tobias Hartinann, 
Johannes Luft, 
Johannes Ginther, 
Carl Adolph Seitz, 
Jacob Els, 
Ernst Berg, 
Henrich Haub, 
P. F. l>rotz, 
Georg Kleiderlein, 
Andreas Schwend, 
Cornelius Braun. 


List of Forkiijkbrs Ihportkd is thk Ship Penssti-vania 
Packet, Peter Osborne, Uaster, from London. Quai^ 
IFIBO Junk 17, 1T71. 

Conrail Rachman, 
Lu<]wiK Rohrnr. 
Philip Ja«ob Wniss, 
Johatin Adam Lauth, 

Abraham Mayret, 
Johannes Heyler, 
Joh. tteorg Pried, Bechtel. 


William Cophlasd Lattimork, Commander, from Lon- 
don. (Qualified July 37, 1771. 

Johannet* Hepp. 

•Jobannen Eckman. 
Justus Dornacheur. 
Jacob Rubs, 
— Tohann Georp HbIk. , 
-loh. Martia von Nieder, 
~ValeDtiii Krig, 

LorentK Btahl, 
Geo. Jacob KoUer, 
.lohann Dietricb Hepp, 
Joliii Jacob von Nieiler, 
Joh. Georg von Nieder. 

List of Forriunkiis Imported ix the Ship Mi.verva 
Thomas Absott, Captain, from Rotterdam, last fros 
CowES. (Qualified Sept. 17, 1T71, 

.!acob Wentz, 

(ieorg Miller, 

fbihp Miiller, 

Jacoii Beier, 
Henrich ScbafTer, 
Joba nn Peter Oeinsler, 
Caspar- OsHer, 
Jacob Jung, 
Alexander Oran, 
Jacob Went I, 
Michael Waldenau, 
Friederich Hlrsch, 
Carl Welcker, 
Philip Helig. 
lUrich Kaleer, 

Henry RpiesB, 
Gabriel Gnsch, 
ChrUtian Kiiebe, 

Peter Hertel, 


1 Peter KantK, 

li Weiss, 
Conrad Oster, 
,To1in Werge, 
John Geo. North. 
Adam Wagner, 
Wilhehu HeiHs, 
Valentin Linn. 
Jacob Welcker, 
Henrich Knrti, 



AiiilreoH Hertzlffer, 

JollltQUtMl Ki>st, 

(;hrj3tifin Oaul, 

Jacoli Hnnttuir, 

Ludwii; Wegner, 

jHoob Luiicbx, 

PetruH Meyer, 

IJmKmuH BuHch, 

HMirich Wiedlanilt, 

Joh. Barth. Bulnii. 

Willielin Frimlerioh Saeger, 

Joliau Honrich Schmaltz, 

Joluin (JtKorg Jordl, 

Johuuii <ieo. Frleilei'ich Sclielli 

Joliann Georg Christ id Ann, 

.rohatiueH Giintert, 

Michael Hi«berKe, 

.Tohan .farob Moiler, 

Johiiiin ((eorg Stierle, 

Fritxliarlch BeiKiuiiHer, 

Juhann Atlaiii Wall. 

Johaiiii Frietlerich Dontcli. 

Jdhiiun Conrad Schneider, 

Jobu Henry Peterman, 

Viilentin HuHlavo Htadecker, 

I'liilip Jacob May, 

Jacob Kuhlinan, 

.roliaii Micha<>l Straub, 

Joh. Oerhard Kahnchinldt. 

Johftti .Tost Otterbaek, 

Philip Henrfoh Knapp, 

Oeort; Ctiristopli Htibebold, 

Fried eric h Dew aid, 
Jacob KiiMti, 
Micbnel Hchruidt, 
Atiton Ulanti, 
I'eter Kurtz, 
I)avi,l Drexler, 
Joh. PeiorLehr, 
DionJHluB Bueoh, 
Henry Dieterich, 
Joliaii Daniel Schroder. 
Oarl Piiilip Ebert, 
<i«org Jacob Stoticl, 
Johan Peter LiitsRh, 
»r. Henrlch MatterkeQB, 
Johan Henrlch Schee, 
JoliauuKH Reinholdt, 
Joliunu Michael Sobinldt, 
Andre-as Hetttnanaterger, 
Johann Michael Hoel, 
Jacob (iriinenwaldt, 
Johann ft eorg 8ii8B, 
J oh tin Conrad Roth, 
Hann Peterman. 
Johann Philip Schenekel, 
TheolHild Llf bran, 
Selinntiun Marcker, 
Aclani Mollethor, 
Jacob Hiithmacher, 
Joh. Stephan (int^k, 
Joli, Erlmrdt Gayer, 
Philip Conrad Christ, 
Mirbael Tnissler. 

[jISt ok PnRKiBXKRa Impobtkd in thk Ship Londo^t 
Packkt. Cait. Cook, from Lisbon, Portugal. Quali- 
KIKP Ski't. 10, lT7t. 

Hfurioii BergHr. 
rmilns (fottlob Grell, 
,Iean Baptisle, 
Michelle Devi^nair. 
I'leie Oabori. 

Peter Schnnke, 
Gerardins Vest ens, 
Michael Rntetier, 
Ktienne Teisser. 


List op Fobbiqnbiu Imported in tbk Bhioahtinb Rr(X>v- 
KRY, Bci-L. Mastuei, pkou Kotthruam, laht fbom 


JotiD Havel. 
Michael Wandere, 
<JhriHtiaa Purnian, 

Paul AckH^man. 
Uauiel NietlerhaiiBri, 
Peter Schneider, 
Christian Weber, 
JohantieB Benner, 
Philip GrafT, 
Jacob WelBch, 
Valentin Thomas. 
Michael SchufTer, 
JohaiiDBs Schnell, 
Gottfried Lebreoht Schmidt, 
Joh. H enrich Ortmann, 
llottfried Henrich Diehoft. 
Johaiin Michael Lahm, 
.r oh An 1 1 Peter Schneidf r, sen 
Jolianiiea Christiau Horster, 
.lanoh Henrich WiUx^lm, 
Alexander Schninaclier, 
-lohann.fost tiohiieider, 
Haiif Jacob BchiifTer, 
JohanneH GckHtein. 
.lohannes Sehnell, jr., 
Johaiin Henrich Filifer, 

Jacob Schupp, 
.Tohannes Ortmann, 
Johannes HnrBuhman, 
Philip BurlMinh. 
Niiiholas Becker, 
Albert Deliti, 
Atbertus KratE, 
Andreas Schneider, 
John Martin, 
Wilhehn (Ertter. 
Jacob Snhaffer, 
Peter Becker, 
Adam Recbel, 
Johann Oeor^ Relss, 
Johannes Nioklaus Nau, 
Ohristophel Bertges, 
Johannes Peter Schneider, 
. Johann Jacob Deiikircher, 
JjUdwig Schneider, 
Johann Nickel Welsch, 
Joliiinn Adam LeonhardI, 
Johan Conrad Simngenberg, 
Wilhelm Krnst Felbaeh, 
Johann Muriin Hifjter, 
Joliann Jacob Becker. 

List ok Forkiwskbs Impohtep in thk RhihTiokr, CtROROR 
.loH.vaTON. Master, from Rottkkdam, i.ast kkom Cowks. 
14UALIKIKD N«v. 19, 1771. 

John Kr^lde, 
Nicholans Schei 
Lndwig Si-hni-ider. 
Hans Genrg Heniicr, 
Sebastian Wille. 
Nicholas C')riin>'nwald 
aS-Vou XVII. 

Peter Wagner, 
.raoob Wagner, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Johann Jacob BeyeHe, 

l>oininiciiH Heyroin. 
Joliunu Lautenscbliiger, 



Peter Wasser, 
Henry Apple, 
Anthony Klein, 
Johannes Heigle, 
Caspar Beyer, 
Nicklaus Kohler, 
Jacob Burg, 
Qeorg Hann, ' 
Jonas Blesch, 
Gustavus Miiller, 
Peter Odern, 
Wilhehn Kiiinpf, 
Johannes Ihrig, 
Henrieli Riok«»r, 
Georg Bissenring, 
Joh. Gottlieb SteinbecJier, . 
Johann Adam Ijow, 
Johan Caspar Lorentz, 
Johan Wilheliu Schneider, 
Johann Nickel Martin, 
Johann Ludwig Starck, 
Johan Conrad German, 
Johannes Peter Reusch, 
Johannes Schott, 
Johannes Nitzel, 
Georg Volck, 
Peter Keswler, 
Johannes Benner, 
Jacob Marx, 
Peter Trexier, 
Jacob Kessler. 
Georg Michael Weiss, 
.Jacob Samuel Golde, 
Johann Michael Beltz. 
Georg Mich. RafTenberger. 
Johann Wilhehn Fleck, 
Hen. Jac. Raubenheinier, 
Joh. Hen. Lautenschliiger, 
Georg Henrich Kindle, 
Johannes Waltiiian, 
Johann Christ. Jag«'r, 
Johann Peter Weill, 
Johann Daniel Cleiss, 
Lewis Noy, 
Sebastian Uniicht, 
Martin Eberts, 

Adam Steiner, 
Henry Webber, 
Nicholas Jost, 
Matheis Fautli, 
Johannes Motte, 
Friederich Foltz, 
Jacob HofTman, 
Nicholas Hoffman, 
Jacob Ihrig, 
Johannes Lupp, 
Christoph Sterner, 
Henrich Miilberger, 
Martin Grahn, 
Johann Friederich Don 
Johann Peter Schrig, • 
Johann Georg Horn, 
John Bernard Leyer, 
Hans Heinrich Zimmerman, 
Gottfried Kuhner, 
Johannes Leonhardt Henn, 
Johann Adam Dracker, 
Jchann Leonhard Riigel, 
Conrad Meyer, 
Johannes Miiller, 
Leonard Kessler, 
Johannes Schneider, 
Carle Benner, 
Martin Benner, 
Adam Grosshart, 
Michael Trexier, 
Conrad Haasse, 
Joh. Daniel Schwanfelder 
Johann Nicolas Fuchs, 
John I^e Port, 
Hans Georg Ackermann, 
Georg Simon Griin, 
Johannes Wucherer, 
.Tohannos Willmann, 
Niclaus Samuel Gold?, 
Georg Friederich Kiich 
Wilhehn Schmidt, 
Johan Geor^j^ ScheueriT 
Johann Michael Ihrig. 
John Noy, 
Johannes Schletzer, 
John Jorts, 


Jwiob Scheihiy, 
Affaua Alt), 
Johuioen ReiiHch, 
JobuQD Jacob Slt-ngpB, 
JohnnriftH Kiebt-I. 
Hnns Uich. Lantenxchliii; 
Anton Ebertiartlt, 

Pliilip Eg)e, 

('hrtttt. Jertmiias* Soliiniill, 

l^cinratl Kadiiian, 

Jacob Banner, 

Joliiui Otiorg LauteniutliliiKtir, 

Courati von Halt, 

Anilrwu) Ebinur. 


Charlrs Bmith, Com»axdiir, krom E(>tt&ki>am. last 

from cowks. qualipird sov. 25, 1771. 
Michael Mohrlook, Daniel Wolff, 

Mathias Krausii, (JotttHet) Utoll, 

Jairoh Pried erich Hiickleii, 
Jiihunn Stephan Sniper, 

Johimii Peter Kiich, 

sloph UottliebTheileman. 

NisT or FoRKiiisKiis Imi'ortkd ix tisk Brih Bktsy, Andkkw 
Mhvsox, Oommanurr, from Losdox. ^ualifikd Dec. 1, 


Jacob Fre.v, 
Hcinricli Meit-r. 
Jacob Biiy, 
Hen Hell DEck^, Funck, 
Willi. Becker, 
Joliaunex H.^int/. 
JaRol) Fhiiiacher, 
.Martin Thoinan. 
MattliMK FiixHelliafh 


H BUv 

Keiiirich Fichter, 

J a. 

> Hei 

Jolian HeiiriHi HeMer. 
Jfai) (faspanl Hatlie.' 
Connul Schwfsti-rniuller, 
.Tnhannes Kliippert, 
Hi-btWiiin Harlh, 
Marlin Fiiiick, ■ 

Jacob Bclinekler 
Pri.'<lericli Biinl 
li Stiigger, 


H Dicke. 

Jolm Koch, 
Michael Frey. 
Joliiinne!' Fliiliacher, 
Heitirich BiiBHer. 
CIirJHloiiliel Winder, 
Johnnneit Schmidt, 
Jacob Kngler. 
Peter Stein, 
I'HLihis ItaaersachM, 
Jacob Ziiniiiennan, 
KelNkidnii St ran III an, 
Wilhehii 8i>hiimacher, 
Johiinii Martin Frcy, 
Daniel Volck. 
Jacob ScliniiiacUer. 


List of FoaKiu»Kit.s iMi'oitTKi) 
Woi-FK, Richard Hctjjtkh, i;<j 

giJALIFIKD DKC. 10, 1171. 
Ctiftrlem Smith, 
Friiiies I'rowj. 
John Carle, 
Nioh. Biiiw, 
Juliii Fojoti, 

< 'iLH|ier Bttrifttr, 
Crtxpui- Trfiblt!, 
Anton ErDat, 
Joannes Baptinta, 
JohiiiniHN Sohiiiltt. 


llrnrich Meii^ner, 
ChriKtiiui Schmidt, 
Phii, Wilh. May. 
FrifKlerich Heetor, 
rieinuel J.ober, 
Martin Sudtt^n, 
Joli. Fri«d«rioli Hi>nnhi|^i 
Johiinii Jacob Sniiwuiitxer, 
Johatiu Henrich Volgl. 
Jolmnn Andri>as Fritnn. 
Johiiuu Oeorit TriihauMner, 
Jolian HelrJiior Vasit, 

K Ship Hopk, Oait. 

LIKIKD Fkb. 34. 177ti. 
Christian Wohler. 
Dietrich K[, 
TheolMLliI Klein, 
TliKoliald Bastiati, 
Obo. Adam Jacob, 
Johaii Kroxt Ziegler, 
Johiinii Henrich Hteitx. 
Johanii Jacob Hartniann. 
Johaii Uirich Biiyer, 
Joliaiiii ti(9(ir|[ Mayer. 



KROM UOWKS. (jl'ALIKIKU SKt-r. 110, 1773. 
Johannes May «r, CiiMiuir Wint/,. 

Hans Pldttnor, .liihiiiiiifH llaiick. 

Haiirt Hchnn, l.ndwli; Mill«r, 

Oottlob HemiH-l, ]l«iH Perret, 

Jacob Sohniib, fMiristiiin ApRel, 

H4*iirich Sohweitxer, Jikcoli Ballmer, 

Tlioinax Mnlli, .raooli Hi^iiwelti, 

Pmair. B«M>k, Heinricti tk^h.lnblin, 


HI rich Herberger, 
Joha (jhriatlan Plert, 
Hhiu) Peter Kamiuer, 
Juhaii Friederich Ulin< 
Hans ('aMp«r Hefer, 
HanH Jacob Holler, 
Johitnn David Beata, 
Jonu Arnold us, 
Martin Rudy. 
Henrich Wiuslch, 
Gottfried Zfppemio, 
Johann Ueorg Kahr, 

Jacob HoCCacker, 
HniiM BaltEer BuKcIt, 
Joliiiu Martin Ziiii)ii«r, 
Joli>tni!t!H Wauling, 
(itiori; Henrioh Uebn, 
JohaiiQ Qeorg Ki-twler, 
Johannes Bohwertlle, 
Jacob Uberer, 
Wibn. M»yer, 
HanH Jacob Weier, 
John Georg Stander. 

List nv Forbkiiikrs Impohtkd in thk Bhip ('rawkord, 
a Smith, Maktkr, from Kotturdam. last from 
(JUALIFIKD Oct 16, 1773. 

Andreas HotTinan, 
Jacob Demnu^l, 
Jaroli Schwartz. 
Ootlfriw! Wittman. 
Johannex Hurner, 
(rot t fried Fechty, 
Joliainicfl Schmidt, 
Marx Schneider, 
Sivmiiel Bchoch, 
Christian Roltig, 
Henrieh Zercher, 
Johan Philip Pitting, 
Johnn Th«obold Memkel, 
Joiiann Peler Ochn*- r, 
Johann Henrich WagenhorHt, 
HaoH Oeorg I'reiB, 
John Henry Kimnierinnn, 
Miehat'l Warfhnian. 
(teorg Martin Biiohtner, 
Jonathan Treiittle, 
Friederich Jjinnk, 
Bernhardt Wieland, 
Johannes Bticbmfdier, 
Johann <'bri!<loph Scheibe, 
.loh. David ZieRler, 

Martin Hanck, 

JoiianneH Kii«>lit<r. 

Valentin Welcker, 
Friederich Beyer. 

Juciili Scherer, 
Martin Wieton, 
Johannes Keltr.i, 

Jacob Knpp, 
Georg Pranck, 

Wilbeln. Baltier, 
Johan ('briHtian Nf-rbler, 
Henrich Franpkforllier, 
HanH Miirtiii Mayer. 
Jnhitnn Carl WagenhorHt, 
Jol). Georg Warthman, 
MatheQH Llndenineyer, 

-Hnmnel Friederich Winter, 
Michael StanlTer, 
Peter Hauinian, 
Johann Georg Banni, 
Andreas Holtzbarth, 
Henrich WeisBmiiller, 
J ftpob Friederich l/aiiner, 
Job. Jacob Eberly, 


Jot). QeorfT ICiiiwiictiter. 
Clirlstlaii tjclilniich, 
£,. Miiiith. 
jAooh Arbreitnr. 
Philiiip Hammaii, 
Jutmthan Linok, 
(JlirMoph Mulir, 
MiLrtiii MiilllnKKr, 
.laoot) LauteniiilRh, 
Johana HebeiHeii, 
Peter OaltB. 
Peter LaiiilH^rt. 
Joti'>)>h Utiiiiip, 
Kudolpli Beltzur, 
litaao Bf rgtiial, 
Hartla FlBohcr, 
Joniu NorliHtfin, 
Joneph GratT. 
Friuderloh Wlllielm HeHH, 
Johann Peter Harluieli, 
Jnliiini) Pri«il«ri(!li lltitx, 
Philii> -lacuU SiirturiiiH, 
FriedRrich Li tick, 
pHtor Weyiner, Ben., 
■Inliatin Wonilel Wieitelf, 
Jiicol) Schmidt, 
Pnuit/ Pet*T Drexler, 

Jacob Miil1iiiK«<r, 
Juliuria Witrib, 
JohaiuifH Bautttr, 
Huiiricti Vo({fl, 
Anclreaa Wein«art. 
Pri'derick Peitmeyor, 
Johaii (.'i>iirad J)i»clier, 
Joban Leo[iliiiril Piobler 
Albrecbt Kiim merle, 
JobaiiiieB Beer, 
Johaiii) HeBH, 
AiidreuH Lamliert, 
Miitbacl Miiller. 
Joliii (Iramer. 
Kaltlia-H BertMcli, 
Johaiin Kram, 
(isorg Huurich Maiiri>r, 
Fnuiti Carl Wfiliiian, 
Gii|)r(f Frieilerich Het/, 
(tftirK David Httheriii. 
(Jeorg MiRiiuul Milltr, 
Abrabnm Ku)i1«r. 
Oliriiitopb Baud Hid), 
(liKirf; Adam UaaraDH, 

Johll.Illll>K iJllflHt, 


ciNKitfl Imi'ciktki* in thk Ship Oathabink. 


— Button. Mastku, krom KnTTKitDAi 


LAST I'ltnM 

Priiiiciri SteplianI, 
Uli-ioli Otiio, 
livort! Bardeck, 
FmticJH (leiHKo. 
Ilfiii'ich Herdiiicr. 
('harl«H Friederich Kiiii 

stiaii l.iiidi-mtui, 

rinh UiHiiner. 
CliriHtopli LotNi>ac 


Li'uiibiiril Kfiiller, 
<+f»>r|; Koller, 
Miirlin 8<;bid<-, 
Fraiitz Frieill^, 
Peter Piiiil, 
Jolvili ('aniiar Koch, 
Uottliard i)avi<l FMckwir. 
I'Vaiitx Fideli SciirenokonbiirKer, 
Peter VulirmiLiiu, 


List of FoKBieNRRS Imfortbd in thr Ship Puokbu, 
Capt. Castlk, from Lokdok. Quaufibd Oct, 10, 1773. 

Nicholas Jaoobeon, Frederick BobruJer, 

Oeorg R«hfeld, Joli. Rdnhardt Schabelle, 

Joh. Friederioh BaJiJadorf, Friederlcli Klette. 

List OF Foreionbrs lifPORTKD ix thr Ship Sally, Johh 
OsMOHU, Mastkr, from Rotterdam, i.abt from Cowrs. 
Qualified Nov. 8, 1773. 

Gerlacb Hase, 
Daniel WBiHB, 
Carl Meier, 
John Holtz. 
Wlllifim Lehman. 
Wcynaiidt Rohr, 
Jacob Albrecht, 
Joliann Jacob Bller, 
.fob. Adam MaUenhaoher. 
Johaii Matheiitt Buttt;er. 
■fohan Hetirich Harlnmnn, 
.Fohan Gerlafih Kupffer, 
J oh an n Georj; Kubb»l, 
John Millfir, 
JolmnneB Fritzinger, 
Wilholin Reiss. 
Conrad Rod«r. 
J, W. I*p(er, 
Christian Schmid. 
CliriHtian Reeflte, 
Nicola tia Frauwein, 
Joban (j-port; Kiii^belbach, 
Burcbard Heier. 
Hanst Georif SRhiiderfer, 
Gottlieb Sobliebter, 
Jobann .Jacob Boll, 
Jobaii Nicolaus Schuhriem, 

Joh. Geo. Ostertag, 
Samuel RelM, 
J oh an Freymuth, 
Karl Oeiester, 
('hrJHtian Trautmann, 
Ht^nrich Roland, 
JolmnneB Krom, 
■\Villielm Henrich RItter. 
EniKt Henrich Fritiiinger, 
Jo. .Jost Liinftebnch, 
Johannes 8chiebert>tein. 
Johnn Danitil Kofler, 
Jnliannes Peter Schneider 
Peter Rotbenberg, 
.Facoii Michel, 
Henrich Dieterich. 
Jean Halnwyii, 
Jacob Theis, 
Mat bias Paiili, 
JoliunnuD Theis Sell n ell, 
Johann Henrich Georg, 
Pliilip Peter Schneider, 
Niuklas Paubia, 
Johan Philip Bauer, 
Johan Jost Bet.K, 
Johann Wilhelm Meyer 



List of Forkignkrs Importkd in thk Ship Hops, Grorgb 
Johnston, Mastbr, from Rottkrdam, last from Cowbs. 
QuALiFiKD Dec. 3, 1772. 

Henridh Lehr, 
Johannes Ohlwein, 
Johannes Losch, 
Johannes Elf^erth, 
Jacob Bingler, 
Arnold Peters, 
Joh. Zacharias Lan^bein, 
Philip Hardmann, 
Johan Jacob Gieb, 
Wilhehn Friederioh Damp, 
Herman Roosen, 
Philip Martin Keilhauer, 
Henrich Schuler, 
Paul us Hoover, 
Antony Auer, 
Christian Stucke, 
Isaac Heuinan. 
Justus Bottenfeld, 
Johann Jacob Pfautz, 
Johan Jost Dahliner, 

Jacob Pi nek, 
Johannes Hentz, 
Peter Keller, 
Wilhelm Becker, 
John Frickheffer, 
Jacob Cacheau. 
Johann Georg Pflinder, 
Johan Philip Miller, 
Fried erich Jacob Lauchs^ 
Philip Wilhelm Schmidt, 
Georg Wilhelm Lehr, 
Georg Kirchner, 
Johann Adam Funck, 
Anthon Rausch, 
Jacob Masser, 
Georg Films, 
Friederich Steinhauer, 
Christian Sahm, 
Johan Jost Frickheffer, 
Carl Ohlwein. 

List of Forkigners Importkd in thk Brig Morning Star, 
Gkorg Dkmstkr. Master, from Rotterdam, last from 
CowKS. Qualified Dec. 24, 1772. 

Gottfried Fisterer, 
John Weickel, 
Will. Kemp, 
Jacob Nusser, 
John Runkel, 
Johan Feirabend, 
Anthony SchiilTer, 
Johann Lemer, 
Bernhard Nickel, 
Friederich Winder, 
Georg Schwartz, 
Jo)ian Ludwig Magseiner, 
Andreas Stetling, 

Jacob Weltner, 
Jacob Kuster, 
Conrad Underseel, 
Abraham Richards, 
Jacob Hess, 
Friederich Hoffmann 
Peter Nonnelter, 
Ludwig Reinick, 
Philip Suppert, 
Christian Wenger, 
Prantz Mentzer, 
Henrich Mngseiner. 
Johannes Hamscher, 


NieklaiiB Ladmocher, 
Coamd Langebach, 
Johann Heiiriuli Kiiutz, 
Wil. FrauoiH Turner, 
Johann Adam Kech, 
Jiihan Ootfried Orosemehr, 
Joliann Jacob PfeifTer, 
Frantx Henricus H«gert, 
Johann Peter Ulrioh, 

Jno. Jacob Nanciker, 
Liidwig Uenrioh Veisnian, 
John Jacob (jerendt, 
Johann Georg Keseler, 
Jnhan Heinrioh Meiw«rt, 
Johann Adam Stoll, 
Johunn Carl Miller, 
Johann Prantz Kelter, 
Jauob Nieburgall. 


iiA Packrt. Prtbr Osbornk. Commandbr, from Lon- 
>ON. Qdalifikd April 30, 177:1 

Bdeme Halbon, 
Arnold Boileker, 
Conrad Gabel, 
Henri ah Keee, 
A.lolph Strohl, 
Jost-ph Burchell, 
Jolian Frlederich Rintelin 
Anton Le Rov, 
Andreas Kteiiitichmidt. 
Ohristopli Reincbe, 
Sebastian KleinBohmidt, 

Gerhard Meyer, 
Johaiineit Miiller, 
niiarlett Kliioklier, 
Philip Balm, 
Gottfried He ban or, 
Pitire Carle Pouinmnot, 
Johannes Hart in an, 
Johaii Cliristoph UebiVut. 
Joliiui Philip RjHtTenHch, 
Johann Daniel L«hniiinn, 
Fried ericli Basennaun. 

I,rsT OK FoRKm.NKBw IMPc>lr^>^l) rN thr Ship Catharixk, 


April, 30, 1773. 

Henry Mollwitji, 

Pierre Factzeiiy, 

Ulrich Baatig. 

Joliannee Schniitt, 

Robert Hall, 

Johan Ohristoph Schweigcri 

Joh. Bap Doiideiiianil, 

Jean Daniel Pourlot, 

Etienne Morlit^r, 

Etienne Moret. 
Philipiie Hnnlwrt, 
Joan GonrdaiiJ, 
Hi'nri<rh Siivet, 
Ch. Friederioh Oberliindm 
Henrich Conrad Boger, 
GetirK I^ninaon, 
Blnieon Meyland. 
AUjfUBtin Gage Muriiier. 



AitTHitit Hill, Commandkh, fhom Lokdo.n. Qualifikd 
Mav 31, 1778. 

Kriederioh Meyii, 
Henry Cnuts, 
Michael Horn, 
UHtliiiuH Borelle, 
Andreus Ht^inlinh, 
t>liar<] Aliliiiann, 
Friederich SohleilT, 
Fetar KappnH, 
Jtwtob Tii!'eilionK> 
NIoli. Hoyer, 
Johuiiii Martin Weber. 
CliriHtian Daeliedioti, 
Andrt^ati Reinlmrdt, 
I'htli(. Jaeol> AreulariiiN 
Christian Pfelffer. 
(!hrlHt<iph«r Keeger, 
CliriHtopher Diesel, 
Elierlinrt VarelTtinB, 

(Jenrg PfetKer, 
.Iiicoh «rnl>e, 
Nielli Banloe. 
Johiinneii Engel, 
IiDilwig Reinhart. 
Jiilianu 'BirBtiidt. 
A]idrt>as Franck, 
Nichulos aottinaii. 
Fried eric Frey, 
MichK Flyder. 
Johann Qeorg Kiintx, 
Hen rich Mefutfr. 
Heiirich AroulariuB. 
John Wiseman, 
ZiichnrluH Ho h ret, 
Jt>hAnn (ieorg V<)nele, 
DnIthaHiir PaulHHiK, 
Jacnii Marx. 

tiniils Demarcr, 
John KIlerH, 

Johann Oeorjj K(jt>rt, Joiiehim Hartknpff, 

JohanneB Andreatt Bchtnidl, <tilll Doutremer. 

FfFORKiRSKiis lMPOitTi;n IN THK Hhip 8Aty,T, Jnnx 

C'hrii4to|>her MiiiKel, 
John W. Petri, 
KrnHt Mf^ngetinK. 
Clirixtlun Lfuthe, 

Malhias Ham, 
Danii'l Mfwre, 
Jospjih SheinliT, 
ilehirioh BruKer, 


Herman Heldioh, 

Heary Beck, 

Pliilii) Keyser, 

Ituuic Levi, 

Johann Uunricli Thielti, 

Johann Carl BiiCtQer, 

Johaoii Conrad Hasemann. 

Ailnlph Ooltf, 

Jolian Friedench Kukunk. 

Joliauti Jacob En gel, 

Johann Jacob BaMtiati, 

Carl van WuwenbMVB, 

G. Werner Himmel,' 

Burchardt Jiiiit;, 

Peter Liwdi, 

Anton Hen, Ritter, 

W. DoUendorp. 

Jcihii Daman, 

Mark Woin, 

Adolph Unfug, 

John FeiK, 

J. Conrad Arnd, 

FriiiilK MutHciiler, 

Andreas Wagner, 

Aniireas Hanpe, 

Bernliurd Horiiing, 

Joliannef Gu<locke, 

JohiLuneK Briicher, 

Jnui I'eiter-;. 

Christian Liidwig BnNMel, 

Jolmim Mathias Klnck. 

Johann (ieorg Vanherg. 

Johnn GotI tried Fischer, 

Cusiniir I,"iti, 

TohioN Biilinet. 


ad Mai 

Georg Schenek, 
Joh. Eniannel Klos. 
Jolin Henry FrulNPber. 
Jolnin David Mandelor, 
H. (Conrad Ilieron. Schiilr/, 
Joh. GottUeli Strietzel. 
John Vander'hnyst, 
Johan Peter Walter, 
Joh. Tobias Hess, 
Johan Gottfried Neinrieli, 

Friederioh Brieff, 
(ieorg Woifr, 
Gerhard Henry 24obel, 
Georfj^ Reiningur, 
John Henry Bart ram. 
John Loreutx Tempel, 
Joiian H«nrich Drey man, 
Carl Uo«e, 

ChristopherSch lach man. 
Johann Jacob Mnller, 
Joliftnn Jacob Becker, 
/. Christ. Schidt:;. 
■Ino. Nicli. Harm. 
Anilreax Jung. 
J. Daniel Weismnth, 
J. Gottfried Keetler. 
lirnst I>anl Petri. 
Martiri Frechmeyer, 
Pierre Deinje. 
Gottfried Vogel, 
Tlieoix>ld Btephan, 
J. August JtiHt, 
Joliannen Brann. 
Joli. A'dam H<-hnudt. 
Mathi-w Fallie?., 
William I'lmng, 
H enrich Hilgert, 
AlbertnK Sehiiack, 
MatbiaM Friederich l>iiiibler. 
Carl Got t lob Fridler. 
Joh, Hen. Philip Wehr, 
Julian Fruntz Fncbs, 
Joliann ]'eter (fiihrich, 
FraiitK Friselite, 
Ignatius GrafTenberger, 
John Kirsliner. 
Bartel Metllraolshke, 
Friederieh Marcus Montelii) 
John Henry Sehwitger. 
John Bernhanl Hahner, 
.rohiin Ciirlstopli Bosse. 
.foil. Carl Rotten krantx, 
John Henry Kelinon. 
ChH Enoch Schildl>acb, 
Johan Pr led e rich Beck, 
John Christopli Bautz, 


FruiiciD van Bauke, 
VaWutia Christian Lel)ni){, 
Joliaiin Andreas Miirck, 
Juliatin GhriBtopli Fniiel, 
Joliii Valfiitin Kinberg, 
Hfiiriuli WiUmliii Buiwer, 
(^miri; John Ruueli, 

Joli. ('onnwl Braokiuann, 
Joliii Herman Rudolph, 
Jonaiin Christian M«rck, 
Johaiiii Joiw;hiiD WelMnaim, 
Huiiry Fred. Hlmokera, 
.Toll. Hen. Chrint. Breminer, 
Aiiilreiut Falirenkurii. 

List "F FoRBi'iNKtus Imi'outki> in thk Ship Brittannia, 


Chrxtniili Kern. 

Hiinoii Bcliuiick, 

Jotian Ore In, 

.loliaiin Hnnricli Ijiihr, 

.lohunii Dieteriuli Buniff, 

Faid Mat/., 

Andrenij Iiiil), 

Peter Eckel, 

Jo)) an II CM Mfrti, 

Fhi)i|> Oonra<t, 

HuiiH Joeii, 

liiidwiK Oerlingnr, 

Adam KiimniinRer, 

Mich. Uiineki'l, 

Johaunea Aal. 

Dan. ffeo. Jiinif, 

PliHip Biimeich. 

JmroIi Hohott. 

Joli. Jsremias Bdeinii-h. 
in Geori; Gunckpl, 
m Gi-orK HniiH. 
1 Balthaunr Krami-r, 

L Bin) 





Joinmn Nickel Staiidt, 
Joliaii Chriallan Pabritii 
Jdli. Michael Kirnahbanni 
Johnn Willielm Frauk, 
Joh. Mic-l.el Klliu, 
Uich«l Haaw, 

Danifl Uentor. 
(i^urtf Miller. 
OfHiri; Adam Vo){elBan);, 
Joliann Georu Ehrefried. 
HanH (ieorir Klein. 
Hi-iirich Saner, 
Jacob hiick, 
('lirii^rinn Steftkor, 
Aiilliony Welwr, 
AugUHtln HeH, 
Heurlch Hohnltz. 
('liriHtian Lei hid), 
(JhrlKtian Schutji, 
Christophel Orth, 


H Ott, 

' Daniel HpieMt, 
Miclia(!l .Tnng. 
Jacob Wenncr, 
Joh. Oeorg Wenner, 
Hi-rnianniiH Sclitiler, 
.lutiaiin (Jarl Wentzt^l, 
fieorg Martin Eberhardt, 
Joliann Adam Kramer, 
Johann Oeorp; Lnok, 
Johann Priedericli H«oker, 
JohanneH Wt<llIiMhanB. 
Hanit Adam Weiw. 
HauHlifo. Blfltebftiier, 
Ootllieh Mayer, 
JohanneH Danb, 


Ulchae) Buff, 

Martin KrniDer, 

JoHuph Soliaatc, 

Thorn fM BaaiiiaDii. 

Philip Rimckol, 

Jacol) Won Iter, 

StofBl Nhu, 

HanH Oeorg Wei^l, 

Joimn Friederich Kainmeriicli 

Joliaii Nicklaus BaHtiitit, 

Phllipii Aherthner,. 

JuliKiiii Peter Scholt. 

Johuiin Gtiorg Kmiuur, 

Johan Philip Pflieger, 

Jiihaii Martin Kramer, 

Joliao Philip T.tick, 

Johan II Ailam Engurit, 

OnrI Anton Maax, 

Peter Haas, 

Wilbelin Volt/, 

Jacob 1)<>|^Q, 

Henry Erb, 

Jacob Hithiieider, 

Jacob Sob 1 1 eider, 

(Ion rod Volt/. 

Ueorg H enrich deck, 

Johnii Michael Fincher, 

Johann Qeorg Reiner, 

Johan Michael Thome, 

(.nirJHtlan Will. 
Luilwi); Kramer, 
Cliristoph Menokel, 
Hernhart Webert, 
Benilmrd Schmltt, 
Jacol) Neil, 
William Rockenbrod, 
JiihiiniifM Reinhardt, 
L. Johan Henrich Hertxtt, 
Johaiin Jacob Waliilin^r, 
Jacob Hohaufller, 
I'rau^^tt Labreaht Biehzer, 
Johan Nickel Keuthnauur, 
Johan Jacob BeheliuK, 
Jolian GeOFK Kramer, 
Johan Conrad Emich, 
Johaun Conrad Netscher, 
Johann Daniel Roth, 
Michael Jung, 
Jacoli Hertz, 
Franc Smith, 
Daniel Srhiitl, 
Michael KielTer, 
Jolinnu n-eorg HereHhIiir, 
An<lreaK HirHChee, 
Ada III tjohmel, 

nB Grolier, 




List op FoRKtitsKiw Imi>ortki> is thk Mhii» CiATHAiirif k, 
Jamrs Sutton, Oommandku, khom I.okdon. tjiiALidKu 
Ski'T. 31. 1773. 

li^ortf Luirt, 
Philipp Wild, 
CaHimir Delliit;, 
Georg Baiicher, 
Conrtul Trippel, 
Johan Henrich Beck'-r, 
Michael H oh bach, 

Jnhniui Bohreoka. 
J[)hiinnr^K Bander, 
JuhiinniiH Klehi, 
.lai'. Lud. VIdebdnt. 
Henrich AiidreaH Meyer, 
Christian KOhn, 
Martin Kberliard. 



\j\>v i »!-' I'<nnsi(i \ i.K> I M roK rij) in th 1". Sill r I ' .\ i< >.\, A ndukw 

BkYSON, MAS'I'KII, from RoTTKUDAM, last lUOM J*<)UTS- 

MOiJTH. QiiALlFiKD Skpt. 37, 1773, 

Baltha^er Hammer, 
John Geiniett, 

Christopliel Jjeiiiri, 
Johannes Brandy 
John Peter Fuchw, 
Daniel Bernhanl, 
Christian Gotz, 
Jacob Smith, 
Johannes Baiiss, 
Johann Peter Schwiirer, 
John Philip DilTebach, 
Johan Michael Lenhardt, 
Johann Jacob HorniM*, 
John Georg Stortzciiieyer, 
John M.chael (MtMiients, 
Johan Henrich Bancli, 
Johan Zimmerman, 
Joh. Adam Krausser, 
Jacob Anioldt, 
Ludwig Sclienckel, 
Hannes Schmidt, 
John Georg ShefTer, 
Christian Beck, 
Joliann Georg Keihlhaiir, 
Johann Adam Hartman, 
Johann Nickel Schinaus, 
Johan Jost Ijei<ieck, 
Nicklaiis Ijeonliard, 
Wilhelm Spies, 
Herman Spies, 
J. Leonard Rodel, 
Joli. Bonrqiiin, 
Uonrml MardorfT, 
Joh. Rgel, 
John Hartman, 
Georg Hartman, 
Wilhelm Michael, 
Pliilip An(ireas Krhardt, 
Johan Jacob Aurandt, 
Johann Valentin Stegmiiller, 
Johan I^eter Schmid, 
Johann A(iam Rinehart, 
Jacob Nicklaiis Fiernhaber, 

Ludwig Bachman, 
Valentin Gotz, 
Georg Shreier, 
Johtinnes Schutz, 
Johannes Kiffer, 
Johannes Wicke, 
John Henry J)ambeiler, 
Georg Philip Grnber, 
Georg Adam Wendel, 
John Adam Zeitz, 
Johan Zacliarias Conradt, 
Johan Lenhart Ihrig, 
Johannes Adler, 
Johan Spannman. 
Riiben Stier, 
Johan Renscher, 
Phil. Dan. GralT, 
Johannes Fiernhaber. 
Philij) Peter Griiber, 
Johann Joachim Gruber, 
Johann Nickel Horn, 
Adam Rossmeissel, 
Friedericli Grams, 
Andreas Fischer, 
Johann PfeifTer, 
Wilhelm Busch, 
J. Georg Ihrig, 
Johannes Batz, 
C. Varlet, 
Joh. Geo. Egel, 
Johannes Herstein, 
Jacob Gercke, 
.Fohannes SchiilTer, 
Johan Matheis Flach, • . 

Johann Philip Donoges, 
Henrich Valentin Storches, 
Johan Philip Henck, 
John Georg Holtzchuh. 
Andreas Friederich Sch wentzel. 



Johaan G(H>rg Leonhnrdt, 
Jobann Peter Btohr, 
Johtum Qottlieb Uetzger, 
JohaHQ Philip Graber. 
Joha Conrad Ueibel, 
Johann JoHt lieahard, 
J oh an Wilhelm Kriiger, 
Johaaneii Bhaefter, 

Johanii Leonhard Gottniniin, 
Jacr>h von Lahner, 
.Tohan Heiiricli Weber, 
Jalinuii H enrich Braiiasor, 
Joliaiiii Jacob Holf, 
Uuorg Ailaiii Biicke], 
JohannuB ]iillhuuHi*r. 

List of Pokkigxbhs Impoktrd ix thk Ship Hoi'k, Oborok 


(jrAiiiFiED Oct. I. t7?8. 

Andreas Deneltir, 
Matthias Wexler, 
Johann Peter Websr. 
Jobai] Henriiih Bimph, 
Henry Stehibrink. 
J>nvi<'l NieBH, 
f ^liristian Keherlinfi, 
^Vn<lrpaa Oberdorll, 
Kraft Weyand, 
Fried. VolKk«l, 
.lolianneH Hnctt. 
Joh mines Heiwe, 
Andreas Adam Beit/, 
Philii) Yeinan, 
Henry Miller. 
Lennhardt Schmidt, 
J oh. Hen. Klein, 
Johannes Wilhelm Carle, 
Johunn Oarl Mattisus, 
Johauii Michael ('onrad. 
Johunn Miuhaul Oberdorff, 
Johann Willi elm Sec man n. 
Joh. Wilhelm Enkliardt, 
PhiJip Adam Rclinck. 
JohanMichtiel Hiraeh, 
Johann Oonmd Jnng. 
Johann Friederldi Welekel, 
Johann Geortr Soidel, 
Johaii LiitlwiK Pfeiler, 

UatthiaH Walt. 
J on an Do 1 linger, 
Joliann Joet Bunch, 
John ChriHtiaii Gnth. 
Michael Sluinpf, 
John Karn, 
Michael Ban in an, 
Jost Althau», 
Conrad Gerhard, 
Henry Meyer, 
Heorg Wnnderlich, 
Franz Schmidt, 
Josi Welekel, 
Priederich KSser. 
JohanncH Strockbeln, 
Jacob Schlatter. 
NicklaDS Henrloh Stephan, 
Johann JoHt Brnch, 
Carl Ft^rdinand Oonra<l, 
Johann Rerniiart Ran, 
Joh, Fried. SatimanhauHer, 
Joh Jeremias BallenberKcr, 
.Toll. ChrfKtoph Thei\, 
.Tohan I.orentx Dilim, 
.loliann Henrich l>uu, 
Johann LndwiBHant/, 
Johann Michel S(>!del. 
Job. U<in. Susmanhatieer. 


1. 1ST Of PuRBioyRa.1 Imi* 
M0LI.Y, KoBiCRT Gill. \ 
VROM Portsmouth, Bxola 

1 'hristian Ernet, 

VtilpntiH Di6ti, 

CuKBiiu'iT May, 

Fi-iedirich Wilhelin, 

Piurre Mi)ot, 

Kngellwrt Classen. 

■loliHon Pattttiss, 

.tnlinn Hunrioh HetiHle, 

Jotinn Michael Fuclis, 

.iohuun Filliber);, 

Johaii Liidwig Bohwaiiz, 

Joliaiinus Eberhart Ohl. 

.loliaiiii Henrich Wuntitel, 

Jacob Elgart, 

Ohristian SchiinfeW, 

Uauiel Welbel, 

(laupar OeiUHitiK-er, 

Henrich K1«yii, 

lieorg Buckart, 

Johannex Hartmat), 

CliriHtlan Lambert, 

ArluB Bohiilicus. 

Prieilerioh Sch«rr, 

.lose pi 1 CaiilTinan. 

Johanu Prieil«rich Vo([nl, 

Juhaiin Qeorg Vogel, 

■Tohiuiu Adam I^ang, 

Carl Heinrich Hartig, 

.Tohann Ueorg Malltr. 

Jiilitiu Priederich BatitiitM, 

ItD QuALIflKD Out. 32, 1TT3. 
Nicola Ohaillot. 
ThoinaH Krebit, 
Johannes Steckel, 
Johnik IjL'chleitnor, 
Mathia^ A et liner, 
AndreoH Einmrloh, 
Jobami Martin Puff, 
Uiins Adam Weitzel, 
Job. Conrad Leonbard, 
Joh. Friederloh Preytag, 
Joliunii ClirixtiaD Jetter, 
Julian JooKt Bleoher, 
Ju4«ph Friederich HoBSteiii, 
H«nry Dayberer, 
Eb(>rhard Meyer, 
Jiicque l>ubrtit, 
Priedericli l)it<tricb, 
Fried«rich Uiiiler, 
{'aripar Adam. 
Johannes Hock, 
Jacob Graff, 
.robaiin i>anlel Bonn, 
NidliolaH Zuthtslmer, 
Jc)liannijB Priederioh Braiin, 
.rolianii David Stefnntaiiii, 
JohniHi Peter Oeyer, 
John Peter Erinolt, 
Bernhard Bauer, 
J.-ibaiin GeorfirTheyH, 
Valentbi Charel. 


('owKs. QuALiifiKD Orr. ai. 17(-l. 
Johannes Bud, Chriwtian Mertel, 

Jolin Sohliohter, Job. Math. Weber, 

Wllhelni 8chneyd«r, Jnh. Bap. Nonn, 

Andreas Zahete, Joh, Oeo. Mliner, 

Johannee Klappert, Henrii'li Ober, 



Job an DCS Gteistweit, 

Joli. PhlUp Keee, 

Jno. Wm, Humer, 

David Reich, 

Johtinnes Dieber, 

Johann Henrich Dittinan, 

Johann Conrad Trewiti. 

Johannes Hen rich Kiel, 

Johann Hen rich A oh en, 

Carl Cltrist. Fried. Li«t. 

Joh. rteorg Birokelbach, sen. . 

John Daniel Heea, 

Joh. Jost Matx, 

Johann Georg Reiehmaa, 

Joh. 81e|{eBmand Stedtekorn, 

Lndwig GQthlng, 

Johann Ulrlch SielTner,' 

Uichael Mailer, 

Matthias Hofer, 

Henry Brum, 

John Fisher, 

Wilhelm Walther, 

Andreas Hild, 

Johann Henrlcb Dorner, 

Johann Hen rich Looi^, 

Johan Jacob Schwisattirth, 

Johannes Demandt, 

Joachim Stremmel, 

Joh. Nickel ThonifU', 
Killian Keller, 
Johann Farst, 
Daniel Meyer, 
Christian Meyer, 
Johann Jost Strackbein, 
Johannes Peter Stahl, 
Johan Frledericb Manwa1th»r, 
Johan Carl Oentzhlmer, 
Johann Heiirich GralT, 
Joh. Georg Birckelbach, 
Jacob Trewltz, 
Jacob H enrich Bast, 
Johan Henrlcli Schnwacher, 
deoTg Philip Zisaler, 
Johan Ludwlg Becker, 
Johan Peter Rostweiler, 
Adam Michael, 
Wilhelm Soholer, 
(ieorg Lebank, 
.loh. Geo. Hart man, 
Adam Hainm. 
Johannes Peter man, 
.lohanu Georg Schneider. 
Hans Henrich Schreiner, 
Johan Henricb Hoflman, 
Joh. Daniel Schweltier, 
Jolian Thies Siepner. 

List op Forkioskrs Importkd is thk Ssiow jJBProjfK, 
Thomas Bdward Wallai^k, Mastkr, prom Lisbon . 
QuALiPIED Nov, 23, 1773. 

<'liarle8 Ca|>ell. 

Joseph Iju B>!au, 
William Blaoh, 
Joseph Martin, 

Anthony Sinclair. 

List op Forriqiibrs iMPORTRn ly thk Ship Fauk, Jamks 

Duxc AN, Master, from Lisbo.v. (Jualivikd Nov. 24, I7T3. 
Geo. Ravere. JolinMartine. 

Daniel Shapue, 

33-Voi. XVI L 



List op Foreignkhs Imported in the Ship Clementina, 
Patrick Brown, Master, from Lisbon. Qualified Dsa 

7, 1773. 

John Pepper, 
Maro Seroni, 
Francis Villeneaue, 
Francis Duchand, 

Charles Zemmer, 
{pseph Louvat, 
Francois P^chenet. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship Montague, 
William Pickels, Commander, from London. Quali- 
fied Dec. 8, 1773. 

Jacob Furst, 
Peter Arendt, 
Philippe Engeroth, 
John Henry Lau, 
Christian Hallitscbke, 
Johan Adam Handel, 
Mathias Conrad, 
Joachim Neubauer, 
Joseph Warner, 
Johannes Fessler, 
TrauKott Gottfried Mayer, 
Anthon Henrich Gnaschler. 
Johan Georg Speiser, 

Friederich Waltz, 

Joh. Ludwig, 

Jacob Rissner, 

Johan Friederich Rieckert, 

J oh. Wendel Andreas, 

Johan Heinrich Kranel« 

Friederich £berle, 

Joseph Walcker, 

Joh. Matthey, 

Joh. Friederich Zinckenritz, 

Georg Lndwig Kelmold, 

Johann Adam Schanoweiler, 

Johann Christian Duncker. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Snow Sally, 
Capt. Stephen Jones, arrived August 15, 1774. 

Conrad Bernhard, Conrad Seifert, 

Michael Lillienthal, John Georg Gesel, 

John Ulrich, John Sauter, 

Joh. William Sauter, John liiehl. 


List op Porriokbrs Ihportkd i.v thk Briqantink Nancy, 
Thomas Abmstrono, Masteh, fkom Hambuuo, Quali- 
fikd jvsk 31, 1774. 
CkriBtopher Fade, HeriiiAn Schnmen, 

Cornelius Smith, Johiui Friad. Matz, 

Joseph tiOrentE Herrniann, Joiiii Matthiaii Bauer. 

Carl Friederioh Miiller. 

FIBD Bbpt. 29, 1774. 
H enrich Kantzel. 
ChHstiao Hell, 
Oeorg Fried. Frick, 
Joh. Henrich Moser, 
Oeorg Pauhie Merckle, 
Carl Christoph Niclit, 
Johan Oeorg Fritzler, 

r THE Ship Oharminq 

'ROM LOHUOK. (jVAl.1- 

Iiaiirena Frost, 
Peter Stephan, 
JohaDiies 8otiw«ack, 
fieofR Jacob Weiss, 
ChriDtlan Lant{spech, 
Johan (leorg Schnee({antz, 
Joh, Ludwi|[ Bettman. 

List op Forrionkrs Iuportrd ix tub Ship Union, An- 
drew Bryson, Captaix, krom Rotterdam, last pkoh 
CowBS. Qualified Sept. ;!0, 1774. 

Caspar Nuyne, 
Heinrich Dorr, 
Johan Wilhehn Miiller, 
Matthias Wild. 
Johannes Fnche, 
Adam Stain, 
Phillpp Miiller, 
Christian Rossi n, 
Alexander Otto, 
Leon hart Opp, 
Nicholas Bayer. 
Fabian Kortz, 
Johannes Bchamn, 

■reorg Ranimeil, 
Andreas Schneynow, 
Johan Martin Schwefkart, 
Carl Kurfur, 
Adam Seibert, 
I^aiichs Kochges, 
Jacob Eyler, 
Jost Spengler, 
Peter Eiihner, 
Fried erich Gant/,, 
Samuel Sclienrk, 
Peter Schiminel, 
• * • Ruttieher, 



Jacob Voltz, 

Frederich Weyler, 

Friederich Bayer, 

Martin Weiiner, 

Peter VVallinan, 

Joliann Walter, 

Johann Anthon Riihl, 

Heinrich Heidt, 

Caspar Steininetz, 

Carl Bohringer, 

Friederich KolhefTer, 

Philipp Thiebaut, 

Johan Georg Gottfried, 

Heinrich Engelfried, 

Mai*tin Schwartz, 

Friederich Beyerly, 

Johannes Holtz, 

Michael Miiller, 

Johan Adam Leber, 

Ludwig Schwabeland, 

John Georg Baltz, 

Hart man Winck, 

Philip Jung, 

Michael Klein, 

Carl Steinmetz, 

Jacob Boss, 

Peter Spriickmann, 

Johann Zimmermann, 

Philip Jacob Wagner, 

Henrich Adam Weltman, 

GotthoUl Fried. Enslin, 

Johan Adam Schlott, 

Friederich Bergman, 

Peter Schwabeland, 

Johann Gotf. Paul Zimmerman 

Johannes Becker, 

Melchior Wickert, 

Valentin Giittert, 

Johan Adam Steinbacli, 

Jacob Heibenzeter, 

Nicholas Guit, 

Ulrich Weber, 

Ludwig Au, 

Daniel WolfT, 

Mirhad Schilling, 

Johan Conrad Eiselen, 

Christian Witmer, 

Matheis Feiring, 

Daniel Rickert, 

Nicklas Seiler, 

Peter Sietz, 

Heinrich Thering, 

Johannes Heimbach, 

Abraham Stoflfel Jacoby, 

Heinrich Steinmetz, 

Michael Miiller, 

Adam Kuningsfeld, 

Joh. Bartholomeus Ney, 

Christoph Herbster, 

Friederich Freytag, 

Caspar Uhl, 

Johannes Carolis, • 

Israel Leypold, 

Johann Nicolaus Quast, 

Carl Christian Ludig, 

Christian Schwabeland, 

Nicklas Grauss, 

Bernhard Schwing, 
.Philip Klein, 

Jost Leibinger, 

Johannes Had, 

Johan Adam Pecht, 

Nicklas Fitingher, 

Nicklaus Schneppenhiiusser, 

Valentin Bever, 

Johann Detweiler, 

Johan Friederich Streuch, 

Johannes St off el, 

Johan Carl Reutzheiner, 

Johan Adam Friederich, 
, Michael David Esch, 

Christ. Wilh. Rathardt, 

Christoi)h Eufer, 

Johann Georg Bauer, 

Johann Nicol Ahr, 

Johann Adam Miller, 

Friederich Held, 

Joseph Fiitsch. 

Jacob Leber, 

Johan Kurtz, 

Geor^ Kckhart, 

Jacob Gucker, 


Johann Jacob Kotb, 
Friederioh Hchauinenkeesel, 
.Tohatm Christian Wilms, 
Juhaim Adam Stock, 
Qeorg Adam Marggrandor, 
Erhardt Prey tag, 
Jobaan Qeorg Uiiller, 
Johan Peter Kurtz. 

.lolin Georg Batter, 
Johaiin Jacob Medert, 
Johaii Dauiel Nisler, 
Johann Jacob Dieter I e, 
Georg Jacob Hfiussler, 
Christian Glaufliegel, 
Leonard Kroneman, 

List of FoRBi<}NBRa Importkd in thk Ship Patty and 
Pegsy, Robkrt Hardie, Master, frou Lisbon. (juai.i- 
FiBD Oct. 39, 1774, 

Jono Horanble, Jono Contono, 

Franco Ban-Hra, Jono Cmneti, 

Franc Glottsr. l^'rani Bos, 

JelH>pet HoqueduM. Mannet Rodriguee, 

Francisca Rabane, Mipolito Poncetti, 

Juan Domingo, Jiinn Hinanso. 

List OK Forrionhrs Iuportko in the Ship Sally, John 
OsMOUD, Mahter. krom Rottkrdam, la!st from Cowks. 

tiUALIFIED OCT. 31, 1774. 

Christian Mfiller. 

Hans Keller, 

Ani]r«ai> Biibler, 

Jiih. Maximilian. Hake, 

Georg Katz. 

Adam Segel. 

Philip Irfiutenberg, 

Wilhelm Bramer. 

Ludwig Piater, 

.lonannes Schiiffer, 

Jacob Klein, 

Anthony Weber, 

Pierre Haison, 

Johann Jacob Welcker, s 

Frederick Mayer, 

Christian Bbinig. 
Liidwig Seltz, 
CupiiMir Miller, 
Jacol) St off, 
Geo. Habel. 
Peter Lautenberg, 
Diewalt Klein, 
Peter Bartholomai. 
Joliannes Kiin singer, 
Daniel Zittel, 
Joel Klein, 
Chrlstia:: Schrocbe, 
John Henry Klein, 
Johann Jacob Welcker, 
Joli. Peter Cron en berger. 



Balthaser Eberhardt, 
Joseph Sheui, . 
Johaiiu Jacob Kunckel, 
GliriBtiau Schwier, 
Christian Rommel, 
Carl Bartholomai, 
Georg Schmaltzeit, 
Johann Conrad Schmidt, 
Fried erich Cronenberger, 
Johann Georg Burcknard, 
Jacob Mussgenug, 

Peter Kohler, 
Johann Philip Weber, 
Christoph Triebela, 
Hen rich Oberkircher, 
Friederich Lowenberg, 
Michael Bartholomai, 
Johann Paul Thomas, 

Wilhelm Wenner, 
Conrad Lindenberger. 

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Catharine, 
John Baron, Commander, from London. Qualified 
Jan. 16, 1775. 

Caspar Beaufort, 

David Zabern, 

Joh. Georg Fried. Wagner, 

Joachim Jacob Brandt, 

John Adam, 
Thomas Klenee, 
Johan Jacob Holtzer. 

List op Foreigners Imported in the Ship King of 
Prussia, William Potts, Master, from Rotterdam, 
LAST from Falmouth, England. Qualified Oct. 9. 


Ludwig Eller, 
Jacob Miiller, 
Johannes Obersheimer, 
Conrad Tresenreuther, 
Johann Wilhelm Schilack, 
Johann Philip Eohlman, 
Johann Micliael Hans, 
Joh. Paul Bein, 
Johannes Eckenbcrger, 
Nicholas Rudy, 
Mathias Kohler, 
Carl Ritter, 

Georg Bernhardt, 
Nicolaus Sandmeier, 
Joh. Georg Ijintz, 
Johann Georg Weihl, 
Johann Michael Trump, 
Johann David Weber, 
Johann Peter Geissheiner, 
Thomas Rentzheimer, 
Valentin Hohe, 
Nicolaus Grail, 
Leonhard Gotz. 
Johannes Fauth, 


Michael Bremer, 

Joba Setp, 

Casper Nlokel, 

ChriHtian Vatter, 

Jacob Teutzel, 

Job. Kilian Booh, 

Philip Weber. 

Johan Friederich Huey, 

Jacob Joet, 

Nicol. Heustang, 

Johaanee Rentzhe Inter, 

Jobanii Nickel Meyer, 

HetiricuB DRuner, 

Johannes Krie del bach, 

Btepbaaaa Bpaoh, 

Nioolaus Bormun, 

Johan Ernst Kessler, 

Christian Weissbaob, 

Georg Friederich Grawan, 

Johan Simon Scblars, 

Peter Horbach, 

Cliristian Oottfried Wlileri, 

Carl Toller, 

JoHt Atstatt, 

Johan H err man, 

Jacob Viitter, 

Conrad Becker, 

Jacob Kohlmaii. 

Johann Sigwatt, 

Georg Conrad Busch, 

TheilH Zerfas, 

Ludwig WeiftS, 

Johan Nickel Wendeling, 

Johan Friederich Meyer, 

Joh. Jacob Schmidt, 

Joh. Valentin Miindel, 

NicKlaua Zimmer, 

Philip Peter Miiller, 

Joti. Jacob Knabenschuh, 

Friederich Schonhoit/., 

Johan Jacob Grawan, 

Johannes Sabler, 

Jacob Henrich Kraiiimer, 

Paul Stormfelz. 

Names of Foreigners 
Arriving in Pennsylvania. 






J. p. Weyland. 
John Hufke, 
Jacob Vey, 

J. KiD9«], 

Christian Reifwiiiar, 
Catharioe Reifwinar, 
Margt Bi be ling, 
Fridk. Snider. 
Philip Uakly, 
A. Maria Bartje. 
ChnBtn. Bartjp, 
Martin Kelsel, 
John A. Botly. 
Win. Clutland, 
Danl. Httys, 
Anth. Reynard, 
Antliy. Manen»r, 
Lewis Sneider, 
Jacob Lehman, 
Christian Eaby, 
Peter Clooa, 
Christian Hoof man, 
Christian Teresa, 
Dorothv Hoffman, 
Wilhelmlna Hoffman, 
Tuk Lonnan, 
Hans Plamhak, 
Job. Greinar, 
Olaus Lexo, 
J. Manar, 
J. F. Weyland, 
.Jacob Abrains, 
Maria Booger, 

Joa. Berenger, 
Lefreght Ken. 
P. Anthony, 
Leonard Pering, 
Lot art Riefwinar, 
Chria. ReiTwinar, 
Susana M. Neugebran, 
Adam Bpeck. 
Oristr. Bartje, 
Chrlatn. Bartje. 
Johan Bartje. 
Andw. Lengblood, 
Hendk. Andre, 
Johan Heys, 
Werhard Thomas, 
Nichs. Bieas, 
Wm. Thildinar. 
Abraham Dicks. 
Peter Andreas, 
Jacob Andreas, 
Wentiele Hoofman, 
J. P. Hoofman, 
Johan Christofla Hoffman, 
Fried. Barhard Hoffman, 
Christr. Bull, 
Francis Stutt, 
John Wolter, 
Jos. Arbor, 
J. T. Diihbendorf." 
Carl Prtedk. Brothak, 
J^ndwk. Kleywer, 
JacobiiR Vander Booger, 
Maria Booger, 



Johanna Heintin, 
A. Uarift Heintin, 
Johan Ootleb Klinicer, 
John Klinger, 
Maria Klia^r, 
J. Chafi. B«ttlg, 
Hans Peters, 
J. Predk. Vognits, 

Sunaiin HeiDlln, 
Maria Sophia Kllnger, 
JohiiFrieilk. Klinger, 
Fredk. Cooeky, 
Sophia Kllnger, 
Henry Pekell, 
Lad wig Red i ken, 
Johan Kepky. 

List o*- PAssKKntRRS on Board tub Ship Patsky Rutlbdok, 
Capt. WiIjLIahBbll. prom Hamburo. Sept. 37, 1788. 

Mr. John Harpat, 
John Vich, 
J. Edtnon Ochnie, 
Gotlih Eickler, 
John Schenell, 
Ueorg Anders Irlg, 
Nicholnti FolcanH, 
Christian Cawu, 
J. Friderik Caws, 
Hanna Cobbler. 
Fruderioa Charles, 

Mrs. Harps t, 
John Hart, 
J. Chris. Konlg, 
Gottfried Kennlg, 
Georg Proskey, 
Frances Joseph Lewd wig, 
J. H. Crumburg, 
Dorothy Caws, 
J.. Ct. Oa*fi, 
Hanna Nerner. 

List Passknqkrs on Boarr thr Bmip Nassau, Josiab Hubit, 
Mastkr. Octobbr 10, 1786. 

Ur. Apple, wife & son, 
Peter Salcon, wife & soi 
Georg CayBel, 
Wni. Kinniok, 
Lndwlck Jack, 
Tobias Shipherd, 
Jnu. ButcUer, 
Joh, Peit. 
Georg Malk, 
Joh. Martin, 
Henry Snavell, 

Jno. Eatman, wite & Sdaugbs, 

Fridk. Riderl>and, 

Jno. Christian, 

Michl. Hari>ers. 

Henry Shrouder, 

Adam Symona, 

Jno. Farrell, 

■Toil. Sn\'ers, 

Joh. Bickard, 

Friedk. Shrond, 

2 cabin iwssengera. 


Jaeol> Ob, 

VanM SteiKelman. 

Carrel Henry Sbwani^l, 

Priederlch Grime, 

John Henna, wife & child, 

Ludwiok Stelgelman, 
Georg Miller, 
Me idler Hang, 
Philip Carrel Wood. 
Jacolj Fratschil, 
John Henrioh Kotiel. 

List of Gbrmax Passknqbkh ox Ko\rd thk Bri» Dia- 



HathleeBerenloren, v 
Wwndel Pyroth, 
Johnn David Maternuii, 
Jo. Jos. Bauman, 
Eberhariiina Christiana Ii< 
Franz Bangest, 
Friederick Weinman, 
GhriHtina ItlaakeimiD, 
Eli7Abeth Blank en heimt^ri 
Jacob Kappee, 
Geortf Martin Regele. 
Johannes Heinrlch Miillcr 
Johann Martin Horn, 
Nlcolofl Hamijnrger, 
Anna Magdalena Teklenbu 
Martin Vogel, 
Peter Bteitz, 
Chrimojih Loh, 
Heinrich Peihl, 
Henirk Pleter Mallesie. 
Barbara Do rah in, 
Johann Adolph Winkler, 
Johnnn Henrlcli Henning, 
Georg Hen rich Schwein, 
Johann Heinnch Hiirner, 

Ludwig Vorlendep, 

Georg Eyden, 

Antoni Pullig, 

(Jhristopli Gerreclit, 
JIteren, Ad<tm Baiitz, 

Ma this Cawein. 

Georg Berntiard Steigelm 

Philippina Fischerln, 
in. Barl>ara ]>ollin, 

.loseph Krigner. 

Johann Peter Schivab, 

Johannes Wekerie, 

Janob HiilTer, 

Su8ainia Lotslng, 
irgin, Anialia Teklenburgln, 

Wlllielm Stnebel, 

Andreas Heerdt. 

Johann Chriatoph Lilly, 

Fredk. Relchenoker, 

Adam Porsli, 

Job. Georg Nns, 

Michael Fliker, 

Johan Georg Blndlaub, 

Franz Kiiiuroelman. 

Johann Philip Horner, 



i)V ^''' 





«t«0«B» ^^, DISC. ^^ 




d cVi\^^' JoV^«^^^ 

c>.- -""^r^'-^ 






.,o.»- "C '"-- »*"° 

stt^^^r' H^^^'^*^ 








Friederich Vobs 

Uinrich Willin. Sundlierc. . 
Marto. Ph. Peterseen. 

Nichs. Strent, 

U^nnaD Djedk. Becker, . . 

Christr. KielUnann, 

CbriBtr. Albert 

Cari Edw. Ahrend, 

GbriBtn. Adler, 

John Qeorg Heueler, .... 

Jeus Joohim 

Job. Oottfd. JurgenB, .... 

Johati JafaDke, 

Matlafl Keper, 

Hana Micb). BtelTens, .... 
Hans Caspr. £. Bcbomaoker. 
Friedk. Albert Vaye 

Adiw Elfstb. Bauinann 28 

Anna Maria Buck, 28 

Oatba. Marga. Drenbargn, 80 

EHzth. Pammann, 25 

Christ. Catb. Eckboff, 16 

Cathn. Eliza. Oerken, 34 

E. M. Dorothea Steliiierfi, 28 

Charlo. Eliith. Hussen 21 

Anna Sophia Hauimern . . 24 

Cbn. Gerdiiik Horna. . 29 

C. C. W. JaBprains 86 

Catha. Marga. Jahnken, 37 

Maria Elizth. K^II.ier 44 

Anna Abel Lohsen, 30 

Anna Catha. Langloh 22 

Catha. Margt. Moller 46 

Maria Moninge 34 

AnnaMargta. NelliriK, 31 

Maria Eliith. Rugen, 38 

L. C. Sophia Friedleber, . 29 

Marga. Eliith. Struven, 33 

Catha. Corns. Schmidt, 10 

Anna Catha. Stacks 19 

Lncia Eliith. Schmidt , 40 

Anna Catha. SchuttBeii, 38 

Catba. Elizth Siei 

.tv ' 

X. f^^^**^VeOW^»« 

^" 1 T^t^**" . • • • 








• • * ts 




. OS ^:^v;^ ^^^ 









joeep^ rtrvvn*"' 


Hargreta Rothiu, 
Susanna Roihlii, 
Niuolas Uotli. 
Gasp. Junifert, 
Nioolus Kaauf, 
Joh. Pauls, 
Joh. (ieorg Pauls, 
Joh. Adam Paulu, 
Daaiel Phil. Batiini{«r, 
John L. ViHBer, 
FranH 8ch«fTer, 
Heinr. Koeh, 
Elisab. KochiD, 
JolianiieH Nasttl, 
Marin Eva Jarkinein. 
Maria Eva Jarklosin, 
Jacob Guoker, 
Adam Segeler, 
J. M. Hildebrand, 
Jan Valeotln, 
Corn. Stonfteia, 
Daniel Andre. 

Bngel (Nieulander), 

J, P. Gruylig, 

El'wAi, Rotldn, 
Miciiiul Roth, 

EdiiiiT Raap, 
Pietur Neuiiiaii. 
Carl Swartz. 
Itoretliie Pauls, 
Joh. Ueiid. PauIh, 
Anna Maria Pau1r>. 
Kli7.ivl>eth Fluckin, 
JohannuH Flucks, 
Anna Maria SohufTeriii, 
Cath. Koch in, 
John SiiiionH. 
J. P. \V. Jarkins. 
Joliaiiiiik Mar|;r«ta JarkiiiH 
BuDaii Doroth. Jarkinmn, 

Fre.1. Gnckpr. 
C. W. Sander, 
J. Rittierl, 
Soph. Dor. Wolffln, 
JohnJac. Wil.l. 
Hend. Hildenbrand, 
Jacob Schwartz, 
J. W. Kumpf, 
P. Theoliahl in the cabin, 
J. M. Biichner. 
Wni. Miirt, Wi«lan.l. 

I.isT Off Okrmax PASSRNdRRS OX BoAKD THK 8hip Rosrtta, 

Juh. Jos. Terner, Frdk. de Wein. 

J. ((. L, Beniier. 

IjIST ok Grruan Passksobrs who arrivrd at the Port 
OK PHiLAi>Ri,paiA. r?r thr Shit Horotrra, Setrrvs Dai,- 
.sTKti, Mastkr, vrou Rottrruam. Oct. 14. 1787. 
Carel Moellor, Ge<)rK Friedk. Arnolil, 

Oeorg Epier. Jacob Stuokler, 

Jacob Knnti^. Joh Henrich Nischwiti, 

34-Voi, XVII. 



Jacob Volkel, his wife & 4 Children, viz: 
Maria Elizabeth Volkel, Toos Volkel, 

Johaiities Volkel Ludk. Volkel, 

Maria Volkel, 

Martin Kruger, and six children, viz: 

Anna Margretha Kruger, Maria Madelaina Krager, 
Anna Christfna Kruger, 
Anna Elisabeth Kruger, 

Jan. Philip Speldhus, 

Anna Christina Glaan & 2 children, viz : 

Johann Ludk. Kruger, 
Cat ha. Elisabeth Kruger, 

Margeritha Glaan, 
Johan Peter Muller, 
Johan Georg Weysz, 
Johann Balthazar Dietz, 
Johann Schatz, 
Job. Rudolf VoH, 

Christina Glaan, 
Nicolaas Fritzgen, 
Anna Catrut Liese, 
Jacob Stunipf, 
Johan Henr. Sieppert, 
Anna Christina Vos, 

Maria Marga. Haubergerin & 2 children, viz : 

Peter Hauberger, 
Anna Elizabeth Gerinanin, 
Jncol> Lex, 
Georg Rosseier, 
Johan Betz, 
Wilhc'lni Betz, 
Johan Richter, 
Johan Saliner, 
Anna Maria Sniit, 
Clara Schneider, 
Charlotta Paulhaberin, 
Johan Daniel Bohni, 
Jacob Ewi, 
Ilerid. Phil. Dornet, 
Michel Fautz, 
Johan Heynierdingen, 
Georg Jacob Rode), 
Christophel Ruckert, 
MagdaltMia Ruckert, 
Martin Schin*ider, 
Ma«;<lalerja F^ever, 
R(H'Iofr Ilayenants, 
Isaac Solomons, 
Johann Conrad Godschalk, 
Margera. Guthman, 
Nicolas Guthman, 
Honrich Gutenberger, 

Johannes Hauberger, 
Georg Piederich Lex, 
H enrich Bret'/., 
Christian German, 
Dorothea Betz, 
Jn. Jacob Richter, 
Johann Bernhd. Ran, 
Nicolas Fritz, 
Maria Dorothea Ran, 
Cat ha. Welden, 
Johan Jacob Hem, 
Johan Daniel Spenscheid, 
T. Adam Nees, 
Wilhelm Troll, 
Fredrik Miller, 
Martin Herniker, 
Johan Nic. Probst, 
Hartman Ruckert, 
Hartman Ruckert, junr. 
Adam Lever, 
Charlotta Hexamerin, 
Ernst Fredk. Geyer, 
.loluui Carl K oiler, 
Peter Guthman, 
Philip Guthman, 
Anna Gutliman, 
Adam Gutenberger, 

(>arel Ludk. Wilhm. Albertns, Johan Hendk. Neereman, 


Johaim Kulh. 
Juliana Weber, 
Johaniien Weln>r, 
Johait Henrich Weber, 
Julian H«nrich Knebel, 
Anna (fttrtrut Koebel, 

Pietf r Weber, 

Joliaiui Hei.ri.-li Wt-l,.-!-, 

Craft Wi-Ler, 

Jolian Fit'dk Weiiur, 

Anna Elisul>elb Knebel, 

Bueianria Kiieliel, 

Joha. Jula. Ellisth. Bnclienerin, Johaiin Jnost Wunderlicl), 

Gatha. Llese Wiind^rlk 

Joh&nii Wuiitlerti.;!!. 

Maria Annetta Wiinilerticli, 

Joha. Elizabeth Kiiocb, 

Christina Wietli, 

AnnaCatlm. Iiirk1>»rrl), 

MnthiaH Kalilt. 

Jolianne^ Hintflbftcli, 

Johan Hunrich Heimell)acli. 

Pieter Eiigel, 

Christopliel Johs. Biigfl, 

C^hriHtian Engt^l, 

Philip Pttter Kngel. 

Anna Sophii HIeriiiH 
J. Carel. Tob. Geyer, 
Hunricli (ii»yer. 
-Tohan Pliilii> Eeker. 
Fredk. Kroejj, 
Dalt^er Martin, 
^ioolait Volt/, 
-\nna IJeso VoU^ 
Ent^lira Volt/, 
CifOrg Fli'ischoiiwer, 
Johan Oeorg HofTrnao, 
-Tohaii Matthfiis Slranh 
Oeorg Wilhelni Diuhl, 
:Nelly Kelly. 
-Tolianna Rt>t;enNlRin, 
J^ndritnt tichrKUtler. 

Jtorota. Bo|j|>, 

Carl Strol.e, 

Philiiw Jacob Hirolie. 

Daiiiul Ropp, jiinr. , 

John. Slnioit Joncker, 


Johann Ilenrich .Toiii-ker, 
Anilreaii Dorwclieynfr, 
Ailani Reeh, 
Peter Bekker, 

Joost Wiin<l*Tlieh. 
Coenrand Knoch, 
Pinter Wietli, 
Jolian IteiiriRli Birkboroh, 
Joliaiiii Toost Birkborch. 
Catha. Bftidt, 
Anna Eisa. Hesxelbach, 
Herman Kiiovli, 
Bevila.Ca11in. Bngel, 
Johann Philip Engel, 
Jacol) Engel, 
Maria Catlia. Kngel, 
Bcholten, Wilhelm Bcholten, 
Oatha. dpyer, 
Mathias Eeker, 
Jacob Eespr, 
Jacob Sckinkel, 
Joliun Sliclil. Kaytter, 
Anna Maria V'oltz, 
Barl>ara Volt/, 
Jacob Volt/, 

Philip Hendk. Scblekenilanli, 
Johan Fredk, fiichat/ig, 
Philip Wilhelm BoHer, 
Bophia Kelly. 

Magdn. ChriKtn. Resenetein, 
Henry RegenBtein. 
Daniel Bopp, 
Sophia Bopp, 
Madn. Strobe, 
l>antel 8(rohe, 
Baloinea Bopp. 
Henrica Joiicker. 
Henrica .Toncker. 
Johann Elia» Kirberger. 
SiiKnnna Maria Oermanin, 
Henrich Strnhii. 
Johan net) Seitz. 

^■« • 


^^*" V,\cV^ V7H«e' 

P«'^";' , Ba«^ & Bon, 


P. AiiflpiLck, 
CaiheriDe Jiour.lii, 

M. Kurtx and wifi-, 
H, Hawtchert. 
P. Ze«, 
bl. L. Baosuli, 

F. NoUeniiiM, 

G. E. Graiiier, 

J. D. KnapsBhneidtt, 

Marga. Rltuinea, 

J. A. Suhniidt, 

Anna SiiHaiia Seharfur, 

J oil. Melhirger, 

P. Call. 

John BerstifiKl & wifH, 

J. Booe. 

J. Fn 


J. C Weptlinan, 

J. P. Coinmiiij, 

Eal Frlsh, 

G. P. Alar, 

«. Welspaoh, 

J. Allmeniiinger, 

A. MarKfetha 8<^llarre^, 

J. a Kate, 

Anna Mad. Soliarfer, 

An(;ajta Scliarfer, 

J. G. Melhirger. 

H. Georg H<.niiaii. 

John Schart^auni. 



7. r 


fia feirie Lidin, 2 cnfatl^- 

I,f Ministreet. l><M;teiir. Albert l-'vesiie, 

AUierr et 
Jean Henry Visard, mi feme Miulelaim-. SeiifaiiH Alirain I.oiijs, 

Marie Anne, et MaiBaritiia. 
Abram Boiirqiiin. mi f«mu ijii/jinii<;, i eiifanx Jasne et Pl«ri-i< 

Jean Pierr« Villiat, wa feme Marie Saloini',.'! t*nfaiiD Jean Henry, 

Marie Ann^. et Jean Geotroia 
.lean Jtiqnes Viiliird. sa femi^ RuMaiine Miirie, 7 enfanH Marie 

Anne, Snzane, Ja.:oh, Marie, Jean Henri, Blizabetli. et. 

Jacob GoBnin, uttfeineMmleleine, 3enfMis8n7.anne«t F.mannei, 
Abram Rsleman, sa feme Anne, 3 eiLfaiis Anno Catlierine et 


l>avld FredoriPk f+olwt. (ta (sine Siizanii<!. 

Jf.Axt Pierre Suuvulii, xa fume ('iitheriiie. 

CharleB Frederick I>ulioi». 

U.Liilel Oiraril. 

Ahram »t Frederick RaiKiit-1. 

J>iivitl Olievallier. 

Diivid Eclie, Hii feme 8uxnnii<-. 

Dtivid i'r«tr«, Ml feme Oatlit^rhitt. 

Diivid Cnniitl. 

.IVaii ApliKiier. 

Jemi Zeler, na feme Annn Mnri>>. !i i-nfanH, Jean. Anne Marie, 

Frcna, Anne et Barl;. 
Jacob Benii, sa feme Ellzubeili. :t t-nfnnM Anne Marie, Jacob et 

Jean Henri. 
Jean George Pfreininer, m feme, Anne, 1 enfant Catherine, 
JeHii SciilTner, tta feme Anne, I enfant ('atlierine. 
Jcun Jaque Vailiel, sa feme Ursnle, /i enfans Jacob, Martin, 

Catlierine, Barlte et Fre<lerick, 
Jean Vaihe), ttafeme Untnle, ilviirann Jacob, Jean et Noe Vil- 

Mai'titi Unetigeuer. 

Martin iSeliaub. 

Frederick Tuma. 

JobimneH Friohi, 

Sufanne Gerr. 

Maria Neuxclivaniler. 

Aliram Sauvain de vingeetre en Virginia. 

Aliram f-apliiUne Marcband, , 

Abrain Sanpi. 

Jean Pierre Oomplaire. 

David Sauvain. 

Eli/.alieth Guntzeliaunere. 

Cfi'iin I'aKacngern. 
Eilwd. Hawkins, Jamea Cocheroft, 

Mfh. WlnBhip, 

List op German Passknorrs ox Boahd thk Ship Patbkt 
RUTLBDOR, Capt. Wm. Bkli., khom Hakbi^rg. January 
10, 1780. 

BaltKar Smith. Jacob Alterman, 

Henry Alterinan, Henry KaihI. 

Cbrlatl&n Trelchel, 


List op Obrman pASSRSiaRits who Arrived at the Port of 
Philadelphia, from Amstkrdam, in the Brioantink 
Philadelphia Packbt, Captaix Johw Earl, Commasiiku, 
Sept. 39, 1789. 

Johannes Brandhorer, Sarah Bramlhover, 

Christina Oertraut Strohn. Johaiin Jacob Strobn, 

Johannes Yenny, 

Li9t OP CiERMAn Pasbbnqkrs on Board the Brioantine 
Mary, Captain Kernen Fitzpathick, from Amsterdam. 
October 1, 1780. 

Men's Names. 

Caret Waggener, 
.Tacop Win, 
Adam Weiler, 
Lninbrigh Wad. 
LewdriKht Mingh, 
Jacoji Berkflliafth. 
Cristian Fornboaf. 
Ht^nrinb SheafTer, 
Henricb Heiif. 
Jacop Hornevliia, 
Jonna Peter Sehitz, 
Jncop Waet. 
JohantiCH Miller, 
Johanna Georg HofThelntz, 
Johan Gorg Elerl, (SwiBS), 

Hfliery Smith, 
J>unii-I Counts, 
JuHtice Harknat, 
Carel LiidwiKh Baiiigut, 
Orlstian Frank, 

JolianeH WaggBnt-r, 
Peter Hosut, 
Adaui ArnoldH. 
LeiH Hetierv Bast, 
Johan Jost Weber. 
Henrich Wilhelm Zi 
Johanus Siieidcr, 
Johan Georg Elert, 
Conrad D(«lerich, 

Wofntn's Namfs. 

.lohana Harknat, 
Ana Kli7.abetli Road, 
BllirAbeth Frank, 
Anna Magdelenie Find, 
Eli'Alieth HnrneviiiH, 
Ana Cathena Hornevius, 
EllizAbeth Zlinmernian, 
Anna Maria Hoffheinti, 
Anna Maria Utiderich, 

JiiRJna Rennhl, 

Maria Baiugat, 

Suaana CrnMin, 

Anna Maria Berkelbach, 

Elii^aheth Cristiana Home 

JuNtinia Hart, 

Anna Maria Miller, 

Anna Magdelena Elert. 



Oirh^ Names. 

Crist ina Harknat, 
(Jharlote Harkiiat, 
Philipine Banigat, 
Priedericka Prank, 
Cristinia Buckle, 
Henneratia Shitz, 
Willemenia Weber, 
Henerita Weber, 
Catherina Weber, 
Maria Sliefenbaum, 
Anna ivatherine Millar, 
Ana Catherina Hoflfheintz, 
Anna Magdelina Elert, 
Philipina Dederich, 
Maria Crist ine Dederich, 
Justine Busserin, 

Anna Cristinia Harknat. 
Anna Elizabeth Bamgat, 
Crist ina Bamgat, 
Leuise Sharp, 
Hinerita Bast, 
Willemenia Shitz, 
Carol inia Weber, 
Margarita Weber, 
Caterinia Maria Weber, 
Louisa Sliefenbaum, 
Anna Maria Zimmerman, 
Anna Elizabeth Hoffheintz, 
Elizabeth Elert. 
Catarina Dederich, 
Anna Margreta Dederich, 
Elizabeth J)ederich. 

Boys' Names. 

Crist ina Harknat, 
Honer Wad, 
Luddight Toolet, 
Philip Prank, 
Gottfried Shitz, 
Prederich Henrich Weber, 
Priedejch Earl Weber, 
Anthon Sleifenbaum, 
Johanes Elert, 
Jacob Elert, 
Johanes Dederich, 
Johan Jacop Dederich, 

Caral Harknat, 
Han Crist. Wad, 
Priederich Bamgat, 
Cristina Prank, 
John Wilhem Shitz, 
Johan Henrich Weber, 
Wilhehii JSleifenbaum, 
Jacob HofTheintz, 
John Just Elert, 
Johan Georg Elert, 
Sebastian Dederich, 
Laud wight Prank. 

List of German Passkngkrs who Arrived at Philadel- 
phia, IN THK Ship Philadelphia Packet, from Amster- 
dam, John Earl, Master. March 31, 1790. 

Elizabeth de Wilde, 
Johanna Damess, 
Wilhehn Bloede, 

Jacobina Paust, 

Philip Haman, 

Peter Gans, cabin passenger. 



■ Pashk^hkrh in thk Bkhi Mah\, kuom Amstkkdah, 
IjADKLPHia, 4th 0(;t()BKh, iTtK). 
■(^litfniiuTi, Ailam Finck. 

arin, Joli. Gtsorg Hoiielltacli, 

r, Joliiiii Ailiiiii Holt7wanil, 

C^liriHtiaii Becker, 
Joli. Jncob Hainan, 
Ji)l». George Sclinitx, 
Joli. Jncob Chur, 
Peter WeiicI, 
. with IiiH wito aii<] tliri'e children, viz.: 


..Kiit'clit 3 

. <:u,th.Knecht, 3 

I'.'iu/ b^rnst Burck, Johan Carp. Bertram, 

DaviilRind, Adam Rothhaax, 

MoseH Nathan, Jan Kiiyper, 

Lull. G. Kulm, Jos. Sciireiber, 

Joh. Cli. Bliimmer. Anna Christ. Bi-rtram, 

Joli. C.-nra-i Rothhaar, David Israel, 

Christ. HeInK Uorftt, Joh. F. BoltiiiKer. 

Haiia a. Lauhengayer, Cusj)er Zollecofer. 

Crixtian SchlJc.hting, 
John Samuel Aiiters, 
Anne Jur(fens, 

\]tii TTiK Bnirt Uxiox. Jauks 

John Friedk, Bachmann, 
Ann.'Catherino Koster, 
Mr. (;hus. Dachenhanreii. 

Frt!<i. I.udewlg Gutt, tjophin Salmia Gutt, 

«larie Charlotte Reinhard. Frc.lerlch Gutt. 

EHxabetli Cliariotle Keinharil, Fntderika Fueating. 
IioniB Pignot, 


List op PAfiSRNQRRs per thk Ship John, Williau Whit- 


H. V. Haiiittrik. 


Aiiiin Brandt, 
AiiclriaB Bllewin, 
Frj<iileri<ili Ellewin. 
Miirgartitha Ellewin, 
Joliana Oatariua Ellewin, 
Anna BruHsln, 
KiitioiiM HaAke, 
Joliuiia Catharina Seyny, 
Joliana Maria Soutlint;, 

Charles v. Hauierik, 
Oei>rK FriederiotiF, 
LiniiH Mathew, 
Sophia Ellewin, 
Catharina Ellewin, 
Johan Mitthael Ellewin, 
Joliun aottlieli Kiohter, 
Franey Eymaii. 
Engel Eve ret, 
Haniia Mipers, 
Hanna Margaretha Eklin 

% Uaria Chriatiana SybramI, Henrlette Oaiuphuyheii, 

UoRHe Scheles, 
Nicolaus Jacobus Bonirs, 
Hieiulrck Worhy, 
Cornelia Kbiieling, 
Friederich Ellerkainp, 
Ellitiabeth Ellerkamp, 
Friederinh Augaet Pr led e rich son, 
Dorothea Catliarlna Friedericliwon, Johanna Pried eriohHon, 
Friederich Aiigs. Frlederichsoii, Cttirt. Conraadt Priederlch- 
Adiini NukuluB, Oarl da Man Troti. [son, 

Kogel Cathr. Frlederichsoii, 

Wilhehnina Tyet 
Frunjo de Bonde, 
Peter Sablcx, 
Henilrick Holfte, 
Mariu Snhmit, 
Fried ChriKtelmyar, 
Ellisabeth Ellerkamp, 
Jnlian Carel Miiller, 

List of Passrnhkrs oh JloAitn thk Bhio Unioh Capt. Wm. 
Brll, from HAMBtiw. August 16, ITPS. 

Mr LafTert, Molter, 

JohnHon, oitixen of New York, Oppelt, 

— - Bt^nade, — Hein7;e, 

Caske, Heine. 

Gehbe, - Miiller, 

Prederio Baalitf, Braunseliweiger, 

- Ruhl, 
Clii'islian Gottloh ClialybaeHe^. xho|iman, 
(iotllieli Bteiiernagel, shoeitiaker, 
Freilerin Gottlieb Lange, ehoenitiker, 
Joh, GottilBh SolherlB, printtr, 
Charles Andrew Tlmlman, printer. 


JiIh chililren. 

List op PASSEA-nBiis ox Board Bhip Columbia, Willi 

Mai.hy, Mastkr, from ^mstkhdau. Bki>. 17, 1793. 
Joseph Faurie, 

Johanii Friederioh Jost Paliriliiis, 
Johann Pllip HitrHinagel, 
liudiK Nothliiiagel, 
Jaiii^H Borrawdale, 
Ann Roaetta Borrowdale, Ititt wife, 
Joliann Michtt Nicolas, 
Philip Hang, 
Sabllla HarlK, hla wif?. 
Gatharina Salame Harig, ) 

T.ouiaa Uargar«thn Hnrig, \ IiIh dhililron. 

Uarta EliKaboth Harig, I 

Clement Renlgerp, 
Cathurlna Rciitgem, Ills wife, 
Wilhelin Reulgers, | 

Chris tiaii Reiitgers, [ 

Poter ReiittftTS, [ 

Catharina Rciitgerti, J 

Hcnrlc-h Schuster, 
Doriit hea Catharina ScliiiHtcr, liix \ 
Caroline Schuster, 
Priederich Sell lister, 
Cathurinn Margarethu Hchuster, 
Henrich Schuster, 
Louitia Schuster, 
F rant 7, Becker, 

Maria Johanna Becker, his wi/t-, 
Carolina Elii^abetli Becker. t 

Anthoii Jacob Becker, i 

Henrich Lauer, 

Anna Margaretha Laner, liis wiff, 
Maria Sophia Laiier, 
Henrich Liidwig Baltser Lauer, 
ChrJBtian Lauer, 
Oeorg Ludwig Lauer, 
Georg Christian Ulrich, 
Maria Margretha Tllrich, his wife, 
Loiii:'aUlripli, i 

Jiihan Jacob Ulrich, ( 

Philip Cramer, 
Lmiiaa t^ramer, 
jR<'ob Wt.m, 


KliMiolilt Tons, 

I't^ttir Gniiiil, 

H&ne Michel Kost, 

Christian Schrain, 

Christina Klaiii, 

miitubetli Triiikels, 

Bii8antia Jones, 

EliMtlit^lli FiihiKtr, 

.Toliana LmlwiK Willieliii KrHnki\ 

Frieduricli Ktrtorcl. 

Jolmiiii Friuilericli Willielni ('iiretiKtiii, 

Jmi. Pleters, 

Kli7.ali«th Maria Pieterf, hi)> wife. 

CliriHtiiin Pifters, i , . , „ , 

I^anrens Pielnn.. , I"" "hH-'^'^ 

Eli/Jiheth Betis, 

Coenniad Berts, her fon, 

Christina BfrgH, 

llanna Lehmkiols. 

Jiihtiima Mfisjinilpr, 

.Iiilmnna Haiifeii, 

.ToIl .faroh Frank, 

I.fliiila Mi<!lileiihn<-h, 

KttiiLniif 1 Fri<'<]eri<-h Hi:hnlli', 

Jolmnii P«tt?r Fri)liwein, 

Johanu Hsiirii'li Lihrx, 

(ieori; Linlwi); KeipetihiiiiHen, 

(MiriHtlan Huliuho, 

Joliunnex Kiirst. 

MifliPl Hiflhciilist, 

Jnliuna Miith, 

Marin Mntli. Ikt .iuiiKl>t*'''< 

Jan Pistor, 


Joluinn Crist.iphl er Tai-k, 

Jacob Main ml ire, 

Johimii Ht'nripli HiriiiK/.ing, 

Joliann Havid Otto 

Arnold HclnR. 

Joliatin Mathias M<-tzger, 

Gerriljp Mfiller. 

r,oiii>< n<>iiiini()n.>, 

Ja,-..1. Opp, I 

Jacob Loi-si^ii, } Americans. 

Joliii llolilfii, J 


Li»T OF Orrman PAHRR\»Rit8 Arrivkd ixthrShip Brotii- 
KR3, Calrb Earl, Commakdkh, khdm Hahbiird. Bkpt. 
35, 1793. 

Philip Hemirick Hastrop, 

Georgirie VVolfeli 
Husana Maria KaRtrop. 
Harta Kinnema Bastro|j 
Maria Nelinait, 
Louis Widerholt, 
John Winoipar, 
John Crust*. 
Betaay AllhrinK. 

Lycklauin, Bastrop. 
Cristiiia Maria Kuwirop, 
AtiKUHtina Bastrop, 
Johu MannH, 
I^uis Bifcfrii), 
John Stiginau, 
Ja')i<>s »hiihs. 
])all)oy Bt-anH. 

LwT OF Passbnqkrs ok Board thk Bhu 
JAMIN fx. Drxtrr, Mabtrr, fromO'opknh 

List (ik Grrman Passrnoer!! on Board thr Brio Poli.y, 

Jamrr Dryburgh, from Hamburq, Octobrr 4, 171)3. 
Johann Bhiiiie. Pliilipp Raltaaaer, 

Johann Honii, Oarl Benecke, Hi^nior, 

Jnllua Bt^necke, junior, Wilhelm Hannibalt, 

■'ohanii l.oeg, Andreas Gronau. 

A List of Pabsbdokrs bt thr Bbip Jran, Daxi.. McPhrr- 

sos, Mastrr. fromHambttrg. 13th Novbr. 17B3. 
Qeorg Hinrioh Burght, Riizabeth Myer. 



List ok the Passkxgers ox Board thk Ship Pkgk»y, John 
Joux Elliot, Master, from Amsterdam. Nov. 10, 1793. 

Jos. Guied Doornaiiiver, 

Jas (III Boir, 

Corl Peters, 

Corn. Win. Eiiglehart, 

Malik King. 

Van Oflfen, 

Jolan Boiler, 

Jol Malthert, 

Adam Berstroser, 

Job. Rol, 

Jacob Krautt, 

Fried Hottz, 

Jacob Selzer, 

Valeiit Ks/evein, 

Joban ScbelTer & wife, 

Carl Crom, 

Pbilip Von Dessen, 

Crom Vonder Beek, 

M. Meyer, 

Fran« Becke, 

Benjamin Hare, 

Pierre Jos. Porteur, - 
Leon Engelbert, 
Adrian (^hurvest, 
Wesselinan Ting & Son, 
Josepb Helzel, 
Antji Caspers, 
Elizabetb BoUerin, 
Jol Kiser, 
Mid Kings, 
Jacob Hod el, 
Petan Korrel, 
Heinz Bedtlof, 
David Strolm, 
Jacob Tyd Goart & wife, 
Philip Hess, 
Job Rail, 
Henz Smith, 
Godf Burnsel, 
D. Schumacher, 
Ma^daline IJgte, 
Hein. Mol linger. 

List uv Gkrmax Passengers Arrived ix the ShipAp- 
iMM.LO ('. Fitzpatrick, Captaix, from Amsterdam. Feb. 

18, 1794. 

Johtin Fred, rich Kohde, Bergmaister, 
Marie Sophie, his wife, 

Their children. 

Joban Deitrich Ernst Valentin, Geo. Fred. Heinrich, 
Georg Liidwig Troder, Jobannette Catharine Elisabeth, 

Mariane Friederika Henrietta. Ehrgott Ferdinand Wilhehn, 
Heinricb Freidrich Stegnerus. Carolina Christina Elizabeth, 

These relatrreff. 

Henrietta Marie Vieter, Gertrand Elisabeth Vieter, 

Ludwig Ernst Eigenbrodt, Carl Rinehart Gottfried Stand- 

Louisa Freiderika Scheuber, Marie Lotharine Kann. [inger, 


(Jeo. Daniel, 

I'liilip CiiriMtiaii Kraii«Bli 


ifnrie Kli/tihetli, Ilirt wife. 

Ami» Eli/jvbeth, hiw 


J. C. Ruler, 

Joseph Shrau. 

Kliwi Ell^rv, 

Margaret KiiRle, 

Stephfn Huhle, 

Michael Holniftn. 

Michaol Mante. 

J. G. JoBPr. 

Michael Joler, 

Johan Heis, 

.T. J. Biir^. 

PredriRli Nuch, 

Christin.' Nafli. lii« wife, 

Philipina Nacli, liia 


Jean V. Laiiteiiger. 

Johan William Welke. 
Johanii Vogcl, 
PraiiciH Aiiibrust, 
John JaRi-r, 
Johan n I'Qgur, 
Daniel Pie per, 
David Kociiiif. 
Andreot) BuMlorft, 
Johann Gecke, 
Anthony Krigler, 
Frederick Hott/., 
Heinrinli Hiinhveld, 
Joha:in Kuyper, 
Job an n Ku». 
Dominica Steiinvyk. 
Johan ne Tipo, 
Johann Herlist, 
Maria MaKdalinn HerliKt, 1 
Maria Mfti{<lalena Herbst, 
JohanneH Ilerlisl. 
Johannen David Herlwt, 
Helena Paapisrs, 
Anna Maria HnttenliaUK, 
JohanUHH Hartiiian, 
Maiji Hartmaii. liis wife, 
Maria Tnrii nates, 
Anna LuKgins, 


KliMi FhIh, 

Williinn 8[eJiil>HrK. 

Maria Wef){eniuir. 

■Itiriiiii Ki>i>{ii>liir, 

-liiliii I-'rlfilericli UiHlmtuiii. 

.loliii F. Oberiiliniiser, 

Aifiilii lUM^nilmuHer, hi" wite, 

.Miiria KlJsiihtitli. | 


Frii-ili>rik. ] liix ohUdrtiii, 

WiUiuiii, I 


Ciithiiriim Vk-K.-. 

(Ilii-lxtiiiii MhaKiii. 

Dorotlit^n HutliMii, 

K\\?.. H iil.timbaiiB, 

.loliii Miiller, 

Akiii-h Moimiuiiriii, 

Miiil't Atiiiu Vory-11.', 

Ji)litLiiii ('aH{>nr We rachi (■(!<■, 
Aiilliony Kollfhyin, 
(^iiiiriult Hydft, 
.funul) yaut>rhetM!ii. (Amoricuii). 

LiMT OK Pas^kmokus on board thk Ship CoLtTMBiA, Capt. 

Wu. Mai.KV, ltOI'M> TO PlIILADKIfPHIA. HAY 81, 1704 

Namt. Age. 

.Jiihii ])oriieck, — 

AiHiii MHKaruthft Porneok, — 

llcinriRli Jacoli Donienk, ,,.... tS 

Joliii Michel Kl«i>thor IS 

MiLffilalmia Klupthor. 9 

I'. W. FJcliltaiim - 

.liiiio tCiohbHiim — 

Chiirlotte Eiehbaum — 

Arnold KiRhI>iinm S 

Willi«lmluft Eii!hl«ium, ■ 4 

Williiiin KichlMium 8 

Fli/aliiftha KIchl>aiiin 9 

J..I111 Swetimui - 

AiiI{l\l><T IN 1M:>NSYL\ AMA. 04r, 

ydim. Age. 

Nic(>Uiu> I'rrtiuM* — 

('atliariiia Fertiier, — 

Ludwijf Fertner, 12 

Mattis Fertner, — 

Elizabetha Fertner, . . . ! — 

George Fertner, — 

Louis Fertner, — 

Basilaur Fertner, — 

Elizabetha Fertner, — 

John George PVieclerich, — 

M. Magdalena Friederic.h, — 

iNicoUiUH Friederich, ^ 

Pnilipp Friederich, 3 

Ijudwig Friederich, 1 

John Carl Martin, — 

«U)hn Conrad Koch, — 

Friederich UofTman, — 

John Peter Schazel, — 

John Adam Miiller, — 

A. Dorothea Miillerin — 

John Adam Muller — 

Conrad Ebel, — 

13aU)ia»er Spiess, — - 

Michel Bub — 

Catharina KifferdorfRn, — 

Anna Maria Veitin, — 

A. Catharina Kochin — 

Jacol) Seyboldt, — 

Dorothea Korberin, — 

Heinricli Wantgan, — 

John Riebel, — 

C. Maria Riebel, — 

John Friederich EickholT, — 

Georg Eickhoflr, 11 

Conra<l Eickhoff 10 

Eberhard EickkhoflT, — 

Johanna Bell, — 

Margaret ha Hellt, — 

Catharina AVeingartin, 

Heuriette Snssanna Frolich, — 

John GottloS Kin^-nrr, — 

Johanna Soplii.i Kohlstates — 

Maria Fli/nbt-tha Staal, — 

John Gade — 

85-VoL. XVII. 


Name . Afft, 

Clirlstiaii Zauerlinif, 

John Bcutel, . . , , — 

.ri>liii UftHptT MaltiH, — 

Dorothea Mattitt — 

Frieilerich Chriatian Mattif, 11 

Philipp HeiiiriohMattlB, 8 

AiKlrfftN HhhI) — 

A. RfKiiiA Biiali, — 

Cftrl Eberle — 

Cathariiia JSlierle — 

Fricilriuli Kburic, , — 

Willielmiiia Kfrchnerin I 

George A nilreau Eberle, — 

Heiirich Jacob Eberle 

Gerrit Kemp, — 

Heiirich Joseph Diederii-h 

Outhrina Ewig - 

Hi'nry Vaucker, — 

Peter Hewyr 13 

Abrikhani Bowyr, <lea<l, in 

Adolph Marx, — 

Oatharina Harx, — 

ChrlHtiaiia Marx U 

Andreait Marx, 8 

Jiu3ob Marx, 6 

Gertruth Marx, 3 

AiiKiifila Wahiberg, — 

Cathariria BhaefTorin, — 

Amiii Hewyr. 11 

Mur^ai-etha Bewyr 9 

Clam Mollen - 

Sophia Kliukel — 

Oatharina Korbjn, — 

Friwlericb Muller, — 

(larl KnioBS, — 

(ii'org Datt, — 

f^asiHT Rielman. ■ — 

Philip Ritfner — 

John Volk, — 

G.'orttf^ ChrM. K.lhler, - 

Loretiz Otto, - 

JiiMtiiK (!hriHt. Stockman, — 

John Jacob Krall, — 

Jolm Hnm!fr, - 

Maria Hmnler, — 



Peter Lazer, 

Calharhin Lnxt^r 

Ludwig Bnterz, 

Margarellia Enturz, .... 
Uarncarethn HuUin, .... 
Wilheliiiinii Kniestin. . . . 

John George Knieat Chrii^tiana Kniest. 

Carolina Kniest, 

Dorothea Kniest, 

A. Elizabeth Diehn 

Wilhelin Leonard, 

■laoob Geller, 

PranK Ueyerhoff, 

Uartha Helena Rubenthal, 
Jotiannes Riibenthnl, . . . 

Andreas Rubenthal 

Christiana Riibenlhal, . 
Nicolana Friedingor, .... 

J. W. Hoffman 

Annatje Sehenseina, . , . 
Richard Crown, ... 

f-ieorge Hhrh, 

David (ierad 

Catharlna Oprad 

Geertrayde Soeter, .... 

List of Gkrmas Paooritskrs Arbivrd at tmk Port of 
Pbiladelphia, i\ thb Bbiq Usios, Cai-t. Folukr, from 
Hamburg, Jink 3. 1704. 
John HenTJoh tdie, Baldid Goidner. 

Willm. Foyte, Hendrick Dewbeck, 

Johan Henrick Marien, Frldrick Brown, 

Georg Frldrick JJewde, O. L. Jondernian. 

Elizabeth .londerman. hiB wife, Crfstian Jonderman, daughter, 
Laaveas Chariots UeleKo, Joseph Damant, 

Henry Roberts, George Perkins, 

Edward PerkiDH, Martha PurkliiB. 



Passengers ix thk Ship Brothers, of Philadklphia, 


C. E. Ewalcl, 
A H. Kohn, 
P. H. Jaroii, 
J. C. Mu8cnlii8, 

P A. Tietjens, 
J H. MoIIer, 
F C. Schmidt. 

List op Passengers on Board thk Ship Holland, Capt. 
C Franklin, Jr., from Amsterdam. August 20, 1794. 

Miiller Prevot, jr., & A. de F. d<^ Fresnayn, 

Vogel, Isaac Win. Bartett*, 

Van Kestel, Leliart Hayler, 

William FoIleiidorIT, Newland- Anth. Buckman & wife. 

er, free, 
Hans .laco Sbiman, 
Joseph HuUebrade & wife, 
Juliana Wert mans, 
Ann(i Maria Gottliebs, 
Wilhelmina Ostendorf, 
Ant. Hurtgen, 
Maria Foncke Goetz with *^ 

Catharina Aildens, 
(Ml. Miller, 
.T. \j. Mender, 
.]. AV. Greimel, 
J. H. Fensch, 
Carl Sartorius, 
( 'onu'l" Van den Weldenberj?, 
liOiiis Baultin, 
John Keves, 
Daniel Cobei, 

Christ. Benedickt, 
(^atharina TollendorfV, 
Peter Platz & wife, 
Anne Maria Johansin^, 
Hein Schilling, 
JohanneH Goetz, 
(^arl Lud. Burch, 
J. J. Conrad, 
Maria Opnian, 
C. H. Cordes, 
Anthv. Henricks, 
J. C. Ihnen. 
J. H. Siebert, 
Anne Cath. Metger, 
Hendk. liiisch. 
Ah. Cobet, 
(\ Andrewsen. 
John Klvn. 

liisT OK Passengers in the Shu* Birmingham Packkt, 
Capt. (fEOROE JiOCKYER, FROM Hamhurg. August 25, 


Monsr. Borthoud, 
Mons. Derochea, 
>rons. .loiirnell, 

Madni. Berthonci, 
Mons. Teraseon, 
Monfi. Bert bond, 


Bolhiff Nicolas LtitKens, 
Susaiia Burbery Lutxens. 
Lud. Henrifik Vim Htorlcli, 
John JohaiiH Strauble, 
Frederick Bode, 
Jos. Prey, 
ChrlBtlanca Frey, 
Catherine Witt, 
Cuth. Buumanln. 

FranciH GothifT hu' 
Henerick Hook. 
Ghrixtian J.uderH, 
Radoliih Boile, 
Carol i MIL Bode, 
Barbft, Frey, 
GiiMtaviis Witt, 
Johan Witt. 

List ok PAH3KNftKR.«' Namk:^ ox Boaro tiik Shu* Pk««y, 
John Eli.iott, Mastkr, fkom Amstkkdam. Nov b, 17M. 

John Haininon, 

Alirahaiii Coliun, 

Jon Sweers, 

John Rit/.. 

Peter Erlinghiirst. 

Goilfrid RHnharl, 

Ja»i)>er Kraft, 
Gasper HHlliqiiest, 
Christiiu) KopirinK, 
Henry Eergel) Hania, 
Crane is Desualatir, 
Afatthias Ue Koiiin^, 
Cliiafaf Wetckiiid, 
l<21fnora Woodland, 
^hnon Kepler, 

Eli>'Al>eth Hnitiinon, 
Angel f'<)han, 
Antonio Honiiis, 
Zwanan Veyal, 
Margaret Erlinifhuri 
MaynuB Stidtz, 
Te<lrie Frake, 
Henry Lepper, 
Keilriok Rosenthal, 
Pan). Holstein. 
Francis Van Tilha-. 
Willm- Aulhorn. 
Thos. Wood Hand, 
Rlizabeth Woodsaiui 
Jacob El<ierst. 

Brioantike Hakah. Dam 

KL May, Captain. Nc 


3.,ewis Ronrdilion & 3 children, 

.Mexander Crom, 

-7ean Lonis Duhy, 

Jean Salomon Easy, 

-Antoino Charles Cnzenove, 

Jean Antoine Caionove, 

-Andri Jerret. 

David Gandon, 


Jacob Bnffle, 


List op Passkngrrs in thb Ship Sophia Caroline, Petkr 
Ehler, Commander, from Hamburg. Nov. 13, 17M. 

H Johinas LealTer, wife and 9 children, 
H. Eckstein, wife and children, 
H. G. H. Liiers, H. F. Iden, 

H. F. F. Rahn, H. A. Scheel. 

H. F Schleicherd, 

List op Passengers Arrived from Amsterdam, tN thk 
Ship John, Wm. Whitbwell, Captain. Jan. 2, 17U5. 

Mr. Stunie with wife & six Mr. Azony, 

children, Mr. Meyer. 

Mr. Ludwig, Mr. Kraz« 

Mr. May, Mr. Newman. 

List op the Passengers on Board the Ship Levonia, prom 

Amsterdam. Feb. 27, 1795. 

Christian Brand, 

Jounes Frederick & his wife & two children. 

Names op the Passengers on Board thk Concord, prom 
Hamburg to Philadelphia. July 7, 1795. 

Mrs Jeanne Elizabeth Maler Prevost, 

Aiidn', I 

Henry, [ lier children. 

Andre Louis, j 
Mr. Peter (ralline. 
Miss Francis Gay, 

Mr. Zactiarie Fanguelvey said Ijaroche, 
Doctor Heinrich Zolfers & wife. 



Johann Oottfried Oadeeke. 

Jobaon Friedrlch Wilhelm Neumann, 

John Dohm, 

Luuis Honseage, 1 

Loais Cr. Houasaife, Lepinp, 1 thref«lirotlierB& their servant 

TiOaie ReQ4 Houssage, [ 

Henry Qallon, 

August H. Schmid, wife & two cliildren, 

Joliann Cieorge Hummel, hie wife Anna Maria & his sun. 

Christian Hummel, 
Christian Friederich Ludwig PruHter, 
Oeorge Dlckeliuana. 
Lion Maasina, 
Levy Hirscb, 
Borea Royen, 

John Stone, seaman of the United Btates, 
Captn. William Campbell, citizen of the United States. 


John Mbanky. Sept. 18, 17B5. 

H. Newman, 
J no, Newman, 
Filton Newuian, 
Jno. I>efart, 
Jna Ritkar, 
Jence Venan, 
Barbara Kesliener, 
BtTeren Tigerin. 
QoTKon Fred. Bumaeh, 
3n'> Intelbinger, 
MoHea Quin, 
Simon Newman, 
Betsey Stonis, 
George Bourben, 
Jno. Jacobs, 
Abm. Markel, 
Jno. Pritcb, 
Edwd, Clarke, 
Jno. B^lk, 
Mary FDnar, 
Charles Enor, 

Mary Newman, 
Martin Newman, 
Henry Christ, 
Peter Spertiel, 
Huns Adam Miller, 
Ursela Kingenen, 
Margaret 8pert:.ol, 
Michl. William. 
Rol>t. Steinberk, 
Gabriel. Zelinger, 
Philip Lagam, 
Benjamin Wolfe. 
CiiHstian Steltty, 
Godfrey Keller. 
Henrlch Bremer, 
Henry Eckart, 
Henrv Baker, 
William Clark, 
Francis Marshall, 
Amanual Enar, 
JnO. Newman. 



ACKKT, Calku Eahi., Mastkh. Oct. 5, 1705, 

It. c,Wniil>(>ll, 

I<elu«uli CuiiipbHil Ju chilli. 

P. S. Schild. 

EllznWUi J^uts, 

Aiiiml) Hi^buji), 

I.^iiiH Eiiianiiel de )n Finttln'ri', 

JohniiiL Jiwol> >^i<lel, doutiir, 

Frifil.Tic-h Oottlieb Hegel, olurk. 

Jobnnn Hf jiir. Oeorn Ptix, wrviiiit, 

Johiinii Krnst Droy, coo]>er, 

Juhuiiii Michaul X>«ikuii, 

AniiiL MaHu I>elketi, 

Kiw V 

1 I,e 

liUiiolpli Helnr. I.iulwii; KiegKl, Jni 
.Idliunn Jacolt J>«iitH, joiner, 
JiiliuiHies M<M;kt>, joiner, 
Joliniin (iffirgv lieytiimn, joiner, 
Joiiiiim Uniiir. Niiri'nlxTt-, liuk>-r, 
Iluiiirich Rieginon Ziicker, iiiillvr, 
l'''ri(!derloh Kiiurr, miller. 

13. 170.1. 
Joii. Ileiirick Btiover. 
Ja(;()1> Kernn, 
.Toil. ('<iinirttied Fit-rkin 
August T.iiilwlok Hiii-k 
Fri'drit^k Kou flour, 
JoliiinuM Briiyn, 
Hwiidrnek DiuHrimn. 
I.iotiii. Hndleu. 
Mil rill Koeiies. 
(ii'iii'l^i- Itloodhart, 
HeiKlrick lloiuiott, 
Jnn. Dikvid liuntur, 
John Hurpi', 

fix HoAUii THK Ship Thomah 
DAM. < 'ait BimKUT Rick. Oct. 

JoliimncH MlUer, 
Josei>h (.'runiber, 
JoMxIiiea ^erknian, 
Louis lliirk. 
.Ion. Fill Oraftt, 
Fr..<lri<'k Si.voa Boone, 

L. F.liHnbeth Frlelaiiii. 


L Wi^ 


Helii-pca VelVflriSH, 
John Mf-snpr, 
Fri'ilrick Fieriiig, 
Jan. Freilrick Scklerer, 
Jiiri<>n Itoode. 


Anan Kiii'ter. 
Hicliel Antony, 
Carieliena Oain, 
Peter HauKen, 
Lottu Kempprs, 
Johaca Bv«rpiteiie, 
Rva Maria BeuttB, 
Jacob Williams, 
Peter Niewill, 
Jaeob Riibbel, 
EarnKt Lcainea, 
Catliirina Keatrer. 
Mathiaa Rverstine, 
Henclrick Riiitrop, 
Carolina Rinetrop, 
Hendrick Rin«trop. 
Margriatha Trapp, 
Philip f'lien, 
Juhana U-iitte, 
Gasper RooinK, 
Gorit Frieeer, 
Jan New<nKhu7.«n. 
Arnoldea Niewingliui 
David Priatore. 
JotiQ Brldenba, 
Frddrioh atones. 

Mietie Kooil«<. 

William Dieckmaii. 

William Huudrick, 

Fredrick titratsbllri;. 

ELIisbbeth KIohs. 

Janoh BouttM, 

Jar.ol> Frederick Scutt», 

Jolian Wirlielm Oartan. 

Gerard Peisons, 

FreJrica Riibh«l, 

Jur Jacob Keatrer. 

Eliiiael>eth Van Orn, 

Jun. Hendrlrk Bearin Rnoiie, 

Elisabeth Riiitrop, 

Fredrick Rinftrop,' 

John C'onrad Hubiier, 

Daniel Allen. 


John Allof, 

Gasi>er Hit>rmaii, 

Johannes Bolli, 

Mariea Itfolendel. 

Jacobus Hiitcliiiii'Hen, 

JohaneR Selii, 

John NechloH KouU, 

Cf. i:liarlotte Meyer. 

Doctor of M. i D. D., J. De Jongh. 
ChriHtian Westfalileii, hiu wife and two children. 
C. A. F. Otto, hit) wife and three rhildrt n. 
Bliuibeth Seibel and child 
Johan Nickel, his wife and two oliildreii. 
Johan Ulrich Ammer, his wife and nix childrcu- 
Henrich Schroider, hiw wife and child. 
Hiohnel Patist, hia wlft> and three children 
Chrirttian Holler hi§ wife and child 
Bar>>ara GasH and child. 
Johan Peter Blankard. his wife and child. 
Daniel George BchafTer, hin wife ami two childrr 


Anna Gabriels. 

Johan Geenan. 

Nichohui Schrel). 

Con rail Kratz. 

Cornelle Casaly. 

Leonard Evers. 

Anna Elizabeth Durmans. 

Casper Henkel. 

Johan Michael Lehr. 

Conrad Fryberger. 

Johan Justus Wiel. 

Johan Jacob HennanL 

Johan Frans Pflaume. 

Anna Elizabeth Dalhoflf. 

Johan Christoph Rhode. 

Jan Berler. 

Johan Jacob Vander Bieclielaar. 

Johan Christian Nagel. 

Johan Godfried Pflag. 

Maria Kegelin. 

Johannes Kerkhuis. 

Klaas Peters 

Hanuan Henkel. 

Thk Namks of Passengers ox Board the Brig Mary, 
FROM Hamburg to Philadelphia, Wm. Bell, Master. 
Nov., 1793. 

Jonathan Reynolds, Andrew Benade, 

Christian Fried r. Schaaf, Madame Schaaf, 

Joliann Friedr. Rudol[>hi, David M. Michael, 

Charles Moelien, Carl Jjudwig Schmid, 

Michael van Knk and wife, Heinrich Danker and wife, 

Conrad Kreuser, Christian Gottlol> Paulus, 

Christian Samuel Michael. Johann Gottfried Piotsch, 

Christoj)!! Ijiipach, Gottlieb Byhan, 

Mathias Friesd, Henrich Matthiesen, 

Johann George Zurikel, Carl Kayne, 

Johann Koelling, Henrich Poppe. 

Johann Schomermel, Henrich Meitzel, 

Johann Gottfred Kaelbel, Carl Gottleben, 

Phillip Jacob Volraer, Carl Witte, 

Christoph Brickmann, Henrich Witrand, 



ChHatftin Frietlr. Blumu. 

Benjamin Augst, 

Jobiuiu Chrietoph Buvt^nnani 

Johanii Qotlloli Schwartz, 

Johana Adam Kreyo, 

Andrew Uhle, 

George Bernhard Schrainm, 

Johann August Gelger, 

Friedrlck Wllh«lm Mayer, 

Anna Peterson, 

Christian Heinrich Ualehowff, 
Johann Uuppe, 
, Johann Gasper Frisch, 
Friedr. Wilhelm Heriog. 
Johann Carl Welse, 
Friedrlch Uhle, 
Juhann Conrad Philip Geiger, 
Phillip Gottlob Frank, 
Cliriathm FrleiJerlca Seybottin. 

List of Passekqrbs Arrivrd in the Brio Mikjcrta, 
Capt. Jamks Bnull, Mastur, from Hamburo. Dkc. 10, 

Johan Jacob Behn, 
George Yoder Horat, 
Jacob Dlllnian, 
Christian Herder, 
Harie Lotharina Bohrelber, 
Johaunee 8chrei. 
Marie Marietta Daub, 
Friederieh Beking, 
Andreas Vitstach, 
Johannes Birkelbaoh, 
Henry LorIb Martander, 
Johan BrozllluB Miiller, 

Andrias Ducliene. 
Gerlach Laf. 
Anna Maria Dillinan, 
Johannes Peter Sebrelber, 
Heiniiioh Ahliuann, 
Johannes Daub, 
Dill manna Daub, 
Jdcob Christopb Schnnrer. 
Daniel Schorrer, 
Heinrich Rittner, 
Margaret t a Carolina Blizabetta 

Catherine Olausaen, 

>'icholaii Bowers. 

Passbuqbrs on Board trb Brio Molly, Wm Cahpbbll, 

Mastkr, from Hahburqh. ApkilIS, ITM. 
Job. BmleL 


NA.Mi:s oi' i'()in:i(;.\i:i:s 


HAMBnuui, Capt. Jamks Kwino, Jitnk 3, 1796. 

(.'hriHtian Martin Oldenburg, 
H enrich Oklenbiirff, 
Luilwick C4raff, 
Geo. Frederick Reguit, 
Johan H. Hruroke, 
OhriHtian Rjiinskarl, 
Margaret Frieds, 
Edward BoyHon, 

Maria Elizabeth Oldenburg, 
ChriHtiana Oldenburg, 
JjoiK Wernick, 
ChriHtopher Roller, 
George Plunistock, 
Ludwig FrietlH, 
Andrew ZcMfs. 

lilST OK PASSKN«KRS OX HoARD THK SniP Harkirt Baltt- 

iViouK, ('APT. Thomas W. Norman. Jitxk 17, 179«. 

Fech'ick Moller, F«»d rick llarrKhofT. 

C/hristen LesH, 

List ok Passknokrs ox Board thk Huiv Harmony, Cap- 
tain Jamks RIoork, from Hamburg. Jitly 25, 1790. 

Beniiiua Sophia Cunow^, 
Carolina LoniKe On now. 

Job. Cfobhard ( -unow, 
Augusta Heiirieta ('unow, 
Johanna Lf^hnuinn, 
Johann (Christian Ebl)eke, 
Joseph Metzler, 
Oustar LukendofT. 
Louir' Marquis Rangoree, 
Louis Wilbuans, 
Earl (lastell, 
Henry Streider, 
Hannah Dillon, 
Weigan Miliar, 
Fred<»rick Clear, 
Just. H. V^aspar, 
William Gilland, 

Johann (.-aspar Freytag, 
Johann (iottlable Rentrer, 
Jean Baptist Chambaud, 
Ludewig Krunibharr, 
Johan Nyroineen Geetze, 
('ristopher Cake, 
('harlot te Philippine C^unow, 
Hannah Streider, 
John Otto, 
Fredk. Long, 
John GlasHuiann, 
John Long, 
Christian Denny, 

Anna Dt^nny & three children, John Wall, 


John Young, UhriHtian Bholtz, 

Frederick Gooilry, neDJAiniii Q-uiiny, 

Guntlier Walapar. Georife Walsli. 

Jolin Walsh, John Faketsniiei-. 
Wniiain Gillihaii, 


Name. Agf. 

William HippenMt:eI, funiier, 4tl 

Ann SophiH Ilippenstiel. wDinaii. 4:1 

Ann JuHtioa Hippenstitl, v 
Mary Elisabeth Hippenstlcl 
John Weber, fanner. . . . 
Mary Blistli. Wolf, ■ 
Gonrail iiuld, furint)r, 
Ann Bophia Halii, ■ 

Frederic Bald, farmer, .... 34 

Cliristina Bald, woman, and one cht)<l Oitilh. i>l<l, . , 33 

Jo8t Fleininer, fanner, 23 

Ann (iertroiit Koenig. woman. . . 28 

JohnJost Menn cirilth . . 3(t 

Ann Mary Menn, woman, jmd one ciliild of I yejir !ifl 

EliHabelb Meiin, woman, 19 

PliilipMenn. farmer. 18 

John GeorKe Moiin, farmer 17 

Ann Oathurine Menu. i{irl . 13 

John Henry Menn. boy, 12 

HeoPfte William Menn, l">y 7 

Joct Henry Uenn. l>oy, ... .I 

Jolin Jost Dinkel, fanner, a;t 

ftlaryOath. Weyaud. 18 

Jo8t Afterliacdi, smith 33 

John Henry Greve, fiinm-r, ;U 

Aon Elisabeth Greve, 30 

Hary Eliiuibeth Gre ■«, 50 

Jont Strftckbein, furmer, 47 

Ann Mary Strackbein . , . 43 

Mary Eli><al>eth Strackbein, 21 

Jost Henry Strackbein, farmer, . . . , .... 18 

Valentine Strackbein, farmer IS 

Catharine Strackbein, 13 


Name. Age, 

John Jost Strackbein, child^ 5 

Christ oph Raff, farmer, 21 

John Ulrich Frank, farmer, 20 

Philip Widman, farmer, 18 

Pliilip Mayer, farmer, 20 

John Ulrich KusmauJ, farmer 18 

Frederic Seyfried, farmer, 20 

George Spies, farmer, 26 

Elisabeth Spies, one child 1 month old 26 

Ludwick Strackbein, taylor, 80 

Richard Stremmel, farmer, 85 

Elisa Gertrout Stremmel, 36 

Ann Gertroat Stremmel, 20 

Ann Catharine Stremmel, 18 

Caspar Spies,, taylor, ^ 50 

George Spies, farmer, 22 

Pliilip Spies, farmer, 20 

Henry Eckart, farmer, 19 

Pens Bauman, farmer 19 

John Jost Voelkel, farmer, 27 

Mary CatharineVoelkel, one child 1 mth. old, 26 

George Sasmanshaus, farmer, 22 

George Walter, smith, 26 

Sophia Schreckegast, 22 

Philip Strackbein, farmer, qp 

Ann Gertrout Strackbein, 37 

Christian Strachbein, farmer, . . 16 

Ann t^lisabeth Strackbein, 14 

Catharine Strackbein, 12 

Elisabeth Strackbein, 10 

Daniel Strackbein 8 

John Henry Strackbein 6 

John Jost Strackbein 3 

George Lud. Henk, wheeler, -32 

Ann Marv Henk, 25 

Mary Elisabeth Henk, 50 

Ann Gertroat Henk, 24 

Ann Elisabeth Henk 14 

John George Henk, 11 

John Jost Henk 8 

John Henry Henk 7 

Philip Henk 4 

Jost Bald, farmer 36 

Ann Mary Bald, 33 

Ann Sophia Bald 20 


Name. Age. 

Hory Elisabeth Biihl, . . 13 

JohQ JoBt Bald. 9 

Louisa Bald, and one (ihikl of 3 years 6 

Jaeob Gladeo, farmer 28 

Hary Gladen, 28 

Jotia Gladen, 6 

Philip Miller, smith 26 

BlisatMth Miller, 23 

George Koch, 40 

Mary Luada Koch, 40 

Jo9t Henry Koch, II 

ElJBaheth Koch 7 

Jaool> Rudolph, carpenter, SO 

Ann Mary Rudolph. 48 

Hary Catharine Rudolph IS 

Christian Rudolph. 1« 

Abraham RiidolpI), 14 

Hary Ann Rudolph 7 

Francis Rudolpli 5 

George UeiniKcr 37 

Regina Deinig<!r, with two children, 24 

William Deiiiiger 16 

Catharine Deiniger 14 

Miohael Deiniger 12 

^ena Blis. Deiniger I8 

Hessr. Joseph Uonatt & his Lady, cabin passengers. 


HiCBAKL BdrKE, from HAUBrRO. [No Dath.] 
Daniel Godlob Strabe, Daniel Schwartzstrauber, 

Jaoob BohwartKStrauber, Johannes Dibring. 

List OF PAsaKNOHRS bt thk Snow Industry, Capt. Rob- 


WillTatn Spickwall. man. Johanna Dinnee, woman. 

Anna Maria Holm, v 



List of Passkngrrs on Board Ship Columbia, Capt. Wil- 
liam Malky. [No Date,] 

Hind Jager, 
Gottlieb Jager, 
Frantz Jager, 
Fred. Willi. Ibacli, 
Frelia Ibach, 
Gottlieb Ibach, 
Giedion Ibach, 
Hiniaiiiin Hiitz, 
Hindraieta Hiitz, 
J oh. Peter Hiitz, 
Abrm. Kornbusch, 
Cliribtian Zeger, 
Peter Bond, 
Peter Horsberg, 
Engel Tesche, 
Helena Hasendever, 
Lode wig Estinghausen, 
Joliannes Mayweg, 
Willielm Mayweg, 
Jacob Henn, 
Arnold Muller, 
Alidar von Kempen, 
Kiiet^iis von Kempen, 
(-. Hend. von Lolin, 
0. Doretha Ibach, 
Carl Fred. Ibach, 
C. Wilhelniina Ziiters, 
Wilhelinina Ziiters, 
T>ort. Driicks. 
(\ Margreta HaniineH, 
Gottlieb Hamnies, 
Job. Peter Hamnies, 
Johannes Hainmep, 
(Jarlina Hamines, 
Willie] ni HanimeH, 
Arnold (frail, 
Margreta Berterani, 
Joh. Hiersfeld. 
Gottlieb Knhler, 
An. Catrina Wilhelm, 
Johannes Wilhelm, 
Arnold Schniter, 

(Jatrina Jager, 
Ferd. Jager, 
Willinlmina Jager, 
Magdalena Ibach, 
Frantzsisca Ibach, 
Ferdenand Ibach, 
JnstafT Ibach, 
Margreta Hiitz, 
C'arlina Hiitz, 
Carl Hiitz. 
Joh. Ijindeman, 
Danil Kfihn, 
Abrm. Wolfers, 
Adam Zeiseler, 
Catrina Tesche, 
Peter Heller, 
Wilhelm Hemmeruhs, 
I sack Mayweg, 
Wilhelm Drucks, 
Johanes Berker, 
Bemad us von Kempen, 
ElisaV)eta von Kempen, 
Bin lam in Schlieper, 
Carl Ibach. 
Fredr. Dort. Ibach, 
Carl Ziiters, 
Derth. Ziiters, 
J ana Ziiters, 
Wilhelm Hammes, 
Abramina H amines, 
C. W. H amines, 
Abrm. Eieher Hammes, 
Wilhelmina Hammes, 
Lowise Hammes, 
Abrm. Berger, 
Wilhelm Berteram, 
Dort Berteram, 
Catrina Marg. Hiersfehl, 
And reus Wilhelm, 
Elisabeta Wilhelm, 
Margreta Schniter, 
Abrm. Schniter, 


Abrahtun HoUenholt/, 
Gatrina Hohenholti, 
David Holiuiihohz, 
Dort. FrederinliH, 
Jacob Scbiitjider. 
Hare Lohiiiaiui, 
Job. Meek els, 
Oiedrnt Klein. 
Wilhemiua Klein, 
J. Peter Kleiu, 
J. H. von der PoWl, 
Franttcisell WetttboiT, 
Oronimus Westhoff, 
Joh. Peter dchinit, 
A. Marg. ScliafT, 
Peter Halbach, 
HeleQ& Halbacb. 
Wilhelmina Halbach, 
Peter J. Bluiiibach, 
Carl Dlumbach, 
Elisabeta Hodenbach, 
Abrm. Hodenbach, 
Jaeb Hodenbach, 
Gottlieb ForholT, 
Daniel Alte, 
Dort BoUBmann, 
Isack Kulleiiberg, 
Jobanna U. Herder, 
Wilbelinina I'rederickH, 
Jacob Linden felder, 
Olerdroth Bri>okeliiiafm 
Abrm. Brocketiuann, 
Carl Brtiokehnanti, 

Jargretn Hohenboltz, 
Atirm. Hnbenliolt/, 
Hf^rinann Fred eric bs, 
Abnn. Hiit/., 
JiirKeii Mise, 
Peter Klein, 
Catrinu Klein, 


i Kif ill 

W. Bachluikirken, 
Frantz Westlioft, 
A. Margretft Westhoii. 
Wilhelni Wostboff. 
Anna Catrina Schali'. 
Barliem, Let liar, 
Gierdrfitb Halbacb, 
Dort. Halbach, 
Gottlieb Hall)ach. 
Ca. MargretH Blumbai^h, 
Teoilor Hodenliacli. 
Wilhelmina Hoilenbach. 
laaak Hodenl>Ach, 
Biniarain Hotleiiliach, 
Geor((e Bauer, 
Docktour Straus, 
Nelle Bomeinanu, 
Wilhelmina Kullenberg, 
Abrm. Frcdericlis, 
Carl W. Fredericlis, 
Wllb. Bri>ckelmann, 
Wilhelmina Brijckelinann, 
Wilheliii Hruckelmaan. 

A List of Passeitorrs bt the Ship jBAPf, Capt. Dakiki. 
McPhbbson, from HAMBi-ita. [No Date.] 

Ifarae. Age. 

Adolph Hootenagel, SI 

Anna Maria Hoofenagel, 46 

Anna Barbara Hoofenagel, 18 

88— VOK XVII. 


A'ame. Age. 

Aiiim Siibinft Hofenagel 18 

Acluliih HoofoimKet 13 

Jolmnin-« Ho..iViittBel H 

Jolin Ailiiiii Uooteiiiigel, .... 8 

]):iL-h(ira EIJ/iil»-t1i HixiffiiaK''! 6 

.loiuitiDes K(tkiirt. « 

Kli/.abeth Eokart.. . . • « 

Anna Sabiiiii. Ecknrt 2u 

Hcliiilola Kckart, 18 

Kli/(i1)t;th licknrt, 16 

Jiiliiuines Eckart U 

(Jatrinu, Kttkart 13 

Cimraae Kukari. « 

JuMtiis Eckiirt ii 

Daniel StHnger 40 

Anna So[>liiu Steii^^fr, 35 

C^iitritia tjtuiiger 15 

.li)liannes Stenger 13 

Diinid Sn-nitcr, 9 

PHtK SteiiBer 5 

Q-eorge StenKfr 1} 

Jolmnnes Hurdon 37 

Anna Uargretd (iordon, 34 

Anna Miiigrcta Gordon, 13 

L'jli/ab^'th Gordon, 11 

!,ova Uonion, 7 

.J<ilianii*'s Gordon 8^- 

Johan AudreaH Vernike, 

Cirl Chrjntian Hlunic, 

John Gi'or(fe Vrick, 

t'lirislittn l^aintm, 

G.>llil> KrnHt GrafT, 

Jobau Uanid Panlk-. 

m.-ronhniis Nicolas Hcllman, 

Ciir] Itmilow, wifi- and hon, 

Diclrich lifnlow and wife, 

Cyprian WillraiT. 

Christian NicoltiH Phemolt^r, 

P'ranciis Maycrhiiof, 

IV(.-i- Jlalnw, 

Alr'xaiidiT Mnlow, 

Mr. l-ivinL'Mton. a citizen of N.-w York. 


ANDRi;it ('llttlSTOI'II t'lIANCKLI^, Jl'SHiR. ALU, IB. 1707. 

Crenlifn Aelieiiliack, 

Anne &[iirie Alireiiliolt/., 

Jiisliiie Bluhin, 

Jeaa Born, 

Jean Belt?., 

Jean Beltz. 

KrafTt Bdtz, 

Jedn Henry Beitzel. 

Harin Cnlhurine Beit7.</I, 

Catherine B«ntfern. 

Regine Elisabeth Bakll, 

Catlierinf Bnliit, 

Jean Henry BaMl. 


Jean Josse Bulilt, 

Jean Eckliardt, 

Oeorge Eckhardi, 

Sopliie blckhartlt. 

Jean aeorjje Fncliel. 

Fr«derie Fiiliel. 

Fridriritie Pwl>i-1. 

Jea:t Nicolas Fisplier, 

Anne Marie Friehe, 

Jean Clearge Frlebe, 

Chretien Friehe, 

Jean FuIh;1. 

Chretien Friedrich, 

Jean Friedrich, 

Jean George Friedrich, 

Henry Franck, 

Henry Franck, 

Cattit^riiie Franck, 

Anne Pmnck, 

Froilric Giiillanme Fischbach. 

Fredric Fiiliel, 

■laqaeH Grote, 

George Griilie, 

Henrierte Horidiler, 

Adolph llorolder, 

Marie P,liHiil>eth Heneke, 

Anne Sfarie Henrke, 

Chretien Hencke, 

Adolpli AiynliDltz. 
Daniel Bard, 
.Justine Bum, 
Sophie Beltn, 
Anne Elizabeth Reltz, 
George Beltz, 
<'atherine Beitzel, 
George Bandliolt/.. 
Gllillauine Biddt. 
Fredrlqiie Foebei, 
Susette Baldt, 
Anne Marie Baldt, 
■lean Henry Baldt, 
Dietrich BiildC, 
Catharine Eckhardt, 
Marie Eckliardt. 
Jean Eiigel, 
Anne Marie Foebei, 
Conradine Foebe), 
George Fredric, 
.Tean Friebe, 
M. Catherine Friebe, 
Jean Henry Friebe, 
Jean August Frank, 
Catlierine Piibel. 
Catherine Friedrich, 
Catherine Friedrich, 
Guillallme Friedrich, 
Marie Frunck, 
Jean Franck, 
Miidelon Franck, 
Elisabeth Franck, 
Elisabetli Fischl>ach, 
Madelon Ful>el, 
Jean Jaqnes Gkrther, 
Chretien Horchler, 
("liarlotte Horehler, 
Chretien Hencke, 
Marie Catherine Henoke, 
Jean Josse Hencke. 
Jean George Hencke, 



Jean George Hencke, senior, 

Jean Hencke, 

Catherine Hencke, 

Jean George Hencke, junior, 

Chretienne Hencke,- 

Louise Hencke, 

Jean Josse Junge, 

ElisaV>eth Jung, 

Daniel Jung, 

Henry Jung, 

Philipp Kahm, 

Chreteinne Kel^erin, 

Marie Elisa>>eth Lepold, 

Valentin Lepold, 

Jean Lepold, 

Jean Jjeibe, 

Ijouise Lepold, 

George Lepold, 

Chretienne Lepold, 

Anne Elisabeth Mullerin, 

Conrad Metzger, 

Jaques Metzger, 

Jean Miiller, 

Chretein Pfeil, 

Guillaumette Pfeil, 

Daniel Pfeil. 

Madelon Pfeil, 

George Petry, 

Marie Gertrude Plieil, 

Jean Pheil, 

Elisabeth Gertrude Pheil, 

Marie Margaretha Pheil, 

Jean Reinhard, 

Marie Rath, 

Marie Elisabeth Rath, 

Anne Marie Rath, 

Conrad Riehl, 

Jean Riel, 

Catherine Riehl, 

Catherine Risstein, 

Gottlob Schultz, 

Chretien Sassniann, 

Josse Sitssniann. 

George Sassniann, 

Anne Marie Saltzmannin, 

Anne Marie Sassmannhaus/, 

Elisabeth Hencke, - - 

Madelon Hencke, 
George Hencke, 
Chretien Hencke, 
Jean Hencke, 
George Daniel Hencke, 
Catherine Junge, 
Jean Junge, 
George Junge, 
Marie Jung, 
Henry KaufTmann, 
Valentin Lepold, 
Anne Marie Lepold, 
Jaques Lepold, 
Jean Philipp Lei>old, 
Jean Lepold, 
Valentin Lepold, 
Charles Lepold, 
Tiouise Lepold, 
Henrv Mever, 
Daniel Metzger, 
Jean Mi esse, 
Pierre Pfeil, 
Anne Marie Pfeil, 
Anne Elisabeth Pfeil, 
Conrad Pfeil. 
Catherine Pfeil, 
Jean Henry Pheil, 
Marie Elisaberh Pheil, 
Jean Josse Pheil, 
Catherine Elisabeth Pheil, 
Jean Jost Risstein, 
Bernard Rath, 
Marie Rath, 
George Henry Rath, 
Nicolas Rath, 
Catherine Riehl. 
George Adam Riehhl, 
Jaques Risstein, 
Christine Risstein, 


Marie Sassniann, 
Elisabeth Sassniann, 
Gertrude Sassmann, 
Fredric Sassniannshausz, 
George Guillme Sassnianhausz. 


George Hsnry Schreckcgaet, 

Marie EliitnliKili Schreokegast, 

Oeorge Sohreukegast, 

Krafft Bcliii«ider, 

Josse Schneliler, 


Marie dllisabeth Schmidt. 

Justioe Schmidt, 

George Spiess, 

Henry Joxoph Schmidt, 

Jean Joiise Soliiieider, 
Jaques Bohncider, 

George Schneider, 

Iiouitie Schneider, 
Itariu Bcliiieiiler, 
^nnn Stegmiillcr, 

EliBa>>eth Schneider, 
Jean Schneider. 
Oeorge Schmidt, 
Catherine Spies!», 
Krafft SpiesB, 
OiiUlaiime Schneider. 
Louieie Schneider, 
George Schn-iider, 
Elisabeth Marie Schneider, 
Elisabeth Schneider, 
Jean Thiim. 
Ouiliatime Vogel. 
KraOt Vftlckel. 
George Volckel, 
Anne Eiieabeth Viilckel, 
Marie Catherine Volckel, 
Catherine Weber, 
Jean Weber. 

Jean Henry Wiederaprecher, 
Krafft Wie'd, 
Francolts Wied, 
Sophie Wied, 
George Wunderlicli, 
Uarie Gertrude Wagner. 
Jean Chretien Wagner, 
Marie Catherine Wuchbohrjn, 
Pierre Weber, 
Henry Wulff. 
Bllnat>eth Wulff, 
Jean WulfT. 
Marie Pheilin. 

Sophie Sclireckegast, 
Floriani^ Selireukegaet, 
Daniel BphreckegHttt. 
aiarlu Blinabetl) Schneider, 
Josse Schmidt, 
Jaques Schu]i<lt, 
Marie Scliiiiidt, 
Guillauinelte Schmidt, 
Jaquett Saltzmaiin, 
JoaHe Stiinger, 
Margareihe Schneider. 
Louis Schneider, 
Christine Schneider, 
Just hie Sctmeider, 
Adam Stegniuller. 
Jean Henry Schneider, 
August Sunder, 
Catherine Schneider, 
Francois Spiess, 
George Sptess, 
George SpeisB, 
Catherine Schneider, 
Chretienne Schneider, 
Chretien Schneider. 
Guillaumette Schneider, 
Jean Sclmeider, 
Anne Elisabeth Tham. 
Dorothee Voogel, 
Marie Catherine Volckel, 
Philipp Volckel. 
Florentine Vutckel, 
Josse Weber. 
Catherine Webe. , 
Marie Elisabeth Weber. 
Anne Elisabeth Weberinn, 
Justine Wied. 
Chretien Wied, 
George Wied. 
Jean Wagner. 
Marie Wagner, 
Jean Conrad Wagner, 
Jean Wiinderlich, 
Anne Weber. 
Anne Wulff. 
.lean Wulff, 
Kraffd Weber. 
Freulin Harriet Kino-. 


Cabin I'axseugers. 

Mr. Boss, 
Mr. Sops, Jr, , 
Mr. Holbocker, 
Napper Tandy, Ew]. , 

Mailariit? Soiut, 
Mr. Bulfuld, 
Mr. Hollj«ck. 

Pasrknukks by thk Ship Voi/tairk, Kzra Powrx, Mastkr. 



a. AvousT ail, ITlHi. 


si-ph ]>ouey, 

Ofthriel Brehant. 


on Maaan, 

.Joliu F. Gianqiie. 

Henry Moyerhoff, 

Jar^oi) Hebb & wife. 


..ilsric Damisph. 


AiKlruw Z«iiii«r, 

Noi.| KoKHon, 


aT (.1^ Passknh 


Ship CoxcoRtt. Jobs Thompmos, 

MamTKR, from AMBTKRItAM. OCTOBKR 15, 1780. 

Jol.n W. Godfrey, 

Of Philadelphia. 

Fr<'[lr<rk Haliel, 

'- servtB, 

to. Toil 11 W. Godfrey. 


liaii Robreaclit, 


cliuB Syiva. 

Maria <;briNtiiia Svlva, 



IS Sylva, 

Maria Thereia Sylva. 

BebmnnlM Jinwphi 


Sifiiia Itorothea Reus, 


irniaiillH Josi^phi 

ii» R»iis. 

Aiitoiiius Reim. 


Li.iL Maria Eliwil 

iftli Reni-, 

Mathi^n He I'lv . 


ST nl' I'ASSKMi 

fKiis OS BoAiui THK Ship Hachus, Capt. 

KlUHAiti) (inn 

ItHK. FROM HA.M»IMm. (Krr. 15, ITWi. 


itjiistii Maria FLn 

..■Iier, ihfi 



.-ilcTJra AiigiiwtH 

, Aiiialla Ho«t/.Bcli, l>om FtB.ih.T. 


hiTiiiK- n<.'ni'li>ll 

a <^iro)ini 

11 Fiwh.T 


haiitia Au^OKta 


la Fis.-I,er. 


ii;iisia Sophia Ji 




.-.h^riRh FUclier. 


Carl Pisoher. 
Adolph FJHcher. 
JobHn Boetzsoh, 
Ernut NeumaRn. 
Henry Moellinger, 
Johanoee Quth. 

LiSTOF Passexqers OS Board thb Ship Mart, Samukl 

Pabkkr, Mastbr, from Haubuku. Oct. 20, 1796. 
Colonel More de Pontgebeaii. Johun Vt^nlilexrk. 

List of Passbnorrs ok Board the Brio Polly, Capt. 

William Campbell, from Hambijru. Oct. 24, 17U((. 
Thomas H., Jno. Metzger, 

Will. Erpson, Bartw. Orron. 

A List of Passesorr.') on Board the Ship America, Capt. 

Jamk» Ewino, from Hambiiro. Oct. 24, 1791. 
L. C. B. Orleans, Peter Bodevain. 

Mr. Deiiion. NicIioUh Ma^raril, 

WUIiani Leainford, Alexander Joseph Lefuver, 

Harmon Base, Jolin Eunt. 

Math las Beiiibrouiskie, 

List of PASSRNdBRS os Board Ship Georok of Port- 
laud, Francis Waite, Master, from Rotterdam. Oct. 
26. 1796. 

Peter Casper Kiiii[M>l, 
Johann Abrain Kiinp«l, 
Beinrich Sartoti, 

AnnaT^ertruth Kimpel, 
Johann Arnold Jansen, 
Andrew Hegenhnin, 



Wilhelii) Jansen, 

Cornelia Oemer, 

iifeorge Walter, 

Mathia» Walter, 

Alula Walter, 

Carolina Dan Streven, 

C-atliurina Sanders, 

Maria Magdalena Hehmann, 

Nathaniel Hehmann, 

Christoph Clausen, 

Adam Keb, 

Mina Keb, 

Abraham Blnmhost, 

Gertrnth Rcemer, 

Rulophs Sohnuth, 

Anna Gertruth Testhe, 

Isaac Testhe, 

Johannes Testhe, 

Peter Orth, 

('atharina Orth, 

Stephen Orth, 

Anna Gertrnth Friebaldt, 

Helena Questro, 

Abram Nippes, 

Wilhelm Nippes, 

Martin Wansther, 

Oatharina Hesthsthin, 

Wilhelm Hesthsthin, 

Elizabeth Cirokler, 

Helena Meyerin. 

Peter Valtk, 

Lorentz Demeer, 

Anna Catharina Franck, 

Ann.'i Kan, 

Anna Catharina Hoohstin, 

(^atharina Hrook, 

Ha una Hrook, 

Anna Eliz. Knipping, 

Jacob Knipping, 

Anna Elizabeth Schroader 

H. Cath. Krnins, 

Hele!ia Meyer, 

Cecilia Mever, 

Philipp Nenhost, 

Heinrith Sohwatter, 

Theordor Schreiber, 

Johanna Amend, 

Christiana Trossenberg, 

Alida Walter, 

Peter Walter, 

Elizabeth Mamme, 

Maria Si mans, 

Henerieu Hehmann, 

Samuel Hehmann, 

Christoph Ott Kamptz, 

Catharina Elizabeth Clausen, 

Elizabeth Keb, 

Simon Abraham, 

Wilhelm Roenier, 

Gertrnth Roemer, 

Isaac Testhe, 

Wilhelmina Testhe, 

Daniel Testhe, 

Anna Catharina Testhe, 

Catharina Orth, 

Brigita Orth, 

Anton Friebaldt, 

Ary Questro, 

Anna Christina Nippes, 

Daniel Nippes, 

Anna Catharina Nippes, 

Thomas Hesthsthin, 

Frona Hesthsthin, 

Dorir Hesthsthin, 

Johannes Denorn, 

Liidwig Gumder, 

Catharina Groth, 

Elizabeth Forss, 

Maria Graeffln, 

Maria Catharina Hoohstin, 

Wilhelmina Hoohstin, 

Anna Catharina Brook, 

Carl W. Brook, 

Anna Marg Knipping, 

Cathrina l>anitker8, 

.Gertrnth Schroader, 

Christina Ludwig Meyer, 

("arolina Meyer, 

Johann Friederich Sohroeder, 

Friederith Huth, 

Carolina Schreiber, 

Anna Maria Vogel, 




I UK. 

. Maria Vogel, 
mee Zeller, 

Gertruth Roth, 
iiioB Roth, 

Charlotta Roth, 
eritik Bremiuker, 

Elizabetha Fiitf 
ma. M. Futting. 
. CathariiiaPiitt 
iriua Stt^phans, 
H. Plade, 

in ChriHtophtl I'lad 
Heo. Plade. 

Maria Plade, 
htna Levi, 
la Meyuers, 
id Marx, 

lew J. WeinKarteii, 
le P. C. FrieBe. 
■ich Klein, 
r Philipp, 
A KarthauRe, 
in Q. Leigiit^, 
ma Elizabetha Lei^i 
VIexaader lieigued, 
■nes LelRues. 
la Ratenmacher, 
nella Boos, 


in Gottlieb Libert, 
.ra Auhie, 
:iaii Pinset, 

Johannes Rhiinhnre, 
.lohannes Roth, 
Rahel Roth, 
Anna Catlianna Roth, 
Anna Maria Roth, 
Hartinaun Teaslur, 
George MJuhel Futting. 
Peter Johannes Putting, 
Jotiann H. Putting, 
Peler lifer. 
Elizabeth Doos, 
Anna Juliana PlaUe, 
Joh. Heinrich Plade. 
ArnoldiiH Plade. 
Gertrnth Plade, 
Johannes Mt^yuers. 
Lamerdje van Kleve, 
Johann Schneill, 
Walter BetKer. 
Herlzog Levi, 
Maria Elis. LeRtn, 
Joseph Btarck, 
Elisabeth Leigues, 
Catharina Leignea, 
Johann W. Legiuea. 
Johann Ludwig Joseph Hansen, 
■Tuhann Oeorgu Pickkelie, 
Elizabetha Becker, 
Wilhelm Boos, 
Anna Wilhelmina Libert, 
Anna Willhelmina Libert, 
Herrmann Hoommel, 
Engetina Ptnsel. 

T OP Passexgkrs on Board thk Ship Two Prirnds, 
TAIN Caleb Hathaway, from Hamburo. Oct. 31, 

iFredk. Wille. 
im Valentine Benthin, 
:. Wm. Otto. 
;opber Haniermann, 
Jodlrm Prit, 

Charlea Henry Ferdenantl, 

Wm. Maufstn, 

Joh an Fortart. 

Charles Christ. Baxinan, 

Wm. Peter Parits, 

:.:<» NAMKS nV I'oKKh.. >.....'l .l<>liiiii, Z.'H-li.M I i.i- lirirh;iin, 

I'l*'! |.iii-U » 'h ri-i < >j)l) I »ri j.lii n . .h»)in l>.-i\i<l .M orlli'i-, 

.lohii iiiinnait, .)'>liii I *•'! --i* S,-i w.i*, 

Ohurh*s FredU. Klanu, .jnhn Hriii\ S<'lil..j Miian, 

Christopher Freilerick Diitent, Adam ('harlrs JStichrt. 

John Stichet, Mic.hatd Mutter, 

(■harles Schaltser and wife, John Prinflnfjer, 

('hrist. Fredk. Huna, 

Henry Beliwatz and wife and 8 children, 

Joseph Doniiniek Miilant, Andreas Zinidecker 

John Henry Hornberg. 

Moritz Henry Koepjier wife & one child, 

Heiirv KoMii'-. 

Thk ('ommissionkks ok Hklikk to (tOV. Mikplin. 

To Thomas Mifflin, (Jovernor of the Commonwealth of Penn- 


TliH ConiniiHsionersap{>ointed by the Act of the Leginiature, 
ilated the 13th day of January, 1796 to alTord relief to certain 
distresseil French Kniif^rants, 

Report that they have endeavored tofuliill the benevolent 
views of the Ijeffislature, by personally distributinf; the ttuin 
of fifteen liundred Dollars grant <m1 for that ptirpose, iu money, 
w(kh1, cloathing, and other necessaries, to about two hundrtni 
and twenty necessitous French People, as by the annexed 
8ch(Mlule; many of whom were old, and some of them lame, 
blin<l, s-ick, or otherwise unabh* to supp«)rt themselves. 

It was a very seasonable relief to them during the last win- 
ter, and spring, for which many of them have expresseil their 
gratitude, on leaving the C'tmtinent, to return to their own 
country. Others remain, endeavoring to habituate them- 
selves to our langtnigt*, customs, aiul modes of life; of whom a 
number will we hope in future be abl<» to gain an honest liveli- 
hood, with but little assistance; yet some ^vorthy Individuals 
will ])robably continue entirely dependant upon tlie aid of 
charit V. 

tSigtieil in Philadelphia the r)th day of November, 1790. 



AnAccotiut of 3Ioney, Foodaiid ClotMny, distiihuUd Amongst 
the XecessitouH French Emigt ants hy the Commissionerg 
named in the Act of the Legislature uf Pennsylvania^ f>asaed 
the 13(A of January, itm, granting Fifteen Hundred Dollars 
for that Purpose. 

PrancJH, a child deserted. 

Morand, and child, husband abHeut. 

nucasiif, a children, widow aged. 

Martin Ctaruier, woman prcj^nant. 

Kleiir Delye and wife, inflrin. 

Chevernet, two women. 

Deluina, wife and 3 children, inflrm. 

CJastner and eon, aged. 

Kiel and wife, iniiriu.' 

KiRe). man. 

Sophia Polier, youn|{ woman. 

Pelicile, itnd 3 children, lylng-in. 

Widow Paquot, and daughter. 

Widow J)aruy, woman and child. 

J. Savage, wife and 3 childriin. blind. 

Gaya ami 3 children, hiiik. 

Widow Belleyarde, dnnghler and grandchild. 

Conatauce, woman. 

Combilaire. widow with 3 childrt;ii. 

Breatet. widow, and daughter. 

Peetel, man, aged. 

Jean Lenis, man. Rick. 

Sopliia and child. 

Caroline, woman. 

Ab/iru, woman. 

Coquigny, woman and 3 children. 

Pr^ncolHi Laurent, orphan rhild. 

Sanitte, woman. 

Honpn, 3 i-hlldren. 
Luixe, a child. 
Sylvie. woman. 
Angele, married child. 

Adelaide Andre and molher. 
Nanon and Charlotte, women. 
ROHalie, woman, 
Froment, man. 
D'Owrle, woman. 
Claire and Zayre, ' 


Lavoclie, woman. 

Dan. Sauream, man. 

Faick, wife and 3 children. 

Madelain, and 2 children. 

Mane Modat, and 2 children. 

Tourtunce, woman and child. 

Cartang, and 2 children. 

Gemaine Launay, woman. 

Francois Lersel, destitute, and 3 children. 

Belzan, sick man. 

Souchet, aged man. 

Sauvage, sick woman. 

Dermarets, woman and 2 orphans. 

Mallerive, woman, blind. 

Jourdan, sick man. 


Lamourout, woman and daughter, blind. 

Le Tirard, sick woman. 

Mai Hard. 


Cockburn, aged man. 





La Feve. 


Mechaud, sick man. 



Boudier, old woman and grandchild. 


St Roun. 











Leger, old woman, lame. 








Olivier, old man unil infnnt, 

Bazie, widow, sieter and S children. 

One, widow and 6 oliildren. 








Rose Guiiiau, man and viite, aged. 

Bedaiie, aged. 

Comeille Juoue, a woman, 

The whole number of persons relieved are about two hundred 

and twenty person s. 

Amount of billE Tor clothing, bedding. &o., . . . .£317.10.6 

Ditto. Ditto, for bread 41, 7.8 

J>kto. Ditto, for wood 31.11.11 

Ditto of money distributed at different times and 
paid for sundry Decesearies 17t. 19.11 

Total received of the State Treasurer, . . , . f363. 10, 

Francis Bruno, Bernard Brant, 

Joseph Plekart, Peter Dayor, 

Joseph Dayor, Franz. Dayor. 
M. Ronwer, 

List OK P&ssRNQKRS oh Board Bri»antinr Fair Hrbk, 
Phikkas Ru)ridqk, Mastrr, from Amsterdam. IStr 
March, 1TS7. 

J. L. Winehins, J. Maria Sara Winchins. 


Cioilfri'y Seiiilt, (ienrge Neuiiian. 

Miiriunu. MeryJy, Antlioii KiieiiiuH, 

Kticly Crouii, Martin Wngnnaar, 

Oiirl riersinfj, Miinjiiretlm Gnrtting, 

Curolino (ierHtntf, Antlion Gereiiig. 

. Rkkbeet 
. 13.1797. 


JosKPH Johnston, from Amstkiidam, Fkb. 24, I7D7. 

Lnmherdiis Velils, 
IlL-i-iiiiinii^ SchoK 
Ciith«rinu Bfliols, 
CiLtlieriiia Roes, 
Marin StiufTlund, 
\»mi Nyenmn. 
Joliiinu Scliillliig, 
1 Kt^hilliiig, 



FL Neukainp, 
Jiin Coidoii, 
Cii-I Plaeg. 
Huni'if^a Alterman, 
P.!t«r Sclmrinan, 
Mariit (J-eener. 


1 Pfnt 

NidioluH During, 
Gi*rtriiy A itpeUloome. 
Kli!iikl>etli Muolelian^, 

GlL!<a>>i!ih Miillor. 


t Wis. 

»iisaiinn Veldx, 
.lolmiiitB Rfea, 
('iisiH-r Bauer] and, 
blngtil Nyemuii, 
P«ter Nyeninn. 
Jan SohilJltiK, 
Willielmus Koth, 
GeiTit Neukaiup, 
Annit Itypatt, 
Jnhanua Cuidon, 
Kei;rina FlaeK. 
Sophia Alturmaii, 
Renier Geenei-, 
Otto Keyser, 
Eaglia PInsfl, 
Dororliea During, 
Maria MoolehatigH, 
Cuttierina Mooleliange. 
Clipper Cause, 
Pliilipina WiBeman, 
Anna Vos. 

Evt'Hiard Gerdorf, 

I.isT OK Passkngkrs ON Board tiik Ship Good Friknds, 
John Smith, Master, from llAMiiiiRn. Arrived Fkb. 

i;(, 171)7. 

IgnaiMt T.olwi:, William Geiuiy. 

Mr. Giiftsr, 


Pkoov, ]>AvrD 

Peter Cotiper, 
Joliu Preyra. 

John HoolTnian of New York. 
Frederick Mont mulling, of PhiladfliOiiH. 
Lotija Divernois. from Hwiw laiul. 
a. J. Pttvre, from Swiss liind. 
Francis Me[ijsoiiire, from Swiss land. 
Miss Fabry, .voung lady, from tiwiss land. 
Fr&ncls Saudry, from Swiss laiiil. 
nharles Gauiden, from SwiwB land. 
John Eilice, from SwIsh land. 
Mathews WeavtT, from Swiss lam). 

List qv thk Grrma.v Passkxokrs as Board thk Ship Pkss- 
BYLVAsiA, Daviu Williamson, Mastkh, kro.m HAHunto. 
Aug. 20, I7B8. ' 

Andreas Dotler. 
Fredrick Scliwelifer, 
Johan Hfiiricli Neil, 
J. P. Sftn.iiT, 
Cathrina Franiihi, 

Daniel I.angft. 
Henri.:)i Reiter, 
Henri<!li Rfiter, 
Jacob Pliili[>s, 
Jacob KHser, 
Anna Marin Brhneidc 
Anna Maria Jnuf^, 
Elizabeth Uerner, 

Margaretlm Klliarlin, 
Christian Sohwclger, 
Carl Wilhehn WestixUHi 
Sonsanna Fieteherin, 
Maria Ell/.. Fran/.in. 
Johannes Fein, 
.lac.ob Bondnker, 
Susanna Relter. 
Frans Bargo, 
Elizabeth PhilipKen, 
('liristian Jostedl, 
Job. Henrjob Jung, 
Jacob Benen. 
Emerious Berner, 





^«''* nHe«^^^^toS^^^«' 

^a^^^ .^oU^*^ 








<■' "^ C'-""^"' 










List op Passkkobrs Arrivbd in thk Ship Columbia, 
Hksky Lki^r, Mastkr. Dkc. 19, 17B8. 

Ulehael tiiirts, 
Gerrit Halm. 
Brhard Kollcr, 
John Peter Friedriks, 

John F. Mensing, 
Anl. Engelliivrd, 
Jacob Builder, 

Van. Backer, 

Elinu Kappeler, 
SaiQUtB Uutble, 
Pried. Kaiim. 
John Georg Wirth, 
John H. Holt, 
John George Kocher, 
Mich. BeoBOwke, 
Ant. Schade, 
John BrnnrhloHB, 
Wm. Teu Katen. 

List of Passesokrs on Board thr Ship Pair Ambrican. 
FROM Hauburo, Jouk C. Brbvoor, Mastkr. Oct 6, 

Johann Petennaii. and Q children, 
J. G. Frank, widow. 

JohnT. Spies, 
Wilhelra Muller, 
George Frank, 
Elizabeth Troll. 
Jaeobimi Troll, 
Lonina Kenterg, 
Giistar Hfliurich Dabiian 
Joban Liidwig Ebarliard, 
JobannuH Frank, 

Johann Geo. Stolle, 
Maria Troll, 
Carl Hopfelnt. 
Christian Minckler, 
Gideon Hellwig, 
Myudert iliiiricb Brahms. 

Namrs of thk Passrnorrs on Board thr Boston Packkt. 


17, 1786. 
George Gotz, and wife, 
Pr»d Bockel, and wife. 
George Vohell, and wjff. 
Wilhelni Sinidt, and wife. 
Jacob T)ant7.eliecker, and wife. 
David Gentecb, Gott. Wtfidner, 

Job. Wa-'seninann, Hen. Beck, 

37-Voi, XVIL 


John Km- 1/, ll«'n. Tt'vrn, 

Martin Keif, Heck, 

Beck, lirck, 

H. Mu88e, John Meyer, 

Jos. Bart hen, Moller. 

John Guillich, 

List of Passkngbrs on Board thk Brig Amiable Crkolk, 
Phinras Eldridqk, Master, from Hamburg. Nov. 19, 


Christian Frederick Lange, Caspar Lange, 

Sophia St. Einelia Jjange, Christian Ludwk. Lange, 

Johann Daniel Muller, Pierre Cenas, 

Gasper Verdal, G. W. R Hogerdom. 

List of Passengers on Board the Brig Juno, John 
Philip Albbns, Master, from Bremen. Feb. 25, 1800. 

.Tolin George Selbert. 
Barl)ara Selbert, bis wife. 
Casper Selbert, his child. 
Adam Selbert. his child. 
Maria Sen>ert. his sister. 
Valentin Apple. 
Marj^aretha Apple, his wife. 
KMsabeth Elgediu. 
(.'atharina Kochin. 
John Adam Suss. 

List of Passengers ox Board thh S' David L'Homme- 
DiEu, from New York, who wkue Passengers on thk 
Brig Ocean, CJaptain Markau, from Bremen, for Phila- 
delphia, Wrecked on Long Island. Arrived March 

27, 1800. 

Henry Schlag. 

Anna Margt. Sohlaft, wife. 

Anne Marg. Schlag, daughter. 


Anne Savine Schlag, daughter. 
Miclil. iSclilag, Hon., 
Fredk. HundKchuli. 
Mart. Handxchuh. wife. 
Andw. Ilaiidauliuh, son. 
Jean Adam HnndBfliuh, son. 
BUz. Hand>;cliiili. daughter. 
Cathe. Handsdiuh, daughter, 
tfuilm. HandHcliuli, sun. 
Michl. Jordan. 
Catharintj Jordan, wife. 
Valentine Kulinrich. 
Dorethea KuhurJch, wife. 

Joh. Diedr. Nenstlel, with hts wife and four children. 

Andreafl Nenstiel, Joh. Andr. Mitz, 

Joach Friedr. Kriekel, 

Joh. Andr. Maurer, wife & three children. 

Hinr. Miillpr, Carl Sam. Prentnel, 

Joli. Jac. Waltfir. Joh, Andr. Schmidt, 

Franz So hachamaTT, joh. Valt. Unger, 

Friedr. Uittmer, Joh. David Papst, 

J. &. n. Fiedler, John Godfrey Daniel. 

BlarcuB Jacob, Friedr Krick, 

J. C. HotTinann, Petur Hlnr^ OtUner, 

Pierre P, Ignoii, wife and two children. 

C. T. Hannilial Suiter, 

Joh. TjUdw. Metsch, 

Abraham Ii>aac, 

Jonas iKaac, 

Conrad We.vl, 

Gottfd. Fichtner, wife and on 

Rosina Senfen, with lier child. 

Mart. E. Gottfd. Sclieffler. 

Johann Ramin., wife and one child. 

Joseph Reitienbohn. Franz Spitzer, 

Jonaa Heinemann, with his wife. 

Wilhelm Preppcmau, Joliann Christ. Salt: 

Carl Ladw. Czolbe, Joh. Fischer, 

Gertd. Hinr. Lange, 
Moses Nathan, 

Ernst Friedr. Schi 
Conrad Renter, 


Johann Christ. Weise, 
Christ Heinr. Kiioh, 


Kanftn. Isaac BeyfuBZ, 

Peter Linck, 

Joli. JiiP. Weber, 

Frieclr. Murqiiard, 

Joh. Hwnr. Welwr, 

Fr»n/. Ailolph Wilke, 

Joh. Qeorg (iottid Uiiller, 

Curl Fried. Wolin, 

Ji>h. H. Lienaii, 

C'liriBt. Liidw. Kriig«r, 

Joh. Henr. Teig«r, 

C. F. Krister, 

Valttntiii Volkel, 

Guttfd. M. Steckiuar, 

J. O. Dolk. 

J. H. Heniiing. 

Anna Dorothea Klookinaiin. 

Joh. Munr. Lanife, 


Johaiin,r.utob Weick, 

Wolf Siiiiou. 

Suloiiion Jacob, 

ffuorg i'. Heiland, wifp niid ill 

Joh, CbriBt. Petach, 


'. Kti< 

Fried. Augt. Schalti, wjtli wif.'. 

Al<rah. Hertz, 

J<)h. Hour. Moller, 

(^hrint. Uulsmann, 

lAiuiH David Hirard, 

Pii-rr^ RiAuil, 

Gottfd, Sohafer. 

M. J. Ettenhufer, 

Joh. Marquard, 

Jobann He) del. 

Curl Friedr. Mervier, 

Joh. Hell. Sohlotke. 

Heiiir. tieorg Wag'ner. 

Joh. Wilh. Walter, 

Christ. Muller, 

Oeorife Krafft, 

Joh. Fried. Hohmann, 

<jar) Scliliininer, 

Louis Volkel, 

J. L. Kriiickhorn, 

Nathan GersoD. 

Christ. Volliner, 

Christ. Sohuitz, 

V. Gottl. Pfliig, 

H^inr. Wilhelin Wilking, 

Johiuiii Jatioh Halle. 

Jette Mosen, 

Aron Abraham, 

ree children. 

Levy HirMoh, 

Joli. Cadp. Kolbe, 

Joh. Fri,-a Krahl. 

Job. Math. R*-U-h, 

J'lli. Henr. I^app, 

Michael Piisi^h. 

Jtih. Heiir. Lange. 

Job. Carl Hecht. 

Si Klohgy Boermaa, childi 
iTiniin, slater to Bliner Hoi 


List OK Passknubiis in thk Bkig Tutphkna, ThomaaAr 

\<IL.1>, llASTKK, b-ltOM A.MSTKltDAM. Bbjlt. :!l), 180a 

B«pt. Loro, 

J. W. LoliKh^iialio. 

Aiito. I'ouKJ. 

A. L. Ldiigi-, 

Jacob LeHittie, 

Hill). Kailt^ritiiLt^liiT. 

J. Melielurii. 

Jank 8chiniiH,8nrnli. :} y. 

Chrixtfer Rumptli, Soi)liit 

Uarlli. EliK. Reistin, 

ChriHTi. ISrariiliii, 

Miiriib Leer, 

J. H. Crolus. 

Mich. La);ni, 

JiUct^a MiiSiia, 

B. Miilinari. 

P. J. Priesterliuck, 

Ch. Korfex, 

i. W. Slier Riehd. 

Hciidrio van H 
Job. Bnyer, 
'. Dorath Gixnin, 

Williol WuchterholT, 

U. n. Salion. 

T. Van Wvngar-lf. Peter, « y. 

Henry Fredk. 

ing. 5 ye. 

List ok pASSKxuKRft on Board thb Briq Vknvs, from Ham- 
BuiiH, Jauks Stkvbnsoa', Mastkh. Arrivrd July S, 

Taylor White, 

Christian Vlett, 

n-mlhart Jereriit, an<l vife, 

William .lohnso 
Hanry Kurl. 

List of Pashknobrs o.v Board thk Brih Dklawark, 


II, leoi. 

List ok Pahsknohus ')K thk Ship Nkw York, of Nkw York, 

FROM HA.MBnto, JoH.v Skaward. Mastkr. Skpt. 6, laOl. 
Alexander Liiroticlie, George Erieli, 

Joachim (ireen. Friedericli Kiesline, 


^'^ ^d^^^^^^- 
•J^^'^'^ATn 8P^e»*' ..t 












ovP^^""^-- ^^^ 



98»S«*''* %0^ 




Passbkgkos Nahbs ok Board the Ship Litimia, Capt. 

Tristram Qarpkbr, from Hamburg. Srft. 30, 1801. 
Cathariaa Wlegand, Johanii HeJnr. Fischer. 

Chrlstn. Phillip Beueohel, Joh. Samuel Beech, 

Marria Fotler, Job. Henrich UnKSwlokell, 

(Jottlieb Boramann, Willm Mauber. 

List OF PASsanaERS Arrived atthr Port of Philadel- 
phia js THE Ship Blirdkruan, Capt. Bkrbson, from 
Hamburq. Nov. 5, 1801. 

Joh. Wilhelin Hume]. 
Joh. Ootthardt Ueyer, 
Franti Peter Uaanke, 

Anna Magaretha Humel, 
Bou chard t Helmetz, 
H. D. Wilhelmflraaoh. 

J. F. LefBer, 5 feet 4 inch, high, brown 

H. Rude, 5 feet 6 inch, high ; brown m 

J. C. Miller, 5 feet 3 hich. high ; fair c< 

C. D. Btichholz, 5 feet 2 inch. ; fair co 

NB, All PruBlaD Measure. 

Lewis Combe, 1 feet i ; black hair ; dark compli 

impleiion ; black hair, 
iplexion; black hair, 
iplexion; dark hair, 
pleiion ; gray hair. 

List of the Passbnoers on Board the Ship Bklvidbrk, 
John Dorson, Master, Bound to Philadblpbia, from 
Amsterdam. Adq. 20, 1802. 

Puuca Moon 

Valentin King, JISO *34 0.^> 

JohonneB Elbt 180 22 05 

Uichael Kneieel 180 86 05 

Conrad Kneieel, ISO 36 05 


MarKart<tfi MiiUcrlii. . . 

.IhcdIi JimK. . - 

Wi.i. Jii«ti, 

I'liillj) W«li«r 

FnuiU LituiH 

M ctitK-'l SotiutTer. . . . . 

JijIkld HooHelliuoh BohniTer. . . . 

Ot;or|{t> Jung, 

Iiit) wif». 

JilCoh HdkH. 

P«lor IJiini'kuiii, , . . 

Williifl 11 11* ipH 

JVttir Fruleuiuciker, , . . 

Jiiliuii lliicliur, 

lliM wife 

(■tiroliiiii HiiRherln, , . 
K.-l«.pm HBkk«iil>aoliiii. . 
Jiii-i>>> Hnxi'iOliiicli, . . . . 

Aiulrkw Fll<-k 

('hristinn Ackwr, ... 

.IhpoI) Nell. 

M(tr({art HanBollMiPkiii. , , 
('utiiarliia llnXKi'lhuc-kiii, 

.1 Hi-i.. 


Aiiitri'aK <)iittMil>fr|it>r. 

Nicc.l lU'M. 

\Vill>i-lm Strocli. . . . 
H<'nirir.i Kr«l>F., . . 
Joliiiii Adiitii K«th(-itiii> 

' KiklktT 

p Hllll.T 

ClollK'Tlttl Hlllt'lt/, . 

Jimob Bt'cki'Hiach, , 

(Ji'orKO Roiiii'r, . . . 

25 00 
:i6 00 

30 05 

;i7 o.') 

40 00 
24 CO 
34 00 
34 10 
33 10 

at 10 
le OS 

16 08 

10 08 

3.1 10 















Job. TraatB, 
Joh. Frted Vlriuli 
Job. BauHeiiiiiii, 
Johanna Joritii, 
Josepli Kuiwtt, 
Andr. Nose, . . 
Christ. ToartB. . 
Philip Taarls, . 
Johannes Kra 
Valentin Kmiitiiian, . . . 
Joh. Lud. Remit;, . . . . 
Johanna Maufrer, . , . . 
Wilhulmiiia Punneknck, , 


Fried Zeigler, 

Hend. Burkhard 

Willielm HanuH 

Died. Kooh, 

Fred. Adolp, 

Hend. Jacob, ....... 

JolianniB Faust, 

Philip Thorter 

Oodfrled Masnenger, . . , 
Joh. Carl Schadel, . . . 

Hend. Otterrte, 

Jacob Valet, ,,..., 

Fried Micbte, 

Wilh.'lm KreiB. 

Adam Miller 

Johan Ducklinrdt, . . . . 

Hend. T>riater, 

Frana Telbrey, 

A. Durhelmer, 

John Ricliel (Newlunder), 

6 ID 
8 18 
» 10 

Andreas Totter, Anna Maria Totter, geb Riibrig. 

Johann Adain Totter. Christiana Totter, 

Carolina Friderica Linlbertiu, Catharina Weiesinantel, 


Jolmnn Ziegeler, Johnnn ZieK<^ler, 

Anna Mnrgaretha !^ii!g;elur, Cutlmrina Ziegeler, 

Hinricli Walter, Joseph Brand, 

SebaBtiuii Keiiiit;, Niooluuij Soliet-l, 

Juhann (reorge Miiiler, Jo)iuu «;a(ipHr WenMll, [Ian, 

Pater 8elj>ert, KosinR Seipert, gebohnie Botlt- 

iliu.ii« Evil 8e1i>ert. Jticoh Seipert, 

Juhannee Hofmann, Mftgilal Hofinaiiii, geb Bruckner, 

Jolmnn Goorg Hofinann, Christina Hofinann, 

Aiiiiii Sabina Hofmann. Jost Heinricli la Roche, 

Anna Muria la R<iehe, gebohrne Foniialdinn, 

NIcolaUH la Roche, Joliaiin Friuius, 

(fertruila Frit^iaB, gebohnie Ueinhanlenn, 

Joliaiin FritEiiiH, Conrad Fritziii", 

llurgaretha FrltKius, J. G. Fritziitit, 

Eva Catli. Fritzius, gebohme Jordan, 

Nic.olaiifl Leibold, 

Ainitt Catbar. Letbold, gebohrne Heiniaken, 

Juhann Georg Leibold, Elizabeth Zehneni, 

Catharina Zehnern, fj^eboh. Steinbac;li, 

Elixabeth Zelinern, Johann SchiiMler, 

Maryarat Elin. Scliiiasler, geb, Werner, 

Anna Durbara Schiissler, Anna Martha Schiiasler, 

J. G. llartheleniy, Barthel Schlag, 

Mariano Selilag, (febohrne Barthelemy, 

Geor^; Friedrich Schlag, Johannes Schlag. 

Johannes Kaufinann, Hinr. Kaufmann, 

Conrad Enler, Joliaiinea Reintg, 

Maria E. Reinig, gel>olirne Maulinn, 

Johann Adam Miilltr, 

Anna Mar. Multer, gebo. Kesateriii, 

Aiiiin Maria Miiller, Johann Miiller, 

Johunn Rohrig, 

Anna Margar Rilhrig, geb. Hirksin, 

Jacob Knler, Michael Werth, 

Kvii Weilh, gebohrn.. KUnreleh, Patbttrhia Werth, 

Aiiani Schmidt, 

Margaret ha .Targex, geliohniu Sclieit, 

Catharina Mullerinn, Anna Margaretha Uallerin, 

Jacob Miiller, Traugott J&Tgen. 


List ok Passengers on Board thk Ship Pehs3ti,vania, 
Capt, Petkb Yobkk, from Hamburh. Sept. 7, 1802. 

L A. Heckehers, 
ChorleB Sellee, 
Henry Dornhain, 
Joe. A. MoDKUzef, 
Philip Bloom, 
Mrs. Snell, 
Johst Snell, boy, 
John Reamer, 
Henry a boy. 

Fr. Berg, 
Jobn Muller, 
Berinan Miiahel, 
Peter von Metz, 
Lewis Snell, 
Lewis Snell, boy. 
Ana Sophia Snell, 
Mru. Reamer 


David Hardir, Mabtsb, frou Brembh to Phii.adbi.- 
PHIA. Oct. 5, 1808. 

Name. Age. Oantpation. 

Siemon Christian Bolze, 3!i Barber. 

JohnW. Friedr. Stedler, 20 Taylor. 

John Friedr. Wolleben 38 

Lornez Biiillner 18 

Priedr. Lasch 15 

Caspar Erb, ... 19 Farmt^r. 

Eli^abuth Fiecher 41 

John Fischer Sr., 40 Coaohman. 

John G. Fiseher, 17 Weaver. 

Catharina Fischer, 11 

Cristlan W. Piaoher, 2 

Jacob Anspach, 56 

Hoiirich blblers, 35 Famier. 

Andrea Echhard, 28 

John Willers, 38 

Daniel Wiedemann, 2(1 

John Henry Weitiel, 18 

John Hanfling, 45 Farmer. 

Zaoharias Ullrich, S3 

Gerhard Henry Burger, 34 

Chrlstoph Teiebmuller 30 Farmer, 

Hargaretha Zimmerman 18 


JVa me. 

John Henry Kcrstenbrug 

Siiaoii BamliHrd, 
AiiihHii Sainharc), 
Han Hell Rniahard, 
LoiiiHe Samhanl, 

Clirixt. Oppermanii 

Ciitli. Opitermann. 

Agt Occupation. 
44 non. 

.... 43 Tnylor. 

.... 26 

Maria OpiwrmRun 


BliHiibcth Schenfur 

- ... 26 

. . 2 

Cliurlt-s Penecke 

Eltwiineth Denecke, 

47 Millwriglit. 

.... 48 

John ChrlMtoph Denecke 

20 MillwriBht. 

Ja<-ol. NiK^kpll, 

40 Farmer. 

John Priedr. Nucketl 



30 Coopt'r. 

3(t Tavlor. 


20 non. 

John Andrew Holtz. 

Frie<lr. Andrew Holt/. 

Aiitliony Sehmith 

Alhort PIsch. 

Chiirlt^M Bnhmitli. 

43 non. 

1.5 non, 

Ifl Barber. 

23 Waiter. 

.19 Barber. 

ClmrlfM Peterson. . 

Andrew Hinter. 

Henry Schroi-der, , 

21 Waiter. 

28 non. 

, . 23 Farmer. 

J<)hn Aniirew Bilker, 

. . 31 Soap boiler. 

('hristoph Lndw. Notnat^e'. .... 
Charlotte Elera, 

Ift Shoemaker. 



Ifame. Age. Otxupatinu. 

George tichmith 46 Taylor, 

Anna Cath. Schmith, 32 

Maria Sohmifh 13 

Johanno Sclimith, 5 

Elisatwthe Bchinith, 1 

Henrioh Kayaer 45 Gardner. 

John Begeiit^r 32 Stonecutter 

Henrich NebeliDg, 4.1 Turner. 

Anna Oath. NebelinR 47 

Samuel Nebelinf;, 10 

Cabin Pataengers. 
Willfam Gt^isse. 
Franti William Geiuse. 
Doctor C. Clirist, Gerlaoh and wife Ohrifltiaiiik 

Report op alibn Passs:ioers os Board thk Hamburg 
Ship Juno, H. H. Waltkbs, Master. Arrivkd Oct. 

T. Brtotliaupt, aged S3 j'earo, from Saxony, merchant, mid- 
dle size, round face, bine eyes, common iiOHe, dark brown 

Erioh Pauls, aged 30 yearn, from Hanover, fanner, long and 
Btrong, freeh faced, blue eyes, sharp nose, yellow bair, well 
shaped otherwise. 

List of PASSBNOKBa Arrivkd at the Port ok Philadkl- 
phia, oy THK Ship Dkvotion, Captain Williau Waters, 
PROU Amstkrdam. Oct. 6, 1803. 

Peter Orllig, Fredk. Brodbeck. 

CarlTheodor Breuning, Joh. Melch Trimple. 

.loh. Jae, Schiser, Joh. Schafer liiM wife & child, 

Ohrixtiana Fred Manger & daughter, 

Joh. Fred Volck, Wilh. Weinp), 

Peter Traut, Walter Keivet 

Joh. Horn, Daniel Poller, 

Joh. Litzeniberger. Jae. Uusaler, 


Casp Coenr. LudwiK, 

Hein. Vinct. Ludwig, 

MartJD Be ham, 

ChriHtian Uwnberg, 

Oeorfce Joe. Beil, 

Heiiir. Israel, 

John Balth. WeHln, 

John TurnllBg, 

Joh. Gottl. Wlls. Hunter, 

J oh. Chri. Brenner, 

Phil Jacob WolBuy, 

Adam WeilU, 

Oeorgu Michl. Lorentz, 

George Adam Geutb, 

Martin Eagel, 

Jacob Brodbeok, 

John Mumni, 

Neck Peters. 

WiichHeinr. Soriba, 

Joh, Weirt. 

Joh. Joah Widding, 

Christian Hoffman, 

John Gat List, 

Joh. Geo. Hiiikler, 

George David Hartinan, 

Jim. Van Brink. 

Jiih. Dftv. Kaufnian, 

With HoEHel, 

Joh. Jacob Winkehfth, 

Joh. Geo. Kelhier, 

Ihiuio Vorraan, 

Jacob Bwever, 

Jan. De Vert, 

Uafye Alters, 

Joh. Veil. 

Jiicob Storm wife & fonr chjldi 

Mwhirtiis Schmidt & wife, 

Thcolial.l liinhloni better, 

Jiioob AVeii;and, 

Ah)i>rt Kcrgar, 

Joh. H. iiir. Ott, 

Joh. Prcd. Franch. 

I-^;iiic Wilch Wolcte, 

Hi'iiir. Meyr, 

Gcort^e Wilch Lutze, 

Ulf. Btroemberg, 

Heinr. Dietz, 

Andreas Zimba, 

ChriHtian Schnitzel. 

Heirne Bentz, 

Joh. JaH, Buckler, 

John Geo. Kurter, 

Joh. Geo. Kier, 

Henry Guntram, 

Georg Fred Rachel, 

Heinr. Bottheld Bohrs, 

Aiigt. Orth, 

Johan Miohl. Geisendorler, 

Joh. Berkeniiauer, 

Joh. Muller, 

Joh. Bchnltzel, 

Franti Gittinger. 

Jacob i>uquit, 

CJasper Graft, 

Heinr. Kleyn, 

Fredk. Martin Rets, 

John Diet Widdintt, 

Philip rhr. Greyder, 

OoHper Hanch, 

George Leonh. SchafTer 

I'' rant?. Sohnitter, 

Joh. Gett Arnold. 

Tnrkif Hatteleman, 

GforKB Jticob Haesel, 

Joh. Brukhafer, 

John Fredk. Schober 

Clir. Kiiui, 

Geo. Heil, 

Philip Burhe, 

Fridk. Wilch Kopijer. 

Pi'tiT Hayel & wife Maria. 

Joh. (it 

irif Drufild, 
^ Simon, 

Bvnjamin Hahn, 
Jttc. Hend. Henne, 
Joh. Euselin. 
Fre.l VoRht. 
Fred. Wilch Gross, 
AtiRnet (ierke, 
Balth Mallerohon, 


Nicola DeVal. Christian Haar, 

Anton TernoH, Uathiatt TlioinaH, 

Peter Nott his wife & Ave chlUren, 

Oeorg Rhan his wilt) & two children, 

Cath Ebtik-n Sc two children, 

Heinr. Schutter hix wif« & four children, 

Nicolas Weinait, wife & two children. 

Dorothea Neithnian, Ernestina Weinert, 

Agnea Kenrin, Barbara blackin, 

Arthar Ebelin, Auna Laube, 

Jan Dirk Benjwort. Cath Wohnfledt, 

Haria Aiil, Elizabeth Van Ahler. 

Jacob Bui his wife- & three cl-Jldre 

Eliia Orotnover, 
Benjamin Siloz, 
Philip liaMHiiiKer, 
Joh. Bchifleld, 
J08. Kuhns, 
Francis Llmlich, 
Adolf KatterteM, 
Leont. Gunter, 
Jacob Mich, 
Jacob fin gel, 
Joh, Berij. 
Jacob Becker, 
Jacob Bniier, 
Jobannen Pfeau, 
SuBSanna Sleln, 
Uartin Ziiik, 

P. Wilh. Kniginan, 
Chriutn. Fick, 
Johiidre Welzet, 
FrancB. Vellin. 
Jacob Stein, 
Joh. Fred Schick. 
Andreas Schrehere, 
Carl Ludw. Wi^chueske, 
Martin Lanbe, 
Wilh FsKer, 
Coenir. Hon nig, 
Jacob Buhwartz. 
Fredk. With. Seibald, 
Jaci)b Hachtitun, 
Jannett De Viz, 
Peter L. Freidersdorf. 

List of Passk-voers 

Pbrmki.v, Master, i 

Johan Philip Schnell. 
Jacob Stacher & wife. 
Johan 8ahiit>ider & wife. 
Anna Elk^ibeth Batdl. 
Johannet) Klippert & wife ; did not o 
Frederich Kneippel. 
Chrisn. KHiipert. 
1". Aerie Klii)r)ert. 


Henry Oh rietn. Klippert. 

Johann Ueo. Stertzing & wile, and Jost Henrloh Binall child. 

DtibuM Htildt & vile & small child. 

Johaiuiis Volchfl and wife. 

Mariu Magdalt*ua ticbniidt. 

Elizabeth Becker. 

UamiiHl Hiller. 

Johuiiiiex (iesKuner & wife. 

Aiiiie & Uiitliurine GeBsener. 

Juliaiin, Henrlch Sc Loniea UeH«ner, 

Unria Kliuil>eUi, Johan Geo. & Johun Joet Oesmner. 

Petf r Moller & wife. 

Qeu. ChriHtlan Burger & wife. 

Aiuiii Maria BtirR<>r. 

Aunii Martha & Johannes Biirt;er. 

Johan Henricli Grupi'. 

Aiithoin Bath Grupc. 

Aiinii. UarKaretta Oro^ien. 

.Toliaii UatbeiiD 8chnt-i<ler. 

Johan Henriuh Schneuler. 

Annii CHthiiruiu. E^chnelihtr. 

Ijiidwit; Schneider & wif«. 

Kh/jiljeth & Catharine Schnt'iclor. 

Juhanu Heinrich & Johannen Schneider. 

Jolmii George Reyiuann, 

Julian Henrich GeiMencr & 'wife. 

JoIkui Jost & Joliann Henrich (iiwHeuer 

Johanii ChriHt. Getwener. 

Cathariiia & ClirlDtina OesHenfr. 

JohiLun JoMt Schiiell & wife. 

Anna BIl/jLheth Schnell. 

JohauH JoHt Schneider & wife 

Hh/.iLbeih Schneider. 

JoMt Henrich Hennhell. 

Jiihann ("Conrad Hitter & wife. 

Henrich Gotie & wife. 

Heiirich &. Wilhehn Got/^. 

Jolniiin Geo. Hohniann. 

Phili]) their (ton. 

Joliann Diirfnldt. 

Ka-ioiiiir Hewse. 

MavBiirettfi Bchneidfir. 

Maria Rlizalielh Schneider. 

Dirch (*oHSeii. 

!hivi<l Tliiinni, 

Gerhard Wieler. 


Johann DrjJger. 
Johann Uundelach. 
Johanii Ootfried Bosae. 
Samuel Stob, 
ValtiB Wahui. 

List of Passenqhrs ok Board the Bris Umox, Jonai 

Warrrs, Mastbr, from Hamboro. Novkmbkb 33, 1808. 
John Danilclot, Charles Weyinann, 

Jacob Keller, Moses Jacobs. 

Jamei! Wai;ner, 

List of Passengkrs ok Board thr Ship Jacob, John 
MOORR, Mastkb, frou Amsterdam. Arrived Nov. 15, 

Hartman Neef. 
G-eorge Ijiiidhei^er, 
Peter Endey, 
Jacob Urbay Weyts, 
John Meyer, 
William Klief, 
H. Myer. 
George Pitz, 
Henry Christ. Martin, 
Martin T', Wachter, 
John Gouper Geyer, 

Weiseenbank (thre.- 

Wilhelmina SoiDiner, 
Peter R. Olgate, 
Martin Hartey, 
Henry Jaoser, 
John Letter, 
Anna L. Leinkiihl, 
Frederick Helling, 
Jacoh Frederick Meyer, 
Herman Crul, 

88-Voi. XVII. 

George Chr. Wagely, 


Joseph Thup, 
Henry Renter, 
Oaeper Zeveiiei, 
Jacob Schedie, 
Michael Harg, 
Christian Koot, 
Benjamin Jerry, 
JohnHenry Geise, 
John Adam Herpr, 
Dieterson Sommer, 
Jacob Fredriok Boehiner, 
Urevar Gaeome Olgate, 


John Eckstein and wife, 

John Peter Soltzer, 

John Wolfgang Stall. 

John Frederick Steysemann, 

Charles Storll. 

Micltael Meuliman, 


John Holler. 
Samuel Boolier aud wife. 
Joxepli Aftjllinaii, 
John nlichael Sebalil. 
Henry Meyer, 
Hf nry Snchnitx, 
Maths. IjamlirenbtH. 
Hector Klein and wife, 
Loiiuvaii Eonsouii, 
John Henry Pick el, 
JonApli Hiine. 
J. I>. Daniel, 
Wllliiiin Juliier. 
Henry Bat maun, 
JnliM Kooh. 


Jacob Leeher, 
JolitLiiiuL Steier, 
Johanna D. Nitith, 
Frtdk. OtSMsne!', 
Herman Runkhorsff. 
Conrad Kramer, 
WilHielmina van Uilkr. 
Andrew Hooman, 
Jacoli David, 
U. A. Uro*., 
Anna Schelvfeck. 
William Melius, 
George Friedk. Palwt, 
Henry Tokintr, 
Martin Omljony, 
F. O. Daneger, 
Frederick Myer, 
B. Hamer, 
Maria lamplie Lautiere, 

van Znrdlogh, 

Jolin Wolters. 
Peter Plersennon, 
Ten Icmie. 
PanI Hoetleck. 
Clin». Bonhiiinn, 
Jacob Backer, 
Philip Toll. 
Jiilin Pecker, 
Geirel Rosm. 
- Huiiielsiyk, 

August Johr, 

Autoni Ringold, 

Philip Mergother, 

Charles Bookenhagen, 

Mathiae Tom. 

John Bnchuiann, 

Isaac Jaoobt*. 

John E. Seiveniug, 

Solomon Philip, 

John Henry Bcuhlti, 

Abraham Gometz Palyetno, 

Henry Muller, 

Vilaas 8chipi>er, 

Maria P. Fick. 

Frederick Dngrler, 

AugiiHt David Ehrick, 

Franti Joseph DreichB, 

(ioitlnb Snyder, 

John Henry Pohn, 

Chr. Emanuel Voget, 

J. Eberliard Klyniar, 

G. Reynt)ier, 

Gertruit Everhauser. 


John Paul, 

Anton A. Rook, 

Frantz Roier, 

Philip Kuhner, 

Antony Nagel, 

Jacob Greaemyer, 

CliriHt. Henry Denn, 

Michael Stiezel. 

Philip Cars. Zypher and wife 

Charles Lautiere. 

(ieorge Laner, 

Pierre Montermann, 

William Driesman, 

Antonle Roemer, 

W. J. Iianipay, 

John Zoitler, 

B. F. Ki.iper, 

John Oey Runk, 

John Leander, 

('asper Rowi, 

John Andrew MarliLck, 

J. G, Grievagel, 


J, J. Urievngi-I, 
Merty Kopjie, 
Sulvastian Heriiinii 
NafttKB KrooD, 
Clir. Sotherypiflfr 
F. Leeseulie^, 
George Schiiioltx, 
I'liiil Boyitoln), 
Hfiiiry Kurt, 
a. P.Hr.yiT, 
\V. JJevtoogfl, 

Mar in Holt!) nan. 

Fraiitx Burliat)), 


Jaiist-y Ksblinif. 

F. Kuner, 

— — VHiHioiibiiy, 

Poter Mf iig, 

Oeorge Dill, 

Engflbrti<:lit SclierlHiiiiie, 

('hurlp.i <.-lcfiitv , 

I'uroliiie Ijeckenlmr. 

Haiiu AiluiDK Ballete, 

Helnrich Kall<-t«^. 

A una Maria Salletf, 

Huns Ailam Ualleti', 

Ursa In Stillete, 

EliKaheih Rude. 

I) or 11 H Rii<l>>, 

Johanii Jacol) Ruile. 10 yi 
Barbara Ru.le, 13 yr.. 
Maria Rude, 
Magdalena Reyi-nhaiiH<-. 
Anna Toniiitpr, 
Trina Tommer, 
Elisalieth Lotie, 
Priedf'rirli Moller, 
Bar burn, Keyginaas, 
EliMitHtth ReyKKiinos, 13 y 
Chriiitoffel Ri-yjjeiiaaB.O y 
Eva Keller, 
Helena Ki^Iler, 
Anna Mariii. Ke11*^r, 
Auiia Schop. 
Anna Schop, 8 yr. , 
HariB Adam Wefrts. 
Helnrich Weirts. 
Usiila Scliup. 
HanH Jacob Buff r. 
Johatiiiesi Rnlle, 
leronimni* Roll*", 

Eliitabeth Sallete. 
Anna Barbara t^alletu 
EllRabeth SallKti-, 
Frlederick Kallete, 
Doraa Rude, 
Friederick Rude, 
Johanrief Rnde 13 yr., 
£tii(a)>eth Rude, 
Heiiirich Rude, 
Riimineyi-r Reyenhauw, 
HanH Jacob Tonitner, 
Martin Tommer. 
Heinrich T^otze, 
Heinri<'h I.otze, 
Uimn Jacob Reyti^inaas, 
HanH Jacob Rey|;iiiiui», 
Trina 'Re ygenaaf". 13 yr., 
Martin Keller, 
Martin Keller, 
Henericli Keller. 
Wernnrd Schop, 
Christoph Schop, II yr., 
Johannex Weber, 
Margnreth Weirts, 
Heinrich Schop. 
Jacob Schop. 
Barb. Buner, 
Jacob Rolle. 
Ulrich Wagemuir, 



AiiiIreoH WaKBtinur. 
Hartiii 13uh«, 
Pride rick Toiiiin«r, 
NicoluuD Snyiler. 
CliriHtiuu Hai^elanr. 
Btirbam Weber, 
Peter Suchmiind. Toiik, 
Joliuun Bechiiiun<l, 
Unrret Heiirioli Tnylf, 
Bnrttuil HruudiT, 
Joliitiin tttortz, 
Joli. Pr. Bacli. 
Carl Ja<:ob Bernnrtlt>, 
Philip HeteriBli, 
Joh. Jdii. Tlieeinaii, 
Joli. Curl Croiiililiult/,, 
Riid RikI brock, 
Cfisiwir Hciiit]i)er, 
Prmitx JoBfiili Binie, 
Joh. <;l)riHt.. Ell re I) [H CI I, l.oi 
Frjinti'. Pott, 
. Joh, Pry, 
Parlricuis Abt. Suki-i-, 
Nicolaiis Klj-ii. 
Oeorj; Bauer, 
(itfirt.M Liave Borlri, 
J. Ch. Gerkels, 
Johiitiiia Jucolm I.inilri>t. 
Pr. fl-locKiier, 
Joh. And. KllberK, 
(Jerrt-t Krugh, 
Jtifol) HevbtTger, 
Jiipoh Hurs.-! & hiti wif.'ir tv 
Johiiiiim Anton Sr.hremler, 
Ji>hanne Martlux. 
Wiiliniu Boelof Br.mrv.-,,, 

.lolianniiM Uchntla. 
Unrtin Tur^hter, 
HeiiiHck Kreyevell«r, 
HanH Jacob Kriller, 
Frit/ Hude, 
Heinrioh Luteiienker, 
Catharina Seobiuund, 
<!arl Heurinto Beohiutiii< 
Joliann Martin Kite), 
Clirittr. Frie<l. Boxeto, 
Pried. Etecker. 
T. M. BetiHt, 
Baraiiil Minne, 
V, L. Reineke, 
a. I„ BeheJfer. 
Joh. W. Klei«t. 
l.anrentK KertetiiiK, 

F. NeMtler, 
J»]iili|i Knim, 
Kverfn Degenfleld, 
(i^eorir Keichinann, 
Joii. P. Pbilii>Bon, 
<;. P. Sf^husler, 
Peter (!liriiitiaan, 
Joli. Til. Ztiiiein, 
JoMeiili Btop, 
Biirtlioid I.anr, 


Ji>hantie BuriHihe, 
Eni-etine (ii^ciut^Broi 
Niiiicy BarlleH. 

>]iiiii[i<'K Irlaitrr-r, ' 
ii.hviK Huriu'll. «i 


Fredorlek Hari>el), wife and four childrfii. 

GeorRe Fritti, wif- iinii one chiltl, 

P«tHr Bmitli, 

Fruderiok Seller. 

Christian tli^trickt-r. wl 

ChriHtiiin Raw, 

Conrad Wilpley. 

Chriiitian Keanu, 

Uartin Wilpley, 

(ieorge NeyHlnger, 

George Riokell, 

Peter Hart line. 

Johannea Bait dele. 

Godleip Sell warts, 

Heiidrick Bender, wife . 

Con rail Cabell. 

George Striker, 

Wilhelin HangheM. 

ClirlHtopher KolTiDan. 

Jacob NeMtle, 

Clirietian Poorbatt, 

Jacob Shine, 

Wilhelin Woolf, 

Frederick Rlckell, 

Martin Fullhrake. 

Bernard Horgg, 

Peter Halixenlieck, 

ToliinH Swink, 

Charles Strawp, 

Peter Byder, 

Prederink Keppell. 

Henry Lovenfori, wi(e i 

Christian (iaailyard, 

Johaii Riddle, 

Jacob Poles, wife anil t 

e and four children, 

John Bnrkolt, 

AliaH Danliaur, 

George Cook and wife, 

Christian Wilpley. 

George Bimbemian, 

Jiin()b Wiker, 

Adam Layboll, 

■lohan Riley, 

Matthews Prizer, 
.ml child, 

Wilhelni Mardoir. 

George Illppele. 

Ht!'nry Jordan. 

John Wilt. 

Janob Poorlialt, 

Christopher PrincekofTer. 

Ciiristian KofTiuan, 

Jolian Es trick er, 

Frederick Cunsnian. 

Conrad Blank, 

Gabriel Knglehart, 

Johan Harm, 

Chrietopher Aspell, 

Martin Jacobson, 

Johan Peterson, 

John Rockholt, 
.nd two children, 

John Danhanr, 

Christian Vandele Ande, 
iree children. 

List ok thb Passknokbs i 
Calkb Earl, Mastkr, ri 
John Hoinr. Fried Tiiyin. 
Jacob Kohl. 
Job. Benjn. Zeil)ig. 
John Christli Hanicke. 
Joseph Nlwatel. 


Friedk. Trerk[ng. 

John And. Curpo. 

UhriNtian Kuntx. 

Haiiit <4uth. 

KIIhh Herte. 

JohiiniiHa Seip. 

Anna Oatliarina Seip, his wife. 

Aiiiin Oatharin&Buip, j 

JoliuDiittH Seip, [ tfaeir i^hildrfu. 

.Tulinnn P«ter Heip, j 

John iieorge Bohm. 

Margtiretliii Botini, b. Btiipen IiIh wifi'. 

John Peter Bohni, liitt nun. 

Joliann Vulicarn. 

Leopold Muller. 

EIJiitKur Motlg. 

Frunx KoniK. 

Petar Miiller. 

Annii ('Atharinn. Ills wife. 

olol'e ^'""''""'^ } th^ircKildm,. 

Heiiir. Conrd. Hern. Schriidcr. 

John (^hriMtn. Wilhin. Ttiger. 

Arnold Heme. 

Miiriii Mar){aretha. Iuh wife. 





Adam Cfi'ip. 

Jutrohine Snip, hix wife. 

John t'riedk.. their chil.iren. 

Atb^rtnti. ) 

I,.'o|.(>l,) Rudolph. 

AntiH Ontharina. hin u-jTe. 

Anim Elifiibeth, 

Anna Maria. 

Miiria (Jatharinn, 

JaPol> PrieHen. 

Johanni^s (Ji-rke. 

Anna Mnriii U-nrks, I). Bunkprdren, hlK wifa 

Maria Gertrnt, 1 

Anna Maria, I ,. . , ., , 

.l.,hann.«, the.r 

Marianne, \ 

their cttlldren. 

his elilldrfii. 


- two BiBteni. 

' tlielr cliiklren. 

George Ladwf); Althaaa. 

Cbriittiuu, his wifn, with one child. 

Qeorgt* Win. Keimsolineider. 

Maria Schutler. ^ 

Elizabeth Schutter, i 

Jnet. Heiiir. Uoldiiic^hausen. 

Gt>orf{B HoldinghauKttn, hie son 

George Aiidr. Bleiileliuuller. 

Carl Baiimgarten. 

Christian Hinze. 

Friedrich Kunlze. 

Johaiinem Wetter. 

Jacobus Han. 

Maria Gertrud Han, b. Gerke 

Mathios Hiin, 

Anna Uutfaarina Han. 

Joichini Heinr. Maaok. 

Gottlieb Nitecko. 

FHedk. Hupft^ntttlel. 

Maria Elizabet. his wife 

Johann .Tost, their eon. 

Joh. KralT Goebels. 

Magdelena. his wife. 

Johannes Franek. 

Hagilelena, his wife. 

HInrich Hode. 

Louitu^, hiM wife. 

John Hiur Franck. 

Louise, I 

John LudwlR. 1 hiu children. 

Maria Elizabeth, J 

John Hinr. Frank. 

Cathariiia, bis wife.. 

Jiirgen Schneider. 

Gerdriith, Ills wife. 


Anna Kliaabeth, 


John Wilhm. Koth. 

Catharina his wife. 

Johannes Pebes. 

Rosina, bin wife. 

Freiderica, 1 

George Heinrich, 1 their children. 

Haria Catharina 

their children. 


John Jurgn. Weber. 

Maria Elitiabeth, liiH wire. 

MariiL MoKdalene, | 

Johan Jurt^en, 1 hto children. 

Wiih. Christian, i 

IjOiiiHe ychiieidf rn, 

Anna Margaretha, her uiBter. 

ElioH Kirxchttiin. 

0»tharin» Bneider, hiu bride. 

Jost B«rckell>aoh. 

ChriKtina Iiiiholln, his bride. 

Ludwig HichHtein. 

Heiiir. Kramer. 

Maria ttertde. Webern, his bride 

Jurgen Kesnter. 

Jol.n Pliilip Lange. 

Mariu fJertrude, hiH mother. 

Joliaiiiies Martin. 

Anna Khs. Schiiiidtiii, hiw bride. 

John. Jost Kotb. 

l^oiiiee Rodepiller, hiu wife. 
John Hinrloh, I 

l.udwie, [their children. 


Hermann, ] 

Jolin. Jost Rwiepiller. 

Oiitharina, liis wife. 

Maria Eliwi. } their children. 

Anna Eli«e. * 

Huifdalena Weilin. 

Jacob Weil, iier brother. 

Hinrich Boden. 

Hiiirich Bhimenntiel- 

John Georife Afterbacb. 

John Danl. Eckel. 

Joluinneis Witws. 

Christina, Iiit) wife. 

Job. Christ. Weber. 

Friedk. UeBSerBchmidt. 

Maria Eliea, his wife. 

Maria Eliea, hie daitghter. 

Jer. UeMeruhmldt. 

Johannw, J, 1,1, brothers. 

Job. Hlnrloh. ) 


T. Weber, a chilcJ. 

Wiihelne. Buckin. 

Liidwi)[ SehiDldi. 

Bernhardt^ I 

John Chrietr. , hiw lirothers. 

Johanuett, ' 

Anna Mariu EliMa, < . ■ HiKtfrs. 

Dorothea, ' 

John Danl. Pfeiffpr. 

Wilhelm Baiire. 

Anna Catlmriiia, hie viite. 

Henrietta Friilerica, | 

Anna Maria, } hiu ehlldren, 

Elisalieth, I 

John Iiud^. Brt>iiit>r. 

Haria Cath., his wifa. 

Cat hart iiu Etisa, 

their i^hilJi 

Catburina, I , 

Joh. Ludwii;, 
Annd Elisa, i 

Joh. Hinr. 
Catharina, hie wife. 
Ludwit;, j 

Johannes, ', i 

Anna Catharina, ; 
Joh. (tforge Bremer 
HarIa Etiea, hie wife. 
John Peter, | 
Joh. George, 

Anna Maria, 

Gartrud Jacobs. ', brother & «i«t« 

Hath i as Jacobs. > 

Johannes Riachstein. 

Louise, his wife. 

Catharina Ellsa, 

John Jacob, 



J<dio Jost, 

Catharin<i ElUsa Dresbaoh. 

Anna Elisa Dresbaeh. her child. 

Anna Blisab. Groth. 

Peter Otto. 

C«tb. EllBA Frankin, hiti lirldf. 

their children. 


their children. 


Jaonh Spl^B, a child. 

Michel lierger. 

Hyhilln, hix wife. 

Oo..ra.l . t„,. ,„„.,„„. 

Annn Maria, t 

John Uottll«b Hchlichtewt^K- 

Victordo Ville. 

ElizaiHtth, hilt wife. 

John (Vottfd. Newinanii. 

JoU, Oonrd. Sohaiil. 

PruiiiToiH Serrurier. 

Johuii Jtinkhaur^. 


CoMMANDKR. ITKOU Bkkukn. Oi;t. 3, I80a. 
Horman Saiiiniler, and 3 chililri'u. 
UathiaH ZadiariaM. 
Joliann iieorge Krniil. 
Rt>iiihnrd Druecber. 
('atlmrina Jnngcrin. 
Jiihann Daniel I)<irn. 
(^iisjier liorenK, wife and 3 children. 
Jci!<Hi>h Biibeck, wife and 4 nhildrHii. 
Dorothea Ulrioli, and 3 children. 


Nathaxikl Ratt, Uapt., fkiim Amstkrhah. Oct. «, iwi 

Ht>nrirh Pot/.in. Mutlheiia GiHte and wit*'. 

Huns Jucob Hitite, Danin) Wagnttr and wife. 

.lohiuinitH Hunv^iOKor and wife, Rli7.ul>elli Hnnilnf^er, 

MiLrKai'ot HuuxiUKur. Dorst Sttidi and wife, 

Jftcoli Stndi, Anna Shidi, 

Durst Hindi, Jacob Wtiber and wife. 

Joli.inneH \^eber. Clirixtian Weber. 

Mnri.- W.dipr. Danhd MofTmnn &nil wife, 

Anna HofTnian, Kli/ubeth HotTuian, 



D«uiel HofTinan. 

Ellzabetli GralT. 

Anna Maria Millur. 

Heinrich Maii^olii, 

Catllrina Scliop, 

Hart ill Matherv, 

Jacob llartiu, 

Jacob Hoch. 

Benedict BerK«>r and wife, 

Barbara Berger. 

HaiiH Jacob Ohm, 

Hans Jacob lirieder, 

Han^ Jacob Griilier and wife, 

Anna Maria Uriiber, 

Atiiia Griiber. 

Cat liar ilia Mntxenlierg, 

Johutiiies Biiiif^ruiid wifi'. 

Julian lies Binger, 

Hans Jacoli BinRer, 

Adam iirie);e1, 

Peter Raiiw. 

Nicl(olaiin Manff, 

Frederich Biirclianl, ueii. , 

Daniel Annpucb. 

Philip Jacob Bauer ami wi(e, 

Jacobim Miilli^r, 

Jacob SI ever. 

JohanneH Hi>eck, 

Catlirina Specie, 

NicklaiiH Ku)ilen){ainpf, jr.. 

Ario Hall. 

George Reidt, 

Johan Wein. 

Conrad Zingerinann, 

Prantz Niiffeiieyer and wife, 

Magdalene NoHeneyer, 

Philip Wiedeiiiunn, 

Antoine Techeld, 

T. H. RoeHtleyii and wife, 

Hetner Hiehor, 

Joban Chriatopn (iottl«ib Scbl 

David Gidaud. 

Geoi-ge Freidericli Schaiifele, 

Jolian Geiirg Wri email, 

Thomas Walter, 

Philip Noiijahr, 

Hnnrich Graff and wife, 

Anna Barbara GrafT. 

Hana Jacob Miller and wife. 

Heinrich Mant^ld and wifn, 

Hans Gaxt and wife, 


Jacob Buchlin, 

Heinrich Martin, 

Adam Biirli, 

Anna Maria Gas (Berger). 

Elizabeth Berger, 

A nth on Gas, 

Hans Georg Oast. 

Martin Grul>er. 

Kli/abeth Gruber, 

Ctiriatian Miitzenl)«rt{ aii<l wife, 

Maria Binger, 

Terena Binger, 

Catharina Bern hard. 

PliilipHeinrioh Blum and wife. 

Johan Georg Peter. 

Friederiub Bnrcbard, jr. . 

Jolian Georg Branch, 

Preiderich Kramlich, 

Anna Maria Schnietier. 

nan lei Weingewier, 

Studarth BiMck. 

Nickolaiir< Knhlenkampf. xen. 

Lorentz Ballade, 

Harl Henche, 

Georg Adam Klenk, 

Georg Philip Euler, 

Georg Heinrich Runekel, * 

Johan Nickolas Keuffer. 

Barbara Noffeneyer, 

Egbert Deruch and wife, 

Bern hard Wiedemann. 

Joseph Gremond, 

Johan T>avid Deeg. 

Peter SiiaH)ldt, 


Jac^b Eggert, 

Geori{ fried eric h J>iein, 

Carl Harmstndt, 

George Btiimin, 

Johan Lindelwigel, 


Philip Stoppel. 
Laciu Gggerman, 
AndreaM Kretz, 
baiiiuel Gereter and wife 
Adam 8chaub and wife, 
Barbara Scbaub, 
Martin Sohaub, 
Hans Oeorg Haeeler, 
HaiiK Jacob Frelburger and 
Johannes Freiburger, 
Jacob HchafTuer, 
Anna Rudy, 
Johannes Egger, 
Magdalene Hohl (Andereg), 
Uichael Olous. 
Johau RosfuBtellner 
Peter Krone burger, 
Adam Bernhard. 
Christian Dinger, 
Bernhard Herges, 
Andreas Bernhard and wife, 
Jotian Joseph Hergee, 
Hans BeBBener and wife. 
Matt he us BeHsener, 
Hans Ulrlch Ische and wife, 
Hans Ulrlch Ische and wife, ji 
Hans Jacob Ische, 
Freiderich Ische, 
Catliarina Bch weitzer, 
Adam Tschudi and wife, 
Joliiinnes Thomme, 
Anna Thomine. 

Conrad r.ampe, 
Jotian Jacob Wagner, 
Joimn Helnricli Rickeni, 
Joiiaiines Gerster. 
Hans Jacob Schaub, 
Anna Schanli, 
Joliannes Scliopp, 
Anna Selin, 

Hans Jacob Frelburger, 
Henrich Rudy and wife,' 
Johannes Kndy, 
Jacob Andereg and wife, 
Geo. Iiudwig Kinzle, 
Johannes Reif, 
Jolian Andreas Beck, 
Micliael Walsch, 
Hans Ulrlch Binger, 
Werner Bchittler, 
Michel KautTer and wife, 
Jacob Bernhard. 
Ulrich Schmit, 
Freiderich Bessener, 
Hans Bessener, 

, Johannes Ische. 
Marie Ische. 
Paul. Weltger, 
Bernhnnl Schweitzer, 
Hunii <tHorg Thomme, 
Eli'-abt-th Thomme. 

List of PASBKNaBiw on Boarp thk Ship Gaston, Thohah 
MiM.s, Master, prom Amsterdam. Arrivkd Oct. 7, 


Mr. Prediger and sister, 

Mr. Schry-ver, 

Mr. Ti-leken and servant. 

Mr. Boon, 

Mr. Beeresteen, 

Mrs. Prediger, 
Mr. Everts and 3 servants, 
Mr. PlettH and wife. 
Mr. Van Enst and clerk. 


Mr. RobertH anti 3 little brothers. 

P. F. C. Hulbee, Oo. Rap, 

C. Muller, Go. Mytr. 

C. Walker, J. Sinith. 

P. Ely. Jasper, 

Jou. Rap, Mr. Prediger's ma 
Black Grldle, 

List of Passknrkrs on Board thb Ship Favorite, John 
Alptox, Master, froji Amstkrdam. Nov. IS, 1808. 

SoDd <ie HurtK Becket. 
Joseph Bible, 
B. Hiiinint^l and wife, 
Francis WeM.BKlls, 
Carl Fred Brdinan, 
Gerrit U. auiuieii, 
Jacob Hnnnig, 
Dirk PoiiipiKS, 
Marus Kolf n. 
Joseph l'oiiii)lifr, 
Joseph Broehock, 
Wilhelin H iilsenberg;, 
Fred, r^afava, 
Michat^l Hems. 
B. Dolman. 
Christiaua Balveyler, 
Jacob Moses. 
Pieter Greenwood, 
r. Sauten, 
Barend Everet, 
Job. Ot^orgc Eberlpln, 
Kanriiiiin Idh&c Kayje, 
■lacoba Sobe, 
Anna Blisab. Teork, 
Jacob Van Achten, 
Jan Lanil, 
John Juist, 
M. a. WeliiaBle, 
Petbr Flaniinj;, 

Hohnminan a girl, 

Peper Seel, 
Cath. Hive, 

BlasiuB 81»kmeyer and wife, 
Johannes Schlnr^r, 
Josepli ft Maria Huinmeli, minors, 
Maria Lindman. 
Peter Bockhoart, 
J oh annex Streignagie, 
Jan. Plank man. 

Johan George Hujsman, 
Chrietiana Spier. 
Jacob Luh, 
Anthoy Herbold, 
Aaron Philit>e, 
Ludolt Otte. 
Hen rick Pothoff, 
Barend Buerend)<, 
Jiirob Epsteina, 
Jan Bariier and wife, 
Joh. Qertr Uanlcn, 
Jan Jacob Dobler, 
Senf. Mol». SchilT. 
Joseph Robeson, 
Magdalen Reiter, 
ChrinCian Corneliese. 
Jan Hendrick Keuberen, 
Johannes 8. Suiitt, 
John George Girke, 
Coena Serbel Broun, 
Carl Eh 1 era, 
Johanna Schnap, 
Wilhelmina Boa. 
Conniad Kehl, 



Johan Jacob SchedeJ, 

Philips. Jurken, 

U. Ben, 

Isaac Watter, 

B. Venden Berht, 

Jolin C. Kerber, 

Marin Welthortl, 

John Ren It, 

Mayer Poplak, 

Janna Kiigee, 

Wiliislin N. Preeper. 

Maria C, Pretiper, 

H. Hoiu berg and wife, 

H. HoiMterg, 1 „|„^^ 

A. Horn berg, I 

Maria N. Regnier, 

Kngel RaildeuiaiiB, 

Hcnd. Kruatiier, 

Wm. Preil. Hink, 

JotiaimeH Kull«r and wiff 

Jolianna Kuiler, 

QeoTgn Soholder and wire, 

Jolin EJcboidiT. 

fJeorse Bnbolile 

Eva Sr.lioliler, 

Andrew Ucliokler, 

Frederick Dorr, 

.Tii<;<il) nielli, 

Ell^atietli (le Youni;, 

Jacob Wirtniaii, 

Nic. Van Mervont, 

Harb Bwtf 1, 

Jjwrob Est ft. 

liainh Koener, 

Ki>Ker ToutenhooW ami w 

Muffdid ToiitenluMifil, > ^ 

Cath. Touttnhoofd, > 

Joli. Uiibrannner, 

H. Bt^tter, 

8. I,. Cnnteret, 

Jan Mat;<-t Pet, 



\ Pet, 

Cntliarina Pet, 
Aiiiliony FettB, 

Johan C. Kimiw, 
Henry Richmaa, 
Henil de Jong. 
John Van Maunom, 
Fred Boene, 
John Pi et erne, 
Jolm Wilh. Keklwiek, 
Maria de Lernn, 
A. Wolf. 

John Preegierand wife 
Jacob Preepnr, 
_. EhriB. Winter, 

Jacob Oaiiiian and wife, 
M. WaniJDck, 
Jaiob Kuntrell, 
^ohan (Schelifce, 
Ronna W. Ku1l«r. 
Phiiiifina Kulkr. 

John Hainmar, 
Van der Wamt-r, 
Kosetta de Youiig, 
Dr. Hodman. 
Pre<i«rick GirtniaR, 
Cartli Eutel, 
Fred Estel, 
(leor|{e A. Doll, 
Heiid Williams, 

Otto Van Wingaanle, 
autnA Van TellagK, 
Dort HolTiuan, 
John Peter Pet, 
Margretta Fi-t, 
Lndwick Liiner, 
Philip Ulnier. 


List of Passknhrrs o 
Pbtkr F. Uooi>v, U 

JiistUH Walter, 
ICritui) KrebHin. 
Ailaiii Risingerand wif 
Ailaiii GereiiHteiii.nReil 
■loliiLii Bt>lt«iir<jich, 
Henii. Ol village, 
AtiraliHin Ciwler, 
Anna (.'oniKlisHiii, 
(^are OpitH, 
Joti. W. KnigiuRn, 
Gmlf. SRhennaoker, 
■ Johu Ab, Wiiitor, 

N Board thk Biiii* Pkxnsyl 


S. DingiOwein. 
Ht>lt>iia Krt.'l>Hiii, 
X. Philip BfChtc-1, 

il ywirs, J. a. Vopgt, 

KuKi^ll Walter, 
friilerick Coster, 
Fre<lurick Hciiitx, 
Oathariiitf Snhinit, 
Preil. Jac. Vaii(l<-rhuv«l 
■Jeiiwlr Fricke, 
Phillip Proiick, 
U. Ma<;ki«. 

LiHT OK Pa.ssk.nhkrs Arrivkr at thk Port ok PuiLArtKL- 
PHiA, ON Board thk Hhii- Carolina, Pii. Mookk, Mastkr, 
Fkb. 31, 18U-1. 

P, F. CorvoiHler StLiHlnz, a Hwiiw. 

C. FinliKf, a (ierinaii. 

C. (i. Uchueider, a (icTiimii. 

Willium RcKlir, a Ueniiaii. 

List op G-iiRUAX PAssKxaKiLs on Board thk Brihanti.vr 
Ukiox. Caht. Hatmk. prom Toxxi.n'okn. a 
THK Port op Philauklphia, Mar<!H Ifl, IS04. 

Charl<?H Seagel, 

John Sni-ider. 


List OK PAasRNQKRX oy KoAKn tiik IJitut Nk^ 



\Name. Occupation, Af/e. Ifeif/lit.] 
Honry PrPXBell, wicller, 38, five f«.et 10 iiiclie«. 

Iiin wife, 3(, flvH feet 10 iiiohtfM. 
U. i. 8iiuou. sailler, 24, flvs foet 10 iiicliert. 
T. b. A. Jaiina, groiinr, 20, fiv<! tout. 4 jiiRheH. 
U. FiHclittr, Bhoeinakar, 18, five fei-t 4 iTmhoK. 

liiH wifi!. 19. flVB feet 4 jiioheH. 
H. But/, DO trailc. 16, five feet 4 inclu'^. 
JoHeph NaK'^t uo tra<1e. 23, five feet 4 iiinhen. 
Q. A. Ueebert, miller, 88, five feet 5 inches. 
If. A. Wliilliiiaok. weaver,, 34, five feet 4 inched. 
U. TauHnli, furmer, 30, Itve feet liiiilieH. 
A. D. Hctieile, blackKiuith, 21, live ftiei iucliex. 
A. SiUffiiiau, no trad.-. 10, five feel. 
U. Coiiieke, cliairmaker, 4;(, Ave feet, 
C. Jariliier, dlittlller, 3«, IVve feet 8 
L. KiiiipiH-l, e(iri>eiiter, lU. Ave feet. 
H. BiunT, butcher, 2H, live feet, 
H, Kriit;eH, iilerk, 37, nix feet, 
A. i:)iieke, clothinaker, ^l, flvn feet. 
U, P. Weyriek. Hoekmaker, 20, live feet 6 iiioheB. 
Fran/. HnfTiiian, taylor, 4-'>, five feet b iucheD. 
J. W. Eiiieke, farmer, 30, live feet 4 liii-.lieH. 
P. H. Miiian, Hhntiinaker, 34, five feet 4 iunliea. 
J. .1. Hel;;, tliylor, ID, live feet 4 liielien, 
H. <i. P..r<ili," turner, 33, Ave feel. 
J. «', Becker, blackxiiiitli, 34, live feet 8 iiiclieB. . 
])- HeJBeninK, watchmaker, 30, live fent S hicheH. 
J. Maul, farmer, 21, live feet -'> iiK-hes. 
U. HIahil, fanner, 21). live feet 5 IlielieK 
J. .T, Siilm. fanner, M, five feet 4 Inches, 
W. t(. I.iiikel, c,iri>enter, 30, live fe.'t S inched. 
«. Laiibur. fanner, 31, Ave feet ."i inoheK. 
P. Haiiinaiiehaiia, furmer, a), llvi- feet ."i iuchew. 
J. SaNiuaiiehaiiH, farmer. 20, five feet ."> Inchec 
J. H, Beltyx, cJLr[>enter, :10, Ave feet H iucliex. 
E. ButitxB, taylor. 32, Ave feet 8 iiKilieH. 
J. Biinh, miller. 31, Ave feet B inclien. 
H. BaltKfl, ta)-l(ir. 21, Ave feet 4 liicheti. 
H. P. Ehlens, taylor. 39, Ave feet 3 iuohea. 


GftmrnassoHea, no trade, 10, five feet 4 iiictii^K. 
Hunff, HO trade, lit, five feet 5 intiheH. 
B. BeHtells, ttliue maker, 25, five feet 4 inches. 
F. Keiiiih, carpenter, ZT. five feet 4 iiichet<. 
U. Kligiiiburt;, taylor, 21, five feet. 

E. Ueiter, loukumiiti, 20, five feet 8 inrheit. 
J. Sohtnidt, no trade, 38, five feet H iiicliex. 
J. Keiter, taylor, iH, five feet 8 Incliec. 

J. H. Hahs, locksmith, 20, five feet 8 iiiclien. 
J. FUlier. farmer. 31, five feet inches. 
hlHwife, 20, five feet. 

F. Bchewetzer, hiitclier, 82, five feet 8 iiiche»i. 
J. Baltzer, weaver, 22, five feet 8 inchex. 

C FuckK, linen weaver, 35, Ave feet G inches 

I.. Flicks, linen weaver, 'i3, five feet G uichee. 

L. O. Bourin, uiujd servant, 37, five feet *} incliex. 

J. H. Walil, taylor. 10, five feet S inches. 

J. Jockein, Hervant, woiuaii. 5\, five feet. 

Johs. Wahl, boy, 11. 

E. Sheider, maid servant, 22, five feet. 

A. Dickie, fanner, 30, five feet G niches. 

J. ti. Netz, farmer, 30, five feet G inclies. 

his wife, farmer, 3i. five feet. 

hiN 2 children, T & 4 years. 
Lud. Net^, fanner, 40, five feet 4 liicheH. 

his wife, 3.), five feet. 

Ids chilli. 10 years. 

his sister, servant maid, 3fi, five feet. 
P. Spies, farmer, 40. five feet 4 inches • 

his wife, 30, five feet. 

his Si'liildren, SI. 10, IT, l"), 13, 11, 0, 4 years old. 
«. Ruhs. fiiniier, 36, five feet 4 inches. 

his wife. 40. 

his 2 cliililren, 12 it 14 years. 
P. Fucks, sadler, 33, sin feel. 

his wife, 40 years. 

3 children, 17, 6 & 3i y«'irs. 
M. Ban/., fanner. 48, six feet. 

his wife, 40 years. 

6 children, 3.5, 14, 13, 10, 8, 7 years. 
J. Donners, farmer, 33 years, five tee,. 

his wife, 24. I\ve feet. 
P. H, Brann, fanner, 32, five feet 8 inches. 

his wife, 29. five feet. 

his sister, IS), five feet. 
3fi-VoL. XVII. 


J. O. Mohle, shoemaker, 39, live reut 3 inc1i«a. 

Ills wife, 34 years. 

3 children, 4 yrs. & 16 weeks. 
J. Boohen, fanner, 38, Dve feet S incheii. 

his wife. 
J. C. EuifTg, carpenter, 33, six feet. 

his wife, 33, five toet. 

S children. 
H, C. BertelB, shoemaker, 30. five feet. 

Ills wife, 39 years. 

3 chihiren. 
''. Doiinler, taylor, 30, five feet (i liicheH, 

liis wife, 34 years. 

1 olilld, 4 years. 

hit) Bister, 15 years. 
H. Kiihn, carpenter, 30, five feet 6 Inchen. 

hJH wife, 30 years. 
A. Qiingheiin. shoemaker, 31, Hvi' feet 8 inches. 

hlH wife, 80 years. 

3 ohildreii, 4 & IJ yrs. 
.IiiHn. Sa-Hinannhaus, fanner, ^ii. five feet> 

his wife, 84 years. 

his 3 children, 13 & 8 yrH. 
(i. Strachbein, farmer, 30. five feet inches. 

Ills wife, 39 years. 

htu a children, 7 & li years. 
.V. E. Strachbein, farmer, 31, five (e^.t 4 inches. 

1 child, 4^ years. 
(i. H. Trite, farmer, 10, five feet. 

hiN ttister, maid servant, 19. five feet 3 Inohe 
. I list Trite, farmer, 45, six feet. 

liiH wife, 35 years. 

.1 children. 19. 10, 13, 4, 1 yeans old. 
E. P. Huster, tallowciianiller, 44, five feet 4 inohea. 

his wife, 83, five feet. 
(i. Kiittimerer, tanner. 31, six feet. 

his wife, 39, five feet 

hlH mother, 61, live feet. 

3 children, 13. 0, 4 years. 
M. Kelmer farmer, 40, five feet (I Inches. 

Ills wife, 37 years. 

1 child. 7 years. 
U. Wahl, farmer, B7, five feet r, inches. 

his wife, 37 yearn. 
J. Schiine, farmer, 30 yean*, five feel 3 inches. 

his wife. 30, five feet. 

1 child, 8 years. 


P. Nell'nj', farmer, 44, Ave feet 8 iiielieu. 

hiD wife. 38, flvci feet. 

his mother, 70 yearn. 

4 children, H, 18, B, 4 yearn. 
Leid Radebach, fiirintT. 2T, five feet. 

hie wife, 2.% five feet. 

3 cliiUlren, 3 & 1 j years. 
A. U. Schmltter, tanner, 43, five feet. 

1 child. years. 
Rumenshid, no trade. 21. five feet 4 inches. 
Uary Kteiu, maid servant, 23, five feet. 
Andw. WaunboU,, 28, five feet. 
W. Turner, cal>iii ttaweDger. 
Mr. Rochliendorf & lady, cabin passengen). 
J. Malcolm and lady, cabin ijasaengers. 

List ok Pahsksgkrs Arrivkd at thk Pout of Phiui. 
DELPHiA, i:< thk Shii> Indostak, CAFTAI^' JoHM Urken, 
KR<iM HAMBi'Rn. April IT, 1804. 

Gottfried Willielm Philip, 

Christ. Gottl. Schmidt, 

Joh. Wilhelm Riiting, 

Michael K {inner, 

Christ. Nitscher, 

Wolmer .Tiiliiis Heinr. Meyer, 

Joh. Friedch. Meisch, 

Nlcol. Adolpli Suck. 

Frantz Beeker, 

Joh. Joachim Stoltz. 

Joh. Herman Schaeffer, 

Ernst Miiller, 

Chnstn. Grnnberg, 

Hinr. Miinsenheimer, 

Joh. Eberhard Wehhagen, 

Joh. Krafft Wunderlich. 

Joseph Korfl, 

Anton Ciirist, 8chrii<ier, 

Joh. Priedch. Breege, 

Joh. Anson, 

Joh. Christ. H. Lunckan, 

Jacob Harsch, 

Carl Philip, 
Joh. Carl Philip Klein, 
Job. Casper Everting, 
Hans Nioolans Kroe, 
Joh. Andr. Brandt , 
Johann Wileehiitt, 
Heinr. Uberhofl, 
Peter Becker, 
Jacob HampBt, 
Joh. Heinrch. Harthmann, 
Qeorg Weidemann, 
Joh. Joachim Oiinther, 
Joh. Hinr. Aim, 
Anton Rasch, 
Gottl. Strahlheimer, 
Job. Christ. Schultz, 
Joh. Dav. Peter Mlttelstaeilt, 
Wilhelm Keyser, 
I'^lias Salomon Pappenhelmer, 
Christ. RQhle, 
Joh. Nicolans Beyer, 
Herman Mich. Bosseck, 



Juseph Ublond, 

Joh. Berah. »t<ill/.ii«r. 

NiuolauH HeyerHdorlT. 

Joli. Adam ProebHtcr. 

Hum. Hiiirick Krull, 

Jacob OerBoii, 

Joh. V. Bergen. 

t'rii)<lnh. Holt/., 

Tlioiiiiia HofTinanii. 

Job. Albert Billbocb. 

Wolff Isaao, 

Jacob tiieinoii, 

Uernhd. Kriiger, 

DettlotT Joenicke, 

Friedch. Gottfr. Fuhniiuiiii, 

Fried ch. KadwitE, 

Job. tiottl. Tiippei. 

Joh. Christ. Schtnoph, 

Christ. Emtnerliiit;. 

L)i.-«;h Johftiiiiaen, 

Hiiir. Andr. SchiilenbHrK, 

Carl Wilh. TrewUl. 

Joli. Friedph. Holte. 

FHe<l.<;li. Miiller, 

Heiiir. Uoth. 

Beriibd. Kantzler, 

Caxper Fal)tH. 

tjf^froth Francli, 

H<-ilir. Rotjeroth. 

Ufiiir. Werkentin, 

Aug. Friedch. Rehlinaiiii, 

Joli. Hottfr. HerHoheliiiaim, 

Jos^pii Wilh. Berber, 

Job. I'hilip Tbiel, 

Filler Fiihlea, 

Joh. Hinr. Kreiit/.biirK. 

Aug. Christ. Heswe, 

Bfiijaiiiln Kann, 
Joli. Hiurch. John, 
Jean Fraiiii Pitiard, 
Luis Alexander. 
O-uorg Fippler, 
Pniit HolTinann, 
CbriBt. Gottl. WbIh, 
Joh. ChriMt. Holl/_ 
Joli. l>avid Borst, 
JUoeeti Levy, 
Levy kohn, 
Joh. Claus Pfetl. 
Joh. Beinah. Bchmidt, 
Jojifpli Ah rendu, 
Betijaiiiiii Saiiioel, 
Peter lijcol. Lippcrt, 
AiigUHt Miiller, 
Mil 11 1 lie 1 Wewiel, 
Epliruiiu Munthan, 
Joh. Joseph ClaiiM, 
Jiirgi'ii Mich. Liltjohan, 
Christ. Jan. Dreyer, 
Joli. Fridd. Zabn. 
Ahiiiiis Heio. v. Miind*-!!, 
Jiirg. Helnch. Sahult£. 
Carl KraiiSB, 
JohpIi. Cnrl KronHtiit)er, 
Joh. Oottl. Luiigwitz, 
■loll. Andr. (iehres, 
Friedch. Alexander Unuidl. 

Beinr. I>ibr. 

Job. ChriHt. Qraxsinnnii, 

•it-ory Friedch. Qiiedenreldt, 

Joh. (ioitf. Miiller, 

Job. Henii. Kriiger, 

Carl Friedcb. Nicidai. 

Marrifd d- Won 

Anna Catb. Maria Midler. 
Anna Miinsenheimer, 
Catb. Margar. WebbaKeti. 
Juliana HchiiItT:. 
Maria Margar, Breege, 
Maria Catb, HolTnianii, 
Maria I>orotbeA Bcbnux-li. 

Aiii.aCath. Giiiither. 

Jeaiiftte Rascb, 

Calb. EliNaboth Wunderlloh, 

Herpittii Christina Keyser. 

FriMltTlra Carol. Christ. Kroll. 

Aiiiiii Jlaria Doscb, 

Maria Elisabeth RolJ«rolh, 


Henrietta Rotjeroth, Borbd.ra Blieab. Ottoin, 

llarKaretiia. Elisab. Winkelmeyer, 

Aona Bophiii KoUen, Wilhelinina Christ. Grund, 

Anna l[«rg;ir. Bluiueu, 

Auna Jiiliitna Hinrietta Gunlher, 
Joh. Hiiir. Mutu^euheimer, 
Joli. Frietich. H. VVehhagen. 
Joh. Hiiir. Wehlmgen, 
Johaniia Miiria Clirixt. Wehliageii, 
Oottf. PriBdcli. Conrad SchuUz, ■ 
Maria Uat^ilaiuna Breeze. 
JohauuB ChriBt. Willielin Breeft>i, 
Anna KrolJ. 
Maria KroH, 
Wilhelm HotTinan. 
Johaiiiit!!* HofTinann, 
Herman Willi, AlartiosBen, 
Maria Ctitli. heua R otjeroth, 
Clirist. Jacob Hesse, 
Carl Heeiie. 

pAS!jiKs(tKBS OS Board thk Bbk* Leopard, Captain Piqot 

Shaw, prou Lubrck. Arrivkd August ST), 1801. 
Frederick Hartel, Jacob BoltR. 

John Wescli. Levi Boloiiiaii, 

David Balba, Ludwicit ReHHing, 

Norbcrt Boltz, Henry Reiehfl. 

(ieorge Uru 

List oi' I'ASSKSrtRRa LA:«nB:D at thk Las 
BoAitn THK Ship Rkbrcca, Captais Dasiul Low, from 
Amstkrha.v. August 27, 1804. 

John Lollijrer, 
Janette Banger. 
Prena Banner. 
Claus Batter and wife, 

Jacob Banii^r and wife, 
Elijah Banger. 
Jacob BanR(!r, 
Bamiiel Bater and wife. 



Anna Marin Bater, 

Hh II null UrO!i8, 

Jacob Atz and wife, 

Jacob DriettiiiHter wife and child, 

Jacob Switz 

J.icob Scliude wife and child, 

Jacob GerMter, 

JuhauueB Friiiher, 

Jacob Bchwitzer, 

JohiiQiies Schwitzer, 

Haiis Jacob Schwitzer, 

Hans Jacoii Greaty, 

Hi'uricli Gresty, 

Nicol. Borfiy, 

Joliii UltcerBh, 

Joiin Sctiiieederand wife, 

Tur At/., 

Heiiery Schaiib, 

Jacob BiiHter, 

Jacob Sehwitzer, 

Ual'^ri^t Schwitzer, 

Jiiciili Erb aiul wife. 

Mat lis. Krb. 

Rt^iiiiiK^n Erb, 

Heiiil Erh. 

Eliiiibetli Schndy, 

Henry HalTelfinger and wife, 

Anna HniTel linger, 

H. Rndy and wife, 

Biirlmra Harter, 

Anna Maria Barter, 

Ht'iiry Matii;old and wife, 

Barliiira Mangold, 

Jacol) Wagner and wife, 

Jacob Bnrgy, 

Maria Bnrgy, 

Frt'iift Sclmiwler. 

Maria Srhnteder, 

Kicliola Miscliili^ and wife, 

Anna Mcisrhexer. 

Bai-or Mascli« 

Biisclier Haffllilnjjer 

Jacob Tlioni, Tlioin, 


Ja.-.>b GaB, 

Martin VogI, 
Caspar Schafner, 
Joliunnes Gerster, 
Lund. Bey, 

Anna Margt. Schwitzer, 
Ursele Bchwitier, 
Hanst. Grei^ty and wife, 
Hanuall Ernst Gresty, 
Jolin Bey and wife, 
Jncolj Kreger, 
Jolui Bnrkerd, 
JacoI> Sclineeder, 
Henery Burgy, 
Jolin Att, 

Jacob Schwitzer and wift 
Maiinali Schwitzer, 
I't^tcr Si'grest Erb, 
ilance M. Erb, 
Catiiarine Erb, 
Martin Schudy and wife, 
Marttia Schudy, 
Aiiim Maria HafTelflnger, 
Margt. IlalTelllnger, 
Bern. Harter, 
Jolmnnes Bartpr, 
Jac.b HuHer. 
Haniiah Mangold, 
Martin Mangold. 
Jacoli Burgy and wife. 
Miirgrut Biirgy, 
HaiiniK Jos. Schniederani 
Arnia Sclniieder, 
Nii'bola Schnieder. 
Martin M ouch ezer and wil 
Martin MaHchezer, 
Jacob Haininng^ranil wi 
Teter Thoni and wife, 
.lohannes Thoin, 
Joliannes HoBly and wife, 
Jolm Jacob Goh and wife, 
Eli/jil>Hth (i^aH. 



Jacob Moria and wife, 
Jacob Moria, 
Salene Moria, 
Anna Greider, 
Uaria Weber, 
Widow ticliaiib, 
Henry Schaub and wife, 
Henry Bcliaub, 
FraiiB Frederich ReiH, 
Jacob Siriib and wife, 
Elisabeth Revir, 
Adam Greidttr and wjf«, 
HanH Schibiib and wife, 
Maria Bcliaub. 
Uannu Bcliaub, 
Heuery Bchanb, 
Maria Bcliaub, 
Barbara Bcbaiib, 
Jacob Gas, 
Heinr. Tlioitnuafl, 
Widow Manlier, 
Nicole Uiclile and wlf«, 
Margpftta Micilile, 
J. J. Dititiali and wifi^, 
M. B. BniiTli. 
Johannes Minner, 
Henry Albrlte and wife, 
Margrct Albrite, 
John Roland. 
Frederick Herman, 
Mr. Eyernian, 
Francis Ijaiitlierlxtck, 
R. Koliuan, 
G. Wituu-yer, 
Jacob Attz, 

Anna Sell ols. Kretcher, 
Ohriistaiie Kreti-her, 
Baiiuiel Euert, 
Elizabeth Pojipel, 
M. Zi miner. 

Barbai'a Moria, 

Anna Moria, 

Hani4 George Greider and wife, 

Hans Jacob Walter and wife. 

Jacob Schaub and wiftt, 

Henery Scbaiib, 

Barbara Bcliaub, 

Daniel Keiti, 

Heimry Hu.ier and wife, 

Catharine Revir, 

Catbarint) Revir, 

Jacob Greider and wife, 

Martine Bchanb, 

Catharine Bchaub, 

Heinz. Scliaub and wife, 

Elisabetb Bchaub, 

.Jacob Ga!-, 

Anna Ga», 

Jacob Ueartman and wife, 

Joseph Ring and wife, 

Antony Mutter, 

Regina Miclile, 

Daniel Michle, 

Jacob Michie, 

Catharine Miclili', 

Jacob Weber, 

Frederick Fencliel, 

Margret Minner, 

Daniel Albrite, 

Arnold Herman and wife, 

Conradt Markly, 

Henery Haferand wi»e 

Francis Grove, 

FriedericK Gauble, 

B. Folger, 

Antoy. Kretcher and wife, 

AnnaCatli. Kretclier, 

Catharine Kretcher. 

Jacob Buab and wife, 

I-ud. Eitpclschicr. 



Cait. Hunrv Hutchison, khom Tonsinhbn. Sbpt. 10, 

Willielm Frailerick, Anna Maria Frederick, wife, 

EliKabetli Frederick, dauifliter, Joliaiiiien Frederick, sou. 

■lacob Weber, 

Elisabetli Wel)er, wife. 

Christian KoBter, Btepson, 

Everiiard Welaer, son. 

l':liHaI>eth Weber, daughter, 

<k>iirad Kehorhii. 

Elimbetli Rehorhn, wife, 

Frederic Rehorhn, Hon, 

Cliarjotte Pebler. 

(leor|{tj I'ebler, boh. 

William BrenBill, 

Slargar^t BrenBill, wife. 

Joliann f^otbanl. 

Anna »othard. wife, 

Ludwig Schmidt, 

Jacob Hi-uuipB, 

Andreas Schroder, 


Anna Elisabeth Bode, wife, 

Christian Hode, eon, 

Cathrina Hode, <laughter. 

Herman Bode. 

Anna Eliwabeth Bode, wife, 

Anna KJisabeth Wiele, - 

Kraft Wiel«, son. 

Catliariiia EliBabelh. danglite, 

-, Joliann^B Marlmoher. 

('nroline Uarbaoher. wife. 

Chrisiina Marbacher, dani{ht^r, 

Jolian (George Marbacher, Hon 

FiaiioiBca Marbacher, daiigiiter. 

<;arl Marlmidier, Mon, 

Valentine Marbacher, Mon. 

Carolina Marbacher. dauffbter 

AniiJi Maria Marbacher, dangi 


(roiirad Wighain, 

Veit Wigham, 

J. nix S(Oin<>niaker, 

Maria J4F<mannhaii8en, 

(;hri:-tian Wike, 

Elena Elitli. Wike, 

a H. Wike, 

Catharina Wike. wife. 

.loliantl Cliriwt. Wike, won. 

J. Preiierie Wike. 


Jobann H. Bode, 


Maria Mag.lalena Mnller. danglit^r. 

C l.oiiisH Moll^r dauBhter. 

Anna l-:tis)ibetli Mollfr, daiitj;b 


a. H.-nrich Moiler, son, 

Catharina Renter, 

CatJniriiia Miiller, 

Catharina MQller. daughter. 

Louise Ruter, 

J. Christian Kuter, eon. 

.1. I.ndewig Rtitpr, Mon. 

Jnrgen Bclinelder. 

K. l.niso S<Thnelder. 

lii-org AineJiiiB Ziniiufr, 



JoluinneB Pelt?., 

hUisab-dli WelH^r, 

Johann Hei'irlch Weber, bou. 

Joliannes Weber, son. 

Uottlieb Bteidling, 


., ilatightei 


ChrlHtian Ludwitc Grim, sou, 
Barlmra Veunli. wif«. 
SelioHtiaii Snat/, 
JOMepli Stelclierwatd, 
Inaac Siinson, 
J. C. Wolir, 
Oeorg Pt-tershall. 
JohaTiii GeorgH H«11iiiaDn, 
Catharina Ketwler, 

Andreas Grim, 

Philippina Jacobine Grit 

Henrietta Grim, duiight< 

George Vennii, 

Cbristoph Balbach, 

Adam Rulide, 

Philip Lentx. 

Caspar Libmann, 

Uagdalena Wolff, wife, 

Johatin Tiirching. 

Jotieph Hert:tberger. 

Juiit. H. Kessler, son, 

Anna Margaretha Kexsler, daughter, 

Johannes KeHsler, Hon, Oaiharina UesBtirschmldt, 

Anna E. MenHerscliiuiilt, daughter, 

Clirixtina Messerechmidt, daughter, 

Johann Frederic MeHserschiiiidt, Bon, 

Anna Dariiara MeKHenictimidt, daughter, 

Johan Juft MeHsentchmidt, son, 

Friederich Benfer MemierBchmidt, 

Uaria Blixabelb his wife, Johanneii Frfgatind, . 

Mr. C. H. Wlttigmanu, | 


'; oabin patisengera. 

Mr. Vincent J.ini 
Mr. J. .r. Hagen, j 

Mr. J. F. K. Jahnke, I 
J. Feldentroff, 
Maria Magdelena EaHh, 
JohaiineH Ceyfert, 
Barbara C'eyfert, daughter, 
EliBalwth Ceyfert, daughter 
NicholuH Ceyftrt, son, 
Lorent/ Ceyfert, son, 
Helena Biichanner, wife. 
Anna E. Qniek, wife, 
Martha Qnicic, daughter, 
Anna Catliarlna Quick, daugli 
Johann Nitrolax Hartzel, 
Phillj) Schmit, 
Peter Srhmit. son, 
Philip Schmit, son. 

Jonathan Eosh. 
Christian Wiirfel, 
Blisabt-th Ceyfert, wife. 
Johannes Ceyfert, son, 
Eve Ceyfert. <laiighter, 
Johannes Ceyfert, son, 
Johann F. Biichanner. 
Jobnn Quick, 
Georee Quicic. son, 

Johann George Hartzel, son 
Elisabeth Schmit, wife, 
Catharina Schmit. daughter 
Jacob Schinit, eon. 



[JV«me, age, place of birth. oKi-iipatioit, height, volar of hair.] 
J. Kirn, wife, 2 child., 39, Wirtemberg. Mticksmtth, G^ft.. ilark 

<■- ReicharU. wife. 37, AHlihorK-. funnier, SJ ft., dark brown. 
iMwin WeixH. wire. 1 ciiilil, 30, Viiiliiii(,'t'ii, butcher. 5} ft., dark 

John Winter, wife, 48, Valhintfen, weaver, ^ ft. , ilark browti. 
Israel Bader, wifn, 3 cliiUl. 27, Olierhansfii, wfjiver, « ft.. 

(lurk brown. 
CastM^r Humel, wife, 4 child., 3(1. Elirineuii, dietiller, ft., dark 

John t^hertler, wife, 3 eliild., -M, Miirkgniningen, fanner, 6 ft,, 

Jacob H«nKenhof«r, wifi-, 3 oliild., :t4, Shondorf, fiirmer, ft., 

Miclmel Conradt, wife, "nhild. , 50, liiidwii(Bl>tirg, weiiver ami 

Hilk-dyer, f t , lirown, 
David Ruckeiibroitt, wife, Sohild. , ^0, MnlinBlieitn, weavir. 'i^ 

rt. . flaxen. 
Henry Letu, wife. 4 child., 4:t, lli-iilelMtiar^h, furnier. Tit ft., ((ark 

Williiim (xeiBenndorftT, wife, 1 .■hild, 24, StiittKard. iiiiiaictiin. 

(ifl.. flaxen. 
Fredi-rick Eniliani. wife, I ehild, ;«, Miiliriiigen, tayliir, U fr., 

Cjiurk'p. Kuhnle, wife, 1 sun, 01, EgeniuiiiHen, h'^oineter, .ti ft., 

dark brown. 
Oimral Oralienstein, wife, 4 uliild., r,:,. Wallheim, fanner. « 

ft., dark brown. 
f^liriHIoph Kptiiig. wife. 1 c;hild, r>, Bissinghelm, ami 

hrewer, ft , llaxen. 
Godfrey Villluifer, wife, 'JT, Henin„-hcim, soap-lioMer, .ij ft., 

flu \ en. 
William HartHtein, wife, 3 child., 40, Unteriiaiisen, rtlon.-- 

cmtter, SJ ft., dark brown. 
(ieorge Leiij^e. wife, :l chil.l., inotiier-iii-law, :10, Elininfceii. 

farmer, .11 ft., hlaek. 
Gotlieb Kai»er, wife, 1 c.hilit, iio, Iteilslein, menihant. .'ij ft.. 

dark brown. 
Jiieob Eheinan, wife, r, child., W, Hhornlmch, farmer, ft,, 


David Humet. wife. 7 child. , 43, Ehningen, tolmcco-boi maker, 

6 ft. , dark brown. I 

Pet«r Httfelin. wife, 1 child. 34, Nordheim. Khoeinaker. 5J ft.. 

red brown. 
Ja«ob Hwrinun, C cliiid. , 44, Cienkeiigen, farmer, 5J ft. , lilnek. 
M&rtiii Hermau. 8 child. . 48, 4eDkenf;en, shoumaker. Oft., dark 

fteorne ItiirKhard, wife, Tcliil<1. , 1 inaiil servant, 43, Oheraichen 

farmer. 5Wt., yellow brown. 
George Kieiw, wife, 5 child.. S9, Mohringen, farmer, ,')^ ft., dark 

ChriMlian Riesh, wife. 3 child. . 3l. Heiiiierdingen, phoemaker, 

iij ft. , brown, 
Joshua Vaihinger, wife. 7 child., .59, Feldbach, farmer, tl ft., 

Frederick Gross, wife, 6 child., 40, Oberalchen, farmer, ft., 

Chrlstuph Mohl, wife, 3 child., S8, Phiillingen, farmer, 5^ ft. 

Leonharil Ulmer, wife, 5 child. , 1 maid servant, 40, Muhringen, 
farmer, uj ft., black, 

George Hieehteler, wife, 5 child.. 4i, Griin«nbach. stocking- 
weaver. ■', tt, , black. 

Leontmrd Staiger, wife, 4 child. , 1 maidservant, BB. Miihrinifen, 
weaver, Ji ft., black. 

Thomas Ulmer, wife, 1 child, 08, Mohringen, shoemaker, !> ft., 

George Bertsh, wife, 5 child., 4,'i, Unterliaiixen. cooper, 5* ft., 

George WuU. wife, 1 child, 36. Miihringen. fariiD'r, (i ft. , black, 
William Klernuindt, wife, 41, Cairo, farmer, 5 ft., browu. 
Uichael Kuhl, wife, mother, sister. 4 child., 44, Museberg. 

fartner, 6 ft., .lark brown, 
George KepixUer, wife, 4 child., 5-5, Pfniliiigen, farmer, ^ ft,, 

Frederick Wolfer, wife, H child., 30, Mnrkgniningen, farmer, 

.-,i(l., brawn. 
Jacob Liiliinh, wife. 1 child, 35, Rielingshausen, farmer. 5 ft.. 

Jacob Hohensteir., wife, 3."), Lowehausen, miller, 6 ft,, brown. 
John d« Young, :!0, Medembleck, military oPIcer, 6fl,, light 

Dederich Heyilorn, IB, Pyrmont, printer, SI ft., brown, 
Frederick Siroh, 33. Sachsenheiin, taylor, 5ft,, flaxen. 
ChriBtoph Sholl, 33, Graben. (aylor. 5 ft., flaxen. 
Michael BiisBler, 31, Strempfelbach, farmer, G ft., dark brown. 


J. Jacob Gelger, 54, BisBingen, carpenter, 6 fl., ilftrk brown. 
Frederick HenoiDger, 29, Ludwigsburg, stone-cutter, 6J (t., 

dark brown. 
Frederick Friz, 18, RielingahaiiBen, weaver, S ft., dark brown. 
J. O. Hausbiirg, 36, Halle. etocklciK- weaver, mt , brown. 
Ernitt LewiH CJaier, 34, MarkgriinJngen, iihepberd, (1 ft., brown, 
Duniel THppel, 81, Markgroningeu, bu teller, SJ ft., dark brown. 
Daniel Brenner, Vi, Beiitelsjiacli. fanner, ii ft., dark brown. 
LewitiC4ruiH, 8, Heilbrunn, clerk, 4 ft., fln\en. 
Leu-is Kiirkbard. 21. Lndwigebur^ weaver. Oft., flaxen. 
Jacob Heuk, 31, Enzwelbengen. enri>enler, Ti} ft., flaxen. 
C. Adam Beh, 18. LudwiK^burg, taylor, .'>Jft., flaxen. 
Frederic Joos, B, LadwigHburg. rope-maker, -"itt., yellow. 
a-i. Oodlob Zimmerman, 23, Ludwigsburg, Bhoemaker, .'i ft,, 

ii. Frederic Buolihalter, 20, Ijiidwignbnrg, baker, BJ ft. , brown. 
J. Frederip Schiifer, B-l, Shornlwch, weaver. 6 ft, , flaxen. 
J. (ieorge Kui%, 20, OrodwwhlMii'li. cooper, Sft. blaek. 
<1. Ailain Tref/,, 10, QroMija-ihliach. baker, ■lift., brown. 
John Klein, 24, Westhof. architect, .'ij ft., flaxen, 
ffottllel) Lillich. 20, RielingBbaiiKen, weaver, .IJ ft., yellow, 
.f. (loiiliel) (iiitz, 30, UroMwacliHeiilieim, glaxs-maker, 5J ft., 

brown. • 

PhriHtian Ernst, 22, FelllMVcli, farinir, .IJ ft., black, 
.lobn Heiiii, 34. Muhringen, weaver, Ti} ft., yellosv. 
Jacob HofineiMter, 21, Fellbach, farmer, ft, , black. 
J. Michael RleHcli, 24, Heim^nlingeii, raruier, ft., black. 
(\ Godfrey Phiiler, Ludwigsbllrg. turner, BJ ft., brown. 
Felix Trnmpeler. HO, Braanau, clerk, Si ft., grey. 
Aniiiii Mi'./el, 18, Hamburg, book-l>inder, nk ft., brown. 
Jmlii Hair Levy, 16, Kreu/naeb. rlerk, .IJ ft., flaxen. 
Kt^ginii Shollinii, 48, Snaitb, 4^ ft,, black. 
("atliariiie Kiiimerinn. 40, Miihringeu, •'i fl., black. 
Charlotte Nunferlnn, 34, Mflhrineon, .lift., brown. 
KbVabelli Shwliglerinn, .^0, (TcrbardHtadten, ."> ft., black. 
Fri-derika Dobelmann, 20 Lndwigslmrg, 4j ft., dark brown, 
fjoillleb Helm, 37. Mobringen, weaver. r,i ft,, yellow. 
Anna Maria .VrmHtrong. 38, WottenborK. .1 ft., flaxen, 
Mary Armstrong, 13. (+ottenborg. 4 ft., flaxen, 
Williiiiii Vanderveen. 20, Brenkeleri, Holland, doctor, 4)ft-_. 

T.'liiaH .lacol) Ezechiel 18, Ametenlain, Holland, 4J ft., hTot^'ji 

Joliii Lehle, 13, MarkgrTmingen. butcher, «ft,, black. 

n.ivid Jung, 24, M.llirlngen. joiner, fi fl. , flaxen. 

David Willliigei- and wife, 37, BeninKlielm, Hoap-boller, .'i ft., 


John ArmliniKt, wife, 3 child. , 38, Benoeen. school master, <1 ft. 

Widow Burkhanl, 3 child. , SO, Orowuiohiien, fl ft. , black. 

Name. Age. 

Henry Zeack, drowned, 48 

Mariu Zenckuui 46 

J. J. Zenck, 18 

John Zenck 14 

Anna Elis. Zenck, . 10 

Margftret Zenck '. . . . 5 

Eliz. Opingeii, 40 

CuspBir Larbttr, 36 

Gertrude Larber, 32 

J*'!"" !»' twfn.. 

J^arber IJ' 

Helchlor Larl)«r, 28 

Elisabeth I-arber, ... 37 

Frederick WilhauMn 315 

Anna Ma rg. Wilhauiien K 

Henry W. Wilhannen 19 

(DeorKe F. Wilhausen 16 

Marg. Charloii ^Vilhauwn 12 

John Christ. Wilhau«eii 10 

William WiilmiiMn, 6 

Caroline Wilhausen, 4 

Wiihausen, dead 1 

John ChriBl. Kiinnner, 33 

Dorothy Eli!", Kumnier 38 

John «'eo. Ktiinmer 1(1 

Sauil. Will. Kumicer. 13 

John F. Kuiiinier, 4 

John I>an. Knnimer. 81 

Charlotte Knminer. 35 

Hannah M. Knnimer, 18 

Henry Knenwlnig 44 

Anna EH/,. F. KiiensIinK :W 

J. C. <;harles Knessliiifi; 11 

Freilerica KnesBliiiK 8 


Name. Agt. 

KneKsllDg, (lead, 1 

Henry yroteyalin 83 

SopliiBtiroteyahii 38 

Grotpyalin ^ 3 

.Incol) Hartman 86 

MaHa E Hartman, 81 

Peter Hartman 7 

Calh. Hartman, . , 5 

J no. Oeorge Hartman, 3 

Eliza Hartman t 

Ciitli. Petrien 30 

Wlllifilmina Leitert 4 

.T. C. F. Leitert dead. 

Carolina l.eitert dead. 

Leitert, dead. 

Leitert, dead. 

Jacob Adam 

John P. Btauss dead. 

Eli/.. Btanssen dead. 

Johunnen Zotte 26 

Cathariiii' A. Zotte, 2fi 

Henry Zotte, 4 

William Zotte 3 

Peter Zielter, 44 

HimiiiLlt Elia Ziokeren 40 

Henry Zioker, 18 

(Intherine Zicker 7 

Henry Koiillianer 83 

Catl>. Kii/. Kolilhaner 27 

Eli;^. Heeker. 48 

Jolin Kohllianer, 6 

Peter Kolilliauer, 3 

Catherine Lotsen .M 

Peter Henry LotBen 24 

Annettci LotHen, 16 

John JoNt Goldman, 2« 

Eli/.. Goldman 26 

Sopliia Goldman, \ -"W 

Goldman 1 

Pi'ter Zeshek 34 

Ho|iliia Zexlieken 86 

MarRnret Zesheken 14 

.Taeol> KesKler 88 

John F. Lot/, dead. 

Philipjiina Keesler, 81 


Name. Age. 

Anna M. Lotzen, 36 

Phillip Kes»l«T 8 

John F. I-otz 4 

MftriftC. Koiuley ■ ■ . . 80 

Anna E. Koudey U 

Joh. Q-eo. Kouiiey, 7 

Koudey, 11 mos. 

GaroIlDH. HeUlei 3« 

Felii H. Heldeo 20 

Conrad Heldt, ilrowneii, ... 17 

John P Hehit 2 

Christ. Hahn « 

Snsaunah Folkin 45 

HannWllh. Hahn 15 

Peter Deisel 37 

Catharine Deine), 19 

Christian PfalT 30 

Caterina PfatT 32 

Cath. Ptaff, dewl IJ 

Anna M. Ffaff, 13 

Cath. EliB. PfafT 6 

HeQry I'faff, 5 

John Kohlhaiier, 37 

Mar. Cath. Kohlhaucr, 30 

Anna EIlc. Kohlliauer , 7 

Peter Kohlhauer, 5 

Conrad Kohlnauer 3 

J. G. Weil. 37 

Anna M. Weil 31 

Juliana Bohenner 23 

William Weil 8 

Maria Cath. Weil H 

Cath EliH. Weil 3 

Johann B. E. Shnhnian, dead. 

AnnaCnth. Shuhman 84 

Christ. Shnhman. 

Christina Shiihuian fl 

Henry Drolnbach, 43 

Christina Drolshach 41 

C. A. Salliein 4« 

Drolxliach. 12 

Drolshauh 8 


DrolhlMich 4 

DroUbach, dead. 1 


Namt. Age. 

Maria, Elis. flreiBP, W 

Aniiu M, Greiwt 16 

Cttt.liorliin rirleSH, U 

JoBt Mnllisr, 48 

Aiiiiik Mftrg. Mull^r .' 39 

John MiiUer, 18 

Jonas Miiller 17 

Cath. KliM. Miill^r, IS 

Sophia MiiUer, 13 

Ja<!oI> MiillKr, . 11 

John P. Schneider 89 

Pett^rSclinfiaer U 

Liidwig Schneider, 7 

John S. Fnchrt. 45 

Ann» E. Fiiohen, 48 

JoHt FhoIis. 20 

J. Henry PiichH. 1» 

J, (J. Fiichs IS 

Kli/- FhcIis, 13 

John Fiinhc 10 

Oftlharine FnohK S 

Simon PiichH :( 

ronratl Selp 39 

Miiritt E. Swipen, 38 

MAriii i^. UreBKniun <l?a(l. 

Anna EHk Selp. 7 

John Help. 4 

l'«ter Ueinhard, 44 

Kli/. Itfinharilen, iloml. 

PelcrReniliard 28 

Anini. KIJH. Reinlian], I« 

Oi'urjfe Henry Keinhanl IB 

Anna Ueinhard IS 

Joliii H<)fTnian, 47 

Bnsiinna HolTman, 41 

Coiiriid HofTnian, 17 

John Hoffman IS 

H.inry Honfman. 10 

Annii,Cath. Hoffman, ' 

Anna Maria Hoffniai 3 

Jolin Henry Slalil, dwwi. 

Maria \L Mtahl, 30 

John Slahl - 

yinhl <leaU. 

Stall! dead. 


Name. Atje. 

Jotaa Henry Conrad, 27 

Magd&leiia Conrud, 28 

Conrad ^ 

Peter Fruutz, 44 

Chrjatiaii Ncwart, 3» 

M. C. Newarleii, . 35 

Newart, dead U 

John Henry Schmidt "ia 

Anna Bliz. Schmidt « 

Antlioiiy Schmidt, drowned, 19 

Ludwif; Schmidt, IT 

John Schmidt. 13 

Oatli. Schmidt, 11 

J. Uartiii Bchiuidt, 6 

Cas[>er Hfipel, — 

CliriRtiiia Heijiel, <l(!ail. 

Heipel, — 

H«ipel — 

Conrad Frenrit, , . 40 

Dorothy Frendt, 38 

Carolina Frantzen 37 

J. O^orge Frendt IS 

Conrad l-'rendt 11 

Friendr, 1 

John Otteherdendorp, 40 

Eliza Ottehurdendorp — 

Conroil Otteherdendorp d 

Conrad Bticker 30 

ElU. I^nip. — 

Daniel Meyer, 28 

Daniel Neieman 28 

Anna VMl. Netz, 14 

Adam Netz 11 

John Christ. Knlp, 82 

Wilhelmiiin Knlp. dead. 

ChriHtian Lechner, dead, 30 

Anna M. I.ecliner, 30 

Henry Bonhm, 28 

Anna E, Hochm, — 

SIcholas Schneider, 3S 

Anna M. Schneider 28 

Jacob Schneider . . fl 

Schneider, dead, S 

40-VOL. XVII. 


Name. Pni/t. 

Sctineider, defwl, I 

Jiicoli Kliinlwiii, 29 

Hmiry CliurltiH U<-k>i 34 

Julin IMiilip Klot/.. ... 24 

GiiMtuvuaUiirch 34 

Frwilericii Burctii^ii 30 

GliriHtiuii NuHMter. 30 

Vincent Scti(uentrub«i- 30 

YoriRk Wagitner , «8 

Jacob Wftipmer . . , , a-i 

John Wolilleel, 28 

John ChriBt. Seitler 30 

John Heriti. Kreuin, 38 

Helnrich Dohnnaii tIe&iL 

Ht>nrioh Ganther 28 

Alexander Levi 27 

lieiipolil Abraliaiii. 28 

Jacob Himiiielmtin, 40 

Ja(rob IjeK"*"". 3* 

John \al. Boiler, 20 

SuBiiian HfrlK, 23 

John Jo8t. Harns, 30 

John Chriat. Zi«sp 33 

Samuel W«>ib«l, U 

Frederick Mcrich 2S 

John GeornoBucli 32 

Charles Ph. KrutK 30 

Christ. Aug. Eleimath, dead. 

fleriach Heutgo dead. 

ChurlcH Froderioh Scbmlilt 36 

CaNiNxr Mnller, 2.1 

Freiiericit Welsener, 22 

Hinrieh Walter 43 

Johannes P. Honniw . 19 

(ieorge Vollberth — 

Clirist. Hiena1:>er, — 

Henry Heatherley — 

John Hubbard — 

Timothy Lane - 

Ferdinand Muller, doctor of the Hhip. 


List nv Passrkgkeu Arrived i 


3. imi. 

Name. Country. 

John Prederiuk Gerhani >'ienmii Qerniauy 

John Ludwig Hencke GeriDany. 

John Ohristoplir. MuUer, normally. 

Clirlstiaiitt Sopliia ElfHiiom Miiller, wil.- (ileriiiany. 

John Freilerick Muller. cliilil Qeruany, 

Louis Mullcr, cliikl, Oertiiaiiy. 

Henry Keiser, Germany. 

John Wm. Smith, Gennany. 

Geo. TipiMtuhuuer, PrasHla. 

Joseph Schinider. Germany. 

Preilerick Lubeck, Germany. 

Henry Grobe Oerniany. 

J. Anthony Grohe, Germany. 

Bekari) Muller Germaoj*. 

JohnOuiiter, Germany. 

John Gottlielt Bogener PrasBia. 

Henry Graff . . Prnseia. 

PrantK' Muhllierger, . . Germany. 

Frmlerick LoHchenkohl, Germany. 

John F. FreeBe Denmark. 

John Died. Micliaelid, Germany. 

Lorenz Breitenbaeh, Germany. 

Blisaiieth Breiienbach, wifi-, Gtrniany. 

Peter Breitenbach, ohil<l, Germany. 

William Breitenliach, cliild Germany. 

Henry Breitenliach, child, Germany. 

John Breitenliach, child, Germany. 

Frederick Goeb, Germany. 

Bnist. Fred. KnaufT Germany. 

Abraham Berend Cohpn, Hamburg. 

Christopher Retder, Switzerland. 

Fifther Germany. 

Wheeler Germany. 

Simon Becker, Germany. 

Rudolph Giese, Germany, 

Frederick Gcrkie, Germany. 

Gerkie, wife Germany. 

Gerkie, ohlkl, Germany. 


List of PAasRNaicRK on Boahu thk Schoonkr Antkwjpb, 
Jamhs Uhitrch, Maxtkr, kkdm br. Thomas. Uakuh 4, 

llavid Drylcr, 
Gerhard tjiinoii><, 


- - Miller. 

('. RosHJnbergeii, 
<;. Otiin, 
C Volinerlii, 
(iiK>rg« Koch, 



ClirJHtn. BaiisMet, 
Mary BuusHvt, 

Cllrixtluna Veigiierin, 
Michuel Veignur, 
Duniul Hammn, 
Biirbiii'y Harm en. 
A. Mai'iu Dobleriii. 
Catli. W. Kohlerin, 

John Breigiilng, 
Jnhiiiiiia BreliiiinKi'i', 
Jaeob Keitfler, 
Fieilerick Keitcler. 
Joli Kt>il/.l(tr. 
A. Maria Keitzleiiii, 


K. Foi-klin. 
Kve Forklin. 
(7alh. Wormerii), 
Fred^ricka Lelbharde'T 
J, r. Vander, 
I'elei Ulrioh, 




J. r. Maeritle, 
— - Moerchel, 
MarffTi't Hniiiina, 


Jului BardeHroHiii, 
— — Dingier, 


Buritury ElwanKeriii, 
A. B. Kicker. 


J. Voliiier. 
John Kooh, 


Hmiry BausHet, 
Hniniiuel BauBset, 
Ciitliarina Veigneriii, 
Frederick Veigner, 


Goilfrey Hainiiia. 


Kli/jiheth l>nl)]erin, 
Cathn. Kohleriii, 
.Toltaiia Bruignlng, 
Magiialiii Breiningeii, 
(jliriniiana Breiiningur, 
Ja(!oh KeiUler, 
Jai-ob KeiUler, 
Jolmnna Keitzleriii, 
Frf dei-icka Keitzlerin, 
Maria Forklen, 

Mag. Wormerin. 
Fredericka Leihhardeii, 


B Ott, 





. Kchnf hrer, 

.1, F. Haniia. 

Ann Maria Hainiiia 

Ootifrey HokhU, 


MagdalinA Hosel, Rittsr, 

John Creo. Hoetz, Maria Ritterlii. 

BarUiry Ritterin, Barliary Rittt<rlti, 

Frodk. Ritter, God fry Ritterin, 

Dorotha Ritterin, Jacob F. DeuBflfalin. 

M. Deuaohelin, Scheidler, 

C. P. Deusphlin. Eve Sctieidler. 
Johu Scheidler, 


Damkl Bukwton, Mastkr, prom Amstkkuau. Arrivku 

May 7, 1803. 
GobbK West. Braiico D«ioiiK un<l son, 

Chriatopher NtunliotwHure, George Unyiler. 


LiBHKTv," Captain Sidney H, BuBitnroH, vromAmstur- 
i>AM. Sailkd from thb Tbxki., Ai.'uust4, 1805, Arrivkd 
Oct. 1H, 18a5. 

Name. Native Plitw. 

Mr. Hasseler Arau. 

Hrs. Haiwelur Arati. 

Magdaluiia Gyniii, servant Aran. 

Mr. Zoller Emend in gi^n. 

Mr. MuMlin, Bern. 

Mr. Chaillef Murteii. 

Mr. Tachifr«ly Bern. 

David Fr^d Y»i-bifTftly Bern. 

Mr. NenhaiiH, ' . . Gain. 

Mr da Uoste Lyon. 

Mr. Blanohard, Chaiul>ot>{. 

Ma<]aine <iex, Vevey. 

Anthon, Gex, scm, Vevev. 

Mr. Obnunieiir I'jauaann*-. 

Mr. Albert Lansanne. 

Mrs. Albert, LauBanne. 


Name. Native Pln-!f. 

Mr. Marcel, LauAanne. 

Mrs. Murnel, L&uxanne. 

Mr. Uii^H I>eltlii|r«n. 

Mrs. RiHHiind S KiiTiK. Daitingen. 

Mr. UoBtely Bern. 

Mra. Gostuly B«rn. 

Mr. TlioinAU, HoIlHteiii. 

Mrs. Tlioman Hollstein. 

Mr. Voghly, Pratteu. 

Mr«. VoKhly, Prattnu. 

Mr Dri-y-r, Bwrn. 

Resina Dreyer, liiAdaii., 'i kciiji>, Barn.. 

Mr. Scliiiuh, SuminJHwalil. 

Mth. Sclinuh SuiuiniswaUl. 

Hr. Miindweylur, ..... Diiiitckeii. 

Mr. Wire, Gulterkiniieii 

Mrs. Win Gelterklnden. 

Mr. Zlegler I'litllranseiii. 

Mrs. Ziegler, riit.iruiiB»,iii. 

Mr. HiithtT, lli-*|.!Uiigen. 

Mrs. SiitliBr, 9Bons Hi-iill iifteii. 

Joll. Jifiiny l>icKt«>i< 

Mm. Juiiny DieBtPii. 

Mth. Jenny l>ifgtel>. 

Mr. Hohwyzee, TjauKi^n. 

Jai-ob Jenny, Oelterklnilen, 

Mrs. Jwnny Geltorkindt-n. 

Mr. IinliofT, Arintorg. 

Mr. Ziirlii Bjo))flinK«i>. 

Mrn. Ziirli: DJepfliDgen. 

Mr. (iemter Gelterkiiidi'ii. 

Mrw. (ierster Gelterkind^ri. 

Mr. GraffHlin, HollHtt-ni. 

MrK. GrafTBlin, HollNteni. 

Mr, Preyvonel GBlt('rkinil*-ti. 

Mr Mu({ Uiesach. 

Mrf. Mug. Sieiutoh. 

Mr. Oerlier . Zunsn^ii. 

Mrn. Gfrber, 3 ni>ns, I dan . . ZiinH(^iJ. 

Mr. Schaiili Miitteaa. 

Mr. Hury Oelt«rkin<lHi 

Mr. WeiiiT, ... Ormanliniff 

Mr. Frey, .... BjeHacli. 

Mrs. Frny, 3 ndiih, Si.fwinh. 

Mr Hirhii Oelterktnd. 


Naint. Native Place. 

Mr. Uaiidechin. Rykenbach. 

Mr. BosMi'd, HerriBBftn. 

Mr. Frickert, Gelterkinden, 

Mr. Kinily, LeonI>erg. 

Mr. Bauinan, Meni-naD. 

Mr. Winckelblech ■ ■ ■ Uanel. 

Mr. Martin Lisatal. 

Mrs. Martin, 3 sciiis, ,1 dan . . Liestal. 

Mr. Leivnwonn .... Berlin. 

Mr. Col mar, Brestenberg. 

Mr. Rubin. Than. 

Mr. Schmidt Arau. 

Mr. Bunot, Ht-rri8san. 

Mr. Lippoldt, Durnbarg. 

Mr. Dalmazo Turin. 

Doctor Daller, LanBanoe. 

Mr. Salatbe Sellesberg. 

Mr Scliwukeri Baknau. 

Mr. Luthi, Langnan. 

Mr. Kinot Peit. 

Mr. Kulin DegAnbeim. 

Mr. HanhanU, Pfeffloken. 

Mr. Niebans, Born. 

Sinffie Oirln withmU I'areiih . 

Catharinu Waohter Botzberg. 

Susanna Fluba<:ber Latnpenburg. 

Mary Derghard, Amsterdam. 

BH the flait',,:-. 

Peter Halbont, OnernBey, Eng. 

Jamea Vi\ent, , . 'iuernsey, Eng, 

WUIiani Braun United Statue. 

List ok- Passrn(}brs os Board the Bhip Maroarut. Ed- 

[Jfame, ocnipation and age — all natives uf Wurlemberg, Ger- 
many. ] 

Jacob Geyger, farmer, 36 

Blizabetb Goygor, .... 84 

J. A. Libraiit, farmer, 39 


Rouina J.ibrant M 

AndreaH Librant 18 

Prmleriea Librant 9 

Ludwio Librant, « 

Jacob Librant 3 

Edward Librant, 3 in on. 

Soluinon Wolf, fHriiier, . . , . 35 

Elimbeth Wolf. 80 

Geortte Wolf, 9 

.Toliuiines Wolf, 8 

Masattltina Wolf Ij 

Solomon Woir. i 

Mifliaul Libely, fariui'r 43 

Maria Libely « 

Michael Libely IB 

JuKeph Libely, 17 

Christian Libely, 8 

Maria Libely S 

Louisa Libely 3 

Ciisjier Byreil, farmer. 3B 

Roi4lnn Byred, 3S 

Frederick Byred, 18 

Gotlob Byred ^ 

Joliannes Byred J 

Ji)Ht?|ih Geyger, fartii«>r 3l 

Anna Geyger 30 

Martftirut BeRtiiiK, servant maid 17 

Jobaiin Benablt), ehoemaktir, W 

KeKiiia a«<nalile 32 

Frederick Sellable, J 

Jolian O. Specht, vim?- (garden or, , 44 

Margaret Speclit it 

K. Margart Speelit, . . 30 

Catharine Specht, 18 

Gotlieh Specht, . . 16 

David Sppcht, i3 

Abraham Specht, a 

Michael Binenger, bouse- cnrt)«>nr>'r (i7 

Siibina Binenger 55 

Anna Maria Binenger, M 

Fn^liTikft Binenger, M 

Sabina Binenger 18 

Adam Librant, Moiie-iiianon I» 

Paul Frank, farnior, W 

. Barbara Frank, • 43^ 

Regiua Barbara Prank I8S 


John George Frank, 13 

Fredftrica FrHiik 5 

Avelliurt Frank, 8 

Fronica Frank 2 

ChriHtina frunk i 

George Mjlli-r, butcher, SS 

Frederick Miller, eervant boy 18 

Georgo F. Fmnk, farmer, 45 

Margaret Frank 88 

Feronica Frank, 13 

Christian Frank 10 

G. Frederick Frank, 6 

Eli»beth Frank 8^ 

Christianna Frank, 2 

Jacob Lible, fanner, .... 26 

Christina Lible, 21 

Johannes Lilile 2 

Christiipli Bower, /arnipr 85 

ChriHiianna Bower, 38 

Johann Ludwig Bower, 

Chrieti nil Bower, . . 8 

Joliann Georgo Schillinger, farmer, 82 

Uaria Barbara Schillinger 38 

Eli7*betli Schillinger 5 

Johannes Schillinger 3 

Jacob Springier, farmer, 88 

Agne» Springier, 88 

Barbara Springier, 41 

Oodfrieti BprinBler 18 

David Springier 10 

Jacob Springier _ 7 

Barbara Springier, 

Godliep Springier, "born on boaril." 

Catharine Sniper, servant maid, 18 

George Schainliacher, farmer, . 36 

Margaret Sohambacher 85 

Jacob Schauibacher , 12 

John (ieorgo Schambaoher, 10 

Uargaret Scliainbacher, 8 

Johannes Sohambacher 3 

Catharine Scltainbacher, 2 

Christian Zerwick, butcher 20 

George F. Wagner, blacksmith 35 

Hagdalena Wagner, ... 27 

Johanna Catharine Wagner, 8^ 

David Wagner, 1 


George Wolfley, l)utcher, 16 

Abraham Biser, cooi>er, 4'i 

Christianna Biser, 45 

Abraham Biser, 18 

Gotlib Biser, 17 

Christianna Biser, 15 

Augusta Biser, 12 

Gotfried Biser, 10 

Carolina Biser, 8 

Johann Biser 8^ 

Prederica Biser, 3 

Johannes Rap, farmer 35 

Maria Catliarine Rap 23 

Johannes Rap 5 

Maria Julianna Rap 3 

Anna Moss, gentlewoman, 35 

Frederick Tapilots, baker, 35 

Mathew See MuUer, taylor, 34 

Magdalena Muller, 38 

Elizabeth Muller, 11 

Henrica Muller 3i 

Gotlob Mulier, 1 

Sarah Muller, "born on bo/ml." 

Joseph Spiece, taylor 34 

Elizabeth Spiece :J8 

Jacob Amand, farmer, 44 

Ma^dalina Amand, ... 3J 

Johannes Killinger, weaver, 24 

Anna Maria Killinger, 28 

Anna Catharine Killinger, 17 

Johann Frederick Killinger, 1 

Go.lfrey Rich, farmer, 31 

Johannes Weidman, vine-dresser, 43 

Barbara Weitlman, 43 

Leonhard Weidman, 13 

Johannes Weidman, 3 

Johannes Bidle, vine-dresser, 42 

Anna Maria Bidle, ."M) 

Johannes Bidle, 11) 

Johann Scolder, butcher, 45 

Christianna Sceider, 45 

Charles Sceider, 14 

John Fred. Sceider 12J 

John Gotlief) Sceider 11 

Christ iiin Sceider, 3 

Malchia Crener, farmer, 32 


Roslna Crf ner 20 

Elizabeth Creuer, 1 

Jobiuin ti. Bohruntz, t<iyl<<r , (10 

Charlottn Schnintz, 45 

David Sttilmrt M 

Eliitabeth Selhart 21 

Catharine Belliart. 3^ 

Gwlfrey Haj;» Selhart, "boriioii boaril." 

Jacoli Voley, bak«r, 42 

Jacob Voley, 17 

Jolianii K»rtz, taylor AH 

Barbara Kortz, 34 

Barlmra Kortz 9 

Johaniiei' Kortz, ."i 

Jacob Kortz, a 

«o:'.fri»-.l Beftiir, weaver 35 

Anna Maria Beiiiir, inid-wiff, 31) 

Christoiih Bfaiir, 12 

Johaiiiie.i Beaur, 7 

David Beaur ^ 

Maria Beaur, 3 

Jacob Libi^bti, ghoeinaker .... sn 

Johanu EikeholT. HtoMeinaw.ii, 23 

David Eikehoir. stone itiasoti 20 

Johan Beaur, farmer 43 

Elizabeth Beaur 39 

Johan Ueorge Beaur, 10 

John Jacob Beaur. 7 

Anna Barbara Beaur, j 

Adam Veriiin, farmer 56 

Louibtt Vernin 53 

Annna Maria V.-niin. 18 

Uargaret Vfrnin, 18 

Daniel Vernin, 15 

George Riehenbred, weavir, 44 

Hagdatene Riehenbred 38 

Oeorge Riehenbred 14 

JuhanneM RichenbnK), 4 

Leonard Miohler, weaver, 27 

George M. Fagaler, goldsniitl 311 

RoHiiia Fn^aler, 31 

Wilhelmina Fagaler 12 

Hendrick Fagaler ; 10 

GotliebFagaler 8 

Johann Fagaler 

Loiiix Fagaler, 3i 



Jefferson Fagaler, ** born on board. " 

Jacob Dinj^ler, taylor, 30 

Louisa Dingier, 42 

Frederica Dingier, 

George Hinden, cooper, 35 

Anna Hinden, 32 

Gotlieb Wevor, stone mason, 38 

Catharine Wevor, 35 

Dorothy Wevor, 3^ 

Johann George Mose, weaver, 18 

Johaun Abale, blacksmith, 17 

Thomas Siler, farmer 24 

Barbara Siler, maid, 18 

Johaun Wolmer, baker, 36 

Phihp Simon, barber, 18 

Johanun Lise, vine-dresser, 22 

Catharine , 42 

Christina, her daughter, servants , 12 

Johan F. Wise, taylor, 30 

Frederick Schible, clerk 2l 

Abraham Bundle, farmer, 43 

Julianna Bundle, 40 

Johan Bundle, 13 

Jacob Bundle, 9 

Henrica Bundle, 4 

Catharine Bundle, 1 

Johann Weidman, jwtter, 53 

Michael Weidman, 21 

Johann Weidman, 19 

Anna Maria Bchohen, servant maid, 20 

Johannes Meyer, carpenter, 24 

Johann jNumer, farmer, 20 

Johan (f. Bentz, shoemaker, 47 

Elizabeth Bentz, . 40 

Catharine Bentz, 18 

Jacob Bentz, 13 

John Bentz, 7 

A Uf^nst Armfelt, apothecary, .... 31 

Joli. Lousey, butcher, 29 

Louis Linder, mill-wright, 21 

Adolph Stroup, clerk, 21 

Jolian Ried, silversmith, 21 

Jacob May, stone mason, 30 

Emanuel May, srone unison, *2 

H end rick Lindler, farmer, 30 

A una Lindler, 10 


Johanneti Lindler 13 

Aniiu Ijiiidler 11 

Josepli AltiiB, tUxtiller, 20 

Elizabeth Alhio, 38 

P. F. GraH. luercliant 35 

Edward Kllnitinitti, etuuo iiiaMiti IT 

George Ijeveren. faniifr, 28 

F. P. G. Doblenar, KoMemith, 33 

William Conolly, from Irt-lund, weaver, 30 

Nancy Conolly, from Irelaii<l 34 

Passrkqkrs i« Ship Vkhskt, Capt. Ki.irha Kixn, from 

Ahstkrdam. Sept. 3, 1803. 

IName, place of birth and age.'] 

Johan AiigiiRtln, Oi^mhoffen, !W 

Phillipiiie Au|j;iiiitin Jahnluu, Feltzkirchen, 43 

Henri Hecker, HoeHten M 

Gottlieb Joban TJchlenecker, Frankfurtb, 80 

Fr(;<ieripka Liclitenecker, Hanati, . 30 

Philip Hock. Rendel 29 

Jacob Aiill, DuHoeidorfr 13 

JohaD Everich, DillRUUi. Iseenbarg 30 

Anna Maria Aebtzebterin Gvericb, Dillxnin. lesenburg, 34 

JoMtpli Ba<len, Kbel:: Bieotl>aeb »3 

Anna Maria Kadtn, Haren Wttstplinlen 39 

Frie<lrj<;k Baden, Khein Breotl>Hch, H 

Jolian Friderick Herliuger. Btargard, 83 

Frederlka Hertinger, Startcnrd, 23 

Oharlote Herliiiger, AmBterilam 8 days. 

.Tohannes Kiinig. Feldbaoh, 30 

Chrintlna Freileriuka Wesener KimlR, Feldliaoh, 31 

Heinricti HettinijBr, Rheinenk, 44 

Catharina Hettinger, Betigheini 8« 

Heinric)) Hettinger. Betigbeim ... Ul 

Lorenz Hettinger, Betlgheim 13 

Christina Eva HettinRer, Betighejm. 11 

Bernhard Ilettinger, Betigbeim 8 

Hutbias Hettinger. BetiBheim 6 

Gottlieb Heninger. T.ndwiifxbnrg 35 

Peter Hilderlmndt, Hardebaufen, 32 

Elisabeth Hlldebrandt, Muneter 19 


JohaiieBWint«rrii.!l, ... „ , f ■ ■ ■ « 

Maria van DerliiidenWinterradl, I Miegeaaraf- i , 39 

Phillip Winterrudt. «cl.ftft PWU J . . . jg 

Johaiim-M Winterrftrtt. j Hafenutem. [ . . . 9 

Conroil Kruguli, Mandetehoiiii 40 

Joliaiiiies Jans8«n. Bmerich, 38 

Joliaiiu JaiiHDei), Einerioh, 40 

Julianer JaiiHtwn, Biiierlch !3 

JoliHiif r lieriihard Sittgemann, SiLiidelirck, 24 

Elizabeth BiKgomann, Sandebeck Sfl 

Elii>abeth BieKeiiianii, I'averborn I 

David Hiuiu, Uroua Hebbacti, 50 

Maria MuKdeleiia Haiiii, Oross Hohliarli 08 

Cattiariiia Barbara Hann, Gross, 24 

Joliaiia AugUHta Haiiii, Uroiui Habhai^li 23 

Catbaritia Magdeluna Haiin. Gross H(;hbiii-li IS 

Jolian Gasi)ar Metlie, Rolidra JW 

Anna Bli/abeth Kratu>nber|{firi, ZiiiisIerKbacli. 49 

Anna Maria Kiwilin, Wattroth 88 

Micliat^l Friederich Strasinaky, Elbiiiit Sfl 

Joltaiia Wilheiinina «Jonetanz Btrasin-ky, PreuD Mlndf>ii. 2Q 

Carl StruHliisky, Preim Hiiiduii 10 iiioiitliB. 

Jacob Link. Gross Gothu 24 

Joseph Klohr, Alten Kraiitheiiii 38 

AnilreaHStuhl, Maj-bnch 37 

JnhaiiChriHtoph Miiller, WerderiliaiiKen 44 

Anna Fraii7.iBka Miiller, EaHsel, 38 

Cathariiia Margretha Miillcr, HorK<^isinar 13 

Aiiua ('athrlna Muller, Hofgelsinar 13 

Johiii) Heiiirioli Miiller, Hof({«lainar, 9 

Johaii Martin MuDer, Hofgeisinar S 

Dortilliua Elisabeth Mi)ller, HofKclKiiiar Q 

Jolian Conrad Miiller, HotgeiKinar 4 

Christoph PhiUip M(M«r, Hofnt-ismar. 1 

Jshan Miclmei BrJgel, Hanbt-rsbronii 35 

Maria Rosiria Brlgel. Geiclngen 33 

Johan Georg Brigel, Gfixingen, 8 

Joxeph Brigel. Geisingen, (t 

Anna Catharinn Brigel, Geiiihiffen. 1 

Christoph Priederink Neff, Feldl>ach 33 

Matliew Glanner, Feldbach, 28 

Matheiifl Friederick-Sehmidt, Fddbach, 31 

Jolian Christoph Panll. Ludwifpibnrd, 8S 

Dori'thea Helena Panll. Lndwlgahurg, . . ' ' 8S 

niiarlotn Pauli Lnd wiffsburg, .' IJ 

Matthia Friederlck Maille, Feldbaota, 47 


Cathariiiii Barlwirft Maille, Feldbaeh 00 

Cattiarina fiarbuj'ii Maille, Feldbacli, iS 

Matbias Fr[etlerich Ma.illu, FeMlia<;ti. 32 

Johaner Maillo, Ft>)<lbach, 21 

Ffederirka Uaille, Ffl.llMicIi 19 

WalburgiiMaille, FBldltaeh 13 

Harlu Mui;deleiiii Maille. Fcldbach 13 

Friederich Hauser. Feldbacli, Ul 

Eva Margrtith Khnint^erinn, Htruiiipfulbacb, ....... 31 

ChriiiLma Barbara Seiheraiii, KMniiatli. 34 

Carl Flor, llilderheiiii 18 

Adolpb Har/ttild, Ht^idingBrelilt 28 

Jung Michael Btark, Sclineid, 52 

Michael Stark. Schneid, 19 

Jacob Friederlck Stark, Schneid lH 

Uargretha Stark, Schunld, 12 

Chrbtuph Groil, Uemlngeu 86 

Johane Krehl, Minsbigeii aut der Alp, 38 

Michael Kramer, Rauchingen ^2 

Johaiia Jiickli!, Hoimerdiugen, 23 

Johana Jiiugllug, Marbacb {am Neker), ... 20 

ChriHtiaii Setineider, Stoltzenherg, (Went Preiii^Mf ) 2S 

Priederioh Kotiler, Schweiberlingeii 36 

Joseph Steibel, Frankfurth 24 

Carl Wankel, Fulda, 84 

Phillip JiiKdr, WillofB, 24 

Chrietiaa Kring, Heyger Seelbach, 2T 

Anna Oatharina Krlng, Rotti^nbach ... 24 

Johanes Heinrich Eiohert. Heyger Senlbacli, ....... 27 

JooBt Heinrich Cichart, Heyger SucIInicIi 24 

Jai^ob Bauer, lieningun, 38 

~.Jobaner Winter, Oberraschel, 25 

— Jacob Frey, Otenlmrg ..... 2(1 

David Krauter, Ungebeurliof. 27 

Michof'l Herlein, Feiirljach 45 

Cathariae, hia wife, Feurbanli, 47 

Melgior, hiHBon, Foarbach, 16 

Anna Uargarethe, Ids daughter, Feurlmi-li 24 

Johan Philip, bis son, FeiierbaHi 13 

Oeorne Pliilip, liis son, P'euerltarh II 

Michael Mfiller, Better 33 

Christina, his wife, Detter 38 

Barkardt, liisHon. Detter, .... 5 

Andreas, biB son, Detter 8 

Andreas Kessler, WeiHsenl>Beh, 42 

Margretha, hiu wife, Weisnenbacb, 4S 


Johan Michael, his son, Wiessenbach T 

AniiA Margretha, liis danghter. WuiHsenbtinh tS 

Cathiirina Blinabeth, liia ilaiighter, Weiwwubitch, .... 13 

Dorethua, hie daughter. Wt*it<«n))ach 10 

Marin Catharinu, hia daughter, Wuitisenbacl i 

Margrutlia, hia daughtt^r, Welweiibacii, ... I 

AndrHas Keaslef, hia son, Wciasenbacli, 14 

.tolifin Htephan Diehl, BeikenholT 28 

ElisjLbetli ThomaRin, iiia wiftt, SeikenbotT 23 

Margretha TlioinaHin, BeikenhofT, 28 

Heiarich Becker, Manlieim, 33 

Paul Wolf. Manheim, 30 

Miolm.'! Wolf, hia aon, Manheim i: 

Johaii Heinrich Kring, Heygeraeelliacli, 40 

Eliaabetli. tilH wile, HuygerHeelbach. 30 

Liidwig. his child, HeygerBe«ll>ach, 18 

Anna Maria, hia child. Heygeraeidbach, 10 

(;hrif<liaii, hiH child. HeygerHoelbap.h 8 

Johan Hriiirich, Ida child, Heygeraeellincli S 

Anna Margrel.ha, his Hdld, HeygL'rseell>anli, 4 

Catharina, hiH child, Heygeraeelbuch, inunllia. 

Heinrinh MullAr. JjaugenlMich, 4,^ 

bin wife, lianK*<nhacb 34 

his<'hiM. LftiiKHnljach 2^ 

Joiist Nceb, Marlenbiirg 38 

Cliriat Seel), Mnrienburg 28 

Johariea von Treuiiel, Hoygeraeellmcli. 23 

EliMi)>Krha hiH wife, Huygerseclbar'li, 24 

Christian Mak, Groaw Aapach, 19 

Johnn <ii3orge Mak, Groaa Aapach , 24 

.lacobWirlh, firoaa Aapa<?li, 22 

ilanlcl Wirth, Gross Aspacli IB 

Jacob WUhelui Dpchant, NaaHati Weilburg. . . 32 

G(«)r([ Primivrich Feohting. Walil angel bad i Sfl 

IVter Schmidt. Ober Moliau, 3H 

.Tohan Ruhniiwh, Frankfurth 4.1 

Bnphia Duaing, Hanover, 28 

Ludwig Donath, Richenatrenth, 18 

Ht^inrich Becker, Uanheim, ;B 

Maria Sohnlenberg, LiiwtatU, 23 

nbriatopKnoile). Detisheim, . 24 

Johan < if org Hiioch, Heuningen, Vi 

Rcginn,, hia wile, Henningen 4:t-_ 

nhrislopli Kogel. aon in law, Henningen, 1^^ 

Hnrbani Ri'Mcli. hia ilanghler. Henningen l-"^ 

■Taciib, hia i4un, Henningen S^ 


Anton Ueydrle, Manheim, 26 

Gerhard Miiller, Nassau DlKhlenburg, S8 

LudnifiFriuderich Hageli, Unterttirkhfnii, 20 

J&oob Heker, Bchweiberdingeii, 48 

Elisabetli, liis wife, Sohweiberdln)cen, 48 

Catharina, bis daughter, Schweiberdingfn, 24 

Elisabeth, hi» daughter, Bcbweiberdlnt;<>ii 20 

AnnaUaria, his daughter, Schweiberdi:it;fti, 15 

Conrad, hla SOD, Bohweiberdingen, 12 

Eva Elisnbeth Bauer, Markgriiningen 23 

Jacob Friederich Muller, Vachingen, 24 

Tobias Buhler, Ottlsheim 17 

JuDg Conrad April, Ertenbach, 38 

Eva Catharina, his wife, Ertenbach, 32 

Catharina, his child, Ertenbach, 1 yr 6 months. 

Johan Stephan Weipert, Enzvethingen 19 

George Michael Plesslng, Holinwarth 47 

Anna Margretha, liis wife, Holinwarth, 30 

Anna Maria Catharina. his daughter, Holinwarth, .... 31 

Johana Crtstina, hie daughter, Holinwarth 13 

Haria Ifagdelena, his daughter, Holinwarth, II 

Johan Daniel, his son, Holinwarth 

Johanes Nagel, Durlach 19 

Joseph Steibel, Frankfurth, R 

Conrad Ji'ickle, Heimerdingen, 83 

Maria Bartels, EmtKlen 29 

her child, Embden, 4 

Conrad Vogt, Hessenkassel 34 

Christian I.orenz Allich, Heilbron, 32 

August Fickardt, DellmoU, 27 

Carl Montfort, Zell. 86 

List op htrkraor Passknokili o\ BoAnn thr Ship Thr 
LiTTLB Cherub, Danikl Brkwton Master, Oct., 18. 

Job. Phil. Pogert, wife & two cliildreu, 

Conrad Loorer & his wife, 

Hagdalena Retzln, 

Josnae Beck, 

41— Vol. XVII. 


Carl Otten, 

JohauQ Haefele, wife & three oliildren. 

Christian Kirn, wife ft three chil<lrt*ii, 

Jacob Bkeleberger, . 

Jolian Trumpeter, wife & seven children, 

Jan Hendlc. Rluhter & wife, 

Joseph Biinmering & wife, 

AndreaH Hatter. 

Bernhd. BnhwaKur, 

J. Reinhd. Sahmidt, 

Wilhelm De Cludt, 

Helnrich Fiaoher, 

Wilhelm Roth, 

Ludwig Snhaber, 

Prlederioh Flugfelder, 

Abr. Bedlnger. 

Helnr. Wies, wife & daughter, 

Henery Frind, 

J^ewie Qiierae, 

Joseph RitBokky, wife & two children, 

Joh«n Abt, wife & one child, 

Helnr. Abt, wife & two BonH, 

Heinr. Abt. wife. 4 daughters & 3 sons, 

Ohristoph Hortel, wife and child, 

George Loorer, wife & child, 

Bngelhd, Aunderich, wife & 2 children, 

Ernst Preundt, wife & child, 

George Adam Dies, 

Widow Werle & two sonH. 

Wendel Fitas, wile & 4 children, 

Thomas Kegel & Hon, 

Priedr. Klein, 

Hein. Donias, 

tgnaz Diebold, 

Christian Thoina, 

Samuel Martin, 

Friedr. Weiland & his wife, 

Sehart Himmelsbaoher, 

Johann Millloh, 

J. A. Morian. 


List of Passenoers on Board tiir Ship Fair Auerjcak, 
Jesse Fralrv, Master, frou Ahstehdau to Philadel- 
phia. Oct. 26, 180B. 

Fredk. Hensiag, 
Tobias Sllber, 
J&oob Dor wart h. 
Conrad Hafanlen. 
Ebertiari] Et>erHchwein, 
Hathiaa Trauiwein, 
Geo. Wagner, 
Gotlb. Klett, 
Pet«r Flach, 
Bttin). Etter, 
Godfrey ReiBch, 
Chrfst. Kamaiiii, 
Matthias Speidel, 
Henry Schwartz, 
Jacob Qeiesel, 
Joh. Kabrer, 
Miob. Shebrer, 
Jacot) Br uch Jar tier, 
Bal. BerdBCli, 
Martin Rebstook, 
Uiohae) Wittier, 
Jacob Wittel. 
. Jacob Litlicb. 
Geo Predk, Bcbmiil, 
Geo. Jiger, 
Jacob Knodel, 
Jacob Casper, 
Conrad Bahninnller, 


Jacob Buscb. 

David KoniK, 
Albrecht Ruff, 
Jacobina Knodnlln, 
JJarid Kant, 
Gatharina Bcbaflerin, 
Simon Biirwochter, 
Joh. Hunn, 
eiiiabeth Dor wart h. 
Christ. Vogt, 
Margaret he BesBon. 
Adam Rei chard. 
Georga Keppeler, 
David Halnle, 
George Schwitte, 
Joh. Geo. Blktier. 
Job- Btuni|>. 
Jacob Horr, 
George Haidt, 
Christ. Rail, 
Jacob Rents. 
Joh, Waltz, 
Martin Fiuth. 
Jacob Llpp, 
Jacob Hnuiinel, 
Jotin Entz, 
Utoh. Hagman, 
Mioh. Wolfangfll, 
Jacob Rentz, 
Ph. C. Lei, 


John Fisher. 


List of pASdBNOBRS on Board thk Amkrigan Ship Thbbb 
tJisTKRa or Bkbukn. Burtiikn Ownki> in Brrhkk bt 
Gko. W. Thalkr and Othkrs, H. HALSLor, Ma^tkr, 
FROM Bruuhn. Nov. tto, i805. 

[Name, agt, place o/ tuUtnif;/, o'-'rnjmlion.] 
Jolin Chr. Mengel, 3S, BettelhaiiHun, rnriiier. 
Catharine Menf{el, 34, Bettelhauck-n. furiuer. 
JolmniiHS Mullur, DO, Fisclienbanli. f»riiiHr. 
CatliftHni: Line Muller, 26, Flaohenliai-li, rantifr. 
John H. Miillur, 0, Fisohenbacli. 
Conriul SerRar, 30, Blooal)aoh, fannt-r. 
CBlliariue Sergar, 28, Blooabacli, furmcr. 
Carl Bergar, 3, Blooebaoh. 
JohaniiKS Beiifer, 48, Fischenbach, farnier. 
Ann LinH Benfer, 00. Fixchenbuvh. farmer 
Jolin Clir. Benfer. 'JO, FiHclienbacli, fanner, 
.lohi) Benfer, 18, FlacIieobaRl), fiiriiier 
WiUiiim Welwr, 00. HaMwnhniiM.n. faviiii-r 
Anna Use Weber, 41, Santienhaiitien, farmer. 
Ueor^e Weber, ti, SasMenhauKeii. fanner. 
Maria OnnoleeHe Welwr, 14, BaaHeiiliatihen. fanner. 
Ann ChriHtianu Weber, 10. SattHenlmuHen, farmer. 
UurlaCatha. Welier, M, SaHHenhuni^en, fatitier. 
Carl 8|>enk, xen. , 56, Laasfe, weaver. 
Welhelniliia Speck, 33, Laaffe. 
Carl 8|K'ck, son, JB. I.aawfe, l>aker. 
OliriHtiuii Specrk. 10, Laasfe, no oc<'n[>atioii. 
FrtHlk. Spenk, 3, Laaofe. 
Frttderioa Speck, II. IjanNfe. 
John Bruch, 83, I.aasfe, miuton. 
I>orothea Brnch, 30, Laavfe. 
Anna Catliarina B^u(^h. 3. SaaHfe. 
Margaretli Weber, 18, Sassenhaiispti. 
John Jost Diederick, 48, ReiMteiii, farmer & weaver. 
IjOIIIhh niederlck. 47, Aarfelil. 
John Uiederink, 34, Aarfeld. farmer. 
John U.*t J)iederink, 13, Aarft>]<l, fanner. 
ChrJHliun Dieilerick, 17, Aarfelil, fanner. 
John K. Heyi). 31, liaaxfe, paiuter & jtla/.ier 
Catherine Liae Heyn, 28, Loaffe. 
Catharine I.ise Heyn, 2, I.aaafe. 
(Ji'orije Weber. 28, Bettelliaiiseii, Nhoeiiiaker. 
Danl, Zarliarias, 30, EIhoIT, tailor. 


Charlotte Germeyer, 33, Laa»fe. 

Maria, Schneider, 24, Smuittnhausoii. 

Victor Koeler, 23, Berlenbiirg, clerk. 

Carl Werner, 23, Laasfe, liaker. 

Fredk. Hi^rscliberg, 2'S, CJaasfe, fnriner. 

Qabriel tenner, 33, BettelliaiiB<!n, farmer. 

Anna Catha. Spiexen, IT, Bettelhaitbftn. 

J, Pnirerich, 30, Heiiibncli, hnnteinan & waiter. 

John H. Hoffman, 25, Wilsdorf, coai-hiiiaii. 

Jauob Wolf. 22, Baasfe. weavt«r. 

Jobn Eckel), 2B, Aarfeldt. fanner. 

Qeo. H. F. Hublit:, 28, Aarfeidt, tailor. 

John Voliel, 21, Aarfeidt, farmer. 

Anthony Vobel. 29, Aarfeltlt, (urriier. 

Elizabeth Vobel, 34, Aarfeidt. 

Juatina Vobel, 35. Aarfeidt, 

Joseph Hilker. 25, Munater, joiner. 

Bernard Nebe, 20. Wehr, joiner. 

Philip Nebe, 33, Wehr, joiner. 

Martin Cappe, 28, Wilsdorf, farmer. 

JoHeph Peter, 29, Bordeaux, waiter. 

Maria Eli/a Burnin, 24, Schwarzenan. 

Jacob Benner, 25, Wivenbach, miller. 

List of Alik?) Passknokr.s oh Boakd thk Ship Acoliis, ok 
PoBTSMoiiTH, N. H,, Jacob Trkadwkll, Mastkh, vrom 
To.vNiNORH IN Denmark. AtiitivKn in thk Dklawark 

RiVKR, (iTH DRCRMBEK, ,1605, 

f JVamc, ay*, place of ualivit;/ and ocpupatttin. ] 
Frederick Below, 24, Hernhiit, joiner. 
Abraham Reimer, 27, X>antzig, mill-wright, 
Jacob Reimer, 28. DantziR. mill-Wright. 
John Ray, 18. Klbing, clerk. 
Class Dick, 23, Rinlage, farmer, 
J. George Franlich, 38, Hernhnt. hlackxmlth. 
John Hartnook, 26. riernhat, taylor, 

Magnus Huttin. 43, Christian's fel tin, Denmark, rabinet maker. 
Gotlob Hebener, 44, Gnandun, bntclier. 
Chrintian Britz. 38. Uernhut, tanner. 
George Irmer, Al, Gnadnnfelt, backer. 



Jacob Hihr, Harhskn, Maetur, frou ToNKistasN. Ukc 

30, 1805. 
Mr. Niuol LouiB, Mm. Caroline Loui«, 

Mr. Daniu) Soheel, Mr. Nicolaus IJunninK. 

Joseph Elstaer, Mrx. Elisabeth Elstrier, 

Mr. Casper Elstner.). „hildrBn. 
JohanaeH Blatner, ) 
Mr. Levin A&oker, 
Mrs. Margaretba Hariusun, 

List of Pasbknoebs Arrivkd at thk Port of Philadbi.- 
PHiA, oy Board thk Brio Katharink, Joh> Lawrehck, 
Mastkk. prom Tonmnqkn, July 20, 1806. 

iHHJin Chriatian Zupmaan, 

Heinricli Frieilerich Begner, 

Gofried Grouee, 

Friedrick Lnste. 

Michel Schilling, 

Jacob Byli, 

Cure] Sibliard, 

Johannes Batx, 

Jacob Eruch. 

Heinrloh Eliele, 

Heinrioh Ihnszen, 

CliriHtian Jacob!. 

Ciifuraad Schmidt, 

Jacob Baa in, 

Goiirried Etamler, 

Carel Zichter, 

CaKimr Natohem, 

Jacob Israel. 

Cieoi-ge Koch, 

Atidriea Bond, 

Jacob Kocb, 

llircb, Krunie. 

Friedrich Zeppriob. 

Jos.'pli WbIbz, 

(;laiiclitia Vichiner. 

Kriedrioh Rhike, 

Johann Fried rich Braeinfr, 
HenHcb Hettm&n, 
Qaapar Leewein, 
Andreas Llncke. 
Wilhelin Lindt, 
Carl Wauike, 
Cbristjan Heinrloh Petere, 
Pri«derich BJndel, 
Errard Strom, 
Hen rich Peters, 
Wolfgang Schneyder, 
Sebii8lian Nasgjgj, 
Jotiann Godfrlod I.<inge, 
Johann Mircti. 
Jacob Ditmpr, 
EHaH Vouner, 
Daniel Linti, 
Johann NJtz, 
Godliab Vedet, 
MoxnitK Binder, 
Johann Nuvuhre, 
Michael Ruil, 
Jacob Abraham, 
Adam Luwig, 
Friedrioh Petersen, 


Goorge Banech. 

Catbarina, daughter, 

Heinrich, eon, 

Daniel Schmidt, 

Bernard, son, 

Maria Catharina. daughter. 

Johanii Justus, 

Christina Elizabeth, wife, 

Rein hard, son, 

Maria Catharina, daughter. 


Jacob Melnrich, 

Andreas Hiibut, hia bmtber. 

Maria, daughter, 

Barbara, daughter, 

Johann Kruxxe, 

H. Roger, 

Leopolds Knie, 

Carel, son. 

Harms Staeglich, 

Carolina, daughter, 

Valentin Zuttur, 

Barbara hia wife, 
Christoph, son, 
Hlnrioh Laurence, son, 
Anna Christjana, wife. 
Job. , son, 
Nells Madzen, 
Johann Coenrad, eon, 
Coenrad, son, 
Clinatjan, eon, 
Jolin Thiennan. 
Sophia Dorothea, wife. 
Heinrich Hinfeldt. 
Biisabeth, wife, 
Katharina. daughter, 
Fried e rich Henir, 
Daniel Harpe, 
Andrew Bendix, 
Christina, wife, 
Charlotte, daughter, 
Leopold, son, 
Charlotte, his wife. 
Anguste, eon, 
A. Brommer, 

List of thr Passkhqers Arrited in the Brig Isabella, 
John Edwards, Master, from Rotterdam, ok the 30th 
April. 180b. 

Philip Liye, wife Be three children. 

Thomas Suindener, wife & dangheter. 

Jacob Inhoop, wife & one daughter. 

Herman H. Haikmar. 

Jacob Bark. 

John E. Lewis. 

Henry Bark. 

William P. Rury. . 

Jacob Mire. 

Antonello Bemant. 

Frederick Tunisse. 

Anthony Stoel. 

Mattheu Andresser. 

Matthe Engeler. 


List of Pahsknorrh on Boakd tkb Ship Ori^ndo, Dahiki. 

a. Stkllwagbn, Uahtkr, FROM Amstrrdam, Bound FOR 

Philaoki.phia. Alio. 3, 180G. 
H«nry Ones, witli wifu & four chlldrc ii. ulileat l!i years. 
Henry Murtin, asiiiKlit luaii, 

John Dagun, with villa & two Rliildren, oldest l.~> yeartk 
Jacob P. Beck, with wife & one fmall child. 
John U. Beck, a Bingle man. 
Juhn J. Ohhh, a tsingle man. 
Ft. InholT, a single innn. 

Anna Schafner, servant woman to F. InhotT. 
Christian 8leinmeti!, single man. 
Henry Hanuhew, a BinKle man. 
Frudk. Hanfhew. a single man. 

Dan! Ricker, with wife & ij chlldrfii, oldest 10 years. 
Frudk. Onpa, Blngle man. 

Jno. J. FreyvogeJ, with wife & 4 children, 18, 10, 14, 9 year*. 
P. Kalp, with wi(e & two small children, 1 l>orn at sen. 
Margarot Singley, single woman. 
Unchael Singlcy. with wife & one small child. 
Ko^ina Singley, single woman, 
Jotin Bchnearley, a single man. 
Jacob Halfodle, with wife & one small chilil. 
Anthony Shammon, a single man. 

John Stout, with wife & Z small children, one born at sea. 
<i. A. Voting, with wife 4 children, 13, 12. (I, 2 yearn. 
Adam Ehrhard. with wife & 4 children. 14, 13. 7, SJ y«ar«. 
John Lull, a single man. 
Henry Ehner, a single man. 
Fred. RubinI, a single man. 
John Slick, a single man. 
Fredk. Fisher, a single man. 
Urfllla Halfadle. a bingle woman. 
Chn. I.oter, with wife. 
Philip Brown, a single man. 
Lpond. Snhnievley. a single man. 
Barbara Canrniun. a single woman. 
Olmries Streamer, a single man. 
Conrad Anne, a single man. 
Jacob Welper, a single man. 

Clir. P. Knitz. with wife & one citild 3 years old. 
John J.enger, a single man. 
John 1: Rian. a single man. 
a. F. Blume, a single man. 


Chn. Kneariam, a single innn. 

JohQ FelttDEin, a Hinglo man. 

Jno. P. Michaels, a xingle man. 

John Heniiricks, with wife. 

P. Bssick, a. Hingle man. the tihip doctor. 

Anthony ProHileska, a single man. 

John Kreamer, a Hiugle mitn. 

Cbr. Krintintwine, a Hiii|{le man. 

P. KrailsenbiirKer, u xiug'ie man. 

Joseph Chninlle, a Hingie man. 

John J. Alkewhen, a single man. 

O. F. Verner, a einf^le man. 

John C UfTennan, a eingle man. 

Sophia Sauerkaup, a Dingle woman. 

Eliana Stock with eon, a widow m 

Bonina Stock, a single womai 

Adrioa Brillonhurg. a ajugle 

N. Ra«kard & wife, 

a. L. Smitli, a uingle man. 

Mary Diokerling, a single 

Anna Diokerling, a single 

H&ry Di-iden, a single 

Jno. Deger, with wife & o 

Julian Jansen, asinttle man. 

Wm. Rider, a single man. 

John H. Meat, a single man. 

Henry Sagu, with wKn Be two children, 13 & 1 years old. 

e small child. 

List op PABSR.vnicRS pbr Ship Atlantic, Elihit Doty, 
Master, prom Ahstbrdam. Brpt. IS, 1800. 

John Hoernle, 

Joseph Hoernle, 

George Ben tell, 

John George Bentell, 

Anna Maria Bentell, 

John Frederich Bentell, 

Eaty Bentell, 

Katharine Boehringer, wife, 

John Konzelman, 

Frederick Konzelman, 

George Wil<l. 

Elizabeth Hoernle, wife. 
Hadaline Hoernle, 
Katharine Bentell, wife, 
Frederika Bentell, 
Johanna Bentell, 
Israel Bentell, 
George Boehrlnger, 
Johann Boeh ringer, 
Dorothy Konzelman, wife, 
John George Konzelman. 
Maria Wild, child, 



Thurry Federbasli, 
Qeorgd Velte, 
E. Katy Velte, 
Gottlieb Schurle, 
Gottiief Schurle, 
LucIdu Rein, wife, 
Juroh Rein. 

Miirgaretta Soholle, yiit«, 
Ma^rgarutte Sobolle, 
Matthvw Scholle. 
Elizabeth Scholle, 
Barbara Brown, wife, 
Ellas Wilhelm, 
CijriBtiftii Prederiok Wllhelra 
.TdhuTina Wilhelm, 
Christian Velte, 
F red erica Velte, 
Jolianna Holterreioh, wife, 
John Jacob Holterreich, 
Barnard Diiurwachter, 
Elizabeth Duurwaohter, 
Jacob WoblKeiiiiith, 
John Jaool) Wohlgemuth, 
John Laiigeiibaoher, 
George Jacob linn gen liacher, 
Catharine I.angenbaotier, 
EliZ4il>eth Knodel, wlte, 
Jacob Ziinineniian. 
Matthew Henuing, 
Gaspnr Goetz, 
Katharine Goetz, 
Uavid atipper. 
Ferdinand Hang, 
Mnthew Kleine, 
Kntlmriiia Kleine, hie wife, 
Linlwicic Kleine. 1 
Jacob Kleine, I 

Jacob ina Kleine. ! liia chil 
Chrislinn Kleine. 
Dorothea Kleine. j 
Davlil Hiirleitanp, 
8oi)hia Hnrlelums, 
Barlxkra HnrlelmnB, 
Martin reth a Schaefer. wife, 
Katharine Rchaefer, 
Christina Wyngartiier.MfVlK, 

Elisabeth Federbusb, child, 
E. Katharine Velte. wife, 
George Velte, 
Eliza. Scharie, wife, 
Mattliew Rein, 
Katharine Rein, 
Jacob Boholle, 
Jacob Soholle, 
Salome Scholle, 
Gottlieb Scholle, 
Frederick Brown, 
Philllpina Brown, 
Regina Wilhelm, wife, 
John -Tacob Wilhelm, 
Gottlieb Wilhelm, 
Katharine Velte, wife, 
George Holterrelch, 
John George Holterreieh, 
Jojin Holterreioh, 
El'/abeth ])uurwaohter, wife, 
Wilhelmlna Duurwaohter, 
Margaret Wohlgemnth, wife. 
Christian Wohlgemuth, 
Katharine T.angenbacher,wire, 
Gottlieb Ijangenbaf.lir. 
Tlieophilus Knodel, 
Conrad Knodel, 
Jacob Zimmerman, child, 
Agnes Henning, wife, 
Pre<lerica Ooetz, wife, 
Prederica Goet7, 
Ruxina Stipper, wife, 
Eli/a Hang, wife, 
Jacob Kleine, hla father. 

Kliza. Hnrletiann, wife, 
Eli?Ji Hurlebans, 
David Schaefer, 
Chriatine Schaefer, 
.laciib P. Wyngartner, 
Jacob Wyngartner, 


HArjiarretta Wynifartaer, 

Georne Wyngartner, 

Ulchael 'WyiiKttrtner, 

Katy Bonnet, wife, 

John BoniiKt, 

David Bonnet, 

RoBina Baker, wile, 

Roslna Baker, 

Rosiua Rapp. her chilil. 

Friderica BaineHbergHr, wife. 

CnHstopher Leicbt, 

Lndowig Leicht, 

Dorothy Leicht, 

Christopher Leicht, 

Mitry K»ty Velt«B, her daughter, 

Rei;ina Zeller, Reifina Zeller, lier dau|{titer. 

Widow Boeh ringer, 

Philip Jacob Vophriniier, her child. 

Sasanoa RoMlaiineii, Haria Rosdannen. 

Peter Rosdannt-n, Ma^daleD Rosdaiiner, 

MftTKaret RoMianaen, Magdalen Leicht. 

Magdakn Leicht, her child, John Frederich Relchert, 

Friederich Wyngartner, 
Godfrey Wyngartner, 
JoReph Bonnet, 
Katharine Bonnet, 
Prank Bonnet, 
James Baker, 
Phillip Jacob Baker, 
ChrJHtina KApp, 
John Bainesberger, 
John Bauiesberger, 
Dorothea Leicht, 
Andreas Leicht, wife, 
Gottlieb Leidit, 
Widow Veltes, 

John Holterrelch, 
Gottloli Ruff, 
Jacob Stinder, 
George Schmidt, 
Joseph Gottewa, 
Katy Weison, 
Hagdalen Kehrweger, 
ERsa M. Imler, 
Uary M. Ruesenbrod, 
Gdorge Riissenbrod, 
John RiiHHenbrod, 
George Wagner, 
Anna Wagner, 
Jacob Wohnle, 
Katy Wohnle, 
Anna Mary Wohnle, 
Johanna Smith, wife, 
Reglna Smith, 
Barbary Knapper, 
Gottlieb Knapper, 
Margarettft Herman, wife, 
Anna Barbara Rinz, wife, 
Anna Maria Riiu, 

Frederick Oerne. 
Thurry Knodel, 
John Kappel, 
Jonn Relchart. 
Eliz. B. Hberlin, 
Magdalen Eisel, 
Margaret Veiten, 
Dolly Spael, 

Mary E. Laulensohlnger, 
Jane F. Knorn. 
Mary A, Russenbrod, wife, 
Miniiael Russenbrod. 
Anna Maria Wagner, wife, 
Jacob Wagner. 
Katy Wohnie, wife, 
.lohn J. Wohnle, 
James Smith, 
JohnF. Smith, 
Jacobina Smith, 
Margaret Knapper, 
Wentell Herman, 
Stephan Rinz, 
Anna Barbara Rinz, 
James Krail, 



Mary Krail, wife, 
Margaret Krail, 
Phillipina R. Hinger, wife, 
Margaret Eppele, wife, 
Jacob Eppele, 
Anna Maria ReifT, wife, 
John Reiff, 
Mattheus RiefT, jun., 
John George RiefT, 
Maria Agnes Schule, wife, 
John G. Schule, 
Anna Maria Schule, 
John Mutohler, 
Christine K. Mutchler, 
Anna Murkenfuss, wife, 
Anna B. Murkenfuss, 
Mary A. Schule, wife, 
Anna B. Herman, 
Anna Herman, wife, 
Anna Herman, 
Anna M. Herman, 
Jacob F. Schuler, 
Dorothy Keison, 
Jacob Haller. 
Charlotta Haller, 
Francis Blanck, 
John Merle, 
Dietlerich Feierbunh, 
George M. Schmeid, 
Anna M. Stygerin, 

John J. Krail, 
William Hinger, 
Lewis Eppele, 
Lewis Eppele, 
Matthew Reiff, sen., 
Maria Agnes RietT, , 
Anna M. RiefT, 
Maria M. RiefT, wife, 
George Schule, 
Anna M. Schule, 
John Adam Schule, 
John Jacob Schule, 
John G. Mutchler. 
Jacob Murkenfuss. 
Regina Murkenfuss, 
Ferdinand F. Schule, 
Jacob ReifT, 
John Herman, 
John G. Herman, 
Maria B. Herman, 
Theophilus Schuler, 
Tiawrence Lewis, 
Katherine Haller, 
Juliana Haller, 
Johannas Haller, 
Regina Bamesberger, 
Christian V^oehle, 
J. G. Kauker, 
(Uirist. Seaitman, 
Lewis F. Haugmayer, 

Thk abovk Passenokils ark all from thk Dutchy oi 


Augustin Le Moine from Liege. 
Christian Fokke, from Hanovor, 
Luring Herman, Madgeburg, 
Israel Solomon, from Holland, 
Isaac E. Israel, from Holland, 
Abr. E. Israel, from Holland, 
L. M. Goldsmidt, from Holland, 
Moses Jacobs, from Holland, 
Rosina Jacobs, from Holland, 
Jacobey Desey, from Holland, 
Ary Van Holy, from Holland. 
Theodorus A. Brongers. 


List oi' PASSRKQKBa ox Board Ship CoRnRLiA, Calvin 
DuLAso. Mastkr, from AuHTKituAM. Oct. 32, 1606. 

Crinra<l Rutlier, 
Ferdiiiami G. BTan^ 
Martin Martin, 
Baluiny Martin, 
JohiLnnos MartiD, 
Barbiim Martin, 
Fidela Souder, 
Mary Souder, 
Feronnga Souder, 
Jacob Ru<1ey, 
Anna Anncshausly, 
Htindrick AnneBhaiisly, 
Jacob Anneshausly, 
Anna AniieHhaasJy & chili 
Pre.l. Braes, 
Henilrick Litleritz, 
Barl>Aru Fruidie, 
Maria Frie<ll«, 
Elizdl>eth Fr«ldle, 
Cordelia Friedle, 
Mary Biinz, 
Mary Han singer, 
Anna Wooser, 
Christiana Watikiniller, 
Jonah Stabler, 
John Stabler, 
Qeorge Woolf, 
Preil, Pferweh, 
Barbara Fiilmerin, 
Joliann HamHcher. 
Johan Vogi'l, 
William Wa!ti. 
John Erkert, 
John Pfteniian, 
Jolni Kiigele, 
George P. Smith, 
Fred. OBterloh, 
LouJMi ORterloh, 
Julian Osterloh, 
CbrtRtopher Ulaseer, 
Anthonv Armprieater, 
Michael Woolf, 

LewiH Fowie, 
God fry Mlnoch, 
Mary Martin, wife, 
Jacob Martin, 
Maria Martin, 
Eli/abeCli Martin. 
El nor Souder, 
Joseph Souder, 
Jacob Souder, 
Henrick AnneKhausly, 
Salania AnneBhauely, 
Anna AnneshauBly, 

Henrick UrBbrag, 
Casper Freidle, 
Barbara Friedle. 
Rachel Freidle. 
Anna Freidle. 
John Biinz., 
Jacob Werber, 
Magilalena Temple, 
Christopher Wankmillnr, 
Bachel Wankmiller, 
Magdaleua Stabler, 
Christiana Stablnr, 
Kred. Dreael, 
John M. Lef'ig, 
Fred. A. Erkert. 
Charles Maysenholiler 
George Jacoby, 
Bernard Henrichs. 
Valentin Hobbert, 
John Grutzinger, 
Fred Kiigele, 
Joseph Swartz, 
Mary Osterloh, 
Charles Usterloh, 
Alhri Osterloh, 
John Siegworth, 
Jacob Woolf, 
George Sanger, 



Pred. Pre§el. 
Valentine Hof^, 
John F. Pry, 
Christian Raieoh, 
Michael Stoitz, 
Abraham Woolf, 
Frederick Roseuda), 
Jacob Neif, 
John M. Wilt. 
John Fr. Dobere, 
Btibeoca Slianger, 
William Kramer, 
Catbarlu Kramer, 
ChrUtiaa Kramer, 
Jacob Kramer, 
Dorothv Nief, 
Cliriittian Nlef, 
Cliristopher Keyserti, 
Margaret Keyeers, 
Oatharinn Keysers, 
Cliarlotta Strumfer, 
John Btrumfer, 
Christian Gunther. 
KeKctia Giinther. 
Catharin Gunther, 
Rosena Gunther, 
Joan Waltz, 
Catharena Waltz, 
Abraham Younii, 
Christiana Woolf, 
ChriHtiana Wooir, 
Barbara Woolf, 
Reffcna Waltz, 
Mlirgaret Stfger, 
John O. Btiger, 
William Ulnier, 
John G. Giinther, 
Eve R. Giinther, 
Jiklianna Giinthnr, 
Samuel Giii'ither, 
T)orotlia Mat/gar, 
Henrich Matzgar, 
George Matzgar. 
Simeon Rebman, 
Anna Rebman, 
Aggath Rebman, 

Dorothy Sanger, 
Thomas Hoga, 
Goodly Raisoh, 
George Lermun. 
Isaac Woolf, 
Frederick Woolf, 
Maria Rosendal, 
Jacob Kramer, 
John Weyman, 
William Shanger, 
Jacob Jaotter. 
Anna Kramer, 
Mary Kramer, 
William Kramer, 
Chrixtian Nief, 
Catharin Nief, 
Jacob Nief, 
Chrietiina Keyflers, 
Abraham Keysers, 
Eve Wolfrin, 
William Strnmfer, 
Michael Gontlier, 
Barbara Giinrher, 
Margaret GQnther, 
Hannah Giintlier, 
Jacob Giinther, 
Ell/Jibeth Waltz, 
ChriHtiana Waltz, 
Abraham Woolf, 
Alvan Woolf, 
Elizabeth Woolf, 
Michael Waltz, 
Michael Btlger, 
Johanna B tiger, 
John G. Wacker, 
Johannu Stopeter, 
Anna A. Giinther. 
Catharen Giinther, 
Elizabeth Gunther, 
Abraham Matzger. 
Pred. Matzgar, 
Johannas Matzgar. 
Jacob Matzgar, 
Catharin Rebmau, 
Catharin Rehinan, 
JJorothy Rebmno, 


Joseph Rebman, Casper Rebinao. 

Barbara Rebman, Magdalena Rebman. 

Chrlstena Rebman, John Rebman, 

Simeon Rebman, Jacob SchleisR, 

Ghrratena Feit, Fred. Wurater, 

Fred. Feit, Mary Polt, 

JohannaB Peit, Charles Feit, 

Herach Leib, Barauel Jacobe, 

Heirs Samuel, John Smith. 

List of Passengrrs on Board tbk Ship Atlastic, Capt. 

Ct. \V. BrRBANK. FROM AMSTERDAM. Nov, 8, 180C. 

Home, Age. Country. 

Jacob Seller. 4B Freiiizheira. 

Anna Marie, 43 

Jacob 31 

Christina. 10 

Lndwig 17 

Charlotte U 

Joh. Adan 7 

Catharlna. 3^ 

Carl. i 

Andreas Baner 49 PatTenHohwabenheim. 

Catharina. 47 

Joh. Phillip. 21 

CbriBtian 21 

Elisabeth. 13 

Johannes, 13 

Christine, 9 

Samuel 7 

Johann Chr. Kieinjunff. 30 MahlhMin. 

Clara Anna Sophia 30 

Catharlna Carolinn Sophia :t 

and an intant Irorn at sea. 

Qeorge Dreiebach. 40 Witgenstein. 

Margaretha, 33 

George, 30 

Catharfna. 18 

Anna Marie, IS 

Harle Elimbeth IS 

Johann Heinrich, 11 


Namr. Aije. Country. 

Elixabeth Ctortrunil, % 

MarKartitlia, 'I WitgenBtein. 

George Heinrich, 1 

George Heliiriol) Drelsbanh, ... S4 Witgenetein. 

Marie Magdalt^nu, 3-1 

Johannes George 1 

Phillip Diokel, 30 WltifAMtein. 

CliriHtina, W 

Maifilalina, 3 

and ail infant. Iiririi at xea, ('liurloile. 

Phillip Straekbein 34 Witgenxtein. 

ChriKtina :W 

Joliii Philip, 1 

George MIshci ... »:t WltgenHtniii. 

Anita Maria, 34 

anil an infant tmrn at sea, John George. 

Ailfttn Friedrinh Kopp, ;iO Neekorw«yhingen. 

<'!hri8tiua Maicdalttna, :<■< 

Job. Frei<irieh 13 

Juxtiiia Margaret, ......... -1^ 

Peter J>ioiiiM voii Franz, :tO <Joelii. 

Caniiar .loweph von Stein 30 Trier. 

Phillip fleinricli Oertel 34 StraHhurg. 

Johann Conrad FleiHchinann. . , 30 Culmbacli. 

JohaniieH Mayeenhoelder, 31 8tugar<t. 

Jaco)> Heppler, 3^ Kelingen. 

Joh. Wllhehn Herg, 20 Rheinhreitlwch. 

Johaun Schaiil) 3tl I.iHthal 

jHi>pi-r Hesse Goenirtiiii, 44 Weener. 

Tiif o'tor Wehuer, 3.i Rathsklrchen. 

Guttfrii-il Knecht 48 Sotltigen. 

(UiriHtlan Frlebel 'i'l RchleiiHingeii. 

Gottfried Llnileiniitli, 23 Eislehen. 

I'Vanz Schafter, 30 Paterl>orii. 

(Conrad Simon, SI Mllsongen. 

Peter Jacoh LiOehr 35 HtttcnhaiiBeii. 

Friederioh Peter Loehr, 22 Walhalwen. 

Pi'ter Jacob Kettering 34 HerinereberK- 

John Jacoh Kettering 18 

Waller Walter. 43 Walhalwen. 

Miotu-1 Wild 3 Salstftdt. 

Simon SdhaelTer, , 1!> Gerhardnbom, 

Phillip Gillenl, 3.1 Jeatwesler. 

CaHoiiiifr Heinrich Seifort, .... 24 Miirhardt. 


jy«me. Age. CowUry. 

JohfLDD Christian Negelv, Iti Sijietjelberg. 

Cbrittcoph Wilhitlin a5 Stiinplebaoh. 

Friederidi Idler 2T 

John Georg Knecht, 20 Uahelberg. 

Courad Birkle, 20 Oaweiler. 

Valentin Hobert 88 Vacli. 

Willielm Hallmann 22 Dixburg. 

Debora Wissels, 22 WeHf. 

John Dirlt Borkiuk, 23 Borduo. 

List of Passbx^kiu on Board tbr Ship Tbrkk SiSTBRs, 
Capt. Hkrma.v Uaahloop, fkou Brkmkn. Dkc. I, 1806. 

Tbonias Maguue Streck, 
Carol IIS Mat;nus Streck, 
Alexander .Magnus Btreck. 
Helena Clftrissa Streck, 
Maria Amelia Streck, 
Anna Koiit^.e, 

Bleonora ConHtantin Kotitze, 
Sophia Hedewig Uuinsen, 
Johann Hoehn, 
Johann rhriatopf Hoehn, 
Ca.tnrina Hoelui^ 
Hendrich Jnngliin, 
Hendricli Jnnghin, 
Martin Pincken, 
Diedrioh Finckttn. 
Peter Bergheiier. 
John Jauoli Bt^rgheieer, 

Haria Streck, 
Fenlinaud Uourit^ Streck, 
Carolina Blandina Streok, 
LoiiiKa Wilhelniina Streck. 
Johann Got lei b Koutze. 
Anna Rachel Koutz<^. 
Anna Carolina Koatze, 
Albrecht Burghard UuuiiseD, 
Anna (7atnrina Hoehn, 
Chnstopf Hoehn, 
Haria Elizabeth Hoehn, 
Anna Elizabeth Junghiii. 
Wllke Ziinmermanu. 
Alheid Fineken, 
Gervt'rd Pincken. 
Anne Eliutbeth BergheiBer. 


Pair American, Capt. Jut 

Jacob Schaal and wife, 
Rosina Scbaal. 
Frieilerick Schaal, 
Jacob Keller and wife, 
{■Christian Mahlt?, 18 years, 
Hans George Mahle, 13 yearn, 
4a-VoL. iVII. 

; Board thk Ahkricak Ship 
"tK Fkalby, from Austkrdam, 
Dkc. 11, iWMi. 
Hans George Scbaal. 
Gottfried Schaal, 
Michael Pertxcb and wife, 
HanH George Mahle and wife, 
Dorothea Mahle, 1*1 years, 
Elizabeth Ualile, 13 year«, 



UattbiaK I.arier and wife, 

Lydia Larler, B yean, 

Maria Agnes Stohe, 

Fried. Pfeil aod wife, 

l.uilwlg Pfeil, 

Frivd. Nactitrup and wife, 

Joh. Adam Nachtrnp, 

Dorothea Nachtrap, 

(^ttk>l> Jacob Muller, 

Eva SchaliD I.«yer, 

Carl Frit»d. Seybold, 

Joliann Orow and wife, 

Christiana Romen, 

Abraham Prieechknecht and wiff, 

Mietiael Schfilicopf and wife Mar);Arethe, 

Noa Larler, 11 yearn, 
Hatia George Stobn ami wif 
Ofti-I Stohs, 
Gotefrled Pfeil, 
Cliristina Kurtz. 
CathOirina Nachtrup. 
Joslitia Pried Nachtriiji, 
Barbara Nachtrup, 
Johannes Layer and wife. 
Fried. Buler and wife, 
.Tohannes Pertsch, 
Cliristian Gross, 

Rasina Scholkopt, 
Anna Maria Bcbolliopf, 
I-Vit Handel, 
Maxiinillian Obermey, 
Jobannes SchefTerln, 
George Sehefforin, 
George Prall SchefTerln, 
,Ioli. Pried. Dfili-r. 
Joseph Dolger, 
.1 aoob Konig, 
t:7brifltian Raul. 
Anna Kleinjiini;, 
Jo,>ieph Sampson and wife, 
.[oil. Ant. Baker, 
Hhristlan Gllnk. 
Johannes Chevalier, 
-UiirKareth Knhnel, 
.lob. .Adam Unkel, 
Jolmniiii Elinab. Ronlofs, 
Job. George Srhlih. 
Miiria Adrina Comman. 
Carl Aufcuft FroKtdorp, 
MntlhenB Krannenburg, 
,iai"ob Kern, 
Fried. Wilh. Mierman, 
Chrixt Lehman and wife, 
Daniel Lehman, 
Daniel Hafner, 
J. G. Sehallen miller, 
Jaenb Mnn, 

Joh. Georfre Sohiilkopf, 

Mattheas Palmer and wfl 

H«nrieh Christ. Schr 

Pried. W. WoUers. 

Margareth Sehefterin, 

Andreas Schefferin. 

Simon Frail, 

Michael Bchuler and wift-, 

Frniitz KaufTman. 

Joseph Newl'ert, 

Joh. Pried. Kleinjung. 

Carolina Bastert. 

Fried. Weislieek. 

Goltlieb Kassniann, 

John Ernst Hiabert., 

Johannes Knhnel and wife, 

("liristophe Frederick Unkel, 

Casi>er Rail, 

Mnrin Will). Kroesen, 

Daniel Heck. 

Jaeol> Wilgner, 

Johannes Marie, 

Arnold Felder. 

George Rchastler, 

Bernh. Iinthnrx, 

Nii^boliis Lehman, 

Henrv Jneob Hn.fner a 

Christoph WolIT, 

J, M. Mother, 

Johannes Cannape. 

il wife, 


List ok Passkuqkrs in thb Ship Spkki>wkll, ("AP-r. Tiic-. 

WiLLP, Uastkr, from Amstkrdam. Aprils. 180T. 
Lotiisa ThIIohii, Fi^derika Tallonn, 

Rosina Tallonn, Cbristiaa Talloiui, 

ManetW Mani^iiore, Salome Bauer, 

Joha FisBer, Jobn Rynders, 

VincHtit Gmit, Baptint Biinser, 

John Bueser, Johu Baptist Biisser, 

John Tedcbalett, Peter Laubie. 

List of Passknokrs o.v Board thk Schoo^-kr Betsky, 
James Foster, Master, from ToNsiiraKN, AaRivKU at 
Philadkli'hia, May H, 1807. 

[JVawie, age, place of nativity ami ■wii/Mili'iu.] 
George Miller, 40, Natisaii, furiuer. 
Kleaiior Millei- 40, Naasau. 
Cbriritian Miller, 14, Noseaa. 
.lolin Miller, 11, Naesan. 
Francis Miller, 8, Nassau. 
George Miller, 3, Naiwaii. 
Catliarina Miller, 13, Naesau. 
Daniel Hariiian, 87, Bremen, blarkriiiiltli, 
Blizal>etli Barman, SO Bremen. 
Eli/al>eth Harinan, 11, Bremen. 
Maria Haniian, 7, Bremen. 
Jacob Harman, 3, Bremen. 
Daniel Hurman, 3, Bremen. 
AntoniaShafer, B8, Nassau, carpenter. 
Maiy Sbtifer, 33, Nassau. 
Maria Shafer, 8, Nasnau. 
Caterina Shafer, 0, Nassau. 
Johanna Shafer, 1, Nassau. 
Christina Bhafer, 2f|, Nassau. 
Powell Lowman, 32, Bremen, miller. 
Elizabeth Lowman, 3->, Bremen. 
Henry Lnwuian, 6, Bremen. 
Hannah MatherwatHon, 60, Bremen. 
Maria AIMs, 80, Bremen. 
Henry Allis, 12, Bremen. 


Biirl'arv Aliii-, 5, Bremen. 

Niulitihis AlliH, 2, Bremen. 

Jolianiiii Fiilk, 39, Hambnrg, farnuT, 

Haniiali l-'olk, S4, Hatiibiirg. 

Frwleriok lloltHman, 21, Hainliurj;, weiivi-i-. 

Maria Holti>iriiin, 3n, Hamburg. 

Kliuiheth Ryer, 30, Bremen. 

Maria Baymun, 20, firemRn. 

Jiilianiin Prawli, 83, Bremen, tayli-r. 

I^hrintitui KenHJnger, 34, Bremitn, laylnr, 

Daniel Harnkey, 20, Bivmen, taylor. 

Kmannel Stick, 24, Bremen, taylor. 

<;oiirad RaHluMiker, 19, Bremen, tiiylor. 

ChrJNtian Brinley, 23, Hainbiirg. taylor. 

.fdsHiili Laman, 40, Bremen, l>aker. 

Ailam Plebl), 22, HambiirK. baker. 

John ]^iman, 80, Hambnra, baker. 

AixlrewHeher, Ifl, Hanibtirg. baker. 

Jolin Slieerbnll, 25, HanibiirK, >>aker. 

John Clhristou, 21, Hambiir);, biitdier. 

Jolm Mark, 30, Hambnrir, Imtclier. 

Letnion Jonass, 33, Hamburg, biitrbur. 

OlirlDtlan Arperniaii, 19, Bremen, K'nixmitb. 

Andrew Leabo, 49, Brenien, ({iinninitli. 

Jaeob Kinian, 3^'), Hamburg, iiiafkpiniilli. 

Valentin Teckler, Sli, Hanil>ur|{, xlioemakt^r. 

Michael (lute, 4.'), Hambtirt;, carjientcr 

.lolin Maiiisiilt, 2K Hamburg, oarpunttr. 

nt)i1ii|i Fiers, -TO, Hamburg, brewer. 

Heriiit Hime. 37, Hamlinrg, weavi^r. 

l.aful Seainoii, 33. Hniulinrt;. 

Kljax Hiiuinian, 1<1. Hnnibiirt,'. 

.iLseiib Jleyer, S.".. HamburR. 

.Solomon Rwabler, 19, HaiiibnrK- 

I.a|iil I'hiircli, 19, Hnmlmrf;. 

Clirislian Frit/.. 30, Hrenieii. 

Iiavi.l Froj-t. 38, Hamburg. 

John Seiia, 18. H-.i.ilmrf;. 

Frant'i.i Smith, 3h, Hamlmrg. 

.loliaiiiia Fannil, 40, Bremen. 

Kiclerifk Hbaii»wn)bar, 30, HainbnV);, 

Jobu riiltiii, 14, Hamlinrg. 

.I.iliii Walinberg, 81, H!iml>iirK. 

.Tnlni l''"ik. 4«, Bremen. 

riirisiiun OtTmati, 44, Hamburg. 


List of thk Passksorbs on Boakd thk Brig IdABBLLA, 



John Clir. Rviiliardt, 
William Van Keek, 
Pried Karl KroU. 
Daniel EJM, 
Maria Aug. Linkin, 
Philip Pisher, 
With B^rg, 
Christian A]f»y, 
Wilh. (ion. <i^rauter, 
I'eter Seytfert, 
Peter RarlBinhart, 
Nloh 8chlieK«1. 
John Mt illor, 
Pertliimiiil Happ«1, 
Cbr. Hake with wife aad Ave < 
John George Baden, 
JoHeph Borconne, 
John Ja<-oh Heionker, 
George Huge van, 
Carl Orb. 
"-Carolina Trautin. 
Christopher HiittE. 
Ghrixtopher Schmerhnm, 

Geert Van For»teul>erg, 
Chrhe. Priectin, 
Conrad Bberhardt, 
Konrad Linkin, 
George Hotter, 
Jno. J. Aboiilt, 
George BruukinaD, 
John Bchliegel, 
John St. Batiiter. 
Anthony Kainpf, 
George Hartinaii, 
Nick Bohne, 
John George Uelller, 
Jno. Chry. Preutlpr, 

Pried Ludw. Ach, 
Fried Lndw. Ende. 
Philip Pried Hahiden. 
Wilh. Schnaulmr, 
Uguleit Matteriiian. 
George Reick, 
George Sandenton, 
John Genan. 



k'ith tiiit wife and four childre 

Andrianiiit VHwenhart, 
Deidrii^k Yauxon, 
Abraham Bfhaeht, 
Abraham Vander linden. 


I bU 

Lena Sehiiid, 
Pas8avant & wi 
J. N. Care, 


MattlliaH Snhroeder. 

Henery Berse, 

Jacob Minion, 

Henry Pondpr, 

Laform & son, 

1). B. Mullen & HO 

Kriiiiel & wife, 

Diederiok Oini; 


List op Passrnobbs on Board thk Ship Mrchanic, N. 


John D. Thiule, 
Etosina Schuh, 
Uavis Schuh, 
Emanuel Schuh, 
Augufte Schuh, 
Willinm Christ, 
Maria I alien, 
Jan Winet, 
Henri Mobt, 
Jacol> Sae fried, 
Uotleb (JraMS, 
Ootlieb Uuller, 
Henry Harte, 
William Brundt, 
Anton Mpger, 
Gerrit Willma. 
Jacob Reich en ooker, 
Sophia Piofer, 
Catharine Heckling, 
Jan Gotle. 
CliriH(ophe Ootle, 
Maria Gotle, 
Carolina Aotle, 
Abraham Fallinff, 
Catharine Falling, 
Frederic Dageler, 
Frederic Tt-nkemey, 
ChrifHtl Knn/, 
Maria Kunz^ 
Anthoii Kiinz, 
riiarl<!» Bluiu. 
Jost Heindorf, 
Catharine Heinilorf, 
Jan SchuithHr, 
''urnlin Schultheir, 
Pwter Shoebur, 
Li'onan! Rhoeliiir, 
John Barncli, 
H^nry Kartell, 
('harloiti- Kleiuhuiisei 

Frederick Schuh, 
Frederick Schuh, 
Gottleib Schuh, 
Frederick Scliuta, 
Lewiit Kleindiuith, 
Lewie Christ, 
Jan Buller, 
Gotlieb SactorluH, 
Henri Arnohl, 
Frederic Tinninger, 
William Mull^r, 
Oharleij Harte, 
George Krauter, 
George Everling, 
Freilerioh Meyer, 
Jan Reiohenocker, 
George Pioler, 
Jucpb Zopse, 
Maria Beckling, 
Rosina Gotle, 
Louisa Gotle, 
Loul8u Gotle, 
Henry Ootle, 
David Falling, 
Frederic Burdirmanii, 
Daniel Bitter, 
Jnn Fiflcher, / 
Catharine Kiin/., 

Eli!^>>elh EppRlshein, 
Wllliuin Heinmet/.. 
Mariu Ht-indorf, 
Henri Heindorf, 

Clirisliaua Schnltlieir, 
Curl Slioelmr, , 
Elisiibflh Shoebur, 
Miiria Shoebur, 
Elisnbeih Barsnli, 


I Vei 

CliriMtiima Breiner, 


Catliarine £iohhaaker, 
William Scheppleio, 
Lewis Uani;e, 
August Hange, 
Catharine Boge, 
Joh. A. Zeinfler, 

Maria Kuj 
Heury Merkleiu, 
August Hange, 
Bophia Haiige, 
Angel Bof^, 
Deuoia I.arucliti. 

List of PA8SK»nRiia Akrivkd at thk Pokt of Philadki,- 
FHiA, ON Board thk Ship William Johnston. Dkcrhbrr 
8. 1807. 

[Name, age, place o/ nalivUi/ atul owupalioii. \ 

John Suarzent ruber, wire & I child. 31, Wahleok, farmer. 

H. J. Martin, wife & 8 houh. Canton Basel, farmer. 

Lewis Hteinuiitter, 19, Heln, farmer. 

Qodlieb Bunger, 34, Oldenburgh, diBtiUer& farmer. 

Philip Krocker, 34, Giinshelm, baker. 

Christian Wismatt, 35, Oberrode, baker. 

J, Catb. Deboldin, 23. Idigheim, baker. 

Mary Teiinisson, 18, Rotterdam, Bervaiit girl. 

Fredrick RninHpott, 30, Roden, farmer. 

John Haeppe, 30, Hessia, farmer. 

Bastian Keohl, 35, Federsheim, miller. 

JohnShmull, 3B, Hanau, baker. 

Balthazar Strlegel, 41, Bleberach, hatter. 

Catharine Smoke, 34, Hamburg, servant girl. 

Caspar Leonhard, wife & 2 children, 43, Canton Zurrich, brick- 

V. Lindeman, wife & 8 ohiklren, 3S, Bishwailer, cooper. 
H. Shofner, wife & 1 child, 30, Maulbui^h, farmer. 
' Joseph Brhard, 38, Rodersdorf, fanner. 
Jacob Wolf, 33, Wilgaustein, farmer. 
Henry Afterbach, SS, Witganatein, carpenter. 
Uargareth Michels, 27, Gnnstadt, servant girl. 
Anthony Shol/e, 33, Nanenburgh, clerk. 
Henry Spate, 31, Nanenburgh, saddler. 
William Oesterling, 18, Mehrenhauisen, tanner. 
Fred. Wm. Graf, 33, Nlederwarholdern, tanner. 
Gerhard Benjn. Witstach, 18, Amsterdam, clerk. 
Toby Shiinheil, ai, TUringen, clerk. 
J. Christian King, 21, Lutzen, butcher. 
L. Mundbeuke, wife & 2 children, 39, Pyrniont, shoemaker. 


Ht^nry Mundhenke, 83, Pynnoiit, ganieuer. 
Lewla Mundhenke, 20, Pyrmont, uliue maker, 
.toseph Qralie, ID, Lflgde, lockMiiiith. 
John Wm. Zugel, 21, Murhard, butcher. 
John Godlieb Krail, S3, Sulzbach, butchur. 
John Duvid Hafniann, 38, Ekluanhausen, butcher. 
Lewla Laitenberger, 38, KaltenweMten, butcher. 
Andrew Madenflod, 38, UnterwiederstadI, miner. 
Andrew Brabender, 20, RheinbreJtbacli, miner. 
John Peter Graef, 37, Leinaltkirchen, iron inelter. 
Joseph Beinaraeok, 80, Bohemia, Hiiiith. 
C. Outerman & son, 44, Dickhtiiiii, smith. 
Cieorge Steiner, 38, Gutach, baker. 
John Piokel, 24, I.intz, tinker. 
John Jacob Bauer, 33, Marbach, butcher. 
. John Swegler, 3Q, Witzenhausi^n, gardener. 
Geo. JoBt, 24, (.UTenbach, baker. 
Geo. Fred. Blum & wife, 88, Marliach, weaver. 
JuHtina Streftiu, St, 8ul/.bach, serviint girl. 
Jacob Dentler, in, Bentelsbach, no trade yet. 
John Fred. Heps, 14, Bhnaid, no trade yei. 
Bli2. Voll & t)ix children, 40, I 
0, Henry Voll, 17. 
3u. Henry Voll. 14, [ 

Jn. Godlleb Voll, 12, )■ Komwenth^iin. 

Henrietta Voll, 10, I 

Jn. Fred. Voll, 4, I 

Sophy Eliz. Voll, 3, ' 

.lohn Fred. Walter, ,17, Eelinj^en, IjlackHiiiilb. 
GodliebGockeler, 15, Shnaid, yet. 
J. G. Volmar, 13. Bhnaid, no trade yet. 
GcMUrey Saodsenbacher, 2^, Martxirh, butcher. 
Mathuw PleiK, 31. Steden, carpenter. 
Godlieb Chr. Gramer. 30, LudwigHbiirg, needlemaker. 
Geo. Fredric Thuni. 36. Backiian^;, woolen weaver. 
Jn. Leonhard Kirobner, 35. Ro<lenburgh, sikjndresiier. 
C. Cath. Ben/.euhiiferin, 17, Stultgard, servant girl. 
Juliana Frlzln, 30, Barknang, servant gtrl. 
Fred. Leyer & wife, 33, Breuiiigswiler, linen weaver. 
John Shaubel, 21, Marbach, lockNiniUi. 
George Shaul>e1. 23, Marbach, turner. 
CliriHtianBaitBhalT, 3fl, CornweBthetm, gardener. 
Matthew Leible, 34, H5sselwardt, Hhoeinaker. 
John Jacob Finhur. It), Kronbach, i^hoemaker. 
John Wacker. 18, Hiitwelwardt, taylor. 
Jo. Chr. Klotz, wife* 1 ehlld, ^8. Marliach, taylor. 


Henry Chr. Ecklitirdt, 1«, Marliach, f<vi|)l>oilfr. 

Eb. CI). Buuer Si wife, 3T, MarlMCh, buict)*T. 

Burkli F. Vugt't, 2a, Fitdilnifei), bntcner. 

«eo. Fred UauijtH^r, 23, Uarbocli, butcher. 

John Mozt;r, 23, Steden, buti^her 

CbarleH Halwuilt, 20, Ecketen, tthoeniaker. 

titttriid Richieru, 38, Miuiheiin, woman cook. 

John Ciodr. Wiirkin, 35, IfordlinK^n, butchev. 

Uhr. Godl. tisohitidle, 21, tirosdhohren, butirlitr. 

Wieifand KurU, 20, Didderhaustin, carpenter. 

J. F. Kock, 33, Hamelu, butcher. 

Catharine Leiziu, 34, Ludwlgubut^, iiervanr i;irl. 

J. C. Mobr& two children. 

a. H. Wiukel, wif« & 1 child, 40, Bifnith, Ijaker- 

Aug. Ferdinand Ralnmann, 32, Berlin, turner. 

Michel UofHtetter, 25, Nordlingen, merchant. 

Jo. Geo. Bhaetter, 28, Carbaoh, taylor. 

John Hunry Kesling, 18, Hande, no trade yet. 

John WilhHlni. 2.5, Arau, butcher. 

Hendrejetta Weseelmaiin, 34, Behsten, servant tfirl 

C. van der An. wife & I child, 37, Fulda, tutor. 

Dorothea Smith, 24, Amnterdaiu, servant girl. 

Qwit- Henry Volkniar, 30, Ooelar, copperHmith. 

Chr. LewiH Frank, 25, Koenigslirun, locksmith 

Jacob Knoes, 28, EtOiwelheim, baker. 

Jacob Sinilh, 33, Dirkheim, baker. 

Bernard Miiller, 23, Wurzburg, Huepender maker. 

Jacob VyI, 12, Ameterdam, no trade yet. 

John Gavelt, 20, Amsterdam, clerk. 

Philip Wm. Hartel, 29, Gottlngen, book bind<>r. 

John Aug. Boratorf, 20, Magdeburg, carpenter. 

Dorothea Miindhenk, 22, Pyrmont, neamBtreNn. 

Mary Chr. Humaonsen, 20, Uaingen, seamstrewsi. 

dodlieh Hammer, 10, I 

Ghrlstjua Hammer, 12, I Uchnaid, no trnde yet. 

Godfry Hammer, 8, j 

B. Frederlka Tochterinan, 82, | 

Childr. FrederikaTochtermaii, 12, 1 ., 

Conrad Tochterman, fl, | "«'•'■'"■*'■ 

Godtry Tochterinan, 7, ^ 

, Frederika Cresumann, 32, Unrhtvch. 
^John Staiifer, 27, LaiBelhelm, miller. 

Henry Btaiifer, 28, LaiHelhelm, miller. 

Henry Zurcher. 23, Delfeld, miller. 

John Winklar, 21, Horn, farmer. 

Nlcolans Uhauli, 30, LlHthal, xervant. 

(HHi KAsiKs 'jf Foreigners 

SuHan Bhaiib, 33, Llstlial, servant gM. 
Peti-r Umith & wife, 82, Montebaiitr, cloctor. 
Fvniiiiunil Teinine, 46, Brunswick, pnifusmir of leaniiDi;. 
Jolrn Biidoliili Groli>, wife and two chil(lr«Ti, 50. Oxnalirnok, 

Christ inn Heydorn, 30, Pyrmont, wiitchmaktr. 

IjIST iik Parskxokrs Akrivkd at thk Pkbt ok PHiLAi>KLr 
I'HiA, <>.\ BoAKD THK Ship Thkkk Sistkrs, Capt. Haas 
i,(ioi', yiioM ToNNiN-i+K«. Jasi:arv 5, 1808. 


Catharine l.einpert, hlH wife, 

CatbarliK-, th^r daughter. 

Peter, Iheirmin, 

Qcor^fH, their Hon, 

Friedr. Wilhdm B«itd>r*.<^ht. 

Heiir. Aiit[f, 

Maria Sopbla Auge, bis wife, 

Mar. Field, their daughter, 

Willielnjina, their daughter. 

Henrietta, their dunghter. 

J. Valentin, their son. 

Reinlinnlt, thMrxon, 

Henrieb, their son. 

OhriNliiui their mm, 

Melebior Wahl, 

Anna niara Wahl, hi« wife. 

Heiiirirb, their son. 

Knnigunte, their daughter. 

JoiianneH Knig, 

Aiiini Weheni Knig, his wife. 

Elisahetb, tlieir daughter 

EliMiheth Klnben, 

.Nicboliuis Matheiis, 

CiiliriKl Jaeger. 

AiiguHtin (thion. 

Ilfniiiidpii MiiretH 

floo. Balister Zenore, 

.Ten.. tJhio, 

.Tohann .Viidrean Schanli, 

Friedr, Wilheiin Seucke. 

Juhanii Friedr. 8«ucke, 

Cxeiirge Ricbter, 

(ie.irgt* Ko«b, 

Heiin-. Keii, 

Anna Margar Kelt, his wife. 

Oertnido, tlleir daughter, 

Jnhann Mnller, 

Wavid Hii->.chf«ld. 

Jiibanii Dnnc.kel, 

Jithniiii ffeorge 8|>«issaiiii hi) 

^ wife. 

<i. Carl Zei.iler, 

Kenjamiii Bwikenbaok. 

Wendeliii Kaiiingarten, 

Carlo Balck, Maerlens, 

A.lgnst Maerrens, 

Heinr. Brande», 

J. H. Maelde, 

.Tohann Srhniidt, 

Heitir. Freiderlke, his wife. 

Hanirhon, tneir dnnghter. 

Carl, their son. 

Wllhelm. their Hon, 

Pri.-di, IliHirson. 

.Tohnnu Ignat/ Wegener, 

rhri^lin.' Ihmiseli. 

Casper T.i.idguiBt, 

John <J.'.,rtf ruger, 

Wilhelni Branat, 


Carl Ludwig Eitert, 
Oborge Heine, 
Christian Seitz, 
Oatharina Strieker, 
Anna Gatbarinu. Ma wife, 
CI. Qottllttb, tlieir BOn. 
Maria Catharina, Lis niotlier, 
Catharina, Ills daughter, 
Jolianu Dan). Haoche, 
J oh. Conrad Lahn, • 
JoJin Henr. Renter, 
Hinrich Frietag, 

Fried rick Stenzenberch, 

Anid. Harms. 

Nicholas Schroder, two iiifaot 

Ht^iii. Aliiert Hartmann. 
Joh. Heinr. Oiini. 
AndreaN HofTinun, 
Hiurich Mollcr, 
Elisabeth, their daughter 
Willieliu Hant^he, 
Heiurich, hitt »oii, 
Anna Cordeu, 
Olto Hein Heiiisetuann, 
Ht-nnan Klainii, 
ChriHtiau Nool. 
August Muller, 


Doctor Pode, 
Joh. Dottier Saxe, 
Joachm tirevismulil, 
child reu. 


|Tlit* following Index liaa tx-en prt^pared with a great deal of 
ciiri;. Owitif; tu the wi^tohed cliirography in tbe original— and 
wcirsH spnllin^, thopfl referring to the Index, will not find per- 
Rliiinoi^ every varlfty of orthography given in the lists of Immi- 
grants. ] 

AoroQd. K 


Abram.s.523, 588. UO. a». M 

Acheu. .'.la.OOi 

Abenwlt. 8 

Adam. », 75, n. 7». SI. IS4. IN. 188. mi. 

AborJee, 8. 114, m 

ZOi. BM. SSS. 268. S(3. »4. &(7. BOJ. KB. 

Ablin. It.STS 

sat. 33a. 340. »7. aas, ses, 3M). Site. 3«e. 

AbarsDi. 17 

431, 4al, iee, 479. SU. 518, IK! 

Able. 58. SB. ea. 85. M. 17MTB. «» 



Adolph. ies.8n.t86 

A bin. las 

Adich, 101 

Adrian. 387 

Ablarlus. IM 


Adolbtrt. 477 

Adler. .'•10, sn 

AberhBller. 314 

Aelbnuft, B 

Abort. 338 

Avgendcr. B8 

Abaoh. 3»4 

Acngne. IS2 

Abclmim, M 

Acuchi^ 447 

AberthBl. 470 

Aeocher, 488 

Abwiner, in 

Aflerbuch, U7 

Abcrthner. G0> 


AInile. SM 

Affterbacb, 4oa, 800, eS3 

Alwult. eel 

A^-nback. 103 



Acker, as. «B. 64, 144, 18L aO. aW, 407, 

ABtuIlg, 288 


AgrlcDla, (N> 

Aiikerltt. 1(9 

AKtennan. 881 

Ackell. aiO 


AGbtUDS «" 


Achser, 388 

Ahltu. £10. 

Ahl. 3fi.417,e08,»l 

Ackerman. 308. 3IS. SEt. 3». 38» Wl. 



I, IS, IT. tat 
Alturt, 1». -JU. laS. U), »B,3M. 

3Tj. see, tSB, ^. 4A^ m, &!. eat 

AltbHiia, ^ 306, 181. 511, MW 
Albnt'hl, 36. 40. 12. St. 7% 78,71. Itft. )«!, 
143, lli, Ibl, ZI2, :!13. Ell, £10, lOl, 2S1, 

an, 3£4, 3% 333, 31S, aai, aes, sn, 88a, 

398. 100, 401. ISO. 181, 183, SIB. SIS. ■» 
Aldorffor. 38. 40, T6, TB. fflS, »1* 
Albreth, 11.48. 437 
Aldrk-h. le 
Altlaodt. I£T. 180 

Alsbiiok. Itfl. ISO. 358. 4U. WO 
Alt, 102, 34T. 430. 449, 4S8. BSl, 614 

AlKclur, 483 
AltPfriFd. 493 
All mend lugrer, S33 
AllbmiB, Ml 

Aim, 011 
AliMBndpr, SIC«0 

:. 18. IS, I3B. an 

1. so. 1 14. nM47, 407. «». us, tW 

, 4^. ;:(U. :;u,£i8,ua,su 

SB,:0.Jl. 4«T 

AmbniHter, 148. ItO, Ma 
Ambright, 171. l^.• 
AmiDiw. 20(1,477. W 

Aimers, 2£T 

AllH^aacbt. 310 
Althi-n, Ml, ZB9 

1. ZHD. 3M, 3T0, 903. 3H, 128. 

n. 7. IG2. isi. m, uo. fiat. eas. s«7 


rt, K7H, S88,»1.5^T. ffffl.i 

)(«. aw. 43Z eo3 

AadreB. 11. so. 31.38.198. IBB. 2S0.SB1.SB1. 

liiiiiii. m 

aoi. 320. SIK, am. 350. 3S3. KK, 401. 43a; 


■rlol. IW) 

13e.47r.Sll. 523.629. S71 


.rai, 20 



Aii,.-lt, M. W.Hlft.BM 

Alder. SfW,:iai.3«l, 381 
Allscfa. liti.KIl 

AaniiHrgcr. 148 
Andluh. 147. ISO 
Anset, 181. 182.207,9 

Andresfer. MT 
Annmbiiusl]', tt> 
Ande. Sti7 
Anguy, ae. sn 
AnsUtt. -JtO. 283 
AnmulliT. 3« 
Aniiorn. 311 

ADKcrle. WI 
Angermeyer, 8111 
Aonerle, 370 
Anacfaer. US 
Anttbocb. ta 

Angola, tas 

ADLbetft, UO 
Anwsldt. tH 
ADdrewsen, 54H 
ADtolaode, ESS 
Apprldoome, ST4 

ApllD. — 

Appel. 48. 62, 73. », lOL IIS, lit, ISB, 110 

Apttard. 110 
Apely, IBS 
April. ML 

AplTel. 2ee. 287, 183, lU, BOO 
Appach, 3e8 
Aplluwr. KM 

ArcDt! se. ST. 38, u, ee. n. to. 301. ass, 

3U. 391, UC. ill 
Arti. 57,58,81,313 
Art«er, lOB 
Arauld, lia ITA, in, 1B^ 107, SW, BT. 313. SaO. 333, 313. SSO. 3U. 380. 

381.111,413,410, 417. 4M, 4T5, 480, Ml. 

SID. 52S. 636. UOt 6ffl 
Artb. IM 

Arburgbcr 324 
Attwu, SW 
ArmKUt. 3t>3, 3H 
Armraatcr. 3Se 
Anitberger, lAO 
. Anuterger. 473 
Amieabeler, 188 
Arodt. 3W. 3TB. 3ta S8T, 460. SOT 
Arb. 311 

Arbengut. 338. 33r 
Arbfeltor. 338. 50:1 
Armbflater. 913. 368. 3BE, 141. «S8 
Arrics. 383. 3U 
Archblw, 386 

Artmui. 4T3 
Aroularlug, MM 
Arbor. S33 
Areaboltz, U3 
A riDBtroDg. 8^0 
Armfelt, eat 
Arpermui, SGO 
Aabeabe, 140 
A^per, 188. 18e 
AwihenbTemier, BIS. SO 
Aneby. 313 
Aneloer. S7T 
AswKit, 408. 
Asb. 42> 

Anerbaob. 478 

Astlmer, S12 

Aspcll, »7 

Atler. 31, ISO 

Attetley, 130 

Attlok. ISI 

AKrbolt. 378 

AtUn. 463 


Ate, 814. 815 

Att, flU 

AugFa. 41 

AugmoD. 5i 

Autcrbach. S3 

Aullcnbacher. 81. 133, II 

August. 338. 3TI. 6S6. 88 

Auber. 380 
Auraiiller. 310. 448 
Ausbnch, 31B 

Aunay, 578 
Auberte. 573 

Avier. M 
Avon, aes 


Aier. SB 
Ax. 310,S4l 
Azotiy. &'iO 

Dtiunet, (B8 
Burduarosln. on 

Ildden, BS7. Ml 
llurUlt, «1 

BaiuhBlT. eei 

llahlsdorS. fi03 

lasbcdloh. GOB 
Ittriloo, aM 

Barter, flit 

BBrleleme. B, UI, Itt. isa, lU. Mt 
BaKheB. au. 11T 
UitlU, 8. W, 106, MO 

Btter. 9. 13. 2Z. Et, M, N. 70, n, laS, il3. 4U 

BBdmgnrdner. IS. 1 T, 88. tO. W. Se. US, 
12T. 130. 138. IW, 2M, £3&. 301. 300, 30^ 

363, 5M. see 

»4r. 12. TO, lot, Q4. 2U. ZU, BM. SET. US, 
287. 300, 307, 3M, 3J7. SU. Iff, ttl, «~ 

uaik. IS. eee 

Dsnts. t&. 4(4. GSS, SOS 

BuitlaD. 10, 17. 48, SO. SI. OB, KB. 811. 

344. aei. iu.4S2.Nn. ri07. sob 

Baab. IS. 17. 147, ISl. ISS, IBS. 188. IW. 

2U3. 283. 32G. 387, 37S. 887, 4BX. 488. 4*3. 

Itayly, W. Z7K 

llHder. -Xi. l.W. Itil, tt2. 3DB, 330, 3H5. 3?.-. 

Itartti. 23. 8IS. 87. 1X1. 147. l«e. 18K. SU. 

sen. 303.480 
llabeDiDeyDr. 24 

iiiinii, :». -wi.-v)i 

IlMnkiuilf ;l» 

BHliniT as. 40, 1«8, 371. SCO 

Biihbaeli. 3*t, 40. 330, SIT 

TiaU. ih. liU, :»), 318. 4DS. SIO, 846 

llanliulutDUS. it. «3. IBS. ITS, ITT, 908. 

24fi, am, <oi, 414. 4»t. SI7. SI8 

liiiiim, 4«. Ilti. i:U.St^Se3, SB4, 3££, 331. 
341, 34K, 3,U. 383, 388, 4e£. 488. 487. DOl. 


mat. !>S. .'U. M. 87. Xa. 313. 1T«. S13, B8E. 

Bmwerer. 71 
Hiidner. 7 

r. 94. SS. 98, ne 

Basel. 1:21. l».i»1.4U 
Bab. }Si. 125, 2». 2W, 353. 6I!> 
Bauinui. l:.*:. 13), HI. lU. IK 2a. 

me. sb^. sri. ssi. ssa, sro, xn, 3ii>, 

MB, a^. 3St. %;. 360. 37&, Wt. Ul. 

IST.Ul. 4M, M6. 509, 511, SSi. 5K7, 

Backer, 133. Hfl. IBS. £02. 30, 29&. 

341. 3S£. 310. 177. iO). 451. 577, »4 
Daitbold. 141. sei. STt, 31T 
Balien. HI 
Battel m. I.i2 
Babrei. ISS. 15T 
Bareble. 15T 
Bald. i;i. 3»i. 4W, 631, -VB. uST. 558. SE 

5«»,9BI, jte 
BaldcsbcrKer. 17?. i^. a*-.. 30B 
BarllD, ITS 

Baumor. 181. 182.414 
Baucbler. Ifl. ISIi. ISI 
Bachmaii. 191, !«£, 183. £K. 234. 311. X 

38S, 3W. 3Re, 418. 41T. 448. 452. 4«2. 47 

405, 51 D, a37, EM 
Baililigtv Ifc. til.''. 
Baiiomaii. 2:%, 200. 2«B. 4SI. 470, »<.-. 
Bartmaii. IM, 185, tM. £30. 448. 471 
Baker, ItW. ^41. £45. £U, 380, 378, 3«l. 41 

BauBb. 193 

Batten bent, £Ki 
Baagert, 3m. 013 
Bicbart. 900 
Uallert, .W 
Balt<lerer. 311 

549. Bauertaoha. 31::. 490 
BaateDmeyer. 313 

329. Balaam, 314 
BaulDser. 314 
Bayerleln. 48S 
Bartsch. 3E2, 181 
BaudemoDt. 3S4 
Barthaee. 333 

SW. Baw, SB. 4: 

Bausum, 3 


Bak, £22. 2bj. 2W. 3 
Barker, sa 
BaUff. 333, :t.'7, 52S 
BaucrdI, 3H 

BaoIllD. -JOa. 34» 

BaokaatuB. '■»' 

BaumKertcl. 283 

Bavermaa. 2«>. 284. 2M. 2H7, 443, 

BarUes. aef. 5^ 

Banul. 2811 

Barr, 2S3.2!)2 

Bart. £83. 311. 428. Mn 

BachDCT. a84. 2Kt. Sltf. liBT 

Bauerle. 2M. xa 

Bauerti. 28.\ a<' 

Batfa. 286. 3US. XH' 

Baler. 2>«. 2(>«, 299, Xlft. 34'>. JOU 

BauBS.2Hi.3RS. 371. 510 

4:1 Vol. XVII. 

I. 338 

Barron, 362, 388 

Batram, 373 


Baokoten, 378. 429 

BarUals. 378, 379 


BaltdauM, 431 

Balme, 386 

BaptlBte. 388, 412, 4B1, 498, EO 


Banner. 407 

Bate, 410 

Bamell, 414 

Bailor. 419 

Bauermclster, 428. 42T 

Barenlau, 4aB 

Elarberat. ISB 

Bartenbach. 43T 

BaliluM. 139 

Ball m ling, 443 


ItjiDuot. 449 

Barkel, 4S0 

BaDtOT, 453 

Backrack. 453 

llalizel, 458 

Uandolo. 458 

Bartacbcret, 463 


Bilckle, 484 

Bauicb. MT, UO 

BMUmuiit, «7 Ucrlpll. M, Bfi 

BaltiiiBer. «63 DeieiiBreeii. M 

Uaucher, WO, IW Deanmih. 90, SI, 817 

Bauer, a. 17. iH. SI, fll. 13H, 13B, ISl, 1«&. Bemo, 03, M.ITB 

1S7. 313. £24. 3^ -at. 240. £14. MB. SiB, D«atz,(, I1T. ]4«, llli,a)l.aS3. S 
:T7. 387. N2, ER. 28H, »». dOe. Hll. SIX, 3ie. SW, 970. 411. 4n>. iOI. 6911, OM 

mS, 314. Sa). X!l. a2fl, »!0, se. SW. MS. Helsner W. W, IW 

343, 344. 3S3. 356, ;IU, SSH, 380.361, H8. Beyerle. ny. 118, IX ''Hfl. 363. 13!. 44 
H6.SW,li0.37I.:r3, 37fi. 376. SHO, Ml t81.407.ElS 

3811, 387. aM. 3W. 307, tOO. 40S.128. 4a). Bcwr, W, 1(0. 480 

436, 4^^ 440. tW, 4H0. 186, ITD. 173. 473. Deetol. 68, m 

178, Ittf, 487. 4M. fiOS, 51:^ 61S. 616. Ml, BettormHn. 71 

681. .ItM, 803, lira. 11.1,^ ftjg, Ml, dU, 660. Bevur. 74.XII, SIS 
664.86^ [t(]lesel.76. 14l.»)e. »1. S9», 063 

Delcr, 76.1 S3, £91 
UuaKc, 86, m 

Etciitttui, sa 

BeiKli^r. 9S, U, H. 85. 3)7 
Ueak. 84. 86. 88. 97. M. IW, 170. V» 
aW.9)l.a«, rax, 261. 270.178, >7 
£97, 39H. 302, SUO. 307. 316, 319. 3E 
831.833. 334. 337. 360, 36I.3GS, M 
966.371.318. 386. J91. 38S, 396. 39 
100, IIB. 11 1. IIV. 424. ta. 4X. 4> 
169. 466, 481, lit), 500. to:. 610, M 
678. 601. 8»>. 841, MS. 856, 803 
BewKr, 86, 8U. 97 
Derkel, lUD, 101. 101. 1M, BIO. 469 
Bell. 109, 368. SISO, 31,% 366. 438 
Denoll. 110 
BeehtliT, 113.278. Hid 
Deiiler. 11S.141 

BcudBr. 8,9. IS. 34. :S,37, 39. 41. 43.88. li 
167, m, 191, I1ll>, 219, S.T. 346, BBS. 2: 
an. 297, 302, 301. 809. 317. 331. 336. 33S, 
331, 3K. 338. ;ft8. 370, 373. 136, 412. 466. 
168. 47a 471. t7l,4l«.6n.6fi7 


Ik-cd. le. 371 

Ik'til. 7, 171 

llvncner. KM 

Ifc'iDor, 12, 383, -r?. m, 418 

llenio. 13 

(luabtell. lB.4:^a9, li 

Urnoker. 13, 13. tlr, 

Ucchult. lie, 118, 1.11. 163,311,111.113 

IlGDlie, M 

uuiiti, 11, m 

Bcnsel, 11 

BelKsl, 14, 121. va. nn, F>7tl 

,11. 363. 196, 007 


Bersenatntt. I 

Ilen>r. 25 

lley<'[vn.:;r. 17 

Ileylmcypr, 34 

llehn.37. 18.111, HTm 
BeoUo, 37, 42 
Uvu<11er, 37 

IkTilholIul, 38. 411,277 
UvcroU. 40, l:^ 44 

Bolipin. 16 

DduIS. 16. 47. 3)1 

litvr, IS. 130, U~. -Mi. 217. 341. 603 

Busber, 113 

Beltert, L37, 138 

Dernhut, 140, I4£. IM. 162, lfi3. 16a. 207. 

206. £10, 213, 2S2, 270. 384. 288. 313, 818. 

328, 3W. 346. 362. 36S. 381, 363, 381, 886. 

387. 126, 433, 438, 442. 449. 4H. <S7. 470. 

479, 4H8, 610, fill, 6:8, iiUe, 803, AH 
Be1ti«r, 142, 144, 300 
Dost. 147. 160. 318. 486 
Dernti. H7. 148 
Berrler. 166 

Benodiot. 166. I6B. 233. a«. 64« 
Bciiiier.l68. 178. 

322. 311. 113. i7«. 41)7. 4%. $29. 646 
Ilerlinnip. 1W.228. 277, 331. 137. (jt, 480. 

610. 663. 6M 
lk<l9!iol]«r. IM 
BLvlman, 106 
ItoBcr, 180 

llet-n. 171 
ItuuuboDdor. ITl 
Borgner. 171 
Dear. lot. 326 

BeyiL-ly. SSI 
Beblgrbausen. SOD 

«eiz,ae],aB£,si5.33a. xa.xv. nsT. ut, 

13B, Ml. 473, UEJ. BOJ, UO, 5H>. UUB 
Ifc.Tges. :«: (ft? I'rfu. 
BL'CWilUirrcr. 269 
BerfftoL no, !«1 

Ucter.m SW 
BelBbeckcr. 2«B 
Benolt. an 
Bebcle. 285 



Bcnix. 115 



Itercber, 313 



Betzler. 318 
Bcle, 3M, 3tH 
BeltlDMer. iiS 
Berninacr, 323, «» 
Berg, SX. iS), 346. 3 

Ik'tllnKPr. :|lll«.t<» 

Jfcck.^rlllHni.. *lti 

BcrlSBliolrB, *<» 

Itotlof. (01 1&5 

IJurahuttei, 41S 

Belti. 488.427,131. 



Berkley. 1Z7 

Belle. IS, U& 


Bi-hre. 133. M4. lOfl, 171 


BersdlriB. 436 


Beibt>ller. 4M 

Bef cnncliter, M3 

Becker, 18, IB, 68, 



86.88, M. 

131, 13S, 133. Hi. 


114, 117. 

187, IW. XO. 201. 


210. 213, 

216,218.233. i!37. 




287,288,297, 298. 30C. 

318. 317, : 


3B^ 308,381.. 

37S.413. 114.415. 


138. 135. 

440. 4e 1M, 455. 


«1, 187, 

173, 47S. 478, 177, 


607, 50P. MB. S13, 

ilfc SIB. 

639.899, i7fc 582. 




DekcDne, 478 
BeUisin. 171 
Belillscb, 472 
Dcaujaciue*. 4T4 

. 4«J. IBO. 494. 513, 



.Her. 361 

IteuscbleiD. 37S 
BorKbHn. 371. 612 
Berberlcn. 380.381 
Be«ea. 383 

Beniet. 100 
Beaain^cr, 410 

UcrKChal. He 
BettmaD, 815 
Beuufort. 613 
BerenBcr. 533 
BcttlB, 624 

Benade, SS8, 65t 
ititnoke. 641 
Beddof. 543 
Beutcl. 548 

llcntfern, M3 
BsDtblD. M8 
Belleyarde. STl 
Belzaa, &TS 

Uegeaer. Wa. MS 

Iterr.«(H, Ml 
Ho low. 6i^ 

Hem ant. 64T 
Bentell. UU 
lleinareeek. «Bt 
lleiizenhnrerln. OH 


D«rtelB. eiO 
Deyi^rsdorir. SI! 


BL'Ddrlar. £11 
Begly. :ffit, tSS 
UerU. m. m, 3CX 
Bergarholt. £tT 
Boren (Miter, !S8. XIT 

UcDtzlDg^r, Ua, SV}, ■Jil 
Deerlle. 311) 
ttwenger, »0 
Beaodee. Sil 
Blcohcler. UO. 408. .^^it 

Ulrecbart. SSa 

Bitter, -itl 
Bledcnmutb, SK 

EtcrlQKcr, IW, ITT, Mt, STt 3il, 332, 39i, 

Herlln, I7B, ITH 

0, m, x,?a,*s.* 

... o,lK> 
Iti-ercy, IDS 
51, 92, ISI, la. - 

I4B, im, iGi, iTi, 185, tw, at:. £10, :; 

2^, 23a. 244, 2»S, W. 310, 3% 330. 3! 
302,375.388, itU, 4TB, 4eMII«. Ul. i 

:>ie. 5S0. flit 

nfiker, 1B8 

Ik-uerllc8. ISa, 444 

KockE^liw. laa 

Ik'rgL'i', lea. IM, £21. 250, 31B. 319. 3 

':»«. nm. sii, 39), 3sa, aoe, loi. 431, 4 

tlintl. Sli 
1)1 OB, 346 
Jlitlllon, 348 
ItK^rtmuer, 3M 
Itu'lriKliotrcr. 913 

iti99ci. .nu. 4W 

mckOjunR, 3W 
IllllliiKn'Ic'bPD, 379 

BliullBub. S!S 

Blrkborch, m 

BUderback. f,;e 

Btoen. STD 

Uale, Wi 

BiDgrer. £03. «M 

lUble, «» 

aitboch. ei2 


BIser, tat 

Bidle. <B< 

BfDdel. MS 


BlTcbeninerer. lis 

Binhantz, uu 

Bigser, 131 

Biehcl. 11. I3P, 17!:. 173, lTI. 3l». tX 

Binklee. 17. 1?7. 33) 

BUwangcr, 8) 

BlttD^r. ax -sn 

BiMboir. 2H, 27. 7S, 70. ISl. 131, 161, 185. 

tW. 9)3. aa. 327. ffiV. M), Mf, KB, 3«. 

107. 110. MO, 171 
Btblneier. », W 
Bl>kln. 31 
BliT. 3B. 38. 13 
Bicker, aa. M, 3^ 
Buanor. S7 
BlDtDRgel. e:->.e5.2S 
Bintler. W 
Blinder. «6. U38 
Bin?, 70 
BlIterD. 7». ;S7 
Blllig, ia0.:»%353.353 
Blng«l, 1% -tSB, 108 
lllndshedi-r. Ila,2t3 
miman. 13a, ISa,377.36£,3Se 

Bier,». 268. S8T.2fO. 317,371 
Bled laser. 133. 134 
Biter. 138. 11.1. 141. 1». 3bS. 31 1, aU 
BID. 117. UB 
Blldcr. 103. IBB 
IHblKbiusc. 171. ITS. 380. IM 

Bitteobeiider, !S3, 270 

Blomea, 11 

tStoom. 14. 53. H. ^T7. 337, 339. 361. 0! 

Blimm, lb 

Bleper. 31 

Bllcber. 2g. 30. 285. 331, BM 

BUttner. 38. 80. 31, 33, 1» 

Blank. ». 66, 378, 3Zli. 3M, aM, 357, WO 

Blomhauer. 71 
Bias) 11.88 

Biaaer, Id}, 101, 103, US, 31&, 3M, 315 
Hlufltr. Ii; ilt. 
Blctbtreu, 131 
Blawaml. 141 
BIceber, 173, US 
Bleym. I BO 
Blelatoln, IBI. 133 
Blestn.', IBS 
Bloy, SOB 

Blu». 333. 302, 31T, 151 
Bladiuan. 331. 33;. 


r aa 

Blecker, 377, 3n. SBB, 400, W4. MB. SI 

Bleu 310. 'XO 

BlelUK'ir, 300 

Blader. 310 

Blomer. .-Kl 

BlankeDbom, 331 

rilflucli.Jt.U 513 

lil('icli.3L!>.l. 434. 133.430 

Blilmer. 335 
B1umeDBtelD.33S, BOO 
Blatt. 311 
BlewlDg, 380. 133 


Hleslnnpr, 311 

Blallo. 173, 

nin:)ifiidi>tf.T, 114 

Biever. 189 

Bluth, 388 

BIck. 190. 3B1 


BiEcbon. 311, 330 

Blegbie, 325,280,273 


Binder, 231. 333, 263. 331, 138. «8 

Blible, 417 

Bieber. 2S2. 387. 3BU. 315, 327, 338, 373, W. 

Blaa«. 4i1. 178 


Blanckenblller, 153. 153 

BlIdboUB. 353 

Blum, 158, 48*. 488, 61], 6 


618, 883, 661 

5GS, tee, §83, 809, 

BlelnJuser. tW 
model. t» 
Dlumler. MO 
BIlKb. m 
UlIDkODburg. 483 
ULescb, IW 
Blaakbelm, SIS 
IllBDkenbelmer. G&t 
miner. KB 

llloodbart, MS 
UlankBnl. U3 
Uliimbacb. Wl 

DochDldt. I3&. US 
Doajour. 440 
Dolcaobwag. M3 

lltiiiitHirn, 4.H 
BodeaiteiD. 48! 
Boley. 470 
Bookrelder, 4K 
Bortblebr. 4TS 
Borte. 4TB, S14 
ir>|l, 4T8,fi08 
Uorntrilger, 4'R 
Bodel, IHI. «U 
UolKhner. 489 
Bordolp. 48S 

IIODl. 484 

III tsal over. 4BS 
Roncb. 4H 

. 2>«. an. 341. 3)3. t». 4ts, 

Boiler. £M, 413, G31 
Dobe, SX 
Borth, 303, 4ST, 4t8 
Bodemer. 304 
BouRb. 311 
Bousman. 314. Ml 
llopp.34. 3174.439, 441 

iioukeDiUbi, an 

BottKcr. SSl.lWe 

BolirniBn. SSI, Xtt. asn. 388. lill. ASO, M3 


Bohncblalt, 363 


Itulhniror, 3TS, aSS, 491 

ihilstctt, 388 
llohte. 3B4, 3» 
llontainayer. 389 
Uolch, 3H, ae6.3V8, 
llnhler. 40?. t44.4;fl 
Bondeli. 401, KM 
lh>!inncr. 414 
llombeker, 4111 

Bndeker, HU 


Binlg. SOS 
n<>omlch, IK» 
ItourqulQ, BIO. &33 
[loz. &1T. «K 
Botly. 5^ 
Boog«r, KB. Wt 




llorett. 837 
UoUl riser. AST 
BonirB. ^38 
Borrow dale. .■i.'W 
Bodo, M3. SM. UI8 

Ilolb, Gl 

Bootzscb, fie6, .W 
Itudt-ralQ, »7 
Boudier. STi 

Bolie, JBI 
ItookenbiKCD, rM 
Uoysobo, M( 
BorU. 5M 

BorklDk. 6&T 
Borconne. Ml 
Bowman, T, II, IS, IT, 31, U. IW, 110, 111. 

143. iu. 116. isi. iBi, m, sm, »t. iot, 

BoorllDBOT. 10, 18S. 8S7 

Bogen, II, Si, 38, 38, 40, U, W, 11, E8, W, 

:»:, 211, aa, 3S1, na. aai. no. MO. tnt. 

Boret,l&,ie. l».*n,B12 
Bonert, lit, 113, 11&, lis. IIB, lU. IM. laS. 
183, £17, 318, 258. 311, SM, US, KP 

Bour.'^t. «, 8S. 93, M, 110. UO. I8T. nO-EIS 
Bock. 38, 30, 33. £S0. 303. 331, 331. 3T4, 3BB, 

«», US. 117, US. (se 

;. 38. 30, 31. 33, T3, lia lU 

Boacb. IM 

Boo^ im, ISS. IN. 1TB, 179. as. £M. 312. 

US, M9, CM 
Bobenheigpr. IGS. IU 

Bobinrer. laa 

Boret, 1ST. 338, SOS 


Boflveld, 172 

Bonier, ITS, 173 

Bollman. ITS, ]» 

BolU. ITS, 3M. U^ SIS 

BoDKer. 183 

Boogman. 181, 338 

Boutoo, 131 

BobD. X3^at,SS6,3!0.a*.m 

Bonsr. 198. IBB. £31. ». 361 

BollMibacber. 301 

Boiuh, 201. 270 

Bombuib. 206 

Bookejiu, SIO 

Bookney, tIS. 316 

Boor. 218 

Boraoker. 218 

Boorger, 323. !S1, 108 

Bob, S3, 298 

Bolander. SO, UD 

Bower. 2£&. SS8, £12, 218, 389. 3n, K». 5S6, 

Boucber, K. 70. 131, ICCI. 390 

BogareD, 613 

Boitner. 68 

Boble. «1 

Booet. S3, 81, HI, 3ia 386. 388, V6, 607, 

Botlkofer. 118 

Bober, 121. 311 

Booa. 12a. 65S, 663. 8M 

Books, 120, ISS 

Botbii«r. 131. 133 

Bom. in, l.'iT. 189. Wl. Ki. Xm. 107, l.V>. 

Botier, 112 
Bod. lie. 191, 33G, 3S0, alS, 53£ 

B'ibm. 238, 389. 391. £91, 302, 310. 318, 361, 
368.369, 386, 113, 630, 6S, G98 

Bomirert, S38 

Bottertam, £3> 

Bilm. SIS 

Bobner, S6, 369. nO. ?n, 2M, l£-> 

Bone, no. 403. 4X8. GOT, SI<l,Na 

Boomglnlle, 2»4 

Bthrlnger, 270. 311, SIS. 614. 861 

Boyer, TO, S86 

Bourher, ?;3 

Brulaiber. 12. 13 

Brunner. 13, 13, 18. 36. 89. TOl 76, 114, 118. 
121, 132. 124. 181, 183, 213, MT. 306. 2T6, 
281, 289. 297, 313, 311, 318. 3S4, 4U. 413. 

Brumm, 398, 400, SIS 

Brad lord. 19 

BrlDf 1I88, £1 

Uraft. El 

Drecker, SI, 384 

BroLlDg. £1 

Brandt, 3T, 38, 41, 49, 83. 61, 58, S9. 12£. 
1^ 180. 188, 228, 229. 38S. 333. BU. 3G«, 
3S3, 413, 111. 138. 466, 610. .S18. S38, 6U. 




Brunlnrhcr. 38. 30. 32, 101. KB. OB. 


Brechbuhll. 37. 38. Be. «. 72, 78. 7*, 

, 103. 868,312.311. 31 



Brougb, 241 

Brack ly. 3B 

Browner. 213. 214. 21B 

Brownwart. 18.80. 


Brioker. 88, 57, ISfc 187. 2W. ^27. 478 




Breakel, W 



Breyroayer, 28;.:kiO 

Bronneo, 362 

Brook. 88. 88. 88. ga 181. 21«, »< 

BreCzlus, £87. W8, 4T2 

Brimmer. B^ 88 

BrOBll. 158 

Brlnker, 118,118. 813, «T 

BrleB, 607 


llrvif h, I2t. lU. 188. IK. ISa 187. !»l 


Bnxhner, IBS 

138. 811. 8M 

DrattUcta. 481 


BrlDbartt. L» 

Brano. 479. 808 

Druderle. Ise.Kl 

Brack lob r. 488 

Brengel, 13a.l83,43»,4W 

BrackraaoD. 608 

Brcmaur. IW 

Brausser. 611 

Broy. U1.U3 

Brothak, Ses 

Bninner. 112, 118 

Brimker, 113. 143, 145, 168. 186. m. 

. MT. 

BruaalD. 538 

888. m. 301,328.851.807 


Brower, IM 

Brldenba, 883 

Braura. 151. 488 

Brickmao, SH 

Breudel. 136.188,338 


111,,,... lii. iii;.;^ 

Brebunt. 588 


Brfmlcker. 68B 

Brijehot, 570 

Bmuiimlller. 184. 166 

BrtMtt, 571 

l!n.>m, 187. 338 

Brun,). S73 

Br..l>cok.l«5.27B.302. 34B, 121, 431. 


firiuchloas, 5T7 


Bra b ID A. 577 

Breck. 115 


Brick ncr. 186. 3« 

BrosiuB. 196.187.233. 268 
Brajflit. 18T 
BralldcnliiirR. 188, 199, X.I 

Hri-ch. 237. 2:1^ 313, 3E7. 445 

Brort. ^4, 37^ 390 

Brake, ZTG 

nreis. STiK. Ml. 465 

Braubach, 2TS 

Brubwher. 38i. «88, 43!. 433, 44!, 4M 

Brod, ^84. 308 

Braucb& 388. SOS. 360. «03 

Bremer, 392. 356. 382. 384, aSS. 4£e. 1ST. 

183. 4B1, an. an. siv. ui, aoi. >m 

ItruKhleln. fflf. 387. 433 
BrILt. 290. M. 446 
Brelsaob. 3W 

Brabaecb, sse 
Rnlh, a<B 

BrVMler. 3U3. 463. 471 
RretDiK, not, 347. 380 
Brand knenlK. 30t 
Brow, 808. 383. 3H8 

Braning. 310.300. SU.M 
Brinkman. 311 


t. 313 

RriUlnff. 31 !> 
BruDdle. 317. ,140 
Brauer. SJI, 
BraiiDB>>eTK. SIS 
Bronk. .133 


Brockelcr. 338 


Brenner. 346. 380. 381, 383, 407. 484. H 

Brockebergrer, 3tS 
BreanemaD. 486. 488 
Bredebacli. 467 
Brattler. 473 
Bn~iltla(ttr.348. 447 
BrOttachledt. .153 
Brucbharc 3U. 463 
Bring. 306 
BrelMwert. 3B7 
Brelner. 381 

BroppAenstadl. 383 

Brandtae*, 384 

Brime. 388, 

Brantlsan. 390 

Breitenhardt. 306. 306 

Bruokenmiller. 105 

Brendlte. 431. 423 

Briderman. 433 

Br^Kl. 43; 

Brunder. S«e 

Brealauer, 448 

BTtlnokmaon. 4W 

Bremtcb. 4.'fl 

Bmchtaauaer, 468 

Brown. 15. 16. 48, 63. 63. 100. 101, 103, 

131, 138, I4B, 153, IH. 155. US. 167. 168. 

170, 171. 2)0, 216. 217. m, ffl8, 263, 361, 

266. 267. 384. 386. 306. 318. SIS. 318. 310. 

331. 353. 357, 358. 364, 367. 383, 380, S78, 

380. 381. 384. 38S. 301, 80>, 414. 116. 4tl. 

US. 415, 4&7. 4&8. 183. ITO, I7B, 486. 4H. 

SJ!. G13.H7. 60G. 831. 6IS. 660 
Buober. 11. 53, 57. 115. 117. IIB. 120. 117. 

iai.iS3.334.23M70.28Q, 811. 311, 113. 

Buob. 14, 81, 38, U. 281. ECO, 201. £80. ZTO 

302, 300. 358. Sra. 376, 806, 407, 434, 4S1, 

153, 467. 483, 608. 626 
Bulgteo. 66 
Burger.21.e8. to. 100. 1)8. 117. 150. 152. 

IK. 188. 335. 247, 260. 270, ns, 300, 113. 

338, 370. 380. 381, 806. TO!. 410. 587. 5K 
Burkbalter. 88. M, 4:^ 04. 06. 06. ST. 98. 

HO. 158. 174 
Burbel, 17 

BullEnger, 18, 50, 136. 137. 118. 151 
Bum, 56. 67. 172. 173, 174. 176 
Burghart. 63.63. 65. Ot. 02, OR, 150, ISO, 

181. 103. 343. 308. 307, 319. 334, 106, 38T. 

878, 308. 133. 430. 142. 445. 156. 181, 518, 

585.803. 611,610, aw, 681 
Bublmayer, 82 
Burkl, S5. HI. 143, 146. 180 
Bun, 87. SS. W. 377. 300, 851, 443, 170, Ht> 
Bugh. 88 

BUobtar. M, 100, 110, ITS, 3(7. 446, 466 
BuoetC 104 
Biltler. LSI. 1S4 
Bucbty. 130 
BuBCb, 126. 138. 201. no, 316, 268, 974, ;». 

341,348,363,334. 388. 426. 133, 403, 40^ 

501. 510. 511. 510, 546. 548, 843 
Butterfass. 147, 150. 338 
Budinger. 131 
BulBcll. 160. 386 
Bui Int. 160 
Bueck. 186, 167 
Bub. 168. 388. 176, 516 

Buckem^lr. ITI 

Burghen. 3H, 3TS 

BurglDg. t7B 

lluU. ITS, 245. i59. Ml. t43, «8I, 808 

BurmHD. 464 

ButWng, 196 

Bilohert, 1B5 

Dunier, 199 

Buhr, 488 

Bllhler, ISO. 3Sil. 38T, aw. (63. <»(. 517. 

Blickttlff. 496 

641. ess 

Burhaoh. 497.S9S 

llullmer. 19! 

Bilcblner, eoi.SiS 

Hull pucker, Me 

nurgrett, aw 


Burry aLi-SH. Wr.aaO 

BuBSel. Wt 


Bucksrt. SIS 


Bull. KB 


Butcher. 524 

Bussanl, 2U 

Buttl Offer, 5» 

Bunary. 318. iH 

BuchcDer. 531 


Buckle, iiari 

BliCliv 237, liW. m 


Bultman, 346, 40T 

BUhtly. 347 

Buroeel, 54J 

Buble. 543 


Buohvcld. 543 

Biltzer. Z55 



Buffle. US 

BUttner. ZST. 31S. 3T1, 4SS. 4S7. im. fiOT 

Bumach. 551 


Biiltuld, 566 

Ruber. SOS 

Burke. 588. GOO 

Buoboiw. aaa. m3 

HLl^..-r. -77 i■7^499.fi08.SeS.6e» 


Burgr, eii 

Bubcle, sra, 311 



Burot. 631 

Buckc IMS. JIS. 3«. 36S. 6SJ, BOO. 601 

Bucliol. 30a 318. 845, M". 386. 511 

Buimins. «4b 


Ducblnrott. 651 



Buller. 682 



Buuger. 683 

Bursstublct. 360 

Bydleman. 30 12. IS 

Cavel. *7 

Uara. S3, 56. BT. 71, iW 

Canter. SB. eo 

Catater. ei 

C«ttler. W 


Ore, 10M11.W1 

Ommerun. Ill 

Carter, 111 

Caquelln. 1ST. 1^ 

Carle. 128, 136. 138. STl, 330, Sll. 3U. S4T. 

1, 133. 133. 1 

Catbo. 110, see 

Caweln, let 
Cara&l, &3t 
Campburann, Si 
CueDove, U9 
Campbell, Ul. 8 
Cidalr. £64 
Cake, »S 
Carol lee. STl 
Oaitang. 6T2 
Caraota, GTS 
Couac. 6T« 
CapaDii, GTS 

Cabin. im. 318, !>ST 
Cavellvb. U>5 


Caup, IW 

Cattermaa. 1T1 

Caspar. SOO. :»;. Z7U, STl. M&. Sii. S13 

Candle, SOS 



Cane, 2W 

Cadlmao, 3*4 
Cateaback. ^9 
Caffroth, 281 
CaniHjral, zra 
CauSinaa. 3U,''il2.M8 
Cantlok. X» 
Carmane. 3ttl, 3(T 
Campue. 348 
Caotzler. lOI 
Canel, 4ie 


Capell, 513 
Carol la. 510 
Camell. SIT 

a. 483 


Cerber. 231 

Cebeler, 235 

Celller, zn 


Ceyfert, SIT 

Chasrood, 11 

Cfareamae, II, 188 

Cbrial, 12. 14, 41, «, B6, B6, 136, 1TB, m. 

an. Z33. Xa. 284. 311, EtSl, 3ST, HI. SO, 

4&T.4n. 4Ht, Ul, US 
Chaplin. 14 
Chrleamerg. 46 
CbrisUaa. 46. IXT. ISO, Wl. 19S. 196. ST, 

138, 2TS, 33). 345. 372. 3TB. SgS. IM. 4a. 

188, 440. 4T4. 48S. 4H. fi». IM 
CbrlaCon. 48. 63. S4. 680 
Cheeiler. SS. m 
Chrigtler. 12J. 135 
Cheaver. ISB 
CbrlatmaD. ISl. 130. iSi, MI. Stg, STO. 

£80. UT, tT^ 488, 496 
Cbietien, taO 
Cbarle, 148 

Chanmell. ESP 
Cberdron. 3S0 
Chartler, an 
Chrtlbaek, 39 
Chlnse. tat 
Chruoi. OS 
Cbretacheabaab. 451 


ChrlBtelmrpr. fl3S 
Chalybaescs. W 

CbrtiDstlD. MU 
ChurvMt, 6iS 

Chevemel. Kl 
Charlotte, STl 
ChDIrdle. MO 
Church, WO 
CInnerly. 1" 
Over, 9K 

Cllner. 16 

Cllne. &Z, S-1, U 

lfi3. 4W. fll£ 

Clund. 112 

Clemens, If 
Clodclor, 1ft 
Olotties, la.'i 
Cludy, IM 
Claud y, 1611 
ClBrther, i: Icy. IM 
Clay. 2W> 

Closahtlm. a«l 
ClauBser, 3«i,2«,3as 
Clair. M>,tM). Ml 

Cloos. 5S3 

Clarke, Ul 

Qear. ue 

Claitucr. 073 

Clealre. fiOB 


Cooble. » 

Coin. lU 

Cortes. II). UK, WT 

Coopo. 10 

Coopman. 13 

Colb. Id, 71 

Contm, i» 

CoKh. IR. XO 

Coi-er, Bl 

Coale, 22. 23 


Corber. 3* 

Copcnbacr. U, W. «:. IM 

Conrad, 45. Ifl.ias.lSS, 130. lU. 200. 3e, 
LW. ill. aia, 260, 280, 287, SBS. 2». 2»7, 
:IOT.30e.Sll.322. 3%, 3H. 3ST. 3M<. »», 
3M. t07. *0«. *ai, 4», 4M, ITO, 4T5, 508. 
GIO. 511, &14, MS.UltJ.WS 

CoQel. K 

Coun. ta 

Conoe. *T, Bl 

C:l\. '.'.£D,M) 

Cocbcnderff, (B. K< 
Cooker, U 

Cole. IU>.a». 370. t12. ita 
CounW. II.B3& 
Cooler. 73. T*. 3M 
Cornelius. T6, 7T. 7*. te, 430 
Cool, 14 

Coall, loe 

Corii, IS) 
Coppenmlth, JSA 

Clamde, 32K 
Clowmeypr, 34& 
ClHudlum 373 

r. 123 
CoclielriM, 1H5 
ColbiT, 139 
Corrcll. IGt. 1S3, Si, £24. t». SW 

Coon, l.'ie, 167, lis 
Coen. iro 

Coral. 18.\ i7H 

t'oim>n. itw, ir., sae, «uf 

Coup, ITa, ITt, 175. IM 
1-oakhart.iaS. 1^ 
CunbcrfOM, IW 
Cup. 1' 



Cuos. iti!>.ie; 

Co wait. 1S8 
Couklebergb, IK 

Cooke, ae, *63, SBT 

ConstSDce. ATI 

Cockburo. S!i 
Cornel lie, &T3 
Coidon, GTI 

Hti. 3S4. 3». W8 
Coughly. 334, SKi 

CoDiieii, S56 

Ddorph, 274 
Corwar, iTfl 
Coutouir, SM>. 34^ 
Cullep. 3IU 
Coblet. 3S3 
Cooper. ^ 
Corner, sai. 378 
CourpeanlDB. 334 
Coalio, 3i2 

Coram 1.426 

ConKildBT. t2e.(n 
L^miU't. 443 
Cochel. 4M, 18T 
Cultrlnirer. tSH 
Col.bler. 324 
Oosky. K* 
Commiiiar. Wi 

CoDDollr. est 

Colton. «aO 

Creek. T, IBS 

Cramen. 8, SB) 


Crable, «, HT 

Cronmsii. 11, IM, 136, 1(6 

Cryhlle. 11 

Cnio. 11, £31,111! 

CHsoD, Ift 

Creeter. 16. IT 

Croll, in. 17. 202. 1U3 

Crveple, 17 

Cropp. tn. l9, id, 29i. Ml 

4-rM. IS. :iT.3V. GMie, SIB 

Cnlgie. IB 

CrlBer. 21. 83 

CriOBtoii, 21 

Cramer, 21. 8S1.63B 

C rimer. 24. IS 

Creaamau. 41, 223,^ 

Crlnuymerr, 46 

Cmu. 47. 148. aU. 412. 115, S12. MS 

Cruli. 48. 50 

Cryle, l». 52, 128 

Cratsar. U. 126 

Crlpslzer. 81 

Craslcr. 71 

Creder, 71 

Cronbicb, 121 

Cmlz. 122 

Crowel. 123 

CrooDback, 128 


Croyter, 138. 138 

Croo. 136.210.268 

Craut, 113 

Cmneater. 118, ISI 

Cnjtmeyei, IG6, UT 

Craft, 15«, SIS, 330. at 


CruolUK, U4 

Croop, t«. 231 
Craemer. tOO. SIT. nS8, 5M 
Crtm. SOS. an 

Crooker, MB 
Crabpr, a». 406 
CreolKor, :M 
Creler, aW 
Craseeo. 3M 
Croon. 218 
. Creap8.SSa 
Cnmenbenret, 228, ZD. 3T«, 51 

CreHUeoer. M3 
Cress. 24fl, 3BB 
Creasci, 33« 
Crown. 2«S. MT 
Crasmaa. KTd 
Crcbler, 313 
Cromberg, MO, G24 
Craokberg«r, 361 
Creau. 3M 
Cronowar. 406 
Cronro, (17.118 
CrlBby. ISl, Ui 

Cumm, f6 
CuniuH. 1G2. lU 
CuMPr. 23S 
Cuslck. EK 
Cunner. 2m 
Cuter. £81 
Cummer, 3IS 
Cunkel. 322 
CuBUrd. 3B3 


riHiiMebecbEr. tSI. U2. S7T 

DaUTDIIler. 343 

Dacb. 431 
Da lick. 4:<6 
Dammel. 440 
Dannholler. Hi 
UannehciiD. 44> 

Dunlcr. Sl..'i4 

. TO. lar. £33, ^T. £8S. 364. 4M 

Dai>i>oller. li; 
Dtiiibpngpcck, 121. lU 
DHiiifn. 13T,US 
DwKliiT, l3!,IM.3eT 

Diub, IIU. IH. 165. t&&, EOa. S« 


Dablhelm^r. ISC I5S 

DertlQff. 350 

DmdiDser. IfiS 

Deb an, 387, 3BS 

DuiFii, ise, as. as. 3i;: we. sts. em 

IX-unBcLertt, 373 

D»awiB. iss 

DeUoff. 3ra 

Dwud. su 

Deberwell, 370 

Duim. 210. £8,31:!. 45S.4;<t 

Dellti. 3K,383,4« 

Dmterer. 831 

DoVebrn, SSI 



D«D, 406. 4:H. 501 

Dautderer. S39 

De<lbcr. 4W>. 410 

IterfiinBer. tiS 

Dunmer. 354. :SS. ->77. ZTB. »4, SIl, «». 

Dellkamp. 4;«.4ZT 


De Die. tfll. 474, 486 

UsiitrwIiHiJ.r, SM 

Demloch, 4i'K 

Dwittel. 255 

IXuber. 380. Wl. 2BT, 83«. *0. WT. *4i, 183 


Dume. STB. U8 



Debeer, 448 


Dt>ut<:benbach. 469 


Deihelmer. 459 

DeiiBPD. 463.487 



Uanderlsb. a>5 


Dacen, ST. 64B 

Devllle. 471 


DelDlua. 472 


De Roche. 474 


Det«l, 4T5 



Derwh. 48-, 


Di; VaJ. 501 

Dmoker. EU 

De VU. Wl 

DUDlHh. 5M 

Deon, BB4 

Dan Streveo, 508 

DeBenfleld. 586 



De viiie. am 

D«yor. K3 


Dalmaa, 577 

De Young. 800. 810 

Owner, 5H8 

DlDdelot. U3 


David. 5H 

Danhaur. 507 

Delong, 620 

Daolckc. 59T 





Dcchant. 840 










Deblfrnalr, 406 


Denkiraher. 407 


DemmeL 501 


DIerman. 506 

Dcmje. HIT 
DeireD. aw 
UelblR. S09 
Demand I. E13 

DiHMD. 5U 

Dew beck. 54T 
De Fmnays, MS 
De Koiilng. M9 
DeamlHur. Me 
De la-Flecbl^re. US 
Del ken, 9£j 
DeJoDRh. 6&3.eOIS 
l>c Prei. ua 
»u Porlnebeuu, MT 
IH'ntoD. U: 
DembroulBkie, MS 

IH-iiliy 'iio. 5S0 
lll-lutl.r. Jin. au 
L.L'flili,ri.', :l;4. 448, *a 
Dc MuFB. ££7 
De Hoot. S3« 
DerDhelmer. SB, 48a 
DotJua.^;. »B,3E7 


ncobeW, 253, aiK 



Denecke. 588 

DemihHi. sra 

De Vert, SflO 

Delsatier. 3W, tW 

lletmer. 1B.1J 

nejh. -liT, 4<^ 

Dederfol., i'.. ^iV aSO. 535. SM 

i».i»i.ifrer. aw. m 

UelBt. 2t0, Kl 


I >e waller, S7T,ler.™,iyil 

lK-«e.?:ti, 314.421, 603 



Uerber. 4MB,3» 


Deme. W 


Dellvasorm. M 


D. grange, m 


Dessner, 2M 

£K-*.3S, sm;i: 

Durrenliacber. t» 

DelliiittiT. -., l:-M,S18.SW 

D<-t««iL aoo 

■csclik-r.^'.. .■l.-..3K.a6T.»ra 

Deremol. MS 


DerruB*. aOB 

Deck, los. 12a. u:. iw, i:o 

lleul/ell. 300, SU, U3 

Deiicker, 30»,*3T 


l>e Leber. 3IU 

1Mb. ISS. 1^139, Ml 

lierr. 3LS.i:8 

IX'tweiler. 127. 1». l^^ 150.K9,3B1. 133, 

Ilenijler. 3111.3(11. ill 

«:, i™. «8, 51B 

Deiler. 4Si 


Dec 111 u. 428 

Delebach. 3U 

Dumer. I«.170,SIIH 

Ik'terwllt, ltd 

De»iT. M 

Di'SUT. 111. 143. 14a 

Ui'ly*. STl 

D«-ahuBc. 149 


Uebell. ir*. ;I81 

lHu-iu.e. 40B 

newHid, 155. !M, !4a. M3, ;y. 2W. «i. 



Derrie. lUT 

Itumer. 13 

DIlllDset, 13 

DiBdrloh, nOS, 333, 314, 351. 358. B83. 351, 

DIetm-, in. Ml. MX. 34T. 41L *M) 

3».XI.3i>3.K>;). lit, 430, 138. 439. Ml, 

Dtohl. IH, iV ak IM. 1S3. IBJ. IBS, »l. 

461, 153, H». 471. 471, 4£. 410, 4M, 190, 

Ml no. £«. ail. ^T, W), 335, 3M, 4a«. 

603, 513. (W. 811 

4l3,»la. «l. lai. »;». us, *M, 470, 


Dlesbergen, ;Wn 


Dlcffcbumtr, 311, «». «8, 510 

DltniBD. 30. U3, bU, fllS 
Ditoer.Sl 11»,«.1.597 
DiMibcr. SI-LSIf, iW 

Dllcrlchs. 311, 21, IKI, 178. IOC 301. 


Dlcbn;. 314 

SM. 358. iiro. aa, attj. 301, aao. 40! 

Dlemor.;il9. 131, 133.477 

DIntelD, 37, 1(44 


DlirenbergEr. 331 

Dill. 101. iw. i^n, 137, lag, ■at.m.iOi. 

Dloner. 0:^.331 



DiioD, m 

DioU«l, 33^ 

Dlllmann. 13a, 137. 3W. ^1, 453, 555 

Dierseo. 333 

UskhoD. 139 

Ditsch, 314 

DIvuibHi;)). 141 

Ulrkcrboir. 318 

Dick, IW, 3«7. :a8. 313, 313. 323. 331, 


Dlschcmg. 5il. 410. 413 


DiDi>4. lue 


DInkel. 373 

DIOU, ITS. tXS. 309. 3», 574. 386. 387. 


Difll, i75 

SOU, 310, 33i. 3B3, a78, 380, aai, 3»B, 

43S, 437. 4.-.1, 153, 455. 478, 4ID. (ST. 



513.530. an 

Dlstner. 3m 

DieBrman. 5fl2 

DimibBch. 17B 

Dlnglor, 3R3. 3S4, (B8, B8H 


DlerbclQ, 306 

DtbiM. 197, 43S 

Dilbniner. IIS 

Diniott, m 

Dltloh. 138 

Dielboen, 3)I.3W 

DlBcr. 413 


Dlrner, US. 4M 

Dloaes, 218. 231, 288. 303. 3B4. 838, 4ffi 

Dlemln«or, 154 

Dicker. £17, 31U.3E8. 049 

DIcbel, Ml 

Diiicky, it; 31(1 

D.L-bert,l«l. S14 :iM :MJ, UB 

Dlokes, 470, 528 

U1VS9, IW, IH3 


DMier, 493 

DllUa,M3. 556 

DleboR. 107 

DtkB,350. 3:il 

Dlelerle. 617 


DtehD. U7 


DiukclmBDn, 561 


Dieokmsn, 653 


Dlhrlng. Ka 

Dtllnrt. 287 

DIckel. 3R1, 131, 557, «B, SS6 

DWtrnol*. r.75 


DiNBcl Weill. iM7 


lli-lerer, 12, 13 

Diem. 3W, MB. 370. S71, 371, 390. MB, 403, 

Uuiibjcli, 11, ■iSD 


llonrt, 16, 10, 150, aa 


DuabH, la 




Dulilef , 37. I7fi. 253, 308. 334, 373, 4iO. 606, 

Dlewalt. £95, 179 


DlcblklciD. TOI 


M-Vou XVII. 





n T^h. <:w, ws. 8M 

DoWt, lOS. 110 


noil, las, iw. im. im, ws, «pi. na. sae. 


304. U8. 3U. IM. «8, i7I. MZ. IU5. 580. 

Doiulnito. 517 

Domct. 530 

DolllnRer. 14B.BU 

DoomaulTer. 541 

DDmlr.lck.iag. HO 

DoroKk. H4 

D>M, 5(» 

UorMbaoh. ITS 

Downe. 575 

Uurwart. IW 

Douey 2«i..w 

DobelmBDD. 820 

Di'Pner.aA"). sill 


Dr>rr. £», S40. 2flT, Stt. 388. 4»; 401. US, 





Dode. MT 


Dtuiigh. 20.147. 149. an. Bl 

DoctarnHD, £53 

Dm be. JU 


Drcwtwioe. sa 

Dost. »l 


Ih»iiicr. £:«. 3DI. m. 447, 4TB. tOO. BIO 

Drachsel. 75. 131. 131, 13B. na 3U,4B1 

l).«.'k, ;;".',,;(«;, 490 

Drayton, 87 


Drt™. 100. m 


DrMcbcr. 107, 108, ITS. tOS 

Duct, 4a 


DrOBtmrt. 127. 130 

Duniicrbcnr. 3tt 

Drttmni. 133. 134. 151. IBB, 188,08 

Dosser. 331. ao 

Dr«8l. 13» 

Doreii. xa 

DrumberK, 148, ISl 

Dotwr. 338 

Drehpr. 158. 1S3. SIB. ISO. BIB, 388, MO 

D..rttT. 3H 

Drysrhlur. IM. e» 


D-instl. 395, 458.663. 560. 840 

D.«[, 188 


Dram. 185 

Dre«ler, 18.^ 881, m. 488 

Lln*ih.'t:i, T.\m\m. 368. 4S0.fll» 

Dryer. 193, 812. 50 

Dmok. 318, »«, Sffi, 580 


Dnnel. 3% 853, 854 

Dormaii. :»4, ess 

Urclssbacb, 3tt>. £41, 818. f40. 801, «K. 


DomwliKl. 400 

Drcn, 855. 455 

Dorcites, 4lfl 

Drager, 273 

I».ill<.r, 417 

DreLcrlimr. «1 

Dockoledel, 438 




DrIOD. 318 

1) iLcker, 443 



DruB*. 381 



Dfirbaum. 4ST 



Doing, Ml 








Duquil. Wa 


Ouoror. 578 

Dreiler, iM, SOB 

Dilringer. 2S6. 808 

Dnioker, 498 



Duey. 313. 



Durst 328. (» 


DutU. 34?. :ltB. U9 

Drtdser, raa 

Dullnlok. 350 


Duveller. 865 

Drummer. BL3 

DnLibilch, SQ 


DrideD, M» 



DQmmlK. -W 


Dullmayt-r. m 

DuDokelbors. 13 

Durgeas. 1J7 

Dubois. 14. T-J. 73, 74. 


Ducker. 418 


. 318. 3B1, 848. aSO, DUrck. 4^1. 423 


DutOD. 428 

Duta. IS. 121. m, 138. 187. 234, 815 

Duck hard t, MS 

Dunter. 18 

DuDkelL 20. 181. 4«0. 

During. 574 

Dury. 100 


Dub«ch. IW 

DQIner, HS 


DumtMldt. 131 

Dilckel. 4fle 

Duokvell, 13*. I3T 

Duchman. 4TB 

DuW, l» 

Durwleg. *'B 

Duat<.l«i. I44.3T1 

Dubcrnock. 481 

Dust, 147, 150 

Dunok. IB2. IM 

Dubrct. S12 

Dull. Iffl 

Due hand. Ml 


Du pel. 213 




DuDdler. 218 


DObmgtT. 247 

Dulent. 6'.0 

Duoiute. S7I 


Durlen. S72 


Dubran. 673 

Dutsteln. 2ffi 

Dyer. 15T. 168 

Ebemlcbl, 131 

Eben<.hl. -m, tOl, (SB 

EbbJe. UK 


ebvaci. £'i9,363,eie 

Kbonlli^ *i. UT 

EberhHrt. II, US, 117, IBl. IM, 1«, 148, 

iM, ia;. 247. £'•1, -iTAt, am. -Mi, WO, -n't, 
xn. 3)i. 31M, 3S4. uiu, a D, :ui, aro, aaa, 

too. HI. 443. 4K, 4W, EiOS. M», SIS, 5n. 

ti. nt. Ki, g«. ST, no, 

\ 440. 478 

Fk^iu, IK) 
EttPllwr^r. 14 
EuUhr. XT, 479 
EgB. 114.117 
Ever, IDT. 3«8. Sge. M 
E»(pr., ire, 177,373 

Ebby, 37, 38, 1^ 




Ebluman, S.K 

Ebler. 131, 133 

Ebgoat. 109 

Bbarlz. ^13 

Ebenltcket. E18 

Eberiuk. SIS 


Bckmiin, 7, 301. 333,496 

Koken, !». % 70, Uf. il£. ZiG, SS. 240, 

»1. 2as, 270. 2l«, ±1W. 2ST. 3M. 308. 350. 

353. 444, 134. 400, 470, 477, 611, SIO, bSI, 

UH. .'i«^ M\. 587, au 

EK,irt, £07, HM, Ue. 600 

Ege. 3S0 7i&, 13S. 443, «SI, 10 
Egt'l. 440,4fl4, 4W,&]a 
egKcrmidi, UM 

Rhrlab. 4a.E:a 

Hurt. 48, tie 


, SH 

1. IH5,3ll,3;i.4£S,47S.aiS 

E('ki-l.:2<l,2K,2G8,3!e, 350, 876, tlS. M), 


Eukvlipri, :(73 
Ecki-ii. 403 
Etklt'lclr, 4!i0 
EckcnUnrer, 47», G18 
EctitpriiBct.t, 48S 
E..'k9(t.'li]. 1117, SEO, sgs 
Eukhotl, Kl 
Evhi-. W 
Edwman. 13 
l^dlDKur. 140, 331, 43S. US 

m-rrlod. HIS. EM 

<m\g. 817 

Ek'l><-llK.r«<rr. 14. Wi. 8S, SI. 81 
ElKcniiT. :n. 31.33 
El^linuii. 4.-1. 48, 76, 7^ TT, lai 

KtiT, 47. im, 253 

EimiKtr, 7r> 

Eldilioltz. 133. 133. S&. 800 

BiNliiu. lei 

Eidilmrt 195. £W. 433, 880 

ElwrgHll. SI9 

Eiwiim iuoor. Sm. XO, 343, SiO 

Lbwbby. 3dB 
TikAa, 31'. UO 

KIscnniilller. 4-17 
Rilthelmcr. ('i3. 463 
KiobbHukur, M3 
Eltert. nei 
Klnsol. :»'> 
Klscnbclw, 313 
KiltlnR, 34.S 
GIdintcr. 348 
Elwiiharlt. 349 
Elbuch. :<5I 
Kinncr. ro 
Eisiiendiil. 371 
Klanert. 304 

Bllubiwk. 271 

BIscr, IM, 31S 

Elter. aa 
Elias. »' 
ELie. BS3 
Rlebrlcht, 303 

Els. 4H 

Eiiiir. .'<o-> 

KlprC 5^ !i3« 
Ellrwin. K» 
EI1urkHm|>. SM 
Eldent. MS 
Elliue. XH 
ElhHTtln. ATS 
BiKtdln. S78 
Blbt. M3 

EmiDPrt. as, 03, U, M, ill, S81, 341, SEO. 

4S1.4>). tM 
Em bright. 66 
Emler. 07. 2?7 
Emich. 72, 73. S4S 
Emncb. iriS. :i». £7t, ZTB. », 3R SIS, 

Ul. 4;!3. 413. 470. 4'!!. 187, t)N,U2 
Emmel. 207. 136. 471 
Eidbs. Sie. SIT 
Emmi-Hng. 3I«, 30r>, 315, Sit 
Bqimlntn-r. 342.189 

BlH-lcn. r>lS 

EmiDPr. .aiS 

EiBcrbrillt. 512 

Embich. 363 

Eichbaum. Ml 

BmcjtT. 150 

Eickhoff. Ui.SSl 


Emhard. 818 

BIWI. «» 

Ennr. Ml. 

Bpgesbach, 389 

Bklnan. 7 

Eadlk. 3X2 

Ekcr, 1«l. 415 


Ekrim. 220 

Bndnor, 404 

EkUniHn. S."* 


EkeUherBer. 643 

EnRplhul, 464 


Kndiich. 4rr 

ElleD, IS 

Eley. ID. in. 91.148. 143,006 

EdbHii. I>I8 

BlbcRchpLIt, 22. 23 


EIIOBcr. 101 

Endcrly. 318 

Enklsch. 332 

Eller. m Sli 319. 250. BS8, 180, iOJ, SOS, 

Batemann, 338 

S18. .MS. 5M, fiPl 

Eqiict, 347 


Xog\<^n. 34B 

Elieroot 343 

EntllBCr. 360 

BlswUcr, 211 


BiiBClwbrcter. ans 

ErendorlT. 472 

Bnteri. S47 

BnU:. 12, MB. W. OSi 

Brlinicer. 188 

Eiigtrt. li, .MX' 




Bngelharfl. 47. «.!». 381.361. 

385. aei. 

Brb. 121. IS. 127. IHI. 111. 11^ Itt. «". 





EnMnlniter. 75. T). 174 Wt. «». 830. 33B. 

Brvert. 13.053 


Eadt. 91.fe,eQ.4>l 

Erlewyno. 23. 24. 25,246 

Eodlor. I3S 


Bngel, IM, 138. 1*0. ISS. IH. Ml, 



Brnlgb. W. 17 




Bmhardt. fiO 

VG. IM. 3 14. 330. XA. 382. 383, 



Emit. U. 09. iM. 188. 20T, »«. MB, Z«^ 

«9. 133. «9. «3. *eii. «6. see. 


»«. 331. 31i. 88*. 38*. 8M, 4M. 473. *«. 

S3I, M3. 663. !ieO 

BOO. 512. 820 

KugellHrr. lul.8M.37S.»S7.»« 

KiiKflmuii. aw. MS. KO. 348. iW 



Erbcn. 228 

EdIct. 310.603 

EriDel. 223 

Book, 239. mao, 410 

ErleKDcr. 198 

Bnilres, -M. aw.3:i.en.l8!.m,MB,8TU 


396, «li.<3>. 407. 47S, 481,488 


Btrord. 152.151.3M 

Ertct. 180. IS9 

Bug berth. 318 

BrmoDCraiidt. IBS, t8S 


Krl„,r.|, 1ST -ll^. M. tU. «■. 831. 81*. 

BousoDD. TM 

aw. 399. 110. «2. 481,810.858 


E^^('.^ 19a 

Eppli. IHl. 201. =03. 258, BM. 3» 

Eraih, 195 

Bpgsrdt, IBS 

EBiiliDlmaiiii. 13. 10, 17, t». 80. S&. 80. 8B. 

Erm.'nluiu> t^, 281. 133,ia8.440.*« 


E*lLT. b5. «e. 109 


EBbcn. 87 


E.plnw. 109.110 

SppcLttlicr. 342 

Emik, 1B8. 128. 201. KI3. teL aU 888. 434. 


Klillnir. 018 

Bm, MO 


BKhbBchEr. 14S, t<3, 144. U7. I4S, ll». 


251. 2iC3tB 


Eelmgor. 300 


bco^n. ISe 

Erlentnuh. 209 

Etwog. ■xa.aa.m 

Erdroth. ■iM 

EMb, M. 211, 301. 311. 84B. 4U. 473, KB. 

Errloh.aO. 333. 3KS. 478,081 

KrvlB. :»2 

EHiiini 220 


Eanmn. 223 


EnteiiwHch. 28S 

Krlliig. :m 

Eiipld. 302 

Etuoli. MS 

Erdncra. inVi 


KrnstniPjpr. (M 

Efcliwtn. 347 

Ejsit. a-^. 431 

rwtlTKIT. 4(tl 

Eatrlgh. <a> 

Evlgber, DM 
Event, sax, aoi 

Rverec, em 

Gverllns. Ull.l 
Et-ench. 637 


li^CleDiie, 4T( 
Bttcl. 4B1 
EtlcDbofer. 680 
EulnmD, MO, 481 
Burich. ia 
Eu backer. H3 
Euher. UO 
Euror. 5le 
Eusehn. bBO 
Euert. 6 IS 
Evie, 13.41.(8 



Exell, 10 


Bf Ker. ID 

Eywn, 121. 1Z3 

Eyier. 140. SIT, Ul, nS.4t7,S: 

Ey bail It. IM 

ByacDhetmor. 412 

EygelBbeymer. 453 

EyscnmaDQ, SET, 4£t 

Eydam. SGe 


EyeriDBn. 314, Hi 

Eyslcr. WO 

Eytel, 3Se 

Eyroh, 361 

Eye, Ml 

Ever, IK. 3H, SH 
Bvaldt. >],<£, es, 98 


Fautzen, IN) 

Faij, 46, 44,148. 160, W7,8!4.4» 

FaDHlcr. 17T 

F.inU. d9 

Fayt. 17B 


Fablon, JIB, M 

Kuugen, TB 

Kulwr. 83. 84. 104. HIT. 880. 483 

Furei.thal, 233 

FttUBt. 88. IBfkSSt. X3S, »l. dVt. 380, 418, 

Fax, 880 



Fackcrt, BSO 

Furale. 100, 110, Its, 181,13!, 180,19!, !ai, 



Faobler, ] 42, 143, IH, 800, 802, aS5, 461 

Farner, 2ra 

Favor; 148, 676 

FauW, 278,430, 471,68011 

Filbr, B77. 830 

FabnoD, 148, UU 

Fiickul, 27U 

FHwnacht, S9S. DID 
Fulch. »>9.3ES.taS 

Fc). 03. Ill, SOI. SSS. Etd. 3«0. W9. SB 

Fwalor, *«. 71. 70. 380, 4n. 6H 
Ym-m. SI. tffi 

Fi'l miiti, l'^l. ]£<. iOt. 3S. ISB. M> 

F.'i-iK-r. a-i'. ;ieo. itw 

t\'nsU-iiiiiii(.'l«'r, 1»C 134, US. 110. !».»! 

r. Ul,:.' 
er. Ul 

FtTlzcr, 113 
FuelC. I4T 

puhic, uu, ZM, aos 

Fi-ruh. I5S, 410 

Fultc, lex. 170. »T. 311. 43T, Ut 


TVIillllfBol, TO 

Fuyl. liO.atg.lM. 430 

Feacl, in 

FtltlKsncer, 2tT.S» 


Fclbaum, X4G 

FoyiTbucii. 3S3 

Fclilmaycr, ^'i9 

FvrOUc, »>2. 3S4, 311, CR. 438. ttO 

Fi-lcT. i>:d, ar 
Ft'll. or>,i 
FuLilur, OM 
FdUmann. 680, 

i'-.i.isKT. 43l,4S5,4ia 

i''dir).LIi:k. M'l 

h'H-l. uia, 4SI 



h',i>i1h, tax. BIB 


l-\iL-t«>dy, fiOi 

r. Id, i;, IB. 3T, loe, too. 290.380. U«, 


r. lU, S3. IS. 143, 172. 173, ITS. 3U. 387. 

Fencrstoln, 311 
Ftatwly. 313 
Perater. :a